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Jupiter in Taurus May 2023-4 (Video)

Jupiter entered Taurus with a bang on May 16, 2023, but there’s so much more to Jupiter in Taurus than the initial T-square with Mars in Leo and Pluto in Aquarius. What can we expect between now and May 25, 2024?

This video looks at famous people with Jupiter in Taurus, how this placement plays out in natal charts and collectively. It explores previous transits, as well as important upcoming dates in June 2023 and beyond, including Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Taurus on June 1.

How can we prepare? How can we use these energies for best results? If you like crystals, you’re in for a treat! (Note: if you’re reading this in an email, you’ll need to click through to the post. Emails from WordPress don’t embed YouTube videos.)

Beginner’s Guide to Pluto in Aquarius 2023

As we approach the monumental shift of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius on March 23, 2023, I edited my hour-long conversation with Timothy Glenn into a super accessible 24-minute video. You don’t need to understand astrology in order follow these parts.

This snapshot focuses on the preview period from March 23-June 11, 2023, plus themes for the longer 20-year Pluto in Aquarius transit. The video also includes general information on how to handle Pluto transits. I know not everyone has time or inclination for an hour-long video, and these parts seemed important enough to highlight for a more general audience.

Preparing for Equinox 2023

This was a request from a few people, so I’m putting it up way early. I’ll get the written New Moon in Aries post up closer to the 21st, but I thought I’d share some of the magical energies of Equinox and the next day’s New Moon in Aries. If you love faery and mermaid energy, you’re in for a treat!

Timothy Glenn and Laura Bruno talk astrology!

I’m so excited to share this video with everyone who loves Timothy Glenn’s deep dive articles on my blog. We recorded this hour long talk on March 7, still in the Virgo Full Moon energies and hot on the heels of Saturn entering Pisces. Today’s talk covers the initial preview of Pluto in Aquarius from March 23-June 11, 2023, plus our personal reads on the energies.

If people like these chats, we plan to do more. I think everyone will notice our very Aquarian friendship. We met in 2006 and have been friends ever since, with various forms of low key collaboration over the years. We share many clients, friends and interests in common. All in all, a super fun and informative talk.

If you watch til the end, you can have the inside peek at our conversation, as we kept recording for awhile after we said goodbye. If you want a more bite sized version, I edited this into a 24-minute highlight video, which you can watch here. Enjoy!

How to Prepare for March 2023 Energies

March 2023 initiates major collective shifts. What can we expect? How can we prepare for the best and worst of these new energies? The end shares a very important message for our times. I tried to make this accessible even for people who don’t understand astrology.

Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance

Another blast from the past that wants to go up again. This one comes from 2019, but more and more people are experiencing this expanded consciousness. Here are some definitions and context for enhanced awareness:

This post began as “Precognitive Blues, Part 3: Astrology, Tarot, Synchronicity, and the Trickster.” My description of “The Clair’s” grew so long that it demanded its own post before Part 3 shows up. (I also discovered a Part 4, so that series will continue until I learn otherwise. You can find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.)

By “The Clair’s,” I Mean:

Clairaudience: hearing sounds or words beyond “normal” frequency, usually with greater insights into the apparent reality. Telepathy and animal communication also fall under the heading of clairaudience.

In sessions, for me, clairaudience comes as a specific word, name or phrase, either right before the call, when I scan a client, or as the client speaks. Sometimes what they don’t say shouts much louder than their voice. Other times it comes to me as a kind of stage whisper or voiceover. When I bring up the word, name or phrase, it clicks in all sorts of insights for the person.

Clairaudience happens to me outside of sessions, too, but at least in a session I have permission to share intuitive hits! Not everyone welcomes that information, and conversations with liars or those in denial become especially boisterous inside my head. When someone lies to me, the true words echo louder and louder until I need to decide what to do with them. In the absence of “real world” evidence, it feels nasty to accuse someone of lying. For this reason, I do my best to avoid habitual liars or those in deep denial.

Fruitless confrontation or blaming myself for having “negative thoughts about someone” feels bad either way. Autoimmune reactions are very common in this scenario! I have many, many clairaudient Lyme clients turning against themselves their anger, frustration and negative thoughts about the narcissists or gaslighter’s in their lives.

It takes courage to allow yourself to live and hear from a place of truth rather than beating yourself up because you hear something so different from the spoken words. Of course, this creates other complications: if you suspect you have clairaudient awareness, then you need to make sure you examine your own Shadow and projections. An old post called “Rejection, Projection and Reflection,” can help with this.

My favorite method of clairaudience occurs most mornings in the hypnagogic state between sleep and waking. I hear song lyrics or a melody. When I search the full lyrics of those songs I find exact answers to my questions or concerns.

