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Day 163: Ragweed vs. Goldenrod

The faeries told me if I planted goldenrod, I’d have no more ragweed allergies. They said the same thing about planting lilies and lilacs in the spring (formerly my top allergens). I planted the lilies and lilacs and didn’t have sneezy spring allergies this year. I’m still debating on the goldenrod since an infusion of it caused me no end of sneezing in 2014. It sure is pretty! In addition to bees, butterflies and wandering herbalists, I hear tell the Fae like it, but they would now, wouldn’t they?

Arthur myghtern a ve hag a vyth — “Arthur king who was and will be”

Some fertile ground here for anyone who feels paradoxically disconnected and stuck:

“’Head in the clouds, dreamer, impractical, unfocused’: words so many of us may have seen in school reports, job assessments, personal evaluations. Or maybe we suffer from the opposite pole, and more and more of the lightness and joy has been leached from our days through routine, day to day cares, deadlines and installments and bills and mortgages and the nightmarish hope of someday ‘catching up’ or ‘getting ahead’ or ‘arriving.’ Always, it can seem, one pole or the other. But polarized things gather power. That’s why an illusion can grab and hold us. But that’s also why change and growth and exploration are also — always — possibilities. Poles hold the energy for entrapment, but also for transformation.”

A Druid Way

Like their kindred words in the other Celtic tongues, the syllables* of this Cornish saying still echo, telling of the “Once and Future King.” They assert a living archetype of a king born in fulfillment of prophecy, a ruler recognized and granted kingship by the Lady of the Lake, a leader who struggles, fights and dies for his people. The king is the land.

Arthur1 Arthur from the Matthews’ deck

Nyns yu marow Arthur myghtern. “He is not dead, king Arthur,” the story continues, but sleeps, and will wake at his country’s direst need, and return. The king is the land.

Arthurian tarot decks like John and Caitlin Matthew’s Hallowquest, Anna-Marie Ferguson’s Legend and Stephanie and Philip Carr-Gomm’s Druidcraft packs often depict the archetypal king as card 4, the Emperor. This is Arthur as anointed ruler, secure in his kingship, enthroned, crowned and robed in power.

But surely what moves us more is not merely this static image, forceful though it can…

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Sarah Anne Lawless ~ The Song of the Land: Bioregional Animism

I just landed upon another deep and inspiring post by Sarah Anne Lawless called “The Song of the Land: Bioregional Animism.” This post comes from February 2014, back when she still lived in the Pacific Northwest, but the article includes food for thought wherever you live. In fact, that’s the whole point! To find ways to immerse ourselves into whatever bioregion in which we find ourselves — to root deeply, and to live in sync with the natural cycles, flora, fauna and beings who share that spot with us. Sarah’s material is copyrighted, so I’ll just provide a short teaser and a link to the full article:

“The goal of bioregionalism is self-sufficiency and sustainability within a bioregion – of both people and nature. Bioregionalism differs from environmentalism in that it seeks to have humans and nature living together in harmony, with humans as active stewards of nature, rather than seeing humans as harmful and needing to be removed from the equation.

“Within bioregionalism is the belief that the most important thing to learn when you move to a new bioregion, or are born into one, is to learn everything you can about it. …

“Such knowledge used to be intrinsic to basic human survival, but today you will seldom find a person in a city or town who can even list the names of five native trees. How can we be self-sufficient without knowledge of the resources around us and how to use them? How can we be good stewards of the land we live upon if we know nothing about it? How can we fix what we humans broke without first knowing what the local ecosystem looked like when healthy? Through awareness, through knowledge, through hard work, and through truly caring about the land under our feet and all who live upon, under, and above it.”

I always appreciate posts that encourage people to connect or reconnect with the land outside their door and under their feet. All land is sacred. When we remember this fact, when we know it in our bones, we treat our planet like the sacred being She is — and through that loving care and honor, we help Her heal as She heals us. Here’s the link to Sarah’s full article, “The Song of the Land: Bioregional Animism.” Anyone who likes Avatar or permaculture will especially enjoy this piece. You don’t need to live in a resort area or on a ley line to connect with your bioregion. As Sarah says, “…the line between the sacred and the mundane is invisible. Bioregional animism is not a spiritual path, it is not a denomination or a tradition, it is the way you choose to live your life every day and the conscious choice to interact ethically with nature.”

