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August 2021 Forecast and Third Quarter North Node Horoscopes


August 2021 offers seemingly tame transits compared to the past eight months. Much continues to evolve beyond the veil, and these calmer energies support shifts arising from prior revelations and realizations. Sometimes “calm” months prove most eventful, bringing change in less traumatic, more deliberate ways than volatile transits might have triggered.

August 1-2 Sun conjunct Mercury, opposite Saturn. A call to commit: will we follow through with the work and reorganization revealed as necessary for future success? How do we interpret and understand the individual’s role vs. authoritarian and/or societal pressures? These are not rhetorical questions. Pay attention to personal insights that arise through collective themes.

August 6-7 Sun square Uranus. We’re not done with those questions. As Richard Bach said, “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus brings an urge for individual freedom. Ongoing protests highlight this struggle in the public sphere, but it also occurs within. Beware of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Rash actions may not lead to desired results. Think evolution, not just re-volution. Spiral up instead of “spinning your wheels” or going around in circles.

August 8 New Moon in Leo at 9:50 a.m. Eastern. Spend time with people with whom you feel a sense of connection and togetherness. This might mean an email, text or phone exchange, joining a group meditation, or going to church. If you feel isolated in these divisive times, focus on the common experiences that draw us towards each other. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Whether you feel it or not, you, too, are part of a greater whole. This New Moon occurs on the “8/8 Lion’s Gate,” a time of infinite manifestation and intention.

August 9-10 Venus opposite Neptune. With Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, questions of service and values arise. Beware of any tendencies towards martyrdom, as this transit makes for easy exploitation. Pray for discernment when people tug your heartstrings. Not everyone who urges compassion practices it themselves. If you need clarity on relationships, try to postpone any firm decisions. Confusing energies surround love life, values and self-esteem. Good days for art and creativity, bad days to indulge addictive behaviors. If you feel disillusioned, create something beautiful instead of wallowing in disappointment. Allow harmony and transcendence to wash over you. In its highest expression, this transit could trigger dreams and inspiration.

August 11 Mercury opposite Jupiter. This transit favors extremist thinking and communication. Verbal demands could increase, as could holier than thou attitudes. A quick transit that reminds us to take whatever people say with a grain of salt. Finding the humor in situations can tip these energies in more positive directions.

August 10-11 Venus trine Pluto. Relationships intensify as the Goddess of Love moves into harmonious aspect with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. This transit makes us aware of deeper values and our primal need for intimacy. Creative projects receive extra subconscious fuel. We might experience “terrible beauty” or obsessive fascination. Encounters feel fated, even if short lived.

August 18-19 Mercury conjunct Mars. “Those are fightin’ words.” Information warfare ramps up, but we might finally find the will to say what must be said. A courageous time to speak out. Protests could intensify, especially about the right to free speech. If you don’t want to join a public protest, at least speak the truth to yourself within a song or journal.

August 19-20 Sun opposite Jupiter, and Mercury trine Uranus. These days favor unusual news and big opportunities. If you feel like you’re on a lucky streak, express gratitude and curb any tendencies to boast or gloat. Receive the most from these transits by keeping an open mind and heart.

August 21-23 Mars trine Uranus. This often volatile planetary combo grounds itself in earthy Virgo and Taurus, and the trine aspect brings harmony. Mars in Virgo brings a “git ‘er done” energy to rebel Uranus in Taurus. Instead of toppling the apple cart, we might plant an entire orchard. This transit bodes well for projects that feel long past due, yet right on time.

August 22 Full Moon in Aquarius at 8:02 a.m. Eastern. This is the second Full Moon in Aquarius this year. The first one occurred in very early Aquarius on July 23 or 24, depending on your timezone. This one occurs in very late Aquarius, just before the Sun moves into Virgo later that day. This is a void of course Full Moon, also known as a “Moon wobble.” Not the best time for big declarations or intentions. It is, however, an excellent time for meditation and connecting with the Cosmos. Allow yourself to participate as “an architect of peace.” The Sun in Virgo can then ground those insights into lasting habits.

August 23 Venus trine Saturn. A gentle, supportive transit that makes it easier to follow through on commitments. It also eases creative projects into tangible form. This is a good day to nourish your skin and enjoy dressing in classic styles.

