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May 2022 Forecast and Second Quarter North Node Horoscopes


After a long, surreal April, energies intensify in May. We begin the month on the heels of a potent Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Beltane Eve. This sets the stage for some of the same actors playing very different roles. If you’re not sure where it’s all going, you’re not alone. Let the story unfold before you make firm decisions about its value. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised by the performance. And remember: “This is a participatory universe.” You are also in the show you’re watching. If you don’t like the play, you might want to ad-lib.

May 2 Venus enters Aries. Venus moves into the sign of Mars. She’ll spend a little over three weeks here, increasing desire for relationships. She builds confidence but also feels a bit off kilter. Taking risks for the sake of love seems easier, but beware of jealousy and too much aggression. “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

May 5 Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Uranian energies get amplified by double five’s and Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Bring a notebook with you to jot down ideas and inspiration. Any restrictions will feel too tight. If you feel frustrated, simply say, “I wonder how I can break on through to the other side.” Don’t censor the response.

May 10 Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini and Jupiter enters Aries. Mercury retrogrades through Gemini and then Taurus, stationing direct on June 3. Triple check travel plans and any important documents. If you prefer some wiggle room in your commitments, then Mercury Rx marks a good time to make agreements. Otherwise, see if you can delay signatures ’til June. Jupiter forging ahead in Aries could lead to overconfidence. If possible, it might be wise to “try before you buy.”

May 16 Full Moon in Scorpio, Lunar Eclipse, 12:14 a.m. Eastern US time. Also known as the Flower Moon, this is a South Node Eclipse that asks us to adapt quickly to changing situations. As flowers move from bud to bloom to faded petals to seed, we, too, need to embrace ever evolving shifts. The South Node brings a karmic flavor to any collective Shadow Work. With Uranus near the Sun point, we can expect rebellious, revolutionary and liberating insights to trigger some of the karmic release.

May 18 Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces. In the days preceding this date through perhaps a day or so after, sensitivity kicks up several notches. Depending on how you process Neptune energies, you might feel like a dreamy romantic or a paranoid schizophrenic. Empaths should practice extra good energy hygiene during this time. Meditation, creative projects, and beautiful lovemaking are all favored. You’ll want to protect your energy, though. Harshness, violence and warlike postures will disturb you more than usual. Lean into the dreamier, spiritual side of Neptune, instead of confusion and delusion.

May 20 Sun enters Gemini. The sign of the Twins favors the mental realm, short trips, wheeling and dealing, curiosity, and communication. It’s a great time to dabble. Take up something that interests you and don’t worry about its staying power. Just experiment. Gemini also brings out the flirtation, so turn on the charm or rein it in, depending on your situation.

May 21 Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini. The Sun in Gemini has a quick chat with ruler Mercury, who’s busy moving in the opposite direction. This chat might be more like an emoji filled text stream — just enough to touch base. If insights come, they’ll be fleeting. You can afford to try on different realities and worldviews, because nothing’s fixed right now. Make peace with uncertainty. It will pass, but not in May. While this might feel frustrating, you can lean into freedom.

May 22 Mercury retrograde re-enters Taurus. Between now and June 3, we get an extra chance to sloooooooow down and re-evaluate our next steps. Use this time for anything that begins with re-. Review, realign, redo. It’s also a great time to ground yourself in Nature. When the mental realm feels wonky, take a walk!

May 24 Mars enters Aries. The Warrior of action and willpower enters his home sign. If you’ve lacked courage and drive, you’ll find some now. Energies favor independence, initiative, risk-taking and leadership. “C’mon, baby, light my fire.”

May 28 Venus enters Taurus. The Love Goddess enters one of her home signs, bringing three weeks of extra sensuality, embodiment and restored self-esteem. What small moves would beautify you and your environment? With Mars and Venus both in their home signs, relationships flow more naturally. That doesn’t mean everyone always gets along, but it will become more obvious which compromises make sense and which ones dilute the essence of those involved.