An Important Reminder about Blog Posts

I’ve had a few private emails from various people, so I feel I need to express this even more clearly than I often do in the comments section: not every blog post is meant for every single person who reads my blog. I have a wide variety of readers from all around the world, and they read my blog for a wide variety of reasons — some of them mutually exclusive to reasons others read my blog. I post as I feel led, aiming to find a balance of peeking behind the veils, spiritual and energy empowering techniques, humor, preparedness, beauty, art, and magickal garden encounters.

Again, I post as I feel led, but that does not mean I do a spontaneous, free intuitive reading for every single potential reader before I put up an article, comment, or link. Please exercise your own discernment regarding what resonates or works for you in any given title, topic or first few lines of a post. I offer my blog as a free public service. If you feel you need to discuss how a topic or theme relates to your own personal situation, then I do offer personalized, private, paid sessions where I can unpack that information for you in a way tailored to your own needs, desires, triggers, hopes and dreams. I can’t be all things to all people on a public service blog.

Since the results of most of our current global challenges depend at least in part (if not fully) on individuals’ consent or rejection of the would-be trajectory, I do include discussions of how the media’s presented leaders or solutions generally aren’t real leaders or real solutions. That does not mean I view our situation as hopeless, worthless or a time to throw in the towel. It means that once given a peek behind the curtain individuals have an option of choosing the proposed route or something different — in other words, of making a conscious choice. Knowledge and freedom bring responsibility, and that can feel overwhelming.

I do not advocate an all or nothing mindset, so please, please realize that just because I point out that people have a choice does not mean the Universe or I is/are condemning you to hell, a bad timeline or anything else. Your choice is your choice. You do what you can do, and if a topic feels too overwhelming, either ignore that post or find some small, token thing you can do now that establishes your intention.

Again, this is a public service blog for general consumption. Although I know many blog readers through their comments, through friendship with them, sessions or classes, I do not know everyone who reads this, and I will not censor what I present simply because it makes some people uncomfortable. If you feel challenged by material here and really feel you need support because these decisions feel important to you, then you can take a break on the blog and/or book a session. The only truly general advice I offer is: 1) don’t consent to anything you reject; 2) find some way to grow some of your own food, even if only herbs on a windowsill; and 3) find a way to overcome your resistance to having at the least the most basic preparedness items on hand for two weeks so you don’t feel so rattled by the potential chaos of our uncertain world.

Two days left for September Specials:

Intuitive Preparedness Check-In

This is a return of a popular 2014 special, which I feel called to highlight again now due to so many people asking me about the likelihood of a “September Event,” along with so many people finally sensing new openings and opportunities that once seemed very far away. People want to know how to maintain an optimistic vibration and how to thrive while also shoring up any weak spots. This special responds to many comments, questions and private emails requesting my take on the question “What can I do right now?” — for specific individuals, rather than general guidelines and suggestions.

This hour session gives you access to my own intuitive scan of what areas of focus will provide you the greatest payback and sense of abundance, peace and security, with the least amount of resistance. Those looking to make larger lifestyle shifts can ask me to scan various lifestyle, location and/or community options to see which ones fit best with your vibration and heart’s desires. You can also use our time together to discuss energetic/magickal protection and manifestation tools and techniques, along with troubleshooting your most pressing concerns in various areas of life, including finances, food security, faith/spirituality/soul nurturing, relationships and/or land, including “garden guidance.”

I feel so strongly about helping people take steps from fear, denial and overwhelm into abundance, joy and freedom, that I’m keeping this pricing a simple $123. As Tolkien said, “Little by little, one travels far.”

Please contact me if you’d like to sign up for this special. Offer valid if prepaid on or before August 31, 2015 September 30, 2015.

