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Lee Harris ~ September 2021 Energy Update

This video is so spot on! I’ve been saying very similar things in sessions, and Lee articulates so well the current and emerging energies. Highly recommended to watch this throughout the month:

Lee Harris ~ June 2020 Energy Update

This message from Lee feels even more helpful to post towards the end of this month:


Ringing in a New Decade and a New Earth

I’ve had so many potent dreams — even more so than usual. A recent one, I called “Nurture Tenderness,” involved “six agreements” whose enactment would bring in the New Earth frequencies. The first of those agreements was “Nurture Tenderness.” I decided to share a little more here as we close out 2019 and enter 2020, because Tania mentioned how my dream reminded her of Lee Harris’ 2020 Energy Forecast, recorded 12/12/19, but which she just posted today. He, too, lists six themes, which coincide with so many of my recent dreams. From Lee’s YouTube channel:

Themes discussed in the 2020 Energy Forecast include:

BLINDING CLARITY (Intuition/Truths + Truth-Telling/Mental Re-arrangement)

RISE OF LOVE THROUGH DEATH AWARENESS (The death of people/relationships/animals/nature/systems)

COLLABORATION AND TEAMS (The Upswing of people coming together to collaborate and work with each other)

GROUNDING VIA NATURE (The technology take-off/distraction of attention being leveled through Nature but also Natural Disasters/Loss and local events)

CREATIVITY AT HIGH SPEED (Faster than ever creative endeavors – with less internal resistance and more need/embrace in the outside world)

HEART HEALING (Conflict Energy showing up as a trigger for heart healing/the rise of emotional awareness and the need for more people to lead in the realms of heart healing, mindfulness and emotional intelligence)

His video clocks in at 1 hour 11 minutes, and you can watch it here:

Lee’s list summarizes my past four months of extremely intense and often quickly validated, precognitive dreams. I’ve also experienced what I can only describe as “spontaneous rituals,” where life creates such elaborate synchronicities that they feel like planned rituals, dripping in lush symbolism, with a beginning, middle and end. I am not the same person I was before encountering these journeys, most of which feature over-the-top womb, birth, and death symbolism. Here’s a photo from an exhibit called “The Womb,” by artist Rebecca Louise Law, at Meijer Sculpture Gardens:


My experience inside this corridor and womb (made of nearly one million dried flowers) was so personal that I don’t feel led to share it here. Entering the floral womb in the center, with a loud heartbeat over just imperceptible music, and all that fragrance triggered an inner rebirth that then continued to spill forth throughout the day, in synchronicities with my exact birth time, first breath and finding a perfectly hidden, (yet intuitively revealed to me and then validated) dead coyote in half-frozen sand sculptures on the edge of Lake Michigan’s waves. Just before sunset. On the Eve of Winter Solstice. I’m still unpacking the entire day’s events. Too personal and interwoven with synchronicity overloads to share more here.

In my same dream that featured the party/class sharing the six agreements to facilitate living on the New Earth, there was another part of the dream that involved sniffing a “really stinky navel.” It was actually my own navel, but the stinky navel brought a big grin and was “OK, because it can give birth.” The really stinky navel had something to do with Cosmic Rebirth. It smelled of deep Earth and ozone — extremely pungent, green moss and fertile soil.

Another dream featured special boxes that could “rejuvenate very old people” if delivered to the correct address, which was “20 Virgo.” Besides a personal meaning to me, I find it fascinating that the Dane Rudhyar Sabian Symbol for 20 Virgo invokes a New World collective journey:


KEYNOTE: The need of cooperative effort in reaching any “New World” of experience.

It is difficult to know, from the original formulation of the clairvoyant’s vision, the type of caravan of cars that was visualized; what seems to be clearly implied is a process in which a group of persons are journeying together — thus linking their consciousnesses and energies (the “car” symbol) — in order to safely reach the goal of destiny. Here there is no longer any sense of competition, but an ordered and structured endeavor.

