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Full Moon in Libra April 5-6, 2023

This is such a multi-dimensional Full Moon! I spoke about it in context of the whole month in my 9 Keys to April 2023 video, and I just added another video that focuses only on this Libra Full Moon and relationships. Today’s post takes a deep dive into the overall energies, including implications for the United States.

My April 2023 Forecast shared:

April 5 Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries. Today’s spotlight shines on old wounds to our personal agency, ego, and willpower. People with natal Chiron in Aries will be especially affected, but this point also conjuncts the start of Watergate and is only a few degrees from the US natal Chiron. In that regard, it affects the entire world as current and past wounds in the US continue to spill into other areas around the world. Today is a good day to move beyond codependent behaviors. Have courage to move in whatever direction you know you need to go, regardless of worn out obligations. This is “me first” energy that reminds us to tend to our inner wounds so that we stop passing along victim/abuser patterns and repression. Practice kindness, and realize that people around you might feel extra raw or extra vocal about their own healing today.

April 6 Full Moon in Libra, 12:34 a.m. Eastern US time, and Mercury conjunct North Node. This Full Moon in Libra opposes Jupiter and Chiron. Pay attention to healing insights that arise, especially if these deal with money, individuality, partnership, and your desire to forge ahead. Destiny level messages come through. Explore implications, even if the information seems farfetched. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon point is: (LIBRA 17°): A RETIRED SEA CAPTAIN WATCHES SHIPS ENTERING AND LEAVING THE HARBOR. KEYNOTE: The capacity to gain an objective and calm understanding of human experiences in which one was once deeply involved.

The Sabian Symbol suggests a liminal time of things coming and going. “A retired sea captain” implies maturity, someone who has “been there, done that,” now waiting for a new phase to begin. He’s finished his job but the new life path has not yet appeared. At this time, he acquires perspective on his entire life.

modified from original chart at

This Libra Full Moon opposes Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. Chiron sits very close to the exact start of Watergate, and Jupiter sits right on the US natal Chiron. Old and new wounds (Chiron) are up in a big (Jupiter) way. These wounds especially affect the United States. The pending arrest of Donald Trump seems right on time. Questions of political motivation and abuse of power would be up in one way or another, but this particular mix drags up all sorts of Watergate themes. Regardless of the answers to those questions, we’re at that point in a 50-year cycle.

Asteroid Arachne sits at 17+ Aries. In Greek Mythology, Arachne was a mortal woman who became a spider after beating the goddesss Athena/Minerva in a weaving contest. She’s a cautionary tale about challenging the gods. While she seemed to win, it was a Phyrric victory that eventually drove her to suicide. With Arachne in that Jupiter/US natal Chiron/transiting Chiron/Sun/Watergate Chiron mix, the US might find healing from a very sticky web of wounds. Of course, in order to heal, we must first recognize how unhealthy we are.

The Libra Full Moon could expose some ugly truths about our government. In addition to war, wisdom and crafts, Athena is also the patron goddess of democracy. I keep hearing Sir Walter Scott’s quote: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Most people think this line comes from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which brings its own associations. Abuse of power is “up” right now, as is a need for healing from damage caused by overreach. Time will tell if democracy–I typed democrazy–will get beaten by a web of lies, or if Athena/democracy will triumph in the end. The question of who plays which role is also “up” right now. Is Athena a “good” figure, or a tyrant/aggressor? Was Arachne wrong to challenge her? Or did she have a valid point?

My video about the relationship angle of this Libra Full Moon explores Arachne as a sympathetic figure. I’ll link that here, once it’s on YouTube. The presence of Arachne adds a lot of nuance, and I sense it playing out in different ways in the collective vs. individuals.

In the Full Moon chart set for Washington D.C., asteroid Achilles in Gemini sits right on the Descendant. What is the Achilles heel? US relationships with known enemies. The US natal chart has a lot of Gemini placements, including Mars and Uranus. At the time of the Full Moon in Libra, a cluster of astro objects converges on US natal triggers.

Continuing a dreamy, liminal feel to April, this Full Moon exactly trines Altjira in Gemini. Altjira is the the aboriginal god of dreamtime. I’ve mentioned Saturn’s sojourn in Pisces as a time when dreams manifest into reality, but this Full Moon trine Altjira emphasizes that even more. Pay extra attention to dreams and messages that arrive around the Full Moon. Mercury the Messenger also conjuncts the North Node (collective destiny point) that day, and the Full Moon’s ruler Venus loosely conjuncts Uranus. This combo summons information from the future–messages that help us create and embody a more beautiful and sustainable timeline.

