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Full Moon in Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse ~ May 15-16, 2022

Since we’re already in Eclipse Season, this feels important enough to post the write-up early. I’ll re-blog it closer to the actual date.

My May 2022 Forecast notes:

May 16 Full Moon in Scorpio, Lunar Eclipse, 12:14 a.m. Eastern US time. Also known as the Flower Moon, this is a South Node Eclipse that asks us to adapt quickly to changing situations. As flowers move from bud to bloom to faded petals to seed, we, too, need to embrace ever evolving shifts. The South Node brings a karmic flavor to any collective Shadow Work. With Uranus near the Sun point, we can expect rebellious, revolutionary and liberating insights to trigger some of the karmic release.

This is a Total Lunar Eclipse, which makes it even more powerful. According to Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon point is:


KEYNOTE: The ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements.

It brings to us a message we greatly need today — the message of peaceful adaptation to nature, and through adaptation, of EFFICIENT FUNCTIONING in all life situations.  

(You can read the full description here.)

This push to adapt occurs with Mercury Retrograde urging us to review, reevaluate, and reconsider. Just before the Full Moon, Venus conjuncts Chiron in Aries, the sign of action. The Goddess of Love invites us to heal wounds around our relationships and self-esteem. Then the powerful South Node Lunar Eclipse in deep, dark, watery Scorpio initiates a cleanse and regeneration. In orb at the time of the eclipse and most exact on May 18, Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. My May Forecast explained:

May 18 Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces. In the days preceding this date through perhaps a day or so after, sensitivity kicks up several notches. Depending on how you process Neptune energies, you might feel like a dreamy romantic or a paranoid schizophrenic. Empaths should practice extra good energy hygiene during this time. Meditation, creative projects, and beautiful lovemaking are all favored. You’ll want to protect your energy, though. Harshness, violence and warlike postures will disturb you more than usual. Lean into the dreamier, spiritual side of Neptune, instead of confusion and delusion.

Mars often acts ahead of time, so these energies may peak at the moment of eclipse. In any case, eclipse energies continue for six months, so the Mars-Neptune conjunction in watery, boundary-less Pisces colors this eclipse with the energy of high stakes spiritual and psychological warfare. It also empowers us to take action: to position ourselves to receive spiritual and emotional healing.

The potential for paranoia, confusion and delusion gets amplified by the Full Moon point closely conjuncting Ceto. This TNO (Trans Neptunian Object) signifies “the creation of monsters within us and around us: the perception of monstrous ness, the assigning of the designation of monster to what is around or within us.” Linda Lee Berry continues:

The monster is that which is extremely different. It is often tied to that which creates a feeling of fear or revulsion within us. Sometimes this is horrendous as in a Nazi Doctor. Sometimes it is just alien to regular human experience, like Spock or a dwarf. Children’s fairy tales abound with monsters for a reason. At core we fear to be rejected for our differentness, for our failure to meet the expectations of those around us and so when we are children we deny and repress that within us that is different and thus unacceptable in our world and it becomes the monster(s) within us. Only when we face and transform these monsters can we reclaim the denied aspects of ourselves and become whole. The aspects to Ceto describe our personal monsters and the monsters we meet in the world, as well as the relationship we have to monsters both within us and around us.

The sign of Scorpio deals with the Shadow — those scary, rejected parts of ourselves that we vilify in others. As dark secrets, abuse and shame erupt, we will feel tempted to point fingers, then run and hide. But we cannot continue to project the darkness outside ourselves. A complete reckoning forces us to acknowledge our own complicity in the horrors we see.

In order to survive and heal, we must recognize and reclaim responsibility. Doing so allows us to make different choices that lead to very different results. The weight of this responsibility encourages us to lean into concepts like confession, forgiveness, and Grace. “Repent” literally means “to turn,” to shift course. We can’t just mouth the words. Our actions need to change, as well.

This May 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse feels like a major hinge point in human evolution. In addition to the ominous Ceto, the Full Moon point auspiciously conjuncts another TNO called Deucalion — a Noah-like figure saved from a catastrophic flood. This bodes well for the rebirth and regeneration also associated with Scorpio. According to Alex Miller:

“Deucalion was a son of Prometheus, a righteous and upright man who, with his wife Pyrrha, was saved from a huge flood Zeus sent to punish and destroy mankind for its hubris and savagery. Forewarned by his father, Deucalion built a huge wooden chest to ride out the raging seas. After they receded, Deucalion made an offering to Zeus to thank him, and consulted an oracle about how to repopulate the earth. He was told to cover his head, and throw the bones of his mother behind him. Deucalion understood this to be a metaphor, and theorizing that the Earth was the mother of all, and its rocks her bones, he and Pyrrha tossed stones behind them. Those that Deucalion threw became men, and those thrown by Pyrrha became women. Deucalion is the name given to a TNO (Trans-Neptunian Object) from the Kuiper Belt region of the solar system, near Pluto.

“Astrologically, Deucalion represents being overwhelmed or ‘flooded,’ saved from disaster by seemingly divine intervention; renewal and starting over; and having advance knowledge of a difficulty or potential disaster. There can also be a strong moral code, a highly developed sense of right and wrong.”