At this last stage of the five-fold sequence the past is entirely left behind; men cooperate in the great “adventure in consciousness” in a TOTALIZATION OF PURPOSE AND EFFORT.

In order to deliver the rejuvenating boxes to 20 Virgo, “I had to crawl out of this dirt floor passageway with the boxes intact, then down another ladder and try to find the right location where the people were, who needed reviving.” (I’m quoting from today’s dream journal entry.)

“On the way, there was a display with all sorts of stories made out of tiny seeds. People kept asking me if this was the story they heard in their youth, but how would I know that? I just guessed sometimes yes, sometimes no. The colored seeds in transparent vertical boxes were like the book covers.” (Everything was arranged like a library, and each seed contained an entire story, each vertical glass holder appeared as a book with thousands of seeds making up the images of the book covers.) “Time was running a little short, and I needed to get to the 20 Virgo, which was now an address.”

I don’t have exact interpretations of these dreams, but the symbols seem over the top and not just relevant to me.

On a recent walk, I silently asked if I could and should trust what I’ve been shown as the new coming in. I immediately noticed a feather on the ground. I walked past the feather, then heard, “Turn around. Pick it up. That was for you.” Before turning around, I felt/knew “It’s an owl feather.” Sure enough, it appears to be so. Its edges have the special fringe that allows for silent flight. As I continued my walk, a solitary stag with medium sized antlers walked slowly across the road in front of me.

This morning’s sunrise came between very low and very high, dark thick clouds, initiating between these layers a long, horizontal rainbow. I wasn’t sure what, if anything, to share as we close out this decade, but this seems just right.

Love, Blessings and Happy New Year!


Lee Harris~ December Energy Forecast

I know many of my blog readers also subscribe to Lee Harris, but I felt this energy forecast was important to share for everyone here. So many recent sessions have covered similar material, especially with people empathing the intense planetary, cosmic and political energies.

I’ve had sessions with other intuitives and energy workers who don’t normally “need” sessions but who’ve found themselves at their wits’ end the last few weeks. There should be no shame in this at all! We each go through our own challenges and shifts, and no one needs to be perfect. (Whatever “perfect” even means!) Be gentle with yourself and positive opportunities will reveal themselves.

As Lee says, this intensity will likely continue through February, so developing a strategy and tools to thrive is time well spent. Even if you already have a spiritual awareness practice, you might find yourself “leveling up” in different areas:

Lee Harris ~ October 2017 Energy Update

Lee offers some great breathing exercises and then a timely update on current energies. I’m glad to post this energy report; between sessions and research this week, plus preparation for Saturday’s Reiki Master Teacher Certification Class, I’ve been too busy to blog much.

As Samhain approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, Nature urges us to turn inwards, to release that which no longer serves, just as trees release their leaves in Fall. If you long to thrive no matter what happens on the “outside,” then remember to look for miracles and moments of Grace. We have so many options of how we interpret events and whether or not we choose to react to, respond to or embrace the unexpected.

Lee does a great job looking on the other side of this and last month’s transitions. Those who make the journey can expect big rewards for having done so. As I prepare to plant another round of daffodils, I wish everyone inner peace, deep roots, and that quiet faith that whatever you plant will burst forth at just the perfect moment. Today’s hard work comes to full bloom in the fullness of time. Let yourself change and trust in your own process.

Lee Harris ~ Energy Update, Invite Peace & Connect

This is an important energy update from Lee Harris, which echoes what I have sensed in my own life, as well as themes during sessions. I have been very busy with sessions and teaching various public and private classes, so I’ve not had time to post about current energies. As usual, Lee is spot on. This video will especially support anyone in process of summoning big life changes, working on creative projects, and/or reevaluating relationships. Here’s Lee:

Denial, Boundaries, Dams and Emotions

Today’s post offers a collection of other posts with commentary based on what I’ve observed in recent sessions and in the larger world. It doesn’t take much intuition to recognize how polarized, projecting and intense emotions have become, especially in recent weeks. What surprises me (somewhat) is the degree to which even non-political people are empathing and experiencing the massive energies swirling around. So many people tell me about huge arguments in their microcosm, which exactly mirror huge arguments in the macrocosm. Or about feeling a need to suppress emotions and opinions in order to keep the peace, but then having physical symptoms arise that demand attention.

