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Full Moon in Capricorn with Partial Lunar Eclipse

Electra Jung graciously gave me permission to post this with a link to her site. I know so many clients, readers and friends will resonate with her insights. Many thanks and Happy Full Moon in Capricorn:

Capricorn Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse

Saturday June 26, 2010 4:30am PDT

A time of endings and letting go.

This morning’s Full Moon brings forward the emotional and psychological issues regarding toxic family relationships, toxic living environments, toxic health habits and toxic thinking about yourself and others. The fact that this Moon is eclipsed means emotions run high and events are magnified!

When the Moon is eclipsed the earth’s shadow darkens the Moon and surrounding stars can be seen.this indicates “that which was hidden shall be revealed”. Now is time to face the Truth no matter how dark or unwanted.

The Lunar Eclipse has the Moon joined with Pluto and brings in the “death” signature.this means endings and letting go which includes separations, severance of ties, relocation through situations both explosive and transformational. Emotional pressure building over a long period of time now creates eruptions and release. It is time to confront your fears and release the demons of habitual thinking and patterned living. The death signature has already been felt in many areas of your life in the form of transition, loss and crises of whatever you feel is lacking.

We have never seen the death of anything. We have only witnessed things change state.
Nassim Haramein the

Now the intensity reminds you of what the true value and meaning has been. Peace of mind and safety in your environment. Events occurring now provide the opportunity to find deeper understanding and balance in your life.

Pluto is “Lord of the Underworld” and rules Power. This means all associations with power, debt, manipulation, abuses and secret hidden forces as well as the use of force in any given situation. Relationships, employment and future dreams are now to be scrutinized for the health of your spiritual nature. This is the time to transform your inner workings of thinking and purge the toxins and waste from both body and mind. A time of endings and letting go.

You know what in your life no longer supports you on your Spiritual Path. You know where you have been un-balanced and false. An eclipse cycle is exactly what you need to return to your return to your core.

Things coming at you from all sides are forcing you to make a move. You may feel pressured into something you don’t want to do. A nervous restlessness appears to take over your being and urge you to act. Call upon your innermost strength and fortitude in the face of other people’s drama.

The center of your being is where truth and honesty bring you into “wholeness” or healing. Truth is meaningless in the absence of understanding. Below is an email I received from several clients from around the world. It a perfect reminder of who we are and what we are capable of achieving with the intention of love!

A letter from Dr. Masaru Emoto,
who many of you will recognize as the scientist from Japan who has done all the research and publications about the characteristics of water. Among other things, his research revealed that water physically responds to emotions.

Right now, most of us have the predominantly angry emotion when we consider what is happening in the Gulf. And while certainly we are justified in that emotion, we may be of greater assistance to our planet and its life forms, if we sincerely, powerfully and humbly pray the prayer that Dr Emoto, himself, has proposed.

Please participate in this prayer and set an intention of love and healing that is so large, so overwhelming, that we can perform a miracle in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are not powerless. We are powerful. Our united energy, speaking this prayer daily…multiple times daily….can literally shift the balance of destruction that is happening.

We don’t have to know how……we just have to recognize that the power of love is greater than any power active in the Universe today.

Dr. Emoto’s. healing prayer:

“I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings. To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons,corals, algae and all living creatures… ..I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Always Loving Life,

(928) 451-1809

Wheat and Chaff

This is another email correspondence turned blog post. I wrote it to a friend back in May, but I’ve been sitting on it, debating whether or not to turn it into something else. Truth be told, I have been having so much fun on Facebook that blogging is one of the last things on my mind.

So … in lieu of a brand new something, I will post what sprang out of the recurring question, “When the proverbial wheat gets separated from the proverbial chaff, is there a gluten-free pile?”

