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Celtic Woman – Máiréad – Granuaile’s Dance [HD]

Do you see him? The Diaphanous Man!

I love how Nature Spirits and the Faery Realm continue to reveal themselves more and more through photographs and videos. Here’s a Summer Solstice photo taken by Ann Kreilkamp of Exopermaculture, a fellow InDiana resident. (We’ve agreed to refer to our state as InDiana — “in the Goddess of the Woods.” Love it!) Just wanted to share her photo, as well as the subtle ways these revelations from Nature interweave with the more mundane revelations of whistleblowers. It’s all happening right now for those with eyes to see. What do *you* wish to view? What kind of world are *you* inviting and engaging?

Mercury Retrograde and the June Special

Just a little reminder that Mercury went Retrograde on June 26, 2013 and will remain Rx until July 20th. With all the intense astrological alignments in the past year, Merc Rx seems to pale in comparison; however, those of you struggling with communications, delays, mix-ups and technological snafu’s might want to read a little refresher here.

That older post gives tips for utilizing the positive aspects of Mercury Retrograde in order to finish up old business or creative projects, release that which no longer serves and go inside yourself rather than focusing on “the new.” In light of this enhanced inner and releasing energy through July 20, I wanted to remind everyone that June’s Special ends tomorrow (the 30th) at 11:59 p.m. East Coast US time. The Shadow Work Tarot fits especially well with the energies and alignments of this particular Merc Rx. Wishing you each a transformational and freeing next few weeks!


With all the public revelations happening right now, I’m getting a strong sense we need much more Shadow Work in our world, hence the focus on just one Special this month.

Shadow Work Tarot to Heal Karmic Ties
(can also be used by Healers, Counselors, Coaches and Lightworkers to discover how you can best help others to empower themselves through Shadow Work)

This one-hour phone or in-person reading features my interpretation of a special Tarot spread, combined with my ability to tune in to multiple past lives and the patterns they create. I’ve offered Shadow Work Tarot specials before, but this one can be a little different. It can be used on the personal level, but it can also be for healers, Lightworkers, counselors, or spiritual workers to find ways of helping others bring their Shadow into the Light. Different people have different gifts and skills, so this reading can highlight where best to focus your efforts as a healer in order to affect not only your own life but also the world via ripple effect. The cards never lie, and they help us to get in touch with Archetypes that structure our reality. Using the Major Arcana to understand our Shadow –including those lifetimes for which we may still be punishing ourselves or others — allows us to integrate that Shadow and ultimately release it into the Light.

You may purchase it at any time on or before June 30. 2013, but you do not need to schedule it prior to the 30th. That said, given the energies on this planet right now, my guides suggest sooner rather than later, as the more people address their Shadow side, the more active Lightworkers we have holding a positive vibration for the coming transitions. $111 for the hour. Please contact me to sign up.

Secret flower planter threatened with arrest if he doesn’t stop planting flowers

Oh, my goodness! Just when I thought lawsuits and “authority” couldn’t get any more ridiculous!

Between the Vernon Hershberger raw milk co-op “trial” outlawing discussion of “co-ops” and “raw milk” and the “trial” of a California man facing 13 years in prison for scribbling messages on the sidewalk in chalk outside a Bank of America ( where the judge ruled against any mention of the First Amendment or free speech in the trial), I thought I’d seen it all, but no!

May the faeries, devas, Nature Spirits and Community bless this man and giggle and pinch the fuddy duddy control freaks out of their sterile, no-nonsense attempts to suck the life out of Life. Word to the Powers that (Want to) Be: “You will never suck all the life out of Life. You will never remove every last shred of beauty or human decency from this plant, so why don’t you just do us all a favor and stop trying? There’s a whole, gorgeous world out there, waiting for us to engage it in positive, loving ways. If you can’t join us, then at least watch and learn. My God/dess, is pixie dust on back order or what????

Secret Flower Planter Threatened with Arrest if He Doesn’t Stop Planting Flowers

(NaturalNews) The real estate department from Washington’s Metro Transit system has recently become aware of unauthorized flowers springing up in planter boxes on public property. Along the north side of their Dupont Circle station, hundreds of mysterious morning glories and other flowers have been coming up in planter boxes along the Metro’s north escalators.

