Metaphysical Meaning of UTI, Bladder and Kidney Problems

In a span of nine days, I just spoke with eight women about severe UTI or bladder infections. This topic is not unusual for Medical Intuitive sessions; however, that number of people in a short span of time definitely got my attention. I figured if so many people are contacting me about these issues at one time, then likely more “out there” are suffering in silence. This post is not limited to women, by the way. It just happened to be eight women I recently heard from about UTI and bladder issues.

As usual, I give my standard disclaimer: I am not a doctor or psychologist, not diagnosing or prescribing. Anything I share here is based on intuitive observation and/or experience. Medical Intuition is not meant to replace medical advice or support. I look at the energies of things on mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and other levels and report what I see. This post contains general information. Your specific situation might include other factors not mentioned here. If you would like a personal reading about your own symptoms or issues, that would require booking a private session. I do not offer mini-sessions via the comments section or email. I’m just posting this free material as a service since it seems to be “up” right now for a lot of people. 

Anger, UTI, Bladder and Kidney Infections

What’s pissing you off?

Seriously! Whenever I ask this question, people laugh at me, but anger — often what polite society considers inappropriate or ridiculous anger — is the emotional root of urinary tract, bladder and kidney burning, pain, infection and/or disease. I find that women especially have difficulty expressing anger, not wanting to hurt others. Instead, they turn that anger back on themselves in the form of intense pain and irritation “down there.” Ironically, shifting repressed irritation and pain from the emotional to the physical level tends to result in short tempers and increased irritation, thereby sending the energy right back to the emotional plane, where it demands attention.

Even if you find an effective herbal remedy or antibiotic this time, failing to address the deeper anger threatens to turn these UTI, bladder and kidney issues chronic. It also amplifies both the physical and emotional feelings, turning irritation to full on rage. Think of the forest fires currently ravaging the West Coast of the US, and also consider the massive flood damage from Hurricane Harvey, with Hurricanes Irma and Jose on the way. Fire and Water. Both have value, but both can also destroy: a fire can warm your house or burn it to the ground. Water can hydrate, renew and generate power, but it can also level everything in its path. In the US, we’ve reached a crisis level imbalance between Fire and Water — on both mundane and metaphysical levels.

The Sacral Chakra that holds the urinary tract, bladder, kidneys and sexual organs is our Water Center. It’s the site of our preferences, where our likes and our dislikes begin. It’s also the chakra of generation and regeneration — the seat of where and how we birth ourselves and our values into the world. The Water Center wants what it wants, regardless of what society tells us we “should” want. Repressing those deep longings and preferences doesn’t make them go away. It just forces them to express via indirect means. They can turn inward or outward, but when we fail to give adequate release in the appropriate chakra, they escape our conscious influence.

The Solar Plexus, just above this Sacral (2nd) Chakra, is our Fire Center. It affects digestion and includes the liver, whose primary emotion is frustration. Whenever we ignore deep, survival level urges of the soul, that repression creates frustration. (Sexual and spiritual energies are intimately linked.) With frustration, the liver gets overwhelmed by toxic emotions and physical toxins, and this overwhelm, in turn, creates even more frustration, which ricochet’s back to anger. Repressed Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus energies create a negative feedback loop until one or the other (or both) of them bursts forth in destruction.

The Solar Plexus houses the ego, both negative and positive aspects of ego: asserting healthy boundaries, disregarding our own needs, or disrespecting others’ boundaries. Housing the stomach, it’s also the chakra most affected by disempowering lies and media spin. “I just can’t digest all this information.” “I’ve lost my center. I don’t even know how to react anymore.” “I don’t know how to trust my gut anymore.”

On the flip side, some people feel 100% certain of their convictions but can’t understand why they struggle with digestive issues. Eating the same thing every day (or only listening to one information stream) eventually results in deficiency that seems “necessary” for “balance.” “I can’t eat anything except these three foods” or “the other side has zero legitimate points, zip, none, nada.” Both statements evidence an imbalance of the Power Center.

