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I fell asleep last night disturbed about the FDA making herbs illegal in April, just as its European counterpart has already managed to do overseas.

I asked my guides for “Something! Come on, I know we need to stay high vibe about this, but isn’t there anything we can do?” I awoke from dreams of MLK, John Lennon, Jim Morrison and JFK. Soundtracks rolling around my head: “I Have a Dream,” “Imagine,” “Mr. Mojo Risin'” and “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” And then, the message/explantion announced itself: “Imagine. It is enough.”

Please join me and others in imagining a beautiful, free planet. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us and the world with live as one.” Peace!

Madison Rotunda Report 2/25/2011

I’m not sure how many people realize that the Capitol Building in Madison, WI features the second largest dome in the United States — second only to the one in Washington, DC. In a quite physical sense, the rallies in Madison’s Rotunda really do form a microcosm of the rest of the US right now. Today we have a follow-up report from guest blogger and passionate advocate, Brad Palmer. Many thanks, Brad!

Rotunda February 24, 2011

Hello, All — I was afraid after the gestapo-like passage in the Wisconsin Assembly last night that enthusiasm would wane at the capital. I was wrong. The crowd in the Rotunda tonight was louder. The marchers on the square were more numerous.

I’ll paraphrase my little speech….I don’t plan on speaking until the spirit moves me, so there are occasional poorly expressed thoughts I make, which I’ll point out in parentheses. Again, the moderators allowed anyone to speak who wanted, so that’s how I got my minute. And so I said:

“I’ll be brief. First, Wisconsin Fourteen–HOLD FAST! (loud cheers). Second, I heard the governor’s threats tonight (ref. his “press conference’ in which he said it was time for the fourteen Democrats to return.) I know the captial building is resuming hours, and will be closed from Sunday at 4 PM until Monday morning. We will respect that. But Governor, this building doesn’t belong to you. IT BELONGS TO US! (louder cheers….but I wish I’d said it belongs to the people of Wisconsin, never meant to imply it belonged only to the protesters.) Third, tomorrow my grandchildren will be marching. My children will be marching. My in-laws will be marching. My wife and I will be marching. Bring your children, bring you families. If the children don’t understand, explain it to them. Tomorrow at noon, I want to see 100,000!” Loud cheers.

The Madison Police department, which sent round 25 officers on Wednesday, had about 60 there tonight. They were supported by the Dane County Deputies union, around 20 deputies carrying signs supporting the protest. I noticed a few more minorities tonight. I noticed more union people–IWW, Teamsters, UAW, the Madison Firefighters union….the gathering was peaceful, and LOUD!

A sixteen year old girl spoke of her admiration for her teachers. A college student spoke of her special-needs sister (Down’s Syndrome AND autism) who is cared for via medicaide, will the student is studying health care to tend to her sister. A woman held up photographs of the Republicans who acted
inappropriately and likely illegally in last night’s session, refusing to let 28 representatives vote. “Remember these faces,” she said.

The highlight of the evening came at 7 PM. One of the moderators had a letter to the governor from the head of the Madison Police union. He read it, and I wish I’d recorded it, perhaps it’s on the net somewhere. He said in essence: “The current stance of the Assembly and the Governor to dispel the state workers union and eliminate collective bargaining is wrong. During the police co-occupation with the protesters, the protesters were polite, peaceful, and cleaned the capital after themselves. The police, he declared, have decided to sleep in the capital with the protesters TONIGHT!” Thunderous cheers.

Two new words were repeated by several thousand of us over and over…..”Solidarity.” “Undivided.” And the very loud chant of, “We will not be divided!”

The enthusiasm is higher tonight than Wednesday. Walker and his bullies exposed themselves last night with the fallicious passage of the bill. This, my friends, is not subsiding, but growing into steadfast resolve. We
were not “a bunch of out of towners” tonight. We were not “that State Street bunch” tonight. We were and will remain Wisconsin. We of Madison have become the peaceful battle ground and inspiriation to the
Americans who believe in fairness.

Representative Barca took a compromise to Walker on Wednesday. Walker has refused to respond.

I think Walker and his cronies are painting themselves into a corner, politically. Walker’s approval ratings have taken a hit this last two weeks. Many of the protesters stated they will remain united and carry this
fight for weeks…months…years.

It continues to inspire me. I thanked every cop and speaker I could, we shook hands with everyone we passed. Kathie and I went into businesses off the square with signs in their windows supporting working families and thanked them. We thanked people on the street carrying signs in support. We saw NO tea baggers or anti-union people tonight. Despite the apathy in Portage, we will cointinue to carry the message, bolstered by Madison. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Please learn more about the issue, find the names of the Wisconsin corporations delinquent in their fair share of taxes….the numbers are staggering.

THIS is what democracy looks like!


