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Drought-Stricken California to Ration Water

I appreciate Ann’s thoughtful, heart-full introduction to this post. Every time I read about the drought in California, I can’t help but conjure images from Starhawk’s novel, “The Fifth Sacred Thing.” Indeed, parts of that novel continue to prove more and more prophetic. May we all find our balance, and please — everywhere — let’s start crowdfunding projects to help us make better use of the sacred water we do use. Do so many hundreds of gallons REALLY need to get flushed away? Do people in deserts really need green lawns? Living locally also means honoring the nature of place. Some places are not meant for such dense human settlement, but other places are just a permaculture project away from being lush havens. I lived in New Mexico, and it was insanely dry there — only to find, years later, in the book Gaia’s Garden, a property right outside Santa Fe as one of the most gloriously verdant examples of a permaculture turnaround. We cannot continue as we have, but that need not be a horrible thing. Necessity truly IS the mother of invention.

The Garden of You

How could I not LOVE this post by Tania Marie? Wise words and a beautiful image.

Tania Marie

mother earth3 Photo I took in Montreal Botanical Garden of Mother Earth

You…Your Life… is a garden…reflecting what you cultivate, nourish, nurture, and give light to, but also reflecting what you neglect, let run amok, don’t weed, and the choices you seed in each moment.

“This outward spring and garden are a reflection of the inward garden.” ~Mevlana Rumi

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Last Day for September Specials

I’ve been having so much fun with these sessions, especially the $44 Tarot Readings, but I still feel led not to extend these particular specials into October. If you’d like a discounted Tarot Reading or a Timeline Tune-In and Tune-Up, today is the last day to order those. Details below:

$44 Tarot Sessions

Half Hour Tarot Readings for $44 instead of the usual $55.55 (21% off).

Tarot readings are particularly good for people who don’t know what kinds of questions to ask me; they just want some kind of guidance because they feel unsure of what’s coming or what to focus upon. Tarot also seems to benefit those people who have exceptionally good things coming their way, yet wonder if I might be “padding the reading” or “just saying what they want to hear.” The cards don’t lie. (Neither do I – but the cards seem that much more objective a medium for delivering good news. Note: there has been a lot of good news for people this month!)

If you’re interested in a reading, please contact me to set up a session. I will then invoice you via PayPal. During our session I can email you a photo of your spread: wherever you happen to be, you can now experience the immediacy of an in-person reading. Offer valid through 9/30/14.

Timeline Tune-In and Tune-Up

This hour session helps you to recognize your likely trajectory based on current energy patterns, intentions, and habits … and then, I search for the closest parallel reality versions of “you” with very slight differences that lead to more preferred (and more varied/greater opportunities for) positive outcomes. The scan and download are actually easier for me to do than to explain here, but if you’ve ever seen the movie “Sliding Doors” with its alternate reality story lines that intersect at certain points throughout the film, I’ll be scanning you for the stickiest intersection points.

The reading gives you a heads up regarding the types of feelings, thoughts and experiences to watch for if you’re looking to sidestep onto a more positive timeline without needing to slog through linear time to get your desired life. These “timeline hops,” “portal points,” “reality jumps” — whatever you want to call them — are not only possible but powerful, and with awareness and practice, you can learn to surf such opportunities, charting your own course from current to next closest to preferred realities.

$133/hour if purchased by 9/30/14

Please contact me to sign up for either or both of these specials. October will feature completely different specials.

Those Who Were Seen Dancing ….

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane ...

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane …

"by those who could not hear the music." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

“by those who could not hear the music.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Dance Like No Ones' Watching

Dance Like No Ones’ Watching

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
~William W. Purkey

Who says white carrots can’t dance?!