May 30 New Moon in Gemini, 7:30 a.m. Eastern US time. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon point is AN AIRPLANE PERFORMING A NOSE DIVE. Will it be a Blue Angels show — or a crash from the air? The stakes could not be higher. Success takes boldness, but we’ll have that with a sextile from the Jupiter/Mars conjunction in fiery Aries. Meanwhile, Mercury and the North Node in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius, urging us to negotiate what seems like an impossible situation. Suspense, action, skill. “Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly, Pack up, let’s fly away!”

How May’s sky weather affects you will vary, depending on your entire natal chart, but your North Node Horoscope transcends monthly sky events. That’s because your North Node reveals what your soul came here to do. By midlife, the soul starts longing and pressing us to live our true purpose. At first, it whispers through intuition. Then it knocks a little louder through “coincidences” and external events. When not heard and honored, the soul’s longing can show up as health crises, marriage or work issues, or wondering “is this all there is?” If you feel a need to reinvent yourself, following North Node guidance helps you do that authentically — for you.

Unlike generic Sun Sign horoscopes, which ignore so many other aspects, following North Node guidance will always lead you in the right direction. Doors open, healing happens, relationships improve, and life gets more magical. This quarterly column will help you tap into your personal North Node Mojo. When you start living your North Node purpose, we all win, because you not only begin to light up your own life. You light up the world.     

You can find your North Node sign here which is often different than your Sun sign. If you’re right on the cusp, consider both possibilities or book a reading for more clarity.


ARIES NORTH NODE: April 2022 emphasizes healing for Aries North Node natives. Things you’ve wondered about for a long time could finally make sense and allow you to start moving beyond old patterns. May highlights relationships. As always, you’ll need to balance your own needs while resisting the urge for co-dependence. Your faith and confidence expand as Jupiter enters Aries on May 10. He’ll remain in Aries over five months, until October 28th, when he returns to Pisces until the end of the year. Pay attention to lucky breaks, financial windfalls, and opportunities to do something BIG. Your sign’s ruler, Mars, enters Aries on May 24. From late May-July 5, you get extra energy and drive. A good time to take action on anything that ignites your passion.

TAURUS NORTH NODE: The Sun shines on Taurus North Node natives from April 19-May 20. You’ll be extra impacted by the powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30. With the North Node in your sign, you can expect deep insights and inner and outer course corrections. Pay attention to coincidences that seem like signs. They are! May brings opportunities for breakthroughs, but Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus from May 22-June 3. If things feel like “Hurry up and wait,” just go with it. You don’t need to push. Trust that everything will come together at the perfect time and pace. If your past issues flare around the May 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, don’t overreact to that either. You got this. Use June to recharge your batteries.

GEMINI NORTH NODE: Second Quarter 2022 asks you to do old things in new ways. Your perspective flip flops, and that is A-OK. You can “master” hard energies by opening yourself to paradox. Instead of chaining yourself to prior expectations, embrace the freedom to go with an ever evolving flow. Mercury, your sign’s ruler, enters Gemini on April 29 and goes retrograde in Gemini from May 10-22, when he re-enters Taurus for awhile. Mercury returns to Gemini with more information and better deals on June 13, followed by Love Goddess Venus on June 22. You’ll get the most from this quarter by following where synchronicity and curiosity lead. You’re awakening to new levels of communication, including from animals, crystals, and telepathic downloads. Don’t work too hard, Gemini. Distractions and play time are good for you.

CANCER NORTH NODE: You need downtime: puttering around the house, taking baths, and nurturing yourself with TLC. It’s OK to narrow your inner circle and focus on what matters most to you and your closest loved ones. You’ll find safe passage in this crazy world by tending to your own vibration and learning to accept help from unexpected quarters. You’re so good at running the show, but sometimes you just need to curl up in your jammies and binge watch Rom Com’s with a bowl of popcorn. Allow the watery energies of April to wash over you, and then take May to process the cleanse. By Solstice on June 21, you’ll be re-balanced and ready to face the world again. Commit to a more sustainable flow of giving and receiving. Your next cycle begins with the June 28 New Moon in Cancer.

