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DL Zeta: Activating Healing Timelines Brings Us Into The ‘Blessings Zone’ – 30 September 2012

Thanks, Lucas! Here’s an articulate description of ways to activate healing timelines that help trauma fade and blessings amplify. Keep in mind that you can use these techniques for traumas in this lifetime as well as previous and parallel ones. When you access the point of all time, you experience no limitations. 🙂

DL Zeta — Activating Healing Timelines Brings Us Into The ‘Blessings Zone’ – 30 September 2012

As we move further into the new time we enter new levels of awareness and empowerment. Our attention naturally turns to aspects of ourselves still struggling with wounds of the past. If we have judged our younger selves, now is the time to replace that judgment with compassion. The first steps toward oneness are taken internally as we embrace and assist ourselves throughout time.

Separation Wounds and Isolates

Parasitic thoughtforms of separation not only separate us from others but from other aspects of ourselves. This leads to a sense of isolation and internal strife that uses up our energy and distracts our focus. A present-moment self influenced by thoughts of separation isolates itself from its past and future. This person might despise the mistakes of their past while creating a present moment that will shackle and harm their future.

Journeying into the Past to Heal Ourselves across Time

As we awaken we see through the illusion of separation and step into our true nature which is love and compassion. From a perspective of greater awareness, it is easy to see the path ahead involves a journey into the past to heal and free aspects of ourselves still trapped in cycles of suffering. In this way, we become the higher self to our other selves, working to unify and heal aspects of our consciousness across time. This is a key step on the path to ascension.

Shining the Light of our Awareness on Past Traumas

Some past struggles can be healed simply by shining the light of our present-moment awareness on them. As we allow younger aspects to see old traumas through the lens of our present-moment understandings, we facilitate healing. This healing frees emotional energy being used to “bookmark” past traumas so we can return and release them.

Healing Timelines can Release us from Deeply-Held Traumas

It may happen there are deeper traumas that need more than our present understandings to heal them. Working with timelines is one path to this deeper healing process. By creating an adjacent or parallel healing timeline we can take conscious steps toward healing the deeper wounds that have tethered us to cycles of struggle and suffering – in this lifetime and others.

Deep Traumas Result from Harmful and Irrevocable Decisions

Deep traumas result from moments in the past where we made a decision that resulted in harm to ourselves or others. These incidents often happen early in a lifetime when our spiritual understandings are less engaged. The greatest trauma is the realization that our decisions and our actions have created irrevocable harm. No matter what we do from this moment on, we can never change a past action or its consequences.

When we experience a traumatic event that can’t be changed, we are left with a cacophony of troubled emotions. This can lead to a sense of being haunted by the past. Invariably this creates energetic bookmarks where aspects of our consciousness are literally trapped in a past we feel we have no power to change. This trauma keeps spinning in our energy field, drawing to it new traumas until we learn to transform it. If a deep trauma is not healed in our present lifetime, it enters cellular memory and is carried forward into other lifetimes where we will have other opportunities to find healing.

We can Transform but Never Change a Traumatic Timeline

We can transform an existing timeline but we can never change it. Once a timeline has come into our experience, it cannot be changed. In order to facilitate healing through timelines, it is essential for us to accept that we can’t change timelines of the past. We can’t change them but we can transform our experience of them by creating a healing timeline parallel to the timeline where the traumatic event occurred.

It doesn’t matter where in time this trauma occurred. Time is a human construct – a tool that allows our consciousness to break experience into segments. All life is one infinite moment experienced throughout what we think of as time. This is why it is possible to take steps in our present moment to heal traumas of the past – even distant ones.

Activating Healing Timelines Parallel to a Traumatic Timeline

Although we can’t undo an existing timeline, we can envision and activate a “healing timeline” that exists adjacent or parallel to the traumatic timeline. This healing timeline doesn’t have to exist in the same timeframe as the wounding timeline. It does need to be similar energetically. The form a healing timeline takes is always up to us. We have a choice as to the form, direction and flow it takes. The main criteria is that a healing timeline must be related to the original timeline in some way that is significant and meaningful to us. It must also carry the same intensity and energetic investment as the original timeline.