WOW! Magic Mushroom Photos

These are amazing! Mushrooms are my next project. This year was about the fruit trees; 2015 is Year of the Mycellium — at least in our yard. 🙂

Magickal Self Defense and One of Those Days …

I have a lot of protection around me. This I know. Some of it has always surrounded me; some of it I’ve actively engaged through energetic and other means. Every once in awhile I wonder if I rely too heavily on such ethereal protection, and, conversely, if I’m maybe a bit paranoid even to think I might need protection. You see, pondering someone stealing from me isn’t something I regularly do. I have little magickal “booby traps” and Runic filters and orgone pucks set up around our property, but usually I just let those do their thing without much additional thought.

For some reason, late last week, my Spidey senses went way up. I couldn’t put my finger on what, where or how, but I just sensed some kind of thieving energy around. I didn’t feel personally threatened, but I just sensed this kind of sneaky energy. I re-upped the energy around our home and even discussed the effectiveness of this process with a friend who visited on Friday.

To give some context: when I set up this original “booby trap” last fall, as an after thought, I added our next door neighbors’ property into the protected zone. Unbeknownst to me, the mom had had a pregnancy moment and left her purse, with laptop and keys on their porch, and that purse had been stolen prior to me adding them to this booby trapped and boomeranged energy, which is set to include a return of whatever was stolen, along with a threefold blessing. I ran into the dad the day after I added their property to my protection zone, and he was mystified that someone had stolen the purse, laptop and keys and then, mysteriously — three days later, but immediately after I added their property to the magickally protected zone — dropped the goods like a hot potato, about a block up the street, right by the railroad tracks. The mom just happened to glance out of their car as they drove by and realizing what she was seeing, got out and grabbed her purse from the ground. Everything, including the laptop, keys, wallet, etc. was still there, but it had not been there earlier. As a result of this theft, our mutual landlord decided to redo and double the size of their front porch, and completely redo their back porch — a threefold blessing. I took that as confirmation that whatever protection I put on this property works.

Anyway, that’s the background, and I was relaying that story to my friend last Friday, saying that even though I know this stuff works, I was suddenly feeling like someone wanted to steal from me. I surveyed our property and didn’t find any vulnerable spots, but the feeling persisted. David and I went shopping in Mishawaka on Saturday, and after one purchase, I had this weird thought, “Hmmm, I wonder if they have one of those card reader snatchers where they take your credit card number as you swipe.” An odd thought for me to have, but odd enough that I noted it. We continued our shopping adventure, had a lovely meal out at our favorite Korean restaurant, and generally enjoyed our evening. Despite my odd sense of some lurking would-be thief, our house was fine when we returned. No real surprise there; the persistent sense of a thief was the surprise, since I know our car and home are well protected.

More context: I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting what seemed a bizarrely long time for some money to clear. The money wasn’t from just one source but from many sources, which added to the oddity of none of it clearing into my bank account. I was fine for cash but did wonder, “What the heck is up? It’s not even Mercury Retrograde yet! Why’s the bank account going all wonky?” This morning I went online to check if any of the money had cleared, only to find two unauthorized charges on my debit/credit card — one a $99 reloading of a Starbucks card and the other for $.01 from — get this — a health insurance company! It was the initial test from them to see if the card worked before they ran it for the full amount of insurance. I caught it before they could run the card for more than a penny, but I’m quite amused that someone buying insurance would likely be using their own name in order to qualify for service. I also realized that my money had been delayed so that there was not much more in that account for anyone to steal. Synchronous delays!

I had to laugh, as I’d told my friend and then David again today, “People reallllly shouldn’t steal from me or try to cheat me. It always, always backfires. Big time.” Soooo, instead of doing some things I wanted a legitimate reason to procrastinate, I headed back to the credit union with David (who works there) after his lunch break, so that I could file a fraud report.