August 24-25 Mercury opposite Neptune. Oh, the confusion! Information overload. What’s real, what’s not? If you feel like you’re losing your mind, you’ll find it much easier to use your right brain than your left brain at this time. If you lose your car keys or forget something “important,” realize that higher forces are at work. What dissolves or fades away because of this “mistake” or “leak” needed to go anyway. This transit favors transcendent communication and worldviews. Examine the details some other time. For now, pay extra attention to dreams and symbols. Let your intuition guide you without the need for strict interpretation. That can come later, but it won’t come now — at least not with any accuracy. Feel into possibilities of a bigger picture beyond your current level of understanding.

August 26 Mercury trine Pluto. As the miasma begins to clear, expect some deep revelations and new understanding about formerly hidden things. Words carry extra power and magic.

August 28 North Node conjunct Black Moon Lilith. The (True) North Node meets (True) Black Moon Lilith, demanding the collective consider issues of sovereignty, abuse, women’s reproduction, the Dark Feminine, Wild Woman, and Shadow themes. The best way to handle Lilith energies is to honor your body. Don’t try to override it with your mind. Avoid autoimmune and histamine reactions by trusting your body’s response and following that guidance.

August 30 Mercury enters Libra. A return to civil discourse? Maybe. Libra values cooperation and compromise. Libra holds the balanced scales of Justice. Mercury in Libra can also spin things so they seem less harsh and ugly. Mercury will spend extra time in Libra this year due to retrograde action from September 27 – October 18.

How August’s sky weather affects you will vary, depending on your entire natal chart, but your North Node Horoscope transcends monthly sky events. That’s because your North Node reveals what your soul came here to do. By midlife, the soul starts longing and pressing us to live our true purpose. At first, it whispers through intuition. Then it knocks a little louder through “coincidences” and external events. When not heard and honored, the soul’s longing can show up as health crises, marriage or work issues, or wondering “is this all there is?” If you feel a need to reinvent yourself, following North Node guidance helps you do that authentically — for you.

Unlike generic Sun Sign horoscopes, which ignore so many other aspects, following North Node guidance will always lead you in the right direction. Doors open, healing happens, relationships improve, and life gets more magical. This monthly column will help you tap into your personal North Node Mojo. When you start living your North Node purpose, we all win, because you not only begin to light up your own life. You light up the world.           – Laura

You can find your North Node sign here which is often different than your Sun sign. (If you’re right on a cusp, consider both options, or book a reading for more clarity.)


ARIES NORTH NODE: Third Quarter 2021 offers a chance for rebirth. With wounded healer Chiron still transiting Aries, Pluto still squaring from Capricorn, Saturn sextiling from Aquarius, and Venus and the Sun in Libra (your South Node), this quarter could feel intense. Add to that the supportive activation from the transiting nodal axis, and Aries North Node natives will feel pressured to release, heal and move forward. “Intense” does not mean “negative.” Your Libra South Node interprets intensity as “bad,” but this is not the case for you. Aries thrives on intensity and challenge. You yearn to find better ways to get ahead — financially, in your health, in relationships, and in any latent goal. Own that ambition! You can transform desire into courage. Allow yourself to want and seek. This will feel unnatural or even “wrong” sometimes, but your soul desires more individuation this lifetime. When you take necessary action, you empower others to live in more authentic ways for them. They may learn to do things themselves, or develop other partnerships that meet their needs. You do you. Co-dependence hobbles you and makes you miserable. Aim for excellence and let the chips fall where they may. Make room for pleasant surprises.

TAURUS NORTH NODE: Third Quarter 2021 turns up the heat on Taurus North Node natives. In addition to a seven year stay of revolutionary Uranus in Taurus, squares from Aquarius and Leo add friction to your nodal axis. Questions will arise about where you’re headed and where you’ve been. Expect some changes in the way you think about the world, but these new energies will work to your benefit. We live in unprecedented times. Your North Node sign asks you to ground lightning strikes of inspiration and radical change into solid, grounded, Earth-loving pursuits. When in doubt, always come back to the Earth Element. Your Scorpio South Node PTSD might feel triggered this quarter, but you’re not here to crash and burn. You came here to live well. You already know about loss and recovery. Your soul wants to experience hope and the rewards of slow, steady movement “as if.” It’s OK to plan for your future. Find ways to build a sense of safety and security. Nurture growth. Your sign’s ruler, Venus, will transit Libra — the other sign she rules — from August 16-September 10, 2021. This transit empowers Venus, and her energies will quincunx your North Node. Make the most of this energy by creating or enjoying more beauty around your home and body.