Metro found out who the secret flower planter was when they received a polite letter on June 3 written by the flower planter himself, Henry Docter. Henry sent a letter asking permission to continue caring for hundreds of flowers he had planted a week earlier at the Metro transit system.

“Arrests, fines, and imprisonment” for planting flowers

Immediately, the Metro responded to Docter on June 11 with a “cease and desist” letter threatening “arrest, fines and imprisonment” if Docter tried to weed, water, or tend to the flowers. Concerned about public safety, Metro said that they didn’t want Docter or anyone else to be injured caring for flowers that were set in steep, cobblestone inclines.

The 52-year-old garden artist, Henry Docter, who has planted flowers in public places on four continents since 1979, said, “I’ve never gotten in trouble for planting flowers. Never has anyone overreacted with such an absence of common sense.”

Docter, who calls himself the “phantom planter” doesn’t deny that he is “a little nuts,” but planting flowers is something that he loves to do and has been doing for 34 years. “Flowers are nature’s way of affirming how beautiful life can be,” says Docter. He’s more famously known for his clandestine horticulture and the planting of more than 40,000 flowers at the American Embassies in Israel, Argentina, Spain and Cambodia.

A passion to garden – punished

Docter isn’t some freak on the street whose goal is to disrupt the public. Instead, Docter is a husband, father of two, part-time lawyer, author, and collage artist who just has a knack to garden. His friendly public gardening is loved by many.

A man who lives nearby the Metro station, Mike Stirratt, said that Docter’s passion for planting “is fantastic,” as he questioned the Metro’s threats of prosecution, “It seems incredibly unfair that they would prosecute you for doing something to help the neighborhood.”

As the issue gains more public attention, Docter hopes to raise awareness about his predicament with the Metro Station through an online petition. The petition has already drawn more than 2,000 signatures in a week.

Visit to support Docter and a fellow team of neighborhood activists who are discussing ways to compromise with the Metro station.

Flower planter willing to compromise

Even though Henry Docter has had little trouble planting flowers at the Metro station since last October, Docter said that he would be up for signing a liability waiver saying he wouldn’t sue Metro if he’s hurt, and that he would be willing to use a harness if Metro required it.

Back in October, Docter went under the radar as he planted 150 daffodils and tulips in the same boxes he’s planting in now. The spokesman for Metro, Dan Stessel, said the public flower planting has slipped under the radar because “It’s sort of beyond the scope of what you would imagine some private citizen would do.”

Should public flower planters be thrown in prison?

Metro is now beginning to back down on their charges, thanks to activist support in the community. Stessel said that the letter they sent to Docter might have gone too far, “The word ‘imprisonment’ is one we probably would have omitted had it originated in our general counsel’s office,” Stessel said.

Metro is now looking for ways to work with the community to find sustainable, safe, and affordable solutions to the predicament, but they declined to clarify if that includes allowing Henry Docter to plant.

Docter responds has responded with, “What could be more “affordable” to Metro than an artist who gives away a garden of a thousand flowers? What could be more “sustainable” than an artist who’s willing to provide the labor this summer and fall to water and care for the garden and then clean up when everything is brown and dead after our first frost?

What do you think? Should public flower planting be a crime?

Visit to learn more.

Sources for this article include:

Learn more:

Excellent Lyme Disease Article in The New Yorker

A major score for Lyme and co-infected patients, Lyme Literate MD’s and those people looking to learn enough about ticks to avoid infection: The New Yorker has published a six-page article detailing Lyme Disease, co-infections, controversial treatments, the difficulty of diagnosis, as well as tips for avoiding ticks. The article also gives neutral to positive attention to Dr. Horowitz, an LLMD in the Hudson Valley area.

I hear from so many Lyme Disease folks that I wanted to spread the word about this article. Like brain injuries, evidence of Lyme and co-infections often don’t appear to the naked eye, even though they are often life-changing experiences. The New Yorker article doesn’t detail all of the diverse intricacies of a life with Lyme; however, it presents Lyme literate doctors and patients in a rational, sympathetic light in a mainstream publication. Those of you who have Lyme or know people with Lyme might want to share the article, since mainstream news still (unfortunately) seems to hold more weight than all the alternative publications combined. Click here to read the six-page article on a single screen.