Examples of situations that can benefit through creating an adjacent healing timeline are the young man who drinks and drives and causes a car accident that results in the death of others. The young woman who chooses to get an abortion and then second guesses that decision throughout her life. The young mother suffering from drug addiction who allows a relative to raise her children only to later find they were abused or harmed by the relative. These are only a few examples. Any situation that leaves one feeling haunted by the decisions of our past can be improved by creating healing timelines.

Creating a Healing Timeline brings us into the ‘Blessings Zone’

Creating a healing timeline releases any energy of self-blame. It allows us to step into a place of love and compassion within ourselves, which raises our vibration and heals us through time. A healing timeline allows us to enter a place of gratutude and acceptance for even the most difficult past moments. When we set the intention to heal ourselves through time we enter the “blessings zone” – the place where we are able to carry out our spiritual purpose by reaching out to others as a whole and unified being.

When we undertake a healing timeline, our life will change and dramatic and unexpected ways. As we move along this timeline we will notice that the trauma fades. The intensity of past traumas lessens as we embrace their lessons. The further we move along this timeline, the easier it is to see the blessings of the original experience and to feel gratitude for it.

As we learn to transform timelines of the past, we begin to see that we can move forward with a sense of empowerment that allows us to perceive and transform future timelines before they manifest into our reality. Next week we will focus on transforming future timelines. link to original article

Music for Your Journey into the New

Morning Mood, Peer Gynt Suite, no.1, Op no.1, Morning Prelude (Edvard Hagerup Grieg, 1843-1900, Bergen, Norway)

From the YouTube description:

In April 2012 Copenhagen Phil (Sjællands Symfoniorkester) surprised the passengers in the Copenhagen Metro by playing Griegs Peer Gynt. The flash mob was created in collaboration with Radio Klassisk All music was performed and recorded in the metro.

Visit our website: and facebook:

Produced by

The sound: The Copenhagen Metro is very quiet and the recording you hear is where the train is standing still. That’s why the recording you hear is so clean and crisp – and the sound is actually surprisingly good in the Copenhagen metro. We did this deliberately because we feel that a good sound experience is vital when trying to portray the actual experience that day. Further to the main recording, when the train was standing still, the recordings from the cameras was, as far as possible, mixed into the sound.

Quote from the sound technician: I recorded the sound with XY Oktava MK-012 supercardioid microphones close to the soloists and a set of DPA 4060 omnidirectional microphones as overhead for the rest of the orchestra. For some of the closeupshots, the cameramikes (Sennheiser ME 66) was added.

What Goes on the Truck?

As David and I prepare for our “right sizing” and relocation from Madison, Wisconsin to eco-friendly, artsy Goshen, Indiana to support David’s aging parents, we’ve begun to ask ourselves in earnest, “What goes on the truck?” Instead of moving in one huge haul, Life has urged us to make three smaller runs to Goshen, which means two of our three upstairs bedrooms already look packed and staged for the first truck run. Sorting and determining what we box up and move forms a significant part of our days right now.

But the question, “What goes on the truck?” also holds symbolic meaning for us, as we recognize this move offers a major reset for both of us. In addition to some bulkier, older pieces of furniture, significant heavier and outdated thoughts, emotions and patterns won’t make the cut. Just as our new home offers a similar amount of living space but in a highly different, more efficient footprint, we’ve begun to view ourselves as streamlining and upgrading. What stories and experiences do we leave behind? Having served their purpose, these no longer useful modes and filters get donated to the Universe for release and transmutation.

One of the biggest principles of feng shui suggests that we declutter so Chi can move freely and bring health, positive energy and abundance to our home. If you touch something and feel a wave of negativity or your breath tightens, toss it out. One person’s junk may become another’s treasure, so consider offering things to others or, in the case of lackluster energy, to the Universe for recycling. If something’s truly broken, throw it out. Holding onto broken things — whether physical or metaphysical — limits the new, fresh, healing energy that would otherwise pervade a home. That home might be your house or apartment, or it might mean your body, mind and spirit.