GEMINI NORTH NODE: As the transiting North Node continues to move through Gemini, the stars align to get you back on path. Your experiences link closely to the collective right now. It might help to ponder the phrase, “As Within, So Without.” Do this with curiosity, not judgment. Your Sagittarius South Node can easily slip into the blame game, and that saps your energy. You can bring the best of the past into a new form in the present. This intense North Node Return every 18 years or so works in your favor. Whatever or whoever falls away does so because they’re not on path for you. “If not this, then something better” is not just a catch phrase. It becomes a guiding force when the transiting North Node passes through your sign. July encourages you to get grounded. This will improve your health and confidence. If you feel like taking a time out in August, follow that nudge. The dog days of summer make for good siestas or even a mini road trip. With a Gemini North Node, you don’t need to go far away to “get away.” Little trips shift your perspective and give a quick recharge. You’ll also save money, so small adventures allow more frequent forays. Above all, you need to add some fun into your life. Don’t get hung up on what’s supposed to be fun. Just focus on little moments of delight.

CANCER NORTH NODE: This quarter starts strong for Cancer North Node natives, with the Sun shining light in Cancer until July 23. The New Moon in Cancer on July 9-10 offers a karmic reset to help you plan for your future. Nostalgia may arise. Seek to balance the best of the past while also acknowledging where you’ve outgrown it. Allow yourself to daydream a little, then spin those fantasies into action. Uranus continues to sextile mid-Cancer from Taurus, bringing an urge to purge, in preparation for the softer side of life. Instead of judging yourself, experiment with viewing yourself in a new light: fresh, innocent. What qualities are you midwifing into being? You’ll recognize balance by how contracted or expansive you feel. Sometimes contractions trigger birth, so pay attention to emotional messages behind any apparent restrictions. Look for overall trends rather than freaking out if you feel the need to readjust. Shifting focus or needing support does not denote failure. Cancer North Node natives need to find a balance between loneliness or over-responsibility for others vs. cozy cooperation. If something stretches your comfort zone, lean into vulnerability. Share your limitations and ask for help. That stiff upper lip no longer serves you.

LEO NORTH NODE: Third Quarter 2021 ramps up your positive North Node activations. Think “mastery.” Hone your craft and embrace those talents. July invites you to deepen your sense of purpose. Find a balance between form and function. Something should look and sound good, but it also needs to work! Full commitment will yield more satisfying results. Increased love of self and others pervades August. Your hard work in relationships begins to pay off as you integrate masculine and feminine, active and passive energies within yourself. Follow your heart, Leo. It leads you well. Take pride in your appearance, too. Really, you are worth it. September brings a chance to “level up” in all areas. Accept opportunities to dance in the spotlight — metaphorical or otherwise. Give yourself permission to engage anything that makes your heart smile. Earlier efforts bear fruit, and it tastes sweeter when you love who you are and what you do. Leo North Node natives know how to tap into the Aquarian energies of 2021 while adding just the right pizzazz. Don’t be afraid to stand out. It’s your destiny.

VIRGO NORTH NODE: This quarter reminds Virgo North Node natives to focus your mind on what you do want, then follow through with whatever steps you can take right now. When you mentally link something under your influence to something beyond your control, the tiniest shifts can start a chain reaction. Beware of your tendency to carry everyone else’s burden. Sometimes that weight grows too heavy. Practice discernment about which tasks are really essential, versus ones that only seem to fall to you. Your Pisces South Node surrenders to it all, whether or not you like it, and whether or not that fits who you’re becoming. Virgo sometimes earns a reputation of being too critical, but your life path requires you to decide what you do or do not want to experience. You don’t need to accept it all; in fact, you’re not supposed to. You don’t need to be all things to everyone. Boundaries allow you to frame relationships in ways that benefit all involved, including you. Use September’s New Moon in Virgo to clear the miasma. When in doubt, check in with your body. What does it tell you about this situation or relationship? Follow your body’s lead, then check in with your mind. When in doubt, the physical and mental realms guide you better than emotions or a too passive spiritual approach.