G!kun||’homdima sits at 17+ Gemini, again, right on the D.C. chart’s Descendant, and very close to the US natal Mars. We’ve covered her before in the Gemini Full Moon post from December 2022. This is a goddess associated with protection. From the Gemini Full Moon post:

The Trans Neptunian Object Altjira sits at 17+ Gemini. Altjira is the Aboriginal God of Dreamtime. The presence of Altjira signals alternate realities, and our ability to cross into Dreamtime in order to find new timelines. The Gemini Full Moon also conjuncts another TNO named for the Namibian mythic character called G!kun||’homdima. Please don’t ask me how to pronounce that one! The language uses clicks and does not easily translate to English. But G!kun||’homdima is a female protector and defender. Her presence amplifies the Mars energy and suggests a defensive rather than aggressive quality to this Moon cycle.

Overall, we find a potent mixture of fighting for alternate realities, Big Dreams, and maturing into this larger concept of reality. Different facets of “mind” come into play. When we harness all that mental energy, we can direct it and create new worlds. The stakes are high, but the rewards become real.

Libra and Gemini are both Air signs, but they cover different things. Gemini brings information, whereas Libra brings Justice. Associated with the balanced scales, Libra embodies Lady Justice. Here’s my Justice portal from June 2020:

Beyond the mundane, something cosmic emerges. Positive timelines are available, especially when we tap into the relationship potential of this Full Moon in Libra. I just posted the video for this Full Moon and relationships. Meanwhile, Blessed Be … and be the blessing! We’re in liminal yet potent times with massive opportunities to heal.

Beginner’s Guide to Pluto in Aquarius 2023

As we approach the monumental shift of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius on March 23, 2023, I edited my hour-long conversation with Timothy Glenn into a super accessible 24-minute video. You don’t need to understand astrology in order follow these parts.

This snapshot focuses on the preview period from March 23-June 11, 2023, plus themes for the longer 20-year Pluto in Aquarius transit. The video also includes general information on how to handle Pluto transits. I know not everyone has time or inclination for an hour-long video, and these parts seemed important enough to highlight for a more general audience.

Big Announcement: My New YouTube Channel!

In my Star Gate Portal post, I mentioned some big shifts in progress. Well, here’s one of them:

“Big Announcement: My New YouTube Channel!”

If today’s title leaves you in shock, you’re not alone. My original YouTube channel was one of the very first censored ones way back in 2011, and I never reinstated it. I have successfully navigated life and work without any social media for many years. I had a two-week stint on Instagram in 2016, but other than that, I’ve had zero social media presence since I ended my short lived FaceBook account in 2011. I only had Twitter for a few months in 2009. I understand why others use it, but I have loved not being on social media.

So why YouTube, and why now?

The short answer is because now is the time.

The longer answer is that my Dream Guys have apparently been working on this project for a realllllly long time, while keeping me on a need to know basis. Since every fiber of my being would have screamed, “Uh uh, no way!” my Dream Guys had “no leaks” until two Thursday’s ago when I suddenly realized, “I need to create a YouTube channel. I’m supposed to make videos about coming astrological events, as well as supporting empaths through these crazy times.”

This followed several days in a row where I could not recall my dreams other than them having “something to do with healing.” When the YouTube idea dropped into my brain, it was so out of character. I realized it did not come from me, so I paid attention–especially when I noted zero resistance to the idea. How could this be?! I’ve wanted to hide under a rock for most of my life, just throwing faery magic on the world without anyone realizing where it’s coming from. Recording myself for YouTube over and over again is the antithesis of me hiding under a rock.

As I explored this new directive, I decided to make a test video the next day. I didn’t plan to keep it, but the video turned out well on the first take. Plus, it was … fun! Everything aligned to support the technical details (thanks to Mike Clelland and Mitch Mattraw), and before I knew it, I had dozens of ideas for videos.

Old Laura Bruno still would have resisted the message to open a YouTube channel, but New Laura Bruno currently has six major Pluto transits–more if you count Pluto conjuncting my vertex and the Midheaven of the exact moment I created the channel. Pluto EXPOSES hidden things. If we lean into that energy, then it brings light to our hidden skills, strength, and gifts. If we try to outrun Pluto, his repeat tsunamis pummel us until we drown and submit to the necessary rebirth. Knowing all the transits I have right now, plus others happening later this year, makes it much less scary to open a YouTube channel than to risk getting pulled under by this Lord of the Underworld.

