Denial, Boundaries, Dams and Emotions

Today’s post offers a collection of other posts with commentary based on what I’ve observed in recent sessions and in the larger world. It doesn’t take much intuition to recognize how polarized, projecting and intense emotions have become, especially in recent weeks. What surprises me (somewhat) is the degree to which even non-political people are empathing and experiencing the massive energies swirling around. So many people tell me about huge arguments in their microcosm, which exactly mirror huge arguments in the macrocosm. Or about feeling a need to suppress emotions and opinions in order to keep the peace, but then having physical symptoms arise that demand attention.

As within, so without. As without, so within. Add to this dynamic the struggle between the current energy pushing towards revelation and awakening — including rude awakening — fighting against the desire to shove unpleasant truths back under the rug, and we’ve got a roiling, boiling collective threatening to break the dam. Coincidentally, we also have a crisis at Oroville Dam — whose inadequate/defective spillways demanded (but did not receive) attention 12 years ago. Regardless of whether or not that dam creates a 100-foot tsunami of water through major farmland towards Sacramento, other dams throughout the US suffer from similar neglect and/or sabotage. Just as the body speaks for the repressed soul, so the physical world echoes underlying spiritual and emotional states.

Jamie Walters posted an excellent piece on Sophia’s Children, called “The (Healed) Feminine — Medicine for Our Times.” I highly recommend Jamie’s piece as it explores the importance of not just the Divine Feminine, but also the Sacred Masculine. She does a good job noting some of the differences between the Feminine principle and “Feminism,” helping readers to recenter themselves and bring that spiritual awareness and balance back out into the world. I’ll share here a little comment stream between us regarding her post, as our comments relate to the interconnectedness of all things, from politics to physical health to infrastructure to relationships:

Me: Thank you for holding the balance. The levels of projection right now are off the charts, toxic, and suicidal as a civilization, so I feel heartened whenever I witness people holding space for the Feminine and recognizing the difference between that and some of what passes today as “Feminism.” We need gentle strength and respectful wisdom and yes, REAL empathy beyond the tag lines. Real attempts to understand and really see people beyond caricature level. Every voice that echoes these receptive, Feminine qualities increases the chance of them being recognized, cultivated and honored amidst the cacophony and orchestrated chaos. Peace in, peace out. Thanks, Love, and Blessed Be ❤

Jamie: Amen to that, sister. 🙂 And yowza — yes — the levels of projection are off the charts, toxic, and suicidal as a civilization (in the ‘outer’, and also the corresponding energy/psychic ‘shared field’). Always good to be aware of it, and choose to be a vibrational remedy. 🙂 Lots of love Laura. J

Me: I’ve been following this Oroville Dam situation and pondering how it’s kind of like what’s happening in the collective emotional realm right now — a potential tsunami of untold devastation … or through proper attention and really addressing the cracks and spillways, a near miss wake-up call. Which will it be? Here’s to vibrational remedies. Lots of love, Jamie. Thanks for being you. 🙂

Although some friends and I continue to send energy to the dam for the safety and protection of the millions of people its collapse or overflow would affect, I have not had time to blog about the connections I see related to individual and collective emotions. Further revealing the interconnectedness of all beings, and how ideas and inspiration touch many lives at once, I saw that my friend Ann Kreilkamp wrote an excellent piece on just that topic: “Astrology of Oroville Dam Emergency: A Metaphor of Our Dammed Up Feelings.”

I echo Ann’s conclusion:

“Hey everybody! Let’s wake up! Come to our senses! Use this strong emergence, not to throw rocks — or missiles, or drones, or nasty words — at each other or ourselves, but to dissolve the walls that separate compartmentalized pools of deep, damned up energy, whether internal or external. Let us muster the courage to embrace the vulnerability that attends our experience when feelings flow, without judgment, and without becoming reactive. Simply: Allow and honor them enough so that they may dissipate naturally. Our feelings are real. They alert us to our unlived lives, due to longstanding and worsening systematic inequality and institutionalized abuse among equals. As we do release those long buried feelings consciously, we begin move into union, harmony. Humanity is reborn.

“It will take a while to get there. Of course! But we are up to it. This is our time.”

It’s important to remember that even if people eschew mainstream media by getting “all their news from the internet,” social media and search engines exert tight controls over what shows up in individual news feeds, which results in an echo-chamber effect unless people have the time, energy and presence to look beyond each offered polarity. Since the self-appointed elites sense their control faltering, they do everything they can to divide and conquer by amplifying differences. Any differences.  Media, politics and social media have reached their tentacles into so many areas of life that practically everything can become a hot button for people in the throws of nonstop brainwashing and one-sided vitriol. This goes for both sides of the same (heavily manipulated) coin, and I hear it affecting not only relationships, but also health.