$77 Medical Intuitive Readings

Medical Intuition is the ability to access information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through “reading” the energy field around the body. A Medical Intuitive Session decodes the message(s) from soul to body into language your conscious mind can understand and begin to address. (It is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment.) Medical Intuitive Readings are normally $175 per hour or $90 per half hour. Medical Intuitive sessions purchased today through 9/30/15, will be discounted to $77 per half hour, which can be doubled or tripled for longer sessions. Please contact me to sign up, and remember to include your time zone!

Bernie Suarez on the pope’s NWO: “Everyone must realize as soon as possible that every form of top-down governance leads to tyranny”k

Thanks to Ann for the balanced intro to this Bernie Saurez piece that many good hearted, Earth loving people have difficulty recognizing or swallowing. Like Ann and Bernie, I advocate as much local sovereignty and local focus on ways to insulate ourselves from the “need” for tyranny. If each of our local areas finds its own ways to keep food closer to home, to encourage off-grid living, and especially to protect our water from military-industrial takeover or deliberate destruction, then we render the top down tyranny obviously unnecessary.

I love our planet and would give the co-opted sustainability movement far more credence if it addressed Earth poisoning, geo-engineering, and Fukushima even 1/10 as much as the “need” for SMART meters and appliances that spy on us. Just like I would feel far more supportive of “universal” government “health”care if that focus included ousting GMO’s, ending government subsidies for high fructose corn syrup, and removal of drug manufacturers’ amnesty for vaccine reactions.

Until Pope Francis starts opening the Vatican’s coffers to poor nations and starts housing more than two immigrant families in all the vast land holdings and mansions owned by the Vatican, then I have heard enough of his “poor church” for poor people spin. And until he stops jet setting around the world and instead demands the Vatican divest in big oil, insists on community gardens at all Catholic churches and schools, and allows for some kind of voluntary birth control instead of covertly sterilizing vaccines to stop the population explosion, then I don’t want to hear another peep about how my air conditioning is evil.

Growing at least some of our own food and finding some way to maintain our own water supply are two of the most radical, truly sustainable things we can do as individuals. Until “sustainable development” folks start supporting and protecting those things, they can talk to my compost covered hand. If they care so much about our planet, they can get out of their jets and into the garden. Maybe those soil microbes will restore a bit of sanity. If that doesn’t work, there’s always my old proposal of mandatory colonics for members of Congress. Time to flush out the BS, and while they’re at it, stop making grey water systems and humanure illegal.

Zen Gardner ~ The Incredible Instant ISIS Machine

Knowledge is power. Wisdom’s even better. Know what you’re dealing with. Recognize the strategies and memes. Drop the Kool-Aid. Drop the fear, and use your focus, determination, and whatever tools you have on whatever levels to render these control freaks irrelevant and ridiculous. And if all else fails, let them eat listen to CAKE:

Here’s Zen:

The Incredible Instant ISIS Machine

by Zen Gardner

Don’t people even think anymore? How can they swallow this wholesale engineered fabricated snowstorm of distorted disinformation and not see through it?

Just look squarely at this instantly appearing, highly sophisticated, fully mobile in flashy new vehicles, heavily armored ISIS machine. They’re a well supplied and coordinated organization of a supposedly bunch of radicalized Islamic rebels, pulling recruits out of the war torn rubble of a devastated Middle East almost overnight. And the supply of not just weapons but the coordination of very difficult food, water and medical logistics.

Read about any war. This was a massive problem and challenge even for highly organized and supported western nations during war campaigns in the past. (Hence the US/NATO drops of supplies to ISIS reported frequently.) To top it off, they supposedly have social media recruitment savvy and access to mass media coverage to broadcast their carefully timed staged threats and beheadings, while the all powerful NSA is stumped? Doesn’t this remind you of the hunt for Bin Laden? He was interviewed by a CNN news crew in Afghanistan during a manhunt for him before 9/11, but the mighty military had no idea where he was.

Now think of this; ISIS is reported to be taking over oil fields and production as they go – AND selling their oil to various markets for income! Now there’s a pretty sharp band of wild eyed rebels. But after all, we need to explain the obvious “support” they’re raising.

Who’s kidding who? Is anybody paying conscious attention? Yet they’re still portrayed as a rag tag, hastily assembled “uprising” of religious zealots from several nations that have suddenly become stronger and smarter than NATO and the massive western military industrial machine as they march into Syria and spread about the area.