For months this question would haunt me every time I closed my eyes to go to sleep. Ever since I wrote this email, published below, the question has stopped running through my head; I seem to have answered it, at least for me. As with other emails turned blog posts, I’m a little more fiery than usual. Please take my spouting off with a grain of pink Himalayan sea salt. 😉

Well, I’m glad you are not so miserable. For me, unfulfilled=miserable,
because having tasted fulfillment the lack of it is utterly unbearable to
me. It feels like someone knifed out my organs one by one. I prefer quick
death or vibrant life, not the torturous in-between. I just don’t have the stamina or the interest, remorseless heathen though that makes me. 🙂

An idea has been haunting me and someone on Facebook suggested I write a book about it. I think I may. It’s about the proverbial wheat and the chaff … like how the Bible and society say that certain “moral” expectations are the “right way” to live and the right way to be and that if you don’t follow these you’ll go to hell. It’s based on this verse: “His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will thoroughly cleanse His threshing floor. He will gather His wheat into the barn, but the chaff He will burn up with unquenchable fire!” (Matthew 3:12)

I’ve been going to church again, and every time I go to take communion, I
hear this question in my head: “When the wheat gets separated from the
chaff, is there a gluten-free pile?” Same question runs through my mind
every time I start to fall asleep. Gluten-free means not the wheat part of the grain, and I eat gluten-free for a variety of reasons, mostly because gluten is like glue in your intestines and takes 30 days to get out of your system. It’s terrible for you! Rockefeller Chapel even offers optional gluten-free communion wafers alongside the traditional bread.

So, here’s the thing … Everyone thinks you’re supposed to “do the right
thing” and suppress all your emotions and desires in order to ensure that
you’re a grain of wheat and get put into the barn, so you won’t get burned
by the fire.

But …

One: why the need for separation/judgment in the first place?

Two: if given the choice, I and many of my favorite lightworkers on the
planet would actually choose the gluten-free chaff pile, so what does that mean? So many things in our world are paradoxes, and so much of what we judge, especially in ourselves are in fact our most precious parts!

And Three (related), if the chaff is what gets “burned” but the Phoenix (a
symbol of the resurrected Christ) rises from its ashes and is reborn, then
the chaff pile really IS the one I’d like to be in. Wheat gets moldy when it
sits in piles, attracts rats, insects, is implicated in Autism, migraines,
celiac disease, brain fog, is highly genetically modified, etc. But fire …
ah … now fire is an interesting concept, and a powerful force of change.

I really believe the world has the interpretation completely backwards!!
Everyone thinks you’re supposed to be wheat, like this sexually repressed,
non-thinking-outside-the-box, follow the Ten Commandments the way the Church interprets them, feel shame for who you are, little KERNEL that goes with all the other good little kernels to go sit in a barn.

What the heck do people want to sit in a barn for? I don’t believe hell’s a fiery place at all. I think hell is a cold, frigid, dank, unfulfilled, miserable, moldy place that rots the soul from the inside out, and I don’t think people need to die to experience it. Trying to live like “wheat” decays life from the moment we incarnate.

In the Bible there’s a parable: a farmer stores all his grain in a silo and
does he get rewarded for that? No! He gets harshly rebuked and immediately struck down dead. That Jesus that everyone thinks they’re following? He’s not a fan of barns and wheat. He’s a fan of WINE. He says man cannot live on bread alone, implying that the wheat is NOT where it’s at. He says he is the “bread of life” because the other bread is death. Our religious and moral world is so 180 right now.

But fire! The Holy Spirit comes as “Tongues of Fire.” The chaff, the part that the world says is the worthless, “bad” part, that’s the part that gets set on fire. Pentecost, which is when the Holy Spirit descended on the Disciples and gave them the ability to perform miracles, is all about FIRE.

It’s not about wheat. Resurrection comes from fire, not sitting in a moldy,
dark barn with all the other “good” kernels. We’re not here to rot. We’re
here to be set aflame, to burn. It’s all about the light and the fire, which
includes those really deep longings of the soul.

Who wants to worship or serve a God that would demand you rot in a dank,
dark barn rather than live your fiery, inspired life? Not me. And certainly
not Jesus. I have an incredibly intimate relationship with God and I’ll
choose the gluten-free chaff pile every single time. Torch me. That’s why I’m here. Personally, I believe that’s why we’re all here …

… and all that repressive, suppressive, guilt-ridden shame stuff is just a pile of moldy grain…

That’s MY fire and brimstone sermon. And now you know why the vast majority of times I’ve died I have been burned at the stake. 😉 But seriously … people should actually READ the Bible before handcuffing their lives because of it. The Bible’s been so mistranslated and misused. It’s the greatest crime against humanity there is. BUT … the keys are in there … and it’s
all about the fire. Fire is good.