This can also happen with “radio roulette” where songs playing in stores or the car shock you awake because they seem to answer an internal question you just asked. The “random” play of Pandora, Alexa, or Spotify gives recently passed loved ones a way to send love or other messages to those they left behind. This is very, very common! Although not technically clairaudience (since the music plays in “normal reality”), the messages coming through the music bring a deeper resonance and awareness than ordinary listening. If this happens to you, you’ll sense it: goosebumps, an inner “Whoa!” or a delightful wonder help to flag clairaudient messages. If you keep hearing the same song over and over, you might also want to explore why.

Clairaudience does not always involve words. Sound is a frequency. Language speaks to us through vibration as much as the dictionary meaning of words. Sometimes words get in the way. Pay attention to any unusual sounds, positive or negative. Does something sound like a bell or an alarm? A knock? Cornish and Welsh miners in the Wild West relied on “the knockers” to guide them to veins of silver or gold, or to warn of danger.

In 2008 when my then husband and I moved to Petaluma, California, a persistent rattle followed me around. It moved through our dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, fan, and finally to a loose piece of siding outside our apartment. Each time, the repairman fixed one rattle source, it moved to the next one. Da-da-da-da-ret, da-da-da-da-ret. Over and over, it was maddening! Tania Marie and I spent Halloween Weekend with our friend Karen at her family’s vacation home in Bodega Bay.

This story is told much more completely in my chapter of Stories from the Messengers, but the upshot is that as I was telling Karen and Tania about this mysterious rattle, I sensed Tania’s tortoise Gaia tapping her cage in time with the rattle. At first, no one else heard it, and then Gaia started tapping in the 3D world, not just internally tapping. Then I heard a loud rattle from the kitchen. I ran out to find the clock stopped at 11:11, even though that was not the time. Recognizing this as some kind of message about my then in progress novel, Schizandra and the Gates of Mu, I said, “Thanks for the insights, but I don’t speak rattle! Give it to me in a dream or in a book.”

After that weekend, I had a series of dreams and insights that brought my manuscript “down to earth.” That Monday, our maintenance man just happened to walk by as the piece of rogue siding rattled. He fixed this loudest and most insistent “da-da-da-da-ret,” and I never heard it again. In other words, if you receive a sound or clairaudient message you don’t understand, you can ask for a revised delivery method. You can say, “I don’t speak rattle. Give it to me some other way.” You can request a translation. Just don’t ignore the message.

Clairvoyance: seeing objects, events, people or visions not present in the “normal” range of vision.

Clairvoyance is also used as a catchall term for the various clair’s, indicating acute intuitive or psychic awareness. For me, clairvoyance most often appears in dreams or during past life readings. In both cases, I “see” the situation as a movie. Many times I later learn that dream “symbols” were actually remote views of future events, either for me or for someone else. Other times I “see” an image, glyph, or Tarot card that acts as shorthand for a lengthy message.

I have clients who “see” internet search terms. Some clients and I also see colors, auras, energies, or visions. Since childhood, I’ve seen “flashes” of people together who later become a couple. While I can focus my inner sight for medical intuitive readings, my flashes, visions, colors, auras and energies usually arise spontaneously. This seems common even with practicing psychics — you can focus the camera, but you don’t know what you’ll see until you see it.

Most people are visual learners, with vision as their primary sense. When I “see” for someone else, whatever I see tends to reflect that person’s symbol code. Not always, but often: the vision won’t make sense to me, so I describe it as well as I can. Sometimes I see a map with circled or flashing location. When I mention the location, it means something to the person — either they came from there, know someone there, or have considered moving there.

If I see a Tarot card or other meta-symbol in a dream, it often flashes or sparkles like a silly cartoon, in order to call more attention to itself. When doing actual Tarot or Astrology Readings outside of dreams, my eyes fixate on specific points. In the case of Tarot, repeating patterns in the cards jump out at me. In a natal or transit chart, my eyes dart right to what turns out to be the key element that provides the answer.

Sometimes this happens in “real life,” too. I’ll look at someone supposedly very sick, and see them glowing or radiating health, and I recognize the deeper healing in process. Other times, I see someone considered “beautiful” by society’s standards, but need to control my own revulsion due to the distortions and grotesque movements of energy. These people later get busted as major pedophiles, rapists or murderers. Society says, “I can’t believe it,” but clairvoyant people often see the energies or superimposed faces of their victims or crimes.

Just like “hearing voices in your head,” “seeing things that aren’t there” can make you feel a little nuts. If you have no context for these visions, the contrast between intuitive insights and accepted reality can drive you crazy. It helps in these cases to find at least one spiritually aware friend, confidant or professional intuitive/psychic who can hold space for you to explore your Second Sight. Having another person spontaneously validate your vision or offer clarity on it can make the difference between isolation and confidence, between gratitude for guidance and a trip to the loony bin. Trust your intuition on whom to tell, though. Telling the wrong person can undermine you, damage your self esteem or worse.

