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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is also known as Samhain (pronounced sow-en), and serves as a marker of the Celtic New Year. On this evening when the veils between worlds thin, we can more easily bring magic and awareness into our own lives. The year 2012 itself has shown a rapid thinning of the old veils that allowed corrupt bankers, politicians, and corporations to operate without restraint. No more! From Proposition 37 to label genetically engineered foods, to the LIBOR scandal about rigged interest rates, to scientific studies debunking vaccines, to daily revelations about the effects of money in politics, average people are beginning to see past the carefully managed smoke and mirrors.

But beyond the scandals and deception rests an even deeper truth — one of inherent goodness, love and regeneration. This truth likewise refuses to remain silent or hidden. We get to choose what kind of world we live in. As we unmask the crumbling systems, wooden-stake societal vampires, and bring light into the shadows, we can also bring light to treats. Trick or treat? We’ve already had the tricks. For far too long. I encourage everyone to claim the treats. Dream big. Imagine a new costume for yourself, even if that “costume” means finally stepping into your own truth and sharing it with the world. Taste the fruits of your inner labors. Bob for the apples of healing and success. You deserve the best this year. Have fun and enjoy those treats!

Also, a quick reminder: last day to sign up for October Specials. For more information, please click here.

Happy Samhain … may this Celtic New Year bring you all you desire to be and see in this and all the worlds. Much love … Laura

How to Utilize the October 2012 Full Moon, Hurricane Sandy and Mercury Retrograde

Just a heads up and reminder: energy is energy, and you can influence its direction. If you have any situations or relationships that have long outworn their usefulness, you can do yourself and the East Coast a favor by siphoning off some of Hurricane Sandy’s energy and using it to clear out what no longer serves in your own life.

The massive influx of energies on the East Coast right now could use a little buffering. I’ve posted before that attempting to tone down something expansive presents a much larger challenge than focusing on what you do want. Spending too much focus on Sandy will only increase her force. If you do want a clearing, then you can work with the power of this storm to wash away whatever stands in your way.

Tonight we’ve got what some people have called the “most powerful Full Moon of 2012.” Although Full Moon’s traditionally support increase, this particular Full Moon shares a Taurus/Scorpio connection that emphasizes clearing away what you no longer want or need. Pluto, god of the underworld, rules Scorpio. Anything dark, deep and ugly comes up for reevaluation. Can you say, “Shadow Work”? Venus rules Taurus, and this Full Moon in Taurus offers a chance to ground, earth and tangibly replace the old with the preferred new.

Feng shui, the method of redecorating to increase beneficial Chi (life force energy) in one’s home, literally means, “Wind and Water.” Sounds like a hurricane to me! What’s the first step of feng shui? Decluttering. Use all that wind and water to declutter your life on whatever levels need a good scrub. You’ll appreciate all the fresh, new, positive energy when it has somewhere to move into your life.

Following the Full Moon, we have Mercury Retrograde, beginning on November 6. Although many people dread Mercury Rx, these times offer potent opportunities for resolving old things. If you want to make the most of this next week, then I suggest you set your intentions now for removal and resolution. Then invite some of that excess Hurricane Sandy energy to wash away the junk. File any required paperwork and have any needed conversations finished as far before November 6 as possible. Trust that the Universe will support your desire to Let. It. Go. Gale force winds: take it away!

Tips for Protecting Your Home with Energy, Angels and the Elementals

With all the news about Hurricane Sandy and the “never before seen” everything about it, I wanted to give my East Coast friends, family and clients some quick reminders that you don’t need to accept destruction into your home. Over the years, I’ve encouraged clients to surround their homes with white healing, protective light before a hurricane or tornado. These same people later told me that even when next door neighbors or the entire area of their town lost power or trees, they themselves did not. Others experienced minimal inconvenience, but no lasting power outages or major damage. In some cases, their homes looked like the only normal thing in a sea of disastrous debris.

When I send up and call in protective energy around my own home, I try to include as much of the surrounding area as possible — without diluting the effects. You’ll need to sense that fine line between turning a specific, easily imaginable and felt intention into something abstract … then back down the abstraction until you can tangibly feel and imagine the safety, protection and healing again.

If you don’t regularly practice energy work and you’ve got a HAARP-aggravated hurricane coming your way, I’d suggest you just focus on your own home this time. Don’t feel bad about protecting your immediate surroundings instead of everyone and everything you can think to include. It’s better to experience strong success in this method than only minor, random help to you and those around you.