I know many people are moving, changing jobs or shifting relationships as we navigate the intensifying energy of our times. Even if life looks fairly “normal,” consider asking yourself “What goes on the truck?” 2012 offers a potent opportunity to remake ourselves, our society, our governments, and in fact, our entire perception of reality. We’re headed to the Galactic Center — on the move into parts unknown. Even if day-to-day circumstances remain relatively stable, the external structures of so many veils and control systems have begun to crumble. Humanity itself is moving, by necessity, to a new “home.” In creating heaven on Earth, what attitudes, beliefs, memories and expectations qualify for placement on the cosmic truck?

What goes on the truck will look different for each of us. Because of all my frequent moving over the years, I’ve already culled most physical belongings. Whereas David sorts through paperwork, decorations and extra items, my main dumping includes makeshift thought structures I acquired as temporary stop gap measures to deal with my 1998 brain injury. While these patterns gave me some stability after a neurological earthquake destroyed my rational side, they’re really not my own beliefs or preferred filters. They served their purpose, but my healthy brain hasn’t actually needed them in a long, long time. I’ve spent many recent hours jettisoning unused packets of others’ energies and issues. They simply have no place in the new life David and I have carefully and consciously manifested step-by-step.

As you sort your own vibration and reality, choose wisely what goes on your truck. We live in a vibrational and co-creative Universe. You can have it all, but maybe you’d rather include only parts of it. Don’t forget to open space for the wonderful new!

September Specials: Five Days Left

Only five days left for these specials:


Faeries’ Oracle Card Readings
$55.55/half hour or $111/hour

Using Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle Cards as a springboard, we will delve into the wilder, freer, whimsical and mysterious elements wanting to reveal themselves in your life right now and in the near future. I love this deck, and, contrary to Disney and the sanitized Grimm tales, the Faery Realm encompasses far more than Tinker Bell. Faery Wisdom helps us laugh at ourselves so that we can discard old limitations and worn out beliefs. It also encourages us “get real, real fast.” A quiet, yet powerful knowing arises from interactions with the fae, and these readings will involve not only the oracle cards and their interpretations, but also whatever wisdom wants to come through me in response to the selected cards and presenting energies.

45- Minute Couple’s Past Life Readings

I offered a similar special awhile back, and it feels like a good time to offer support for couples trying to navigate the intense and sometimes surprising energies of the third Third of 2012. Karmic balancing has ramped up on this planet as things in need of clearing rear their heads for attention. Finding a bigger context for bizarre outbursts, sudden longings or separations, or even just support for a strong couple on their joint journey, can ensure maximum growth, clarity and harmony during this key time.

September Specials valid if paid on or before 9/30/12. Phone or IM sessions can be scheduled afterwards, but in person sessions must be completed by September 30 due to our move.

The Astrology of October 2012–Carl Boudreau

From Carl Boudreau’s YouTube description for the October forecast (shared below):

“Exponential change. October blasts the status quo to smithereens. Say your final good-bye’s to stalemate and indecision. People build on commitments made in September and branch out in a thousand new directions, based on those decisions. Inner changes burgeon into burgeoning outer changes.

“Pluto and the North Node both hammer the 8th house. The military, high finance, political and economic power, insurance and pension issues, reproductive sexuality, human intimacy, personal boundary issues – a lengthy laundry list of vital issues come up for final negotiation on the macro and micro levels. The next year or two brings high stakes, high tension, hard fought efforts to achieve a new consensus on a host of issues of vital importance to everyone.

“Saturn puts a damper on extremists and fringe types. A degree of sanity and probity will be restored to public discourse.

“A more polished, written version of this analysis, with some illustrations, will be available on my blog on or about October 1.”

{Laura here with a commentary]:

Those of you longing for a different timeline, may appreciate these comments from around 7:19:

“The whole chart seems like a portal into an entirely different timeline. All of the tipping points we’ve been longing for … they’re going to hit us in spades in October. A blizzard of decision points. … A great global leap forward.”

My David keeps expressing it like this: “Once you crack that door open, you can’t ever close it again.”

And as I have said before: “Love and Light are invasive forces.” When you open a door, that sliver of light doesn’t get swallowed by the room’s darkness; it inserts itself into the room and illuminates the surroundings. Once you clearly see those surroundings, attempting to close the door won’t change your awareness. Unconditional Love for Self and others works similarly: once you recognize that you, too, deserve love and respect, toxic, binding relationships suddenly morph.

