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Two Days Left of July Specials

These have been fun this month. Two days left to save:


$77 Medical Intuitive Readings

Half hour session. Save $13 from the regular price. These discount sessions can also be double-booked for a full hour consultation.

So many people keep contacting me about bizarre symptoms that no doctors can figure out. Medical Intuitive readings are not meant to replace traditional or alternative medical care, but especially in these days of solar flares and karmic upsurges, a Medical Intuitive reading can put things into perspective. Your body never betrays you. As the Earth continues to become wiser, so does your body. If you’re body’s screaming for your attention, perhaps now would be a good time to listen. Price valid through 7/31, but sessions can be scheduled after that date.

$111 Sacred Geometry and Crystal Readings

One hour session. This is a special offering of services not usually on my menu, but they feel right to offer at this time. The reading will feature Francene Hart’s Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck as a springboard for discussion. We will find the most potent Sacred Geometric symbols for catalyzing your growth, right now. I will also combine my intuitive knowledge of crystals to suggest some mineral allies to assist your journey. We are hardwired to work with Sacred Geometry and crystal energies; most humans have simply forgotten their awareness. Crystals can be programmed to support healing and intentions, and Sacred Geometric forms speak to our subconscious mind and DNA programming. I have worked closely with all of these elements for many years, but I’ve never offered a double whammy reading of the Sacred Geometry Oracle Cards with crystal recommendations. In a rapidly changing world, these are tools we can reclaim for the Highest Good of All. Special available through 7/31, but can be scheduled afterwards.

Illuminati Occult Symbolism in the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony

I didn’t watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony for all the reasons discussed in earlier posts on this blog, but many people have since asked me about the symbolism contained therein. Thanks to Gillian for posting an article on this very topic from Rise Earth, which was originally from The Mountain Flame. If interested in the symbolism, you can read the original, original by clicking here. I haven’t read through the entire piece yet, but I’ve been getting so many questions from quasi-skeptical but now suddenly interested people that I wanted to share the link. Blessings to all. My main suggestion continues to be to disengage from the Games as much as possible. Pun intended. 🙂

DL Zeta — Activating Timelines of Oneness and Inner Unity –28 July 2012

Thanks to Lucas for bringing this one to my attention! Below you’ll find a straightforward article by DL Zeta detailing steps you can take to activate positive timelines in your life right now. As within, so without. I’ve been prepping all week for the Atlantis, Avalon and 2012 workshop I’m teaching tomorrow, so this post dovetails nicely with pondering Golden Age societies. Shirley Andrews calls this concept, “Studying the past to survive the future.” I call it, “All time is now. How do we access the most positive timelines and realities available?” In any case, DL Zeta provides a nice list of suggestions:

DL Zeta – Activating Timelines Of Oneness And Inner Unity – 28 July 2012

As old ways of being fade from your rearview mirror, you’re able to bring your full focus and attention to new visions and inspirations that stretch before you. This year marks the ultimate new beginning as the song rises within many to unite in a vision of oneness for the future. This vision allows us to become one with our higher self and move forward as a whole, unified being. When we become one within ourselves, we are able to unite with others in unity, harmony and oneness.

In this new time the energies of high-vibrational timelines are more accessible than at any other location in human consciousness. All we need do is perceive with our imagination new timelines of inner unity and oneness stretching before us in all directions and set our intention to align with these. By entering a relaxed, meditative state, we are able to sense the frequencies of these timelines entering our energy field. These frequencies have the ability to raise our vibration to allow stronger communion with our higher self. Over time this communion allows us to become telepathic to our higher self.

We offer here additional steps to activate timelines of inner unity and oneness:

One) Create inner harmony. Bring to awareness any aspects of yourself that are at odds. Ask these aspects to join together to support you and your new goals and vision. By entering the highest vibration you can access, you’re able to create a space where inner unification can take place. Meditating beforehand and chanting OM are two ways to help create this space, as does listening to music encoded with notes that simulate high-vibrational states.

Two) Make a list of everything you’re grateful for. Look at everything and everyone in your life from a place of gratitude – even those people and situations you feel have caused you the greatest pain. Every avenue of forgiveness is an opportunity to become a greater facilitator for harmony and oneness on the planet.

Three) Meditate on love, releasing all past definitions of love. Unconditional love is the purest vibration in the universe. Find within yourself the pure vibrational essence of love that is beyond all words and definition.

Four) Observe the symbols around you within every moment. As we learn the universal language of symbols we’re able to better commune with our soul and receive its messages. Dreamwork is one way to become attuned to the language of your soul. Journaling and automatic writing can also be helpful tools in learning to decode the symbols of both your sleeping and waking dreams.

Five) Ask questions of your higher self and trust that answers will flow into your consciousness as they are needed. When we release the need to micromanage the events of our lives, we enter a natural flow where everything happens easily and effortlessly.

Six) Spend time taking 15-minute sun baths, allowing the sun’s essence to enter your physical system. Take walks in nature to free yourself of any energies of divisiveness or separation. Spending time near water allows you to more easily align with universal flow.

Seven) Pay attention to your emotional landscape and the people and events that trigger challenging emotions. These triggers offer insight into the nature of your sacred wound and steps you can take to heal it. Once we heal and release our sacred wound, we are able to clear away anything that stands between ourselves and direct telepathic communion with our higher self.

Eight) Remember to eat light – taking in significant amounts of raw food, green juices and high PH water that helps alkalinize your physical system and allows you to become a stronger receiving station.

Nine) Write a spiritual autobiography detailing the blessings and gifts of the most memorable events of your life – including the events that seemed traumatic or difficult at the time.

Ten) Make time for creative play and developing your imagination. Creativity is the doorway through which all new ideas, visions, innovations and works of art arrive in the world.

These are just a few steps we can take in this new time to leave behind old ways of separation and disharmony. As we take these steps, it becomes easier to open to allow a new way founded in oneness with all-that-is and inner unity.

