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Last Two Days for November Specials

Given the odd “past life bleedthrough” I’ve observed in my own life and in sessions this week, I now realize the perfect timing of the first special. I always post whatever presents itself to me as the most appropriate support offerings for each month. November 2012 certainly kicked things up a notch for lots of people. I’m glad to be able to offer these for two more days:


$77 Past Life Quickie

With the veils thinning, so many more people have begun to experience what I call “past life bleed-through.” Dreams, hunches, visions, flashes … however the suspected past life awareness arrives, it can feel unsettling, exciting and/or cause obsessive questions. This half-hour reading allows people to ask persistent questions, or to have a check-in regarding the most pressing karmic issues presenting themselves right now. Yes, this can include past life relationships with animal friends. I don’t normally offer Past Life Readings in a half-hour format, but I wanted to make this available to the larger numbers of people wondering about previous lifetimes and relationships. If you’d like to double this special for the full hour, just let me know in your schedule request. Offer valid if prepaid on or before November 30, 2012.

$333 Intuitive Coaching Three-Pack

With regular intuitive or life coaching sessions running $175/hour, this November Special offers major savings at $333/three hours. I’ve found that even people who normally process things on their own feel challenged by the increased intensity and “sorting” of the Universe these days. As we approach the holidays, Earth changes, internal and galactic shifts, I feel called to offer a short burst of support to those in need. These sessions can be used close together or saved for a future need. The entire package can be gifted to someone else, but (for simplicity of paperwork) these three-packs cannot be divided and shared among multiple individuals. Offer valid if prepaid on or before November 30, 2012. To schedule your first session or purchase the package, please contact me here.

Off-Loading Karma and Cellular Memory

Just a quick heads up: today’s eclipse and the next three days offer an exceptional window of opportunity to off-load a bunch of old junk — especially past life junk. I’ve noticed this in myself and during some sessions this week: the veils between lifetimes are particularly thin right now. If you’re experiencing major emotional or physical symptoms that have you stopped in your tracks, use that pause to inquire, “Is this even related to my current lifetime?!” Notice your body’s response. If you feel an immediate shift of the energy, a lightening of your load, or prickles of relief and hope, I encourage you to send that baggage off with the Universal Bellhop.

You are a VIP in your own life … this life … and you have arrived! Kick off your shoes, fluff up your pillow, open the curtains, and smile at your good fortune. If the Universal Bellhop loses your luggage, no worries there. You didn’t want that old junk anyway, did you? Go ahead, open the closet in your penthouse suite. Everything there’s a perfect fit for your new, healthy body. Take a deep breath and let your heart feel glad. Savor your new surroundings while you contemplate what “home” means. You’re not quite there yet, but you’ve moved out of the old digs. No need to drag the past — even the lengthy, distant past — around with you anymore.

Use these three days to smile with relief, clean yourself off, expand your horizons and plan a more suitable itinerary for yourself. If you like where you were already headed, you can hop back on that ride; just know that you’ve suddenly been bumped up to First Class. If you prefer your newly imagined itinerary, just know that the baggage you dumped has allowed you access to places you could not have otherwise gone. Physical limitations from past life cellular memory can evaporate when you decide to give away those old costumes. You’re naked now. You decide what to wear, and how you’ll wear it. From now on, you decide. Enjoy your stay and enjoy your going.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”
― Dr. Seuss


Tom Lescher ~ November 21-28, 2012

This powerful Tom Lescher video describes the potent astrology we’ve encountered since last Wednesday. Holy, moly, is there ever a lot of stuff going on right now! As usual, Tom highlights the things I’ve most noticed in sessions and with friends and family members, placing these situations into an astrological context that makes sense of it all. Even though he posted this video last week, I’m posting it now because in retrospect, it will make more sense to viewers. Anyone struggling with relationships this week will especially appreciate his descriptions of the masculine and feminine restructuring at work. I hope you enjoy his message and the background Brazilian water as much as I did. Many thanks to Tom, or, as he’s now called: Kaypacha.

“When I make choices to empower myself,
I must consider the community’s health,
For only with the balance of give and take,
A whole new world can we create!

“What an amazing time we live in! The energy now is difficult to put into words and takes so much longer than a short little Pele Report! I’m seeing it as a time of moving from a ‘personal love’ to an impersonal spiritual love guided by divinity. If we can possibly get our ego-love relationships in order (as in balancing the masculine/feminine energies within ourselves) there is available this “higher order” of divine love that can “descend” into us, our relationships, and our lives. To realize this divine nature is to be totally at one with all existence in a blissful state of surrender/joy to everything and anything that comes.”