When threatened, the Solar Plexus latches onto perspectives that make us feel significantly smaller or larger than we really are. “Who am I to shine?” comes just as much from ego imbalance as the most obvious narcissist steamrolling anyone in his or her way. False modesty, professional victim status, bullying, “snowflake triggers,” and energy vampirism are all signs of Solar Plexus imbalance. The anger, frustration and reactions such imbalances spawn needs to go somewhere. Quite often, that Fire energy gets squeezed back to the Water Center, creating burning sensations instead of healthy digestive fire. (For a discussion of what happens when unexpressed anger and frustration get squeezed up to the Heart Chakra, please see, “Overgiving, Resentment and Breast Cancer.”)

For the purposes of this article, we’re looking at the complex interplay between Fire and Water — as well as desire, creation, anger and frustration.

As Within, So Without

And for Empaths, as without, so within. Anyone tuned into Collective energies needs to exercise extra self-awareness and authenticity, or else any predisposition to a UTI, bladder infection or kidney issue will find the easiest routes to physical manifestation.

The most common cause of a UTI on the physical level is poor hygiene — wiping back to front, improper cleaning after sexual relations, or some kind of leakage that introduces fecal matter where it does not belong. On the metaphysical level, it’s taking that which has already served its purpose (i.e. digested food whose remains have now become unhealthy) and introducing that which no longer serves into our Water Center of preferences, aversions and deep longing.

On the macro level, think about groundwater contamination by runoff from factory farms. I in no way support factory farming, but proper management of that waste could serve to nourish the land as compost. Improper management of waste poisons the Water Center. When First Chakra (colon) infiltrates Second/Sacral Chakra, we get the psychic equivalent of contaminated groundwater. First Chakra is primarily concerned with foundations and security. When money or security fears overwhelm the Water Center’s natural longings and predispositions, that water becomes undrinkable without some kind of treatment or purification.

Empaths in particular struggle to discern their own desires apart from childhood programming or others’ expectations. Good energy hygiene means regularly wiping off others’ energies and expectations, in order to maintain your own natural balance. Do this from “front to back,” in other words, start with yourself rather than dragging in the expectations. Don’t try to clear while also dragging in the old fears and expectations. There are many ways to practice good energy hygiene; find what works best for you before those poopy energies disrupt your system in painful, persistent ways.

One of the easiest physical remedies at the first signs of a UTI is simply to drink more water. Flood the Water Center with its natural element. Flush out toxins until you’re “in the flow.” On the metaphysical level, this means flooding yourself with experiences, sounds, scents, and sights that align with and nourish your preferences. Treat yourself to some version of a deep longing. Trust your intuition, which arises from these longings.

To the extent you can, minimize any ongoing irritations. On the physical level, don’t eat spicy foods, and avoid coffee and alcohol. Excuse yourself and flee toxic situations, turn off the television, fix that tricky doorknob that drives you crazy. Addressing minor irritations helps shift your energy to tackle larger issues that take more time to change. Flooding yourself with what you do want and flushing out what you don’t want goes a long way toward preventing the more serious bladder or kidney infections. It also greatly aids in clarifying those age old questions, “Who am I and what do I want to do with myself?”

If you don’t think you’re an Empath but you get frequent UTI’s, bladder infections or kidney stones, you’ll want to pick up Dr. Judith Orloff’s excellent “The Empath’s Survival Guide,” which provides lots of self-tests, tools and strategies, especially helpful for people who have no idea what I’m talking about here!

Get Creative

The Sacral Chakra also houses the sexual organs, including the womb — both metaphysical and (in the case of women) physical. Whether or not we choose to bring human children into the world, we all have “babies.” Any creative project we bring forth incubates for some time in the Water Center, just as all life proceeds from the Sea, Cosmic or otherwise.

If you’d like to balance this area long term, you’ll need to harness Desire and use it to direct your creativity. We are all creative, no matter what your high school art teacher might have told you. Find a hobby or creative pursuit and let yourself play. What little things bring you joy? What lifts you into ecstacy? Dance? Pottery? Baking? Painting? Allow creativity to flow through you. Turn that “inappropriate” anger into something gorgeous. Or poignant. It doesn’t matter. Just take that energy and redirect it. Encourage that creative Water Center to flow instead of burn.

“The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” ~ Gloria Steinem

You will stop feeling so pissy when you move towards inner truth and freedom.

Blessings on the journey!