As within, so without. As without, so within. Add to this dynamic the struggle between the current energy pushing towards revelation and awakening — including rude awakening — fighting against the desire to shove unpleasant truths back under the rug, and we’ve got a roiling, boiling collective threatening to break the dam. Coincidentally, we also have a crisis at Oroville Dam — whose inadequate/defective spillways demanded (but did not receive) attention 12 years ago. Regardless of whether or not that dam creates a 100-foot tsunami of water through Continue reading

Lee Harris: Super-Charged Power Waves and Responses to Light & Shadow

As usual, Lee Harris gives a very timely message:

Lee Harris ~ June 2015 Energy Forecast

Ahhhh, those initial breaths are so nice! I appreciate Lee’s emphasis on getting comfortable with the uncertainty of timing and on the ways in which change can trigger older, past life memories and intensities. His discussion of mastery of self, thoughts and emotions is also important. “One step forward, one step back.” I’ve been hearing about this magnified “dance” between positive and negative, up and down from so many clients right now. People feel very much on edge, and yet when we re-collect ourselves, we can remain present and flexible for best response to all the uncertainty roiling around us. Purpose can focus us through this time, but so can small, deliberate tasks — good antidotes to chaos and anxiety. Come back inside to yourself, but also remember to take action on the physical plane. Here’s Lee (full transcript below video):

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s spoken video message.)

Hi and welcome to the Energy Forecast for June 2015.

Let’s all take a breath together before we start this conversation.

(Breathing deeply in and out)

And another one for luck. (Deep breath in and out)
It feels to me this should be a mandatory exercise for us as a society at the moment. It would be good for us if every hour or two we were coming together in groups and consciously breathing together, because the intensity of everything ramped up considerably in the end of May and early June period.

Astrologers will talk about the fact that we’re in a very big Mercury retrograde. And so what you see in parallel to that is a certain amount of chaos and confusion that is reigning in the macro of our world and also reigning over the micro of our own inner personal worlds.

So on the macro, in just the last few weeks we have seen a considerable amount more reporting on the amount of animal species or plant species that are dying off. There are also intense debates and arguments going on between governments and people around deals and laws that are being passed that people do not want, because of the destruction to the environment or human rights.

So it’s a time of very intense feelings and there is an of energy wave of  push/pull at the moment. The pattern seems to be One step forward, one step backward and occasionally a step sideways. So the idea of ‘progression’ is not so strong right now on Earth. Generally what we’re seeing is more of an implosion.

Implosion births New Energy

Progression and New Energy will follow this implosion.

For many years, I intuitively received the information that 2015 to 2020 would be the all-important years post-2012. 2012 was a marker point for a piece of time that would stir everything, but that 2015 to 2020 would be the actual five year period where the Earth’s future and new energy futures would be birthed. And the question was always how much chaos, how much challenge, how much destruction would have to take place in that five-year period in order to see a new Earth and a new energy birthed.

Now, people have very different ideas about what a new Earth is or what new energy is. To one person it’s everybody living in Utopia. To another person it’s getting rid of the economy and having a non-money-based society. It varies depending on who you ask, hence the chaos and confusion around our future right now.

We tend to have a very grand idea in the romantic mind or the spiritual mind of what needs to take place for change. But the truth is, change happens slowly and more slowly than we often would desire it to be. And certainly on the third dimension (human life), change happens very slowly compared to what you might feel in your visionary or energetic self.

The Slowness of the ‘seeming’ Speed

So the message I’ve always received is that things are going to take place over a much slower period of time than certain people will predict.