LEO NORTH NODE: A surprisingly intense quarter, considering nothing’s in your North Node sign. Intense can be good, provided you lean into it. Eclipse Season squares the Leo-Aquarius nodal axis: a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30, followed by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16. Squares generate friction, which leads to pearls under the right circumstances. With the collective nodal axis in Taurus-Scorpio, these events initiate even greater shifts. If it feels time to release something old, just do it. Letting it go on your own terms feels better than life ripping it away from you. These cosmic course corrections open pathways for new, more aligned connections and activities. If you embrace the Second Quarter pressure to change, you’ll position yourself well for Third Quarter breakthroughs.

VIRGO NORTH NODE: Wow, have you got a chance to realign and reset! Love energies abound, with supportive, destiny level energy from the collective nodal axis. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, focus on small details and daily rituals. April will feel surreal, but resistance is futile. If you open yourself to the cleansing energies, you can wash away lifetimes of old crud. Virgo loves cleanliness and order. Once the waters recede, you can reground yourself in a new physical and emotional landscape. Things are not as they’ve appeared. Take time to observe your new surroundings. This quarter’s Mercury Retrograde from May 10-June 3 will redo your worldview. The first part presents challenges to your communication and understanding, but the later part supports reintegration of old and new information. A breakthrough quarter!

LIBRA NORTH NODE: Second Quarter 2022 is a time of gathering energy and messages for later in the year. Libra North Node natives get activated by the energies, but in subtle, rather than obvious ways. Be mindful of burnout. You don’t need to run the fastest race in order to succeed. You’ll move further by mixing activity with rest and camaraderie. Share your victories with others of like mind, but don’t broadcast every move. Keep intentions close to your vest, because things are percolating. You don’t know where or how they will wind up — and that’s a good thing! This is not a time to charge ahead. It’s a time to gather energy and wait for the right timing and energetic support. Pay attention to little signs and synchronicities, especially ones that involve other people. Patience is a virtue worth your time and energy.

SCORPIO NORTH NODE: Quantum leaps are possible for those willing to align with Destiny. With the South Node transiting through your North Node sign, you’re 180 from most of the world, but hey, the world’s insane right now. Up is down, inside’s out. Face the darkness: it will bring you Light. The powerful eclipses on April 30 and May 16 activate Scorpio North Node natives in extra potent ways. Issues of intimacy, security and regeneration arise. Seize this chance to drop the victim role. You are so much more than the stories you keep telling. Reclaim your power, so your body, mind and spirit can be reborn. April allows you to wash away anything that no longer serves. You’ll find it easier to release those things you’ve held onto out of fear or habit. Enter the Void. It’s so much fuller than you think!

SAGITTARIUS NORTH NODE: Second Quarter 2022 feels magical for Sagittarius North Node natives. The inner work you’ve done for the past two years continues to bear fruit. Your only direct activation occurs on the June 14 Full Moon in Sagittarius, but this whole quarter brings opportunities your way. Pay attention to the things you love, but also to opposition. Contrast helps you gain more clarity about that which you do want. You’ll find your True North by following where passion leads. Consider taking — or teaching — a class this quarter. You have lots of tools, but you benefit from higher learning. Dabbling is soooo South Node Gemini! You’ll enjoy honing your expertise. If you haven’t traveled anywhere this year, remedy that ASAP. If can’t physically go somewhere, you can get lost in an epic film, novel or documentary.

CAPRICORN NORTH NODE: With all the supportive energy coming from Pisces and Taurus, Second Quarter 2022 feels magical for Capricorn North Node natives. Finances and relationships flow, and it feels easier to bring spiritual visions into tangible reality. On June 21, the Sun moves into your South Node sign, Cancer. Pay attention to sudden insights about old contacts, patterns and ways of being. If these arise, it doesn’t mean you backslid; rather, it’s an opportunity to lay (fully) to rest that which no longer serves. Your hard work over the past few years neutralizes nostalgia for “the way things were.” You realize you can appreciate the old without hiding behind it. A new world awaits, and Cappy’s lead the way by actively imagining and anchoring the New Earth frequencies.