October 2019 UPDATE: This post has remained so popular since I wrote it in 2017 that I felt led to create a Second Chakra Healing Journal, available on Amazon.

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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on September 6, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  2. Posted by Zuzana on September 6, 2017 at 3:47 pm


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  3. Good input. As a medical Empath, I learned in the early days to safeguard myself from merging with ill energies, from illness, to emotional stressors. An example: years ago, a delivery truck was supposed to deliver and I sign for my item. He parked across the street. From my front door I picked up he was sick with a terrible URI, and or the Flu. I waved him down, pointed to my phone and called him. I asked him to leave my item at my front door, and I’d sign for it. (I told him, I had recently come in contact with the Flu and didn’t want to infect him. This was a loaded statement, and he obliged me.) All was well, and he didn’t convey. Being an Intuitive or an empath is challenging. And you’re right on with the BIG changes coming. I’m 29 degrees Leo, and it started for me with the Eclipse on 8/21. It will continue till 2019! Peace.

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    • Thanks, The Sage Lady. Yes, it’s so important to have awareness of what we’re picking up, and a good first question to ask with any physical symptoms is: “Is this mine?” 29 degrees Leo … woohoo, yes, lots of big changes! Thanks for commenting. Peace

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  4. There is a mysterious contagion to some disorders that are technically not transmissible by the medically accepted means – last year lots of people I know had plantar fasciitis, and that included me. Then everyone got over it at about the same time. My lame theory is that guidance was telling everyone to slow down.

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    • “Lame theory” for planta fasciitis … very punny, Bo! I suspect you were right on, too. The body is rarely subtle in its messages. Once things get to the physical level they are meant to make obvious what we seem to have missed on the quieter levels. 🙂

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  5. Wonderful, wonderful article full of helpful guidance as always. Since the eclipse, my intuition has been calling me to practice even deeper self-care and there is so much in here that I can learn from. I love your idea of ‘flooding yourself with experiences, sounds, scents, and sights that align with and nourish your preferences’ and to ‘treat yourself to some version of a deep longing.’ I also spent most of last weekend working through a list of minor irritations – all those little housekeeping things that I keep saying I’ll get around to, but never do, but remain at the back of my mind anyway. So great to just do them and reclaim that energy. Thank you, lovely Laura 🙂

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  6. Posted by Linette on September 7, 2017 at 7:07 am

    I am already sensing a theme for today: I need to practice what I preach and bring more joy and fun into my life! While I have not had a UTI, bladder, or kidney issue lately, I have just recovered from a flu whose main symptom was vomiting. Interesting on a number of levels, but especially in light of what you’ve posted here. Lots to think about!

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  7. Posted by Linette on September 7, 2017 at 7:11 am

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    From my brilliant friend, Laura Bruno, comes excellent insight and guidance in this article posted on her blog yesterday. For me, it is another sign that what I need in order to cope with current energies is to bring more fun, joy, and creativity into my life. Maybe you do, too!



  8. Love this comprehensive and timely post. I’d like to mention an unexpected herbal ally as well: Goldenrod! Currently blooming in all its late summer glory, goldenrod is not a pollen-releasing allergen, it’s pollinated by bees and (I’ve recently been made aware) a totally different plant than ragweed. Best news, goldenrod has numerous medicinal properties including, at the top of the list, support for urinary & bladder health. Use flowers and leaves to make tea, as well as honey or vinegar infusions, or tincture in alcohol. Goldenrod is also known to help boost immune and respiratory health, and serve as a digestive bitter and carminative. I am so in love with this plant! ❤

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  9. Posted by Laura on September 7, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    LOVED this article!!! So much great information!! This helps so much!!!! Can you write an article next about dry nose/nosebleeds!! Please please oh please!!??? Thank you for all the awesome things you do!
    Blessed Be!

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    • Thank you, Laura! Sorry, but I only write articles as inspired and/or if I suddenly have a whole lineup of sessions with the same issue. No one has contacted me for a session about that particular issue, and I don’t feel inspiration striking to write about it at this time. 🙂 Blessed Be! Laura

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  10. Posted by Fay Mccracken on September 22, 2020 at 8:52 pm

    Excellent advise. Thank you.

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