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Farmer shows how to feed the soil which feeds the plants which feed the people


Here’s a very encouraging story out of drought stricken California. May more and more of this catch on everywhere, creating resilience, regardless of climate.

Originally posted on Exopermaculture:

Which reminds me. My podmate Katarina put up a post on the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden facebook page that talks about how getting our bare feet and hands in the soil both feels good and heals. I mean duh!

Antidepressant Microbes in Soil: How Dirt Makes You Happy

Though the word “permaculture” isn’t mentioned, it appears to be this farmer’s philosophy and practice. No till, very few inputs, except for what’s at hand. Forget weeding, chemicals and extra watering. Be here, be small, be aware, be connected. 

Plus, it’s obvious that this guy understands what he calls “economic sustainability,” i.e., how to generate an income from permaculture, something that still flummoxes many permies. I have a feeling that what stops some is the habit of “scarcity consciousness,” one of the mainstays of the matrix. So, it seems to me, we need to not only put our hands and feet in the soil, we also need…

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A Quick Note About this Week’s Energies

I’ve heard from so many people, beginning late last week and through Tuesday, especially this past Monday, who expressed extreme despair, darkness and even horror at things they were learning, Shadows being revealed to them, and a feeling of complete disconnect from any sense of Divinity. Monday seemed to bring the worst of it, hitting many people who usually manage to find the positive in even the direst circumstances. I did my best to field sessions, emails, texts and in person conversations, but it struck me just how intense that period was for a lot of people!

Then, yesterday (Wednesday), I heard from everyone who’d been having such struggles who wanted to share that the negative, oppressive energy had mysteriously lifted and not to worry about them anymore. Like clockwork.

Today, we have a Full Moon in Virgo, which helps with analyzing what stays and what goes, what serves and what harms. We also have powerful, detailed communication opportunities, as well as a chance to ground deeply into the Earth. Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by airy Mercury, so this Full Moon favors expression about the Earth, along with messages to and from the Earth. I don’t have an explanation for why this past weekend and Monday were so incredibly intense for so many people. By contrast, those I know who’ve done a lot of Shadow Work seemed to find all sorts of openings occur right around that same time. I suspect we just experienced a massive cleanse, so if you felt like you were losing it this week, I wanted to share that many others were, too.

Instead of criticizing yourself for the emotions, I’d suggest using the clarity of this Virgo Full Moon to assess what you learned from the recent upheaval. The current energies favor a new found clarity and the lightness that comes from permitting yourself to make a long withheld decision. You don’t need to take immediate action on that decision, but if you’ve recently felt new found clarity after the maelstrom, give yourself permission to enjoy the new calm.

That’s all for today. Happy Full Moon!

Lisa Thiel ~ Faery Song

I’ve had this song in my head and have actually been dancing around the house and shaking a wooden fish rattle to it. While winter continues its grey ways, at least we can imagine the green of May. :)

On a side note, Lisa Thiel’s “Invocation of the Graces” truly is lovely from first song to last.

ANH Alert ~ New Power Grab by Federation of State Medical Boards Threatens Integrative Medicine

Today’s action alert comes from the Alliance for Natural Health. Do you ever get the feeling that the powers that would remain are getting mighty nervous? All these grabs for control! Especially over our bodies.

If you see your state listed below and wish to maintain any sort of health freedom, please do speak up. It may not seem like it, but in the “moral” code of psychopaths and secret puppeteers, saying nothing is considered informed consent and thus, permission to proceed. Ever notice how these groups who supposedly have the public’s “best interest” in mind never want to show themselves to the light of day? GMO’s, BigPharma effectiveness vs. side effects, TPP, GMA donations, 300-page Net Neutrality documents, NDAA accusations, the FSMB … If they’re so proud of themselves and so sure we should believe them that this will all work out “for the greater good,” then why not openly display their involvement instead of skulking behind murky NGO’s and denied FOIA requests? They cloak, lie and obfuscate to keep themselves and their agenda completely secret, but we’re the paranoid ones. Mmhmmm.

Time to bring out the torches, toot those whistles, dance for freedom and raise your voice. If you love your body, don’t you deserve to know and choose what goes in it and how you treat it?