Twelve Insight ~ Source Will Always Send You The Right People, Places, And Circumstances

Some wonderful reminders and affirmations from Twelve Insight. I’ve been seeing so much of this during sessions, especially with people’s jobs. Thanks, Gillian!

Twelve Insight | November 25 2012

Dear Twelve, Something recently happened at my job that necessitated me leaving there immediately. A person that I have to work with is unbalanced and out to ruin my reputation and certainly my happiness. I cannot work there any longer.

I have been more connected to the God Source without her in my energy. But I have been off of work for a week and am having waves of fear about “what is going to happen to me?” Can you speak a little about fear for one’s self when one is alone, discouraged, with virtually no family?

If you are feeling more connected to Source, then this is exactly where you should be. And part of the reason you are feeling fearful and disconnected is the manner in which it happened. So we would invite you to reconsider the idea that that person was out to get you, and consider that the Universe sent them to get you out of a good place and into a better one. In other words they are your friend even though they are unpleasantly disguised.

When you choose to live your life in alignment with Source, and have conscious intention for the kind of life you are wanting to live, the Source will always send you exactly the right people, places, and circumstances to bring you there. Sometimes we just have to blast you out of a comfortable position to get you to move on. In fact, you should get used to it, because the more magnificent your life becomes, the more often you will find yourself leaving a place that is better than it’s ever been before, to go on to your next adventure, that will be even better than ever. Better, better, and better. That’s the way it becomes.
You cannot intend for even better, and stand still.

We invite you to get used to the idea that you will always be letting go of what-is and releasing it every day. It is your attachment to these things that causes it to be painful, not the fact that you are moving onward with your life. It’s that death grip that most of you get on your familiar surroundings. There was that movie about the man whose airplane wrecked and left him on a deserted island for years. That was all about letting go. In the end he even had to let go of his familiar island, which he had learned to appreciate when it had saved him, in order to move forward with his life.

Appreciate, and let go. Appreciate, and let go. That is the way to always have that which is new and vital flowing into your life. Then you are always in the position, no matter how good it has become, to discover what can be even better than this.

Your journey is blessed. We see it. All is well. It really is.


The Ascension Flu: The Change is Almost Here

I am sooooo feeling this right now, and I know many, many clients, friends and family members are, too. I’ve posted before about Ascension Symptoms and Solar Flares, and we have had some doozies lately. People almost can’t keep pace with all the upgrades. I just stumbled upon a very thorough article from Removing the Shackles and thought I’d share, since things have increased in intensity even this past week. Hang in there! We’re on the ride of our lifetimes …

The Ascension Flu: The change is almost here

I originally posted this article way back in May 2012, but conversations I have been having this past week, (and the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that have been hammering me) made me realize that it’s time to repost it.

The energies of change are a swirling vortex that is sweeping us up, to surf the eddies and flow of the tides that are washing over us and through us.

…and the ride can be a bit dizzying.

Yesterday many wonderful awake and aware people discussed the issue of “Paying the Price of being Awake” Many of the comments made were enlightening, and nakedly honest in their expression. One of the things that we may forget about this journey we are on, is the effect these changes bring not only to OURSELVES, but to our relationships with the people around us. Several of the points in the article below directly reflect these changes we are experiencing in our personal relationships.

The guilt we may feel over lost relationships, or the distancing that we are experiencing within our circles is difficult to over come. Especially if those that are fading into the background are family members. We are changing, and when WE change, we cannot expect those around us to change at the same pace, or even at all.

We are each on our own path. Sometimes others paths branch off from ours taking those people onto another trail of their own direction, and sometime other paths unite, joining ours and weaving themselves into our journey.

This journey is ours to experience. It’s not always comfortable though.

So if you’re feeling discombobulated bewildered and befuddled, maybe you have the ascension flu. It’s a process, albeit a confusing one for the unwary. Take it easy on yourself. Rest and Relax and do what feels natural to make yourself feel comfortable. It’s not all in your head!

ps: Antoinette I think you’ll find this article very helpful!

SUNDAY, 27 MAY 2012

“I can’t come to work….I have the Ascension Flu!”

If I had the technological know-how, I’d record a fake commercial to embed here. But I don’t, so picture light sweeping strings playing in the back ground, and pictures of people running through fields of flowers in slow motion, with the breeze softly blowing through their hair while they smile vapidly….