Become the Higher Self for Aspects not yet Aligned with the New Time

There may be parts of ourselves not yet on board with these changes. These parts will want to hold back from living at this level. Become the higher self for these selves, nurturing and loving them and bringing them to a new level of understanding. As you mentor and love these selves, they are empowered to support you in your vision of oneness and inner harmony.

If you focus dislike and judgment on these aspects within your being, (or upon what you do not like out in the world), you will only create more dissension and disharmony within you and around you. Become a force for love and harmony in the universe by loving all that comes before you. In this way, your energy creates a field around you that others can access and utilize to raise their own frequency to the level of harmony and oneness. This is the intent and purpose of the new time on planet Earth.

For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation

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Astrology of the Olympic Opening Rituals: How to Mitigate These Energies

For those people who thought maybe I had gone a bit off the deep end suggesting everyone avoid watching the opening ceremony (i.e. Satanic ritual) of the Olympics, I’ve just found an article that goes into the specific astrology of both the opening ceremony at 9:00 p.m. UK time, and the ringing of the bell at 8:12 p.m. (20:12) to begin the festivities. There are a lot of pictures and lots of formatting, so instead of sharing here, I’m just going to refer you there.

As a creepy bonus, you’ll find not only the Olympic chart, but also the chart of the Aurora False Flag shooting. (Yes, they’re related. Intimately.) The article offers a good description of left brain/right brain interpretations, symbolism, ruling planetary and star influences, as well as lots of 5’s and 9’s. Psychopaths or not, the people running our world know their astrology. They know how to ride and amplify waves of influence, to call down energies and redirect them at will. I’m not sharing this article to scare people, but rather to inform individuals and the peace-loving, Golden-Age-intending Collective how they can best respond to and hopefully mitigate these energies.

As mentioned in my earlier article about the Olympics, I recommend staying far, far away from visually engaging the Olympics, their propaganda, and their mind-controlling symbols and media frenzy. I have suggested that rather than sending a whole bunch of energy (even “positive” energy) to the Games, people disengage from the Olympics and pull their energy back into themselves and the planet. Ground yourselves. Hug a tree. Talk with your family, friends and neighbors. Walk barefoot on the Earth. Share your unconditional, universal Love with people who are actually, physically, tangibly in your life. You can offer the most positive influence on worldwide events right now by anchoring yourself to the planet –wherever you are– and then filling your heart with gratitude, love and light. Stay connected to the Earth with love in your heart.

In addition to your own, private love fest, I do find the astrology of these Games quite potent. People who really shouldn’t have as much power as they do know exactly how to ride these energies. By learning what those energies are, you can make conscious decisions about what you do with them, instead of becoming a default victim of someone else’s psychopathic agenda.

The astrology of both the Olympics opening ceremonies and the Aurora shooting is essentially a call for Medusa or the supremely pissed off Goddess to go into a destructive rage that causes great harm to commoners. My best suggestion for mitigating such destructive energy? Don’t piss off the goddess. I have been writing for months about the Dark Goddess energies — those aspects of the Divine Feminine that have been relegated to the dark, shoved into the shadows of shame. I’ve been writing about Earth as a Goddess, too, a living, breathing, Divinely Feminine being who has been raped, beaten, tormented and abused to the point of breaking. Earth — Gaia, Sophia, Mother, however you choose to address her with respect — is Ascending, with or without the human race. The Goddess energies are returning to Earth. These are facts, at least from my vantage point.

How these things happen, though, is variable. The more humanity shows its love for the Earth and the Divine Feminine, the more difficult it will be for the psychopaths to trigger a Divine Feminine psychotic rage. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Then don’t scorn the woman! If you must reject her, do so kindly, with compassion. If you find yourself feeling rejected, make some sincere gestures to reconnect. If your feminine intuition whispers in your ear, don’t shout her down and ridicule her with your masculine left brain.

If you’re female and you find yourself judging your curves, cellulite, wrinkles or double chin, please stop. You. Are. A. Goddess. Don’t trigger a Dark Goddess, Shadow Side rage against your inner (and projected outward) patriarchal control freak. Just do your best to love and be love. Men, please honor the women in your life during these Olympics. Take some time to appreciate Mother Earth, your own mother, your daughters and sisters, wife or girlfriend. The rejected feminine is extremely touchy right now. Let’s soothe her, OK? No one needs to blow a gasket.

If you feel that you simply MUST participate in some kind of group ritual or meditation throughout the Olympics, then I would suggest practicing H’oponopono with everyone and everything, but most especially with the Divine Feminine and the Dark Goddess (those most rejected parts of the Divine Feminine):

“I love you.
“I’m sorry.
“Please forgive me.
“Thank you.”

Big love to all of you! (I finished that up on a 777 word count: “777 — The angels applaud you… “congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true.” This is an extremely positive sign and you should also expect more miracles to occur.” ~Doreen Virtue)

Here’s the astrology article link again if you’d like to read it.

Growing Up

In so many ways, humanity is being asked to grow up right now: take those heads out of the sand, look around, and decide what you’d love to see in your world. Then plant it, water it, nourish it, and watch that reality grow as you do. I see so many parallels in my private sessions and classes with people, and in the microcosm of my side and backyard gardens. One parallel I’d love to address today is the concept of limitation — looking around at your life, your yard, your “circumstances,” your world … and giving up before you start. Common excuses include:

“I don’t have enough space/time/light to get started.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“What if I fail?”

“It’s too much work.”

“I’d love to have more sovereignty over my life/food/career/mind, but what can you do? It is what it is.”

To which I say, “Grow up.” In the nicest possible ways, each and every one of us needs to step into our own natural creativity, sovereignty, community and wisdom. If we don’t see the space (whether literal or figurative), we do have the power and the choice to clear things away, to grow in unusual and unexpected directions, and flourish under any and all supposed restrictions. Today I’m posting a couple videos from others and some photos from my own very small space, vertically efficient garden. Please take whatever inspiration you can glean on whatever level, whether related to gardening of the soil or soul.

