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Paul Stamets patents “universal biopesticide” that Big Ag calls “the most disruptive technology that we have ever witnessed.”

Another inspiring post from Ann today. I love Paul Stamets’ vision. The mycellium create the REAL Matrix … the natural Matrix related to Mother Earth and a culture that knows how to grow life from death and decomposition. My prayer for 2015 is that people in positions of influence start taking Paul Stamets’ ideas to heart and action. From cleaning up Fukushima to removing the need for pesticides to alternative consciousness to overall plant and human health, he’s just full of ideas!

R.I.P Mr. Spock: Story of Origin of Vulcan Hand Signal

Thanks to Karen for sending me this video yesterday and to Ann for today’s write-up. Pretty cool, eh? I love how Leonard says, “All this time, people were blessing each other and they never even knew it.”

The Two Red Books: A Talk at Esalen

For those who loved Becca’s longer presentation — or for those who didn’t have the time to devote to that one — I hope you’ll set aside a half hour to listen to this one. Let your imagination and soul engage themselves in the world of Dreams, Faerie, images, myth and two of the great minds of the 20th century with much to say for this one. Thank you, Becca!

Becca Tarnas

This is a condensed version of my presentation on The Red Book and the Red Book: Jung, Tolkien, and the Convergence of Images given in the fall of 2014 at Esalen Institute. The longer presentation is available here, and the accompanying paper can be found here. For further exploration, the methods section of my dissertation is also available.

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Last Two Days to Sign Up for February Specials

$333 Intuitive Coaching Three-Pack

With regular intuitive or life coaching sessions running $175/hour, this special offers major savings at $333/three hours. I’ve found that even people who normally process things on their own feel challenged by the increased intensity and “sorting” of the Universe these days. As we continue with Earth changes, internal and galactic shifts, I feel called to offer a short burst of support to those in need. These sessions can be used close together or saved for a future need. You can use them in hour or half-hour segments. The entire package can be gifted to someone else, but (for simplicity of paperwork) these three-packs cannot be divided and shared among multiple individuals. Offer valid if prepaid on or before February 28,2015. To schedule your first session or purchase the package, please contact me here.

The Faeries’ Dream

This half hour reading focuses more on delight, good vibes and good will than on “fixing” anything. The Faery Realm holds the original imprint of our completely pure, loving and healed planet, so working with the Fae always puts us in close proximity of that possibility as material fact — what has always remained and thus already is pure, healed and beautiful. This reading springs from such knowing and offers a chance to learn what your faerie companions would most love for you to focus upon instead of all those things that crop up as worries or concerns. Invoking delight brings us that much closer to experiencing it. $77 if prepaid on or by February 28, 2015. Please contact me to sign up.

Druid Tree Workings: Connecting with the Tree on the Outer Planes

As soon as I saw the title of this post, I knew I needed to reblog it; however, an additional synchronicity confirmed that knowing. Just this morning, I was privately lamenting that “no one seems to talk about the telluric currents when they presume to talk about Earth’s energy. Instead, we hear about ‘ley lines’ above the surface, without letting people know that we can connect with the Earth from *any* point — like trees do. Ley lines are ‘thought tracks,’ a long worn and superimposed *control* grid, whereas the telluric currents run deep in the Earth and many move in far more natural ways than leys.” I’ll probably end up writing an article on various currents at some point, but what a sync wink that the first article I read today after thinking that thought talks about how trees commune with the telluric currents! Many thanks for this informative and special post.

The Druid's Garden

Tree climbing = one great way to commune! Tree climbing = one great way to commune!

The trees themselves present much in the way of mystery teachings. This second post in my “Druid Tree Workings” series explores various methods for listening to the voices of the trees and developing methods of communication, like finding the face of the tree. These are various approaches that I have learned to use over time–and most have arisen through my intuition or have been taught as mystery teachings by the trees themselves.  This is my second post, on “outer” messages from trees–that is, messages that re physically present in the world around us (I will follow up this post next week with “inner ” messages).


Basic Courtesy when Working With Trees. I think that one of the greatest flaws inherent in our current society is the lack of respect for the sanctity of life that is non-human in nature. People…

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Waking Times ~ Is Matriotism the Future of the Divine Feminine?

I’m happy to see a creeping acknowledgement of the importance of a major shift in gender relations and a return to appreciating the Goddess energies. This latest post on Waking Times asks important questions and explores evidence of a much more universal Mother culture than modern society likes to admit. As the world teeters on the brink of annihilation, may more and more people begin to recognize this much needed shift.

