Ringing in a New Decade and a New Earth

I’ve had so many potent dreams — even more so than usual. A recent one, I called “Nurture Tenderness,” involved “six agreements” whose enactment would bring in the New Earth frequencies. The first of those agreements was “Nurture Tenderness.” I decided to share a little more here as we close out 2019 and enter 2020, because Tania mentioned how my dream reminded her of Lee Harris’ 2020 Energy Forecast, recorded 12/12/19, but which she just posted today. He, too, lists six themes, which coincide with so many of my recent dreams. From Lee’s YouTube channel:

Themes discussed in the 2020 Energy Forecast include:

BLINDING CLARITY (Intuition/Truths + Truth-Telling/Mental Re-arrangement)

RISE OF LOVE THROUGH DEATH AWARENESS (The death of people/relationships/animals/nature/systems)

COLLABORATION AND TEAMS (The Upswing of people coming together to collaborate and work with each other)

GROUNDING VIA NATURE (The technology take-off/distraction of attention being leveled through Nature but also Natural Disasters/Loss and local events)

CREATIVITY AT HIGH SPEED (Faster than ever creative endeavors – with less internal resistance and more need/embrace in the outside world)

HEART HEALING (Conflict Energy showing up as a trigger for heart healing/the rise of emotional awareness and the need for more people to lead in the realms of heart healing, mindfulness and emotional intelligence)

His video clocks in at 1 hour 11 minutes, and you can watch it here:

Lee’s list summarizes my past four months of extremely intense and often quickly validated, precognitive dreams. I’ve also experienced what I can only describe as “spontaneous rituals,” where life creates such elaborate synchronicities that they feel like planned rituals, dripping in lush symbolism, with a beginning, middle and end. I am not the same person I was before encountering these journeys, most of which feature over-the-top womb, birth, and death symbolism. Here’s a photo from an exhibit called “The Womb,” by artist Rebecca Louise Law, at Meijer Sculpture Gardens:


My experience inside this corridor and womb (made of nearly one million dried flowers) was so personal that I don’t feel led to share it here. Entering the floral womb in the center, with a loud heartbeat over just imperceptible music, and all that fragrance triggered an inner rebirth that then continued to spill forth throughout the day, in synchronicities with my exact birth time, first breath and finding a perfectly hidden, (yet intuitively revealed to me and then validated) dead coyote in half-frozen sand sculptures on the edge of Lake Michigan’s waves. Just before sunset. On the Eve of Winter Solstice. I’m still unpacking the entire day’s events. Too personal and interwoven with synchronicity overloads to share more here.

In my same dream that featured the party/class sharing the six agreements to facilitate living on the New Earth, there was another part of the dream that involved sniffing a “really stinky navel.” It was actually my own navel, but the stinky navel brought a big grin and was “OK, because it can give birth.” The really stinky navel had something to do with Cosmic Rebirth. It smelled of deep Earth and ozone — extremely pungent, green moss and fertile soil.

Another dream featured special boxes that could “rejuvenate very old people” if delivered to the correct address, which was “20 Virgo.” Besides a personal meaning to me, I find it fascinating that the Dane Rudhyar Sabian Symbol for 20 Virgo invokes a New World collective journey:


KEYNOTE: The need of cooperative effort in reaching any “New World” of experience.

It is difficult to know, from the original formulation of the clairvoyant’s vision, the type of caravan of cars that was visualized; what seems to be clearly implied is a process in which a group of persons are journeying together — thus linking their consciousnesses and energies (the “car” symbol) — in order to safely reach the goal of destiny. Here there is no longer any sense of competition, but an ordered and structured endeavor.

At this last stage of the five-fold sequence the past is entirely left behind; men cooperate in the great “adventure in consciousness” in a TOTALIZATION OF PURPOSE AND EFFORT.

In order to deliver the rejuvenating boxes to 20 Virgo, “I had to crawl out of this dirt floor passageway with the boxes intact, then down another ladder and try to find the right location where the people were, who needed reviving.” (I’m quoting from today’s dream journal entry.)

“On the way, there was a display with all sorts of stories made out of tiny seeds. People kept asking me if this was the story they heard in their youth, but how would I know that? I just guessed sometimes yes, sometimes no. The colored seeds in transparent vertical boxes were like the book covers.” (Everything was arranged like a library, and each seed contained an entire story, each vertical glass holder appeared as a book with thousands of seeds making up the images of the book covers.) “Time was running a little short, and I needed to get to the 20 Virgo, which was now an address.”

I don’t have exact interpretations of these dreams, but the symbols seem over the top and not just relevant to me.

On a recent walk, I silently asked if I could and should trust what I’ve been shown as the new coming in. I immediately noticed a feather on the ground. I walked past the feather, then heard, “Turn around. Pick it up. That was for you.” Before turning around, I felt/knew “It’s an owl feather.” Sure enough, it appears to be so. Its edges have the special fringe that allows for silent flight. As I continued my walk, a solitary stag with medium sized antlers walked slowly across the road in front of me.

This morning’s sunrise came between very low and very high, dark thick clouds, initiating between these layers a long, horizontal rainbow. I wasn’t sure what, if anything, to share as we close out this decade, but this seems just right.

Love, Blessings and Happy New Year!


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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on December 30, 2019 at 7:49 pm

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  2. Fun ride

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    I’m reblogging this New Year’s post for today’s Full Moon at 20 Virgo, because the post includes dreams that specifically mentioned “20 Virgo.” This morning, I awoke from two more dreams featuring “addresses” in Virgo, for which I looked up the Sabian Symbols. One of these led me down the rabbit hold of the Slavic Goddess Dziewanna — a the Goddess of Spring Equinox.

    I haven’t had time to fully unpack this morning’s dreams and how they cycle back to older dreams of similar theme, but I have had multiple, extremely vivid dreams of a woman in a bright green dress, walking amidst death like Spring coming from Winter. Sometimes she’s pregnant, like The Womb installation of this New Year’s post. As we approach this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere — and as the world reels from fear and confusion related to the Coronavirus, this message felt important to share again.

    Happy Full Moon at 20 Virgo! May our journey together be fruitful.



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  10. Hey dear Laura Wow, I know I read this before when you posted it originally but I dont remember anything about it.but I cant understand why? It’s super powerful with tons of symbolism and gives me goose bumps now. Thanks for linking it in your post of world gone crazy. So glad to have read it again. hugs

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  11. A very prophetic dream Laura… especially given what we know now in the world..
    I too see community having to come together as old systems are dismantled. Its also wonderful to see how your dream was confirmed almost instantly on your walk when asking, as you found the feather..

    Feathers are one of my own signs that are given… I ignored one too the other week, I acknowledged it mentally, as I saw it but walked on by it. and what appeared to be the same feather, probably not, but to me it was the same. it was a pigeon feather, the ‘messenger!’ from a different location I was given again in my garden… You cannot make these things up at times…
    Many thanks for sharing Laura… Much love your way ❤

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