If your home turns out to stand firm, then you can always extend your hospitality and good fortune to neighbors after the fact. You can also share these techniques with others you know, so that more and more people in your area hold the light of protection around their homes. Everything — including weather patterns — derives from energy and vibration. The higher, stronger, more joyful and powerfully protected and prepared you feel, the less likely you will experience negative outcomes. This remains true for hurricanes as well as job interviews. 🙂

I include below some easy tips and reminders for protecting your home:

1) Ask for a blessing on your family and home. This particular kind of prayer helps move you from default fear mode into a miracle-expectant mode. Just because The Weather Channel tells you something dreadful will occur, doesn’t mean you can’t look back on this experience as an amazing moment of Grace and deliverance. God/Spirit/Source/Divine Love/Angels … reveal themselves when our senses reach high alert. If you ask for a blessing, know that one or more blessings have already begun to make their way to you. Receive them. When the winds and rains kick up, recognize how much positive energy wants to shower you with good things right now.

2) Ask the Elementals for help. I wrote this past summer about how the Elementals responded with a much needed rain shower during our Wisconsin drought. If you follow that link, you can read a not-unique story. After sharing my experience with others, they let me know that they, too, had found rain when and only when they asked the Elementals to intercede on their behalf.

Who are the Elementals? You can think of them as faeries, elves, Nature Spirits, devas … those who live ever so slightly beyond the veil but who share Gaia with us. Different beings connect more closely with different elements — Earth, Air, Fire,and Water. They can increase or decrease the energies associated with their preferred element. In the case of a hurricane, I’d get quiet and sincerely ask (even “just in your imagination” is fine!) the Water and Air Elementals to balance the hurricane energies. Ask the Earth Elementals to fortify the land. You can ask the Fire Elementals to mitigate the lightning and power outages. A fifth element, Spirit, runs throughout all creation, unifying it in Divine harmony. Connecting with Spirit and focusing on harmony will also ease any chaotic energies around you.

As I explained in the article from this summer, the Elementals desire a closer working connection with humans interested in preserving and protecting our shared Earthly home. “Natural” disasters offer perfect opportunities to reconnect and realize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. No one but the psychopaths wants any kind of nuclear issues resulting from a hurricane or winter storm. The Elementals deeply love our planet, and they will absolutely work with sincere people looking to protect and love the land as well.

3) Ask for Angelic Protection. Angels will not interfere without your request, but they stand by ready to act whenever you ask. Archangel Michael, in particular, wields a fiery sword that can create an energy vortex of protection around you and your home. You can also imagine green, gold, pink, and/or white light covering your home and permeating every atom of your surroundings. Invite the angels into this light and know that they will hold and protect that space for you. This same technique works for healing in the event an illness or injury occurs, but why not preemptively ask for the love and light around you? “Love and Light” sound like New Age buzz words, but they’re extremely powerful forces in the Universe capable of transforming any and all energies coming your way. If you catch yourself becoming flippant with these concepts, take a moment to breathe in the fullness of what Love and Light encompass.

4) Practice personal and global Ho’oponopono. I’ve written on this topic before, too, but wanted to mention it again in connection to storms. Storms clear out old, stagnant energy. Nothing quite like 50+ mph winds and sheets of rain to wash away that which no longer serves! Instead of resisting change, though, you can invite forgiveness into your life in far easier and gentler ways. I include an excerpt from my earlier article, beginning with the words of the Ho’oponopono prayer:

“I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.”

A few rounds of that launch me deeper into my heart than I have ever comfortably remained — even though I do spend a lot of time in my heart. The words become a mantra and carry their own vibration, which seems to heal the angry spots inside. They also help to recognize even more of those Shadow Sides in which we have tangoed with the “Other” and hurt them and ourselves. In recognizing our own role in the victim/abuser/savior dance, we reclaim both our energy and our power. Those sticky relationships no longer tear at our inner peace like Velcro.

This practice has yielded such deep results in all my personal relationships that I started practicing it with leaders of our world. I also started practicing Ho’oponopono as an American, sincerely asking for global forgiveness of our massive karmic debt to humanity. Turning the other cheek to our leaders’ decisions to bomb, raid, torture and decimate doesn’t absolve us of all responsibility. At least, not in my world. I feel deep love for humanity and a true hope that we can move beyond all wars to live in peace and harmony on this planet. Speaking of this planet, I also started practicing Ho’oponopono as a citizen of Earth, sending heartfelt words to Gaia for all the ways we have refused to honor and protect her:

“I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.”