“Are you tired and run down? Feeling a bit lost and disoriented, like you just can’t keep up with the crowd? Are you bloated and pimply and feeling like a clumsy teenager again? Can’t sleep? Need to eat and eat?…… You too may have a case of……. The Ascension Flu!”

Yesterday when I wrote the article “The Question of Ascension” I said:
Here are my thoughts on Ascension: I don’t know exactly what it is. I don’t know exactly who what where when why or how it will happen.

I know it’s happening- I can feel it. I can feel the changes in my own body, mind and spirit. It’s real, and that is all that I Know.

… and that is what I’m going to write about today. The “Ascension Flu”.

As I’ve said before, I read voraciously and file things away in the back of my head for future reference. I’ve read several articles about the “symptoms” of ascension, and at the time thought “Oh yea, I know that feeling!”, but like everything else it was filed away and not really in the front of my brain pan.

Then last week we had the eclipse and the global meditation. I don’t know, I guess I somehow thought I’d wake up Monday morning feeling like a different person. Wet fire crackers. Hmmmmm…. it was a bit disappointing, but, whatever, my week went on. Little did I realize that by this weekend I’d think I was going insane or suffering from some terrible malady. Then just when I was ready to call the hospital to book and MRI and EEG, and a battery of tests, one of my best friends sent me this link:

….and suddenly I had one of those moments of extreme clarity: I’m not loosing my mind!!! I have the Ascension Flu!!!

As I said, I’ve read lots of articles about the various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms of going through ascension, but Hey! I’m really busy. And forgetful. Very.

My personal symptoms started ramping up about 2 weeks ago, but this past week has been just ridiculous. Seriously.

Needless to say I’ve sent this article out to everyone and had a billion responses of: “Oh thank god! I thought I was coming down with some horrible brain disease!!”.

So for those of you that are feeling just a bit out of whack, have a read and put your mind to rest. It’s probably just the Ascension Flu!

* BUT… if you are experiencing any symptoms of extreme discomfort, please see a doctor, just to make sure!!!


1. Feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or in intense energy; feeling stress. Remember, you are adjusting to a higher vibration and you will eventually adjust. Old patterns, behaviours and beliefs are also being pushed to the surface. There is a lot going on inside of you.

2. A feeling of disorientation; not knowing where you are; a loss of a sense of place. You are not in 3D anymore, as you have moved or in the process of moving into the higher realms.

3. Unusual aches and pains throughout different parts of your body. You are purifying and releasing blocked energy vibrating at 3D, while you are vibrating in a higher dimension.

4. Waking at night between 2 and 4 a.m. Much is going on in your dream state. You can’t be there for long lengths of time and need a break. This is also the ‘cleansing and releasing’ hour.

5. Memory loss. A great abundance of short term memory loss and only vague remembrances of your past. You are in more than one dimension at a time, and going back and forth as part of the transition, you are experiencing a ‘disconnect’. Also, your past is part of the Old, and the Old is forever gone. Being in the Now is the way of the New World.

6. ‘Seeing’ and ‘hearing’ things. You are experiencing different dimensions as you transition, all according to how sensitive you are and how you are wired.

7. Loss of identity. You try to access the Old you, but it is no longer there. You may not know who you are looking at in the mirror. You have cleared much of your old patterns and are now embodying much more light and a simpler, more purified divine you. All is in order, You are okay.

8. Feeling ‘out of body’. You may feel as though someone is talking, but it is not you. This is our natural defence mechanism of survival when we are under acute stress or feeling traumatized or out of control. Your body is going through a lot and you may not want to be in it. My ascension guide told me that this was a way of easing the transition process, and that I did not need to experience what my body was going through. This only lasted a short time. It passes.

9. Periods of deep sleeping. You are resting from all the acclimating and are integrating, as well as building up for the next phase.

10. Heightened sensitivities to your surroundings. Crowds, noise, foods, TV, other human voices and various other stimulations are barely tolerable. You also overwhelm very easily and become easily overstimulated. You are tuning up. Know that this will eventually pass.

11. You don’t feel like doing anything. You are in a rest period, ‘rebooting’. Your body knows what it needs. In addition, when you begin reaching the higher realms, ‘doing’ and ‘making things happen’ becomes obsolete as the New energies support the feminine of basking, receiving, creating, self-care and nurturing. Ask the Universe to ‘bring’ you what you want while you are enjoying yourself and having fun.

12. An intolerance for lower vibrational things of the 3D, reflected in conversations, attitudes, societal structures, healing modalities, etc. They literally make you feel ‘sick’ inside. You are in a higher vibration and your energies are no longer in alignment. You are being ‘pushed, to move forward; to ‘be’ and create the New.