Soul Mates, Past Lives and Health

I posted this last summer, but so many people have been asking so many questions about these topics that I decided to repost:

Past Lives, Health and Relationships

When people start opening their minds to the possibility of past lives influencing current preferences, compulsions, and patterns, they tend to ask a lot of questions! Suddenly, they want to know details about all the major relationships in their current life, as well as any “failed” romances they’ve tucked away for later processing. I’ve decided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions in this post. For those of you unfamiliar with how or why I started offering past life readings, please click here.

1. How can I tell if I’ve had a past life relationship with someone?

Very rarely can you actually prove to the rational mind that you have known someone before. More often, synchronicities, dreams and nudges just keep adding up until the rational mind cries, “Arggh, OK, I surrender! The simplest explanation really does involve multiple lifetimes with this same soul.” Intuitive Life Path Assessments (which I offer) or past life regressions (which I do NOT offer) can confirm these suspicions with greater details. When a non-involved party or an unconscious “you” explains the exact and complex dynamics about a relationship you’ve only mentioned in passing, that tends to click things into place.

On your own, though, here’s the biggest tip-off: if you meet someone and you have an extreme, practically irresistable attraction or aversion to them, which defies logic, then odds are very high that you’ve encountered them before. Those whirlwind romances where you feel like you’ve “known each other forever” only to question your own sanity a few months later? Usually past life related. That parent or step-parent you just could not get along with? Often past life related.

We can feel strong emotions in any lifetime. The high-probability-past-life-indicator should flash when a feeling of compulsion or inevitability enters a relationship. Releasing that compulsion may require additional insights into the history of that soul connection, but knowing one exists can help begin the necessary shifts.

2. Have I had past lives with my pet(s)?

If you feel a deeper bond with your animal friend than you’ve ever felt with a human, chances are very high you’ve spent time together before. I notice this most often with cats and dogs of people involved in the healing arts; frequently the animal friend served as a familiar during a shamanic or witch lifetime.

I have also, on occasion, picked up that the animal souls were human spouses or lovers of a now-human client. People have an assumption that we move up some kind of hierarchy with humans on top and animals somewhere down below, but I have found this hierarchy is not so one-way. I prefer not even to call it a hierarchy because the idea creates so much judgment over which form’s superior. The animals I’ve contacted have made it clear that at times they prefer animal form, as if affords freedoms or flexibility not always available to humans.

No, not every loved pet is some evolved being or long lost love come back to enlighten you on your path. Sometimes animals just want to provide love without a lot of thought or analysis. If you have this kind of pet, count your blessings, too! Which one of us couldn’t use some unconditional love?

3. How can I tell if my dreams are past life memories or just symbols about my current life?

I always encourage people to approach dream interpretation with a “both and” attitude, rather than an “either or” perspective, at least in the beginning. Dreams come from the grab bag of your subconscious, which literally retains everything you’ve ever seen, known, tasted, touched, smelled, felt or otherwise experienced. In any lifetime.

If you find yourself dreaming repeatedly of costumes from a certain era, or you keep seeing the same scene again and again with you feeling distinctly embodied inside someone else’s body, then past lives are more likely involved in the dream. Still, your subconscious has chosen this moment in this life to explore those moments, memories or symbols, so I always suggest an interpretation from this life first. What questions are currently nagging at you? What if everyone in the dream was a part of you? How do you feel about the particular time period revealed — what might it symbolize for you as some kind of shorthand?

Once you’ve explored these avenues, then see if you still have a burning past life suspicion. If so, great, you might have more to explore and learn. If the past life questions have simmered down, though, it probably means you have received the message(s) you needed at this time.

4. How can I tell if I’m just projecting my own fears, hopes or other issues and calling it a past life?

Great question! In general, if you’ve thought to ask the question, then you’re probably not projecting that much. If, on the other hand, you have never once, even for a second doubted your “history” as a glamorous, totally virtuous and powerful ruler/princess/shaman/sorcerer, then chances are strong that you might be projecting at least a little bit. I’ve written more extensively on the topics of rejection, projection and reflection here.

