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Interview on “The Unseen” with Mike Clelland: Healing, owls and UFO’s with Laura Bruno


I’m so excited that Mike Clelland has this entire interview posted online! (Originally, it was only going to be the first half for everyone and then the second half for members of the Unknown Country website. It does have some sponsorship ads, which you can fast forward over. I’m just happy for Mike making it available to more people.)

I loved this conversation! Between this interview, his research for my chapter in his book, Stories from the Messengers, our email exchanges, and some other phone conversations, Mike has a way of getting information out of normally very private me!

The interview begins with a story I’ve told many times — how I got into doing Medical Intuitive readings — but then we go places I don’t normally talk about in a public way. We cover some of my experiences with owls, precognitive dreams, and even a very rarely told UFO/lightning strike story.

Then we get into Reiki, astrology and life path topics, both mine and Mike’s. He happens to be living his life path, which includes doing these very deep sorts of interviews. I always enjoy interacting with Mike, but every single time, I have to laugh afterwards: “I told him what?!” This interview is no exception. It has things in it that I had literally thought, “If I ever share this, it will be in thirty years.” Haha, joke’s on me: that Mike Clelland knows how to get the information out of me!

Anyway, here’s the interview. It’s pretty wild, but I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Some Timeline Stories

This post wants to go up again. Especially for persistent blockages, health issues or sticky patterns, I find timeline shifts some of the most efficient, fun and yes, sometimes unnerving, ways to experience lasting change. Recognizing the signs and possibilities allows you to live with more opportunities and awareness.

Laura Bruno's Blog

In light of this month’s special, “Timeline Tune-in and Tune-Up,” I found the following two posts rather interesting on RMN. These are readers’ stories of apparent timeline shifts, and I will say that I’ve had very similar things happen to me.

One of the most maddening examples occurred in Madison, during a period of a lot of chaos with the Collective Timeline. David and I returned from Willy St. Co-Op with a bag of carrots, which I put into the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. Later that night, I felt the Collective Timeline shift and mentioned this fact to David. The next morning, I could not for the life of me find those carrots!

Then, about a week later, I felt the Collective Timeline shift back to the one we had been on before. I don’t know why I notice such things, but I do. They’re quite palpable…

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Reiki for Smooth Travels

This is a great share from my dear friend, most amazing massage therapist, former Reiki student and now empowering Reiki Master Teacher herself, Pamela Hipp. Everything she shares here is so true.

My last trip to PA reminded me of the perfect timing of a Reiki-delayed flight, too. Because my connecting flight got delayed, I received an emergency email from a lovely UK woman with a dying dog. The vet had told her to prepare for the worst, because nothing was working at all, but she thought to sent one “desperate” email to me. Reiki, prayer, and intuition allowed me to send her the key suggestion that turned things around for her dog, just before UK stores closed for the day. Had I gotten on the flight as scheduled, we would have missed this opportunity. Her miracle dog is happy and doing well now after a very near brush with death.

The few times I’ve forgotten to Reiki my return trip have been a comedy of errors until I ask, “WHAT is going on?!” Then I remember, “Oops, forgot to Reiki this leg of my trip.” Within moments of sending Reiki — literally — everything clicks back into magical, synchronous place. Reiki makes traveling so much fun.

Blessings on your trip, Pamela, and thanks for sharing!

Luminous Heart Reiki & Massage

Pamela: Whenever I plan a trip, I use the long-distance symbol to send Reiki ahead and smooth the way.

Karen: Can you really feel the Reiki when you arrive?

Pamela: No, not really. But my experience has been that I everything is easy and effortless when I prepare with Reiki.

Today is the perfect example. (Synchronicity abounds when Reiki is flowing!) My trip to the airport could not have been any more magical than it was. Generally I have to transfer trains downtown (which is a bit stressful as it’s crowded and hectic) but today the train I started on went straight through.

Someone offered to lift my giant suitcase up the steep steps. (As an empowered, independent woman, I am fully capable of schlepping my own luggage. And as an awakening goddess, I am delighted to accept ALL the assistance the universe provides!) There was…

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Eclipse Season and July 2019 Specials

Just a reminder that tomorrow (July 16th) brings our second July eclipse, this one a Lunar Eclipse. Also of note, it’s not just Mercury Retrograde right now. Chiron, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter join Mercury in that retrograde motion, along with the North and South Nodes (although Rx is normal for the Nodes).

In other words, if you feel a bit off, slow, or your communications have gone wonky, give yourself a little break. Mars in Leo, Sun and Venus in Cancer, and Uranus in Taurus are moving forward, but pretty much everything else says, “Step back, re-evaluate, review, pause. What have you learned? What calls out for healing and recalibration? Focus there, for now. This, too, shall pass.”

Laura Bruno's Blog

An eventful July begins with a Total Solar Eclipse on July 2 at 10 degrees Cancer. If you have any personal planets at 10 degrees Cancer or Capricorn, you’ll feel this one in a big way. Ditto for anyone with 10 degrees Libra/Aries, which will be squared (creates friction/action) by the eclipse.