LIBRA NORTH NODE: Third Quarter 2021 invites you to “pay it forward.” Think “random acts of kindness” and even “service done in secret.” It’s not about personal accolades or taking credit. You’ll find extra satisfaction when you balance scales without making a big deal of it. As the transiting North Node, Saturn and sometimes Jupiter continue to trine your North Node sign, use this quarter to reassess how you give and receive. Venus, your sign ruler, graces Libra from August 16-September 10, 2021. Allow yourself to revel in beauty, harmony and creativity. You don’t always need to fight your way through. You can use your inner fire as a creative spark that brings into being more of the things you love. If you relax from trying to push so far ahead, you’ll find yourself on higher ground, and in good company. As Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Supportive energy from Aquarius makes you more innovative than usual. Look for partnerships that bring out the best in each of you. When you focus on grace, ease and love, you elevate life from mere survival to something exquisite.

SCORPIO NORTH NODE: Use this quarter to focus on feeling safe, secure and discreet. If the world seems like too much right now, then allow yourself a quiet retreat. Take five minutes — or five days — to focus on the cycle of your breath. In, then out, then in, then out. Ride the wave of the breath, and allow it to carry you to distant shores. If you feel trapped, ask to recognize the root of your illusions, and to see your way forward. You’re in a phase of friction, with intense energies squaring your nodal axis. Squares feel uncomfortable, but they produce results! Work these energies to your own advantage. Intuition serves you well, so pay attention. Whenever you see a “problem,” intend to recognize and receive the solution. Sometimes relief will come through other people, and that’s OK. Sometimes you’ll find relief through a deeper connection with your own unconscious or a mystical encounter with the Divine. Your soul wants you to realize how much support you really have. Much of this support comes from the invisible plane, but it does exist. Get in touch with your passions. Who or what gives you courage? Step into your own power by honoring the depth of your experience. Affirm to yourself, “I am strong.” Because you are.

SAGITTARIUS NORTH NODE: Third Quarter 2021 urges you to take the best of the past in preparation for a joyful, wise and strong future. As the transiting North Node continues to move through Gemini, you might feel 180 from most people you know. As always — but especially now — your inner guidance will lead you in better directions than mainstream anything. Deepen your connection with kindred spirits, and take time to dance instead of just plodding through life. When the urge for introspection arises, trust that this, too, is necessary and right for you. The transiting South Node, karmic Saturn and wounded healer Chiron bring a “fated” feeling to your encounters. This past year through December 2021 offers subtle (and sometimes dramatic) course corrections. Look back nine and eighteen years ago for insights into potential upgrades from old patterns. Who or what makes you feel strong? In which ways do you inspire and uplift others? Shine light in dark places. Your spirit soars when you find a philosophy of life that calms the chatter. If you feel overwhelmed by “monkey mind,” then mantra meditation can help. Pick a word or phrase in English, Sanskrit or whatever language triggers an expansive heart. Repeat, and ride into the zone.

CAPRICORN NORTH NODE: By late September, what seems like a loss in July will have revealed itself as a cosmic course correction. 2020’s intense dismantling, troubleshooting and restructuring prepared you to weather whatever storms arise. You can lean into your Cancer South Node intuition, but avoid getting lost in your emotions. Take a practical perspective, assessing what works and what doesn’t. Use the sword of truth to cut through confusion and maintain your integrity. Saturn rules Capricorn, and he’s the cosmic taskmaster. With Lord of the Underworld Pluto still in your North Node sign, Wounded Healer Chiron squaring from Aries, and all the July activity in Cancer, you’re not off the hook yet. Pay attention to anything that feels fated. This quarter might seem intense, but you can work these energies to your advantage. When in doubt, opt for “most efficient and functional.” Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty if you make delicious lemonade out of lemons. If your lemonade stand gains accolades, know that you deserve these. Nourish your skin this quarter, and do something to improve your posture. Practicing victory pose builds confidence and helps you step more into a leadership role.

AQUARIUS NORTH NODE: Third Quarter 2021 brings an unusual two Full Moon’s in Aquarius, adding extra energy to Saturn and Jupiter’s foray there. Your South Node also gets triggered by all the activity in Leo. Pay attention to encounters that seem fated. Some offer opportunities for new connection and collaboration, but just as many could involve release of old energies and karmic ties. Look back to mid-February 2021 to see which energies arose around the time of the New Moon in Aquarius. That was a super Aquarian time, and you’ve had six months to integrate those alignments. Take time to reflect on all the elements coming together. Who are you becoming? With Saturn retrograde in Aquarius until October 10, Third Quarter 2021 might still feel unfinished or restrained. Use this time to innovate and tinker with your “plans.” Whenever the North Node gets frequent or persistent hits, we feel the hand of destiny orchestrating events. Your ego might not like that, but your soul appreciates this course correction. Align your inner compass for the next 18 years.