In this first video, we see an urban garden with loads of cabbage and chard serving as edible front yard ornamentals. Many people let city regulations stop them from using sunny front lawns to grow food. With the right selections, you can create beauty and food. The book “The Edible Front Yard” offers lots of guidelines, from simple to extravagantly gorgeous. The Healthy Irishman in this video interviews his neighbor about her growing strategies, and at the end you can hear how her choices impact her neighborhood of cooks.

This next video shows John Kohler’s front yard garden. When I lived in Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA, I knew John. I have to say, his garden has grown. LOL!! Majorly. John’s a hardcore gardener and avid raw foodist. He’s also very frugal and shares many tips in this video about how to save money while building raised beds. He also covers drip irrigation to water at the roots of the plant, allowing him to maintain a busy travel schedule while saving water, too. He also covers spacing for maximum harvests. John uses rock dust as a fertilizer, and I have to say his produce was some of the sweetest, tastiest stuff I’ve ever tasted. Even if you’re not intending anything as major as John’s front yard farm, you can learn a lot from his vast gardening knowledge:

The following images are from our own side garden, which is extremely narrow and runs along the chain link fence between us and our neighbor.

Cucumbers growing up the fence behind our side steps

Cucumbers growing up the fence, behind our recycling and garbage cans

Topsy Turvy Tomatoes, morning glory and cucumber vines

I had been fighting the morning glories, trying to maintain space for our cucumbers, until the faeries just about went on strike. “Stop pulling out the morning glories!” I tried to explain that I had so little growing space that I wanted to save room for “edibles” or “plants I can use.” Well, those faeries sure showed me. I’ve been having trouble sleeping with all the solar flares, so I felt led to buy some Tulsi Sleep tea at Whole Foods. I didn’t look at the ingredients until I got home. Among them is “Dwarf Morning Glory (whole plant).” The next day, David surprised me with some flower faery books from the library. I opened to the Morning Glory, which “keeps away evil faeries at night.” OK, message received! The cukes and Morning Glory have made their peace, and I’ve let other — even non-edible –wildflowers grow amongst the edibles. Why? Because the faeries like them. Truth be told, so do I, and that side garden is a haven for bees, too.

Garden July 26, 2012

Believe it or not, we had a massive hail and rain storm last night, so this lush garden above was just been heavily pruned by me before photographing it. I harvested greens for a huge green smoothie this morning, plus enough greens for a large salad for lunch. I also cut some renegade tomatillo “limbs” that had become light hogs over the rest of the plants. I also used more string as support to lift the tomatillo and tomato plant offshoots off the ground. I learned last year that tomato leaves on the ground are an invitation for blight, a fungal disease that your plants really don’t want! Lifting them encourages healthier growth.

I initially worried about how much our garden has inserted itself beyond the fence. Nature uses fences as support rather than aggressive dividers — something we might do well to remember for ourselves! But I don’t like when people encroach on other people’s space/energy without asking, so I had been feeling a bit hypocritical blasting over and through the fence into our neighbor’s yard. Anyway, last week, I ran into our very busy neighbor, Lisa, and I apologized for the crazy growth into her yard. She smiled and laughed, then asked what I was growing. I then asked permission to harvest from her side of the fence if I couldn’t reach fruits from our side. I didn’t want to presume I could just enter her yard unannounced, and she’s rarely home, so I didn’t want to wait until I might happen to see her if I needed to harvest something. To my surprise, she was thrilled that I was growing food so close to her home. She mentioned her own not-so-green thumb and thought she might have just “manifested a gardening neighbor instead.” I offered her some of our harvest, and she thanked me for that. She would have let us harvest anyway, but it was a nice touch.

Two days later, I saw her carrying potted plants into her garage. I yelled over, “Wow! Did you decide to grow things after all?” She explained that she had been so inspired by my garden and comments about how grounded I feel tending plants that she went out and bought some potted herbs for herself. She didn’t know how to grow herbs anymore than she had known how to grow tomatoes when they failed a few years earlier. I, on the other hand, grow herbs year round, indoors and out. She walked over to our side of the fence to see our basil, sage, parsley, oregano and other herbs and to get some tips for indoor potting soil and growing. I don’t know why, but it made me so happy that Lisa, our non-growing neighbor, suddenly felt the urge to bring some plants into her home. I’m sure the basil and other herbs will love her southern window sills.

All of which is to say … that so many of our limitations really do exist only in our imaginations. If we can express our desires, share our visions and ask for permission before trouncing on anyone else’s space, sometimes those discussions lead to surprising and wonderful places. Because of my garden, I now know that my busy neighbor isn’t just a schoolteacher, but also a passionate artist whose private business is flourishing. She now knows I stick my hands in the dirt to ground myself from all the intuitive work I do. She knows I talk to faeries and give them bling in exchange for them helping tend my trickier plants. I know she’s looking forward to fresh produce “magically” appearing on her doorstep. She now knows that herbs are the easiest things to grow — almost like weeds. The biggest problem she’d likely have would be from over-watering or over-care. That drew a big smile from Lisa!

A couple weeks ago, I had asked the Universe to help me get to know my neighbors better than just a wave. In this past week, all connected to gardening, I’ve gotten to know an intriguing but busy neighbor on one side, called a rain storm in with a neighbor on the other side, discovered our across-the-street neighbors have the equivalent of a small farm tucked away in their backyard, and met several other neighborhood friends of friends. In perfect balance, our neighbors on the other side, have a prolific vine growing onto our side of the fence. I prune it back over my shady backyard garden, but in other parts I let it grow large and free. I’ve posted about hummingbirds twice recently, and this is where I see them. As I type, I can look out at the orange flowers and my friendly neighborhood hummingbirds. Life is good!

Red Rears Her Head: Sun Square Cassandra

I received this in an email today and thought it was worth reposting. There’s a bit of a language alert, but nothing major. 🙂

Red Rears Her Head: Sun Square Cassandra

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Eric Francis at Planet Waves, Inc.

By Melinda Hasting

The rarely discussed asteroid (114) Kassandra takes a square from the Sun on Wednesday. Discovered July 23, 1871 by C.H.F. Peters, she’s named after the prophetess Cassandra of Greek mythology. “Kassandra” means “she who entangles men.” So of course, she had red hair.