And so, on this auspicious Full Moon in Leo, I’m announcing my new YouTube channel. Synchronicities (and Dream Guys!) arranged for me to open the channel on Imbolc, exactly one year after finishing the Queen of Wands portal. That was a commissioned piece, but its quote applies to me, too: “Love grows where destiny flows.” I have more videos completed to add to the channel, and you can find those by clicking here.

Below are the first two videos I uploaded. Please note, this is a new channel, and I have no control over what ads do or don’t appear from YouTube. Also, if you are reading this post in an email, you will need to click through to my blog or to YouTube in order to watch the videos. My YouTube channel is called Ask Laura Bruno. The first video explains why I use Sabian Symbols in my New and Full Moon posts:

The second video shares how I got into astrology:

Additional videos cover upcoming transits, including Saturn in Pisces, Pluto in Aquarius and Mars in Cancer. I’m also adding videos that explain things that arise all the time in sessions. I figure if I keep saying these things over and over to individuals, then they warrant a collective video. This is a new project, so I don’t know exactly how the YouTube channel will integrate with my blog. I suspect they will have some crossover but remain two separate entities.

I will post some of my YouTube content on the blog, but in order not to miss new videos, you might want to subscribe to my channel. Apparently, engagement on YouTube really helps new channels to show up in the algorithm. I don’t understand all that stuff, but if you hit like, subscribe and/or leave a comment on my channel, it will help me bring these messages to more people.

Life is full of surprises, even for someone as intuitive as little 49-year-old me! In retrospect, I can see many dreams pointing in this direction, but I didn’t realize that until I had already worked through all of the MASSIVE resistance I would normally have to such an idea. I hope you enjoy my videos. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

“A Deep Cleanse” Dream

This morning’s dream seems collective, so I’ll share it here:

“A Deep Cleanse”

I was in a large, multi-storied house with a large group of people. At first it seemed like some kind of huge society party, but then I realized something else was going on here. Periodically, smaller groups of people would disappear from the festivities, and they’d go upstairs where we could just see them from kind of a mezzanine level.

While on this level, just barely visible to us below, people underwent a deep cleaning procedure, so that everything became purified. This occurred while wearing clothes. Everything just got a full blast of cleaning in a really posh setting. Then the people would return to the lower level and others would go upstairs.

This wasn’t a one and done situation. People needed multiple cleanings throughout the length of the party. It was loud with hints of excitement. People seemed eager to go through the cleansing process each time, like they knew this was a requirement in order to receive something really worth having.

I don’t remember much else. The main things were this deep cleansing process for groups of people and their excited, anticipatory voices as they went through the process with each other. The dream had an invigorating feel to it, and I awoke well rested and relaxed.

END of dream journal.

This feels like a collective dream and reminds me a little of the Gold Lamé Circle dream where groups of people left the circle and when they returned, they wore more and more gold lamé in their clothes until it reached their collars.

Instead of a golden circle, this dream featured a multistory building. Instead of turning into gold, people received a very deep cleansing, almost like every cell and every atom got squeezed and wrung out so that only the original and authentic imprints remained. Each cleansing process felt like a relief and the next step towards something wonderful.

I don’t have much to add, but it seems like an encouraging dream not just for me but for many people.

Gold Lame Circle Dream

This morning’s dream seems collective, so I’ll share it here:

“Gold Lamé Circle”

I observed a large group of people arranging themselves in a circle. It’s hard to say just how many people were there—probably more than 20 and less than 50. The number varied because while most remained in the circle, at any given time, some people moved offscreen. When they returned, they would have a higher proportion of gold lamé on their clothing. The gold began at the feet, and it gradually, after several rounds of this for each person, reached up to their collars.

When I first awoke from this dream, for some reason, I thought it was just me processing whatever’s going on in Congress. There was a large group forming the circle, but smaller groups of maybe five or six at a time would leave and then return with a higher level of gold lamé moving up their clothing. I thought this represented backroom deals and bribes, like they negotiated things off scene and then returned to the circle enriched (metaphorically the shiny gold clothing).

I fell back asleep and seemed to dream this same thing again, and now I feel like the dream has more of a universal, symbolic meaning. The people were initially dressed in black and gray. Each one made multiple trips offscreen, while others held the circle in place. Gradually, this circle became more and more golden, as the gold lamé made its way further up their outfits. By the end, I noticed that everyone was covered in gold lamé up to their collars, and the collars were pointed like each person had rays of the sun around their neck. These were soft, not rigid, but each person’s golden collar formed a microcosm of the larger golden circle their bodies formed.