So for example, some will say the economy is going to crash tomorrow, other people will say there’s going to be a comet hitting the Earth on a certain date. You constantly see these predictions out there, and they don’t help the nervous system if you happen to catch them. But there’s a reason they don’t help the nervous system. Those of us that have a sense that we have been here many times before, that this is not the first time on Earth, can remember all the times past where destruction or death happened. So with each of these triggers in the now, you energetically replay all the deaths. For example, you replay being in Pompeii when Pompeii went down when you see these triggers of today.

Coupled with this, there is an enormous amount of death energy taking place on the planet right now. There are many species and plants that we are hearing are dying out.

There is the death of an old way of being as a society too. And even though many people say they crave a new way of being, actually as we watch our world changing very rapidly, it brings an adrenaline pump to the nervous system that’s very intrinsic to the human animal. It’s fight or flight. Because when we see change and death around us, we naturally question, “Are we safe? Are we in an environment that is threatening our well-being and our safety?” And that’s the reptilian brain and how that part of our psyches are designed to work.

Mastering Yourself and Your Emotions

It’s a hugely intense time to be alive and this is when mastery of yourself, your emotions, and your thoughts will help you on your path.

There is a brand new short video I just created called Overthinking and Emotional Chaos. So if you feel like you’re someone who’s really in the spin of thoughts or emotions at the moment, you might want to check that video out. (Click here.)

Just to come back to the forecast, the energy now is one step forward, one step back. That seems to be the pattern on Earth with everything that we’re seeing.

So you might see a victory on your left and then a loss on your right. And that’s just the dance. The dance is very intense and very magnified compared to how it would’ve played out for us 10 years ago.

Just as the speed of change in our Earthly world is faster than before, the speed of change in your internal world is going to be faster than ever before. The two work in tandem with each other.

So there is a sense among people that they’re very tired, that they’re confused, or that they’re at the edge of their ability to remain calm and centered. Some people are reacting more. People are making strange or seemingly impulsive decisions because there is this feeling of, “I’ve just got to change this, I’ve just got to get out!”

What we have to do with those feelings is work to stay as calm and centered as we can. Being centered is the best place you can be in any situation. Master warriors have worked on meditating and being centered so that whatever is going on around them, they are able to make the decision in that moment that is best for their survival and for their future. And that’s really important for all of us at the moment and it’s hard work. It’s not easy to have to yet again re-purpose yourself, but it is the work of the times.

Floating & Disconnection = Find Your Purpose

Confusion, tiredness and a sense of disconnection may be the experience for many of you – particularly the sensitive among you and the especially esoteric. You may be experiencing a real disconnection from the 3-D world.
This might translate to examples such as an inability to pay your bill, and I don’t mean financially, I mean literally paying the bill. It might translate to an inability to do your ‘to do’ list that you used to do with no problem. Just a feeling of floating and being a bit disconnected from all of it.

The only problem with floating and energetically feeling widely as a sensitive (going into the macro of  what’s going on in our world), is you can get lost in the noise. Essentially, you can get lost in the junk DNA that’s floating around out there in other people’s energy fields (the Universal Energy Field).
So those of you who are feeling anxiety around that, for you it’s going to be a focus of come back to your purpose and your connection.

So your purpose might be a grand thing that you are working on that is going to take you one year to conceive. It might be a book, it might be a garden you’re building, it might be working with your friend to try and influence policy in an environmental way. So some of you will have your grand purpose. But even if you have a grand purpose, everybody this month is going to find the simple small task your savior.

Inner Body vs the Universal Energy Field

So if you are feeling overwhelmed or you feel like you’ve been floating out in space a little too much, take small tasks. Go and clean the kitchen. Decide to go for a walk. A small, achievable focused exercise, because what it will do is it will actually help you re-lock into your own inner body rather than floating too widely in everyone else’s energy field. Many of you have been magnetized to the edge of your energy field, because there is so much going on out there in the Universal Energy Field.

