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Last Day for Early Registration Discount on Chicago Classes

Just a reminder that today is the deadline for Early-Bird Savings on the November 20-21 classes in Chicago:

Introduction to Past Lives (Saturday, November 20)

Guides and Tides (Sunday, November 21)

If you have any trouble paying on my site, please contact me at laura at lazyrawfoodist dot com, and I can invoice you directly from PayPal. There is still room in both classes, but there’s been much interest in the Sunday one. If everyone who says they’re registering does, it will be full soon.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. I Love You

This is an amazing story definitely worth the read for anyone who has ever lost a loved one. I love this story! Thanks, Maryse.

Upcoming Chicago Classes

Some of you already know I’ve been feeling majorly nudged to move to Madison, WI. In all my moves, I’ve not had quite so many resounding synchronicities in such a short period of time as I have with Madison. Given that, I’ve decided to offer two classes (Introduction to Past Lives … & … Guides and Tides) in the Chicago area while I’m still here to do so. I’ll list descriptions and payment links below. October 29 is my nephew Owen’s 8th birthday, and in honor of this momentous occasion, I’m offering a discount through the 29th. Here’s Owen with me the last time we saw each other:

Happy Birthday, Owen!

And here are the classes:

WORKSHOP: Introduction to Past Lives

noon – 5 p.m., Saturday, November 20, 2010 in Chicago, IL
Participants will learn how to release past life blocks that inhibit forward movement. This is a highly experiential class, and I design the exercises, guided meditations and information specifically to help each participant gain the most from the workshop. Students will learn:

* How and why we invent our own karma and drag it with us through our lifetimes
* How to honor and embrace your soul’s long journey
* Tips for finding your life’s path
* Why past life work so often leads to greater abundance and peace
* Meditations to release “old, useless baggage”
* Ways to embrace gifts and skills developed in previous lifetimes
* Partner exercises to increase awareness of our own and others’ histories
* Insights to help heal “toxic” relationships
* Ways to program access information through your dreams

$177 if prepaid by October 29, 2010 ($200 after that) Space is limited so please register early. For additional details, please call Laura at 775-750-9140 or email Laura @ lazyrawfoodist dot com.

(Note: this workshop can be taken in combination with the Guides and Tides Workshop on Sunday, November 21, 2010–for a total cost of $333 if prepaid by October 29–Fee is $375 after that date)

WORKSHOP: Guides and Tides (Learning to connect with Spirit Guides and Go with the Flow)

10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday, November 21, 2010 in Chicago, IL (with a one-hour break for lunch)

I am offering this class by special request. Students will learn specific meditations and techniques to tune in with Spirit and Animal Guides, as well as “faith builders” to help them take timely action that keeps them in flow. We will explore what ebb and flow feel like, help discern when the Universe is saying “no” and when a delay simply means “not yet.” We will spend some time playing with the difference between intention and attachment, and will invite our guides to become more present players in our lives. This is a highly interactive workshop tailored to the day’s participants.

$177 if prepaid by October 29, 2010 ($200 after that) Space is limited so please register early. For additional details, please call Laura at 775-750-9140 or email Laura @ lazyrawfoodist dot com.

(Note: this workshop can be taken in combination with the Introction to Past Lives Workshop on Saturday, November 20, 2010–for a total cost of $333 if prepaid by October 29–Fee is $375 after that date)

Please note that these are 5-hour long in-person classes with me for only $2 more than the cost of a 1-hour long phone session. Spaces are limited, but I hope to see you there!

(Please note, my main webhost is having issues with some browsers. It’s in process of being fixed, but if you’re having trouble signing up for classes, let me know. I can bypass that site and invoice directly from PayPal.)

Door Number 13

I finished Door Number 13 a couple weeks ago, but am just getting around to posting pictures here. Another commissioned piece, this portal “lives” in the same home as Door Number 10. It features the Ace of Wands tarot card but quickly began combining that symbolism with the uniting of Twin Souls on this planet. Also known as Twin Flames, these highly unusual, highly spiritual relationships seem to be popping up all over the place these days. I sense that they in many ways lay the groundwork for the new, higher Earth vibe as we shift into greater love, light and freedom.