If you find yourself troubled by suspected clairvoyance, I recommend some easy prayers and mantras. Ask for signs, but also ask to recognize and receive those signs. Too many people ask for signs and then miss the pileup of synchronicities, dreams and over-the-top efforts to get their attention. If your answer involves something part of you would like to remain blurry, then you’ll probably miss some of the signs. Also, if you have extreme attachment to one answer or meaning, then you need to emphasize the “recognize and receive those signs” part. Otherwise, you can twist signs to mean whatever you want them to mean, then face a crisis of faith when things don’t pan out the way your “Guides” told you they would.

I’ve mentioned before how useful I find the Serenity Prayer: “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.” You can modify that to reflect your spiritual beliefs, addressing your own subconscious, Higher Self, the Universe or whoever you trust. The important part is asking for spiritual guidance in the form of non-attachment (Serenity), Courage and Wisdom. Some visions come to help you shift the future. Others come to prepare you for an upcoming challenge or opportunity. It pays to pay attention.

Literally, it pays to pay attention. If you find yourself strapped for cash, start looking for signs and symbols in your life. Abundance and free flowing energy is your natural state. If you feel a pinch right now, you’re either processing something in a “not yet” phase, or you’re blocking prosperity and opportunities trying to reach you. Looking at waking life as a dream, filled with symbols and each person also representing an aspect of yourself can free your flow again.

Clairsentience means clear sensation.

Less recognized than clairaudience or clairvoyance, clairsentience actually occurs more often. You feel things in your body, heart and soul. People who say, “You could cut the air with a knife” are clairsensing the energy residue of whatever happened in that location before they arrived. A fight, a murder, a tryst: when you get that funny feeling of something different than the apparent reality, your clairsentience has kicked in. Some people refer to this as “Spidey Senses.” Other people receive a jolt of information when they touch someone.

Empaths are extremely clairsentient. By definition, empaths feel and take on the energies, emotions, illnesses or moods of their environment. Although you can use empathic awareness as a gift, it doesn’t always feel like a gift! I highly recommend Dr. Judith Orloff’s The Empath’s Survival Guide. I’ve also written many articles for Empaths. Understanding how and when you pick up information through your feelings and body gives you needed clarity on what to do with that information. Otherwise, you become a psychic sponge, sopping up anything and everything around you.

As with clairaudience, I find most of my clients with autoimmune issues are extreme Empaths. Both of my guided journals help people discern “what’s mine and what’s not?” Lyme Journal: A Guided Recovery Workbook speaks more to people with autoimmune issues, Lyme Disease, co-infections and/or Chronic Fatigue. The Second Chakra Healing Journal supports people whose body presents challenges with fertility, hormonal balance, sexuality, bladder/UTI/kidney issues, prostate health and/or creative flow. I ask different questions in different ways, but both guided journals help you untangle the complex web of clairsentience disguised as symptoms.

As with the rattle example in the clairaudient section, you can ask for messages to arrive in other ways. Keep in mind that guidance tends to come in subtle ways first. Symptoms appear when you’ve ignored the whispers, shouts, nudges, signs, and symbols. The body steps in and says, “I’ll get her attention!” If you pay more attention to the subtle feelings and biofeedback mechanisms of your body, then symptoms can fade away. They can become like those inflatable lane guards for kids in bowling alleys. “Bumper bowling” can keep you on track if you honor your symptoms to bounce you back to striking range.

It also helps to pay attention to good feelings, especially if you prefer to live in an “ease and please” world rather than a trauma/drama tragedy or thriller. Love heals. If you find yourself comfortable, soft and secure, cultivate relationships with whoever or whatever triggers those feelings in you. Explore how you might strengthen those qualities in yourself, but do pay attention to unusual feelings. For example: if something would normally scare you but you feel strangely calm, that’s significant. If something would normally make you huff off in anger, but compassion floods your heart, this, too, tells you something.

As always, discernment remains key, but your body tells you many things. One caveat: a healing crisis or Herxheimer reaction, in which symptoms flare up when you address the root cause, does not mean you’re on the wrong track. It does mean slow down. Be gentler with yourself. Your body wants you to take your time with this; find out why.

Of the clair’s clairsentience often feels the least clear, because it intertwines so much with our own lived experience. Having a word or vision flash through your mind announces itself, whereas many people blame a stomachache on bad food combining or nerves. When in doubt, assume a symptom means something. If you auto-blame or judge yourself for anxiety or health issues, try giving yourself the benefit of the doubt. Read the Empath posts on this blog. Practice good energy hygiene. Ask, “Is this mine?” Then pay attention to the answer. If it’s not yours, let it go. If it is yours, ask for more clarity. Again, I designed the guided journals to assist with this, because clairsentience is often not so clair.