AQUARIUS NORTH NODE: Eclipse Season squares the Aquarius-Leo nodal axis, and Saturn continues his 2.5 year stint in Aquarius — even longer if you count his initial foray there from March 21-July 1, 2020. The transiting nodal axis also continues to square the Aquarius-Leo nodal axis, and this friction urges a need for destiny level change. You’re being asked to move from the personal ego (Leo South Node) to group consciousness. Whenever you get hung up on individual relationships and goals, you benefit from stepping back. How do sticky karmic ties inhibit you from expressing your zaniest, least conventional, most innovative and authentic self? How can you practice healthy non-attachment? This isn’t the same as rejection, but it allows you to complete your mission in a much greater process of Human Evolution.

PISCES NORTH NODE: One of the biggest transits of the year occurs throughout April in your North Node sign. Your sign rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, conjunct in Pisces for the first time in 166 years. Venus also spends much of the month in Pisces. These transits continue the sweeping (yet nebulous) destiny level shifts you’ve undergone since Neptune first entered Pisces in April 2011. Emotions range from huge satisfaction to world weariness to poignant nostalgia to safe passage directed by forces beyond your comprehension. As surreal as April feels, May might feel a bit edgy with squares from Gemini and Sagittarius. At the same time, you’ll continue to receive supportive energies from Taurus and Capricorn. Use this quarter to release rigidity and imagine a beautiful new life materializing from beyond.

New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse ~ April 30, 2022

My April 2022 Forecast notes:

April 30 New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse 4:28 p.m. Eastern US time. This is a North Node eclipse, sextile Mars in Pisces and loosely conjunct revolutionary Uranus in Taurus. It’s also the traditional celebration of Beltane Eve. Venus (the Love Goddess and ruler of Taurus) also conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces, expanding the earthy, sensual connection of Beltane. Known as a Black Moon, the second New Moon in a month brings extra potent, magical energy. In the sign of the North Node on a day of very thin veils, this powerful Solar Eclipse points to our highest collective destiny and reminds us of the almost unbelievable — yet real and grounded — transforming Power of Love.

This potent eclipse occurs one day after Mercury enters his home sign of Gemini and Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn. Lots of shifting energies! Beltane marks one of four crossquarter days when trooping faeries are said to change homes. Pluto rules the Underworld, where many faeries live in an alternate dimension, while Mercury aids communication of all sorts — including across the veils. During a Solar Eclipse on a day of already very permeable boundaries, we can expect spontaneous downloads and deep insights. Taurus expresses through sensuality and the physical realm, but these Mercury and Pluto transits encourage deeper messages to arise through touch.

The North Node tells us such messages will point in the direction of our collective destiny, and Uranus offers liberation. All this, surrounded by an air of beauty, grace, and abundance, courtesy of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction. A truly yummy, magical day!

But wait, there’s more ….

This New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse conjuncts Albion. Originally known as QB1, it was the very first TNO (Trans Neptunian Object) found after Pluto. Discovered in 1992, QB1 proved a theory that our solar system extends far beyond lonely Pluto. According to Benjamin Adamah:

The astrological meaning of asteroid 15760 Albion (1992 QB1): emancipation, building bridges between social groups or different times, forming substantial new connections which catalyse major Zeitgeist-changes

In 2018 it was renamed Albion after William Blake’s version of the mythical Adam Kadmon. In the creation mythology of Blake (1757-1827), Albion is the island-dwelling primordial man who divided himself into the four Zoas (Urthona, Urizen, Luvah and Tharmas), each representing important aspects of human character.

Albion by William Blake


William Blake was a poet, artist and mystic. In some ways, his work epitomizes the permeable energies of this Solar Eclipse. The image above reminds me of fire purification from traditional Beltane ceremonies. It also evokes a more jubilant version of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man:

Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

Blake combined art and poetry, while da Vinci integrated art and science. Both men tapped into a rare — yet somehow accessible — Genius. They reached beyond the norms of their day and brought new visions and ideas to life.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse conjunct Albion supercharges our ability to stretch beyond known limits — to expand our experience of reality by interfacing with new worlds at the edge of our fingertips, toes and all our senses. To me, this speaks to an important opportunity for human evolution. It’s not our only chance, but the sign of Taurus increases our ability to ground lightning bolts of inspiration into tangible form and function.