Is Matriotism the Future of the Divine Feminine?

This post also reminds me of an old John Lash interview on Feminine Mojo with Sophia’s Children blogger and Goddess lover Jamie Walters. I cannot say that I endorse everything John Lash has moved into in recent years; however, this 2011 talk beautifully articulates why –for the survival of humanity and any semblance of a healed, livable Earth — we need to reconnect with the living energies and Divine Wisdom of our planet. Enjoy!

Adult immunization push: Medical Dictatorship

Here’s more information about the same topic as my earlier post today — the adult immunization push that leads to medical dictatorship. Thank you, Jon, for addressing this important issue!

Federal Register ~ Solicitation of Written Comments on the Draft National Adult Immunization Plan

Thanks to Joe for this disturbing news/action item. In case anyone thought we were being paranoid that all this measles and Ebola hoopla has really been about gaining public demand/consent for mandatory adult vaccinations, here comes the first step of that roll out. The Department of Health and Human Services is accepting comments until March 9, 2015. I cannot advise you what to say, but if we don’t say something, we’re offering tacit permission for this to go forward.

You can read the 52-page NAIP draft here at

From the table of contents and the emphasis on vaccine friendly propaganda aimed at individuals, and tribal and religious groups, it’s clear the NAIP is setting the stage for the “informed” (only by pharmaceutical companies and their government pals) public to demand every adult in their community be vaccinated. Lather, rinse, repeat. Do it enough, and you’ll have a squeaky clean, brainwashed society who has forgotten all educated opposition to the jab. Once complete, create a lovely little biological warfare action/distraction or even just extra media hysteria and then boom! We’ve entered dangerous territory for health and health freedom — especially since the BigPharma companies are now immune from any punishment for “adverse reactions” to vaccines, up to and including death. Based on the proposed strategy, we can also expect healthcare providers and even church pastors to begin pushing the full spectrum of adult vaccines, not just the yearly flu vaccine.

If we move towards a complete national healthcare program, will anyone enrolled in it (i.e. everyone) then be required to follow a doctor “recommendation”? Already we see movements in Congress to remove the right to any exemptions based on any reasons — religious, health or other concerns. Already we see far increased cases of medical kidnapping in which CPS takes children from their parents because the parents simply asked for a second opinion. We’re not approaching medical fascism; we’re already living in it. The question remains, how far will we let this continue before we say “Enough is enough!”?

For the record, I’m not opposed to strengthening the immune system. I think it’s a fabulous idea. Nowhere does this draft include tips outside of vaccines for doing that, and as long as we have relatively free internet, it doesn’t take much effort for a non-brainwashed person to find studies of how vaccines actually decrease natural immunity in many people. Some vaccines like the MMR continue to shed live viruses for weeks after the injection, thereby circulating the very diseases the vaccine aims to prevent.

In addition to all the myriad vaccines to which babies and young children are exposed, the NAIP Objective 4.1 suggests developing even more vaccines. The US Department of Defense owns a patent on the Ebola virus, and Monsanto invested in TEKMIRA, an Ebola treatment manufacturer. What could possibly go wrong with a bioweapon in which ethical, non-profit driven, agent of transparency and good will toward humanity Monsanto is funding the “cure” for a pandemic? I remind you of the strong rumors even in mainstream Sierra Leone newspapers that the initial Ebola outbreak was found only in those who had been “vaccinated against it.” At best, vaccines are an inexact science. At worst, they offer a fabulous opportunity for plausible deniability of intentional mass genocide.

Conspiracy theorists have long warned of nanotechnology or NANO chips that could be injected via vaccine. Sounds pretty sci-fi, but Objective 4.2 is: “Encourage new technologies to improve the distribution, storage, and delivery of adult vaccines.” We already know that the FDA gives a free pass to Monsanto, et. al. in the areas of GMO foods and that the FDA is hugely biased towards BigPharma profits. Objective 4.1.2 wants to encourage increased “technologies (i.e. genome sequencing, bio informatics, and systems biology tools)” for the creation of ever more and ever more “effective” vaccines.

They also want to increase and create new adjuvants, which currently include dead or live viruses that have nothing to do with the label of the vaccine. Adjuvants purposely irritate the immune system so that it “responds” to the vaccine. When I spoke at a Lyme Disease conference in January 2011, some of the top Lyme Literate M.D.’s acknowledged that many of their patients had contracted Lyme, Epstein Barre and/or HIV from vaccines. I personally have a friend who collects government disability because he contracted HIV from a vaccine. He had the blood work before and after to prove it. This happened years prior to the more recent legislation that protects pharmaceutical companies from adverse reactions. In addition to other viruses, neurotoxic aluminum is another common adjuvant.