In case anyone wonders, I am an off the charts Empath. It allows me to do my work, to feel someone in Australia from my living room in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but I’ve spent my entire life learning how to manage this “gift.” I learned the information I share in the articles and journals from the School of Hard Knocks, and some of those knocks were reallllly hard! You don’t need to do things the hard way. 😉

Claircognizance refers to knowing the future or the hidden truth without any evidence or clues to lead you there. You just know what you know.

Claircognizance often occurs in combination with at least one of the other clair’s, but it doesn’t need to. For me, claircognizance arrives as an irrevocable, unshakable inner clarity about a situation, person or event. I don’t know how I know what I know. The visions, words or feelings come after the knowing. They support it, but they don’t trigger it. Sometimes I just know.

I find claircognizance occurs more often in people with strong Uranus, Aquarius, Mercury, Gemini, and Virgo placements in their natal chart. Neptune/Pisces can also bring claircognizance, but Neptune/Pisces has a reputation for illusions/delusions/Glamour/deception, so you need to be careful with Neptune/Pisces. If you’ve done your own Shadow Work and you don’t have a Neptune Square Venus transit, you can often glean major insights from Neptunian claircognizance. If everything seems dreamy and fantasy-like, then your message probably means something bigger and truer in the cosmic sense. The real life details blur with Neptune/Pisces.

The most claircognizant people I know happen to have very prominent Pholus placements in their natal charts. I’ve written on Pholus before as it relates to me, but I’ve since gathered more information as it relates to clients and friends. Pholus is a Centaur associated with “small thing, BIG EFFECT.” People with very strong Pholus placements, or who have exact aspects to Pholus either through transits or synastry with someone else, tend to extrapolate the BIG EFFECT from the small thing. We do this so rapidly that we cannot explain why or how the small thing exploded in our heads into the BIG EFFECT; we just know, and we can’t un-know.

Pholus and Uranus feel volatile. The kind of knowing that comes with them explodes into consciousness. Whereas Scorpio’s can be very psychic, they tend to know in a more emotional, clairsentient way. Mercury, or quicksilver in alchemy, also brings sudden mental changes. Virgos, ruled by Mercury, tend to have less precognizance than Gemini’s simply because the Virgo process moves slower. When the big picture clicks in for a Virgo, though, that effect can be sudden. Gemini’s tend to flit so fast among different streams of information and details that sometimes the answer slips past the filters: boom! The common thread with claircognizance as distinguished from the other clair’s is the sudden awareness that comes “out of nowhere.”

Living with the Clair’s

A 1998 traumatic brain injury removed my rational side for four years. Some people might argue it removed it forever, but I do operate with whole brain awareness. Most of Western society favors the left brain, rational, “show me” realm and ignores or mocks the Unseen or Unknown as fantasy or mental illness. Context makes a huge difference. If you surround yourself with doubters, then you will doubt yourself. If you imbibe in fear and paranoia, then any intuitive awareness you experience will carry that fear/paranoia vibe. At some point, you need to decide how you wish to live your life. What brings better results for you? How do you feel operating at the various levels?

Aim for authenticity, but also when you open to other levels of awareness, your own Shadow seeps out. Awakening the clair’s can feel scary, isolating and in some cases does trigger nervous breakdowns. I like Robert Moss’s advice in his dream books, “Ask, ‘What do I need to know? What do I need to do?” Then follow that advice. Keep a journal, but keep it private. You need a safe place to unload your thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams, free from other’s projections.

It also helps to talk with someone who walks this path. Pray for guidance on with whom to share your story and experiences. A shaman, priest, astrologer, intuitive coach, psychic, or Jungian psychoanalyst could all offer a variety of support. Lee Harris offers monthly YouTube videos , books and other resources. My blog contains so many articles on fringe topics. I also recommend Robert Moss’s book, The Three Only Things. If your clair’s came as a result of UFO, owl or ET encounters, you might find support in the Messengers series. If you’d like a private intuitive reading from me, please feel free to contact me.

Wherever you are in your life, then I wish you well on the spiral journey. The clair’s can enhance and improve that journey, especially when you learn more how to engage the gifts.

“A Deep Cleanse” Dream

This morning’s dream seems collective, so I’ll share it here:

“A Deep Cleanse”

I was in a large, multi-storied house with a large group of people. At first it seemed like some kind of huge society party, but then I realized something else was going on here. Periodically, smaller groups of people would disappear from the festivities, and they’d go upstairs where we could just see them from kind of a mezzanine level.

While on this level, just barely visible to us below, people underwent a deep cleaning procedure, so that everything became purified. This occurred while wearing clothes. Everything just got a full blast of cleaning in a really posh setting. Then the people would return to the lower level and others would go upstairs.

This wasn’t a one and done situation. People needed multiple cleanings throughout the length of the party. It was loud with hints of excitement. People seemed eager to go through the cleansing process each time, like they knew this was a requirement in order to receive something really worth having.