New Power Grab by Federation of State Medical Boards Threatens Integrative Medicine

March 3, 2015

A violet stethoscope lying near white laptop computerLegislation that has been introduced in fourteen states must be stopped now. Major state-based Action Alerts!

Back in September 2014, the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) released model legislation for the creation of an interstate medical licensing compact. The stated intent of the legislation is to streamline the licensing process for physicians who wish to apply for medical licenses in multiple states. According to Medscape, the model legislation would allow physicians to apply for an expedited license “in a state other than their own without filling out another formal application or providing another set of documents to the other state’s board. If they meet the eligibility requirements specified in the compact, the board in their ‘principal state’ of license can attest to their qualifications, and the second state can license them.”

The compact would take effect only after at least seven states approve the legislation. Once enacted, an Interstate Commission comprised of representatives of each member state would be created to administer the interstate medical licensing compact.

This may look like an innocuous or even useful move by FSMB, but a deeper analysis of this proposal reveals that the opposite is true.

The FSMB—a private trade association that sets standards which are often followed by state medical boards—has historically been no friend to integrative medicine. Despite having no public funding, transparency, or accountability, FSMB wields a tremendous amount of power over the practice of medicine in all fifty states. The organization has demonstrated its antipathy toward natural health since the mid-1990s, when it discussed altering the definition of health fraud to include alternative medical care! It would appear that FSMB considers innovative approaches to healthcare to be nothing more than exercises in “quackery.”

Operating in the dark as it does, it is hard to say who is running the organization or setting its agenda. But we suspect, based on the available evidence, that it is funded and controlled by some combination of the American Medical Association and Big Pharma. If so, it is one of the chief forces behind the kind of corrupt crony medicine we see today. At the very least, states should be wary of following the FSMB’s lead, much less ceding their power to an organization with so little transparency and public accountability.

FSMB claims its proposal “reflects the effort of the state medical boards to develop a dynamic, self-regulatory system of expedited state medical licensure over which the participating states maintain control through a coordinated legislative and administrative process,” and is therefore the “ultimate expression of state authority.” Such a claim, however, is frankly not credible—especially considering that the language of the compact clearly states that rules made by the Interstate Commission would have “the force and effect of statutory law in a member state.”

The Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts echoed these concerns, noting that

the Compact [takes] away the state’s autonomy and authority to grant licenses.…If [an] applicant is deemed “compact eligible” by any other compact state, all member states must grant licensure based on that eligibility. There is no discretion to look at moral character, malpractice history, training irregularities, or other requirements. There is also no opportunity for a state to disagree with another state’s interpretation of the compact requirements or their determination that a particular applicant meets those requirements.

In other words, contrary to FSMB’s claim elsewhere, the interstate compact clearly takes power away from the states.

There is a stunning lack of accountability with the FSMB-created Interstate Commission. While we’ve been critical of the actions of some state medical boards, at least there is some degree of process by which the public can weigh in when rules are created. But when one bad rule can affect at least seven different states, how can the public have any input? Considering FSMB’s record of enmity toward integrative medicine, we should be extremely wary of its proposal.

Another worrisome aspect of FSMB’s interstate compact is its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements. FSMB would require physicians seeking a license through the compact to participate in a credentialing process overseen by one of twenty-four approved medical specialty boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). While ABMS argues that its recertification process maintains high standards, many physicians see this as little more than a money-making endeavor for ABMS—in fact, the chair of ABMS makes $1,000 a day. Worse, these certifications are often used as a requirement for hospital employment. As with monopolistic nutrition licensure laws, FSMB’s interstate compact could be a similar attempt to exercise undue control over the practice of medicine.

As the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons notes, the compact “would be a giant leap towards entrenching MOC as mandatory for ALL physicians and [would put] in place a new bureaucracy that will most certainly only continue to increase its power over the ability of physicians to practice and the rights of patients to see the physician of their choice.”

In short, FSMB’s proposal is an underhanded attempt to increase its control over the practice of medicine—power that would likely be wielded against integrative doctors. Currently, fourteen states have introduced FSMB’s model legislation. We must vehemently oppose this legislation wherever it pops up.

You may be wondering if it’s even legal for a state to delegate authority to a private organization. It seems that the answer depends on the state. Some states are strict and permit delegation of authority only if the delegating statute provides definitive standards or procedures. Other states with looser standards find the delegation of legislative power okay if the recipient has adequate procedural safeguards.