Many cultures have similar stories of a Great Flood that wiped out much of humanity as a way to purify the Earth. At this time, we might experience the “flood” in a literal sense, but more likely as a flood of life-changing, civilization-course-correcting information. Saturn (aka Father Time and Lord of Karma) squares the Sun-Moon axis from Aquarius, adding to the sense of morality. Saturn tells us to get our affairs in order and take a stand. He pressures us to get things right.

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

I’ll leave you with a potent dream I had the morning after this post flowed out of me. It feels both personal and collective — like I continued processing the Full Moon in Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse as I slept:

“Woman in a Black Dress”

A vivid fragment, seen from behind: a woman in a long, black dress walking a path with steep drops on either side. The scenery was stark, but stunning. She wore a wide-brimmed black wool hat like I wore at my father’s funeral. She made her way — step by slow, careful step — along a narrow, natural bridge between two realities.

END of dream journal.

Real Life Jumpsuit Tower Jailbreak

I wrote this up for myself on Monday, after finishing the poem that began from three email subject lines on Easter Sunday. I had not planned to share this in a public way, but a client/friend/colleague emailed to share recent breakthroughs and that my San Quentin jailbreak dream had triggered her own powerful dream. She finished her message by saying, “[N]ow you can add “Mystical Quantum Dream Spawner” to your CV,😊

I told her I wasn’t surprised she had such big breakthroughs and then said:

Too cool about the San Quentin dream spawning another one for you. I feel like I liberated my creative writing self from that tower. Yesterday was WILD with synchronicities and the poem I posted today just poured out of me. I had several revisions, but all in all, it was a very quick effort. I haven’t written a poem since maybe 2017?! And before that it was 2009. There was a time when I wrote lots of poetry. 

BTW, I found the jumpsuit on Free People’s website — and ordered it — right before the initial poem lines arrived yesterday afternoon. I haven’t decided if I’ll write that up as its own post. It’s pretty funny. I realized I was dressed as Rosie the Riveter: “We can do it!” 

Then all these things unlocked.




Her response convinced me to share the story in a more detailed way. It all happened as described, but much of it unfolds like a dream. (If you haven’t read the San Quentin dream or the follow-up, it won’t make any sense at all. One other note, per dream instructions earlier in the week, I did a three-day colon cleanse from Good Friday through Easter Sunday.) Here’s what I wrote for myself:

Before my TBI I was told to “quit my job, do spiritual work, become a landscaper and write poetry.” Perhaps I’m re-entering the poetry phase.

I now wonder if my Jailbreak dream was about freeing my creative writing self. I had a weird series of events right before I saw the three back to back emails. I got dressed in my “Rosie the Riveter” inspired jumpsuit and looked up a photo of that icon just to see if I was imagining things. It usually says, “We can do it!” but for some reason, I read it as “You can do it!” The only reason I wore the jumpsuit is because I thought I might try to find and order “the right Free People jumpsuit” that freed the woman imprisoned in the tower at San Quentin.

Before ordering a Free People jumpsuit, I thought I’d wear this cheaper one I already owned, just to make sure I liked the feel and look of it. I did, so I started scrolling through the Free People website and found a jumpsuit that seemed similar to the one in my dream. I then received notification that a different Free People package had been delivered. I had just gone outside to deal with recycling and spray deer repellent on my tulips, so I knew the package had only JUST arrived. When I picked it off the mat, the package was empty!

I didn’t expect anyone to be working at Free People on Easter Sunday, but I wanted to document this situation so they wouldn’t think someone just stole it while we were away for the weekend. It looked like the bag had not sealed properly in the first place, not like someone cut into the package. I tried to do an online chat and nothing worked. Then I noticed the fact that they supposedly man their phones 24 hours per day. I thought, “It’s a long shot, but maybe they have a few people working on Easter.” I called and got through pretty fast.

I expected an argument, so I had photos of the improperly sealed, empty package, but I didn’t need them. The woman noted that it had only JUST been delivered, and she took me at my word. She arranged to send out a new item, which shipped last night. What’s especially odd is that the item that slipped out of the package was a SAFARI VEST! I guess it went on its own, uncharted journey. Somehow, this seems significant, like it symbolizes my own detour from creative writing.

I just find it wild that I ordered a Free People jumpsuit that freed the woman in my Easter Sunday dream, and then I immediately got triggered to write the first poem I’ve done in years. I used to write a lot of poetry, but I’ve written maybe one poem (in 2017 or 2018 and I can’t find it) since I finished Schizandra and the Gates of Mu in July 2009. In addition to the poem arising, I feel like I made a huge breakthrough on [another novel] plot, which screeched to a halt when Tim died in December 2017. This cleanse has been really minor on the physical level, but it appears to be removing writer’s block.


That’s the extended story. I don’t know why my dreams so often foresee clothing items or accessories that later show up in real life. Clothing is a powerful metaphor, though: identity, self-expression, creativity. Accessories, glasses — these also suggest other things. In part, I share these stories as demonstrations of how fluid reality becomes when we engage it in a playful, creative way.

I haven’t felt creatively blocked. I’ve painted lots of portals, designed a full permaculture haven, redecorated several homes, wrote guided journals and a LOT of blog posts. My intuitive and astrology readings are also highly creative acts. Yet my creative writing –in particular — has felt like it took a long detour.