PISCES NORTH NODE: This quarter begins with both of your North Node sign’s co-rulers in Pisces. Jupiter remains in Pisces until July 28, when he moves into Aquarius and then returns to Pisces on December 28. Neptune’s here for the long haul. Jupiter and Neptune make for extra strong Pisces energy, emphasizing beauty faith, and healing. July offers an introspective preview of 2022, so take notes on what you love and what you’d love to experience in more harmonious ways. When planning for your future, always leave room for the Great Mystery with a capital M. Your Virgo South Node wants to know what’s next — along with all the how’s — but that attitude leads to misery. You’ll feel more inspired, grounded and abundant when you prioritize the spiritual and emotional above the material and mental. August could challenge you with continued squares from the transiting nodal axis, as well as quincunx energy from Leo. Whenever you feel worried or discouraged, start a gratitude list. Your Virgo South Node loves lists! A gratitude list not only gives you something to do, it also reminds you of a much larger story unfolding through your life. Quiet power is still power. Allow the still, small voice to guide and soothe.

Lily White

I’ve been waiting all year for these Casablanca lilies to bloom!

Dream Wisdom

For all the dreams I share on this blog, I have many thousands more. Sometimes these dreams come with elaborate plots and details. Other times, someone gives me a message, or I awake with a phrase or sentence in my head. This morning I was riding the exercise bike — where I often get waking downloads — and it occurred to me to share a few of the dream quotes. In no particular order:

“In perfect love and perfect trust, perfect timing is a must.”

“Delay leads to delight.”

“Wherever you are is where you live. Right here, now, you’re living, so this is where you live even if you’re only visiting.”

While biking, I started listening to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. I read this book in college and also watched the Bill Moyers interview series with Joseph Campbell, based on this book. I saw that series in the first few months after my 1998 traumatic brain injury, and it helped me view my entire recovery through the lens of hero’s journey and shamanic initiation. Now I have the book on Audible, and I love how much the narration makes the stories and dreams come alive.

Back in April 2019, I had an elaborate and life changing dream. At the end of the dream I met Joseph Campbell in the Meijer Sculpture Gardens. He gave me very personal advice, but he also said one other thing, which I could not for the life of me recall. It seemed important. This morning while biking, I heard Joseph Campbell (as the Audible reader) say:

“Birth is the only cure for death.”

I almost fell off the bike when I realized this is what he told me in that pivotal April 2019 dream. As the collective faces so much change and ongoing pressure to change, these dream memos seem helpful to share. Perhaps they’ll speak to you, as well.

July 2021 Specials

Nine days left. Just a heads up — August will feature different specials.

Laura Bruno's Blog

As always, I intuit the month’s specials based on energies I sense. The first one’s new, second one returns by multiple requests.


Reiki for Release

This is a brand new special that just came to me last night as I drifted off to sleep. It’s a two-part special. The first involves a 20-minute Intuitive Coaching session, where we discuss whatever you feel it’s time for you to release. The second part is a Reiki Healing Attunement (scheduled for a later time), which adds a blast of energetic support to your release.

Reiki Healing Attunements are powerful, so this July Special is for people who have done significant work around their issue(s), feel ready to release them, but just need a little more confidence, clarity and energetic oomph. If you prefer a more gradual release process or don’t know what needs to go, then a regular Reiki treatment

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Full Moon in Aquarius ~ July 23, 2021

On July 23 or 24, depending on your timezone, we have the first of two Aquarius Full Moons this year. My July 2021 Forecast noted:

July 23 Full Moon in Aquarius at 10:37 p.m. Eastern. This Full Moon falls in very early Aquarius, close to the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction of Winter Solstice 2020. Hopes and intentions that couldn’t quite manifest then may release now — either fully formed, or upgraded into something more aligned with the Highest Good of All. Non-attachment is an Aquarian virtue that invites curiosity and innovation. Use this Full Moon to gain new perspective. Pay attention to sudden insights and intuitive downloads. The things we most need often sneak through the backdoor while we’re hanging out on the front porch.

