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About Those Triggers…

This February 2016 post wants to go up again. I can only marvel at the timing of the original post in my own life — just one week before I returned to PA to support my father’s passing and moving my mom into a whole new life. Doing so required me to assess who would thrive with my help, and who would not, because I could not be all things to everyone. That period also placed me in financial meetings under fluorescent lights for many hours per day, coordinating with contractors, realtors, funeral directors, church officials, extended family members, attorneys, and perfume wearing/chemical spraying in-home health care providers for my dad, mostly apart from David, and with minimal time for my usual high vibe foods. In short, 2016 was pretty much every personal trigger on steroids with surround sound and strobe lights!

But 2016 also brought things to a head for me and directly led to our relocation from Goshen to Kalamazoo. Despite all the in my face triggers and massive work in PA, I realized I did not miss Goshen (not even my huge garden) even a tiny bit. I also realized that I could not overextend myself to that level again. In the six months it took me to recover from my eight weeks in PA, David and I reassessed EVERYTHING. We decided to get married, and to move. Step by step, we righted the ship. It’s not that the previous ship was so wrong; it had felt right at the time, and we grew massive amounts in our five years in Goshen. The perfect storm of triggers just confirmed that we had served our time and were ready to expand in unknown ways. We now find ourselves so grateful and excited for our entire journey, especially what lies ahead.

I share this now, because I know many people feel triggered on many levels right now. We don’t develop equally across all areas of life at the exact same pace. If you find yourself triggered, or find clusters of triggers in your face, recognize the opportunities trying to present themselves. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” What makes your soul laugh or cry? What makes your soul sing? Deal with the tears, but allow yourself to follow the song and laughter. Peace!

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With the veils continuing to thin, lots of people are getting “triggered” these days. This post is a short reminder of the choices a trigger moment presents:

  1. Time for Shadow Work: If you see, read, hear or experience something that gives you an extremely intense, possibly over-reaction or makes you feel like a victim, then it’s time to root around in the dark closet of your own psyche to find discarded, rejected, disowned or falsely portrayed parts of yourself. These might be beliefs you took on to please others but that do not allow you to live an authentic life. They might be past life issues bleeding through to this time around and distorting your perspective. They might be gifts you learned to hide because you didn’t know how to manage them. In any case, Shadow Work pays big dividends. You can find a lot of articles on…

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First Snow

Autumn and Winter danced this morning, with lacinato and purple kale chaperones.


Medical Intuitive FAQ: Can I Have a Session for Someone Else?

This wants to go up again, especially as the gulf continues to grow between people who are now reaping the benefits from years of inner processing and shadow work and some loved ones for whom the consequence tab has now come due. Sometimes it feels hard to claim your own hard earned joy and liberation, and you just want to “make” other people see how different life could be. Force is not a recipe for enlightenment and self-responsibility, though. This post shares my own ethics for supporting relationships while honoring individual choice and timing. Much love to all, wherever you find yourself on this spiral journey!

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Well meaning friends and family members often ask me questions about other people in their lives who would not themselves be inclined to schedule their own Medical Intuitive or Soul Reading; however, I’ve noticed a major uptick in this trend during the past 24 hours. Because I know this issue comes up during sessions and emailed inquiries, I thought I’d post my general policy here.

My parameters for doing a session for a person through someone else include at least one of the following:

a) Expressed permission from that family member or friend to discuss whatever comes up.

b) That person would need to be a child or otherwise unable to express themselves or participate in a session (i.e. in a coma, autistic, no use of vocal cords, etc.).

c) I can do a session for you, but we would focus primarily on helping to support you in dealing…

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October 2018 Specials

Two weeks left for these specials. October seems surreal — both speeding by and in frame by frame slow motion.

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“Boo, Gotcha!” Big Picture Reboot

The title of this new special references that haunted house scare from someone or something jumping out when least expected. Some shocks are easier to laugh off than others; some of life’s “boo, gotcha!” moments can haunt us for years or even decades. This 30-minute session brings clarity and bigger picture context to the ghosts of your past. Whether from last week or eons ago, soul shocks finally begin to heal when we recognize and honor their role in the soul’s larger journey.

This session will help anyone with unexplained attachments, difficult breakups, sudden “accidents,” unexplained phobias, or feelings you just can’t shake. It can also provide clarity on recurring dreams, “blessings in disguise” where you can’t find the blessing, as well as “what are the odds?!” freakish experiences. A half-hour for $88 if prepaid on or by October 31, 2018. (Save…

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Autumn Renewal

As we move further into autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, I can’t help smiling at the instantaneous replacement of whatever falls away. I see this most obviously in the garden, where hibiscus leaves turn yellow and burgundy for fall, while two of our four bushes sport an unexpected second round of blooms:


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Metaphysical Meaning of UTI, Bladder and Kidney Problems

This post from September 2017 wants to go up again. It has remained one of the top posts since I originally blogged it, and with all the Kavanaugh-Blasey, #metoo, Karen Monahan focus and more, this area’s imbalances have only increased. This past week, I’ve heard from many women suffering from long term bladder/female hormonal issues that have recently peaked in intensity. No surprise with all the collective Lilith energies. I also find the pain and reactivity of this archetype highly relevant for autoimmune reactions, PMS and yes, especially chronic UTI’s and mystery bladder infections.

Remember to seek joy and minimize irritations. Find little ways to shift your energy to create the life you love rather than react to what you hate. This area houses your deepest soul longings. What do you REALLY want to experience? Live from that place, moment by moment for more ease and please instead of trauma drama.

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In a span of nine days, I just spoke with eight women about severe UTI or bladder infections. This topic is not unusual for Medical Intuitive sessions; however, that number of people in a short span of time definitely got my attention. I figured if so many people are contacting me about these issues at one time, then likely more “out there” are suffering in silence. This post is not limited to women, by the way. It just happened to be eight women I recently heard from about UTI and bladder issues.

As usual, I give my standard disclaimer: I am not a doctor or psychologist, not diagnosing or prescribing. Anything I share here is based on intuitive observation and/or experience. Medical Intuition is not meant to replace medical advice or support. I look at the energies of things on mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and other levels and report what…

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Where Do We Go From Here? ~ New Realities Underway

I’m back and integrating my week in Tahoe. Sweet Tania Marie gives a wonderful recap of our Autumn Equinox workshop and some of our adventures together on my visit. We spoke about shapeshifting in our “Living a More Magickal Life” class, and these photos certainly evidence some of that! I will write up my own, complementary post soon but wanted to reblog Tania’s since we will share different aspects of our time together.

Lots of love and thanks to everyone who joined us for the amazing workshop experience and/or dinner and hike afterwards, to Timothy Glenn for meeting us for lunch on Monday, and extra love and gratitude to my sparkly Faery sis Tania, her partner Dave, and all the animals for their hospitality. Much love!

Tania Marie

laura and tania.jpg

Wow! Where do I start? It’s always hard to find the words that will encompass the totality of experience had, but since this is impossible I can only do my best to express what feels most important to impart from my heart. The last week, as you know, I’ve been immersed in the alchemy of weaving cycles into seamless progression while sweet Laura joined for a Faery visit and an important Equinox and Full Moon gathering. We had no idea what was in store, nor the totality of reasons for it all, but we followed the nudges and committed to seeing it all through.

I’ll do my best attempt at summarizing the key points and expressing the nearly impossible to put into words. I’m also only sharing a fraction of the photos taken during this week, although if you’re on Instagram you can see more of the nature and magick…

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