If this post seems abstract, drop into your body and feel what this Cosmic Conjunction holds for you. Taurus knows we can learn in many ways beyond our intellect. This potent New Moon in Taurus invites us to align with Nature, get grounded and revel in our activation. I’ll leave you with the Sabian Symbol for this Solar Eclipse, PHASE 41 (TAURUS 11°): A WOMAN WATERING FLOWERS IN HER GARDEN.

… followed by a 2012 photo that recently resurfaced in a magical way:

Laura Bruno in her very first garden

In a synchro whammy, highly charged, Cosmic Costume Designer way, the spontaneous reappearance of this 2012 photo on David’s new iPhone led me to discover and receive the dress below.:

Some people claim it’s Saturn, but I see a spaceship beaming across the starry multiverse. Sometimes “A WOMAN WATERING FLOWERS IN HER GARDEN” leads to a vast and different realm. This powerful Eclipse may be one such time.

Spring: It’s Happening

Each day brings more blooms, blossoms and hints of more to come. I always say that Fall planted bulbs are the best presents I ever give myself. Come April, nothing cheers my heart more than bright colors and infinite shades of green. Our yard this morning:

First Day at the Beach and Dunes

It feels like Spring 2022 has finally begun. Today we had a taste of Summer with a high of 84 degrees, but we’ll be back to snow flurries and rain later this week. We took the opportunity to head to Van Buren State Park on Lake Michigan. This place has lots of erosion and downed trees, but we love the changing scenery and stretch of beach for walking.

When we got there, David said, “Is it just me or are there a lot more downed trees than the last time? I suspect there have been MANY things in motion all this time of which we’re only just now seeing the signs.” That seems true on several levels! In any case, I thought I’d share some of our day:

I always find abstract art on this beach:

I also got to test my new Solbari SPF 50+ arm sleeves. These are bamboo fabric tubes that gently grip your upper arms. Thumb holes allow the sleeves to cover your hands, too. I got these for gardening, as they allow you to turn short sleeve shirts into sun protective gear. We walked along the water during peak sun hours, and I’m happy to report, these sleeves work well. So did the SPF 50+ hat. When we finished our walk, I put the sleeves in my purse. Easy, peasy. Sometimes I like having options that go beyond sunscreen. My fair Celtic skin needs all the help it can get!

For some reason, the stark contrasts of sky, sand, roots, rocks and driftwood make us both feel so alive. Another lovely day!

Happy Earth Day!

Dear Mama Earth,

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of you, I was going to write a long blog post calling for actual detoxifying, beautifying and protective solutions — not just green-washing of other agendas in the name of “sustainability.” Then I realized I painted a portal for that very thing, way back in February 2014. I’ve already reblogged it, so I’ll just link to it again here. Sorry it’s taking so long to fully unfold. May it become so!

With so much love and gratitude,


Real Life Jumpsuit Tower Jailbreak

I wrote this up for myself on Monday, after finishing the poem that began from three email subject lines on Easter Sunday. I had not planned to share this in a public way, but a client/friend/colleague emailed to share recent breakthroughs and that my San Quentin jailbreak dream had triggered her own powerful dream. She finished her message by saying, “[N]ow you can add “Mystical Quantum Dream Spawner” to your CV,😊

I told her I wasn’t surprised she had such big breakthroughs and then said:

Too cool about the San Quentin dream spawning another one for you. I feel like I liberated my creative writing self from that tower. Yesterday was WILD with synchronicities and the poem I posted today just poured out of me. I had several revisions, but all in all, it was a very quick effort. I haven’t written a poem since maybe 2017?! And before that it was 2009. There was a time when I wrote lots of poetry. 

BTW, I found the jumpsuit on Free People’s website — and ordered it — right before the initial poem lines arrived yesterday afternoon. I haven’t decided if I’ll write that up as its own post. It’s pretty funny. I realized I was dressed as Rosie the Riveter: “We can do it!” 

Then all these things unlocked.




Her response convinced me to share the story in a more detailed way. It all happened as described, but much of it unfolds like a dream. (If you haven’t read the San Quentin dream or the follow-up, it won’t make any sense at all. One other note, per dream instructions earlier in the week, I did a three-day colon cleanse from Good Friday through Easter Sunday.) Here’s what I wrote for myself:

Before my TBI I was told to “quit my job, do spiritual work, become a landscaper and write poetry.” Perhaps I’m re-entering the poetry phase.