It’s the execution of a big, bad Al Qaida cognitive dissonance redux. It’s time people snapped out of it. So very similar to boxcutter-armed students hijacking sophosticated airliners and piercing the most protected airspace in the world – 4 times  in one day.

Why is this ISIS phenomenon important? Because this obvious creation is now the backbone of the drive to finish not just the takeover and restructuring of the Middle East, but is an important tool in the further subjugation of the unwitting populations of the western world.

A Typical Day in Upside Down, Mind-Controlled Dystopia

The saddest thing about all this is how the majority, of the west at least, gobbles up this pusillanimous propaganda, while over 80% of Syrians believe this is western driven, never mind millions of others worldwide who can see this for what is. The sleeping masses however figure if it fits the meme of the day and they’re saying it with apparent authority, based on “information” and “revelations” of course, therefore it must be true.

After all, to think to the contrary or in the least bit critically might flip the apple cart of self-serving convenience and draw attention to yourself from the draconian authorities. Mustn’t do that.

Now apply this type of mind numbing charade to every other aspect of this globalist roll out and you’ll start to get the picture. Engineering’s the game….unscrupulous, murderous control freaks is their name. Blow off all of the intimidation. That’s the function of it, to shut us down.

Stand up now or live the rest of your life on your knees.

And for anyone wondering, the formation of behind the scenes alliances to accomplish clandestine operations is standard operating procedure for the CIA, Mossad, MI6 or whomever. That’s what they do continually and always have. It’s the work behind the scenes, the buying off of leaders, people and movements, the skullduggery that is so prevalent in our world that you’ll never hear about. That’s why some of these naively bought off groups and individuals change their minds, give up their weapons, and get the hell back home when they find out what they’re part of – the destruction of their own at the behest of the West, Israel and complicit Arab states and that they’re just expendable fodder for someone else’s agenda.

I hope western soldiers have the same wake up call and respond accordingly. It’s no different.

Wake Up, Little Suzie, Wake Up!

I just had to take another shot at this ISIS “make believe” charade and call it for what it is–a new Al Qaeda operating at way bigger, better supplied and coordinated levels but way more obvious. Russia knows this and is wisely taking a stand there in Syria before the madness spills over to Iran, their next big target. The flatfooted, blood-blinded US is stumped about what to do. They didn’t see rationality coming into the mix when Russia said they’ll help stop ISIS. What an exposure, but again, hence the deliberate demonization of Russia in their propaganda campaign leading up to this.

Most of the world is catching on. But now they’re pushing it to new levels saying these “ISIS” influences are now infiltrating every western country, especially now via this manipulated mass migration. How convenient.

Look out for a rash of false flag domestic attacks, even more than they’ve been executing over the past several years. Their M.O. is called the “strategy of tension” at its most fundamental level. Research Operation Gladio to understand how they operate, and have been doing for a long, long time. People are much more susceptible to programming when in that fear state, leaving the manipulators free to keep calling the shots. And don’t forget to look at the Zionist Greater Israel designs. It’s very revealing.

It’s time we looked at these realities head on and stopped wincing in fear and cowardice.

Be awake, aware and spread the word. So many have been lulled to sleep over the years, especially since the 9/11 hoax, that they can’t think for themselves any more. When we connect the dots for them and point out some of these glaring inconsistencies they might just come around.

Let’s hope so and each make an effort to educate and help them discover these truths for themselves.

These globalist manipulators are getting sloppier and more obvious by the day in their desperate attempts to outrun the awakening. Let’s put the screws on and show them we’re not going to take it and that the jig is up.

Contribute to the awakening. Don’t just be a bystander. That’s been going on way too long and is simply a debilitating function of previous programming.

Shake it and come alive. Now’s the time. We each make a massive difference.

Know that.

Much love, Zen

And want to find others wanting to activate and make a difference in your area?