The Spirit of Madison

This is a guest blog post from my Aunt Gail’s half-brother, or my mom’s step-brother, depending on how you look at it. As synchronicity would have it, he and his family just happen to live near Madison. So many people have commented about my having just gotten settled in Madison right before Madtown took the national stage. What can I say? Always in the right place at the right time. 😉 Anyway, it’s a fantastic time to be on this planet, and an especially exciting time to live in Madison, WI. I’m supplying a few photos from my walk to and around the Capitol last Saturday, but this inspiring report comes to us courtesy of my sorta-uncle, the passionate and articulate, Brad Palmer. Thanks, Brad!

Creative Signs and Costumes from Madison's Walker Protest

Hi All — Kathie [Brad’s wife] has been attending the rallies in Madison’s capital rotunda every night since Saturday’s big one. She and I went there tonight. There are perhaps a hundred outside in the cold evening, but the capital itself is wall to wall people every night…I’d guess 3000-4000, since every tier and the main floor is full. Signs are everywhere, the people have taken over the building. They are picking up litter daily. It is peaceful and enthusiastic. NO ONE is willing to give up the fight.

Tonight there were union and NON union people from Los Angeles and Oklahoma, Chicago, northern and Eastern Wisconsin. They came, they said, in support of Wisconsin workers, because they know what happens here affects everyone. Whoever had something to say was allowed to speak. I was able to publicly thank my home state of Illinois for sheltering the Wisconsin 14, which drew rousing cheers. I also said we were all part of a 68,000 person march last Saturday, and I looked forward to being part of 100,000 person march this Saturday…again, rousing cheers.

Madison's Capitol Building on February 19, 2011

There were people there from all ages; 15, 40, 65, 71. Some of us drummed. Pizza joints are sending free pizza to the protesters, with money donated from 50 states. Saturday, capitals all over the country are trying to organize marches at noon on their capital buildings. America is watching Madison, becoming known as “Ground Zero.” The movement is not giving in.

"I Feel a Disturbance in the Force"

The largest cheers came when the Madison Police (about a dozen) came through with signs saying, “Cops for Labor.” One of the police officers spoke, stating Walker has not threatened the police union, but that the police would not fall into his trap of complacency. “We are with you,” he said, “and this will not stand!” Thunderous applause. There is strength of resolve in this ever-growing grassroots nation.

A temporary emcee (they rotate through a half dozen or so) led the rotunda in singing the national anthem. He encouraged everyone to remain peaceful, resolved, and consciencous about keeping the capital clean. Native Americans, Asians, African Americans, caucasians, all spoke. One 60-ish guy said he’s never been part of a protest like this, certainly not one where Bear fans and Packer fans embrace, most certainly not one in which the police are on the same side. A woman stated that women did not attain the right to vote by sitting down. The out of towners thanked Madison for leading this on-going struggle.

Indiana, Florida, Ohio….all taking the lead from us. It feels good to stand together and care about something so important….it feels good to not only be actively engaged in it, but to see young people actively engaged in the political process for the first time in their lives.

The country is indeed watching Madison. Some parts of the world are watching us. I want them to see what democracy looks like.


PS–Check out Scott Walker’s relationship with the Koch Brothers’ companies, and his plans for the privatization of Wisconsin utilities on the net. Check reliable sources and deduce what you may.

Peace and Love from Madison, Wisconsin!

Earth Changes and Dietary Shifts

I sooooo did not want to write this post, but it just keeps rolling around my brain. Whenever I manage to quiet those words, I stumble upon some other (formerly) raw vegan website extolling the virtues of meat. When I stop reading blogs, I get phone calls from vegan clients asking why, oh why do they “suddenly crave chicken”? Why are their guides, their trusted guides, showing them “platefuls of fish and vegetables” whenever they ask for healing? Why do they feel the seductive pull of eggs and … bone broth?

Needless to say, these shifts have caused some sparks to fly on the vegan and raw vegan circuit. When “Raw Model” Anthony Anderson went public in 2009 about drinking raw goat milk kefir, some people congratulated him and others freaked out. Since that time, many, many former proponents of an exclusively raw and vegan diet have shifted, either publicly or privately to something radically … different.

I have lots of clients interested in raw and vegan foods, and I have lots of high raw friends. Heck, I even wrote a book called, “The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide,” which details not just one, but many raw-friendly paths. Because of my Medical Intuitive gifts and my involvement in raw and vegan foods, people keep asking me to comment. Please consider this article my comment. 🙂

A key feature of “The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide” is a chapter called “Finding Your Why.” To begin, I’ll quote part of that section here:

“Your why comes before your way. In fact, your why comes before anything! Before we go any further, take a moment to define your why. Why did you decide to read this book? Why do you feel drawn to explore raw foods?

“Finding your why makes any journey easier and more direct. When you know your why, you can more clearly weigh your options. When you know your why, you can better handle distractions and temptations. When you know your why, you can dead reckon your way.

“Wikipedia defines ‘dead reckoning’ as ‘the process of estimating one’s current position based upon a previously determined position, or fix, and advancing that position based upon known speed, elapsed time, and course.’

“I first learned about dead reckoning from a helicopter pilot whose GPS malfunctioned. He explained that if you know where you’ve been and you know where you want to go, then you can find stopover points along the way. You can take shorter journeys and reassess the progress on your longer journey each time you pause. As long as you have a clear idea of where you’ve been and at least a vague idea of where you’d like to go, then you can hop, skip and jump your way to your destination.