It has been raining cats, dogs, elephants and seahorses here in Goshen, and the once tame, slightly underfilled garden has taken off!

The "Bed Bed" with newly planted thyme, a transplanted zinnia, regrowing Swiss chard, sea kale, salvia, parsley, nasturtiums, onions, various types of basil and tomatoes gone crazy!

The “Bed Bed” with newly planted thyme, a transplanted zinnia, regrowing Swiss chard, sea kale, salvia, parsley, nasturtiums, onions, various types of basil and tomatoes gone crazy!

North side of the "Bed Bed" (a repurposed Sleep Number Bed frame) with overgrown, post-pruned tomato plants, basil, oregano, and cucumbers starting to climb the trellis.

North side of the “Bed Bed” (a repurposed Sleep Number Bed frame) with overgrown, post-pruned tomato plants, basil, oregano, and cucumbers starting to climb the trellis.

Our compost bin is full of extra tomato branches, and these plants are still 3-5 x any others I've seen in Goshen yet.

Our compost bin is full of extra tomato branches, and these plants are still 3-5 x any others I’ve seen in Goshen yet.

Winterbor kale, chocolate mint, oregano starting to bud, with marigolds and tomato foliage peaking through.

Winterbor kale, chocolate mint, oregano starting to bud, with marigolds and tomato foliage peaking through.

Kale *after* harvesting two bags' worth in 18 hours just from the right side one.

Kale *after* harvesting two bags’ worth in 18 hours just from the right side one.

Flowering cilantro, two types of kale, ruby red chard, marigold, lemongrass, chives, watercress, dill, and bell peppers loving each other up!

Flowering cilantro, two types of kale, ruby red chard, marigold, lemongrass, chives, watercress, dill and bell peppers loving each other up!

Stars and Moon watermelon growing happily in a crate alongside recently trimmed back nettles.

Stars and Moon watermelon growing happily in a crate alongside recently trimmed back nettles.

Sunflowers and bee friendly wildflowers starting their marathon out front (viewed from the back)

Sunflowers and bee friendly wildflowers starting their marathon out front (viewed from the back)

One of two acorn squash crates soon to be trellised. We also have cantaloupe, cucumbers, Jubilee Watermelon and Boston Marrow Squash taking off in milk crates.

One of two acorn squash crates soon to be trellised. We also have cantaloupe, cucumbers, Jubilee Watermelon and Boston Marrow Squash taking off in milk crates.

All I can say, “Thank you, Nature!” Wow, just made homemade pesto, green smoothies, and last night I harvested a huge bag of dandelion greens. Wish I knew more raw foodies in Goshen. LOL … we will have mighty happy neighbors soon, and it looks like my parents will have lots of fresh food when they visit in early July. 🙂

Holy Shit: a book review

I’ve been intrigued by this concept for awhile, seriously wondering “why doesn’t all new construction automatically come with composting toilets?” In a world with massively depleted soil, overly polluted water (with less and less clean water available), and the “need” for poisonous fertilizers, aren’t we missing the obvious? I’ve not read this book yet, but it’s on my list, along with the Humanure Handbook. Shit is the ultimate Shadow … almost no one wants to talk about it, but if we don’t find ways to bless it, we’ll be living in a world with all the downsides of waste and none of the upsides of nutrients. Even the book review will get you thinking!

Thank You, Monsanto!

I love this post from Colette! I feel the same way. If I hadn’t gotten so concerned about the availability of real, organic food, I may never have started gardening or learning about permaculture. I’ve met so many amazing people (and faeries!) through the process of learning and working with the land. Sometimes Life gives us a strong pinch to remind us what’s important.

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Evening at BealtaineSo much for panicking…my computer is fixed!

I was really in a tiz thinking that I was going to be without the means of spreading the energy from Bealtaine Cottage and I’m glad about that, because as the evening progressed and my computer was being fixed, I had time to think about all the people I have met through this blog…and what we all have in common…Passion!

growing seeds at BealtaineGrowing life from seed and sharing the abundance of the ensuing seed and all because of Monsanto!