5) Get some basic survival, food and water supplies before the storm hits. As the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves.” If you fear you don’t have enough water, food, band-aids or blankets on hand should supply lines or power get disrupted, those fears will amplify the swirling energies around you. Know you have protection on the spiritual level, but also bolster your physical, mental and emotional comfort by doing what you can to weather the storm. Reasonable preparation doesn’t mean giving into fear if such preparation then allows you to rest easier knowing you’ve done all you could on your own. Most people find it easier to accept Divine help when they can reflect upon tangible steps they’ve made as well. “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Sometimes seeing a few things sure helps, though! 😉

6) Remember any esoteric, natural or spiritual healing techniques you’ve learned. Studied Reiki years ago? No time like the present to dust off those skills! Learned about Quantum Healing or the Law of Attraction? Use this hurricane encounter as a quick refresher course. If you learned First Aid way back in the day, why not review some of those techniques? Do you have tons of Young Living essential oils lying around in a cupboard? Set aside some of the literature for entertaining yourself during the worst of the storm. You might especially want to have on hand those oils that calm fear or uplift the spirit. Whatever you’ve learned over the years, know that nothing is ever wasted. You have far more skills and resources at your disposal than you tend to use in everyday life. Why not reclaim these wonderful pieces of yourself?

7) Surround yourself with Sacred Symbols. For some people, the cross represents the most protective energy available. For others, the Thorn or Thurisaz Rune surrounds them with an energy shield associated with Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning. Celtic influenced people might prefer a five- or seven-pointed star, or the Triple Goddess Spiral. The symbol itself matters less than your association with the image. Symbols work directly on your subconscious mind, so having potent reminders nearby can help you feel and become stronger and more confident, regardless of what challenges you face. Advertisers, political campaigns and religions program your subconscious mind through symbols. By consciously selecting symbols that resonate with strength, excellence and power, you begin to embody those qualities and your reality reflects that shift.

8) Incorporate fun into your preparations. If you’ve got a family with young children or even just very scared adults, you can redirect any fear into positive energy by injecting a bit of fun into your lives. In addition to candles and blankets, take out some board games and novels. Hunker down and enjoy yourselves as much as you can. Finding ways to thrive in any and all circumstances actually alters those circumstances. Instead of worrying so much about power outages, find ways to rekindle your own inner power to create worlds. In a Universe of infinite possible realities, remember to include some fun!

The Tyranny of “What Already Exists”

All I can say regarding this article is, “Eggggggzactly! Thank you for expressing what I try through humor, curiosity, questions and sheer impertinence to pass along to clients, friends and loved ones.” (Thanks also to Ann at Exopermaculture for the link.)


by Jon Rappoport

OCTOBER 24, 2012. We want to know what exists. We want to know it at the bottom of the sea and out in the stars and within our own minds and in realms outside the normal channels of perception. Of course we want to journey to those places and find out what’s there.

We search for design and pattern and structure and system, in order to reach the highest kind of knowledge about existence.

We need to add a different platform.

Design, structure, system, and shape are not the end of the voyage. They are objectives that serve lesser goals. They are real and very useful and fine and good—but they are limited.

People who are obsessed with What Exists don’t see that. They think the structure and system are the grandest end-points.

This obsession is a deep part of human programming. When operating at full-bore, it obscures the farther shore.

It absorbs people with magnetic force.

It limits power.

When the goal of discovering-what-exists takes over to the point of obsession, it forms a mesh of reality that surrounds us.

It is the meta-program that allows the matrix to have strength.

It is the input that keeps the whole matrix humming.

It’s interesting to reflect on those three famous Matrix films, and how they disintegrate step by step, from the discovery of the reality-prison—and the rush of adrenaline which ensues—on to the mindless war—as if that kind of struggle will actually free anyone.

The collapse of the storyline mirrors what happens when the impulse to see through to the Final Structure tries to continue past that point: there is nowhere to go.

Why? Because the heroes are really only armed with the all-consuming desire to uncover What Exists. Beyond that, they are clueless.

There is something about that voyage that degrades like an element with a very short half-life. It sputters out. The heroes revert back to older, more basic programming. Fight, conquer territory, defend, attack.

One: the thrill of profound discovery. Two: then the feeling of vacuum and confusion. Three: then the reversion back to primitive hatreds. With that sequence—now you are talking about the real Matrix.