I keep observing key decision points during sessions, too. So many people around the world right now are feeling a sudden dawn of clarity that makes long periods of indecisiveness end fast. No more wishy-washy back and forths: decisive, irreversible action steps have already begun and will really ramp up in October. Prepare for “a psycho-spiritual supernova event. Dramatic and sweeping outer changes coalesce with dramatic inner changes.”

Spontaneous, uncontrollable evolution will contend with extreme scrutiny of those issues and structures that have tried so hard to hold us back. Carl predicts a long, protracted dismantling of the old so that we fully understand how we got to this point. Thorough exploration may challenge people’s patience; however, it ensures lasting, dramatic change and a firm foundation for the new. Collective decisions and actions come into greater focus — with individuals joining together in cooperative, holistic ways to create solutions that reflect the Highest Good of All.

Here’s Carl:

Dr. Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher on the Religious Exemption to Vaccination

Dr. Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher provide a nice exploration of the religious exemption to vaccination: key issues, suggestions for articulating the request for a sincere and personal religious vaccination exemption, plus strong reasons to keep this key freedom.

This video reminds us how important it is to “dig down deep” and “look inside of ourselves” regarding spiritual and religious beliefs. Why do we believe what we believe? This video focuses more on parents than general individuals; however, with the new healthcare law, adult freedoms to opt out may become more important. You don’t need to be Amish or Christian Scientist in order to opt out, as long as you can articulate your deeply held beliefs and internal conscience. Reflection on the relationships among body, mind, and spirit can bring benefits beyond this legal issue, too. Take a look; you might surprise yourself and find ways to benefit your current health and well-being in the process.

Autumn Equinox 2012–Closer to Fine

What a week of sessions! My heart goes out to everyone struggling to integrate the new energies as the old seems to fall away faster than it’s replaced.

I’m feeling it, too, but for me it feels like such a celebration! Those sticky spots I’ve felt for so long have finally begun to release. Thank you dreams for finding creative ways to circumvent conscious resistance. I awoke this morning after partaking in a “forgiveness ritual” in a dream, which allowed my subconscious (the actively creating part of my existence) to let something go that my conscious mind kept trying to understand. It was a spontaneous, highly symbolic ritual in the dream, and I awoke with joyful lyrics playing in my conscious mind as the commentary: “There’s more than one answer to these questions … closer I am to fine.” My brain just smiled, as I’ve been asking, asking, asking for release from energetic ties to a binding relationship. My guides had assured me release would come, but perhaps in a wilder way than I expected.

As my brain continued smiling, dancing and celebrating the relief, I realized that this Indigo Girls song expresses so much of what has come to light for others in this week’s sessions.

When old hurts arise and all the old methods of dealing with them fall short, it doesn’t mean that you have fallen short. It means the Universe has given you an opportunity and a strong nudge to transcend the original question. No more old paradigm of fixing broken things — what about the new manifestation beyond your wildest, prior permitted imaginings?

“I went to the doctor, I went to the mountains
I looked to the children, I drank from the fountain
There’s more than one answer to these questions
Pointing me in crooked line
The less I seek my source for some definitive
The closer I am to fine.”

As we move from stark duality into a more integrated holistic approach to life in the hologram, we get to reconnect with Nature, each other, Spirit, and, perhaps most poignantly, we get to reclaim our Soul. That process can feel intense, backwards, lonely and inside out, but the journey results in a closer union and an embodied experience that All is Well. On this day of equal light and equal darkness, let us remember and reaffirm the mystic Julian of Norwich’s comforting words: “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

Go, Dennis!

Dennis Kucinich rips Monsanto in front of Congress. Prop 37 in California and Dennis Kucinich’s legislation HR 3553 are paving the way for our right to know:

“In 1992 the Food and Drug Administration decided that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are the functional equivalent of conventional foods. They arrived at this decision without testing GMOs for allergenicity, toxicity, anti-biotic resistance and functional characteristics. As a result hundreds of millions of acres of GMO crops were planted in America without the knowledge or consent of the American people: no safety testing and no long term health studies.

