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Integrating the North Node: Personal, Work and Writing Updates

This post from November 2018 wants to go up again — a personal look at how the North Node destiny point interacts with the rest of a natal chart. David and I have both been experimenting with various tests that he took for work, and I’ve enjoyed seeing which things tests pick up versus the depth and nuances of our natal charts. All of which reminded me of this post. Even if you don’t know your exact birth time, you can usually discover your own North Node for greater insights about your soul’s goals.

Laura Bruno's Blog

For years, I’ve found that when a client embraces his or her natal North Node of the Moon, it opens portals where concrete walls once blocked the way. Your South Node represents where you came from — in previous lifetimes and early this life. Your North Node points to your soul’s idea of purpose and success. Like magic, leaning into North Node qualities beckons positive synchronicities, flow, and opportunities. Think “best of the past” with a new, soul-approved, focus and direction. This works in health and other areas of life, so I often explore the North Node in seemingly “unrelated” types of sessions.

Having recognized this power for my clients, I’ve spent the past few years working hard to integrate my own Capricorn North Node, but not without some challenges. Read “big challenges” that involve strongly competing desires, goals, and aspects. As with clients, I knew I needed to find…

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March 2019 Specials

This month’s specials reflect increased attention and interaction with the Soul. They can be done individually or combined for extra insight and depth. The natal chart reveals many indicators about previous lifetimes, while a past life reading gives details and story line.  I find both astrological and past life factors contribute to health, financial and relationship challenges and success. Understanding background influences frees you to live much more in the present moment, living the life your soul most longs to live.


40-Minute Astrology Special

$133 instead of the usual $177, this 40-Minute Astrology Special can address “why you’re here,” deep soul longings, how to bring more soul into the workplace or your relationship, and/or how your natal chart and transits may be affecting your health or finances. More importantly, the reading offers clues to maximize your own unique Soul’s process, so that you get the most growth and satisfaction from this carefully selected lifetime. Offer valid if prepaid on or before March 31, 2019. Please contact me to sign up.

Return of the $77 Past Life Quickie

With the veils thinning, so many more people have begun to experience what I call “past life bleed-through.” Dreams, hunches, visions, flashes … however the suspected past life awareness arrives, it can feel unsettling, exciting and/or cause obsessive questions. This half-hour reading allows people to ask persistent questions, or to have a check-in regarding the most pressing karmic issues presenting themselves right now. Yes, this can include past life relationships with animal friends.

I don’t normally offer Past Life Readings in a 20-minute format, but I wanted to make this available to the larger numbers of people wondering about previous lifetimes and relationships. If you’d like to double this special for 40 minutes, just let me know in your scheduling request. Offer valid if prepaid on or before March 31, 2019. Please contact me to sign up.

Pure Delight!

This past Valentine’s Day marked some very special transitions. David and I held our own lovely celebration, but that day also opened a new era in my personal life, especially related to writing fiction. Always in eerie sync, my sweet friend Tania Marie opened her new Etsy shop that day. She had texted me previews of the photos, but clicking on The Magick Rabbit shop link brought new levels of delight.

As I sat at my writing desk in my blue office, staring at the waterfall tapestry with a blue velvet “watery” chair beneath, I just knew I needed a “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea DIY Rabbit Fairy Crystal Garden Kit in Tortoise Finish Indoor Planter Pot Seashell Conch Fairy House.” How could I resist? This precious little bunny in a boat makes me smile every time I see him:


I love all of Tania’s whimsical creations. If I had the room, I would give every single one a spot, but I love this one the best. I also wanted to support Tania’s new venture, and it felt like a perfect Love Day gift to my creative spirit and inner child. I understood the concept: Tania procures and designs the “gardens,” ships them to you, and then you can assemble per the original design or make your own. I was not prepared for all the fun, though! Continue reading

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Cracking the Code

I’m reblogging this lovely share from sweet, wise Faery Twin Tania Marie. Even though we no longer look alike, our experiences continue to parallel. This is a complex share, brought in part by Tania’s magical rabbit companion, Astrid, but those who work with crystals will appreciate the layers, spirals and depth.