In addition to increasing adjuvants, the NAIP calls for increasing storage capacity. Thimerisol — also known as mercury, a known immuno-suppressor and neurotoxin — is a common vaccine preservative. Will we see more of it? Or will we just not know, since vaccine manufacturers are now permitted to alter their approved formulas without acknowledging they’ve done so?

Informed people can currently obtain exemptions; however, the NAID plan wants to increase pressure from all quarters for demands that all adults become vaccinated as their civic duty. I’m sorry, but when one’s “civic duty” includes allowing the BigPharmafia and Monsanto to inject whatever they deem “necessary” directly into my bloodstream with the possible addition of nano- or other technology, we’re living in a fascist nightmare in which we no longer own our own bodies. Yes, I know corporations have already patented body parts and human genes, and yes, the State has asserted that it, not the parents, owns the children. But again, how far are we going to allow this to proceed?

No big government collusion with big industry would be complete without vastly increasing the size of government. Well, fear not, the NAIP has plans for that! Enter: Adult Interagency Task Force (AITF). Enter increased monitoring of “progress, challenges and opportunities — all of which provide transparency to policymakers and the public.” Would that be the same kind of “transparency” we’ve had from the Obama Administration? The same kind of “transparency” we’ve seen from GMO manufacturers so eager to label their creations? The same kind of “transparency” we’ve seen in the 2,500 page Affordable Care Act inclusions? Would “challenges” include the need to criminalize people who have researched vaccines and want to opt out? Would “opportunities” include false flags or media staged “outbreaks”? Just curious.

Looking at “Goal 3: Increase Community Demand for Vaccinations,” reveals its leader in this area — the CDC (which has been caught seriously misrepresenting disease statistics). Goal 4 lists an unnamed “Biotechnology Industry Organization.” Does “transparency” include knowing which companies have the most crossover within the CDC, Congress and the Supreme Court? Does it include full public transparency of which Biotechnology Industry Organizations have direct origins in Nazi Germany? Again, just curious. We already know about IG Farben and Bayer; will the proposed “transparency” and “education” include more in-depth history? I didn’t think so. Such connections, combined with the Department of Defense’s involvement might make people nervous about getting poked by war criminals and eugenicists. That would counteract Goal 3.

You can find the current Adult Immunization Schedules at , but again, the NAIP wants to increase the number of “recommended” or required adult vaccines. If you’re comfortable with this development, then move along, nothing to see here. If, instead, you take issue with any or all of the things I’ve shared here, I encourage you to read the plan for yourself in its 52 page entirety:

Comments are open through 5:00 p.m. Eastern US time on March 9, 2015.

(2) Electronic responses are preferred and may be addressed to:

(3) Written responses should be addressed to: National Vaccine Program Office, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue SW., Room 733G, Washington, DC 20201. Attn: HHS Adult Immunization c/o Rebecca Fish.

Personally, I intend to provide both an electronic and a written response. Let’s have Rebecca Fish swimming in comments that take more effort to eliminate than simply hitting a delete key.

Wolf Medicine

Nice to hear some good news about the healing of our planet. This reminds me, too, of an earlier post, “How Wolves Change Rivers”:
…and, of course, Women Who Run with the Wolves. Mostly, I’m pleased that Wolf Medicine is making its way into places of extinction. Their strength and resilience bring hope that we can find healing in other areas, too. Thanks, Cnawan!

Ethereal Nature

Mexican Wolf Population Now Tops 100 in US

15 years ago I led a small group who carried the Wolf energy from Minnesota down to New Mexico to do a blessing ritual for the Mexican Gray Wolves that were being reintroduced into the wild.

Minnesota at one time sheltered the last remaining wild wolves in the lower 48 states, so it seemed fitting that we give some spiritual assistance to this noble effort.

Thus, I was so pleased to read the article linked below, that tells of how the wolves, after a very rough start, have been flourishing.

This is just wonderful news to share for all those who feel a connection to our animal brothers and sisters.

The Mexican wolf (Canis lupus baileyi), a smaller subspecies of gray wolf, was hunted out of the wild in the United States by the 1970s.

Once driven to the brink extinction in the United…

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Mia Feroleto ~ H.E.M.P.