Political philosopher John Locke argued centuries ago that no legislature can legitimately delegate its power of legislating to any other body. The founders of our country thought they were incorporating this principle in our Constitution. Alas, we have increasingly deviated from this basic English and American common-law principle.

Major Action Alert! Tell your state legislature to reject the FSMB’s legislation. It would cede state licensing power to an unaccountable Interstate Commission controlled behind the scenes by a private organization, and it would force many physicians to participate in a burdensome and costly recertification process. Please send your message immediately!

Idaho residents, click here.

Illinois residents, click here.

Iowa residents, click here.

Maryland residents, click here.

Minnesota residents, click here.

Montana residents, click here.

Nebraska residents, click here.

Oklahoma residents, click here.

Rhode Island residents, click here.

South Dakota residents, click here.

Texas residents, click here.

Utah residents, click here.

Vermont residents, click here.

West Virginia residents, click here.

For all other states, click here.

Tania Marie’s Epic Iceland Journey

I tried to reblog this post, and WordPress won’t let me. At over 15,000 words and so many photographs, perhaps it’s just too large to reblog. It’s too gorgeous not to share, though, so do click through if you’ve ever wanted to go to Iceland or if you just crave beauty, raw food, friendship, adventure and love.

On a personal note, Tania and I are always so linked, especially in faery or elven encounters, that while she was there, I kept dreaming of huge rock and ice landscapes with waterfalls and brilliantly colored pools, which she’d then tell me she had seen on the previous day’s journey. Synchronously, I also lost about five pounds that week, as did she with her 95-100% raw eating. My five pounds just wanted off, as my body insisted on much lighter eating that week. The funniest thing was that right after Tania and Kate Magic got stuck in the blacked out tower stairway, her phone auto-called me from Iceland. Given that Tania and I have had our own funny adventure in a tower in Chicago, we had a good giggle about mischievous Iceland elves.

Just to give you a taste of what she saw there, Tania included this video, but the Northern Lights were only part of an incredibly packed and timeless adventure. Much, much more here.

Why and How to Empower Safety Vs. Protection


This video offers some excellent tips from Teal, with an emphasis on noticing your feelings as a gauge of your vibration and level of attraction. She also includes the importance of doing Shadow Work as a means of moving beyond the old limitations. I especially appreciate (and frequently share) her information about taking steps towards protection/preparation as a means to release resistance about those concerns so that you can continue moving beyond them through transmutation. Thanks, Doreen!

(Update: because I cannot control how WordPress offers reblogs, you will need to click through to the original in order to view this extremely valuable video.)

Originally posted on OUR GREATER DESTINY:

By Teal Swan
Protection is not a state of empowerment, it is a state of contained powerlessness. To create and maintain a state of ‘safety’ watch and listen now

Psychic and Energetic Protection with Teal Swan

If you choose, clear your energy field with an audio I recorded in 2009. When I do this clearing I fill each tiny screen opening with the 3 fold violet consuming flame [pink for divine love, blue for divine power, golden yellow for divine wisdom], and intend the flame to transmute low vibratory frequency into it’s next highest expression of light.



Doreen Agostino
Without Prejudice UCC1-308

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Before Mandating Vaccines: What Every Legislator Across the Country Needs to Know . . . please share this widely. Let them know that we know!!! ~J


More FYI with links and documentation of various whistle-blower admissions of vaccine injuries and cover-up.

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

Before Mandating Vaccines: What Every Legislator Across the Country Needs to Know

1.  These are NOT the same vaccines they received as children which just inject a little virus into them and got an immune reaction.  These are GMO vaccines (recombinant DNA vaccines) that shoot a mixture of genetically engineered material into the DNA making fundamental changes in whoever receives them.

These new vaccines are extremely unstable.

A.  Veterinarians are warning that the GMO rabies vaccine has now caused rabies to be an airborne disease. 

See:    GMO Vaccines creating “Herd Contagion

B.  They cause diseases to be more virulent and more deadly.  The polio vaccine in India is a GMO vaccine which  caused 47,500 cases of polio in 2011 alone, and killed twice the number of children who would have died from wild polio  See:

  Download (PDF) 167.2 kB

Polio programme: let…

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