Their heads and faces remained in tones of a black and white movie—they had various tones of gray skin and black or gray hair. They were human, not ETs, and the collars had a Louis XIV feel to them. “The Sun King.” The overall progression of the dream felt like another “threshold” dream in the sense that I watched the gradual shift from grayscale to gold. I don’t know if the faces and hair would also turn to gold, or if they had finished their transformation. They were either done, or very close to done.

This echoed that series of dreams saying, “You are at the threshold,” or “This is the threshold,” or “You’ve crossed the threshold.” It wasn’t quite clear how far each needed to go, but in last night’s dream(s), the process took a long time and was either finished or nearly finished. It also reminded me of my 2001 dream about asparagus spears appearing around my head. People would pluck the spears and eat them, and then more spears/rays would grow back.

END of dream journal.

A strange dream! Here’s an image of Louis XIV that kind of reflects what the clothing became in the dream, but super shiny. The heads and hats weren’t gold yet, but everything else on every other person was, by the end of my dream.

I shared the asparagus dream from 2001 in a 2010 post:

I looked up and saw a brilliant white light which shot down into my mouth. I ate it like food and asparagus stalks sprouted from my head. They surrounded my face like rays of the sun, and people would pluck and eat the spears. The light fed me and the spears continued to regenerate as people ate them.

(asparagus=sign of prosperity
circle, sun, spiritual food)

I can’t say exactly what each dream portends, but they seem like good signs. I will also add that I’ve noticed quite a few clients have suddenly reached the next phase of their long journeys. Whatever most important shifts I knew they would need to make in order to live the life they want to live–they have made, or are right at the threshold of making those shifts. The internal changes have occurred. The external shifts can now happen since they are ready to receive them. This also feels collective–like many of us have undergone long journeys, all synchronizing into the golden circle of my dream.

Why haven’t I healed or awakened yet? ~ Jeff Foster

This topic arises often in sessions, and I know this message will hit home for many people. Hat tip to Pamela!

Dream: A Near Miss

I’m sharing this one because it feels collective rather than personal:

“A Near Miss”

I dreamed more than I recall, but this part is vivid. I stood somewhere outside and saw two cars almost crash into each other. I didn’t know anyone in the vehicles, but watching the one almost barrel into the other still made me flinch and took awhile to shake off. The scene was one car coming way too fast from behind another car. If they hit, it would have been a total disaster, both cars destroyed.

The one car came so fast at the other car that this outcome seemed inevitable. I braced for impact, even though I was safe on the sidelines. Instead of hitting, somehow, the car from behind stopped with maybe 1 mm to spare, just as the front car moved forward. It took a few moments to realize that no fiery crash would occur. Not having the crash felt anticlimactic after all the stress of watching what seemed like a certain crash. When the crash did not occur, the anticipated jolt occurred inside myself.

I awoke briefly from this dream—enough to remember it—then fell back asleep. I don’t recall details, but I know I had two additional dreams with similar messages. I watched a scene that did not directly affect me, kind of like watching a movie, except more intense in that whatever I watched happened in “real” life (within the dream), and not too far away from me. In all cases, a crash or disaster seemed inevitable but at the last moment things moved just 1 mm out of the way.

Because of the tension while witnessing this seemingly inevitable crash, when it did not happen, my body still flinched at the moment of would-be impact. The near miss jolted me wide awake (within the dream). I looked around the world with new eyes.

END of dream journal.

This seems like a collective dream in that I had zero to do with anyone in any of the scenarios. I just happened to be standing or walking nearby. I just happened to see something about to smash. By every rational consideration, this crash would occur except at the very last moment, some kind of miracle protected the participants by literally 1 mm. The precision of timing looked like an invisible angel or divine providence moved the front car along just in time for the back car to avoid hitting it, even though the back car was careening out of control.

In many ways, this is like my life changing 1998 car accident. I was stopped at a red light behind two other cars. The light turned green, but it took those cars a little while to start moving. The woman behind me drove fast, saw the green light, and must have realized much too late that my car had not yet begun to move. Mine was in neutral, ready to start driving. I heard her slam on the brakes, heard the crash. “Wow, someone really GOT it!” I awoke to honking horns realizing that someone was me.

Her car dipped down under mine because she slammed on the brakes. My black rubber bumper was streaked on the hood of her car, so in my case, the crash occurred. The miracle was my car being in neutral and her brakes dipping under my bumper, throwing my car forward instead of totally squishing me. The resulting traumatic brain injury gave me four years of total disability and a totally new career and life.