In retrospect, I can see why. I’ve written several novels worth of material in the past four years. (Way beyond anything I’ve shared on this blog.) I needed to purge my own stories and bizarre details in order to do creative writing from a place that allows for full expression. No need to get hung up on what did or did not “really” happen. Having fully engaged my own life history and material, I won’t need to explore that through fiction and poetry. I can write what I’m meant to write, unclouded by a need to understand it through my own personal lens.

The creative process is non-linear. It varies from person to person, but some things coincide. I share my own unfolding to inspire others to relax but stick with it. To quote my Dream Guys: “In perfect love and perfect trust, perfect timing is a must.”

Happy Easter!

This dream feels collective, so I’ll share it here:

Easter Sunday

A woman was imprisoned in a tower in San Quentin. I kept trying to negotiate her release.

I called the head guard, and he said, “It’s San Quentin. You don’t just waltz outta San Quentin. It doesn’t work that way.”

After many unsuccessful calls, I realized if I brought the prisoner the right jumpsuit, the tower would evaporate, and we would swim home. I searched and searched for the right jumpsuit, and it was a Free People jumpsuit. If I packed it in a picnic basket with some sandwiches, I could take it to her.

I passed the head guard and brought the basket to the woman. When she put on her new jumpsuit, everything changed and we were free.

Bible calendar: “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: the Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” ~ Numbers 6:24-26

“Jailbreak” — what a perfect dream for Easter Sunday!

END of dream journal.

There’s so much symbolism in this one little dream. Unpacking it would take a long time, so I’ll leave it in encapsulated form. Perhaps it speaks to you, as well.

New Moon in Aries ~ April 1, 2022

My April 2022 Forecast shared:

April 1 New Moon in Aries, 2:24 a.m. Eastern US time. This New Moon heightens questions of Cosmic Order and Divine Will vs. social order and human will. Natural healing recognizes that some things supersede the ego. As Carl Jung reminds us, “Free will is doing gladly and freely that which one must do.” This New Moon activates a conjunction among the Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Aries. See more details on the 2nd when the conjunction goes even more exact.

April 2 Sun conjunct Mercury and Chiron in Aries. A powerful day to shine light on old wounds and understand them in a new way. Mercury rules communication, but also how we organize and process information. What story do you continue to tell about yourself and your history? How might you re-frame this story into one that shifts you beyond the Wound to become a Wounded Healer?

This is the first New Moon of a new astrological year, and it bodes well for spiritual healing and enhanced understanding about our place in the Universe. According to Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon degree is:


KEYNOTE: An idealistic reliance upon a mental image of universal order.       

The wild goose is the mystical bird, hamsa, of Hindu tradition.The Hindu hamsa was the symbol of man’s transcendent soul. What previous interpretations of this Sabian symbol have failed to grasp is that the flight of geese presents not only a remarkably geometrical V-shape moving through the sky, but also that this flight is seasonal and therefore attuned to planetary rhythms. Thus, it symbolizes cosmic order, in contrast with the social-political order within a nation which is represented by its ruler. It is order made visual on the background of the clear sky. It is a “celestial” type of order, even though it is earth-born birds which reveal it by their ability to keep their flight structured. The symbol therefore refers to the Soul-consciousness as visualized by the heaven-oriented mind. Yet this soul-consciousness can be called transcendent because it has not yet become “incarnated.”

… A basic dualism of consciousness is thus suggested. We see arising a potential conflict between cosmic and social principles of order. The principle of COSMIC ORDER polarizes the all-too-human reliance on the social concept of law and order.

(You can read the extended description here.)

This New Moon-Chiron-Mercury conjunction also conjuncts a little known astrological body called Leleākūhonua. Phoibe notes: “Leleākūhonua shall be a name from Hawaiian mythology. One source says that the name compares the orbit to the flight of migratory birds and evokes a yearning to be near Earth. Another source says that Leleākūhonua means where the sky touches the ground.” In other words, we get a double whammy of migratory birds and Cosmic Order — in the Sabian Symbol itself, plus an astrological body whose name refers to migratory birds and the sky touching the ground, at that exact same Sabian Symbol degree.

Again, this feels auspicious. This New Moon offers healing that aligns precisely with the energy of migratory birds. How do they know where to go? We can theorize, but we don’t really know. They just know what they know and get where they need to go. Instinct kicks in. Everything falls into perfect place, even if our narrow perspective limits our ability to perceive the pattern. Heaven influences Earth. In a similar way, many painful events of our lives lead to our deepest healing and expanded life path. “Accidents” lead to our soul’s “purpose.” As Pink Floyd sings, “Everything under the Sun is in tune, but the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon.”

We’re not in Eclipse Season yet, but this first New Moon of the new astrological year reminds us that the Great Mystery directs the birds of the air and the innermost parts of our being. Society may seem like it’s falling apart, but a greater order exists beyond superimposed man-made laws. Nature orients us where we need to go.

On April Fool’s Day, we’re reminded that some things supersede the rational human mind. It might feel like we’re walking over a cliff into the abyss, but we have protection.