This Full Moon occurs at 1°26′ Aquarius. Since we always round up for Sabian Symbols, the symbol for 2° Aquarius is “AN UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM.” You can read the full write up here. It emphasizes sudden changes — especially natural events — for which we feel unprepared. While this sounds ominous, it can also serve as a good reminder to keep basic things on hand like extra food and water. You don’t need to go full Doomsday Prepper, but these times bring enough uncertainty that a little preparedness makes good sense.

Attitude’s important. The ability to adapt to change brings opportunities. Where others might feel overwhelmed, some inner flexibility and good old fashioned prayer can position you to receive blessings you never thought possible. I recommend mantras like “If not this, then something better” and “I am always in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.”

Pay attention to little nudges ahead of this Full Moon. If you need to complete, acquire or get rid of something, this transit encourages you to do what needs to be done. Act from a place of curiosity and invitation, rather than from a place of fear. Every Full Moon offers a chance for release — this one more than most. You can surf powerful cosmic energies.

The Centaur Chariklo closely conjuncts the Full Moon at 1°52′ Aquarius. In mythology, Chariklo is the loving wife of Chiron, the Wounded Healer. She brings healing magic to this “unexpected thunderstorm.” According to

Chariklo is the largest known asteroid in our solar system.

The night Chariklo was discovered was an auspicious one. She was spotted under the Aquarius Sun on February 15, 1997, and together with four other planets and the Moon, she created a perfect six-pointed star in our night sky. Such a remarkable alignment at the time of her discovery indicates a magic to her energy.

Chariklo’s discovery as part of this six-pointed star indicates an energy of creation, miracles, divination, protection, and destiny.

Chariklo is considered a celestial body of grace, healing, and compassion. Her energy is pure and gentle, and a reminder of the loving-kindness that lives within us all.

On a personal note, this all happens to conjunct my natal Moon, thereby triggering my exact Sun-Moon-Pluto Grand Trine in Air. The Sun point sits right on my Sun-Pluto Midpoint, so I expect this Full Moon to feel extra deep and potent to me. I’m grateful for Chariklo’s buffering effect.

Conjuncting the Sun point at 1°26′ Leo, is Vulkanus at 2°, Psyche at 3°, and Ophelia at 4° Leo. This combo intensifies emotions and intuitive awareness. Even if you breeze through this passage, those around you might struggle. Take care of yourself, but remember to have compassion for people caught off guard. Astrology and inner work give us a heads up, so that we can more easily respond to and even embrace change. Many of us are “strategically placed” to hold space and uplift vibrations in our vicinity.

The Hopi have listed “Four Easy Steps for Surviving the Earth Changes and All the Prophecies

1. Keep your eyes open.
2. Let go of fear.
3. Learn all you can.
4. Live your spirituality.”

As they say, “This can be a good time.”

It’s also a good time to review the idea of El Mundo Bueno. Different realities exist. Choose often, and choose well. Moment by moment, we live.


Just a few garden pix today, plus a reminder. If you missed spring and summer planting, you still have time to plant cool weather crops like spinach, lettuce, mustard and bok choy. I started some inside today to replace lettuce and spinach that already bolted.

The Garden Tower 2 continues to produce loads of greens.

A few varieties of lettuce remain, and I need to harvest the New Kuroda carrots to see how well these shorties grew. I knew I wouldn’t have room for long carrots, but tried these as an experiment in the shallow top. Most of the tower filled in with collards, kale, basil, nasturtium, and chard.

Red hot poker compliments the Garden Tower 2:

As the orange daylilies fade away, echinacea (purple coneflower) and hyssop bloom in the same pot. The bees approve!

Companion Plants and Edible Landscaping

Cottage gardening — a mixture of flowers, herbs and food crops — allows you to sneak edibles into regular landscaping. By mixing ornamentals and edibles, you can outsmart HOA regulations or deter two-legged thieves from pilfering your front yard garden.

Flowers bring pollinators for greater yields. They also attract predatory wasps, who keep “bad” bugs in check. Interspersing crops among flowers and herbs makes would-be munchers work much harder. Instead of a huge kale buffet, those cabbage moths need to discover their caterpillar’s terrain amidst a bunch of other shapes and colors. Choosing purple varieties also confuses animals that want to decimate your hard work. If you let parsley and cilantro flower, they will not only attract beneficial insects; they’ll also reseed themselves.

