Lee Harris ~ October 2017 Energy Update

Lee offers some great breathing exercises and then a timely update on current energies. I’m glad to post this energy report; between sessions and research this week, plus preparation for Saturday’s Reiki Master Teacher Certification Class, I’ve been too busy to blog much.

As Samhain approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, Nature urges us to turn inwards, to release that which no longer serves, just as trees release their leaves in Fall. If you long to thrive no matter what happens on the “outside,” then remember to look for miracles and moments of Grace. We have so many options of how we interpret events and whether or not we choose to react to, respond to or embrace the unexpected.

Lee does a great job looking on the other side of this and last month’s transitions. Those who make the journey can expect big rewards for having done so. As I prepare to plant another round of daffodils, I wish everyone inner peace, deep roots, and that quiet faith that whatever you plant will burst forth at just the perfect moment. Today’s hard work comes to full bloom in the fullness of time. Let yourself change and trust in your own process.

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  1. my great-grandfather was named Lee Harris.

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  2. Posted by Mitch on October 6, 2017 at 12:11 am

    One of my fav energy updates from Lee ever, he cuts through all the noise with such a compassionate empowered precision. Thanks for sharing Laura!

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  3. How synchronous, Jodi!


  4. Thanks and you’re welcome, Mitch!


  5. I follow Lee on YouTube and always enjoy what he has to say .. Thank you for this share, I had not as yet had time to watch it.. So thank you for this .. 🙂

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