Rider Waite Smith deck: The Fool

A new adventure begins!

A Potent Dream: “My Brother, the Artist”

This feels like a collective dream — like “my brother” represents much of humanity right now. Immediately after writing down the dream, I logged onto my blog and wrote the March 2, 2022 ~ New Moon in Pisces post. Since the dream feels related to today’s New Moon, I’ll share it here on the actual New Moon day. I’ve left this unedited, so please excuse the transcribed dream dialog, where I drop the f-bomb. The dream feels cinematic and potent. I didn’t want to diminish its power by altering the words. If this offends you, please feel free to skip this post. 🙂


2:57 a.m.

“My Brother, the Artist”

Awoke from a dream that seems important enough to get up and write it down. I was one of several children — three or four — of a larger than life mother who seemed to work in the fashion industry.

We were all grown children, but maybe just in our 20’s and early 30’s. The mom was a little like Maye Musk (Elon Musk’s mom), but not quite her. She was pushy. There was some kind of convention going on in what seemed like a really high end department store — maybe Neiman Marcus, or maybe it was an actual convention. There’s more to this part that I don’t quite recall.

The woman/mom had a lot of authority and perks. She gave each of us a credit card sized card — some kind of pass, and we could use this to leave the convention. We needed to hold it up high enough that the guards could see it as we walked out. They might still stop us, but if we dropped her name, it should be alright. Then they tightened security, so we actually needed her with us in order to leave.

One of my brothers looked like Chris Hemsworth (Thor) or his brother (who looks similar but not quite so beefy). The mom kept handing us different things to carry in flamboyant ways. One was a bouquet of hot pink feathers made to look like flowers. This is the only one I remember, but there were more.

The ceilings were really high, and there were glass escalators and wide open space with glass walls looking outside. I went to a mall kind of like this and can’t recall where it was. I think it was in Chicago. Marshall Field Building? I don’t think it has stores anymore, but at one time it looked impressive.

In the dream, there was all this posh stuff, but it felt like a prison because of the guards and because we couldn’t leave without the cards and then, without our overbearing mother. My brother (Chris Hemsworth) started having a nervous breakdown. He said, “I can’t do this anymore” and tried to walk out. This made a scene because the guards wouldn’t let him leave. He didn’t even bother to flash the card. When they asked for it, he said, “I’m out of here” and had a determined, but unaware air about him.

Our mom realized this would cause a huge scene and create stigma for her, so she gathered all of us and said, “Get out your cards. We’re leaving.”

We got them out and lifted them up, but the guards wouldn’t let us leave without first talking to the mom. She convinced them to open the doors and let us out, and this brother ran to the middle of the parking lot, then home. I sensed he was one step away from being institutionalized, that I had one chance to save him from this fate.

When I got to his apartment, he was sitting on a large chair, kind of rocking in fetal position. He didn’t look up when I said his name, but we had had a close relationship all our lives. I knew he was really an artist and that’s why this fake world was so toxic to him.

I said in a very cheery voice, “You did it! You never need to go to that fucking place again. You’re probably banned for life. You did it! You’re free. Now you get to paint.”

He still didn’t respond, so I took one hand and arm and kind of wedged it between his armpit/arm curled around his legs. I shimmied one arm there and the other under his opposite knee, and I gave him a ridiculous hug. I started crying, empathing with him and trying to set a tone where he could have an emotional release. He was so checked out, just numb.

I hugged him tight and said again, “You did it. You never have to go to that fucking place again. You’re free.” That fucking place meant Northwestern University and academia. “They’ll never let you in again, and that’s a good thing. You can paint now.” I mentally sent him telepathic images of his artwork — past and future. He didn’t overtly respond, but I felt him engage a little when he saw the future paintings.

I continued to hug him and rocked with him as I said, “I’m proud of you. So proud of you because you did it. None of us wants to be in that prison. That fucking place is insane. You’re the sane one. You! You’re the sane one. Don’t ever let them tell you otherwise.”

I knew I needed to get him to paint again. If he was at work on a masterpiece when the people came to his place, instead of sitting in fetal position on a chair and rocking himself with vacant eyes — if he was engaged as an artist, I could keep the doctors at bay. If they saw him like this, in the chair, they would lock him up for the rest of his life. I wouldn’t be able to save him, and they would medicate him so far that he would never be able to find himself.

I knew all this but knew I couldn’t alarm him. The key was for him to realize he was an artist — that this was the reason he couldn’t play the game anymore. This was why he walked out — not because he was insane. An inspired artist has leeway. If he was hard at work when they got here, I could explain that he had had a sudden inspiration — “You know how artists are” — and that his abrupt leave taking was inspired, not crazy. Also that they needed to go, to stop interrupting him.

I wanted him to be painting like a mad artist when they arrived to take him away. Over and over I kept telling him from my heart, “I’m proud of you. So proud of you for walking away. You never need to go to that fucking place again. I love you. I’m so proud of you for leaving.”

As I said these things, I kept sending telepathic visions of his future paintings. At some point, he turned his head and looked at me. I said, “You have it all. The looks, the body. Oh, that probably sounds weird given that you’re my brother, but seriously, you’ve got it. Besides the talent — which you have in spades — you’ve got ‘it.’ You’re the real deal. You can do this.”