Chaos, anxiety and fairly extreme things happening around us can magnetize you toward it as a sensitive. Because you pick up on the subtle energy waves and notice their changes. It can be part of your own way of ‘staying safe’ as a sensitive – hyper vigilance to what is going on around you.

So you have to learn to come back into your inner body. To get back into yourself and that will often be achieved through a 3-D functional purpose, because that’s the thing that some of you are losing in the moment.

So yes, meditation or anything like that is wonderful of course, but also try and find the small simple task that’s achievable. It will reconnect you to your center and it will put you back on the Earth in a way that makes you useful to yourself and to others.

And that’s very important at the moment, because open hearts and open minds are very needed at this time. It’s easy for you to look around and think, “Oh well, what difference do I make? It looks like everything is going on around me regardless.” And that’s just not true.

The more we as open hearts and open minds lock into our bodies at the moment, the more we are able to be of energetic and practical use in this crazy soup that we see going on – where the dark amplifies, then the light amplifies, the dark amplifies, then the light amplifies again.

One step forward, one step backward.

Let the feelings OUT

Suppression of feeling can be very desirable at times like these, even for those of you who are masters of feeling. You might find yourself wanting to suppress your feelings in whatever way, in whatever shape that takes. Whether it’s medicating yourself with physical substance or whether it’s distracting yourself as much as possible in other ways. Just keep an eye on that balance, because at the moment it’s important to let a certain amount of feeling be constantly moving through you on a daily basis. Because while there comes a point where that amount of feeling can be overwhelming and it’s good to just reset yourself, still you have to monitor – am I letting my feeling’s OUT enough each day?

It is an all new level of feeling that’s moving through everybody. So it’s very important to let it out too rather than feel like you’re internally drowning in feeling (sing, dance, express, create, move your body – these will all help!)

Connect with Tribe for balance

Connecting with others is going to be really important. Now, I know some of you think, “Ohh…I don’t want to connect with anyone because they’re all going crazy and I just need to be quiet in my house.” I get that. But, at a time where anxiety is high, being more tribal is very important.

So if ‘be more tribal’ means hanging out with your one best friend or if being more tribal means going to a place where there’s 500 people dancing together – any way that tribal shows up for you – do it from time to time. The more you’re around other human beings, the more that connection is going to come in for you and make more sense of what you’re picking up in the Universal Energy Field. It will help you understand and ground within your feelings more.

If you are someone who lives in a very isolated way, look at how you can introduce a little more people interaction, even if it’s just walking around the streets where you live every single day. It will again help you to connect to what’s going on out there.

Conversely if you’re somebody who’s very hyper-social, usually you will find this is a time you have to go the other way and just bring the balance point in a bit so that you have room to feel your own stuff and you’re not just feeling everyone else’s.

It’s a real balancing act for all of us at the moment and within very new energy territory.

So you’re having to constantly learn then re-learn;
‘What do I need right now?’
‘What state am I in?’
‘Where should I go?’

And these are questions you may need to regularly ask yourself due to the confusion created by so much energy being pulsed through your inner body.

Guidance and support from the Vertical Plane

Don’t forget that you have a really fine intuition and it’s right here inside and above you. Guidance is available if you remember to ask for it and sense it. Guidance comes in a different way than you might receive thoughts in the mind for example. But because the 3-D world is so distracting it can be difficult to remember that guidance and help is right there. But it is. Help and universal energy is right there to support you.

Make sure you’re giving yourself time each day to just sit, be and allow yourself to reconnect everything so that you can be back in your vertical alignment which is that which connects you to spirit and source. The horizontal alignment right now mostly connects you to this very chaotic soup, but keeping connection to your vertical alignment (Meditate, Intend, Vision, Still the mind, Breathe) will balance you enough to feel stable.