“Does dead reckoning always work? Well, that depends on your perspective! Christopher Columbus intended to reach India and dead reckoned his way to America instead. Miscalculations of his estimated speed led him somewhere completely unexpected, but he got there by following what he viewed as his intended course. Mistake or inspiration?

“I wonder how many great discoveries happen by ‘accident.’

“In exploring your why, you do not need to pick a final, unchangeable answer right now. It just helps to know your current motivation. You can change your why or correct course at any stopover points along the way.

“Perhaps you initially choose raw food for health reasons. Maybe you suffer from chronic fatigue, cancer or fibromyalgia and have heard stories about the miracle raw food diet. Or maybe an intuitive spark just says, ‘Do this, and don’t ask questions! You’ll see why later.’ In that case, you still have an initial why: you’re following your intuition. As a Medical Intuitive, I would say that’s one of the greatest whys you can ever have! …”

I wrote the Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide in 2008, and truth be told, I’m too lazy to go through it and update all my personal details. I don’t live in California anymore. I’m not married anymore. I’m no longer researching my novel because I’ve already published it. I also opted not to change all the contributors’ personal details, because we are all on a continuing journey. What’s personally accurate at the moment of publication may not always remain true. I prefer to let people tell their own stories, and readers can find those stories by following the included links.

Aside from the lazy factor, though, I decided not to revise The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide because I still very much believe in its premise. I wrote that ebook in answer to so many of the same questions from clients and friends. I wanted to share basic, often overlooked information that would help others take responsibility for their own dietary choices and health. This remains my mission, and I’ve never advocated a single diet for all people — or even a single, unchanging diet for one person! People change. Situations change. Earth Changes!

And so, rather than advocating or condemning one particular way of eating, I thought I’d focus on the big underlying questions of “why can’t I be vegan anymore?” “why now?” and “why such a worldwide trend?” I’m also receiving a run of questions from people who never viewed themselves as veg-friendly, wondering how and why on Earth they’re feeling led to a meat-free lifestyle now. In all cases, the shift itself seems to cause more internal agony than what foods people actually end up choosing. We tend to define ourselves by what we eat, especially once dietary choices become “ethical.”

Introducing consciousness around food can alter us in positive ways from the inside out. We are what we eat. Food can affect our vibration, the clarity with which we send and receive information, and how we build our cells. But we are also much more than what we eat!

For many people, going high raw, 100% raw or juice feasting/fasting allowed them to get back in touch with their own intuition. It also plugged them in to a ready made community (even if just online) of people interested in natural living, planet Earth, holistic healing, spirituality, art, and visionary thinking. Gaining strength in numbers and confidence through weight loss, an improved appearance and a sense of being on the cutting edge accounted for much of the explosion of raw veganism in 2007 and 2008. And don’t forget the cacao! Regardless of personal stance on raw chocolate(poison or panacea?), it’s difficult to imagine raw food having caught on so thoroughly without these pods, powders and nibs of bliss.

So what changed?

Hey, what hasn’t? The shifts between 2008 and 2011 have been incredible. Bill Clinton turned vegan. Oprah did a 30-day vegan challenge. Kris Carr became a bestselling author and sensational speaker. Some Starbucks carry Two Mom’s in the Raw Granola. On the other hand, we’ve got the FDA and its European counterpart approving GM foods, not requiring them to be labeled, and inexplicably declaring things like mesquite a “novel” food. Um… GM alfalfa is new — and approved — but mesquite, the traditional Native American food consumed for centuries, has just been declared “novel” and therefore no longer legally sold in Europe. In April of this year, Europe will also crack down on the legal sale of herbs, many of which have been used for millenia.

I’ve written about this dynamic before in my article, “Monsanto, DNA and Evolutionary Backwash,” but the dynamic plays out in other ways. The people ruling this world may be all manner of icky, self-centered-things-that-make-ya-go-ewwww, but one thing they know is the Law of Attraction. Get people in fighting mode about foods and people start attracting fights all over the place. Pretty soon they’re in-fighting amongst themselves. This faction of highly prolific online writers formerly united by food and a reasonably collective, more idyllic vision of the world, starts to break down. They get distracted. And then Big Pharma, the FDA and the powerful few continue to slip things in to control and exploit the many.

It really doesn’t take much to create a downward manifestation spiral, especially when dealing with people who’ve awakened to their own intuitive and manfestation gifts. You always attract what you most think about, but people who’ve managed to amp up their vibes and practice creating in big ways, attract more dramatic things, and they attract these dramatic things faster. The Bible has a saying that’s always jumped out at me, “from those to whom much has been given, much will be required.” During most of my life, my response went something like this, “Um, I don’t know that I can meet those requirements, so maybe just don’t give me so much, OK?” Multiple head injuries and a decade as a Medical Intuitive later, I’ve come to accept both the gifts and the joys of regiving and forgiving. I’ve watched countless others do the same, including many prominent raw food bloggers, authors and speakers.