5. Does my health issue have a past life cause?

Very often, yes, but that does not eliminate a “this life” cause. We are complex beings! Make sure you do check physical symptoms because past life causes don’t mean you have simply imagined this life’s pain. “Both and” frequently applies!

(That said, I have seen a lot of people release physical and emotional symptoms quite fast once they recognized the past life origin.)

If a subconscious past life memory has been influencing your health, you have likely tried (unsuccessfully) to resolve it many times before. Our bodies stake their claim on our attention in ways that few things besides money do. I get more calls about money and health than all other topics combined. Over the years I’ve found that so many of these health or financial problems relate to soul issues and patterns strewn across centuries or millenia rather than decades.

As a species, we tend to overcompensate. If something goes wrong, we will go to the far opposite extreme in our attempts not to repeat the same mistake. Imagine yourself doing this not just in reaction to events you can consciously remember, but as entire lifetimes lived in reaction to past life arcs:

Incarnating as an abused wife in Ancient Greece didn’t work for you last time? OK, this time try being a male warrior who kills anyone who threatens him. Eww, killed too many people in that lifetime? OK, this time, stay male, but become a monk, and renounce all violence. Hang out as a monk for three hundred years’ worth of lifetimes until you find God. What? You didn’t find God in all that time? Bullocks! Come back as a nature loving woman who talks to faeries. Oops! Bad time for that, you just got burned at the stake as a witch. Spend the next four hundred years hiding your gifts from society so no one will mistake you as a witch again. Tired of hiding? OK, let it all out this time. Wait!!! Oh, no, every time you try to embrace your healing gifts you get really sick or something stomps on your power and light. How can this be?

… and on and on …

Eventually, some people come here to integrate. Tired of all the yo-yo-ing, their souls realize that they can’t keep bouncing around in reaction to everything around them. They want freedom. They ask for freedom. But embracing the freedom means releasing all those attachments to old wounds and ideas.

The body serves the soul like a chivalrous knight of Middle Ages. It is utterly devoted to this damsel in distress (the soul), which cries out for rescue and a happily ever after. Like the legendary knights, the body will risk dragons, demons, swords and any kind of physical or emotional torment in order to free the soul. Thus, the body will “conveniently” develop major health issues, which “free” the soul to deal with repressed issues. Financial pinches will sometimes function in the exact same way.

As a general rule, if you suffer from what I call a “Medical Mystery” — bizarre, shifting symptoms that either morph to evade treatment or completely baffle your doctors, therapists or priest, then you’re probably here on an integration path. Examples include: people who have had multiple head injuries, suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, MS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Kundalini Syndrome, EMF Sensitivity or other debilitating and seemingly psychsomatic issues.

An integration lifetime does not manifest the same way as a learning or reacting lifetime! In a learning or reacting lifetime, you can ignore some unresolved parts of your past. You can just tuck them into a closet or outhouse that you never intend to use this time around.

But in an integration lifetime, guess what? You will not allow yourself to be rewarded until you integrate. Integration is a primary reason you incarnated. Your soul wants to use its gifts without hinderance or hiding. Therefore any time you shove an issue underground it will flare up like a giant boil demanding your attention. It will ruin relationships, ruin your finances and/or ruin your health — whatever it takes to get the attention you intended to give it this time around.

If you’re in an integration lifetime, or suspect you might be, take heart, there are a lot of us on Earth at this time. In fact, Earth itself is going through an integrative phase. It helps to remember that even in poor health or stripped of your usual resources, you are a tremendously powerful and influential being. I would encourage you to ponder the possibility of a bigger picture … and to take hope that a better lifetime than you have ever known wants to reveal itself to you this time around.

In an integration lifetime, you have already acquired all the ingredients you need. Rather than searching for ingredients or grabbing the nearest processed food, you’re in a recipe development phase. You’re an elite chef. What will you create with all these wild, precious ingredients? When you take a bite out of life, how would you love it to taste? This time you really can have your cake and eat it, too!

(A little June 2010 update: the round of Soul Readings from May’s $111 Special put me in touch with so many more people on integration lifetimes. You all are amazing!! I’ve felt truly honored to read for so many compassionate, fiery, earth changing souls lately. Many, many blessings to all of you!)