In the arena of genetic research, there is the hope that, someday, we will find a gene which will somehow “wake up” all the dormant circuits in the brain—and then we will gain back fantastic insight and power. But based on what scientists have so far unearthed, is there any reason to believe this? Or is it just one more illusion which propels us forward on the voyage of discovery?

Literature, plays, films, and television are littered with stories that contain a mystery—and at the end comes the payoff, when the mystery is solved, when we find out What Exists.

For a moment, the audience is absorbed, and then there is the let down.

It’s as if a voyage through a rich forest suddenly ended in a vacuum, in a Nothing.

As long as the secret and the mystery can be prolonged, as long as What Exists can be postponed, you have the audience with you. But when the solution is revealed, all you have is the thirst for another mystery. “Tell us more! Tell us another one! Give us another puzzle!”

An ancient manuscript, an unexplored cave, a probe sent to a distant planet…there is a powerful desire to come to the punch line…and then…boredom edges in.

I once had a conversation with a modern guru in the field of self-improvement. He is a very successful author and lecturer. At one point, he said, essentially: You know, I have nothing left. I’ve written these books, I’ve told my audiences what they need to know. They keep wanting more. The next book, the next lecture. I’m tired. I don’t have any more secrets. They don’t really want to know what works in their lives. They want stories. They want the thrill of the hunt for the next big thing. But when they get it, I can see them go over the edge into depression…

It’s a paradox. People want to massage a secret, they want it to be solved and yet, when it’s solved, they don’t care anymore. But if you give them a real secret, one that doesn’t resolve, one that challenges them in a different way, they throw up their hands and give up. They claim they “don’t understand.”

Several years ago, I went to the Vatican, to the Sistine Chapel, to see the Michelangelo fresco. I sat in the room with several hundred other visitors. We all craned our necks, looking at the famous ceiling. I’m sure that for many of those people, it was the fulfillment of a dream: to finally witness the greatness of one of the most famous works of art on the planet.

Afterwards, outside in the corridor, I watched them leave. What I saw on their faces was a neutrality tinged with boredom.

The mystery was solved. They had seen the thing in person, finally. They had found out What Exists. It was the end.

I’m sketching here the anatomy of The Voyage to Discover What Exists.

It is one of the great enduring passions. But it has a vast and gaping downside. The payoff melts into a sagging passivity. “Well, that’s over. What’s next?”

Remember the Mike Nichols film, The Graduate? In that middle-class drama, the young Benjamin goes to extreme lengths to win Elaine, the daughter of Mrs. Robinson. He storms into Elaine’s wedding; she deserts her fiancee. Outside the church, Ben and Elaine catch a bus and take their seats in the back. As the film ends, Ben just sits there. He has captured the prize. He stares vaguely at nothing. No joy. Only a blank.

Here is a statement attributed to Nobel Laureate Albert Szent- Gyorgyi (1937 Prize for Physiology and Medicine): “In my search for the secret of life, I ended up with atoms and electrons, which have no life at all. Somewhere along the line, life has run out through my fingers. So, in my old age, I am now retracing my steps…”

Something that appears so right and so real and so entrancing, the attempt to nail down What Exists, has such a strange result.

What is going on?

How many seekers after the grand conspiracy behind all conspiracies become bogged down in their own journey, especially after they believe they have the answers to their ultimate questions? How many travelers along this road decide their findings add up to a portrait of a hopeless locked-down future, from which no one can escape—and then give up the whole enterprise in disgust and disillusionment?

How many people will fall into a weary swamp after December 21, 2012 (the fabled end of the Mayan calendar), passes and the revelation, the secret they have been chasing, doesn’t yield up the kind of personal illumination they were counting on?

Many years ago, a friend told me about a UFO cult that had existed somewhere in the Midwest, in the 1920s. The leader informed her followers that a great ship was coming to take them all away to a better place, a wonderful planet. The date and time were set. The leader had been receiving instructions from alien ET guides.

On this basis, all the members of the cult sold their houses and belongings (as if money would be useful on Planet X?). On the appointed date, the group was sitting in room, waiting for the ship to arrive. After several delays, the leader emerged from another room and said the UFO guides had just told her they weren’t coming after all, because the catastrophe that was supposed to decimate Earth had been sidetracked and avoided.

So there they were, sitting in a room, all dressed up with nowhere to go (and nowhere to live).

The result? The effort at recruiting new members expanded, and the cult grew! The leader told them a new story about what was coming in the wonderful years ahead—a new mystery was in progress.


