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New Moon in Gemini Spread

Yep! Just experienced this changeover in a very palpable way. In case anyone else wonders what is up with the energies, here you go! Happy New Moon in Gemini. Enjoy those new set points.

Everyday Tarot

The Taurus New Moon cycle ends and the Gemini New Moon cycle begins. The New Moon in Gemini cycle presents opportunities to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Twins. Gemini is the sign of communications and siblings. It represents the third house of Astrology.  Even though we have more ways to communicate with each other than ever before, distance and division run deep in our world even today. This Moon can help us connect to themes of friendship, partnership, communication, learning, and ideas. The Moon is responsible for our deeper emotions and feelings and can bring whatever is hiding in our subconscious mind to the surface.

Let’s see what this new moon has to reveal:

new moon gemini

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Archetypes & Imagination: 2017 Speaking Engagements

Reposting this for anyone in Washington, Oregon, the Bay Area and/or Prague. I’ve seen Becca’s fascinating talks on YouTube. This promises to be an interesting and soul enriching opportunity for anyone interested in astrology, Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine, Tolkien and Jung. Best of luck with your travels and talks, Becca!

Becca Segall Tarnas

This year is turning out to be full of exciting opportunities for travel and speaking engagements. In two weeks’ time I will be going to the Northwest Astrology Conference in Washington state, and giving my first presentation at a regional astrology conference. The title and description of my talk is below:

Calling the Generations: Participating in Outer Planetary Alignments
During major outer-planetary cycles, entire generations are born carrying the archetypal signature of that time. When these same outer planets realign in new configurations there is an archetypal resonance between the generations born with those alignments and the needs of that time. Each planetary combination offers unique gifts, and in our current era of social, ecological, and spiritual crisis each may have its significant role to play in creating a life-enhancing future.

For those in the Bay Area who may be interested in this topic, I will be presenting a longer…

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Celebrating Life and Love at May Day / Beltane

This is such an excellent recap of the Beltane energies. Personally, I celebrate “Beltane Week,” all the way from April 30th through “Solar Beltane,” which falls on Cinco de Mayo this year. Lots of celebrations! Jamie offers some excellent ideas of how to tap into this energy to move and improve your life. Love and blessings, Laura

Sophia's Children

Us_national_arboretum_azaleas_600x Image Credit: PD-US From the U.S. National Arboretum.

May Day falls on the first day of May, and Beltane ‘proper’ is when the Sun is at 15 degrees of Taurus — usually around the 4th or 5th of May. In 2017, it’s Solar Beltane on May 5th.

Beltane — a Gael name for this time of year — celebrates the beginning of Summer on ancient calendars, and marks the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Spring has sprung, and Summer is on its way.

It’s a seasonal celebration of Love and the Life blooming and ripening from Spring, which promised, it was hoped, an abundant, fertile Summer and a good Autumn harvest. If previous harvests were blighted and the Winter even more harsh, the hope for the coming year helped to keep people’s heart-fires and resilience alive.

Given the Great Shift that’s underway to restore “the…

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Travelling Back Home.~ Well Dressings~

Happy Beltane! I just had to share this lovely (and educational) post by Sue Dreamwalker, who grew up dancing the Maypole in a town that makes these delightful Well Dressings from flowers and clay. I grew up celebrating May Day without knowing why. I would gather violets– real or silk versions- dress them with green things in little green plastic strawberry baskets and sneak out to leave them on neighbors’ porches in the early morning hours of May 1st. I had no idea why, but I took this task very seriously. Decades later, I discovered Beltane, and some recent DNA testing confirms that all of this is quite literally “in my blood.”

In any case, I wish everyone a Happy Beltane (Happy Samhain down under), and I hope you enjoy Sue’s magical post as much as I did.

Blessed Be!

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Well Dressings 2016Please click the photo’s to enlarge.

I travelled back to the place I grew up last weekend. It brought back so many memories for me. Of a time when I was a young girl with no idea of where life would take me.

Each Sunday I would walk the 15 minutes  distance of the village from our home to walk up to the Chapel where we would go to Sunday School in the Methodist Chapel.  Often we would walk it twice a day on Sunday as we went to afternoon service and evenings on a special occasion, such as Easter or Harvest Festivals..

I  being the eldest of 5 siblings  would  lead my bother and 3 sisters by the hand as we would  Sing in the choir, often being the only choir some weeks. I often think we were made to go, just so as my Mother and Father could…

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Today’s Beauties


Lunaria and Fancy Tulips

This Lunaria comes all the way from Bealtaine Cottage in Ireland! Well, the seeds did. I got them from Colette a few years ago, and the Lunaria has finally found its favorite spot at Faery Hof:


The perennial tulips I fell in love with two years ago at Tulip Fest in Holland, Michigan have begun their show: Continue reading

Angels, Spirit Guides and Pets

This 2008 post wants to go up again. So often animal friends announce and confirm answered prayers. I always tell people, “When you pray, expect an answer. Don’t forget to ask for the ability to recognize those signs and guidance.” Animals can also guide and nudge us in the right direction. They’re wonderful triggers for Shadow Work, courage, and unconditional compassion. If your furry, scaly or feathered friend has been acting strange lately, see if anything here sparks a realization.

Laura Bruno's Blog

If you have recently asked for help, guidance and protection from angels and/or spirit guides, you might notice your pets acting rather odd.  Perhaps they seem agitated, nervous, or extra loving to you.  Maybe they look confused or seem extra needy.  You might even find them staring at you with questioning eyes, almost as if to say, “Hello?  What do you want me to do here?”  If they continue to receive no guidance from you, they may soon exhibit signs of frustration, even though you find nothing wrong.

(The Annunciation, by animal lover Leonardo da Vinci)

Under the circumstances, such behavior actually makes sense.  When you “invite” or “invoke” help and visitations from angels, animal spirits and other spirit guides, you probably don’t “see” such beings surrounding you.  Indeed, most people admit that seeing an angel would make them question their sanity!  Even those who want to see something before believing in it, often secretly prefer clairaudient messages to clairvoyant…

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