Mia Feroleto contacted me again by email with her latest article supporting and celebrating the possibilities of re-legalized hemp growing. This piece was first published in 13 Folds Magazine, which focuses only on the issue of cannabis in all its forms. In her email, Mia shared some other exciting behind the scenes developments, and I look forward to posting the official reports of those, as well.

If you’re wondering, “Why hemp?” then this article provides a glimpse into the ways legalized hemp growing can (and has already begun to) transform America — in all the big areas like the economy, transportation, healthcare, clean building materials, veterans’ reintegration to society, healthy food … . It’s easy to see why the gasoline giants and BigPharmafia have suppressed hemp for the past 70 years. Other countries already use hemp in construction, but imagine how this process would grow if the US went back to its historical roots and could use our vast toxic, GMO corn fields for something that heals the land and grows like …  well … weed. 😉

Here’s Mia:

H. E. M. P.

Give Me An “H!” “H!”

Give Me An “E!” “E!”

Give Me An “M!” “M!”

Give Me A “P!” “P!”

What’s that spell? HEMP

What’s that spell? HEMP

LOUDER!!! L O U D E R ! ! !

For those of us who are children of the 1950’s and 60’s, we remember Country Joe McDonald calling out another four letter word at Woodstock. That song, The Fish Cheer, personified America’s youth telling the establishment to go fly a kite. Those were the days when life seemed full of wonder and people understood the power of the protest movement combined with the power of music.

America had changed quite a lot by 2010 when Lydia Barnes returned from active army duty in North Eastern Iraq. Having spent time on combat duty in a desert community, Lydia faced economic degradation and issues with her own health when she returned home to upstate New York. After turning to hemp for nutritional supplements to rebuild her immune system and regain her strength, Lydia was ready for something positive. Growing hemp became her focus as she participated in organizing Hemp History Week in the Utica, New York area and a hemp presentation at Paul Smith College. Just last month, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed into law a bill making it legal to grow hemp in New York State giving Lydia and New York farmers cause for celebration.

Several years ago, returning veterans provided the inspiration for Mike Lewis to found Growing Warriors in Kentucky. When Mike’s brother came back from serving his country, the first thing he needed to do was sign up for food stamps so that he could eat. Mike understood that a community garden would provide food for veterans and their families, along with a skill that could be turned into income. That first year, 12 veterans and their families were taught how to grow, harvest and preserve their produce as well as seed production. Participants asked to be shown how they could do this at home. From there, the program has expanded to include training for children so that they, too, will have skills to grow organic, nutritious food for themselves and their families.

Mike Lewis and Growing Warriors now call a 500 acre farm in rural Kentucky home. From the original 12 community garden participants, three have gone on to run their own programs. An enormous benefit from the program is the therapeutic one, that of connecting these men and woman to the earth. The wonder of planting some seeds, of nurturing, harvesting and eating them, is a powerful gift that is part of the process of returning these individuals to themselves. As Lewis says, the number of veteran suicides is vastly underreported with over half of returning veterans not registered with the VA. Growing Warriors not only feeds the body but enables participants to reconnect as a society. Their goal is to forge a new land: one of respect for land and each other.

Among its crops, Growing Warriors grows hemp. Lewis laughs at the irony of soldiers growing lace for doilies. But for them, hemp represents economic survival. Business people are coming in to talk. Neighboring farmers are asking how they can participate. A sense of community is created.

Doug Fine, author of “Hemp Bound,” and one of the leading authorities on hemp today, is a traveling troubadour /educator for the crop, combining the brilliance of an agricultural Robin Williams and the practical knowledge of what we need to do individually and collectively to turn our environment around. As Doug points out, mankind has been involved in the production of hemp for over 8,000 years beginning in Egypt, yet hemp has been banned in America for more than 70 years. As Americans, we are spending a billion dollars a year to bring hemp in from outside the country when we could be creating jobs for countless people in the growing and production of hemp products by growing at home. Hemp will allow us to create a petroleum free future while cleaning up our air, water and the environment all at the same time.

For Doug, one of the key issues is the rural/urban divide. “Where does your food come from?” This is a critical question that country folks who buy locally can answer but most city dwellers have no idea how their food was raised, processes or delivered. As he travels around the world lecturing and meeting individuals committed to creating sustainable communities, Doug is confident about the future of humanity and that we, as a species, will be allowed to come back from the brink of disaster. But first, we need to take the time to inform ourselves and be patient with hemp for a couple of seasons so the crop can take root and grow.