Looking ahead through the next few months: June certainly won’t be calm. I don’t think the word ‘calm’ as an overall phrase is going to be very applicable for any of us the next few years. There is constantly going to be a certain level of intensity and diversity that we have to keep adapting to. But adapt we will and do.

When we get into the second half of June, things will energetically level out a little more. What these leveling out periods do is they give us all chance to catch up with what’s gone on. We have these bursts of intensity where things get driven through us, then the leveling out where we get to integrate.

You are getting stronger and you are looked after a great deal. And this can be easy to forget.

It’s easy for us to get overwhelmed by what we’re seeing outside. It easy for many people to say I don’t know why I’m on Earth, I wish I wasn’t here. And the truth of that is that we are here.

We elected to be here, whether you believe that or not, we elected to be here at this moment. So we are living in the right time at the right place, even if we don’t always like what we see going on outside us. It’s just an unprecedented time and a time of great speed.

So the Universe has got your back. Try to remember that, even if you’re going into a downward spiral for an hour or two in your own process. Those spirals bring up more personal density for you to clear so try to remember during that clearing, the Universe has got your back.

Reach out for help, go into your purpose, choose to connect with others, and you will find yourself yet again lifted by the mainframe of all of us as a collective, because this is happening to everybody at the same time.

We are in this together and you are not alone.
Big love everybody. Make sure you’re finding your space and your moment wherever you need to be.

I spoke fast so that I could get as much information out in this video as possible. You might just want to take a moment after this video to sit silently (deep breath) and digest.
Events in Europe 

We have two places left for my Energy Mastery Retreat in Norway in August. So if you want details of that you can have a look here.

And we’ve also just added a brand-new event to London in August. So I will be coming to my homeland for a few weeks. I’m going to do an Energy Tune-up evening in London in August. So all details are available for that here and I really look forward to seeing some of you there!

Thank you to those of you who donate each month. It makes a huge difference to what the team and I do here with putting out the free work, so thank you very much for that. And thanks for the messages of love and support you send in – it means the world to me and the team!

June Energy Checklist

  • Feelings are high – check you are letting yours OUT in a way that brings you balance.
  • There is a great need to regularly focus on purpose – even just small simple tasks.
  • Connection with others will soothe your soul. Seek tribal ‘balance’.
  • The Universal Energy Field is chaotic, confused and amplified right now, so keep regular focus on your inner world to stay balanced.
  • Remember guidance and universal help are yours to connect with anytime.

Lee Harris ~ December 2014 Energy Forecast

Lee shares another calming forecast amidst the intensity, with special emphasis on negative dreams and fears. I agree with him that just because you have a negative vision or dream doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen. These sorts of premonitions can come through as opportunities to shift our trajectory rather than as a set in stone “reality.” Dreams can also play out things that because of the dream no longer need to play out in waking life.

Lee also suggests that some people have reached a different pattern right now where the fear is less about a warning and more about anticipation of something entirely new. I’ve noticed more and more people stepping into their own power as they realize things they’ve always feared don’t need to have the kind of power over them that they used to give away to boogie men.

I appreciate Lee’s continued comments on non-linear time and new levels and challenges of discernment. Boundaries continue to be an important theme — knowing how to maintain the integrity of your own energy.

Many blessings and much healing …. 🙂

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s video message below)

Hi everyone and welcome to the December Energy Forecast.

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or on the blog page directly, I posted an update late last week about the energies of November; so some of you will want to check that out.

In it I covered certain symptoms that have been accompanying this recent intensity. Because November was very, very strong in energy, and a lot of people were talking about things they were going through and looking for clarity as to what those things were and how to deal with them. So I dealt with some of that in the blog post, which you can click to find just here, but I will elaborate on a few of those points today.

Lots of you wrote in after last month’s forecast asking me specifically about dreams. I mentioned how strong dreams are happening at this time, and some of you who wrote in shared you were more than a little freaked out by the intensity of some of the dreams you’re having.