This morning’s dream had a MUCH bigger miracle. Watching the events, there was NO way to avoid a massive crash, but something intervened at the very last possible moment. The anticipation and intensity of would be impact jolted me as a spectator even though the cars were fine. Again this feels collective rather than personal.

Happy Halloween + Writing Updates

Happy Halloween/Samhain/Celtic New Year to those who celebrate!

In honor of the upcoming November 1 “All Saint’s Day” and what would be the 35th birthday of my character, Schizandra, I’ve released an updated 2022 print edition, plus a totally new Kindle version of Schizandra and the Gates of Mu. Huge thanks to Mike Clelland for reformatting both. From the new text:

Author’s note about the 2022 edition

I first published Schizandra and the Gates of Mu in July 2009. This was intended as Book One of a five-part series. Little did I know how writing this series would upend my life. After starting to write Book Two, the fictional plot bled so far into my waking life that I wound up divorced and returning to Hyde Park, Chicago—to the same University of Chicago neighborhood Schizandra had just left.

Instead of continuing to write that book, I began painting portals on antique doors—an activity Schizandra had mysteriously begun in Book Two. I deepened tarot and astrology studies, painted lots more portal doors, and got remarried. With its 2012 theme, I eventually removed Schizandra and the Gates of Mu from print, thinking the story had served its purpose.

Then, in late 2021, I began to notice little details of my novel becoming much more relevant. Clients reading or re-reading the book experienced major breakthroughs by tracing my characters’ journeys as their own. I now feel like I wrote Schizandra and the Gates of Mu for 2022 and beyond—rather than for 2012. This edition includes some minor editing, but the original story remains.

We’re at another key moment in human evolution. There are battles for human DNA, as well as the human soul. Whether internal or external, many of these battles occur in unseen realms. I don’t know if or when I’ll write additional Schizandra stories, but in 2022, she reawakened.


(back to blogging here): Last weekend is the first time I re-read Schizandra and the Gates of Mu in its entirety since 2009! In addition to worldwide topics, I noticed an unanticipated connection to the First US Pluto Return.

Death and rebirth themes are certainly “up” right now, including things embedded in this story regarding the United States. The First US Pluto Return goes exact from 2022-2024, with up to seven years on either side. Many nations don’t survive their First Pluto Return. At the very least, they face the depths of their Shadow and a near death experience. In some ways, Schizandra’s journey to the Underworld parallels the high stakes and potential rewards of what the US faces right now.

I began this novel as a short story back in Fall 2001 when I could still barely read after my 1998 TBI. Most of the story arrived in dreams, visions and synchronicities, with the main challenge of translating that into something people could read and absorb. At the time of writing I didn’t realize just how precognitive my dreams, visions and syncs tend to be. In retrospect, the book seems much more “now” than I ever would have guessed.

Those of you who love Timothy Glenn’s posts might be interested to know that he did an actual tarot, astrology and numerology reading for Schizandra way back in 2007, and the character Tom Brown’s reading reflects much of what Timothy shared.

Back in 2009, I only dabbled in astrology and tarot. I never pulled Schizandra’s natal chart for myself until last weekend, and I was even more blown away that I just “randomly” picked her birth date and time. The Great Mystery runs deep! Continued thanks to Tim for his enthusiasm and support for Schizandra, as well as his ongoing articles on this blog.


In other writing news, I’ve begun re-writing The Metaphysics of Lyme as a novel instead of a non-fiction book. Feedback from clients who had breakthroughs by reading Schizandra and the Gates of Mu convinced me of what I already sensed: fiction allows me to show rather than tell people how to heal themselves.

I’ll include my medical intuitive insights into moving beyond Lyme disease, but I hope the novel will entice others to read, as well. In this way, I can raise more awareness of how Lyme affects everyone–including friends and family of the person experiencing symptoms. I don’t want to reveal too much before I dive deeper into this project, but for those wondering why it’s taken me so long to write The Metaphysics of Lyme, this is why. I realized I could offer much greater service in a different format, and I needed the characters and story to announce themselves in their own good time. And yes, there will be paranormal elements to the story!

For those struggling with Lyme disease right now, I released Lyme Journal: A Guided Recovery Workbook, back in January 2019. That list of writing prompts helps you to coach yourself and journal your way through multiple layers of healing.


A final note: I love all the private emails I receive from readers telling me how much they’ve loved and benefited from my various books. These often contain very personal stories, dreams and synchronicities. If you feel comfortable leaving a more public-ready review on Amazon so that others can benefit from your insights, I would appreciate that so much. There’s a wide gap between private feedback/gratitude and the number of public reviews. 🙂

Thanks, blessings, Happy Halloween, and Happy 35th Birthday to Schizandra!