He looked at me again and asked, “Really?” He smiled through tears and looked a little dazed, but on the wonder side of dazed instead of the ashamed and overwhelmed side.

“Yes,” I said, “Yes.”

He hugged me back, and I knew that he would paint again. He was already a great artist, but now I knew that he would fulfill that calling. By the time the would-be institutionalizers arrived, he was hard at work on a giant mural. I shooed them away and said, “Get out of here. Leave. You can’t disrupt his genius. Can’t you see he’s painting?! Artists need to take their inspiration as it comes. Get out of here. Stop trying to interrupt his work.”

I knew my brother and I would live happily ever after because he would keep painting murals, and I could live with him away from our awful mother. She would never find us here. She didn’t even know where it was, and she couldn’t get here. We were free.

END of dream journal.

I shared this dream with a friend who commented on its cinematic qualities. I replied:

Yes, I also think it speaks to humanity in general. The people trying to foment world war are unable to create such things without a collective reality buy-in. Narrative is VERY powerful. Imagination is powerful. When enough people walk away from the crazy, reality will tip to something more beautiful and creative. I feel we are on the cusp of that. 

If you haven’t read the March 2 ~ New Moon in Pisces post, it flowed through me in one fast burst after I recorded this dream. You can read it here.

Door Number 25 ~ Queen of Wands Imbolc Portal

Queen of Wands portal by Laura Bruno

Today’s post marks the end of Phase 1 of a VERY long portal process. In January 2021, I “downloaded” an idea for what I thought would be my next portal — another version of the Star card. I procured the various things I needed to create a mini door — or rather a Star “Gate” — but then someone contacted me to commission a version of the Strength card. That process went through several iterations before beginning to paint, and just when I thought I would bump the Strength portal ahead of my Star, the patron for the portal of today’s post began emailing me detailed dream and synchronicity downloads for another portal.

I told her to keep making notes, but that I had two portals ahead of hers. She agreed, and her synchronicities and downloads amped up even more. I finally got the message that her portal would leapfrog over the other two. Then I realized the perfect balance of this arrangement. When this woman commissioned the Two of Cups portal, the reverse occurred. Her portal got bumped back by a Magician portal for me and a Justice portal commissioned by the same person who had me paint Peace of the Blue Irises. Having her next portal jump ahead of one of my portals and a commissioned one exactly complemented the earlier process.

Once I realized this, her portal stalled out, as did the other two. I got a firm “no go” for painting any of them. At some point last fall, I primed all three and added a single appropriate Rune to each one, then did a Reiki Healing Attunement on each. Then … nothing. No go for any of them. During this time, the concepts for both of the commissioned portals underwent major shifts, as did the people commissioning them. “My” portal concept remains the same, but I need to finish the other two before I can paint anymore of it. I would periodically let each person know the continued paused state.

On December 4, all blocks lifted for painting the background of the Queen of Wands:

I thought we were finally on our way, but nope … another pause. I heavily coded the back in Runes spelling out quotes, song lyrics, and even a Bible verse connected to empowering her and reconnecting her with both inner passion and inner child. On December 8, I sent this Leo woman the following email:

Wow, who knew?! I took a little nap on the couch this morning, and as I awoke downloaded that I’m supposed to make the Queen’s wand from a sprig of rosemary. This came very insistently and I also had a confirming synchronicity right afterwards.

I looked up “rosemary magical properties” and it’s very connected with Leo and the Sun — cleansing, healing and clarity:

also: healing, memory, love, loyalty, purification and protection:

I had thought I’d have a citrine top to the wand but it’s going to be amethyst to match her cloak. The combination of rosemary and amethyst seems like an anchor to “remember the spiritual,” “remember your magic.” Having an actual wand also links this to my Magician portal, since I gave him a wand from our cherry tree, so there’s your Magician, secretly embedded into the portal. I’m making the four leaf clover out of four tiny prehnite crystals. This will tie into the Two of Cups portal’s leaves on the tree.

It’s coming along. She IS continuing on her path, but in a confident, excited, directed and joyful way. The wand almost touches the outer frame, and I’m going to make it so that she’s walking right towards the word “flows.” Hopefully that will work, cuz those are Dream Guy instructions!


Unbeknownst to me, she was writing an email at the same time I wrote this. We hit send at the same time, and she replied to my email:

That’s all wonderful and obviously perfectly timed!  I hit send on the plea for some words of hope, and this instantly appeared in my inbox.  😊

I love it – it feels very soothing.  I love the smell and purity of rosemary essential oil, and I love that I get to have a purple cloak. One of my favorite colors!  And that makes it feel cool and comforting like the garden versus all the hot and dry of the desert. Over the weekend, I had a similar kind of insight and thought about a flower vine winding up the wand, but this is even better.

She researched rosemary essential oil, and it blew our minds how perfectly rosemary addresses the various emotional challenges on her plate. A little later, she replied again:

You know, when I first saw this, my head was so full of the underlying sync, that I thought  your “wow, who knew” comment applied to what was in my mind because it was so LOUD.  When I read it again, I realized you might have forgotten something very key:  Do you remember that “Love grows where my Destiny flows” is actually my adaption of the song “Love grows where my Rosemary goes?”  The song popped into my head immediately when I read your subject line, and I didn’t realize you weren’t referring to it.  