One of my personal dreams is to co-op a blast from the past using one of my favorite childhood memories. Instead of receiving packets of tomato and marigold seeds in the mail, I would like us all to join together and imagine sending out packets of hemp seeds, beginning in states where it is currently legal to grow hemp, along with information on how to register with the Department of Agriculture where you live so that you can become a registered hemp grower. I would like to see these little brown packets become a symbol of Americans standing up to the corporations who are making decisions for us now, just as they did 70 years ago when they decided to eliminate the cannabis plant from manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industries. By planting hemp seeds we are planting the seeds for a new tomorrow. If you are planting a garden, throw in some hemp seeds just for fun. It may be considered by some to be an act of civil disobedience but there is safety in numbers and we are long overdue to reap the rewards of the return of hemp to our culture.

In the state of Vermont there were 12 registered hemp growers for 2014. More than half did not plant because they felt some trepidation in growing what is still considered to be an illegal substance by the Federal government. Ken Manfredi and Robin Alberti, owners of Vermont Sustainable Farming, harvested what is perhaps the largest hemp crop produced thus far in Vermont: one quarter acre. They harvested by hand, cutting the stalks down and separating the seeds out by hand, and are now leading the way in Vermont as founders of the state chapter of HIA, the Hemp Industries Association. Robin, a talented cook, has developed her own recipes using hemp seeds to create hemp humus, hemp banana bread and hemp chocolate chip zucchini bread to name a few. They are growing hemp to use in the production of a line of food products grown and made in Vermont and are pursuing the development of other areas of production as well. Robin and Ken are working to organize a network of hemp farmers within the state to support the expansion and growth of the hemp industry in addition to creating a cooperative arrangement of sharing the equipment needed to process crops. They share my enthusiasm for distributing packets of hemp seeds to households around the country. Working with other chapters of HIA is one possible way for this dream to become a reality.

Our current Federal budget for 2015 no longer provides for the Federal policing of hemp and medical or recreational marijuana, leaving it up to local government to insure that laws are obeyed. As more states legalize cannabis in its various forms, new economic growth will sprout in unexpected ways. Tom Simon of Hempfully Green in Putney, Vermont, is turning his attention to building with hempcrete, a material popular in Europe, England and elsewhere for building cleaner, cost efficient housing. He and his partner Emily Peyton are giving presentations on building with hempcrete made from the fiber inside the shaft of the hemp plant. This is particularly important for people who are allergy sensitive since hemp acts as a filter keeping out harmful emissions from the environment. Hempfully Green is currently designing a test building that can be used as an example for those choosing to build an environmentally friendly home or professional building, and will be used to help educate students in this new area of study.

Susie Cody, a vivacious woman in her mid-30’s, brings a passion to organizing the New York State chapter of HIA. Like Lydia Barnes, Susie has been involved in Hemp History Week and admits that she had been tranced into believing the propaganda surrounding the cannabis plant. In researching the plant, she met the original New York Hempsters and kept reading about Hempfest on the West Coast. Finally, she quit her job and went on a road trip to Portland, Oregon to attend Hempstock. On her pilgrimage, Susie stopped off to see the hemp house in Ashville, North Carolina, and understood the vision, strength, and possibilities of hemp and the people involved in this movement. Since they are neighboring states, no doubt the two HIA chapters will join forces to produce exciting events to promote hemp awareness of the various ways the hemp plant can increase meaning and sustainability in our lives.

We have come full circle now, beginning at Woodstock and ending at Hempfest. We are on the very first wave of this new opportunity that in and of itself can revolutionize America through new jobs, a new way of building and healthier nutrition for everyone. We can clean up our environment as we clean up our own insides by consuming the best possible source of protein we have available: hemp seeds. It is by going inside and asking ourselves what kind of a future do we want for ourselves and our children that we can identify the obvious answer and tell our politicians we want cannabis to be legal in all 50 states.

I think I’ll write to Country Joe and ask him to consider writing some updated lyrics to his famous song.

“Give me an “H!”

Brief Bio:

Mia Feroleto is a well-known art advisor, activist and artist who lives in Vermont. She was the creator of A SHELTER FROM THE STROM: ARTISTS FOR THE HOMELESS OF NEW YORK and ARTWALK NY, now a national event that opens well-known artists’ studios to the public to raise funds for the Coalition for the Homeless and other causes.  Feroleto is a committed animal rights and animal welfare activist.
She is determined to maximize visibility for the arts and our cultural world and is currently developing the Adopt An Artist Program to send artists to destinations around the globe in order develop their art. Currently, she is working on creating a sustainable, creative community in Vermont where hemp will be grown as a main crop.   She can be reached at