It’s also a special post to me, because this Fall, an amethyst Tania gave me back in 2008 happened to spontaneously leap off my blue desk. I had been feeling it want to move on to another dear friend, but not yet. I also felt it wanted to stay here. When it leapt off the desk, I knew part would leave and part stay. The new piece arrived at just the right time for its new guardian.

The other connections include that I happened to notice Tania’s Instagram post about the new amethyst pieces. I am not on Instagram. Something just told me to look and I immediately emailed her about having a piece come home to me. She was just about to text me regarding the same thing. The night before my new amethyst arrived, I kept looking at and holding a Lemurian Seed Crystal gifted to me by the same crystal master Tania mentions in her post. It was actually a thank you for my help traveling with Tania and loading the huge Lemurian Seed Crystal she mentions into her SUV. I was also with her to pick up bunny Joy, and David and I texted her photos of another giant amethyst rabbit during one of our Grand Rapids day trips. On and on the synchronicities unfold, much like exploding crystals. We are all connected, and yes, so many are “cracking the code.” Quite literally, these days. The time is Now. Blessed Be, and be the blessing.

Tania Marie


Well, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they sure do. You might recall this blog post from April of last year, Full Circle ~ Amethyst Rabbit Returns where I chronicled how the rabbit ears and another smaller piece of the giant Amethyst geode I once had, returned to me and Astrid. I mentioned in that post, how the Amethyst had split in several pieces, but it wasn’t until just this week (right as the Super Full Moon was in full illumination) that those other pieces were ready to move on again.

Astrid had called them in then and now she has done it again.


My dear friend, Yasmin, of The Sun Moon & Stars NY messaged me about all of the pieces ready to be with new guardians and since that day we’ve been engaging in a flurry of messages and astounding unfoldings with not only this…

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The Blue Room

This wants to go up again. Since posting it over eight years ago, I’ve noticed a few more things about this meditation originally from Timothy Glenn.

1) It usually works fast.
2) The situations in which it “doesn’t work” warrant more examination. If you cannot imagine someone coming into the Blue Room, or if you cannot get them to leave, then you would be wise to explore patterns of narcissistic abuse and/or energetic vampirism. Loving souls WANT balance, so if you or someone else either refuses to enter or takes over the Blue Room, then there’s something else going on. For most loving relationships, the Blue Room acts like hitting a welcome reset button.

Happy Full Moon and Chiron to Aries!

Laura Bruno's Blog

I learned this technique from my favorite astrologer/numerologist/tarot reader and generally amazing friend, Timothy Glenn, but it’s so effective, I wanted to share it with all of you!

Anyone who has followed this blog, watched my videos or had sessions with me knows how much I love the Sat Yam Meditation as a method for releasing grief, anger, frustration, and/or fear, whether from this life or other lifetimes. Well, Tim has given me another tool to share with you. It’s called “The Blue Room,” and it works well for any relationship that you suspect old karmic ties may be influencing. As a past life reader, I’d have to add here that MOST relationships at this time have some sort of karmic tug to them. So many of us are here to finish and release old business that it’s pretty safe to say all your close family, friends and work…

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Wishing Everyone a Happy Love Day!

I’m writing this at 12:34 a day ahead of time … but somehow that seems appropriate. “Things are moving right along.” I know a number of people, myself included, for whom Valentine’s Day tomorrow marks a big opening and celebration. Just wanted to send everyone lots of love and gratitude, wherever you are and however you give and receive love in your life. Happy Love Day from my heart to yours! ❤ IMG_2853

Dragons, Faeries and Flowers at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

We had a lovely extended holiday visit with David’s daughter, Allie. On her last day here, she and I took a ladies outing to the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. Some people may recall David and me taking Momma Jane there a year ago to see the miniature city, lights and huge greenhouse. Their holiday display remains up through Epiphany, and I thought Austin, Texas based Allie would enjoy some warmth and greenery. Sure enough, we found lush decorations. We also lucked into a spontaneous and personal tour by an 87-year-old volunteer!


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