I went and read the lyrics and busted out laughing.  And it’s very interesting how some of the lines are in bold.

I had NO idea of that connection! After listening to the song, I told her:

Also, I felt led while painting to make it say, “Love grows where destiny flows,” instead of “Love grows where my destiny flows.” This seemed like it would allow you to lean into the portal’s message and intention as Cosmic TRUTH, even in moments when you are not personally feeling it. Less resistance = stronger, more aligned flow. 

Oh, yeah, I had also already given her a vine and flower crown instead of a metal crown, so there’s your vine.

Over the next six weeks, the portal commissioner underwent many internal shifts and aha moments regarding her desire for and resistance to the archetypes and intentions embedded into her portal. She clarified more about the Queen having crossed a footbridge, making this a double portal: the 9″x12″ oval with its border forms another “porthole” like the Two of Cups, and the bridge adds another sense of breaking through to the other side.

I received a “go time” message when the North Node shifted from Gemini to Taurus. I could now begin working on the rest of the portal — the lush garden and a magical woman embodying her inner child on the other side of the bridge. This felt like anchoring the ideas (Gemini) into the real, tangible world (Taurus.)

A variety of intended animals shifted to a bee for feminine wisdom (and a nod to her new dog, Beatrice), as well as a rabbit for gentleness and magic. As I painted, the general flowers turned specific. I included these from Soulflower, The Plant Oracle Deck:

She asked:

Can you do some little thing in the portal to anchor this for me?  A hidden symbol or some kind of one-way flow across that bridge, so I can’t go back to my old ways of being. 

I replied:

I just realized that having the HAGAL Rune on the old side of the quote, which lines up to somewhere on the road just before the bridge — does the equivalent of what you’re asking here. I added a LAF Rune on the other side, right after flows. LAF is the Rune of flow, so you get a double-whammy of flow. Then the rosemary helps you to remember to align with your higher self (amethyst), which points to your way.

On January 24, I sent a quick note:

Just letting you know I started working again on the portal. Today I touched up some shading, added a crescent moon belt to the little witch — so there’s your Sun/Moon in a subtle way — and added coding in the frame that says, “Happiness finds me and I receive.” I also think the crystal on the end of the rosemary wand may spill over onto the frame. I’m playing with placement, but I like the idea of the magic wand breaking out of the frame. She has just crossed a bridge, and the amethyst reaches out into the “real” world.

On January 30th, I said:

I’ve finished everything except the final touches on the little witch’s face and hands. I need to glue the wand and crystals (tip of wand, four leaf clover), and I’m going to code in “A Higher Power” somewhere on the back if I can find room. That song has played throughout this creation process — not on the radio or CDs, but various times in my dreams, including this morning when I realized what else to do on the portal.

I will finish it up on Imbolc Eve, January 31st, which means I can ship it to you on February 1 — Brigid’s Day! I totally did not plan that, but it seems perfect for you of all people to have your portal fly off to you on Brigid’s day. The little witch has red hair and a purple cloak, but that also ties in with Brigid and her magical green cloak. 

This has really come together!

Without going into confidential detail, this Irish woman has a very special relationship with the Goddess Brigid/St. Bridget. Her career, her hair, her big heart, and a boatload of synchronicities all confirm this special connection. Her Two of Cups portal finished on Fall Equinox 2020, and the Queen of Wands finished on Imbolc Eve, shipped off on Brigid’s day.

3D effects

As if we needed further confirmation, the payment for her portal came through at 11:12:34 a.m.

Another wink from the Universe since an overwhelming volume of dreams and shared dream correspondence on my intended date of February 9 delayed posting the portal write-up until today, February 11, 2022. Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction at 12°34′ Aquarius. I posted about that yummy transit here, noting the positive impact on self-esteem. In addition to conjuncting my natal Jupiter and exactly trining my natal Venus, this 12°34′ Aquarius point happens to trine the Queen of Wands portal commissioner’s Gemini North Node. To the astrologer in me, this speaks to a destiny level confirmation going backwards and forwards through time.

After writing that last line, I went back and embedded Coldplay’s “Higher Power” into the post, and it just happened to be 11:11 a.m. Listening to the song after reading through an even more extensive portal correspondence than I’ve included here, I broke into grateful sobs at the beautiful unfolding of this entire portal process. It involved faithful patience, moments of doubt, followed by little and big signs of Divine intervention, followed by more delays and then even bigger confirmation and healing.

The process took so long that I had forgotten many over the top synchronicities and tender messages from the Divine. I feel completely humbled and awed to have participated in this process. One of the most important Runic codings says, “From now on, I get out of my own way.” She’s already noticed the effects of this simple affirmation on the other side of the bridge. I know this three phase portal creation also parallels an ongoing collective awakening and healing process.