I now wonder if my Jailbreak dream was about freeing my creative writing self. I had a weird series of events right before I saw the three back to back emails. I got dressed in my “Rosie the Riveter” inspired jumpsuit and looked up a photo of that icon just to see if I was imagining things. It usually says, “We can do it!” but for some reason, I read it as “You can do it!” The only reason I wore the jumpsuit is because I thought I might try to find and order “the right Free People jumpsuit” that freed the woman imprisoned in the tower at San Quentin.

Before ordering a Free People jumpsuit, I thought I’d wear this cheaper one I already owned, just to make sure I liked the feel and look of it. I did, so I started scrolling through the Free People website and found a jumpsuit that seemed similar to the one in my dream. I then received notification that a different Free People package had been delivered. I had just gone outside to deal with recycling and spray deer repellent on my tulips, so I knew the package had only JUST arrived. When I picked it off the mat, the package was empty!

I didn’t expect anyone to be working at Free People on Easter Sunday, but I wanted to document this situation so they wouldn’t think someone just stole it while we were away for the weekend. It looked like the bag had not sealed properly in the first place, not like someone cut into the package. I tried to do an online chat and nothing worked. Then I noticed the fact that they supposedly man their phones 24 hours per day. I thought, “It’s a long shot, but maybe they have a few people working on Easter.” I called and got through pretty fast.

I expected an argument, so I had photos of the improperly sealed, empty package, but I didn’t need them. The woman noted that it had only JUST been delivered, and she took me at my word. She arranged to send out a new item, which shipped last night. What’s especially odd is that the item that slipped out of the package was a SAFARI VEST! I guess it went on its own, uncharted journey. Somehow, this seems significant, like it symbolizes my own detour from creative writing.

I just find it wild that I ordered a Free People jumpsuit that freed the woman in my Easter Sunday dream, and then I immediately got triggered to write the first poem I’ve done in years. I used to write a lot of poetry, but I’ve written maybe one poem (in 2017 or 2018 and I can’t find it) since I finished Schizandra and the Gates of Mu in July 2009. In addition to the poem arising, I feel like I made a huge breakthrough on [another novel] plot, which screeched to a halt when Tim died in December 2017. This cleanse has been really minor on the physical level, but it appears to be removing writer’s block.


That’s the extended story. I don’t know why my dreams so often foresee clothing items or accessories that later show up in real life. Clothing is a powerful metaphor, though: identity, self-expression, creativity. Accessories, glasses — these also suggest other things. In part, I share these stories as demonstrations of how fluid reality becomes when we engage it in a playful, creative way.

I haven’t felt creatively blocked. I’ve painted lots of portals, designed a full permaculture haven, redecorated several homes, wrote guided journals and a LOT of blog posts. My intuitive and astrology readings are also highly creative acts. Yet my creative writing –in particular — has felt like it took a long detour.

In retrospect, I can see why. I’ve written several novels worth of material in the past four years. (Way beyond anything I’ve shared on this blog.) I needed to purge my own stories and bizarre details in order to do creative writing from a place that allows for full expression. No need to get hung up on what did or did not “really” happen. Having fully engaged my own life history and material, I won’t need to explore that through fiction and poetry. I can write what I’m meant to write, unclouded by a need to understand it through my own personal lens.

The creative process is non-linear. It varies from person to person, but some things coincide. I share my own unfolding to inspire others to relax but stick with it. To quote my Dream Guys: “In perfect love and perfect trust, perfect timing is a must.”

Divine Matrix

NOTE: Email subscribers received the first version of this post on Easter. It somehow backdated itself to five days BEFORE Easter and sent itself back to April 12 at 12:12 a.m. The original post had a different title: “When Subject Lines Turn into Poems.” I immediately switched the post back to draft, but the emails had already arrived in people’s inboxes with a timestamp of Easter Sunday.

This is not the first time a blog post has posted itself. It is, however, the first time a blog post retroactively posted itself. The accompanying synchronicities dealt with precognition, so sending the message back through time added yet another layer to those syncs. The message went back to April 12, the date of the first exact Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces since 1856. Curiouser and curiouser!