Here’s the tricky part that so many people find themselves navigating right now: Sometimes the effort to eat without harming anyone or anything ends up harming oneself, either through nutritional deficiencies, self-judgment, or both. In that case, the concept of unconditional compassion becomes even more important. Taking into account all the known factors and options, consider offering your decision for the highest good of all. It may be that the effort, energy, cost and attention required to keep you most compassionate in one area, ultimately detracts so much of what you have to offer in other areas that the choice becomes obvious. Being OK with that choice then becomes a practice in non-attachment and a willingness to do whatever you need to do in order to create the world you love.

February 10, 2011 marked the first day of the last cycle of the Mayan Calendar. No one really knows what this means because the outcome remains in flux. We as individuals and especially as a collective consciousness exert such powerful influence over how this “shift” goes down. Will it be peaceful? Will mass disasters destroy civilization? Will we realize it as a unique event or will things just slowly seem different? I don’t know. It really depends a great deal on personal and mass consciousness. Do we focus on love or fear? Unconditional compassion or judgment? How we choose to live our moments, adding one on top of another, gradually moves mountains. The shift will happen, but how it happens depends a great deal on what we allow to engage our imagination.

Regarding vegans eating animal products again: I view this as a temporary means of rooting extra deep into the Earth — of getting extra grounded and physically charged in order to blast into a totally different vibe. Along with the move towards animal products, the concept of “grounding” gets thrown around a lot these days. “Walk barefoot.” “Protect yourself from EMF’s.” “Hug a tree.” “Heal and ground yourself with a crystal Biomat.” In addition to grounding, we hear all sorts of things about minerals. Shilajit, chaga, reishi, and Himalayan Sea Salt have become so popular because of their deep, rich mineral content. Where do minerals come from? Deep inside the Earth.

Intuitively, I feel this trend towards animal products illustrates more about the intense call to ground ourselves than about health issues or a sudden disregard for animal welfare. Health issues may present the final, irrefutable nudge for some people, but overall I see a trend of humanity needing to reconnect and fasten themselves tightly to the Earth. Part of this makes sense, as we have been disconnected for millenia from an additional chakra that runs about six feet beneath the surface of the Earth. Known as the Telluric Current, this energy forms a grid that can connect us all to deep Earth love and wisdom.

I feel this is an evolutionary step, but not the final destination. In order for a tree to grow tall and strong, it needs strong roots. It may need to reach down deep in order to find the water and nutrients it needs for thriving in a harsh environment. As a species, we are living in a harsh environment right now. We are looking to “Ascend” or reach higher and higher. In order to do so under harsh conditions, some of us will need to reach extra deep. In some cases this means emotionally. In others it may mean physically. If we hold onto a greater vision of the world we’d love to create, then the question becomes are we willing to do whatever it takes to bring that world into being? Are we willing to do what it takes to strengthen our resolve, even if the means seem counterintuitive? Are we willing to follow the still small voice inside that knows where to step on each leg of the journey? Are we willing to have faith — by definition “a sure and certain belief in things unseen?”

I also invite you to consider the energy around self-judgment and limiting what we consider acceptable or unacceptable foods for ourselves. We live in an age when the government continues to usurp our rights to eat whatever we want to eat and grow our own organic foods. The FDA routinely raids dairies who make raw milk available to people who use it for healing purposes, and the FDA tries to regulate or eliminate all manner of herbs and natural supplements that could help people heal on their own. If we long for freedom of choice, then the vibe of personal denial sends out a cross message. We may ask for freedom, but a body that craves a food that the mind denies it begins to vibe with “we the people who no longer have access to the foods we want and need.” We are powerful creators, and we need to consider what we really, truly want to manifest — staying vigilant that our dominant feelings align with what we say we want to create.

To summarize, I do and I don’t know why so many vegans have recently turned to animal products. Each person has his or her own story and unique circumstances. But when I notice a global trend that happens to coincide with other global trends, I find it interesting. Can I prove the Telluric Current exists? Nope, not yet anyway. Are others aware of it? You betcha. Humans are set to make an evolutionary leap that will transform everything about planet Earth. Why do you think those in control spend so much time and energy trying to manipulate our DNA with GM foods, pesticides, GM organisms, etc.? Yeah, they have power. But we — you and me and each person you know — have more. We have the power of our minds, our hearts and our imaginations. As Buddha says, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

Choose the thoughts you want to see in the world!

David Icke on the Law of Attraction

Great, simple explanation about how intention and the Law of Attraction affect our personal reality. As I mentioned in this post, I am most interested in how this affects our consensus reality. I do love how David Icke explains some of the complexities not addressed in The Secret. He also talks about how during his “angry phase” in the early 90’s he kept attracting angrier and angrier reactions to his work. I’ve never resonated with that period of David Icke — not that I always disagreed with his information, but it always seemed so aggressive, defensive and warlike. I much prefer this later direction and iteration of his path. Enjoy!