I included so many of the extra details that I forgot to include the most obvious symbolism — the Queen of Wands. I love how Avia at Tarot Teachings describes this figure:

Queen of Wands Personality traits:

  • Kind
  • Poised
  • Patient
  • Faithful
  • Intuitive
  • Truthful
  • Generous
  • Nurturing
  • Balancing
  • Well-liked
  • Comforting
  • Humanitarian

It has taken time to cultivate these aspects of myself. I have learned the ways of connection, balance, and spiritual prudence through age and maturity.

Thank you to the real life Queen of Wands for generously allowing me to share so much of the behind the scenes creation process. She also sent a photo of the activated portal in her home. I love this!

Queen of Wands in her new home

I just realized the double whammy synchro-weirdness that triggered posting this write-up today instead of my intended February 9. Not only did I get deluged the morning of February 9 with dreams that linked to a friend’s dreams going back years for both of us … but on February 7, I had written and carefully scheduled my Full Moon write-up to post on February 11. I completed the draft, got everything set for the 11th, and then poof! It posted itself, nine days before the February 16 Full Moon. This WordPress “glitch” cleared the way for today’s Queen of Wands post linking back to that 12°34′ Aquarius point which happens to trine the Queen of Wands portal commissioner’s Gemini North Node.

Indeed, to the astrologer in me, this speaks to a destiny level confirmation going backwards and forwards through time. Thank you, thank you for all the love and such powerful signs and syncs! As Coldplay sings:

You’ve got, oh, you’ve got a higher
My hands up shaking just to let you know now

You’ve got a higher power
You’ve got me singing every second, dancing any hour

When for so long I’d been down on my knees
Then your love song saved me over and over
For so long I’d been down on my knees
Till your love song floats me on, ee-on, oh oh

When I finished the written part of this post, I emailed the real life Queen of Wands and said: OMG, I’ve been bawling as I type up your portal post. Happy, awed tears. Wow, this has been QUITE the journey. 🙂

She replied: Oh gosh, Laura. That’s quite a compliment. I can’t wait to read it and be reminded … all of this lovely stuff coinciding with Valentine’s Day.  ❤

Well, here you have it for posterity. Many blessings and so much love! I’m honored to have crossed this bridge with you.

Full Moon in Taurus, Lunar Eclipse ~ November 19, 2021

My November 2021 Forecast noted:

November 19 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, 3:47 a.m. Eastern. We begin eclipse season with a Full Moon in late Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “A WOMAN, PAST HER CHANGE OF LIFE, EXPERIENCES A NEW LOVE.” These energies put strong emphasis on new beginnings that arise from a place of maturity. Pluto trining from Capricorn offers extra determination and empowerment.

Dane Rudhyar’s full Sabian Symbol description seems worth pondering:


KEYNOTE: Man’s capacity to rise in consciousness and feelings above biological limitations.

After having stated the youthful and the aged approach of the human individual to the use of what his culture has brought to him, the symbolism stresses man’s capacity to rise above the limitations which both biological nature and the “normal” social pattern of behavior have tried to impose on him. As in many of the preceding symbols, a “woman” is pictured, because at this early stage of the cyclic process the individual consciousness still has a receptive or “feminine” polarity — as was indicated in the very first symbol of the entire cycle (Aries 1°).

Whenever this third stage of the twelfth sequence is brought to a person’s consciousness, the indication is that he or she should freely open his or her mind to the possibility of always new REBEGINNINGS. Ideally, the new beginning should imply a more mature response to the new possibility of experience.

Following the powerful New Moon in Scorpio, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus reminds us to look for and cultivate new blessings, even as circumstances, vitality and relationships fall away.

Eclipse effects last six months, so this seems like a prelude to the first exact Pluto Return of the United States. For six years, we’ve dealt with a symbolic “peri-menopausal” time of change, as transiting Pluto approaches the Pluto point in the US natal chart from 7/4/1776. In symbolic terms, the US has endured dry spells, spotting, missed periods, heavy bleeding, fiery hot flashes, depression, rage, irrational fears, fatigue, brain fog, and severe hormonal imbalance. As with a personal peri-menopause, these shifts affect those around us, too. In this case, the entire world. We’ve experienced unpredictable changes to formerly regular cycles: but it hasn’t yet been a year since our last period.

The technical definition of “menopause” is when a full year has passed since the last period. Peri-menopause — the time leading up to this “change of life” — can last for years, sometimes over a decade. Again, the Sabian Symbol of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is A WOMAN, PAST HER “CHANGE OF LIFE,” EXPERIENCES A NEW LOVE. The process of peri-menopause tracks with a Pluto transit: a long, slow destruction that leads to new life. Menopause shifts the creative process from physical womb to a fully engaged rebirth. Instead of losing blood each month, all that energy can now create on other levels.

Along with death and the destruction of that which no longer serves, Pluto also brings rebirth.

So pay attention! This November 19, 2021 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in late Taurus offers a preview of when the US Pluto Return goes exact on February 20, July 11, and December 28, 2022: a barren Crone finds new love.

As we watch the old world fall away, even the sky reminds us to prepare our hearts for something wonderful and new. Adding to the Plutonian signature of this eclipse, Pluto trines the Moon from Capricorn, the sign of tradition and “old structures and authority.” We can grieve how life has changed, but rebeginnings abound. Soften to receive what inevitable destruction has revealed.