All of this makes organic gardening much easier!

I prefer a slightly messy garden. It takes less time to maintain, and keeps a casual flow of colors and shapes throughout the season. In addition, companion plants can alter light or soil conditions in favorable ways, allowing hot weather crops a longer season, or repelling things that would otherwise lower yields.

Just sharing some recent photos because my garden brings so much food and joy. You can add freshness and a little food sovereignty bit by bit:

bee balm, flowering parsley, shiso, tomato, and chives
yellow squash, chamomile, flowering onion and kale to the right
“perennial” purple kale, zinnias, nasturtium, banana peppers and more
“perennial” collards (right), sage, yarrow, chives, dianthus, nasturtium, tomato and more
area behind our shed with yellow squash, cucumbers, flowering purple mustard, and potted nettles

Sometimes you garden so much that you start looking like a garden, and that’s OK, too.

Storm and Tunnel Dream

This dream feels bigger than just my own. It did not feel fearful — just a portent of massive change ahead:

“Storm and Tunnel”

Some of this reflects an actual thunderstorm with hail (I think) happening while we slept. I don’t know how much of this was me lying awake in bed listening to the storm and having visions — or me dreaming with the storm amplifying the dream.

I lay in bed and HUGE crashes of thunder rumbled then shook the window and walls. We have blackout curtains, so I couldn’t “see” the lightning, but in the dream I could. I lay there almost shivering like an animal under the covers.

This felt like the end of an era storm, apocalyptic. I watched epochs split and move apart. I sensed that nothing would ever be the same again. This felt solemn and inevitable, like the heavens decreed the change, and then it poured forth.

At some point I thought I was awake and had only been dreaming. I wandered out to the kitchen and opened the curtains above the sink. There was a massive tunnel from our tree line to the house, with a large, round hole in the ground about six feet in front of the evergreens. I instinctively knew a groundhog dug the tunnel and that we could do nothing to save our foundation.

The yard buckled, kind of dipped towards the tunnel and then rose up on either side like a bird in flight with the body lower than the wings. A combination of the storm and this super groundhog had done this. I called David to the window where I stood with mouth agape in awe.

We could not fight this. It was too big, above AND below. There was no remedy.

Then I was back in bed and realized I dreamed that part. It was still dark and the storm was moving on a bit — not so intense. I must have fallen asleep and dreamed the sequence again, because when I awoke with David getting out of bed, I asked if he was getting up.

He said yes, that his alarm had been going off for 20 minutes. I hadn’t stirred because in my dream the thunder remained loud. I told David there was a huge storm last night with what I thought was hail. He had heard none of it, but confirmed possible hail and thunderstorms were in the forecast.

When I eventually got up, it had clearly rained a lot, but I don’t see hail. I heard it — whether in real life or the dream, I don’t know …

Bible verse calendar: “Reliable friends who do what they say are like cool drinks in sweltering heat — refreshing.” ~ Proverbs 25:13

END of dream journal.

A client talked with me about pocket gophers yesterday, so that might have played some part in the dream imagery, although it was much bigger than a pocket! I’ve also been listening to Rising From the Plains while I bike. Maybe some of the creation of mountains found its way into my dream imagery with the buckled yard.

That said, this felt like a significant dream, not just a rehash of the day’s stimuli.

New Moon in Cancer ~ July 9, 2021

My July 2021 Forecast noted:

July 9 New Moon in Cancer at 9:17 p.m. Eastern time. Even more so than usual, this New Moon asks for integration. Rational and intuitive, masculine and feminine. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A PRIEST PERFORMING A MARRIAGE CEREMONY.” Focus on the sacred act of uniting polarities. This union allows for something new to emerge. A baby, a book, a transcendental experience. It’s a good time to meditate or engage in ritual — anything that elevates the mundane into something sacred.

The New Moon occurs at 18°01′ Cancer. Since we always round up for Sabian Symbols, we look up 19° Cancer:


KEYNOTE: The ritualization of productive interpersonal relationships.