“The FDA has received over a million comments from citizens demanding labeling of GMOs. Ninety percent of Americans agree. So, why no labeling? I’ll give you one reason: The influence and the corruption of the political process by Monsanto. Monsanto has been a prime mover in GMO technology, a multi-million dollar GMO lobby here and a major political contributor.

“There is a chance that Monsanto’s grip will be broken in California where a GMO labeling initiative is on the ballot. And here in Congress, my legislation HR 3553 will provide for a national labeling law. Americans have a right to know if their food is genetically engineered. It’s time for labeling and for people to know how their food is being produced.”

Originally from:

For your own imagineering:

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” ~Henry Kissinger

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” ~Gloria Steinem

“Rochester: ‘Jane, be still; don’t struggle so like a wild, frantic bird, that is rending its own plumage in its desperation.’

“Jane: ‘I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being, with an independent will; which I now exert to leave you.’” ~Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Buh-bye, Monsatan!!!!

Oracle Report ~ Wednesday, September 19

I am so feeling today’s energy moving things along. I actually felt a powerful surge yesterday, almost like surfing a tsunami. As mentioned below, “we will need to keep up or get trampled.” Those of us who’ve spent months or years carefully imagining what we’d most love to experience in our lives, while simultaneously clearing away all of that which no longer serves, can dance and play upon this enormous wave.

The Oracle Report notes: “Squares make drastic changes in direction.” In addition to Uranus Square Pluto and Mars Square Venus mentioned in the Report, our Sun also squares the Galactic Center today. Talk about potent energy! If you’ve felt the split between your vision and where you’ve longed to go, know that you can catch today’s wave and ride it like a quantum leap to your intended destination. Surf. Is. Up.

(Thanks to Gillian for the original link.)

Oracle Report | Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

Today’s energy is going to move things along and we will need to keep up or get trampled. It isn’t a stampede, but the energy is being carried forward with mass and with purpose. To successfully navigate this we will need to find the positives.

Depending on where you are at in the process of your life re-forming, you may need to find beauty in the change of the seasons, the warmth of the Sun, or the mist of rain. There is much to look at and all types of things will be on display today – including people’s egos.

Yesterday I wrote that people would have revelations about themselves and their lives. Today, people will see where things are too late. If you are experiencing this, you are holding on to a past that no longer exists. Everything has changed and a part of you is resisting. But you are holding off something better.

All of the changes since the turning point have been designed to upgrade (make happier, more aligned, easier, more fulfilling). What don’t you want to let go of and why aren’t you seeing that it is better that it goes? What are you afraid of? The nature of human experience in this stage of the Grand Vision of the planetary goddess is to correct and connect – correct what is no longer of service and connect with the vision itself.

Pluto makes the exact square to Uranus, the Moon will conjunct Mars and both move into square with Venus. Squares make drastic changes in direction. But with Uranus involved, the direction is often not what we expected. Don’t move along with today’s parade needing to have control or know what is going to happen. There’s no possible way to do that and it takes all the fun out of it. It will be much more enjoyable to let go and be swept along. The ability to do this is a matter of trust. Do you trust the divine vision of the Mother?

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

From now until September 22, you can watch the full length movie, Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives, for free on their website. Click here to find out what the top research and FDA scientists are saying about genetically modified foods and why Prop 37 to label GMO’s is so important to human evolution. Most people have no idea what they’re eating these days, but, according to scientists and doctors, what you don’t know about your food may, in fact, be causing everything from inflammation to gut disorders, diabetes, endocrine dysfunction and a host of other newish ills.

Despite the shocking info, this movie offers tremendous hope. According to John Robbins, Best-selling author of Diet for a New America and Food Revolution, it “shines a bright light of hope that we can reclaim our health and our food systems.” When people realize what’s happening to our food supply, more and more people will demand food sovereignty. Backyard organic gardens, local and state bans against GMO’s, supporting local organic farmers, wild food foraging: all of these things help. Please share Genetic Roulette with people who “don’t buy into that whole organic scam.” With scientists instead of tree huggers giving the info, perhaps we’ll reach critical mass for securing the real food, right now.