On July 8th, Mercury moves retrograde, conjuncting Mars in fiery Leo, which may increase impulsive action. You might also feel more tension than usual between acting and thinking. On the 9th, Chiron (wounded healer/deep inner wound) goes retrograde at 5 Aries, which will affect anything you have around 5 degrees Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn. We’ve also got upcoming astro-weather involving Mars/Uranus, Venus/Pluto, and the Sun/North Node. You can find a more detailed overview of July 2019’s intense astrology here.

On July 16th, we’ll have a Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn. If that sounds familiar, have a look back at…

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The Sunflower Saga, Synchronicity and the NAPC

This very long, dramatic post wants to go up again. Perhaps it holds a message for someone wondering whether or not to pay attention to intuition, dreams or premonitions.

While I cannot explain the how of everything shared in this 2014 post, five years later, I continue to affirm the value of listening and discernment. Sometimes, we can jiggle a timeline, but sometimes larger forces seem to barrel through life, knocking down anything in their way. In those moments, a timely sidestep nudged by recurring dreams or signs can mean the difference between finding a new opportunity, making the most of “Fate,” or rushing in where angels fear to tread.

Whether we call these larger forces an astrological transit, Divine Providence, or kismet, I’ve noticed that paying attention tends to lead me in positive, joyful directions, even if the messages seem “negative.” Pushing against such inner and synchronous outer messages tends to get me into trouble. Talking with thousands of clients for nearly two decades has confirmed that we all have some intuition. Learning how and when to trust ourselves forms a huge part of our journey and can dramatically improve quality of life.

During this intense July filled with revelations, eclipses, and personal choices, I wish everyone extra discernment, love and wisdom. You are loved, and you will find your way.

Laura Bruno's Blog

In a life of extreme synchronicity, prophetic dreams and generally inexplicable things, the following series of events comes in very close to the top of strangeness. To those few of you who’ve heard part of the sunflower saga as it relates to my ticket to the North American Permaculture Convergence, I can only say, “But wait! There’s more.” I hadn’t planned to share this in public, but the entire situation has become so odd and so illustrative that I feel called to do so. Warning: this will be a mighty long and mighty weird post. 🙂

Some of you may remember how excited I was to announce that I’d be attending the first ever North American Permaculture Convergence and the following whirlwind Driftless Area Bus Tour of farms, including Seed Savers Exchange. Ann Kreilkamp of Exopermaculture and I planned to carpool together, and I was as thrilled to cook…

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Where Were You in December 1994?

I’m reposting this May 2018 post, because these themes and this time period are very “up” for me right now. As synchronicity would have it, I’m having my second set of wisdom teeth removed on Monday, July 8.

I’ve had a long standing agreement with David that I would have this done if it ever became over-the-top obvious that it was time. Everything aligned to make it beyond obvious and also timely to use this surgery as a kind of shamanic timeline tweak. Unlike the first set of wisdom teeth, which were heavily impacted and growing in sideways, these wisdom teeth are already out. According to the oral surgeon, this looks like an easy removal process, and my inner knowing tells me the same. Between dreams, dental x-rays, astrological transits and general intuition, this feels like a “tying up of loose ends,” “correct the foundation before I build on it” kind of event. Since this December 1994-Summer 1995 time window has come up again for several people in sessions, I thought I’d reblog the article, in the event that it brings some epiphanies, healing and new opportunities to others, too.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Today’s post comes from a series of recent dreams, along with some surprising follow-up that came through in last week’s intuitive coaching sessions. When exploring this dream information brought forth key moments in clients’ and friends’ lives, I began researching the astrology of late 1994 and found some potent alignments. Since this seems to be part of a larger pattern, I thought I’d share some of the dream and discoveries here.

I have always been a huge dreamer, both awake and asleep. My painted portal doors and “Schizandra and the Gates of Mu” all came through dreams, and dreams have guided my most important decisions since childhood. In fact, my waking life includes so many overt signs, symbols and surreal instant manifesations that it often feels more dreamlike than not. I set an intention before going to sleep one night last week, asking to find the most relevant time period…

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June 2019 Specials

Just a heads up that July will feature different specials, so if you’d like one or both of these, please let me know on or before June 30th.

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Two new specials this month, plus a Reiki Level 1 Certification Class in Kalamazoo.


$88 Summer Tune-Up Special


This half-hour special can focus on whatever you need “tuned up” this Summer: health, romance, career, and/or general quality of life set point. We’ll look at which tune-up now can help you get the most out of the next few months. $88 if prepaid on or before 6/30/19 ($45 savings from the usual half-hour rate, limit one per person). Please contact me to sign up.

The Lemonade Special


How do you make lemonade from life’s lemons? (Or Lyme-aid from Lyme?) This combo package special includes:

Half-hour Tarot Reading for a general overview and to learn which archetypes and energies surround you now. Is your trajectory sweet or sour based on current energies? Which other factors and choices can you squeeze or mix to your advantage?

40-Minute Medical Intuitive Reading

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