13. A loss of desire for food. Your body is adjusting to a new, higher state of being. Also, part of you does not want to be here anymore in the Old.

14. A sudden disappearance of friends, activities, habits, jobs and residences. You are evolving beyond what you used to be, and these people and surroundings no longer match your vibration. The New will soon arrive and feel so-o-o-o much better.

15. You absolutely cannot do certain things anymore. When you try to do your usual routine and activities, it feels downright awful. You are evolving beyond what you used to be, and these people and surroundings no longer match your vibration. The New will soon arrive and feel so-o-o-o much better.

16. Days of extreme fatigue. Your body is losing density and going through intense restructuring.

17. A need to eat often along with what feels like attacks of low blood sugar. Weight gain, especially in the abdominal area. A craving for protein. You are requiring an enormous amount of fuel for this ascension process. Weight gain with an inability to loose it no matter what you do is one of the most typical experiences. Trust that your body knows what it is doing.

18. Experiencing emotional ups and downs; weeping. Our emotions are our outlet for release, and we are releasing a lot.

19. A wanting to go Home, as if everything is over and you don’t belong here anymore. We are returning to Source. Everything is over, but many of us are staying to experience and create the New World. Also, our old plans for coming have been completed.

20. Feeling you are going insane, or must be developing a mental illness of some sort. You are rapidly experiencing several dimensions and greatly opening. Much is available to you now. You are just not used to it. Your awareness has been heightened and your barriers are gone. This will pass and you will eventually feel very at Home like you have never felt before, as Home is now here.

21. Anxiety and panic. Your ego is losing much of itself and is afraid. Your system is also on overload. Things are happening to you that you may not understand. You are also losing behaviour patterns of a lower vibration that you developed for survival in 3D. This may make you feel vulnerable and powerless. These patterns and behaviours you are losing are not needed in the higher realms. This will pass and you will eventually feel so much love, safety and unity. Just wait.

22. Depression. The outer world may not be in alignment with the New, higher vibrational you. It doesn’t feel so good out there. You are also releasing lower, darker energies and you are ‘seeing’ through them. Hang in there.

23. Vivid, wild and sometimes violent dreams. You are releasing many, many lifetimes of lower vibrational energy. Many are now reporting that they are experiencing beautiful dreams. Your dream state will eventually improve and you will enjoy it again. Some experience this releasing while awake. My mother commented one day that she believed I was having nightmares in the daytime.

24. Night sweats and hot flashes. Your body is ‘heating’ up as it burns off residue.

25. Your plans suddenly change in mid-stream and go in a completely different direction. Your soul is balancing out your energy. It usually feels great in this new direction, as your soul knows more than you do. It is breaking your ‘rut’ choices and vibration.

26. You have created a situation that seems like your worst nightmare, with many ‘worst nightmare’ aspects to it. Your soul is guiding you into ‘stretching’ into aspects of yourself where you were lacking, or into ‘toning down’ aspects where you had an overabundance. Your energy is just balancing itself. Finding your way to peace through this situation is the test you have set up for yourself. This is your journey, and your soul would not have set it up if you weren’t ready. You are the one who finds your way out and you will. Looking back, you will have gratitude for the experience and be a different person.

Here are a few more symptoms that were not listed in the above article that I have found many many people (including myself) to be experiencing as well:

– Activity at the crown of the head: Tingling, itching, prickly, crawling sensations along the scalp and/or down the spine. A sense of energy vibrating on top of the head, as if energy is erupting from the head in a shower. Also the sensation of energy pouring in through the crown, described as “sprinkles”. This may also be experienced as pressure on the crown, as if someone is pushing his/her finger into the center of your head.

– Food intolerances, allergies you never had before: As you grow more spiritual, you are more sensitive to everything around you. Your body will tell you what it can no longer tolerate, as if it, too, is sloughing off what doesn’t serve it anymore. You might be cleansing yourself of toxins. Some people find they often have a white residue in their mouth, much like that of runners at the end of a race.

– Sight: Blurry vision, shimmering objects, seeing glittery particles, auras around people, plants, animals, and objects. Some report seeing formerly opaque objects as transparent. When you close your eyes, you no longer see darkness, but a redness. You may also see geometric shapes or brilliant colors and pictures when eyes are closed. Colors appear more vivid — the sky might look teal or the grass an amazing green. As you become more sensitive, you may see shapes or outlines in the air, especially when the room is almost dark. When your eyes are open or closed, you may see white shapes in your peripheral vision.