What Exists is, on a significant level, the greatest con game ever invented.

Everyone wants to chase down WHAT EXISTS and reveal it.

If Jesus really survived the crucifixion or was never hung on the cross, and escaped the Middle East, and if he married and had children, and if those children had children, and if that bloodline still exists…

Ten or 20 years after this “great secret is exposed”…how many of the millions of people who were originally galvanized by it still care or think about it….it’s old hat…we want another story…tell us another story….

Well, here is a different story:

The human being was placed in a universe that appeared to beg for discovery of its secrets.

The die was cast. Humans would forever try to satisfy that hunger.

They would never suspect there was another way. They would never graduate, through a fundamental shifting of gears, up on to another echelon.

They would never guess that you have to game the system that is rigged to defeat you.

You have to turn the con around.

If things (life) are designed to subvert you…BECOME A DESIGNER.

If What Exists proves to be an endless labyrinth, landing you, finally, back at the starting gate…INVENT WHAT EXISTS.

If reality is created to gobble you up in a voyage for answers and solutions…CREATE REALITY.

Turn the tables.

Move beyond only discovering What Exists, and recognize that voyage was the primary reason you kept yourself in the dark about your own creative power.

Understand, once and for all, that every system is another version of What Exists…they are murals you attach yourself to like barnacles on a ship.

Freedom is the platform from which imagination can spread out infinitely.

The universe is waiting for imagination to revolutionize it down to its core.

…I call them the SOB People. In this case, SOB stands for State of Being. You may recall that the verb “to be” and all its forms is labeled “the state of being” verb. It expresses no action.

It’s about Is. It’s about What Exists.

The SOB People love What Exists. They pray at that altar every day.

The SOB People look at imagination as an activity like the re-arranging of deck chairs. For them, nothing new ever occurs. Invention merely puts together what is already known. Invention takes ideas and images and fits them together in different ways. The present is only a redistribution of the past.

They are married forever to What Exists. They stake out their territory there. “Nothing new under the sun.” They take pride in this view. They think it makes them very wise.

Actually it deteriorates their lives and energy one drop at a time.

In their graves and beyond, they keep mouthing, “What Already Exists, What Already Exists, What Already Exists.”

A conversation with an SOB Person can be like talking to a meat grinder. When you emerge at the other end, you want to jump into a pool and drown.

Teachers in writing classes and seminars often tell their students, “Write about what you know.” This pearl has stalled large numbers of aspiring authors. I would tell them, “Write about anything you want to—especially what you don’t know.”

From the perspective of ordinary reality, imagination is all about what is impossible. If that sounds like a koan, chew on it for a while.

Imagination is that faculty that can raise the dead.

Imagination can give rise to the spontaneous creation of what has never been before.

Imagination shifts the whole emphasis of living from the discovery of What Exists to the creation of something new, a new reality(ies).

Imagination decimates the entire library of human programming.

With imagination, you aren’t buying a story; you’re inventing countless numbers of stories.

But this invention isn’t just aimless ruminating—you create something new, you express something new, and you propel it into the world.

Without that, you float in a sea of gauze.

Of course, there is fear of the New.

People think something terrible might happen if they invent something new. Their friends might ridicule them. The whole universe might suddenly collapse. Their minds might shred.

This is where human programming really bites hard. This programming assumes and asserts that, with enough voyaging, with enough discovery, one can find the Ultimate, one can find “everything that needs to be found.”

Whereas the truth is: you can create infinitely.


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

One Week Left for October Specials

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The Oracle Report: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 –X Class Solar Flare

Several people have contacted me today wondering what the heck is going on. I’m mid-move so don’t have time at the moment to write up a full report of what I’m sensing, but this Oracle Report summarized things nicely. Thanks to my sis for pointing this one out to me tonight. 🙂

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

When the Sun entered Scorpio today, it launched an X1 class flare.

This is spectacular! It’s a statement. The Sun is an ally of the Earth (Gaia/Sophia) and made the decision long ago to assist in her divine experiment. The Sun is going to join in purging darkness during its journey through Scorpio over the next 30 days. It is going to help open new doors and opportunities by taking the past very, very far away in our perception of things. So if there is anything you want to let go of, tell the Sun today. When the Sun moves into Sagittarius in late November, the world is going to look very different than it does right now. There will be power plays for sure over the next month and the potential for war and ugliness is definitely higher, but the message is clear: it is all going to be ok no matter what because the Sun is on board. By the way, the Sun sending this flare when it hit 00 Scorpio, the degree where we had our group meditation when Saturn hit the same degree, adds immeasurable power to the intention we set in place at that time to stand the ground. It is kind of like we were the first wave of intention and now the Sun has backed us up or reinforced us. A really, really nice surprise. We should give thanks.