Go to:

Natural News ~ How to Protect Yourself if You Get a V@ccine

Given the medical fascism beginning to reveal itself in undeniable ways, I’ve had a few people ask me about what to do if their child’s school mandates a vaccine in order to attend. Some of the threats parents have received are pretty intense, and for many families, homeschooling or suddenly moving out of state are not options. I even read an article recently that detailed how a homeschooled high school student received threatening letters from her ONLINE SCHOOL program threatening discontinuation of courses unless she proved herself vaccinated. She had zero in person interaction with other students, but the school tried to mandate her vaccines anyway.

I cannot legally advise anyone on any of this, but anticipating the direction California has gone, and that “as California goes, so goes the nation,” I did share this post in September 2014. It details some supplements and techniques that can offset the toxic effects of a vaccine, should you or your child find it practically impossible to resist. I’m not a doctor. This is not medical advice. It may not apply in your particular situation, but I reblog it again since I anticipated this before it became a reality for those now writing or asking me these things in sessions.

Please use this as a springboard for your own research and exercise discernment, as each individual case varies depending on age, current health levels, bodyweight, type of vaccine, and whether or not you can opt out by becoming a medical refugee from your state. Ultimately, we need to spread the truth about the many long term disability and even fatal reactions to vaccines, in order to stop the insanity of mandatory vaccines from BigPharma companies immune to lawsuits and real testing. Until then, do what you can to deal with and chip away at the mass hypnosis that vaccines are always good, never harm, and prevent disease. If you or your child need(s) to get a vaccine, get creative and investigate ALL your options. You’ve already chosen to think outside the box, so don’t limit that thinking. I’m a big fan of prayer, along with one of my favorite poems by Rumi:

There Is a Way

The intellect says: “The six directions are limits: there is no way out.”
Love says: “There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.”
The intellect saw a market and started to haggle;
Love saw thousands of markets beyond that market.


Laura Bruno's Blog

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The Decision Now Facing Every Living Human: Please read before 09.25.15

Thank you, Doreen, for collecting and collating all these links, videos, and implications!

Comment Bump Up: Too Cynical? … Or Too Optimistic?

Time for a comment bump up from Matt Taibbi’s post, “Why Do We Care Whose Side the Pope Is On?”

Posted by eat2evolve on September 24, 2015 at 11:44 pm edit

Laura, can you summarize here? So much cynicism makes my brain shut down! Thank you, d 🙂

Posted by laurabruno on September 24, 2015 at 11:48 pm edit

Sorry, Diana, no time to summarize. If you don’t want to read it, that’s fine. Not everything I post is for everyone. 🙂

Posted by diana on September 25, 2015 at 3:17 am edit

I read it 🙂 I just don’t get the cynicism. I was interested because, of course, I noticed that the Pope is in town. So what’s up with all the negativity? It’s weird to me that there even IS a pope, in the first place. But I have to say, I do like this one better than the last one. Just my opinion. xo

Posted by laurabruno on September 25, 2015 at 3:57 am edit

Well, I prefer Count Dracula to the previous one, so yeah, Francis is much more likable than he was! The article is based on quite solid research and doesn’t even go that far in terms of cynicism, given the Jesuit Oath.

For starters, despite the outward show and words of caring, Francis just canonized a genocidal slave owner who brutalized the Native population. Having lived in California and seen and researched the missions there, wow, I really don’t know where to begin on that one, particularly in terms of symbolic actions. The Native Americans had quite a lot to say about it, though, and begged him not to canonize Junipero Serra, but he did anyway. The canonization speaks greater volumes than a token acknowledgment of Native American pain.

Then there’s the showing of more sympathy to pedophile priests than to their many, many, many spiritually, physically and emotionally devastated victims, some of whom I’ve spoken with in sessions. He mentioned the victims almost like an afterthought, with the primary concern being compassion for the pedophiles.

I could go on, but I prefer not to. Yes, it’s weird that there is still a patriarchal “gateway to God.” If Francis were truly following in St. Francis’ footsteps he would be giving away at least some of the vast wealth of the Vatican, which along with the Queen of England, owns most of the world. How many immigrant families is the Vatican housing for all its talk of compassion and in all its vast mansions and rooms? Two. St. Francis gave away all of his father’s money. If Francis really wanted to emulate him, he could start by giving away at least some of the Vatican’s gold. Jesus threw the money changers out of the Temple. This pope’s not advocating for that. He’s positioning the Vatican to be back in charge of the money, along with everything else.