– Hearing: Increased or decreased hearing. hearing white noise in the head, beeps, tones, music or electronic patterns. Some hear water rushing, bees buzzing, whooshing, roaring or ringing. Others have what is called audio dyslexia– you can’t always make out what people are saying, as if you can no longer translate your own language.

– Enhanced senses of smell, touch, and/or taste. I notice I can now smell and taste chemical additives in some foods in a rather unpleasant manner. Other food may taste absolutely wonderful. For some people, these enhancements are both delightful and distracting. You might even smell the fragrance of flowers now and then.

– Skin eruptions: Rashes, bumps, acne, hives, and shingles. Outbreaks around the mouth and chin, even on unusual areas of your body.

– Changes in meditation. Not feeling the same sensations as before. Not having the same experience. Difficulty in focusing.

– “Teachers” appear everywhere with perfect timing to help you on your spiritual journey: people, books, movies, events, Mother Nature, etc.

– Heart palpitations. A racing heart usually accompanies a heart opening. It only lasts for a few moments and means that the heart is re-balancing itself after an emotional release. (I had a few episodes back in February that freaked me out with my “heart” pounding so hard and fast I could barely stand.)

– Faster hair and nail growth. …very weird!

– Bloating, gassiness….not pleasant when you’re out in public!
Strange pressures and sensations in the areas of chakra centers- sometimes almost uncomfortable pressure, or prickling sensations. Last week I felt like I had a piece of food stuck in my throat…for 3 days. Last month I had an uncomfortable heavy pressure on my solar plexus every time I ate for several days.

Take heart my friends! As we move closer to our goal, we will feel the changes happening. It’s not going to last forever, and soon we will reap the benefits!

(Link to original article.)

One Week Left of November Specials


$77 Past Life Quickie

With the veils thinning, so many more people have begun to experience what I call “past life bleed-through.” Dreams, hunches, visions, flashes … however the suspected past life awareness arrives, it can feel unsettling, exciting and/or cause obsessive questions. This half-hour reading allows people to ask persistent questions, or to have a check-in regarding the most pressing karmic issues presenting themselves right now. Yes, this can include past life relationships with animal friends. I don’t normally offer Past Life Readings in a half-hour format, but I wanted to make this available to the larger numbers of people wondering about previous lifetimes and relationships. If you’d like to double this special for the full hour, just let me know in your schedule request. Offer valid if prepaid on or before November 30, 2012.

$333 Intuitive Coaching Three-Pack

With regular intuitive or life coaching sessions running $175/hour, this November Special offers major savings at $333/three hours. I’ve found that even people who normally process things on their own feel challenged by the increased intensity and “sorting” of the Universe these days. As we approach the holidays, Earth changes, internal and galactic shifts, I feel called to offer a short burst of support to those in need. These sessions can be used close together or saved for a future need. The entire package can be gifted to someone else, but (for simplicity of paperwork) these three-packs cannot be divided and shared among multiple individuals. Offer valid if prepaid on or before November 30, 2012. To schedule your first session or purchase the package, please contact me here.

The First Thanksgiving: What really happened

The following account explains why I choose to celebrate what I call “Gratitude Day” rather than the traditional “Thanksgiving” propaganda taught in US schools. Gratitude is incredibly powerful and involves a deep recognition of the gifts and sacredness of all Life, including our bountiful planet. I live every day as Gratitude Day, but I like to express some extra appreciation when the rest of the country’s in full on Thanksgiving mode. Regular blog readers know I’m a fan of the Wildwood Tarot, with its deep forest wisdom. This post reminds me of some of those messages that resonate so strongly with my heart. Thanks to Ann at exopermaculture for posting this version of the story, which more appropriately honors the Native Americans.

The First Thanksgiving: What really happened.

November 14, 2007

P.M. Russell

Historical Perspectives

THE WAY AMERICA envisions that first Thanksgiving, goes something like this: Civilized European pilgrims set out across the Atlantic Ocean, and were rewarded with an entire continent of untold wealth. Oh sure there were a few unclothed savages already there, but they were not a problem that couldn’t be dealt with. Journals and letters written by those first settlers contain accounts of plundering native stores of food, tools and furs. If the Pilgrims found it, they took it.

After working, praying and surviving a bitter winter, the Pilgrim Fathers brought in a bountiful harvest produced by careful tending of seeds that they had brought from home. Inviting their heathen neighbors to join them, the Pilgrims gave thanks for their New World and its riches at a meal consisting of turkey, squash, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Afterwards, the men sat around smoking and telling stories while the women cleaned up.