Today is a day for wise old owls to sit in the tree and watch. Although we have a wonderful message with this X flare, the electro-magnetic effects will reverberate in the atmosphere and in our bodies and minds, and will require some adjustment. It is always a bit hard to move from the Sun in Libra to the Sun in Scorpio because VIrgo and Libra are kindred and soft in many ways and the stingers come out when it’s Scorpio time. But the combination of now the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio is heavy energy and will need to be tempered. Take care of your body today by stretching as much as possible. Take care of life by sitting in your tree and observing. Take care of others by giving them wide berth. Most will not understand the shift in energy and will react unconsciously. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Pluto gets down and dirty sometimes. People will begin to “show out” like we’ve not seen – and we’ve seen it get pretty ugly already. Not to worry. We are in force with the planet and the Sun and all is well.

(The picture above is of the flare from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.)

DL Zeta – Navigating The New Time through Dream Downloads And Dimensional Travels – 20 October 2012

Thanks, Lucas! I found this article quite a synchronous affirmation after a night of lucid dreaming. Timelines I did not wish to experience presented themselves in sleep, and my dream self strongly and unequivocally ushered those timelines away in favor of the preferred sequence. I awoke knowing that we have the power to do this in waking life as well. DL Zeta provides additional insights into how and why we can become lucid wakers as well as lucid dreamers. Enjoy!

DL Zeta – Navigating The New Time through Dream Downloads And Dimensional Travels – 20 October 2012

We are in a time when we can no longer navigate life as we did in the past. In recent years, moving through life by intellect and reason sufficed but now the overwhelming tide of change has made it increasingly difficult for the conscious mind to find compass points amid the chaos of transition. Sometimes a window opens into old points of reference, then closes. The only way we can find our way is to let go and trust in the wisdom and guidance of our higher self.

Our Higher Self Assists us through our Past and Future Selves

Our higher self orchestrates guidance and insights to us through aspects of our consciousness from both past and future times. The aspects that assist us moment by moment are those that hold the answers to our present-moment issues and questions. Past aspects that assist us are often past life selves with mastery in certain understandings. Our future selves are those aspects that exist by virtue of our present lessons and intentions and know the future we are creating with our present thoughts, actions and intentions.

When we see ourselves as more than just a being limited to the boundaries of our conscious mind, we allow all our aspects through time to work with us. This assistance from other aspects of our being empowers us as we navigate transition times where the only road maps that apply are those etched into our subconscious.

Downloads in Dream States Provide Codes and Keys to the New Time

Over the next few months, downloads in dream states will contain energetic signatures that provide each of us the codes and keys needed to navigate this transition time. Dream states are more important than ever now and a willingness to work with them will allow us to burn through any seeming barriers or limitations that present themselves.

The ability to remember, record and interpret dreams is helpful now but not essential. This conscious process expedites our expansion into the new time. However, as long as we listen to our intuitive hunches and pay attention to the urges and interests that trickle into our conscious mind, we will receive the information contained in the downloads. Setting the intention to welcome this information will open the door to these downloads.

Vivid Dreams May Come

Some may find themselves receiving vivid dreams now, seeing themselves in strange and mysterious settings and with friends they have not known in their present lifetime. The veils between dimensions are thinning, allowing us to visit past, future and parallel timelines in our dream states. Multi-dimensional travels are most accessible when our conscious mind sleeps and our consciousness travels into our subconscious mind, which is our gateway to the universe and beyond. link to original article

Strange Effects of “Time”

On Tuesday, my friend Sherri came over to give me a massage and happened to glance at her watch: “12:12!” On Wednesday, I was walking down the street to pick up some paperwork and happened to glance at my iPhone: “12:12.” The realization that exactly and only 24 hours had passed since Sherri looked at her watch literally stopped me in my tracks. The time lapse between Tuesday at 12:12 and Wednesday at 12:12 seemed like at least five months of living. I know that “all time is now,” and I experience this impression whenever I do past life readings or help clients create positive “future” holograms. But holy, freakin’ wow, I still cannot believe Tuesday happened this week. It seems like ages ago!