Elena's Rocket at BealtaineIf Monsanto had not attempted to own and monopolize  our seed, I would never have met Elena from Greece, who posted me this Rocket seed…now in the process of making more seed!

Oak seedlings growing at BealtaineOr David from the U.S. who sent me these Oak seeds, now growing in pots in the shelter of one of the sheds.

Sycamore and Fern at Bealtaine CottageAnd Eric who posted me a selection of tree seeds, all…

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Lessons in Negotiation

I’ve had an interesting few days observing similar dynamics happening all over the human world, as well as in the Faery Realm. It appears that those who refuse to negotiate or who insist on increasing their demands would do well to recognize that consequences arise from such refusals. I’ve witnessed this play out in various people’s employment situations, as well as politically. When you push and push and push, eventually the pushed decide they have nothing left to restrain them. Or the Universe steps in on behalf of the pushed. Or instant karma — the Law of Cause and Effect — steps in with a dramatic lesson.

We see this in Oregon where the illegal GMO wheat crops have been found growing in fields where they were not intentionally planted (at least not by the farmers themselves). Meanwhile, those same farmers face huge losses on the international market as saner countries than the US cancel all imported, potentially tainted GMO wheat. That’s 80% of some farmers’ crops going unsold. With the Monsanto Protection Act and Congress’ continued refusal to listen to the overwhelming voice of the people to label GMO’s, even after millions of marchers worldwide, the people have begun to take matters into their own hands. Forty tons of GMO sugar beets in Oregon were recently destroyed — individually, by fire. That’s a lot of GMO plants very deliberately taken out of the mix!

The FBI considers this “economic sabotage;” however, I suspect we will see more of this tactic if legal options continue to make a mockery of justice. Oregon also runs the risk of having its entire brassica crop turned GMO by the pending approval of GMO rapeseed (canola) plants that can cross breed with broccoli and other organic crops.

In Hungary, the government burned all the Monsanto GMO corn fields. “The Deputy Secretary and Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar indicated 1,000 acres have been burned to the ground and ploughed under to prevent it from spreading by pollination. The authorities did not find out that Monsanto had invaded their country with GMO seed and again it is an act against a country’s sovereignty to plant a banned substance.” (Source) Here in the US, the government colludes with Monsanto for a complete takeover of our food supply, killing bees, sickening humans, and perverting Nature all in one dastardly scheme.

Americans have tried and tried the legal routes. Five million organic farmers have tried to fight the GMO Beast but to little or no avail. Meanwhile, secret trade agreements attempt further to eliminate food s_overeignty by lowering food safety regulations to the lowest common denominator, making it increasingly difficult for countries to ban GMOs or other “food” atrocities.

Those currently in power would be wise to listen to the people, because when the nice remedies don’t work, then “all’s fair in love and war.” The US government is fighting just as much of an undeclared war on its own citizens as it has in Libya. The corrupt, bought and blackmailed few in power would be wise to negotiate (sincerely) with the many while they still have a chance, because all the FEMA camps and ammunition in the world won’t be enough to stop the awakened and angry bear of humanity once enough people identify the ones poisoning and destroying our world.

Ironically, I also witnessed this dynamic in our yard this weekend. As regular blog readers know, I’ve been working closely with the Faery Realm and Nature Spirits, reminding them that the permaculture transformation of our yard will take awhile in human time. Weeds need to be cleared and mulched out in order for new trees to grow. A monoculture of dandelions needs some taming before this once overgrown forest of a yard will return to any kind of harmonious, beautiful, ecological balance.

I remind the Fae that of all the humans who could have moved onto this property, I am probably the most accommodating to their goals and desires. I respect Nature and the Other Realms, listen to and observe Nature and the Other Realms, and I am attempting to work with Nature and the Other Realms in order to create something mutually beneficial to humans, animals, plants, and the Other Realms. Anyone else who moved onto this property would be dousing the place with RoundUp and burning tree stumps into the ground.