This scene symbolizes the profound need for referring the interplay and the relatively permanent and productive union of all polarities to some third factor which either includes, or transcends and gives spiritual meaning to, the relationship. A conjugal union is essentially and traditionally the union of a man and a woman for the sake of producing progeny able to perpetuate the racial type, the family tradition and the way of life of a particular culture (or “subculture”), including a set of religious beliefs. The married couple is the basic productive unit in our society – as it has been for millennia in all patriarchal societies. The purpose of any established religion (including tribal cults) is to glorify, sanction and bless with a super-personal meaning all personal and interpersonal activities. This occurs through the “sacraments,” and indeed through most religious rites.

At this fourth stage of the five-fold sequence we are given the basic technique used in all processes of effectual social or group integration. It is the technique which takes the form of sociocultural, and thus business or religious, ritualization. Through this technique commonplace individual endeavors acquire SANCTION; that is, they are ritualized and indeed “sanctified.”

(You can find all of Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbols listed here.)

In addition to energy of sacred marriage, this New Moon also features cosmic lovers Mars and Venus within two degrees of each other. They will exactly conjunct each other on July 13 at 10:16 a.m. Eastern time. Their close proximity at the time of this New Moon links that day with the exact conjunction four days later. We might consider this a single, multi-day event. Mars and Venus consummate at 19°50′ Leo, so for Sabian Symbols we look up 20° Leo:


KEYNOTE: A return to the glorification of natural energies.

While the first symbol of this five-fold sequence pictured the magnificence of the returning sun after a storm, in this last symbol we see, by implication, man returning to nature and glorifying the sun after the long crisis of “civilized” living in artificial cities. For many years now, the American Pueblo Indian has been for the weary city dweller and the dried-up intellectual a symbol of this “return to nature.” After having ruthlessly destroyed him, we come to him as an exemplar of peaceful and harmonious group living.

This fifth symbol of the twenty-eighth sequence brings us the image of a reversal of our socialized activity and opens for us the way to the deepest release of our long-denied root energies. Natural man links himself consciously to the source of all life on earth. And this means IDENTIFICATION THROUGH WORSHIP — and the sanctification of the creative power.

Considering both events together — the New Moon in Cancer and Venus conjunct Mars — highlights themes of union, ritual and sanctity. Questions to ask yourself and feel into during this multi-day event include:

Which polarities need integration in my life?

How might a small ceremony honor and deepen that connection?

How can I get back to nature?

How can I feel more natural?

How do my creativity and spirituality relate to each other?

Happy New Moon and Venus conjunct Mars! Wishing you all a magical few days.

July 2021 Specials

As always, I intuit the month’s specials based on energies I sense. The first one’s new, second one returns by multiple requests.


Reiki for Release

This is a brand new special that just came to me last night as I drifted off to sleep. It’s a two-part special. The first involves a 20-minute Intuitive Coaching session, where we discuss whatever you feel it’s time for you to release. The second part is a Reiki Healing Attunement (scheduled for a later time), which adds a blast of energetic support to your release.

Reiki Healing Attunements are powerful, so this July Special is for people who have done significant work around their issue(s), feel ready to release them, but just need a little more confidence, clarity and energetic oomph. If you prefer a more gradual release process or don’t know what needs to go, then a regular Reiki treatment session and/or an intuitive or astrology reading would better serve you.

All Reiki moves wherever it needs to go, on whatever level. Many physical symptoms have mental, emotional or spiritual roots. A Reiki treatment is very gentle and sends energy to the entire body and energy field. A Reiki Healing Attunement packs much more wallop. It can empower goals, clear energies, and whoosh away whatever stands in the way of the Highest Good of All. This is why I specified which clients this special can most help.

Each of us holds onto certain people or things, even when we know we need to let them go. The anticipated pain of losing them paralyzes us from taking necessary action. There comes a time when holding onto the old someone or something creates much more pain than letting go would. Prolonging the inevitable exponentially increases the pain and grief all around. We’ve tried everything, we know what we need to do, we kind of want to do it, but we need a little extra validation and energetic oomph. If that describes you, then you’re someone these services would help.

$121 if prepaid on or before July 31, 2021. (Save $24 off the separate cost of these services.) Please contact me to sign up.

Three For Two

So many requests for a repeat of this special! Here you go:

Three hours for the price of two: save $222. This package can be used in whatever increments you choose — hour, 40-minute, half-hour, or 20-minute sessions — and for whatever services you’d like — Medical Intuition, Life Coaching, Astrology, Relationship Clarity, Soul Readings, or any other related service. $444 if prepaid on or before July 31, 2021. Please contact me to sign up.