On our way out, I checked the mailbox, because I had also been waiting an exceedingly long time for a delivery that supposedly got here last Thursday. It didn’t, though, and the P.O. had no idea where it was other than “delivered on Thursday.” I emailed the company about insurance but hadn’t heard back from them yet. David wondered aloud if the missing package had included my credit card number with the order and was the source of the security breech. I briefly questioned the protection on this property if someone managed to steal something from our mailbox, but I figured … “Well, woe is them if they get caught for mailbox tampering, credit card fraud and insurance fraud all in one fell swoop.” We checked the mailbox, though, and, lo and behold, the missing package was there, adding to the surreal nature of today with things shifting in and out of reality. I continued to feel protected, but started feeling that eerie uptick of protection in which you know there’s something bigger going on. This was only amplified by me receiving a reply from the company right after finding the package.

I filed the report and got a new card with the credit union. Following the credit union, I planned to stop at the police station, but since I had another delivery expected today and wouldn’t be here to accept it, I mentally requested for that delivery to come “right after I get home.” I then wandered through downtown Goshen to the police station and filed that report, too. The policeman and credit union employee agreed that the insurance purchase might provide quite the trail to the thief. As I walked home, I meandered, stopping here and there to look at things or chat with people but while at the library, I got a very clear, “OK, head home now.” So I did.

When I arrived home, FedEx arrived within a minute with my delivery, which I brought inside. Then I looked on ShiftFrequency, and imagine my surprise to see a photo of downtown Goshen, Indiana, from the exact angle where I had stood on my wanderings, pondering if I wanted to go right onto downtown Main Street or just head left towards home. Here’s the video with that exact image of where I paused and took a mental photograph:

What’s even odder is that the video appears to have nothing whatsoever to do with Goshen. It just happens to include my mental snapshot as I stood feeling whether to go right or left to ensure I’d arrive home exactly before FedEx got here. As soon as I finished typing a comment on Shift Frequency about the synchronicity of seeing downtown Goshen on there right after walking through downtown Goshen on a layered synchronous day, David’s sister pulled into the driveway to drop off some goodies for me. I ushered her inside to verify that this was, in fact, downtown Goshen, with Routes 33 and 15 through town, the courthouse and the various storefronts. Indeed, she said, it was.

So, here I sit, getting ready for sessions after I purposely left clear (for some reason) the very late morning to early afternoon slots on my schedule. That time period proved important, but so folded in upon itself as to feel quite freaky even in my normally synchronous day.

Does magickal protection work? I’m inclined to take today as an affirmative response — with a reminder to add my debit card (as opposed to just my bank account, which to its credit, did refuse to fill up until the coast was clear). I will also add any out of town purchases or adventures into my intended realm of protection. I don’t know why I’m sharing this convoluted story here, but I trust there’s a message in here for someone.

This whole experience reminds me a bit of a hilarious (but not) blog post by Amythyst Raine-Hatayama. I could also summarize it by what the plaque in my office says:

Don't Piss Off the FairiesWhen you’ve got friends in invisible places, sometimes Mischief Happens. Other times it’s all pixie dust, giggles, chortles and guffaws. In any case, wise ones won’t spam Amythyst Raine-Hatayama or try to steal from Laura Bruno. It’s just not worth the (double, double, toil and?) trouble. 😉

Granny Spears ~ ‘Herbology’

Granny Spears ~ ‘Herbology’

When we got married Ernie was bringing home about £1 17s 6d.

Now this was long before we went decimal so in todays money that would be about £1.25 a week, a couple of dollars to you Tess.

Now, although everyone thinks that we have always had free healthcare in the UK that’s not so. A visit to the doctor when we got married amounted to just over half a months pay so it was pretty much out of the question if we wanted to eat. The National Health Service got started in the late 1940′s, before then we had to pay.

Unless it was especially serious we relied on remedies passed down to us over the years, and most of the things we used involved plants, with the occasional bee added for good measure!  Usually, someone local had what you needed if you didn’t grow it yourself.

I went to teach the kids crochet again on Monday and we got around to the old days and ended up talking about plants. One of the girls said she really enjoyed her lesson in ‘herbology’. None of us knew if it was a real word, but we liked it so we decided to stick with it.

As an aside, the crochet is going great but I have a feeling I am going to be inundated with scarves and knee rugs this Christmas.