I felt that same bizarre passage of time after my cousin, Erin, passed. Checking my blog post, her passing occurred right around October 1, slightly over two weeks ago. Really?? I cried on the first day but remember the very next day feeling like Erin had already left at least several weeks prior. When I mentioned her passing to a friend the following week, I felt surprised at my friend’s shock and immediate hugging of me, as though it had “just happened, rather than six or seven months ago.” At that point, a week of linear time had passed, but I only realized the actual time scape while examining her “strangely poignant” reaction. After all, that happened months ago, right? It’s very sweet of her to be so kind, but after so much time passing, it just feels like life as usual. When David and I got into his car, it took us awhile to calculate that Erin had only passed eight days prior. The amount of life lived in that eight days seemed so far separated from Erin’s departure as to have almost occurred in a different lifetime.

I’ve experienced time slippage for over a decade — deja vu, stretching and compressing of linear time when I needed more time to get ready or felt impatient about something — but September and October 2012 seem even stranger than usual. So many things I’ve sensed to the point of knowing for years, sometimes decades, without any external validation have now begun to reveal their truth in the 3D world. Perhaps all that linear time of recognizing truths beyond the veil has imprinted the current short passage of time with an indelible sense of length.

I almost never feel surprised about anything. Ever. Especially now. I don’t know whether we’ve all been on a time loop ala “Groundhog Day” until we get it right, or if even the consciousness of illusory linear time will no longer sustain itself. In any case, I know I’m not the only one feeling strange pulls of time. I hear from clients and friends that life either feels “very, very fast,” “surreal,” or “in slow motion.” Some people don’t understand how they accomplish so much in one day; others experience entire weeks where they wonder how that much linear time passed without anything at all to show for it.

I know many of us are putting massive amounts of energy into the new — creating a new, healed, beautiful, lovely Earth on a brilliantly free and joyful timeline. That manifestation has not fully revealed itself in this dimension and this density, but the more “time” we spend imagineering that reality the more quickly and certainly it shall assume a tangible form. I share these thoughts only to let others know that time, indeed, has been behaving like warm, salt water taffy.

In an unrelated email yesterday, my friend, Gillian shared: “Today is the first day of the Terence McKenna timewave HUGE peak and drop ( – October 17 – 25. The last time it was almost this precipitous (the drop, that is) was 911. Soooo, anything goes.”

Yep. Feeling it! Whenever I’ve experienced the weirdest disconnects in linear time, I’ve learned it’s either a Mayan Calendar “day out of time” or a Terrence McKenna timewave aberration. To quote Steve Winwood: “You just roll with it, baby. Come on and just roll with it, baby. … You can do it, roll with it baby.”

On a happy note, all this time quaking and shaking has resulted in one surprise! Back in July, David took me to a bike shop some family friends of his own in Goshen, Indiana. I sat on a three-wheeler and imagined what it might feel like to propel my physical self faster than my pedestrian ways have taken me around since my 1998 brain injury left me unable to drive safely. Except for a few months of driving and involuntarily closing my eyes whenever I got visually overwhelmed (often), and one turn through a private animal preserve in 2005, I have not driven any vehicle since 1999. I no longer even have a drivers license.

Even though I have fully recovered from my brain injury, I just don’t think like a driver. Matter remains, in my mind, highly flexible and transmutable. I actually believe and experience on a fairly regular basis, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” But driving feels irresponsible of me: I can’t count on my knowing how to translate such perception as it affects 2000+ pound vehicles and physical bodies intersecting in time and space. The expansiveness and flexibility of my time-space and space-time awareness allow me to offer layered past life readings, complete with patterns, reactions and a list of future options. Shifting out of that awareness and into the 3D car-driving awareness feels like too big a chasm for me to jump. It’s a completely different reality matrix!

But back to the surprise …

Apparently, since late July, David and his parents have secretly plotted to surprise me with a three wheeler so that I can safely and quickly glide around Goshen with a big basket for co-op purchases or a yoga mat. While I wondered aloud if I should buy this trike in December or wait until the Spring, I kept sensing David and his sister quietly giggling at me. I just chalked it up to my impaired sarcasm detector and figured I was missing some kind of ironic joke. Again. LOL, I really am quite sarcastically challenged, especially when people “joke” about things that could “never” happen. My mind doesn’t get the “never” part, as I see so many possibilities spread across the field of options. Anyway, I thought the suppressed giggles came from an “Aw, she’s so cute, she just doesn’t get it” place. Turns out they did mean that, but it was because the whole clan knew they had already purchased the trike and a super duper helmet for me, just awaiting my arrival in Goshen. 🙂

Fun times, indeed! After 14.5 years of dimension and timeline hopping, I will finally be able to transport my physical body faster than the speed of walk. I haven’t felt this excited about transit since I contemplated driving a Jetson-mobile! I think I like the surprise part best. For all my intuition, I didn’t see this one coming, and what a treat to feel so loved amidst mischievous winks and hugs. We live in a world of all possibilities. Sometimes what lies just around the corner exceeds our wildest, dreamiest, positive imagining, and sometimes, life just wants to give us a little unexpected treat.