I don’t remember much else. The main things were this deep cleansing process for groups of people and their excited, anticipatory voices as they went through the process with each other. The dream had an invigorating feel to it, and I awoke well rested and relaxed.

END of dream journal.

This feels like a collective dream and reminds me a little of the Gold Lamé Circle dream where groups of people left the circle and when they returned, they wore more and more gold lamé in their clothes until it reached their collars.

Instead of a golden circle, this dream featured a multistory building. Instead of turning into gold, people received a very deep cleansing, almost like every cell and every atom got squeezed and wrung out so that only the original and authentic imprints remained. Each cleansing process felt like a relief and the next step towards something wonderful.

I don’t have much to add, but it seems like an encouraging dream not just for me but for many people.

New Moon in Aquarius and Uranus Direct ~ January 21-22, 2023

This post wants to go up sooner rather than later. I will reblog it closer to the time, but these are wild and potent energies! In many ways, this upcoming New Moon gives us “a preview of the preview” of Pluto in Aquarius. On March 23, 2023 the slow moving Lord of the Underworld shifts from Capricorn, which Pluto has upended since 2008, and moves into Aquarius, where he will remain for just a few months before retrograding back to Capricorn on June 11. Pluto won’t re-enter Aquarius for the long haul until January 2024. The not quite three months in 2023 gives us a taste of Pluto in Aquarius until 2044.

This New Moon in very early Aquarius looks forward to March 23, and backwards to December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn conjuncted in the first degree of Aquarius. There are so many moving parts with this extremely “Age of Aquarius” event, including the Uranian concept of precognition or receiving rapid downloads of other points in time. Because of the intense pressure on the early degrees of Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), it feels right to give people an extra heads up, so here we go!

My January 2023 Forecast shared:

January 21 New Moon in Aquarius, 3:53 p.m. Eastern Standard US time. On a personal note, this New Moon conjuncts my own natal Moon, within minutes. Rounding up to 2° Aquarius, we find Dane Rudyhar’s Sabian Symbol for this New Moon: “AN UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM. KEYNOTE: The need to develop the inner security which will enable us to meet unexpected crises.” The Ruler of this New Moon–Uranus–stations Direct the next day. Stationing always amplifies the energy of an outer planet, and Uranus is the planet most associated with thunderstorms, especially lightning bolts. Anytime we deal with Aquarius or Uranus, we’re wise to “expect the unexpected.” We can’t prepare for everything, but we can pay attention to signs, synchronicities, dreams and “psychic downloads” urging us to take certain preparatory steps. When we work with the Unseen world, we experience greater resilience, peace and ease in the 3D world.

January 22 Uranus stations Direct in Taurus and Venus conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. A powerful day! Uranus sends a spark of genius–or a flash of chaos. No one knows what this Cosmic Weirdo may do at any given moment. He’s like the Tower card in Tarot, a revolutionary, Mr. Wild Card Liberator stationing Direct in the most rooted, stable sign of the zodiac. Well, Taurus likes stability. With Uranus stirring things up since May 2018 and the North Node still retrograding its way through Taurus since January 2021, this Earth sign of banking, fertility, food, the body and personal values keeps getting zapped. Will lightning strike on 1/22/23? Who knows?! Outer planets exert the most pressure as they station, but will the earthquakes be literal or metaphorical? When the Love Goddess conjuncts Saturn, beautiful creations can more easily manifest. In zany Aquarius–co-ruled by both Saturn and Uranus–anything goes. With both these transits on the same day, we can predict something unusual will happen. Keep your head on a swivel and yer dancin’ shoes at the ready.

Asteroid Magdalena conjunct the New Moon amplifies its Aquarian feel. In astrology, Magdalena suggests “affinity and commitment toward a group or collective cause.” Aquarius is the sign of the group and collective cause. Together we can uplift humanity and serve the Highest Good of All.

Exactly opposing the New Moon is Black Moon Lilith in Leo. She reminds us that cooperation restricts our wild, primal nature (Lilith) and may go against our own needs and desires (Leo). Despite our best intentions and platitudes (Aquarius), ego issues (Leo) and deep soul needs (Lilith) demand acknowledgement. The UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM will be more intense if we try to ignore our inner Lilith. She wants sovereignty and respect. If we don’t factor her into the equation, autoimmune conditions, tantrums and rioting will follow. Aim for balance between group harmony (Aquarius) and personal integrity (Leo).

At the time of the New Moon, Mercury in Capricorn quincunxes Mars in Gemini. This 150° aspect demands creative integration of unlike things. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign, while Gemini is a Mutable Air sign. On the surface they have nothing in common, but the quincunx nags us to make it work.