Cassandra by Evelyn De Morgan (1898, London), shown in front of the burning city of Troy.

Because she was exceedingly beautiful, Apollo conferred the gift of prophecy upon her. She received the gift, yet declined to be Apollo’s consort. Infuriated because he couldn’t rescind the gift, he cursed Cassandra with powerlessness-he called her crazy. No one would believe any of her predictions, including the downfall of Troy and of the Trojan Horse.

A victim of violent rape, Cassandra was eventually murdered.

The Cassandra myth, a deeply complex tragedy on the misapplication of gender power, has unfortunately remained in its suppressed format: its modern application is The Cassandra Syndrome, a psychological disorder often coined for powerless, intuitive women who place themselves in physical and emotional danger by failing to articulate their needs.

But the ramifications of scorn warrant more attention as Kassandra is squared by the Sun (Apollo) this week. Could she air her needs with a little more force and finally be heard? Or will Apollo just call her nuts and pretend she’s not even there?

By one analysis, you might say a kind of ideal one, the masculine force awakens each day searching for the freedom to conquer and create. The feminine force awakens each day searching for love, understanding and the strength to preserve. There are other ways to look at it, though this is one perspective.

When the two scorn each other, entire generations can be affected by the misunderstanding. Consider the generalized fable of the modern American Divorced Family – Daddy the Womanizer and Mommy that Crazy Bitch – and its devastating implications to the children who hear it each night before bedtime.

Most of us can identify full circle with romantic rejection. We’ve rejected another person, sometimes for good reason and (let’s be honest) sometimes for the hell of it because we were confused. Or something. You feel like a piece of shit when you’re doing it, and yet you can’t not do it because romantic love has a lot of basis in intuition, which often trumps reason and even other people’s feelings.

But then there’s the other side of it, the being rejected side. This is the Moon side of it, the slow-mo, painful, cry-into-the-pillow side. It’s where we get to re-examine our motives and worthiness. Therein, we either let the Circle of Misunderstanding come to its full revolution (revelation) or we create a spiral of resentment for future go-rounds (usually with new people).

This new great awakening we’re experiencing has the upside of allowing us to reconsider the ways we’ve interpreted our mythology to suit a world driven by consumerism, duality and painful relationships. We do have the ability to reasonably consider that both Apollo and Cassandra are ready to heal up and acknowledge that rejection hurts and that there are loving ways to take space in relationship to others.

We no longer need to call another crazy to diminish their value; we can merely acknowledge we don’t always understand them. Moreover, we’ve reached a point in our collective maturity where it’s important to clearly state our boundaries before jumping into commitments we’re not able to keep.

Cassandra forebodes. She tells of impending danger in the hopes of averting tragedy. Let’s listen.

Link to original article here.

(From Laura: I take this energy as a call for everyone to honor intuition, not letting shame or ridicule influence what we know and feel as our own inner truth. If something feels off, then it’s ok to sidestep that situation or relationship until the energy rebalances. This is a time when the mantra, “I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing” is extremely powerful and calming. Rest in the knowledge that you are tuned in and have everything you need if you but open your inner eyes, ears and heart.)

Tiny, Beautiful and Powerful: More Hummingbirds!

Since I wrote the Mighty Hummingbirds post, I have received so many emails, texts, stories, photos and videos. Those little guys are up to some serious magic! I thought I’d share some of my recent hummingbird favorites.

“laura, thought you’d like this1 from Facebook…by Ka Kathryn June Amorastreya (

love, diana xx”

Hummingbird Goddess by Ka Kathryn June Amorastreya

From Ingrid:

Hummingbird at Ingrid’s parents’ cabin in B.C.

From my friend Wendy:

“hi there,

“so cool. did i write you to tell you that a hummingbird came INSIDE OUR
HOUSE? it flew to where the kids and i were in the living room and tried
to get out. it would fly and then take a rest as we tried to free it. i
had never seen one so close, it was beautifully magnificent! the kids and
i came up with all sorts of ideas of ways to help her be free again (e.g.
picking a flower to have her follow it (sol’s idea), using a feather to
guide her (thea’s), playing their birds (soft lovey toys that make bird
sounds to have it feel at home). ultimately, i was able to carefully put
her into a deep bowl and gently cover it to get to the front door. we
could see her in the bowl when we had her outside since i think she was
startled and it was too deep for her to flutter out of. when we tilted it
she flew away with a chirpy sound (never knew they made a sound)!

“thought you would appreciate the full story since i think i mentioned it in
passing 🙂 .

xoxo love,

Another email from my friend, Toni:

“Just saw four hummingbirds while I was walking – here and there.

“And yesterday saw one on a utility line who zoomed away. And took this pic of one of the young hawks nearby sunning himself

“A squirrel in the middle of the tree.

“And would send you the postcard but I don’t have your snail mail address!”

Then, this morning, I stumbled upon this adorable video of a rescued baby hummingbird:

Watching that video put me a bit behind in getting ready to go to an appointment, so I needed to decide what to wear quite fast. I went up to my closet, and I swear this shirt that I had lying over the closet rod started talking to me in a little, tiny voice: “Pick me! Pick me!” I started to object in my mind that the shirt didn’t match anything I had clean, but I kept hearing, “Pick me! Pick me!” I realized if I wore it with a particular necklace I own and a black skirt, it would work. As I grabbed it from the closet, I noticed for the very first time that this shirt has … a hummingbird on it! So that’s who was chirping at me. 😉

The hummingbird T

As I sat down to type this post, I realized that the chirping hummingbird T-shirt reminded me of someone. Hmmm…All of a sudden it hit me that my novel, Schizandra and the Gates of Mu features a hummingbird character named Sephora. I had completely forgotten about her. Oops! Since Sephora and her kind seem particularly active these days, I looked up additional hummingbird wisdom. I’ll leave you to enjoy the support they’re offering us right now. The following excerpt comes from a longer article called Teachings of the Hummingbird, which you can read by clicking here.