Again, you can find the new Kindle version here.

New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse ~ October 25, 2022

My October 2022 Forecast shares:

October 25 New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse, 6:49 a.m. Eastern US time. This New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at exactly 2°00′ Scorpio. This degree emphasizes sacrifice of something old and cherished, the surrender of which allows us to move forward. Venus sits in the same degree, bringing love and beauty to the process of transmutation. Memories remain but new life beckons.

Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbol for this New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse is:


KEYNOTE: The accidental nature of opportunities that impel one to break away from a past, the remembrance of which is still poignant and cherished.

A new and greater realization usually demands the sacrifice of something which has brought loveliness and fragrance to a lesser form of living and feeling. Old feelings are poignantly remembered, even as one moves into a new and wider sphere of experience. Old relationships may be left behind, but the memory of their essential moments lingers on, perhaps strong and nostalgic.

This is the second stage of the forty-third sequence. It contrasts with the first in that it reveals the difficulty of dealing with the past as one enters into a new realm of feelings. To the excitement of novelty answers the memory of the graciousness of the past one has SURRENDERED.

Our sense of smell often triggers far off memories. Our primal connection to the past wafts across consciousness in surprising ways. The addition of a Solar Eclipse adds to already intense and bittersweet feelings. It’s OK to mourn the past even while celebrating a new, much longed for present.

Venus closely conjuncts the New Moon Solar Eclipse, so we will feel love to its Scorpio depths. In addition to the Goddess of Love, asteroid Amor sits less than two degrees behind this meeting. Amor rules romance and affection. Three degrees ahead of the New Moon Solar Eclipse sits Aphrodite, the Greek equivalent of Venus. Love, love, and more love. Asteroid Cupido — as in Cupid! — also joins in a supportive sextile from Capricorn.

Adding to that Sabian Symbol’s sense of a surrendered old love, we have another supportive sextile from asteroid Atropos in Capricorn. According to Dark Astrology:

[Atropos] is the third dark aspect of the three fates. Atropos is the cutter of the cord of life and her Roman equivalent is Morta, Italian for death. So very final then! According to Demetra George “Her position in the birth chart shows how and where we bring our fate to [its] inevitable conclusion and how we cut the life thread when we experience endings, loss, closure and death.”[1]

… The meaning of the word is “the inevitable”, and what is impossible to put aside. [Its] namesakes include the poison Atropo Belladonna or “Deadly Nightshade” and an ominous looking yellow and black moth called Acherontia Atropos or “Deaths Head Hawkmoth” There is even a skull motif on its thorax. It was regarded as an evil omen.

This moth is a thief and opportunist, it steals nectar from the honeybee. So Atropos is a scavenger, like the raven, and associated with both death and magic. Scavengers are looked down upon, but they are essential as natures recyclers and rubbish collectors. Maybe Atropos in the chart burns off once [and] for all any left over festering karma.

From the other side, Asteroid Isis in Virgo closely sextiles the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse. In mythology, Isis connects with the idea of death and regeneration, because when her husband Osiris died, she reassembled him from his scattered body parts. This reassembled Osiris only materialized long enough to impregnate Isis with their son Horus — a reminder that even with rebirth and regeneration comes irrevocable change.

This is also a South Node eclipse, which emphasizes the past — releasing that which no longer serves. All these aspects amplify Scorpio themes of death and rebirth. Sometimes the beautiful and cherished needs to die in order for something even sweeter to be born. Death can be metaphorical or literal. Eclipses set the tone for the next six months, so some of these endings, deaths and inevitable changes will unfold over time.

This is a heavy, tender New Moon and Solar Eclipse. Be gentle with yourself and others in these times of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” with additional threats of nuclear war, famine, financial crash, and you name the looming disaster. To me, it feels like we’re approaching the end of Lord of the Rings. Not everyone and everything we love will continue on our same journey. Yes, we will grieve, but life promises regeneration and renewal.

As we approach Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve/Halloween, Jupiter retrograde reenters Pisces on the 28th, and Mars — the planet of Action and War — stations retrograde in Gemini on October 30th. The battle becomes an internal one. Allow yourself to feel the full depth of emotions. Love abounds — sometimes almost too much love to contain. If it spills out in tears of gratitude, grief and grace, so be it. We are blessed, and our Ancestors have walked some of these same roads before us. This, too, shall pass, but for now, let yourself feel all the feels.