Mars in Gemini brings information warfare and reminds us that words have power. Mercury in Capricorn shares information about power structures, authorities, rules and regulations. Mercury also rules Gemini, so we find common ground in areas of information, communication and understanding. We can integrate this quincunx by paying attention to and acting on information, especially information that challenges us to look at other possibilities (Gemini). The phrase, “Let’s make a deal” comes to mind–a negotiation (Mercury/Gemini) among leaders (Capricorn) that allows us to move forward (Mars). This could occur on both personal and collective levels.

At this time, Mars closely conjuncts the US natal Uranus. Revolutionary energies arise across the world, but especially in the United States. Patience only lasts so long when Mars conjuncts one’s Uranus. Desire for change triggers action and–quite possibly–war. This is volatile energy. Beware of accidents and false flags.

The power and potential of Mercury in Capricorn gets strengthened by conjuncting centaur Pholus. I’ve written about Pholus before, because I find this guy sets off explosive events. Pholus is the “small thing/BIG EFFECT” point in a chart. Some compare his action to chaos theory’s “butterfly effect,” where “a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.” With Pholus so close to Mercury, quincunx Mars in Gemini/US natal Uranus, the smallest (Pholus) leak or drop of information (Mercury/Gemini) could suddenly (Pholus) challenge (Mars/US Uranus) the old world order (Capricorn). Of all the centaurs, Pholus acts most like Uranus–this New Moon’s ruler, and the planet that stations Direct the very next day.

Mercury in Capricorn also trines the North Node in Taurus. This supportive aspect suggests that messages, information and understanding (Mercury) will align with destiny (North Node), bringing tangible, real world results (Earth signs Capricorn and Taurus). But things align for even greater miracles. In addition to Pholus, Mercury also conjuncts asteroid Quaoar. According to


The Quaoar sign meaning signifies that the true mystical experience will help you access a more profound reality where everything flows perfectly. You consider everything as sacred and develop greater respect for life.”

Wow! But wait, there’s more …

Amplifying the North Node’s hand of destiny, this New Moon closely conjuncts asteroid Klotho. In mythology, Klotho is one of the Three Fate Sisters. She portends beginnings, initiations, births, and ignition. She can also bring people back to life if she feels they died too soon. Every New Moon allows us to hit the reset button, but Klotho and an ever growing cast of characters make this one feel extra fresh, weird and new. High strangeness awaits!

Set for Washington, D.C., the Ascendant of this New Moon chart conjuncts the January 6, 2023 Full Moon in Cancer. If you’ve not read that post, I suggest you do, as it sets the stage for this New Moon. This January 21 chart’s Ascendant also conjuncts the US natal Sun, marking it as extra important to the United States. The connection between the January 6 Full Moon and January 21 New Moon links these events as part of a bigger picture. Astrology allows us to peak behind a tarp hiding the Cosmic Painter’s canvas as he slowly finishes the work in progress. We don’t know if we’ll approve of style or genre, but planetary aspects and Sabian Symbols give us clues to theme and content.

As I mentioned in the January 6 Full Moon post, all of this occurs in larger context of the ongoing First US Pluto Return. That long transit first came into orb around 2015 and will continue through at least 2025. We’re in the thick of it right now, and although in a different sign, this New Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and the US natal Pluto. Anytime a nation undergoes its First Pluto Return, it faces existential threats. Sometimes the entire government dissolves. Crises, discord and revolutions are common. Sometimes that nation returns to its initial seed–the full potential contained in the original concept of the nation.

Uranus stations Direct the next day, just minutes away from the November 8, 2022 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. You might recall that as Midterm Election Day in the US. Again, we find uncanny precision of astro and “real world” events. Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbol for where Uranus stations Direct is: “(TAURUS 15°): HEAD COVERED WITH A RAKISH SILK HAT, MUFFLED AGAINST THE COLD, A MAN BRAVES A STORM. KEYNOTE: The courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition. … What is revealed here is CHARACTER under adverse circumstances.”

In other words, we’ve got the god of thunderstorms and lightning bolts (Uranus) showing off (stationing Direct), in a degree that emphasizes “a storm.” This occurs just one day after an Aquarius New Moon ruled by Uranus. That New Moon activates “AN UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM.” We don’t know what will happen, but something big is brewing. Within the next month, we might look around and say, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Will we also sing, “Ding, dong the witch is dead”? Only time will tell, but Uranus tends to trigger liberation.

With Venus conjunct Saturn at this same time, we can bring something unusual (Aquarius) and beautiful (Venus) into tangible form (Saturn, the builder). A stroke of genius (Uranus) inspires elegant solutions (Venus conjunct Saturn). It might also trigger fated meetings that lead to committed relationships. My forecast: AN UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM with potential for rainbows.

Gold Lame Circle Dream

This morning’s dream seems collective, so I’ll share it here:

“Gold Lamé Circle”

I observed a large group of people arranging themselves in a circle. It’s hard to say just how many people were there—probably more than 20 and less than 50. The number varied because while most remained in the circle, at any given time, some people moved offscreen. When they returned, they would have a higher proportion of gold lamé on their clothing. The gold began at the feet, and it gradually, after several rounds of this for each person, reached up to their collars.