Now for the Native American side of the story:

What really happened was more like this: After two months and two deaths on the Mayflower crossing in 1620, the Pilgrims landed on the coast of Massachusetts, where an Algonquin-speaking group, the Wampanoags, lived. Clad in leather garments (adding furs during the winter) these native peoples skillfully cultivated corn, beans, squashes and pumpkins; hunted the woods for deer, elk and bear; and fished for salmon and herring. Like other members of what anthropologists now call the Woodland Culture, the Wampanoags looked upon deer, fish and turtle as totemic siblings, and had deep respect for every natural creature. When they hunted, they left offerings for other forest inhabitants, and they would never think of planting or harvesting without giving thanks for the fertility of Mother Earth.

From where the natives sat — especially one named Squanto, who’d learned English after having been sold into slavery a few years earlier, these Pilgrims were in deep buffalo chips. The wheat brought from Europe was completely unsuited to the New England soil and failed to germinate. Half the settlers died during the first winter. Squanto and his friends took pity on this sorry situation and brought venison and furs to these unfortunate white men. He taught them how to plant corn using fish as fertilizer, how to dig clams, how to tap maple trees for syrup.

The Algonquin tribes already had the custom of celebrating six different thanksgiving festivals during the year, and one of those happened to coincide with a dinner party thrown by Miles Standish and company. Standish invited Squanto and a few of his friends and their families to come on down and share a meal. More than 90 Indians showed up. The Pilgrim menu wasn’t going to cover that many guests. So a few of the Algonquin men went out and came back with five deer, enough for three solid days of cross-cultural feasting. Here’s what was actually on that menu: venison, wild duck, wild geese, eels, clams, squash, corn bread, berries and nuts.

That meal was one of the last untroubled moments the whites and natives spent together. Within 50 years, most of the Woodland peoples had been killed, claimed by European diseases or — if lucky — disappeared into the woods. Today, there are still 500 Wampanoags living in New England. They do not celebrate the American Thanksgiving.

Happy Gratitude Day!

“Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings.” ~Marianne Williamson

“You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the concert and the opera, and grace before the play and pantomime, and grace before I open a book, and grace before sketching, painting, swimming, fencing, boxing, walking, playing, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink.” ~G.K. Chesterton

“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.” ~William Faulkner

“Do not take anything for granted — not one smile or one person or one rainbow or one breath, or one night in your cozy bed.” ~Terri Guillemets

Many Thanks and Blessings to all my blog readers, clients, friends and family members, and especially to David. I am so very, very blessed. Thank you each for being in my life. Much Love and a Happy Gratitude Day, wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate! ~Laura

Upgrades Everywhere!

David and I have spent the past two months packing and moving, packing and moving, and now unpacking in our gradually finalized relocation from Madison, Wisconsin to Goshen, Indiana. Our new house looks superficially similar to our old house, with only about 20 square feet difference in actual living space. It continues to strike me, though, that our moving process exactly mirrors the late 2012 evolutionary energies.

I feel alternating relief, joy, gratitude and overwhelm, depending on the day and tasks at hand. We carry the vision of not only our new home, but also a transformation of the land into productive gardens and a permaculture haven. Sometimes the difference between the vision and the “reality” makes me feel a little crazy, and we are both physically exhausted from furniture building, and hauling boxes, recycling and trash. But that vision continues to shine, and every day, we see a little more of it made manifest.

Since this moving experience has so paralleled the overall energies of the times, I thought I’d share some details, which work as metaphors regarding the transition:

1 ) Get rid of that which no longer serves! Even though our new living space is similarly sized to our old space, we lack the ginormous basement and various storage spots of our Madison home. We gain functional closets and a dedicated office, but we’ve lost the ability to “stack and forget about it.” When we finish clearing out the excess, we will find ourselves surrounded by only that which we dearly love and/or need.

2) Efficiency rules. As we’ve moved into this totally renovated 1910 house, we realize just how many little inconveniences we used to live with in our other partially renovated 1910 house. We retain the charm, but instead of little annoyances we worked around, we find that everything works smoothly and the layout makes sense.

Instead of having my clothes spread out in two different closets in two different rooms, separated by a small flight of steps, I’ll now have everything in one closet and one dresser. Instead of having to run to the basement to use a single dehydrator, we’ll now have access to both dehydrators stacked conveniently in the pantry/laundry room, thereby making it that much easier to preserve food and make raw yummies. Instead of a very basic toilet-only setup in the basement, we’ve gained a fully functional and beautiful downstairs powder room, plus a completely private upstairs bathroom. No more scouring the main bathroom every time we have guests! We can also fill the bathtub without running out of hot water, and it only takes 5 minutes instead of half an hour. We have a kitchen island to double our workable food prep space.