“The Hummingbird darts from flower to flower, gathering the sweet nectars of life with every flutter. We delight at the freedom & beauty of this little creature, never questioning its right to live in such pleasure.

“Why is it that this little two-ounce bundle of feathers evokes such joy in the hearts of so many? …

“Hummingbird teachings exemplify following your bliss, and by doing so you are nourished both physically and spiritually. Our culture, unfortunately, does not encourage this. Deeply rooted in the unconscious of most is the belief that too much pleasure is bad. We see this in our work ethics, our comfort with our own bodies and sensuality, and certainly, in an educational system that encourages conformity, not listening to the inner guidance of ones heart.

“Brian Swimme, cosmologist and scientist, writes in his book ´The Universe is a Green Dragon´, that ‘By pursuing your allurements (bliss), you help bind the universe together. The unity of the world rests on the pursuit of passion.’ He goes on to explain that this power of being drawn, through attraction, to what you desire is a primal dynamism´of the universe. Without this the galaxies would break apart. Individual stars would disperse, atoms would no longer attract each other, the sun, earth and moon would drift into intergalactic space. Call it gravity if you like, the principle is the same. The universe exists on the basis of attraction. Another word for this is Love. This is the word that points to the alluring activity of the cosmos.

“Us humans are as much a part of this galactic dance as the stars; governed by the same laws that govern all of creation. I believe that the hummingbird reminds us of this. That following your bliss is a universal imperative, and it is through this, that you indeed fulfill your part in the design of things.”

Attraction, Repulsion and Levitation

OK, this post isn’t really about levitation, although my friend Matthew would be super excited if it were. 😉 Today’s post offers a chance to rise above the extreme polarization of our world right now. Instead of resisting or running towards anything offered from a place of knee-jerk reaction, we can all search for a third point — creating a triangle — which ensures we receive a more complete and balanced reality.

I awoke with this title in mind, sensing a need to write about how to stay balanced in times of increased revelation about those shadow elements on our planet. Underscoring that need, I received a comment this morning from a lovely, sensitive soul who had read my post about the Olympics and found herself unable to pivot back into a more positive, safe-feeling vibration. I wrote to her privately, but since that effect was the opposite of my intention in writing the post, I thought I’d share some of the tips I mentioned in my private email, before sharing Tom Kenyon’s latest Hathors message about “Duality and the Triune Force.”

Here’s a portion of my email, minus any identifying or private details. Tom Kenyon’s article follows.

“I’m sorry that post triggered you when you normally expect to find such positive information here. I had intended it as an empowering article so that people who do wish to help the situation can do so in an effective way. That’s why I suggested that instead of fueling the energy of the Olympics, people just pull their energy back into themselves and refocus on their immediate relationships with people, animals and the Earth.

“In your case, I would ask for support from the faeries — ask them to help you find the joy, love and fun in life. We do live in a vibrational universe, so it’s important to keep your vibration high.

“One risk of writing a blog in which I don’t know who’s reading on any given day is that I can’t as closely tailor the posts as I could an in-person session. On the one hand, it’s really important for the veils to drop and allow people to see beyond the current offering of ‘reality.’ On the other hand, for people like you, it would be really nice to be able to forget all about that stuff and just choose the positive. I walk a fine line trying to awaken people without alarming them, while also trying to buffer energies that may arrive unexpectedly for some people — to help them put those into a more positive, preferable alignment.

“I would suggest doing some creative projects, art, food preparation, flower arrangement, to dress in colors that feel yummy, and to surround yourself with soothing music. Also, alkalize your body — lots of green salads, green juices, green smoothies. Try to avoid much caffeine or any refined sugars.

“Our world is splitting off, so these kinds of psychotic entities won’t be in it much longer. If you tune in to the faeries and the little fun, joyful, flowery things, then you will find yourself a much stronger match for the world coming into being –one full of collaboration, a clean planet and a sense of deeper connection with all those people, God/Goddess, and those elements of life you most long to feel connected with. The trick on this planet is to learn to thrive regardless of what’s happening around you. The intention of that post was to encourage those Lightworkers who were planning to send their energy way out of body by focusing so much on something over which they have little control … to instead, stay in body, in the present moment and influence the only reality that really matters to them — i.e. the one they’re living in. I hope this helps.

Blessings, hugs and love,

And now, here’s Tom and the Hathors:

Duality and the Triune Force
A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

You live in a dualistic universe. This is its very nature. It manifests as the principle of opposites in that forces tend to have equal and opposite reactions. This applies to the physics of your universe and to the very nature of dualistic consciousness itself.

This dualistic nature of your universe is being affected by the Time Acceleration that you are going through. One net result of this is an increase in duality or the polarization of human consciousness.

Polarized conflicts between nations, communities, religions and persons are on the rise. This unfortunate state of affairs is to be expected as planetary and galactic energetics increase.

Our message deals with a strategy for navigating through the difficulties of increased polarization. Indeed you may have already discovered that in some of your social circles there is a type of hostility and polarized views of situations.

The strategy we suggest is called the Triune Force.

It is an attribute of spiritual mastery and will allow you to move through polarization with greater efficiency and a greater likelihood of manifesting what you desire as opposed to being “caught up” in the dramas of polarization and conflict.

The principle is simple. As a human being you tend to be attracted to persons or situations, or you are repulsed by them. This tendency to fall into attraction or repulsion is, for the most part, an unconscious act.

You may encounter someone and feel drawn to him or her, and the depth or intensity of the attraction may cause you to delete other information about the person. Likewise as situations arise around you, whether they be social, political or religious, you may likewise find yourself drawn to these situations without other information that would be helpful in determining if a given situation was “right” for you or not.

The same holds true for repulsion. You may find yourself repulsed by someone, or a situation, and likewise, identify with the repulsion, thereby cutting yourself off from other information that might be helpful.

The Triune Force

If you were to imagine a triangle and on the left corner of the triangle was attraction and on the right side of the triangle was repulsion, then the point above these two extremes is the Triune Force.

It is a mental perspective that has spiritual attributes. It allows you to float above the situation and view it from multiple perspectives.