This occurred on Easter Sunday amidst a flurry of synchronicities with somewhat profound implications. On Easter Sunday, three emails came through back to back. I read their Subject lines — in order — and found a poem:

do geese see God?
Is Our Death Fixed?
very silly

The second version of this post ended here, and I scheduled it to post on Tuesday, April 19. As soon as I did that, I got deluged with song lyrics and even more synchronicities. So many syncs came through that I needed to walk away from my laptop, but the syncs continued. I awoke at 3:15 a.m. with the a mish mash of song lyrics and directions to expand the poem. Here’s what came through:

Divine Matrix

Do geese see God?
Is Our Death Fixed?
very silly
when the end comes I’ll know
’cause I’m just —

A Moment.
goes on

without me

Happy Easter!

This dream feels collective, so I’ll share it here:

Easter Sunday

A woman was imprisoned in a tower in San Quentin. I kept trying to negotiate her release.

I called the head guard, and he said, “It’s San Quentin. You don’t just waltz outta San Quentin. It doesn’t work that way.”

After many unsuccessful calls, I realized if I brought the prisoner the right jumpsuit, the tower would evaporate, and we would swim home. I searched and searched for the right jumpsuit, and it was a Free People jumpsuit. If I packed it in a picnic basket with some sandwiches, I could take it to her.

I passed the head guard and brought the basket to the woman. When she put on her new jumpsuit, everything changed and we were free.

Bible calendar: “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: the Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” ~ Numbers 6:24-26

“Jailbreak” — what a perfect dream for Easter Sunday!

END of dream journal.

There’s so much symbolism in this one little dream. Unpacking it would take a long time, so I’ll leave it in encapsulated form. Perhaps it speaks to you, as well.

More Signs of Spring

The winds of change are blowing strong, and early flowers bob and whirl their colors around the yard. Here are a few recent photos, including hints of cherry blossoms, hellebores (thank you, Karen!), early giant hyacinths, Siberian squill, forsythia and the first daffodil to bloom. Enjoy!

Siberian squill

Many seeds I planted outside on Spring Equinox finally have sprouts. I also started some less hardy crops indoors on the weekend. They’re sprouting, too. In these early days of Spring little signs of life inspire faith in those larger winds of change. All these flowers also feed early pollinators in search of a yard. 🙂

Full Moon in Libra ~ April 16, 2022

My April 2022 Forecast shared:

April 16 Full Moon in Libra, 2:54 p.m. Eastern US time. Also known as the Wind Moon, this Full Moon could portend “a change in the wind.” Pluto in Capricorn squares the Sun and Moon, adding depth and a shadow element to the axis of cooperation and partnership (Libra) vs. self-interest and leadership (Aries). How do power struggles, subconscious patterns and corruption disrupt peace and personal sovereignty? How might art, song and/or poetry help to transcend such friction and move into a more beautiful co-creation?

According to Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is:


KEYNOTE: A consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life.

This picture symbolizes the capacity, latent in every individual, to contemplate the stress of existence in our world of duality from a higher level. Through the use of his mind, backed by the efforts and struggles of past generations and the cooperation of other men, the individual can gain a new perspective on human problems and reach freedom and peace in a supernal realm of being.

This second stage symbol contrasts with the first, for while the first dealt with the cooperation between polarized energies, this one introduces us to the realm of unity beyond polarity. It is a stage of TRANSCENDENT REALIZATION.

This description of the Wind Moon reminds me of an old Irish blessing:

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
The rains fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of his hand

The polarization of our current world is obvious. Between algorithms and “reality tunnels,” we see very few crossovers among people who disagree with one another. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon point reminds us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An alchemical process allows us to transmute and thus transcend the current polarization. We can invite blessings and benediction into our lives and world.

But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the cattle that were with him in the ark; and God caused a wind to pass over the earth, and the water subsided. ~ Genesis 8:1

As creators ourselves, we tap into the Divine Power of Creation. When we align ourselves with that life force energy, the winds of change begin to blow. Expect miracles. They are everywhere.