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Precognitive Blues, Part 2: Guilt, Law of Attraction, and Meanings that Change Over Time

Part 2 of this series.

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“Man needs reckless courage to descend into the abyss of himself.” ~ William Butler Yeats

This is Part 2, in what feels like a three part series. If you’ve not read “Precognitive Blues, Part 1: Dreams, Warnings and Blessings,” you can do so here. Today’s post deals with some of the other biggies that complicate precognition. According to “The Mystica“:

  • Precognition is the direct knowledge or perception of the future, obtained through extrasensory means. Precognition is the most frequently reported of all extrasensory perception experiences, occurring most often (60 percent to 70 percent) in dreams seeing the future.
  • It may also occur spontaneously in waking visions, auditory hallucinations, flashing thoughts entering the mind, and the sense of “knowing.” Precognitive knowledge also may be induced through trancechanneling, mediumship, and divination.

Because I’ve lived with “future memories,” psychic dreams, Cosmic Heads Up, and premonitions for…

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Precognitive Blues, Part One: Dreams, Warnings and Blessings

This series wants to go up again, so here’s the first one. Lots more people seem to be having precognitive dreams and visions. If you’re not used to it, this series gives some tips and insights. I haven’t forgotten about Part 4. It’s just not “time” yet.

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The title and topic of this blog post have been rolling around in my dreams and waking life for several weeks. Whenever I’ve tried to change the title, I get a “No,” and so far, whenever I’ve considered sitting down to write this piece, I hear, “Not yet.” Until today. Apparently, today’s the day. It strikes me that the process I just described illustrates much of what this post will cover.

Idea/insight. No, don’t change the title, but you can add a subtitle. No, not yet. Not YET. NOT YET. …. No, no, Now!

Because I write about precognitive dreams and work with so many people who’ve had brain injuries and/or Lyme disease, I have a fair number of psychic clients, too. Precognitive dreams and related topics arise in sessions, and people feel grateful they’re not the only one. Some of my clients work as professional intuitives, others could but…

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July 2020 Specials

It’s hard to believe we’re over halfway through July already. Sometimes I repeat specials the next month, but at this point, it seems like August will feature different offerings. I sense some big energy changes towards the end of this month, meaning August will probably benefit from different specials. Just a heads up. 🙂

Laura Bruno's Blog

Sorry for posting these late. I always intuit which energies need most support right now. I’ve had so many requests for discounted medical intuitive readings that I’ve known about the first special for over a week. The second one just presented itself to me this morning. It seems many people are poised to make big changes but feel unsure of which direction to go — or which steps now will set them up for a preferred experience later. The Timeline Tune-Up addresses those questions from more of a non-linear time, quantum level.

Wishing everyone in the US a Happy Independence Day, and here’s to a powerful transformative Lunar Eclipse! Stay present and soulful. This one’s big.


$77 Medical Intuitive Readings

Medical Intuition is the ability to access information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through “reading” the energy field around the body. A Medical Intuitive Session…

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An Alien World

I was going to post this as a comment but decided to reblog it instead:

Beautiful, Colette! This is how I’ve experienced the world, too. My own little sphere remains so magical and nature filled. Abundance, beauty, kindness … but the rare venture out into the “real” world feels like an alien planet.

I hate the masks. I spent time in Communist Russia right before the Berlin Wall fell. Things were breaking down, but it had that same kind of oppressed top down feeling.

I almost got beaten in line by two guards at Lenin’s Tomb, because I laughed. You were not even allowed to crack a smile, but a bird pooped flourescent green poop on the white shirt of a very vain young man in front of me. I cracked up laughing, and two guards apprehended me. They had clubs they were going to beat me with, but someone intervened on my behalf.

Shortly before the riots began in the US, I was in line at a garden store, telling my husband how oppressive everything felt — like you weren’t allowed to smile or interact with people. It reminded me of my experience at Lenin’s Tomb. I had dreams of riots before they broke out, and I predicted that this unnatural lockdown of the human spirit would cause it to come out sideways.

There are many signs of thriving and awakening, but I’m with you — I avoid the “real” world as much as I can. Our neighbors and neighborhood are lovely, the garden in full bloom and productivity. I’m fortunate to be able to talk with incredible people from around the world each week for my work, so I know good things are happening in many spots around the good Earth.

Blessings to you, my friend! Thank you for all you do and are and share in this world.


Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

An Alien World…

I ventured out yesterday, a rare enough event in the passing of time. On this occasion I drove to Sligo on a specific quest to the Health Food Shop that is Tir Na Nog, an Irish phrase meaning ‘Land of Youth.’ The streets of Sligo were almost empty. I walked along the pavements unhurried by other people in this usually, (before all changed some months back), busy county town…or city as many now refer to it!

So much has happened over recent months that has changed the very fabric of our society, and it shows! People avoiding each other on the street, few stopping to chat, (and Ireland is a place where people love to stop and exchange news and views)!