When I first awoke from this dream, for some reason, I thought it was just me processing whatever’s going on in Congress. There was a large group forming the circle, but smaller groups of maybe five or six at a time would leave and then return with a higher level of gold lamé moving up their clothing. I thought this represented backroom deals and bribes, like they negotiated things off scene and then returned to the circle enriched (metaphorically the shiny gold clothing).

I fell back asleep and seemed to dream this same thing again, and now I feel like the dream has more of a universal, symbolic meaning. The people were initially dressed in black and gray. Each one made multiple trips offscreen, while others held the circle in place. Gradually, this circle became more and more golden, as the gold lamé made its way further up their outfits. By the end, I noticed that everyone was covered in gold lamé up to their collars, and the collars were pointed like each person had rays of the sun around their neck. These were soft, not rigid, but each person’s golden collar formed a microcosm of the larger golden circle their bodies formed.

Their heads and faces remained in tones of a black and white movie—they had various tones of gray skin and black or gray hair. They were human, not ETs, and the collars had a Louis XIV feel to them. “The Sun King.” The overall progression of the dream felt like another “threshold” dream in the sense that I watched the gradual shift from grayscale to gold. I don’t know if the faces and hair would also turn to gold, or if they had finished their transformation. They were either done, or very close to done.

This echoed that series of dreams saying, “You are at the threshold,” or “This is the threshold,” or “You’ve crossed the threshold.” It wasn’t quite clear how far each needed to go, but in last night’s dream(s), the process took a long time and was either finished or nearly finished. It also reminded me of my 2001 dream about asparagus spears appearing around my head. People would pluck the spears and eat them, and then more spears/rays would grow back.

END of dream journal.

A strange dream! Here’s an image of Louis XIV that kind of reflects what the clothing became in the dream, but super shiny. The heads and hats weren’t gold yet, but everything else on every other person was, by the end of my dream.

I shared the asparagus dream from 2001 in a 2010 post:

I looked up and saw a brilliant white light which shot down into my mouth. I ate it like food and asparagus stalks sprouted from my head. They surrounded my face like rays of the sun, and people would pluck and eat the spears. The light fed me and the spears continued to regenerate as people ate them.

(asparagus=sign of prosperity
circle, sun, spiritual food)

I can’t say exactly what each dream portends, but they seem like good signs. I will also add that I’ve noticed quite a few clients have suddenly reached the next phase of their long journeys. Whatever most important shifts I knew they would need to make in order to live the life they want to live–they have made, or are right at the threshold of making those shifts. The internal changes have occurred. The external shifts can now happen since they are ready to receive them. This also feels collective–like many of us have undergone long journeys, all synchronizing into the golden circle of my dream.

Full Moon in Cancer ~ January 6, 2023

My January 2023 Forecast shared:

January 6 Full Moon in Cancer, 6:08 p.m. Eastern Standard US time. According to Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is: (CANCER 17°): THE UNFOLDMENT OF MULTILEVEL POTENTIALITIES ISSUING FROM AN ORIGINAL GERM. KEYNOTE: The life urge to actualize one’s birth potential. What a beautiful and encouraging start to 2023! At the time of the Full Moon, the Capricorn Sun point trines Uranus in Taurus, which sextiles the Moon point. The presence of Uranus brings extra energy for breakthroughs and liberation.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, empowering this Full Moon with extra potent juju. We see an emphasis on intuition, emotions, ebb and flow, and issues around mothers, children, home, and country.

modified from original chart on

The Sun point conjuncts Mercury in Capricorn. Information and messages will come through, especially about the past. With Mercury Retrograde, we might discover that some things are different than we originally thought. We can review details and reorganize our worldview. Pay attention to insights about rules, structures, organizations, and top down authorities. This is a great time to reassess loyalties and traditions, making sure these speak to the real you. If someone or something diminishes you, reconsider how you spend your time and energy.

The Full Moon conjuncts Echeclus. This object is both a centaur and a comet, which ties into his role in astrology. Zane Stein notes:

On Amable’s blog, Transneptunian Astrology, there is this interesting observation about Echeclus: “When Echeclus is activated, there are time connections between past, present and future. Usually something of the past has imposing influence in the present, and something of the present can have an imposing influence in the future, and vice versa, like in the movies “The Kid” (2000), “Family Man” (2000), “Pay it Forward” (2000), “Frecuency” (2000), “The Lake House” (2006, remake of “Il Mare” South Corean film of 2000), “Déjà Vu” (2006), “Tomb Raider: Legend” (PS2, 2006), “Star Trek” (1979) and “Tess” (1979).

“Learning to switch time perspectives allows us to shift our attention easily between the past, present and future, and consciously adapt our mindset to any given situation.”