We have so many little time savers. None of these upgrades in and of themselves would make such a huge difference, but we constantly marvel at their cumulative impact.

3) Better communication. With brand new cable installed, we’ve got superfast internet and crystal clear phone service. Our Madison setup would partially kick me offline after five minutes of inactivity. Rather than simply reconnecting me, the system required I run through a several step process of disconnecting from our “local access only” network, select that very same network again, and then wait for it to reconnect. In our new place, we have the modem in the same room as the computers, but everywhere in the house gets excellent wifi signals. No more kicking me offline, either. My laptop speeds along regardless of idle time or location. It’s another relatively small thing, but multiplied by 10-50 times per day, it sure makes a world of difference!

4) More for less. As the world economy continues to reveal its manipulated, sorry state, we continue to find ways to minimize our interaction with the Un-Mighty Dollar. For all our upgrades, we’ve significantly dropped our rent and gained much more usable garden space. We’ve also joined a community that emphasizes local, organic foods, farmers markets, reusing, repurposing and upgrading what’s already there. The strong Amish and Mennonite influence in surrounding areas and in town has resulted in lots of downtown local character, high quality local food, and handcrafted furniture. Goshen recycles all the numbers, including that persnickety #5. Everywhere we turn, we see more emphasis on “making the most of whatcha got.”

5) Stronger community. Although Goshen, like all of America right now, draws sharp lines between Tea Partiers and Died in the Wool Democrats, we can see some movement towards working together for the greater good of all. Elkhart County supposedly got hit the hardest by the 2008 recession, and this area has made a huge comeback, largely through local and sustainable efforts. We see similar trends happening in other areas like Oakland, California and the Bronx, New York, where impoverished communities have taken solutions into their own hands rather than waiting for government handouts, red tape, and draconian regulations.

Instead of just having a soup kitchen that separates the haves from the have-nots, Goshen offers a restaurant called, “The Window,” where anyone can come to eat, whether they pay or not. Large tables encourage people who come in for a free meal to sit right next to those who’ve paid. On First Fridays, you can see tons of people from all walks of life, enjoying the food and community. No one knows who paid or didn’t.

6) A Renaissance of music, architecture and the arts On Saturday evening, David and I took a break from unpacking to attend a concert featuring Nashville artists Bonnie Bishop and Anne McCue. Both offered phenomenal performances in the intimate setting of Ignition, a music store and sometimes concert hall. The packed house enjoyed personal stories from the artists, as well as ongoing comments about how they’ve “never met so many nice people all in one town.” Anne McCue sang in the first Lilith tour and traveled and jammed with Heart. Originally from Australia, she peppered her performance with the quirkiest tales and anecdotes from Down Under. “I’m an Aquarian,” she said, to which I said, “Ah…that explains a lot.” 😉

On a Summer visit to Goshen, we spoke with the owner of Ignition, who told us, “The Cultural Creatives have finally reached critical mass.” Goshen actively courts artists and entrepreneurs.

7) Excited people pursuing their passions, regardless of objections or habitual limitations. Regardless of the “economy,” national trends, or fears, people here seem to embrace the Joseph Campbell promise: “Follow your bliss, and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Sure, some areas of town still look rundown, but everywhere you turn, you begin to see someone’s vision peeking through. Another store gets a gut rehab and new paint; a boutique offers funky, original clothes; the Farmer’s Market Film Series and ongoing Goshen Green Drinks at Constant Springs draw community to discuss larger ecological challenges and ways to foster sustainability and surthrival. All this expands even as the old structures and illusions of government, BigAg, BigBanks, and BigPharma continue to crumble. “As the new arises, the old shall fall away.” ~a David-ism. 🙂

I’ve shared a lot here about Goshen and our own living space; however, I see glimmers of this happening everywhere. Anyone with eyes to see can seek and find such trends, even if you simply hold the vision of possibilities.

As humanity shifts from all the synthetic limitations imposed by corrupted medical, financial and governmental systems, we will begin to make manifest a return to easier living. Life will suddenly flow where before we met resistance. Bodies will heal as chemtrails, GMO’s and toxic drugs become a thing of the past. Clean air and water, organic food, and natural remedies and healing will become the norm. People will get to know their neighbors and learn to value each person’s gifts. We will once again care for our planet and fellow creatures.