For people who value harmony, this intensity hurts — if not consciously, then physically. The increase in autoimmune issues, digestive problems, headaches, and major lung issues all make sense from a Medical Intuitive perspective, as do the number of clients I’ve recently had complaining of shoulder/arm pain. Your arms are an extension of your heart chakra, and the vitriol, knee-jerk reactions, warlike talking points and sheer madness — on both sides — are enough to break a sensitive heart. People who try to stay out of the fray sometimes suffer even more than those who dive into one side or the other, because the reactions catch them off guard.

Very conscious people exercising extremely good energy hygiene feel juiced with all this energy swirling around, as you can transmute any energy into positive fuel, but this is not a time to scrimp on good energy hygiene. Make no mistake: without regular energy brush-off’s and learning how to protect and enhance your own energy field, the roiling water or — in the case of Paris, fire — of collective emotions run wild will flood, drown and/or burn. As intense as things feel, “we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

The level of deep, dark, truly disgusting revelations has only poked its one little periscope to the surface behind the iceberg. Nothing on the surface reveals the true depth of the unprocessed Shadow of humanity trying to lift itself into view right now. You can find more about that by reading Ann’s next post, “Michael Flynn: Hanging in the Wind, or Strategic Sacrifice?”

By peeking behind the curtain, you prepare yourself for dealing with what happens when the veil gets shredded. By agreeing to explore uncomfortable possibilities outside your ken, you give yourself a chance to respond instead of reacting to events. You grow strong in your own center, wiser in your discernment of which paths lead where you want to go, and which paths likely detour somewhere you decidedly do not choose as your reality. You don’t need to saturate your awareness with things you do not wish to know, see or feel; however, the energies right now no longer support denial. You can take the hard way, or the extremely hard way … or you can take the far easier way of addressing your own prejudices and blinders so that you can move through time and space while always affirming and experiencing: “I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.”

Those who perpetuate revolting, outrageous crimes in the shadows count on average people to turn away in utter disbelief. This can’t be true. I don’t want this to be true. No, no, no, anyone who believes otherwise is wrong, wrong, wrong. Crazy! Evil. Those committing inhumane deeds count on most people’s very human compulsion to shove facts, revelations, ideas, and people back under the fraying rug or behind the cracking closet door. A time arises when enough is enough. Those dammed up facts and their attendant emotions eventually burst as flood or fire.

As within, so without. By learning to tend our own Shadow and having courage to look at the “boogie men” “outside” ourselves, we shift these destructive Elements back into their essence: neither good, nor bad. The Element of Water can quench your thirst and irrigate your fields, or it can drown you. The Element of Fire can warm you, or burn down your house. I created this month’s specials to offer support for Empaths and for those people who dream of a much better reality than seems on offer right now. You can find the February 2017 specials by clicking here.

I’ll also leave you with two videos, one by Lee Harris and another by Byron Katie:

The Byron Katie video will especially speak to people who awake in terror or find themselves utterly sickened by Trump and his administration. Reclaim your story and emotions. They are powerful things:

OK, one more video from Joanna Macy:

Please do not feel afraid or ashamed to reach out for help in these intense times. You do not need to suffer in silence or wonder why your health hasn’t turned around or why you feel stressed. The more each of us learns to manage our own emotions and our own energy fields, the greater influence we have in our own lives and in the world.


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  1. Hi Laura: The Oroville Dam situation is not as clearly defined as the Lamestream media would portray. There has been blasting in the area for other projects, and small Earthquakes have resulted. This on top of the alleged “attack” on the spillway from some kind of energy weapon which caused the ground to shake 500 miles away and for the soil below the spillway to give way!!! There is a lot more to the situation than may have been presented in order to cover up something more sinister going on. This was not simply a maintenance issue. There is no love lost between our Governor (a Jesuit) and the White House. Also California just forced Monsanto to label RoundUp toxic herbicide with a cancer label the very day this “accident” happened. After what Chipotle went through with fake claims of contaminated food. ( Yeh Right! ) Nothing was ever found, but since they had thumbed their nose at Monsanto by refusing to sell GMO’s, it was fairly clear there was sabotage going on. This I suspect can be laid at the door of major corporations who are truly monster bullies trying to control everything we eat and have it all THEIR WAY.

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    • Thank you, Ruth. That’s why I mentioned the sabotage possibility. Some things don’t add up. Regardless of physical cause, though, there’s an emotional component to this very reflective of the dammed up emotions in the collective. This volatile energy could be so productive, but it needs some focus towards things really desired, rather than just the tear down mentality or spiritual bypassing “unity” themes — the great either/or. We have so many options between those two poles. 🙂



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