Medical Intuitive Diagnosis

Ahhhh, the elusive Diagnosis! That tricky non-entity that drives so many sincere seekers my way. It’s ironic, because from a medical standpoint, I am not legally allowed to provide a diagnosis or “prescribe” treatment. All I can do is read people’s energy, note “dark” or “red” spots, static, blockages, and other aberrations, and share whatever else floats into my brain — be that past lives, herbs for people to investigate, the name of a treatment provider, questions, words or phrases. Sometimes I “see movies” or feel pain; sometimes a map lights up; other times an ignored but crying for attention life path reveals itself. A Medical Intuitive Diagnosis is not the same as a Medical Diagnosis! Not by a long shot. But sometimes, that’s a very good thing indeed.

Traditional Diagnosis Dynamics

As a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury and the former spouse of someone with Advanced and Chronic Lyme Disease, I understand the frustration of treatment providers not knowing what to do with you. After awhile, you just get tired of shelling out lots of time, money and emotional investment only to hear yet another professional declare that you are either a) perfectly fine; b) a medical mystery; or c) unresponsive to traditional treatment. Somewhere along the way, others begin to wonder, too: “is it really possible for you to stay this ill or injured without a diagnosis?” “Maybe it really is all in your head.”

In addition to the frustration and resulting self-doubt, this state of affairs begins an unfortunate cycle of focusing all attention on “proving” the problem. Without a diagnosis (a.k.a. “acknowledgment”), the burden of proof rests on you. Suddenly, in addition to symptoms, you’re battling skeptics and possibly fighting for disability payments or insurance claims. Instead of healing, you find yourself focusing on how bad you feel, analyzing each pain or malfunction, scouring for answers, trying to explain yourself until someone, anyone “gets it.”

I call this an unfortunate cycle, because this dynamic actually promotes worse symptoms. Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus upon increases. If you focus on healing and nurturing yourself, you will begin to attract more healing and nurturing experiences. If you focus instead on proving how injured or ill you are, then you will get more of the same. This is a tough one to swallow, and I understand that, having gone through both a Worker’s Compensation battle and a personal injury lawsuit after my 1998 car accident. I understand the fear of not having the necessary funds to heal and the anger that arises when no one seems to recognize your struggles. I often need to pause severely ill or injured clients and say something like this:

“I have scanned your energy, and I see clearly that you are not making this up. I recognize something amiss in your energy field, and I have no doubt that what you’re sharing with me is true. Forgive me for interupting, but this is your time, and I want to give you the most I can during our time together. Before we go further, I need to ask you which is more important to you: getting well or having everyone around you acknowledge how ill or injured you are? Because right now you’re splitting your energies, and that slows down your healing. In some cases, it may even prevent your healing.”

Many times, just having one person (in this case me), recognize and acknowledge the struggle allows people to shift gears. I do not give Medical Diagnoses, but I have no reason to doubt what someone shares as their experience. In my work, the physical manifestations matter less than the underlying energetics and chosen focus. Bodies are designed to heal themselves; health is our natural state. I view my job as helping people to get out of their own way. Once someone can release the need to hammer away at the negativity they feel, they can begin to examine those core emotional, spiritual, soul, or mental issues appearing in the body.

I always say, “Your body never betrays you. Your body and soul are lovers, and your body has completely devoted itself to your soul’s greatest growth and pleasure. Your body loves your soul so much that it will sacrifice anything, even its very life, in order to bring you a message from your soul’s deepest desires. Let’s take a moment to thank your body for its devotion. Once you accept the message, your body can begin to release the symptoms because it will not need to carry them in order to get your attention.” A Medical Intuitive Diagnosis decodes the message(s) from soul to body into language your conscious mind can understand and begin to address.

But I Already Have a Diagnosis!

Well, this certainly relieves much of the frustration above. It does, however, occasionally bring its own difficulties. It all depends on what you choose to do with your diagnosis. Some people adorn themselves with this new label and filter all experience and opportunity through that pathology. Used as a springboard to effective treatement, diagnosis offers hope. When used as a permanent excuse for every negative or uncomfortable thing in life, diagnosis loses much of its healing value. Once diagnosis becomes “identity,” it becomes very difficult to shake. People who have spent many months or years with a diagnosis often need to forge new identities for themselves before they can truly recover. Change can be scary — even good change — and I find that many clients appreciate clear instructions on how to get back in touch with themselves. Who are they underneath all the symptoms, diagnoses, pain and disability?

Finding Joy

Given the beautiful, and sometimes tricky relationship between body and soul, simple steps work best, especially in the beginning. One of the best things anyone can do, ill or not, is start making note of whatever brings joy. Start a gratitude journal, giving thanks for what you have, but also allow yourself to be bold in noticing other things that light your happy fire. What gets you super-excited? What childhood dreams have slept dormant for decades? What kind of food do you love? What’s your favorite color? Your favorite smells? Do you long for romance? Travel? Children? Freedom? A cozy home life?

Start making note of what you love. Your soul will thank you. In some cases, this shift in focus and an eventual commitment to a more soulful life may catalyze spontaneous healing. In other cases, you may need more clarity on subconscious blocks like past life issues. Feel free to contact me if you suspect something more is going on. In any case, know this: your health issues have notified you of some wonderful opportunities to enjoy life from a more abundant, loving, peaceful and satisfying perspective. You are loved. So very loved. And you are free. You hold all the keys!