These changes need not happen overnight. Just as our move has dragged over multiple months and states, the human and planetary evolution will happen as it happens. You can’t force it, but the trend continues. I encourage everyone to look in your own life and ask some questions:

1) What can I release that no longer serves? This can include physical “stuff” as well as relationships, habits and emotional baggage. Anything and everything that no longer serves or fills you with love.

2) In which areas can I streamline my efforts, release resistance and go with the flow?

3) How can I improve communication? Internet, phone, telepathy, journaling, prayer, expressing feelings?

4) How can I maintain what I love for less money and/or less effort? Consider strategic relocation, energy efficient steps like sealing windows, bartering, clipping coupons, or doing what I call “intentional shopping.” (Visualize what you want or need prior to shopping, with the intention of receiving discounts or freebies. Then follow intuitive nudges of where and when to shop. Watch the savings accumulate. I almost never pay full price for new purchases. David calls it “Laura Bruno-ing” when we receive back-to-back 40-60%-off’s on a day’s outing. You’ll find yourself more engaged with the Universe and filled with gratitude as things you need just appear “out of nowhere.” We live in an infinitely abundant Universe. Receive!)

5) How can I increase my feelings of community?

6) How can I honor my own and others’ creativity? Even small steps count. 🙂

7) What passions continue to call me, even after years/decades/lifetimes of ignoring them?

The Universe has begun to open long-closed doors. Imagine and receive the possibilities!

Visionkeeper — Pushing Through the Veils — 14 November 2012

Thanks, Lucas!

Visionkeeper – Pushing Through The Veils – 14 November 2012


Our ship is close by now, pushing through the last of the veils off the coast line of third dimension. It has not been easy for it to find us here in this thick fog of illusion. Soon it will drop anchor and boarding will begin for the voyage to 5D.

I hope we are all ready to climb aboard and set sail. We cannot bring baggage with us for this ship cannot be weighed down with unnecessary weight, but rather it must travel light, high atop the waves where the wind is strongest to push us along. The time is now for letting go of all that we no longer need to falsely define who we are. It is time to pare down to the core of all that is and discard the rest. It is a time also of releasing our need to control and hold on to everything out of fear that what we have is all there is. Scarcity thinking is self-limiting and our new life is all about expansion beyond where we are now. Think big and it shall be!

I think for many recently it has been a time of letting go of what we felt we needed to make us who we are. As if we aren’t everything we need to be just as we are! Holding on to and having control of are both born out of the same insecurity we call fear. In order to let go of those needs we need to dig deep within and ask ourselves what are we afraid of. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about releasing our control over our children. That is a tough one to do! I was telling her about how I had to release my protection over my son. I used to hound him about the dangers of cell phones which irked him no end. I finally had to release my need to keep him safe and let him fly away into his own life. If he were to get a brain tumor from using his cell phone it was his choice and if he should die, it was his time to depart for he had obviously completed his mission he came to earth with to complete and it is his time to go. We give birth but then we must release so the child can grow into whomever they are meant to be.

Would I be sad if he died? I would be devastated but far less than I would have been before this journey. My devastation would have been my loss of him, my own longing to want him here allow me to continue to be a mom in my old way of thinking and the hole in my heart would have been immense. Today I know there is no such thing as death, our spirits continue on forever and eternity, I know to hold on only interferes with their own missions, they need the freedom to be who they need to be to complete their missions. If he were to go, I do not stop being who I am, he did not define who I was, being his mother did not define who I was, I am me as I came into this life to be. I would hope I could focus on the joys he brought to my life and my accomplishments at raising him well and be grateful for the short amount of time he was with me and to feel proud at my ability to let go of him and allow his wings to fly wherever they chose to go.

As we push through each one of our veils that need clearing away our lives become lighter. We become less stuck in the muck we have been mired in our entire lives and breathing becomes easier. It is not easy coming to grips with these veils we must pull aside. There is often much floor walking and hand wringing to go through to settle out with yourself. Life is not easy to get through in 3D. We must face these trials and tribulations with strength and determination, we must find our courage to go through uncomfortable moments, hours or days to find our answers and come to grips with things. Once through the process, everything becomes lighter and you move up a level. It takes faith that when you come out the other end of the tunnel all will be well. Trust! That emotion we find so hard to get a hold of, but we must. Yes we have been lied to our entire lives, but the time must eventually come to choose ‘do I continue to mistrust the world or do I choose to trust again?’

Learn to let go of fear:

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Blessings to us all,

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