In addition to trining the US Pluto Return point (exact within minutes), this eclipse also exactly quincunxes the Galactic Center — another mystical trigger for love and rebirth. Not just any old love and rebirth: this love and rebirth is galactic, central and primordial.

Dream Wisdom

For all the dreams I share on this blog, I have many thousands more. Sometimes these dreams come with elaborate plots and details. Other times, someone gives me a message, or I awake with a phrase or sentence in my head. This morning I was riding the exercise bike — where I often get waking downloads — and it occurred to me to share a few of the dream quotes. In no particular order:

“In perfect love and perfect trust, perfect timing is a must.”

“Delay leads to delight.”

“Wherever you are is where you live. Right here, now, you’re living, so this is where you live even if you’re only visiting.”

While biking, I started listening to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. I read this book in college and also watched the Bill Moyers interview series with Joseph Campbell, based on this book. I saw that series in the first few months after my 1998 traumatic brain injury, and it helped me view my entire recovery through the lens of hero’s journey and shamanic initiation. Now I have the book on Audible, and I love how much the narration makes the stories and dreams come alive.

Back in April 2019, I had an elaborate and life changing dream. At the end of the dream I met Joseph Campbell in the Meijer Sculpture Gardens. He gave me very personal advice, but he also said one other thing, which I could not for the life of me recall. It seemed important. This morning while biking, I heard Joseph Campbell (as the Audible reader) say:

“Birth is the only cure for death.”

I almost fell off the bike when I realized this is what he told me in that pivotal April 2019 dream. As the collective faces so much change and ongoing pressure to change, these dream memos seem helpful to share. Perhaps they’ll speak to you, as well.

Scenes from Sunday and Signs of a New Earth

I haven’t mentioned them in awhile, but my longstanding “life in death” dreams continue, with lots of waking life bleedthrough. I described some of these dreams in the Precognitive Blues series, and also mentioned them in a post called “Ringing in a New Decade and a New Earth,” alluding to my powerful experience in The Womb exhibit at Meijer Sculpture Gardens, which began a spontaneous ritual initiation for me on the Eve of Winter Solstice 2019.

On Sunday, David and I went to Lake Michigan for our fourth time out of the past five weekends — a welcome recharge of walking along the edge of and in the water, as well as sitting on an eroding sand dune of eerily upturned trees. The exposed roots form a kind of Otherworldly forest of open tunnels and hilly sand passages to get there. We like this area, because it’s quiet and somewhat secluded, with shade for fair skinned me. Here was our view to the left this past Sunday:


On the way there, we stopped at Geoscape Rock Shop in Paw Paw, MI. David had seen a sign for it while out there for work one day. The outside of the shop features huge chunks of unusual landscaping rocks like sodalite, lepidolite, Mookaite (aka Australian jasper), lavender rose quartz, and more standard selections. Inside, they offered a large and varied collection of unusual items, including the Zebra Onyx Crystal Skull, pictured below.

This jumped out at me because of the zebra and owl dream I described in the post Owls, Dragons and Zebra Elephants: when dreams spill into “real” life. To the right of these skulls, was a statue of two owls, which again echoed the two owls I was drawing at the end of that same dream:

IMG_3004 Continue reading

Peace … is Possible


I wrote this post on 2/11/2014, and I’ve already reblogged it. Although slightly outdated with the references to melting starfish and toxic snow, the overall message holds true. Whatever your politics, whatever you THINK is going on in the world right now, it seems like a good time to remind everyone:

El Mundo Bueno

In Starhawk’s novel, The Fifth Sacred Thing, two vastly different worlds vie for control. In mundane terms: a utopian, earth-loving, community-oriented, individual honoring society that values freedom and the sacred fights for survival against corporate fascism, religious, financial, and soul oppression, hypocrisy, and the Police State — a culture’s unprocessed Shadow Side made manifest.

In magical realist terms:

“Doña Elena used to say that there was the Good Reality, El Mundo Bueno, literally the Good World, and the Bad Reality, El Mundo Malo, and they were always vying with each other. In the Good Reality you have a mild headache; in the Bad Reality you have a fatal brain disease. In the Good Reality, you catch hold of the rail as your foot slips; in the Bad Reality, you miss, slide down the stairs, and break your neck.

“We walk in the Good Reality as if we were treading the thin skin on warm milk. It’s always possible to break through and drown. …

“There is a hopeful side to Doña Elena’s teaching. … Even in El Mundo Malo, the Good Reality is always just on the other side of the surface of things. If you can learn to reach and pull yourself through, you can make miracles.” (Starhawk, The Fifth Sacred Thing, page 44)

When I first read these words, I immediately recognized their profound truth. I have witnessed this dynamic so many times during Medical Intuitive sessions when someone inquires about an intense physical issue that could go either way. In these cases, I explain that the outcome is not set: on one hand, those tumors could reveal themselves as stage 3 cancer and the person uses this illness as a rapid and socially acceptable way to “check out” of the misery they’ve been feeling without the stigma of suicide; on the other hand, the person could reach across the veil and reclaim all the reasons they want to live, all the goodness that longs to express itself through them. If they reach across that veil and pull themselves into the goodness, align themselves with that alternate reality, then the test will show those tumors to be benign or even non-existent. Continue reading