I only posted the article because people have been asking me my opinion, and I didn’t feel like devoting my own article to it. Not a fan, but then, I’m neither a fan of the Vatican nor the entire Judeo-Christian-Muslim Sky God “my God is better than your God, shame, indoctrinate and/or kill to convert” religious miasma.

All these people getting so much media play, from Trump to the pope … what do they have in common? Big daddy government and/or big daddy religion will swoop in with more regulations, more rules, and more control to “fix” what corporations (and the Vatican really IS the biggest one) have caused. Problem. Reaction. Solution. Oh, and if he’s so concerned about overpopulation, then why, in the 21st century is there still a prohibition on birth control? So, instead of taking an obvious, direct measure to allow voluntary self-directed action by individuals to stop contributing to the so called carbon burden, he’s championing Agenda 2030, which makes Agenda 21 look like a walk in the (still accessible to humans) park.

Nice smile, though. I agree with his advocacy of the Golden Rule. I just wish he and his institution would make the first move beyond largely symbolic gestures and platitudes.

Plant a garden. Love your neighbor. Find your OWN connection to the Divine. Some people view those religions, their doctrines and “unerring, heavily edited texts” as the problem, not the solutions, and certainly not the only gateway to the Divine.

I seem like a cynic, but maybe I’m too optimistic for the human race. I like to believe that given real information, an end to manipulation, an end to childhood sexual abuse (which fractures souls and is pretty much institutionalized by the Catholic Church at this point) … and given even the tiniest opening of the Vatican’s DEEP coffers, humanity could right itself, find its own Divinity and move on to an age in which the Golden Rule just comes naturally, rather than being mandated from above by self-proclaimed elites. Haven’t we been there, done that? Isn’t that how we got into this mess or at least exacerbated it?

But maybe I’m too optimistic. Maybe this world really does need a totalitarian papa to corral the humans into little cages for their own good. A girl can dream, though.

eat2evolve posted the following reply on the same day on the original post. I thought it had shown up here in the string of comments, but just realized per her comment today that it had not. My apologies, and I hope this explains where she was coming from. Had I realized her reply had not posted on this post’s comment string, I would have added it in. It speaks for itself, and so I did not realize the comments below would have been taken in a personally attacking context. Diana’s a very smart, sweet, talented woman whom I’ve known for years, even met in person. I meant no disrespect, but I do agree with the comments below elucidating an all too common dynamic. Diana herself was not part of that dynamic, though. 🙂 Anyway, here’s her missing reply:

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question with this long comment, dear Laura. I always appreciate your observations and I don’t find you cynical at all, it was Matt’s tone (smart as he is) that blocked me from being able to discern his message. That is why I asked you for a sensible, straightforward summary, but you didn’t have to, really! It was fine to not. So… thank you.

Now I see what people are all hackled up about. Nothing new, really. Indeed, the Catholic Church may be one of the most devilish institutions on earth. No surprise that its leader buys into and wants to perpetuate, even elevate, the system that created him, right? The Vatican, Inc. is not going away any time soon, so if PF can do any relative good at all, I hope he will. Recognizing climate change? Bravo. (insert cynical *eyeroll*)

As for canonizing a killer, just sounds like more gross, pandering, hypocritical business as usual. But stop. Let’s ask ourselves this: what makes a person a saint, anyway? To me, it is simple. Brave, pure and loving thoughts and deeds. Goodness. Ahimsa. Holiness is not something one bestows upon another. It comes from within. When it’s really there, you can’t miss it.

No matter what we foolish humans do, Nature will prevail. The sky, the changing seasons, the wild things that share our planet, rocks and weeds and creatures all teach lessons and speak truths that resonate as real. If we listen… we will hear. One can only do one’s best. Ever evolving. Peace now. Blessed be. xo

Why Do We Care Whose Side the Pope Is On? by Matt Taibbi . . . Oh, my, this is a welcome suprise! ~J

I’ve missed Matt Taibbi! What a refreshing take on “Popetacular.”