Many Blessings!

Medical Intuition: Ancient Healing with a New Name

In the 1980’s Caroline Myss (pronounced ‘mace’) and neurosurgeon Dr. Norman Sheady coined the phrase “medical intuition” to describe the ability to access mental, emotional and spiritual issues affecting physical health. Myss collected her experiences working with Sheady’s patients and wrote the bestseller, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can. In this and other books, Myss re-introduced millions of people to the ideas of Medical Intuition and energy healing. I say “re-introduced” because neither of these fields is actually new.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Edgar Cayce dropped into hypnotic trances to diagnose all sorts of health problems. As people recovered, he grew famous as “a seer.” Some Medical Intuitives trace their heritage to Edgar Cayce, which usually means they “see” imbalances in the body and make accurate diagnoses. Cayce-inspired Medical Intuitives often locate health issues that traditional medicine has overlooked. By referring clients for confirmatory testing and treatment, these types of Medical Intuitives function almost like extra tests. Rather than using equipment, they X-ray and scan the body with their minds.

Long before Edgar Cayce, though, medicine men and women, shamans, and witchdoctors practiced forms of Medical Intuition. Some, like Cayce, dropped into trances. Others seemed supernaturally familiar with the healing power of herbs. Still others performed rituals and prayer to treat the body by healing the spirit. Into the Middle Ages, most people subscribed to the idea of a body/mind/spirit connection. Enter the Inquisition and the burning of millions of “witches”: even if folk healers survived, the Renaissance brought “modern” medicine, which called them superstitious. Medical research has only recently validated amazing connections among mind, body and spirit.

Ancient Sanskrit writings describe energy centers called chakras, which rise from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra corresponds to different organs, emotions, colors, sounds and life issues. (Cutting-edge research seems to verify connections among chakras and the location of nerve clusters and endocrine glands.) From this Hindu tradition comes an understanding of Life as a pulsation of universal energy. People revere the sound, “Om” as that vibration that connects and encompasses all of Life. The Tao Te Ching speaks of something similar called, “The Great Integrity,” a unity of opposites before the One separated into forms. Quantum physics has begun to explore these ideas by studying atoms, photons, relativity, The Big Bang, and quarks. The more scientists discover, the more ancient philosophies ring true. We now know that nothing is really “solid.” Electrons constantly orbit the nucleus of atoms, jumping to form compounds or moving in waves of various frequencies.

The idea of one universal energy–a Divine energy–running through all of Life opens major possibilities for healing. Wellness becomes a state of being “in tune” with Life. When we recognize everything as One (as Divine), then unconditional compassion flows freely. We begin to vibrate in our natural state. A tuning fork can cause another tuning fork to vibrate, as long as they share the same fundamental frequency. In other words, one fork can start a second one vibrating just by vibrating the way the other fork naturally wants to vibrate. They “resonate” with each other. Similarly, as we vibrate waves of unconditional compassion, energy near us remembers its natural state. People begin to heal. Regardless of religious beliefs and doctrines, in this state of timeless and unconditional compassion, everything is possible.

Medical Intuitive and Soul Reader Laura Bruno

Behavioral Problems, ADHD and Vision Therapy

I received this as a newsletter from Dr. Jeffrey Getzell of Evanston, IL, who at one time treated me for my own binocular dysfunction caused by my 1998 brain injury. Dr. Getzell is a Behavioral Optometrist who also educates parents and the general public about connections among vision problems, “bad behavior,” “personality quirks,” and less than expected academic performance. His newsletter encouraged people to feel free to share this letter given to a colleague. Since this happens to be something I notice quite often in Medical Intuitive Sessions, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share here. Dr. Getzell’s message and the patient’s note follow:

Dr. Nancy Torgerson from Washington State, and Past-President of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, shared with us the following note she received from one of her patients.

“I was diagnosed with strabismus at a young age, and my parents were told it was too mild to treat. I knew that my mild version of “crossed eyes” was the reason I always felt my nose was in the way when reading and writing. I did not realize it affected me in other ways. Either doctors did not know or just did not tell my family that there may be some mild difficulties in other areas as a result of this diagnosis.

“As I got into high school, I began to understand more about the concept of depth perception. I was able to connect that my crossed eyes were responsible for my stumbling on stairs and sometimes missing things like door handles when I reached. Still I did not understand that strabismus might have affected other areas of my life.

“I was a good student and appreciated by my parents and teachers. I was socially capable and did fine as far as making friends and getting along. Nothing unusual was ever noticed by my parents or by any teachers. Yet, I sensed (but did not verbalize) that sometimes I did things that didn’t seem like me. At times I worked much harder than the product would indicate. Basically, I felt just a little bit different than my peers at times.

“Slight difficulties showed up in handwriting and art in that my work always appeared sloppy or careless, even though I probably spent more time on it than my peers who turned in neater work. Sometimes I was too excited and silly, such as chasing kids on the playground when they didn’t want to be chased. I was just downright awkward when trying to learn to swim or follow an aerobics class. I think it is important to note I was trying. I was not afraid to go in the water or put my face in. Effort was there, coordination was not.