There are a couple of things to say about that. A lot of people I have met who have intuitive gifts (or are beginning to have intuitive gifts) can get very fixed on the idea that if they have a negative dream, particularly if it’s about the planet or about something in their life, they can then come out of that dream and start to panic it’s going to manifest.

I’ve met loads of psychics and intuitives over the years. And of course, as someone who uses that ability in my own work, I have fairly strong opinions about intuitive images that we receive; because all too often I meet intuitives and psychics who are convinced they’re ‘right’ about a vision that they’ve had. And all too often I have seen those time points and predictions not happen for those people.

So my truth and reality around a prediction or a vision is: it’s very important to hold it there as a big possibility, but to always check every day, “Is this vision still true, am I still walking towards this destination?”

The reason I say this is there are a lot of people out there who are basing reasons that we should all be afraid on visions or intuitions.

Now, I’m all for all of us looking at areas like Fracking and going, “No that’s ridiculous. That’s going to poison our planet.” And signing the petition or going to the rallies that you feel compelled to in a stand against Fracking.

But I believe that when a psychic or an intuitive person bases a negative vision they have had as the reason to spread more fear into the world or through the group, that can be dangerous for everybody. Because right now we’re dealing with very strong energies of fear that are rising in opposition to the light and the love that is growing in the consciousness of human beings on this planet.

So this is what the dreams are often about. Clearing of fear.

It was explained to me many years ago in a channel, and it’s something I’ve witnessed and seen to be true with people, that dreams can take the space for us of processing something in our life that we then don’t need to go through in a heavier way here on 3-D Earth.

So for example, you could have a dream where you wake up and you’re like, “Oh my God. I was just terrified!” But you never know what that fear flush in your sleep state has done for you the next day in saving you having to play that out with somebody.

So dreams are intense right now because things are faster and more multidimensional for all of us. Ten to 15 years ago none of us would have had this many stimuli coming at us, this many relationships coming at us, and so it completely changes the way that all of us are experiencing ourselves. And a lot of the time that’s what we are dealing with at the moment.

I don’t believe there’s any destination for any human being. Even enlightenment, which we so often used to see as a destination, is not a destination. And if you meet people who claim to be enlightened or who seem to be enlightened to you, they’re all very different. They have a shared peace maybe and a certain ability to love from their hearts in a way that you don’t come across in most other people and that can become a defining energy of enlightenment.

But the rest of it really is difference. We are all very different as people.

So our experience of awakening on Earth right now is being heightened and pushed and accelerated all of the time. There are cosmic energies at play here as well. If any of you are interested in investigating what’s going on universally with the stars, with other planets, it’s a really fascinating time as to what’s cooking in the whole universe.

So Earth and we as humans go through that same electricity pulse. And that’s what I was speaking about in last week’s blog.

We can get very, very easily electrified right now. And I speak to you guys a lot about paying attention to the energies around you. When awakening and learning to live in a more open way, like anything, there are stages of growth that at one moment are very important and yet at a later moment, become unimportant and you no longer have to focus on them.

For example, when you first wake up, you might start to realize you can manifest things if you focus your intention.

This might be a complete revelation to you if you never lived that way before. But after a while of doing that, you get to a new level in yourself around the way you feel about life and how connected it all feels that manifesting in that way is no longer: a) where you’re at, or b) happening in quite the same way.

And if you think of how we were trained as human beings, we were trained to be very linear. We were trained to follow the teacher, to listen to what the doctor said. None of this is wrong, if the doctor or the teacher is holding the right piece of information for you, but we weren’t really taught to discern for ourselves as to whether they were.

So in this new time where so many people are learning to discern for themselves there is also the fear of, “Oh my God, I haven’t got the handrail any more. I’ve got to figure this out for myself.”

So what I notice with other people and what I’ve noticed in my own growth journey is that we’re usually oscillating between expansion and contraction.

So you start to grow in an area, and then some fear or thought that used to hold you in an old place rises to the surface because it’s going, “Hey I’m normally the one talking to you and leading you here!” And so then another part of you has to say, “Well you’re now on the backseat. You’re no longer in the driving seat. We’re taking a new route.”