I’ll leave you with Kahlil Gibran’s poem:

On Joy and Sorrow

Then a woman said, Speak to us of Joy and Sorrow.
And he answered:
Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.
And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter’s oven?
And is not the lute that soothes your spirit, the very wood that was hollowed with knives?
When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.
When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

Some of you say, “Joy is greater than sorrow,” and others say, “Nay, sorrow is the greater.”
But I say unto you, they are inseparable.
Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.

Verily you are suspended like scales between your sorrow and your joy.
Only when you are empty are you at standstill and balanced.
When the treasure-keeper lifts you to weigh his gold and his silver, needs must your joy or your sorrow rise or fall.

Follow Up on the Wounded Knee Massacre Items at the Barre Museum

I promised a follow-up to my short announcement after the press conference on Monday, October 10. Here are my observations and take away’s from that 2:00 p.m. Eastern time event.

For those unfamiliar with the background, please see this June 2022 post. One reason I feel led to share this story and ask for continued support is because astrologer Ray Grasse and I independently both honed in on the return of artifacts and human remains from the Wounded Knee Massacre as deeply tied to the US Pluto Return. I didn’t mention that in my first post because I know people sometimes skip over my astrology posts. I wanted as many eyes on this as possible. But the reason I wanted to raise awareness is because I sense that however this situation plays out will play a huge role in how brutal or regenerative the US Pluto Return will be from 2022-2024.

On September 29, 2022, the Membership Board of the Barre Museum Association voted unanimously to return artifacts and human remains from the massacre on December 29, 1890. This historic decision followed long term requests, the April 2022 Native American Repatriation Act, and recent negotiations spear headed by Mia Feroleto, Chief Henry Red Cloud and the Lakota Sioux. Other key people included Chief Leonard Little Finger, who began discussions over ten years ago, as well as Mike Hecrow, a direct descendant of the son of Chief Bigfoot. Hecrow helped determine which items rightfully belonged to the Lakota.

Kevin Killer, the Oglala Sioux Tribal President, also spoke about media responsibility to tell the truth. He noted ongoing problems since the 1890’s when media demonized Natives and fostered the attitudes that led to massacre and the stealing of sacred items and human remains. He called for true reporting throughout this process. Wendell Yellow Bull — a descendant of Joseph Corn Cloud and a resident of Pine Ridge Reservation — said that preparations and ceremonies must take place. Souls denied burial must be laid to rest, and sacred items need to be cleansed and properly distributed.

Depending on how you count items (i.e. is a pair of shoes one or two items?), there are somewhere between 151 and 263 items to be returned. Besides these items, the Barre Museum holds items from over 60 different tribes. Spiritual significance of items, including sacred pipes and human remains, will be determined by Elders. They will pray over the items and then determine how to bring them back. As mentioned in my October 10 announcement, this situation remains in process. Please continue much needed prayers and energetic support.

At the time of the press conference, the Membership Board of the Barre Museum had still not signed any legal paperwork for the return of artifacts and human remains from the Wounded Knee Massacre. A reporter asked why since it seemed odd to announce their return without having signed the paperwork. I agree, but I carefully scanned everyone’s energy throughout the Zoom meeting. Despite the unsigned paperwork, things appear to be moving forward in good faith. After such a long search to identify Board Members to contact from the Barre Museum (also sometimes referred to as the Founders Museum), it seems like real relationships have been forged among Tribal Members, Board Members, Mia Feroleto and various photographers and consultants.

Hopefully the legal paperwork is now signed, or gets signed soon. On November 5, 2022, the Barre Museum Board Association plans to present a single box symbolizing the carefully packaged hundreds of boxes to be returned to the Tribe. In return, Tribal Members plan to present each Board Member with a gift, creating a ceremony of exchange. I teared up a bit as I typed, recognizing the profound healing intended by this event.

November 5, 2022 marks the Ceremony of Transfer in Barre. The Barre Library Museum Association also plans to help with repatriation. Delegates from the Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations will attend, along with Mia Feroleto and other invited guests. The Governor of Massachusetts received an invite but has yet to RSVP. Weather permitting, they’ll hold the ceremony outside. If not, it will occur in a nearby school. November 5 will begin the formal sorting, packing and safe repatriation of the items; however, this process will continue through the end of 2022.

Each year, from December 22-29, residents of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation participate in a horse trek honoring the events that led to the Wounded Knee Massacre. This year on December 28, riders will reach Wounded Knee, South Dakota and they will receive all of the repatriated items. On December 29, they’ll have a huge ceremony to which they’ve invited all the Barre Museum Board Members. At this point, true healing can begin.