Walking along the pleasant streets of Sligo was very tiring. I felt the energy drain away from me as I moved…such a strange experience! The joy…

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June 2020 Specials

Just a heads up: Tuesday’s the last day for these. July will feature different specials.

Laura Bruno's Blog

In keeping with yesterday’s post, these specials seem like the right support to offer for the month of June.


Integration Insights

This month brings the return of a special I’ve offered only once before, because I sense so many people attempting the tricky task of integration. This 20-minute reading explores seeming opposites or tensions that your soul longs to honor in a harmonious way. Competing intentions can slow you down or block your path. Identifying this split — and finding new ways to bridge the gap — will summon new and more appropriate opportunities your way.

If you already know your internal drama, we can use this time to synthesize and redirect your energy into more productive and satisfying pursuits. If you have no idea what (or even if) you’re trying to integrate, but you feel frustrated, lost or stuck, this reading will identify which parts…

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Dream Time….

I’m booked with sessions during this live Simulcast, but it sounds wonderful. Thanks to my lovely friend Sue for posting the announcement. I’m sharing here in case anyone can catch it. 8 p.m. UK time on Monday, June 15 — 3 p.m. Eastern US time, 2 p.m. Central, 1 p.m. Mountain and noon on Pacific time. Enjoy!

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

 Dear WordPress  Family…. I am sharing this with you so that those who wish to listen to the live broadcast may do so, I have no doubts you will find what Mac Macartney has to say very  interesting…  I am sharing the email reminder I had today.   While I am not on FB, I do watch on YouTube.. So those who are on FB might want to pass it around.. 

I will share more of my own Dream-time with you in my next post… which I am working upon, in which I will be sharing my painting and explaining my thoughts while painting it.. Have a wonderful rest of your  Sunday, and a beautiful peaceful New Week…  Love Sue  🙏💖

All links should… connect..

Happy Sunday Sue!
Mac Macartney
‘Dreaming Ourselves Awake’
Live Simulcast – Mon 15 June at 8pm UK BST
PT 12pm | EST 3pm | BST 8pm…

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More Garden Pretties

Too pretty to keep to myself! From our front yard:


Veronica, dianthus, lilies (not yet blooming), columbine, and blooming chives. (That’s a pot of carrot seedlings to the far right.)


These irises aren’t “blue” and they don’t rebloom, as advertised, but they sure are pretty when they do bloom. 🙂



The yellow irises came with the house — up by the mailbox and the original inhabitants of the backyard bed.


Some of the front yard beds. That’s purple salvia, flowering chives and, I think, red veronica. I forget what the white flowers are. They’re perennial.


These beauties made the journey from Goshen. There was quite a breeze, hence the flutter.


Happy Mother’s Day!


To all mothers of all types, mothers by blood, our Mother Earth, and those mothers we encounter on the road of life … thank you!


The Hermit Archetype in a Time of Social Distance

I finally got started on the Hermit portal today. My goodness, as the world went into hermit mode, I got super busy! While rumblings to reopen society get louder, I feel like this Hermit portal has now had enough time to incubate. The bottom quote changed at least five times, and I received an extra month of Dreamtime instructions. Today, as the Sun crosses 15 Taurus, the actual crossquarter day of Beltane, I designed and sketched the outline and filled in the sky. The lantern of wisdom begins to shine its rays in the darkness.

Laura Bruno's Blog

As large swaths of humanity practice “social distancing” and “voluntary quarantine,” it becomes clear why The Hermit keeps knocking on me to become the next portal painting. This has been going on for months, but I always let paintings announce themselves in their own timing. Today, I got out nine (for Hermit’s #9) Tarot decks and pulled the Hermit card from each, so I could explore the archetype itself.

I laid them out on the mandala rug in my office and found this image so emblematic of society right now:


All the individual Hermits doing their own thing, shine light outward, but they also blend into a larger, connecting mandala. These larger, magical connections become more apparent (in focus) the more we each “blur” our usual perspectives and go deeper inside ourselves.

I felt led to post a lot during the early stages of the US crisis, and yes, I’m…

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Who Inspires The Inspirer?~ Star Seeds Now need to Step Up!

My lovely friend Sue’s post is synchronous on several levels. I’ll repeat my comment to her here on the reblog:

Powerful poem, Sue! I love the cleverly embedded links, too — sure to wake up some sleepers. I keep having the most amazing dreams, so I know that all is well on at least one timeline, though challenges still await. For those willing to face and integrate the Shadow, the blessings are incredible.

Much love,

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza on


 Hello my beautiful WordPress Family,

The Poem below I wrote the other night, as I woke up in those twilight hours  when sleep no longer comforts. 

During these past weeks, I have written many pages within my journal and like most of you, we all have so much to say, yet somehow when we try to express our thoughts they can sound unreal even to our own ears. I am still in the process of working my way around to you all. But I am taking my return to my blog slowly… An hour here and an hour there.. 

So I will let my poem speak to you, and within it for those who want to and are brave enough to dive deeper you will find more hidden within the words…    But at the end I want to include another video which…

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