If, for instance, you are attracted to a person and surrender to that attraction without allowing access to signs and information about that person then you have put yourself in a precarious position.

But by not identifying with the attraction you “float up” to the Triune Force and are free to observe behaviors that may signal the inappropriateness or dangerous nature of a relationship with that person.

Likewise, if you are repulsed by a person or situation the Triune Force allows you to “float above” and dis-identify with the repulsion, and while you are in this dis-identification you are free to see other levels involved. It could be that this person or situation is toxic to you, or it could be that this person or situation is a mirror reflecting back to you something you do not like in yourself.

By momentarily suspending your identification with either attraction or repulsion you are able to see more clearly and access information about the person or situation from an expanded perspective.

Knowledge is power, and the Triune Force gives you access to the innate powers of clarity. So our suggestion in this time of increased human polarization and Time Acceleration is to watch yourself. When you fall into attraction, pause for a moment. Step away from your identification with the attraction. Float up above it, as it were, and engage the Triune Force. You do this so that you enter the relationship, whether it be with a person or a situation, with open eyes.

If you are repulsed by a person or a situation, pause for a moment and dis-identify with your distaste for the person or situation. Float above the situation or person, as it were, and engage the Triune Force to see more deeply—to sense with greater clarity—if this person or situation is toxic, or if it is a mirror for something in yourself that you need to transform.

As you enter more deeply into the polarization phase of planetary assent, the Triune Force can greatly assist you as you pass through this difficult period of increased personal, interpersonal and collective conflict.
The Hathors
July 1, 2012

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

Perception is indeed relative to the perceiver. And this relativity of perception is no more apparent, I think, than in our relationships with each other.

Furthermore, it has been my observation for some time now (i.e., the last several months or so) that the polarization of human relationships is on the rise.

There have, of course, always been differences of opinions. And conflicts between persons and nations are hardly anything new. History is strewn with incidents of ruinous and disastrous encounters between individual people, as well as between religions and cultures.

But what the Hathors are addressing here is an increase in polarized perceptions and beliefs between individuals.

It is their opinion that this disturbing increase in polarization is occurring as a result of the energetics we are all going through (i.e. the changes in our sun as well as pulses of accelerated evolution from the Central Sun of our galaxy and from deep space) and the fact that we are undergoing the extreme effects of Time Acceleration.

At the end of the session, Judi asked them how long they thought this period of increased polarization would continue. Their response was that it was difficult to pin down exact time coordinates, but their sense was that this extreme polarization of human perception would continue for at least eighteen months to two years, if not longer. And furthermore, they expected the intensity of polarization to increase, not decrease during this period. Judi also asked about the strangeness of the polarization experience and inquired if they had any further elaboration to offer. They said that part of the difficulty we humans are experiencing is the fact that the intensity of planetary and galactic energetics is so extreme, they often short-circuit cognitive processing. As a result, people can become even more erratic and irrational than usual.

If their perceptions and predictions are accurate then it would seem prudent to find some masterful way to get through such a period of increased interpersonal, cultural and religious discord.
The Triune Force

In my opinion, the idea of the Triune Force is Hathorian-simplicity at its finest.

If you tend to imagine things visually, think of a triangle. Put the force of attraction at the far left corner and the force of repulsion at the far right. The point of the triangle above the two corners is the perspective of the Triune Force. Through this perspective we can look down and see or sense things that we might not see or sense when we are caught up in the throws of attraction or repulsion.

The triangle is just a metaphor, of course. What you are actually doing is rising up in awareness so that you are no longer enchanted by the force of attraction or the force of repulsion. From this state of non-identification with either state (attraction or repulsion) you can better sense information that might be helpful to your decision making process.

There is a shift in our thinking process required to engage the Triune Force, and that shift is simply to step away from self-identification.

Instead of rushing in and doing the normal human thing, which is to identify with our attractions or repulsions, we temporarily intervene in our own automatic responses for the purpose of gaining valuable information.

The type of information that we can access when we are in a state of non-identification is qualitatively different from the types of information that we access when we are caught up in the intensity of the moment.

In addition to stopping the process of self-identification, the Hathors suggest a shift in spatial perspective as another step to engage the Triune Force:

When you fall into attraction, pause for a moment. Step away from your identification with the attraction. Float up above it, as it were, and engage the Triune Force. You do this so that you enter the relationship, whether it be with a person or a situation, with open eyes.

If you are repulsed by a person or a situation, pause for a moment and dis-identify with your distaste for the person or situation. Float above the situation or person, as it were, and engage the Triune Force to see more deeply—to sense with greater clarity—if this person or situation is toxic, or if it is a mirror for something in yourself that you need to transform.

If you have developed spatial abilities you will be able to imagine yourself floating up above the situation or interaction and observe yourself being attracted or repulsed. This spatial separation of an “observer” part from the “responder” part can be quite helpful in suspending the pattern of identifying with your responses (i.e., attraction or repulsion). But if you don’t have this type of spatial ability, it will be difficult for you to do this.

If you are unable to “float above the situation or person” that you are responding to, don’t worry about it. The primary action required to engage the Triune Force is simply to stop your own process of self-identification so that you can sense new types of information about the situation or person.

To be human is to have attractions and repulsions. It is just part of the human-mammalian equation. All animals have an innate biological response that moves toward something (attraction) or away from it (repulsion). And the Hathors are not suggesting that we eliminate this type of biological response. They are simply saying that when we temporarily suspend our self-identification with those responses, doors open in consciousness (metaphorically speaking). New insights and understanding become accessible to us, and with that knowledge we can create and co-create with greater mastery.

If, however, we are caught up in the excitement of attraction or the fear of repulsion, then we often fail to see or sense “red flags” or other crucial information about the person or situation.

How many “negative” relationships and/or situations might we have all avoided had we been able to “see” those things we were blind to in the moment of intense attraction (or in some cases, repulsion)?

I think there is a personal discipline required to engage this method. And it necessitates that we avoid the emotional intoxication that takes place when we are really caught up in a strong attraction or repulsion.

And as with many aspects of our emotional lives, this is sometimes easier said than done.