There have been some Faery Hissy Fits regarding my weed whacking, yanking of thistles, and plucking of dandelions. Even though I telepathically warn the Faery Realm and all the animals before we cut the lawn or before I weed whack, I have been on the receiving end of some pointed Faery Frustration and Mischief.

I “get” it, but I’ve been warning them that as frustrating and “uncooperative” as they may find me, I’m really their best hope at the moment … not to mention I actually live here, on this side of the veil, so, um … they technically need me. If they want a shift in human perceptions of how to work with the Faery Realm and how to live in harmony with Nature, then they’d be wise to support, not sabotage my mission. A certain level of order and “normal” human aesthetics need to occur, especially in the parts most visible to neighbors and the city. I’ve tried to warn them.

We have a wooden fence in our back yard, which separates our main lot from our landlord’s work garage and the alley out back. Behind the work garage, there has been a scary mess of grass, weeds and regenerating trees of many randomly planted and unwanted (by humans) species. Periodically, I would go out back to weed whack, and my, what a scary place! I would cut things down to about 6-12 inches in order to save some habitat for the animals I knew were living back there. I’d also cut down huge thistles trying to grow in the middle of the driveway, as well as crazy tall burdock stalks and wild chard going to seed. All the while, I’d apologize to the Faery Realm, explaining that I needed to maintain at least this level of “care” or the humans would intervene. I warned them that I really ought to be cutting down even more, because if I didn’t do it, then someone else would. Someone much less understanding and accommodating than me.

Well, that’s exactly what happened! Someone — our landlord? the city? an annoyed neighbor? a “helpful” neighbor? — someone mowed down the area behind the fence and garage to a half inch of growth, ripped out all the weeds, including lovely wildflowers (by the roots!) and dumped all the remains in an ignoble black trash bag. The land looks bald back there, and now we have lost bunnies hopping all over our yard because they have no natural place to hide anymore. I could say that I feel bad, but I actually feel a bit relieved. I learned from a neighbor that the official city limit is 6″ of lawn growth, so take that, Faery Realm and Nature Spirits! Work with me, or someone else will take matters into their own hands.

Ditto on the government and the evil corporations. Work with the people. You need us, not the other way around. “Respect, Not Control” means everyone involved. We could all exist in harmony, but if you refuse to negotiate, then the consequences will reveal themselves in due time. Trust me, you will wish you had negotiated.

Very Interesting!

Well, I tried to post an update about food s_vereignty, which is apparently some kind of tripwire word these days! While updating my own blog, I got a warning of “malicious content” on a draft page of my blog by covering developments in the Wisconsin farmer Vern_n Hershberg_r’s r_w milk “trial.” Yes, quotes are appropriate for that absurd example of cens_rship and attempted miscarriage of justice, and the jurors themselves have come forward to say so.

Since I would like to continue to have access to my own blog, as well as have other people maintain access to my blog, I will just summarize here that the jurors discovered the court’s chicanery and corruption after the fact, contacted the judge to request leniency on sentencing, and have since befriended Vern_n Hershberger and plan to join his r_w m_lk co-op after feeling misled and regretful of their verdict.

To further summarize, Vernon was found not guilty on three accounts, but the jury found him guilty on disobeying a holding order, which … had they been allowed accurate information on what the holding order was for … they would have found irrelevant. He received a token fine and court costs, which were immediately paid by a supporter. He will serve no jail time. This trial began as an attempt to ram through a highly repressive agenda and set a precedent. It is rapidly having the exact opposite effect as more and more people become aware of the issues.

This is a great example of the importance of an informed j_ry and an informed population willing to defend our own rights regarding what does or does not go into our own bodies. I will just leave the update at that since my blog only flashes with a warning when I “Save Draft” and “Preview” the original article I meant to post, which included links to various online accounts of these developments.

Gotta love internet cens_rship. I’ll be turning this one over to the Goddess of S_vereignty and the Land, too, just like I made a special request regarding the Hershberg_r trial. Control freaks are fighting a losing battle, but if they still want to play this game, I’m willing to make additional Full Moon intentions and requests. Thanks, Powers that “Be” (So Obviously Psychotic!), for clarifying another area of renewed and intensified magickal focus.