Precognition and time loops get activated by Echeclus. If you find yourself “going around in circles,” consider the possibility of a spiral staircase. Are you processing the same thing but on a deeper or higher level? Time is non-linear. We can revisit and pre-visit events from widely divergent times and timelines. Remember the Sabian Symbol: THE UNFOLDMENT OF MULTILEVEL POTENTIALITIES ISSUING FROM AN ORIGINAL GERM. If you’ve felt stuck, this Full Moon’s for you. Whatever glimpse you’ve had of your most authentic, full potential Self, go for it!

Asteroid Pallas also conjuncts the Full Moon in Cancer. Pallas stands for Pallas Athene, and represents Athena’s wisdom, knowledge, and support of the arts. She also deals with pattern recognition, including astrology. This conjunction increases insight into overall patterns playing across our lives. Many of these patterns appear in our natal charts. It just depends how we play the hand we’re dealt. Will we embrace our soul’s full intention for this lifetime?

An owl often sits on Athena’s shoulder, so we get Full Moon, female and owl, all of which remind me of this grainy mirror photo from 2010:

This Full Moon exactly trines asteroid Psyche in Scorpio. Psyche represents the Soul, and in Scorpio, we’re talking the deepest parts of the Soul. Psyche was born mortal. Through a process of love, loss, divine intervention and even more love, Psyche became an immortal goddess, finally allowed to live with her husband Eros. She covers all levels and realms of consciousness, all the different ways we discover who we are and what makes us tick. This Full Moon urges us to reach our full potential as a soul.

The Full Moon in Cancer + Psyche in Scorpio form a Grand Trine in Water with asteroids Vesta and Atlantis in Pisces. Combined with the Sabian Symbol for this Moon, I find the trine with Vesta and Atlantis fascinating. Vesta represents devotion to that which we hold most dear. She tends the flame of our highest ideals, kind of like the Statue of Liberty with her torch. The sign of Cancer wants to protect and nurture family, home and country. This Full Moon in Cancer occurs within three degrees of the US natal Sun. Remember, January 6 marks an important date in US history. Whether you consider J6 an insurrection or a false flag, this Full Moon will shine light on those events.

It also occurs in larger context of the ongoing First US Pluto Return (most exact from 2022-2025). This transit will either destroy the US or see it rise like a phoenix born from the ashes of its own funeral pyre. Pluto destroys that which no longer serves, removing anything stagnant or stifling. Anything not included in the original seed or divine blueprint gets blasted away. In context of the Full Moon’s trine to Atlantis and Vesta, America was originally imagined as “The New Atlantis“–a reference to Sir Francis Bacon’s novel of that name. Analyzing this novel’s influence on the founding of the United States, Rosanne Lindsay explains:

Sir Francis Bacon was a Freemason who had a major influence on the founding of America. Along with the Pilgrims who came to America for religious freedom, secret societies, who followed Bacon’s work, came with another agenda – to use America’s military and financial power to establish democracies throughout the world, and to restore The Lost City of Atlantis.

In a pure democracy, laws are made directly by the voting majority leaving the rights of the minority largely unprotected. In a republic, laws are made by representatives chosen [by] the people and must comply with a constitution that specifically protects the rights of the minority from the will of the majority.

The issue of constitutional compliance is “up” right now and impacts what could prove a monumental lawsuit on the Supreme Court docket for January 6, 2023. Time will tell what happens, but what uncanny timing with the J6 anniversary, this court case, and the Full Moon! The next four weeks could get very interesting, especially once Mars, Mercury and Uranus station Direct in mid-late Janaury. Action, information and liberation will play key roles on the world stage. The Sabian Symbol for the US natal Sun includes a KEYNOTE: Fulfillment in transcending and changeless wisdom. By conjuncting the US natal Sun, the January 6 Full Moon in Cancer amplifies the presence of Pallas Athene, with her owl and wisdom. Athena is also the patron goddess of Athens, aka the “birthplace of democracy.”

Look to overall patterns and the potential to transcend current challenges through wisdom that endures. At the time of the Full Moon, the North Node destiny point sits at 11°11′ Taurus–another manifestation gateway. Again, the Sabian Symbol of this Full Moon bodes well. THE UNFOLDMENT OF MULTILEVEL POTENTIALITIES ISSUING FROM AN ORIGINAL GERM. KEYNOTE: The life urge to actualize one’s birth potential.

Synchronously, this Full Moon also occurs on the Christian feast of Epiphany–when the Magi recognized the divine nature of Jesus. Most people don’t realize that these Three Wise Men were astrologers watching the sky and following a star to find divine revelation in human form. An “epiphany” is also “a sudden insight or intuitive understanding” that often leads to breakthrough. Once again, the Sabian Symbol rings loud and clear.

Happy Full Moon in Cancer! May we each become our best and truest selves.