But I think the emotional discipline is well worth the effort. If nothing else, it will lead us to deeper psychological insight, and this is a good thing.

In addition, however, engaging the Triune Force can help us as creators and co-creators by giving us access to higher levels of information regarding whom or what we might be contemplating a co-creation with.

I ended that last sentence, by the way, with a preposition on purpose. Prepositions establish relationships between words, just like the force of attraction or repulsion establishes a relationship between people. While some grammarians disagree about the correctness of ending a sentence with a preposition, others point out that it is sometimes necessary. Thus, it seems to me, along with many other lovers of language, that the preposition rule is actually a myth. Some myths are slow to die. In this regard, the preposition myth has been a tenacious one, guarded, as it has been, by the dogma of unyielding grammarians.

My comment here is not so much about grammar as it is about the syntax of our lives. By the syntax of our lives I mean the order and relationships of our experiences—as we hold them to be. When syntax (order) is altered in a sentence or in our lives, a gap in perception can occur and through that gap new meanings and new worlds of perception can be birthed.

Many of us have been held captive by another myth—the myth that we cannot and should not create (or re-create) our lives in the ways we desire them to be.

In this context, the Triune Force is fundamentally a method for altering the syntax (order) of both our perception and our mental/emotional lives. Through the gap (or portal) that appears when syntax is altered, we are more able to glimpse new possibilities.
Tom Kenyon

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How to See Faeries

Several people have asked me how to see faeries, so I thought I’d share this short video from a New Zealand shaman raised near where Rivendell was filmed in “Lord of the Rings.” Can you see the faeries and nature spirits in this video? They’re there!

Most people find it more effective to part the veil through peripheral vision rather than a sharp focus front and center. You might find it easier to notice the beings in this video if you soften your gaze and allow lighting anomalies to register on your consciousness. Before watching, give your mind permission to report the information as it comes through, rather than carefully censoring and interpreting the data.

This is a good practice anytime you hope to see things outside of “normal” experience. Our brain discards information or reinterprets it based on earlier concepts and expectations. If you read the comments on the youtube channel, you’ll notice that some people see multiple faeries and a face in a tree, whereas others see nothing out of the ordinary. Filters! They determine what you see.

For some people, sensing faeries or seeing them with your inner eye is easier than seeing with your physical eyes. I learned that technique as a child because I grew up in a family where seeing “things that aren’t there” got you labeled as crazy and in need of counseling or medication. I do sometimes actually see faeries and other nature spirits and angels, but far more often I feel them or see them in my mind’s eye, like the Elementals’ Rain Dance I described a few days ago.

I’ve had numerous experiences like the video above, when suddenly the energy of a forest changes. In 2010, I spent three weeks in Canada, painting portal doors and hiking in pristine forests. On my last day there, I was walking with a friend and I felt the energy grow sacred. The vibration raised to such an extent that I felt giddy and “at home.” My hiking companion registered it physically too, but instead of feeling fabulous, he felt like he might throw up. He began to sweat and felt faint. I told him not to worry, that we had just entered a faery portal, but that alarmed him rather than calmed him down. He had trouble catching his breath and started shaking. Even though he had claimed to want to experience the faery world as I do, when it began to happen, he moved quickly into fear. The change from “normal” was just too dramatic for him to integrate.

After about 15 feet or so of walking very, very slowly due to his physical condition and my reluctance to leave the amazing space, I felt us shift through the other side of the faery portal. The moment I felt the shift, my friend stopped shaking and sweating, took a deep breath, and said, “I’m OK now. I feel better.” “We just crossed back into ‘the regular world,'” I said, “Careful what you wish for next time!” 😉

I share this story as a reminder for people that we all go at our own pace. For some people, actually seeing a faery or angel show up “clear as day” in front of them would completely freak them out! My friend had been talking about faeries all week and even had me paint a faery portal door. Nonetheless, just entering faery ground had him really spooked. Faeries and other Elementals are shy. They don’t seek human contact, unless the humans prove themselves compatible companions.

Fear never helps any friendship, so focus on Love and self-acceptance. If, instead of seeing with your physical eyes, you simply feel an inner giggle, a sense of holiness in nature, think you see flickering lights from the corner of your eyes, or you catch some colorful orbs in photographs, allow yourself to feel grateful for the experience. There’s no competition in the spiritual realm, and the less judgment you have, the easier you can access your intuitive faculties. As my friend Diane says, “Life’s a journey. Participate!” And, please, enjoy the ride…. faeries do love fun!

“Some Day They’ll Give a War and Nobody Will Come”

Yesterday I read an extremely enthusiastic call to mass meditation during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. As many long term blog readers know, I love a good mass meditation –under certain circumstances and with clear, focused intent. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on Universal Love, the suggestions of this particular meditation gave me the heebeejeebee’s. The guidelines for this mass meditation suggest tuning in to all the viewers and imagining them all feeling massive amounts of love as they watch the Satanic ritual spectacle presented as entertainment and celebration of the Olympiad.

I hear, see and feel several problems with this scenario:

1) There is now a large amount of speculation, evidence and insider revelation indicating diabolical intent behind the 2012 Olympics. From seemingly deliberate breaches in security to the 200,000 caskets ordered (able to hold four persons each), to the missiles placed on top of apartment buildings, to the nuclear waste dump beneath the stadium, to the “artwork” celebrating chaos and destruction, to the business partner of 9/11’s Larry Silverstein owning the Gates, to the police state setup, to the convenient “suicide” of Rik Clay after he exposed Illuminati symbolism and New World Order finalization of the 2012 Olympics … even those who usually reject “conspiracy theories” have an ill feeling about this year’s Games.

After the overt Satanic Rituals earlier this year, in particular, the mega-televised Black Mass enacted during the Grammy’s, it seems likely that the 2012 Olympics’ specially selected location, dates, names and symbols have been designed and intended to usher in a New Age. And by New Age, I don’t mean a Golden one. While many people know about the police state aspects of the New World Order, they don’t realize that this grab for control includes control over every aspect of life — especially spiritual. Whether people know it or not, there’s a war going on, and it’s primarily a war for your soul.