“Over time I accepted that some of these things were just talents that I did not have and some were just my personality. When I recently discussed my shifting eyes with my optometrist, he suggested vision therapy. I had no idea that anything could be done. He gave me a referral and told me to at least check the website. He said I would find that I was reading all about myself.

“When I went to the website, many of these subtle things of the past seemed to take on new meaning. After my vision evaluation and additional reading on the topic, more of my past seems clear. Now I believe that my inability to relax on a bike has nothing to do with me being a “Nervous Nellie”, my rolled shoulders and tendency to lead with the left side of my body are more than just poor posture, and some of my subtle difficulties have been more than just a lack of natural talent.

“I am fortunate in that I was able to achieve what I wanted in school and life. This is all a lesson for me and exciting to piece these things together now. Even though nothing seemed unusual to my parents or teachers, I really felt there was something different. While my college roommate was studying special education it seemed there was so much talk about ADHD and medications. I told her that all this talk of ADHD and learning disorders made me think that if I were a child now, I would possibly be misdiagnosed for what I thought was just my personality. I didn’t understand as I said it that the reasons I was saying it might be related to strabismus. I questioned her on the subject and wondered out loud if some kids are getting medicated for a condition they do not have.

“Now I am the mother of two children. I have noticed in my older son some subtleties that remind me of myself as a child. I have thought that he must have inherited a bit of my “quirky” personality. He is a bright child, but has difficulty with impulse control. He has mild difficulties with fine and gross motor skills. It is enough to have needed physical therapy and occupational therapy evaluations, but not enough to test abnormal or require therapy. It has been explained that he is within normal limits, but at the later of end of normal with regards to motor development and that’s just his norm. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Again, like me, it seemed it was just not a natural gift for him.

“As he has progressed through preschool, it is clear that he is very smart yet struggling in some ways. His teacher says he “lacks focus” yet is so capable and smart. She recommended an evaluation to test for ADHD and other learning disabilities. As I started to see my own past in light of the effects of strabismus, I started to realize that he did not inherit my personality so much but probably my eye problem.

“He was examined by our doctor and tested normal. This is a doctor who I trust and who looked extra hard for a problem, given my history. He did not find it. I had a second of relief that he did not have a vision problem, but knew before I reached that car that it was not possible. I took him to the specialist that our own eye doctor had recommended for me. She found he has accommodative esotropia. Essentially he has an eye turn that is intermittent and shows up with close-proximity work or focus. Though his behaviors were similar to some of mine, his problem was not as easily detected. We now know that he sees blurry images and sometimes double up close. He is going to get bifocals and possibly vision therapy.

“We are happy that our child’s problem has been discovered before starting kindergarten. We are happy that we did not pursue more extensive evaluations for ADHD and other conditions before starting with the obvious. Though I do not downplay that those conditions exist and require treatment, the explanation just did not seem to fit. The explanation that his behavior was just a discipline problem did not fit, either. Something was different. No matter what struggles or medical conditions a child faces, I think all parents can agree that they want it diagnosed accurately and treated appropriately. I would never want my child medicated when he really needs glasses.

“My hope is that more thorough eye screening becomes the norm. I hope the professionals who are diagnosing learning disabilities are working cohesively with eye care specialists to ensure accurate diagnoses for all children. Like us, our son’s teacher knew something was wrong. She said she has never heard of this, but the explanation makes sense. More awareness is needed. From a parent’s perspective, here are some things that might tell you the issue is possibly vision-related:

1. After misbehaving, your child is able to sit quietly for a time-out just like any other child. When you attempt to explain why the child was put in time-out, he becomes fidgety, silly, excited, and absolutely will not maintain eye contact. In general, bad behavior escalates or your child seems disrespectful when eye contact is required.
2. You or others are saying things to your child like, “You just need to focus”, “watch what you are doing”, or “can’t you see that?” You may already have it figured out – he can’t focus (literally), can’t watch, and can’t see.
3. Your child rubs his eyes or holds his head as if he has a headache when playing with Legos or trying to write. Allergies are not an explanation, because allergies don’t just come on when working up close.
4. Your child will sit still while you read several stories to him and will retain what is read. However, if you ask him to look at words in the book, he holds his head, refuses, and no longer wants to sit for story time.
5. Your child is a bit clumsy, spilling food when he eats, getting paint or glue everywhere when doing art.
6. Your child is confused in team sports. People tell you, “it’s just new to him” or “he is still young”. You see other kids who are new to it or young doing silly things on the field, but your child is actually trying with all effort to play yet looks confused or lost.
7. Your child does not lack effort, but the product or performance does not show the true effort. If it goes on long enough your child will eventually get frustrated and may stop putting forth the effort, but it doesn’t start that way.
8. Your child covers one eye at times. With our son, we thought it was cute that rather than suck his thumb he chose to place his hand over his face as a means to self-soothe. This started very early and went on until he was about 4 ½ years old. Now we believe he was blocking one eye to stop double vision.