I mentioned the US Pluto Return connection to this event. If you watch the video below, you’ll see what the US government did to Native Americans.

Without going into too much detail here, please know that there are current forces (WEF, etc.) that would like to do similar things and worse to US citizens. This agenda would affect people all over the world, but the US Pluto Return means deep, dark Shadow karma is coming home to roost in the US. Remaining on a more positive timeline requires doing whatever we can do now to stop adding insult to injury to those killed and traumatized at Wounded Knee and other massacres.

My September 2022 Forecast describes the energy on September 29 — the day the Membership Board of the Barre Museum Association voted unanimously to repatriate the requested items:

September 29 Venus enters Libra. The Love Goddess smiles with relief having made it through the Virgo doldrums. Venus enters one of her home signs, bringing extra grace to the arts, beauty, self-esteem and romance. Because we clearly know our own value, we find ways to compromise for the sake of harmony. We can afford to balance the scales, knowing we won’t lose ourselves in the process.

This Venus in Libra energy managed to overcome “third party interference undermining negotiations.” I took this date and event as confirmation of the good faith I sensed among all parties. The Indigenous People’s Day press announcement also occurred the day after a Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron and the US natal Chiron and two days after Pluto stationed direct. These were seismic astrological moves connected with the ongoing process of rightful repatriation:

October 8 Pluto stations direct in Capricorn. After a deep dive since April 29, Lord of the Underworld prepares to resurface. All those hidden things you thought would never see the light of day? Pluto drags ’em up when he’s good and ready. Nobody pushes Pluto around. Resistance is futile. Try to suppress that force, and you’ll find death, destruction and devastation like you never imagined. Work with Pluto, and he brings healing, rebirth and regeneration beyond your wildest dreams. Ignore him at your peril. If you’ve ever wanted to clean house, do so now. You have support.

October 9 Full Moon in Aries, 4:55 p.m. Eastern US time. The Full Moon conjuncts Chiron, alerting us to a need for healing. The Sabian Symbol for this “Blood Moon” is: (ARIES 17°): TWO DIGNIFIED SPINSTERS SITTING IN SILENCE. The symbol encourages us to pull inside ourselves, yet paradoxically to do so together. We must tend to our own inner landscape, but group meditations and prayer bring powerful results. Consider sitting in silence with one or more people, and holding an intention for love and healing. Nature and animal friends count, too! If you don’t have a person to meditate with, expand your idea of solidarity. Heads up: this Full Moon conjuncts the start-of-Watergate Chiron and sits between the US natal Chiron and transiting Chiron. An extremely challenging and painful time for the United States.

The Wounded Knee Massacre certainly qualifies as a challenging and painful time for the United States. When we hurt others to that degree we also hurt ourselves. The First Pluto Return of any nation always dredges up the most shameful secrets and darkest karma. Many countries fail to survive their First Pluto Return. Those that do usually face major restructuring and upheaval. Again, this ongoing situation seems directly linked to how brutal or regenerative the US Pluto Return will be. Although we’ve got turmoil right now, certain factions want to increase that turmoil to unimaginable suffering. For a preview, watch the video above.

I feel we can shift this energy and that we are on the most positive timeline possible, given the changes and revelations that need to occur. Surrounding this Wounded Knee repatriation process with love, prayer, Reiki and positive focus bolsters the positive timeline for the US and the world. “As the US goes, so goes the world.”

On November 5, 2022, Venus in Scorpio exactly opposes Uranus, signalling a major change in relationships. These are volatile, but potentially liberating energies. Winter Solstice occurs the night before the Pine Ridge Reservation horse trek begins, and Chiron stations direct on December 23, one day into the trek. With Chiron Direct, healing can now move forward in real, tangible ways. The third exact hit of the First US Pluto Return occurs on December 28, when the items arrive at Wounded Knee. The next day, December 29, Mercury stations retrograde — beginning a period of re-integration and review. Mercury Rx periods look back, so this feels appropriate for the re-turn and re-patriation. A century plus process finishes right before the New Year.

We’re also in the early stages of a US Chiron Return — a national healing opportunity that occurs once every 50 years or so. The perfect timing of all these transits suggests cosmic support for a delicate and sometimes painful process. Even if you’re not directly involved, please continue to support the process in whatever ways you feel called to do. In addition to death and destruction, Pluto also brings regeneration and rebirth. The purging of decay and desolation heals and renews. As the Hopi Prophecies say, “This could be a good time.” “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” May it be so.