I will explain more below, but here’s an initial view of the front of Door Number 13:

Ace of Wands by Laura Bruno

The Ace of Wands typically includes a mountain, but this door shows an actual place on Earth known as Chimney Rock, near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This area resonates strongly with the patron, and while looking for photos we learned some interesting tidbits. For one, Chimney Rock is a dual formation, which houses an unactivated star portal between the two rocks.

Ace of Wands detail by Laura Bruno

In keeping with this “points beyond” theme, I added a Seed of Life “crop circle” in addition to the Runic Coding used to texture Chimney Rock and the surrounding hillside. The “wand” is an oak branch turned into a torch with twin flames. It holds seven oak leaves coded for abundance, as well as an acorn, symbolizing that the mighty oak grows from and is contained within the tiny acorn.

Twin Flame on the Ace of Wands by Laura Bruno

I chose to include two Celtic butterflies, as this door is meant for radical transformation. The night the patron and I decided on the cost, as well as the inclusion of butterflies, a giant monarch butterfly somehow got into my 9th floor Chicago apartment — as though confirming and endorsing the arrangment. You might recognize the butterfly on the right as the same one that appears as Etain on Door Number 3, the Daphne Door.

Ace of Wands/Elohim threshold

All of the Ace cards in the tarot usually feature a hand coming out of the clouds, which symbolizes “something from nothing,” “as above, so below,” and Divine intervention. I coded these clouds with Runes representing “The Unknowable,” in order to emphasize the mystical component of Twin Flame energy. The Hebrew on the threshold spells out Elohim, which is the term used in the Genesis Creation story. “Man and woman created he them.” This actually a mistranslation as Elohim is plural and includes both masculine and feminine overtones. This name for the hermaphroditic god as a model for Twin Soul reunion also appears on the Lovers (Door Number 7).

The thresholds are heavily coded with both binary code and Runes as well as the Hebrew. Since this is a commissioned piece, I’m keeping the rest of the coding private. Writing something in Runes is equivalent to a Spell, activating the subconscious to embrace all desired results:

More threshold coding on the Ace of Wands Door by Laura Bruno

If you’ve followed these portal creations, you know that each door contains a quote at the bottom — somehow related to doors, passages, liminal spaces, gateways or entrances. This one combines two songs: “Let my Love Open the Door” and “Heart as Wide as the World,” by Krishna Das. Incidentally, that Krishna Das CD played over and over as I painted this side. The quote reads, “Let my heart open the door to your heart as wide as the world.” All the gold and silver in this portal is actual gold and silver leaf. Holy fumes! (And very intense energetic vibes …):

Quote on the Ace of Wands by Laura Bruno

Door Number 13 serves as the “backdoor” entrance between garage and home. The Other Side sets the stage as they enter their home:

Back of the Ace of Wands Door by Laura Bruno

The back of “the back door” features a Third Eye and Ganesha, the bringer and removal of obstacles and thus a perfect guardian of portals. The Sanskrit is Jai Guru Deva Om from the Beatles’ Across the Universe, which is written in English below.

That song states, “Nothing’s gonna change my world”; however, Door Number 13, as a transformation door reads a bit differently. The Runic Coding on the back says:



Across the Universe



The Sanskrit Mantra is Jai Guru Deva Om and the Runic Coding morphs that into SOME THINGS SHALL CHANGE, intending the necessary shift from exploitation into a responsible and loving use of power to EMpower rather than suppress:

Back of Door Number 13 by Laura Bruno

Ganesha, the elephant god is the bringer and removal of obstacles. As such, he is a most appropriate portal deity. I painted him in the upper right hand corner:

Ganesha on the back of Door Number 13

The last thing that catches the eye before passing through Door Number 13 is a symbol representing the Third Eye Chakra:

Third Eye on the back of Door Number 13

Wishing you all enhanced intuition, love and life!

Also, just a quick note, that I am now making some “porta-portals,” canvas board images designed and coded as doorways, but which do not require my actually visiting people’s homes to create the intentional “doorway.” Door Number 14 will be designed as something that can sit on a desk or baseboard, a kind of mini-doorway into consciousness, which will be shipped to the patron when completed. The process remains the same, but I am curious to see how the sense of a door imprints itself within the image and coding.

Yay for innovation and fun! xoxo