Right, back to herbology…


We used honey a lot back then, far more than most people use it now for medicinal purposes. We stored lumps of honeycomb in jars and the honey would collect at the bottom of the jar. A spoonful when you had a sore throat helped and it was one ‘medicine’ the children never minded.

It also soothes coughs, putting a lining on the throat and helping prevent irritation.

We also spread it over cuts and grazes to keep infection away and to help healing, it worked every time. Minor wounds would be lovely and clean and they really healed fast.


We didn’t grow burdock, but there was enough of it growing wild that you could just pull it up when you needed it when it was in season. We would pick some of the fruits and store them for use later in the year. When you crush up burdock fruits they are oily and this soothes irritated skin almost immediately. The fresher they are the better but they dry very slowly so they were still of some use during the winter when fresh ones weren’t available

Making a poultice helps bring out bruises and a burdock tea is excellent for treating indigestion.

The root of the burdock plant was good for the treatment of boils. You boiled and mashed the root and placed it over the inflamed area. Drinking a tea made from burdock root was said to be good for arthritis…though none of us had it back then so I can’t be sure of that.


Marigolds were used to treat bites and stings, you just crush them and rub them over the affected area and relief soon follows.

These pretty flowers are a boon in the garden as they keep the aphids off tomatoes and other crops prone to blackfly like pole beans. Ernie ALWAYS planted a row of marigolds near our beans and the children used to put them in containers and move them around the tomato patch.


I grew this in a few rotten at the bottom barrels down the far end of the garden, it takes over if you let it escape!

Chamomile is very good at calming people down, and I used to make chamomile and lavender pouches to put in the childrens rooms to help them drift off to sleep.

Chamomile teas can either be just drunk as a drink or held in the mouth to relieve toothache or the pain of mouth ulcers.


Tansy is a pretty yellow flower that grows as fast as a weed if you let it, another one I contained in an out of the way corner.

This stops the bugs biting very well, you just crush the leaves and rub them  on your skin. Works a treat. You don’t eat or drink tansy as it’s poisonous used like that.


Definitely contain this plant…it will take over the entire garden if it gets a chance. as well as using mint in the kitchen it is very good for calming upset stomachs and preventing the children feeling like they are going to be sick. If there were lots of colds around I would add mint to tea without milk as it seems to help fighting the germs.


Again, sage is great in the kitchen and almost as great for saving a costly trip to the doctors. Used as a bandage over the honey spread on a cut it is like a little natural bandage. It can also take the heat of burns, not open burns, but the fat splash or hot water type of burn that reddens the skin and makes it swell.


Marjoram makes for a decent disinfectant. Pick lots, crush it up and boil it. The liquid kills germs.

I’ll have to ask Edith if she knows where the box is that has all my old recipe books in. I had a few from mother when she died, all beautifully written out. I know there’s a notebook with them that lists all the medicinal plants my parents grew, and therefore the medicinal plants that I grew. I wonder where the box went? I’m sure we still have it somewhere.

Paul and the children are coming over on Sunday, he’s a strapping lad, he can go up into the loft and look for my box if Edith doesn’t know where it is.

Well, that’s it for today. You have a lovely weekend and I’ll speak to you soon.



Granny Spear was born in a small cottage in Devon, Southern England in 1925. Married to farm labourer Ernest, she raised her family in the heart of the countryside without any of the amenities we rely on today. Using skills passed down from her mother, who had learned those same skills from her mother, she not only survived but positively thrived living a self-sufficient, off grid lifestyle. Outliving her husband, one of her children and two of her grandchildren she stayed in the cottage until 2003 when a serious fall saw her hospitalized. She now lives with her daughter just four miles from her old home. For her 89th birthday her grandchildren and great grandchildren brought her an iPad, which she instantly rejected until they showed her Angry Birds…After much persuasion she has agreed to share some of her knowledge with us about what she calls the ‘old days’

via Gillian at Shift Frequency
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