Remember this as you twist and turn around the rest of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

Medical Intuitive Observations About 2012

As the energies continue to ramp up on planet Earth, I thought I’d share some of the most common patterns I see developing during Medical Intuitive Sessions:

1) If you have something unwanted growing in you (i.e. cancer, tumors, cysts, bacteria, viruses), it is far easier to amplify health right now than to eliminate dis-ease.

The intense energies arriving from CME’s (coronal mass ejections) and the Galactic Equator have an expansive rather than contracting force. People who envision unwanted things shrinking find themselves fighting a losing battle. These energies are bigger than you are! You can use them to your advantage as highly creative catalysts for change. Instead of trying to “go back” or “reduce” infection/spread of dis-ease, use these energies to create something entirely new. Build yourself a new body hologram and then gradually imagine yourself moving into your new temple. Far easier. Far more effective. The old ways no longer work … so allow yourself to create health and ease rather than futilely trying to eliminate dis-ease.

2) Light healing techniques have surged in power.

The light frequency on planet Earth continues to rise. When I initially share light meditations with clients, they often dismiss these techniques as offhand extras. Not so! Imagining yourself saturated with white, golden, electric blue, rainbow, and/or green light can heal and transform your cells from the inside out. You can also ask corresponding angels to support your visualizations. Please do not dismiss the power of light healing. Human evolution involves becoming less dense, i.e. more translucent. Light fills those emptying spaces, and light heals any unresolved shadows. How do you eliminate the darkness in a room? Vacuum it out? No! You turn on the light. 🙂 You can do this in your body as well.

3) Converse with your body as a respected equal.

The body elemental (the being who operates your physical body) lives closer to the Earth than “you” do. Earth will ascend regardless of humanity’s decisions; Earth remains on track for a massive upgrade. If you’d like to participate in this tremendous opportunity, then doesn’t it make sense to respect the part of you most naturally and effortlessly connected to the ascending planet? We live in a culture that normally views the body as inferior and the lower chakras as somehow “less than.” Healing will require a reintegration of our various parts, including some long overdue respect for the physical realm. Your body has learned a thing or two, and it has far less resistance than the mind right now. Listen to your body as a trusted friend, partner and companion.

Your most intimate relationship remains between body and soul. If you’d like to remain in body, then make amends. Just as Mother Earth could justifiably shake off parasitic, abusive humanity as a part of her healing, so, too, the body elemental could shake out the soul in order to free itself of the toxic effects of negative thinking, societal limitations and unnatural addictions. Ultimately, though, the Earth and your body love you; if you reestablish the relationship and foster positive connections, you’ll find win-win scenarios everywhere — and your health will improve as a result!

I’ve seen other patterns, too, but I’ve got an appointment now. I just wanted to share some of the most frequent shifts in consciousness that will help you navigate the 2012 energies. It’s actually much easier to thrive right now than to survive, so upgrade those thoughts and expectations! Peace and well-being to you and yours…

Thanks for the post, Lucas! Mike Adams provides a great summary with links and action steps, sharing how GMO’s are not long for this world. The tide has already begun to turn. As Mike says, “GMOs are the only products that people ACCIDENTALLY purchase!
Think about it:

• Nobody actively goes to the grocery store and seeks out foods with GMOs in them.

• No food company declares “Now, made with GMO!” on the label of any product they make.

• No grocery store advertises, “We sell GMO in our store!”

GMOs are only purchased accidentally by consumers. Nobody buys them on purpose. They buy them out of ignorance. And when that ignorance is transformed into knowledge, nobody wants to eat GMO!”

Lucas 2012 Infos

GMO(NaturalNews) The battle against genetically modified organisms being secretly engineered into our foods now has only one possible outcome: Victory for the People… and defeat of the corporate quack scientists and the outrageously dishonest and sinister biotech industry that has shoved GMO down our throats for a decade or more.

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