Most people can’t grasp this concept because it sounds psychotic. Why would anyone want someone else to worship them? Why would anyone seek that kind of insane control over others? We tend to project our own experiences and desires onto others, but unless you’re a narcissist or psychopath yourself — or have moved beyond projection — then you likely won’t recognize the degree of depravity and insatiable consumption of those who’ve quietly ruled our world from behind the curtain. The LIBOR bank rate rigging scandal has begun to show the intricate collusion, corruption and other aspects, but the bigger, more shocking revelations have yet to go mainstream.

For now, it is enough to know that the sickos behind the 2012 Olympics have absolute faith in the power and necessity of ritual, including human sacrifice. These “people” are so disconnected from God/Source that they have no Love/Light energy (power) on their own. By televising and making the rituals larger and larger, adding billions of humans’ focus to the mix, they intensify their offerings to whatever entity they feel they’re serving. If they can manipulate viewers (i.e. unknowing participants in the ritual) to run the gamut of peak emotions of Love and then utter fear, so much the better.

The trouble with Lightworkers conducting mass meditations centered around the opening and closing ceremonies is that most Lightworkers remain too naive to understand what they’re fueling. This is not a judgement. It’s just a fact that most Lightworkers and the general population of human would-be-do-gooders don’t understand how energy works. Energy is energy. If you know how to surf it or transmute it, you can change it into anything. As crazy as they are, the people running our world have managed to consolidate power because they do know how energy works. They have not only studied and monopolized secret, esoteric wisdom from the ages, but they have also funneled billions, perhaps trillions of dollars into black-ops, psy-ops and studies about neuroscience and mind-control.

Don’t believe me? It might interest you to know that the Dark Knight “lone shooter” was a PhD student in a CIA funded program about experimental neuroscience. He took part in those experiments and somehow, this unemployed grad student wound up with $20K of highly sophisticated military weaponry and armor and started shooting –sacrificing– innocents on a New Moon ritual. In jail, he remains convinced that he’s part of an unalterable movie script. Who gave him the equipment? Where did a neuropsych student learn how to rig such complicated bombs that could have blown up his entire apartment complex? And why did he bother to tell authorities? Classic Manchurian Candidate.

Still don’t believe me? Google “conversational hypnosis politics” and see what you find. Look up “sacred symbols advertising” or “religious symbols media.” See what you find. We live in a symbolically illiterate culture. Unless you’ve taken the time to study mythology, sacred geometry, Runes and Archetypes — extensively — then you remain easily manipulated. The subconscious craves spiritual experiences and rituals. In a world devoid of natural, positive, non-corrupted rituals, people are so starved that they’ll swallow anything. And often do. In this meditation that suggests watching the opening ceremony, innocent people will find themselves drawn in. Your subconscious mind creates your world. If you feed it tons of energy while watching a carefully orchestrated Satanic ritual, you will dramatically amplify the informed, unconflicted intent of the savvy psychopaths who designed the ritual. You will become a powerful participant in that ritual.

2) While the idea of sharing love with all humanity comes from a heartfelt place, superimposing that love onto rituals meticulously designed to destroy humanity could easily backfire. Remember, “A spoonful of sugar helps the ‘medicine’ go down.” Whereas the deepest part of humanity revolts at the cold, calculated ridicule of everything sacred, if billions of viewers feel Love while subconsciously swallowing poison, that poison gets in deeper.

3) A safer, more positive suggestion for helping raise the Collective vibe would be “think globally, act locally.” Turn off your tell-LIE-visions and go outside. Want to feel at one in the Universe? Go hug a tree; talk with your neighbor; interact with animals in nature. Forget the Olympics. Don’t give them anymore of your energy. Unless you have honed your ability to direct your own energy in highly specific ways with verified, consistent results, then the best thing you can do to raise the Olympic vibe of love for all humanity is to demonstrate love for yourself and those in your immediate surroundings.

Get mushy if you must. Share your own triumphs instead of vicariously living through Olympic athletes. Share your own joys instead of letting the media giants falsify and manipulate your emotions. If you want to feel the interconnectedness of all humans and Unity Consciousness, then start with your immediate surroundings and make tangible shifts in your own, direct experience. Abstraction tends to remove you from the here and now. It removes you from your body and from your own, innate wisdom and connection to Source. If you want Unity Consciousness with something positive instead of some fake, NWO One World Religion, then tune into your own Divinity and practice seeing that in everyone and everything. Moment by moment. You can practice extra often during the Olympics, but tend to your own vibration. Change begins within.

If you feel you have specific skills in the energy sending or focus department, then I still emphasize the above suggestions. You can also intend discernment for anyone watching the Games, and you can, perhaps, surrender and release the intention that something disrupts the carefully planned negative events. Maybe the television cameras don’t work. Maybe the sound and light systems goof up just enough to distract the full concentration required to carry out an effective ritual. The how doesn’t matter so much as the mischievous little winks from the Universe that say, “Um, no. This does not align with Source and so it will not receive positive synchronization.” Faeries, elves, crystals, children, the wiser subconscious parts of participants … all can be showered with Love and Discernment in order to support the right people recognizing anything untoward and reporting such things to the right authorities.

The power of strategic distraction can protect billions of people from swallowing poison and False Flags hook, line and sinker. If you feel you must participate in some way, then disruption of the ritual would be more positive than trying to shift the negative to positive. Most people simply don’t have the sustained focus and esoteric knowledge to override decades of planning and intent. I would suggest such visualization take place prior to the actual events, but pull all your energy back into yourself and your immediate environment during the events. As Carl Sandburg said, “Some day they’ll give a war and nobody will come.” Stop participating in the madness and watch it evaporate. Very few people want to play these Games anymore. Remove your attention from those things you don’t want, and tend to your own vibration and your own reality creation. You just might find yourself living more fully than you ever thought possible.

And that, my friends, is the most powerful, loving contribution you can make to our world and its Ascension. Practice Unconditional Love for yourself and others. Then let the Universe sort itself. Namaste.