So fear is very strong in many different ways. But what’s really important to address at this time is where are you going in life, who are you around and how are those people making you feel.

This is why I’ve spent so many times speaking to you about boundaries. It’s really healthy to have a boundary to that which is bringing you down. It’s healthy not just for you, but it’s healthy for other people as well. There is a big difference, as I’ve said, between people that you’re helping because they are really in distress and you feel compelled to help them, and people whose distress you feel hostage to, time and time again, and they’re making no improvement despite your constant help.

The fear energy that is very strong on the planet at the moment makes things very electric. And if you are able to work with it, and recognize it exists and that it’s happening, and find good strategies in yourself to overcome fear, and find an ability to graciously say to somebody, “You know, I’m going to go now because I’m tired and I need to go home.” when they are pummeling fear at you; this is the way that you start to find a new energy map in yourself, a new way of living.

And I think that’s where there is a breakthrough for lots of people at the moment. There is no longer being hostage to the old.

But there is a lot of, “Whoa, this is new and I don’t know how to navigate this new territory.”And if you are at that point, there is a hell of a lot of openness on the planet right now. But to create new energy maps for yourself, it is going to require you jumping out the plane without the parachute a lot.

So if you find yourself, for example, invited to a party and you feel a fear in you, don’t necessarily trust that it’s intuitive fear. Don’t say, “No, it’s that I don’t need to go.” If you’re just tired that’s one thing. But if you’re afraid, this is a great time to just push that edge and push through it and go to the party. You can always leave once you are there but if you don’t go, you’ll never know.

It’s really important for those of you that are feeling generally more open than ever before to recognize that fear for you will be an ally right now. It will be the indicator that you’re about to step into something that is different for you.

For those of you who are feeling a little dragged under the ocean, you need to strategize ways to create space, peace and better vibrations for yourself. This can be as simple as 5/10 minute periods in your day where you sit quietly, dance to music you love in your house, call a friend who you always enjoy talking to.

It’s always interesting to me when I speak to you guys in this format because I’m speaking to many thousands of you at once and trying to cover all the bases, but I will reiterate something I’ve said in the last few months that is very palpable in the air right now; these are really open times. In the last few months things have started to open up. But if you think about the power that is sometimes needed for opening, there is electricity that is driving that.

So to be with that openness, just allow yourself to realize:

You don’t know who you are anymore,
You don’t recognize this planet very much anymore,
You’re going to do things in very different ways to how you did them before – regardless of how other people might like or not like that.

If these are your watchwords, you’re going to be in a good place to really start to move forward in your life.

A lot of this electricity focuses on the dissolving or destruction of old things so that the new can appear.

So if you are somebody who right now is overwhelmed by that energy in your life, create something new. Once a day, write a paragraph for yourself that is there to support you in your life. Write a dream for the next week.

And if you are somebody who is very free-spirited and open right now and ready to just go into the wonder of it all, notice your emotional reactions to those people who can’t join you in openness. There will be a lot of people who can’t. Sometimes you’ll be a leader for that and the open presence in the room.

So don’t necessarily shy away from people where you don’t feel you’re 100% met by them; because a lot of the time we are creating that energy together.

Think of the open person you met that day in the store, who made you feel more open with the way they led with a smile and with their openness.

So sometimes that’s what you’re doing – being a leader of openness, in a way that feels effortless. And other times you meet those people where you just go, “Oh my God. We’re just flying together!” And that is very healing and it re-grounds the body as to what’s possible for us as human beings.

And that’s very much the paradigm we’re in right now – the new human experience.

So I hope you all have a great December.

I will be back with a proper forecast in February, but in January, as we do every year, there will be a video edited by Oribel Divine; which will be something a little different this year, so I hope you enjoy it.

So, lots of love everybody. Have a good month and Happy Holidays.

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