“I am not suggesting that strabismus is now the answer for every one of my shortcomings or every goofy, careless mistake I have made. I am suggesting though, it has caused much more than just the nuisance of seeing my nose when reading. My son’s eye problem is not responsible for everything he does or every difficulty he faces. While it might not explain everything, I think it explains certain patterns. It is seeing the patterns that allowed me to connect the dots and suspect he had an eye turn. It is important not to dismiss the patterns as personality or things that just happen to everyone. At the same time, overreacting to the patterns and looking for the most serious conditions is not a good starting place.

“My son and I are just beginning our exciting journey into vision therapy. We are blessed to have this understanding now. As for my own minor struggles, I am grateful for them. Because my son’s condition is harder to detect than mine, I might have accepted the answer that he does not have strabismus and therefore does not have a vision problem. Without recognizing the similarities in our behavior, I would not have “known” that it was his vision and might not have pursued a second opinion.” – Robyn

[Laura here again … with a note that you can check out the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association for more information. I receive many calls from concerned mothers of “special” kids. Many times there is a visual component, although I also find that there are soul reasons for the original visual quirks or dysfunction, which sometimes need uncovering, too. I’m not a doctor or allowed to diagnose/prescribe. I have just found that vision affects so much of how we see the world and how we perceive our world that visual issues are very often “reality issues.” In some way, shape or form, the general concept of “reality’ does not match up with what a client or client’s child is “seeing” or experiencing. I find these connections fascinating! In fact, I used to teach a Vision and Visions workshop about the connection between intuition and eye vision. If I’ve sparked your interest, too, you might also enjoy the book, “Relearning to See” by Thomas Quackenbush. Unfortunate name, verrry interesting book!]

Aquarius New Moon: The Veil is Lifted”

The wonderful Electra Jung just gave me permission to share her newsletter on my blog. Lots of astrological confirmation for recent feelings and trends I’ve noticed in my own life and in clients’ from around the world. Many Thanks to Electra. I hope you enjoy her insights and wisdom!

Aquarius New Moon

February 2, 2011 6:30 pm PST

“The veil is lifted”

Amazing discoveries all around these accelerated days as “the veil is lifted” and that which was hidden becomes revealed. There is much more to come as we remain grounded in our truth and integrity.

Today’s New Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius brings into prominence the global instability and rebellion as this electric New Moon joins inflammatory Mars. Expect sudden and unexpected changes in your own life as well as in outer worldly affairs. Decisions are to be made which now cause changes in the course of your life.

“Mars is often associated with the forceful or awry use of power. However, in its mature expression, Mars is an initiating force. Mars is of creativity, sexuality, vitality, life force, power and self-expression. Mars stimulates our ability to respond to life with creative assertive action.” The lunar planner

This New Moon represents the digital age and the lightening fast processing of wireless communication. The Aquarian energy provides insight and intuitive understanding of new information coming from every direction. This planetary line-up is known as “power operating”…it is a concentrated massing of energy. This energy has effects in every area of your life.

Always keep in mind that the ruling planet of this lunation is electrifying Uranus …planet of the highest energy of all. Uranus is the planet of destiny and the energy you cannot control. You can only control your reaction to it. Today brings a challenging aspect to Venus the planet of love along with the power of unconventional attraction. The experience of relationships which run hot and cold…passionate and then detached leads to emotional upsets through lack of constancy and commitment. The Uranus/Venus connection leads to exciting infatuations followed by later indifference.

Caution is advised in any new romances and partnerships as love and friendship are confused. Even current and on-going relationships will be severely tested through this dynamic connection today which may force you to face issues and fears previously ignored and in the process you grow…either together or apart.

The quickest way to release ourselves from difficulties is to face them and solve them…these are lessons from the past left unlearned. Only you know and understand your own hidden agenda and shadows and now the awareness and realization bring love and

THE PATH OF SOUL – “When we have experienced enough pain, we find our way back home to our spiritual source. We let go of the illusion of separation to embrace unity and wholeness.”

These are the days when thoughts manifest more quickly and effectively than ever before in our lifetimes. It is time to wake up and realize you get what you concentrate on …that which persists in your thoughts and dreams takes form in outer events and situations. Watch your thoughts and monitor your reactions to the drama playing out before your very eyes. You have a destiny role in every aspect of every-thing right now!

The accelerating effect of the expansive Jupiter joined with revolutionary Uranus provides the courage and inspiration to join with like-minded individuals and proceed in new directions. Fate is forcing a change of direction. The path which you thought you were treading in life takes a few unexpected twists and turns during this period. It is a process of discarding old habits in favor of new experiences, in particular metaphysical experiences.

The greatest indication here is that now is to begin extending yourself to the needs of others and to engage in meaningful giving… Aquarius is the sign of spiritual rebirth. You may also find yourself anxious to help those less fortunate than you as an unselfish side of your personality emerges. Contributing to your favorite charity and doing volunteer work will distract yourself from constant cycle of difficult daily personal issues.

Always Loving Life,


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