Why and How to Empower Safety Vs. Protection


This video offers some excellent tips from Teal, with an emphasis on noticing your feelings as a gauge of your vibration and level of attraction. She also includes the importance of doing Shadow Work as a means of moving beyond the old limitations. I especially appreciate (and frequently share) her information about taking steps towards protection/preparation as a means to release resistance about those concerns so that you can continue moving beyond them through transmutation. Thanks, Doreen!

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By Teal Swan
Protection is not a state of empowerment, it is a state of contained powerlessness. To create and maintain a state of ‘safety’ watch and listen now

Psychic and Energetic Protection with Teal Swan

If you choose, clear your energy field with an audio I recorded in 2009. When I do this clearing I fill each tiny screen opening with the 3 fold violet consuming flame [pink for divine love, blue for divine power, golden yellow for divine wisdom], and intend the flame to transmute low vibratory frequency into it’s next highest expression of light.


TO LISTEN CLICK HEREhttp://freetobewealthy.net/links/ClearEnergyStGermain.mp3

Doreen Agostino
Without Prejudice UCC1-308

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Before Mandating Vaccines: What Every Legislator Across the Country Needs to Know . . . please share this widely. Let them know that we know!!! ~J


More FYI with links and documentation of various whistle-blower admissions of vaccine injuries and cover-up.

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

Before Mandating Vaccines: What Every Legislator Across the Country Needs to Know

1.  These are NOT the same vaccines they received as children which just inject a little virus into them and got an immune reaction.  These are GMO vaccines (recombinant DNA vaccines) that shoot a mixture of genetically engineered material into the DNA making fundamental changes in whoever receives them.

These new vaccines are extremely unstable.

A.  Veterinarians are warning that the GMO rabies vaccine has now caused rabies to be an airborne disease. 

See:    GMO Vaccines creating “Herd Contagion

B.  They cause diseases to be more virulent and more deadly.  The polio vaccine in India is a GMO vaccine which  caused 47,500 cases of polio in 2011 alone, and killed twice the number of children who would have died from wild polio  See:

  Download (PDF) 167.2 kB

Polio programme: let…

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“Sugilite” – Lore and Properties…


I’ve been thinking a lot about sugilite lately, especially after hearing that the Fukushima radiation just had a 7000 x spike, despite media silence. This post shares a lot of sugilite lore, which shows sugilite to be a highly useful stone for our times — helping us to ground our spirituality into the material realm.

When I worked in Sedona, local healers there mentioned that since sugilite was first discovered in Japan right around the time of the atomic bomb that it has long been considered the antidote to radiation energies — kind of like how Japanese Knotweed, an “invasive weed” that shows great promise for curing Lyme Disease, showed up in Wisconsin and other states right around the time Lyme cases exploded. Nature knows what we need, if we will only pay attention.

Originally posted on R.K.:

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♥♥♥♥♥ SUGILITE LORE ♥♥♥♥♥
Sugilite is oftentimes referred to as the “Stone of Dreams” because of its supposed ability to enhance dreams. It is beneficial to wear Sugilite jewelry while meditating or sleeping, as it enhances the images that bubble up into one’s mind. These images are thought to be riddled with symbolism and meaning, allowing one to decipher his or her mind’s inner workings with more ease. Sugilite also helps one to remember dreams; dispel nightmares, insomnia and other sleep disturbances; and facilitate lucid dreams, in which the dreamer realizes he or she is dreaming and is able to act accordingly.

Sugilite is not only beneficial as a night dream-aid; it fosters the realization of one’s own life dreams, which may have been forgotten or dismissed along the way. Sugilite removes the hopelessness that deters individuals from following what they know to be the correct…

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Nick Bernabe ~ Total Mainstream Media Blackout of Chicago Secret “Black Site” at Homan Square

Now we can see why there’s been so much fighting to control the internet! Between all the proposed mandatory vaccine legislation (and shenanigans) at both state and federal levels and this revelation of an NDAA torture site run by Chicago Police, I think we can safely say the would-be forever controllers are turning the screws. Big time.

Since we don’t actually know what was in the 300-page “Net Neutrality” Law, it’s too soon to tell for sure if that was something to celebrate or deeply mourn. I mean, with this “transparent” government controlling the internet, what could possibly go wrong? Google seems to be hedging its bets by becoming its own Ministry of Truth, desiring to rank searches not by links but by what they determine as “Truth.” Ahem. Because when I think of Google and their robot army and top secret offshore facilities, I immediately get the warm fuzzies and think “Paragon of Truth.” ;)

In the meantime, while we still have the internet, here’s something you probably won’t learn about any other way:

Nick Bernabe
February 28, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Chicago, IL — As the nation continues to react to the newly discovered ‘black site’ operated by Chicago Police, the mainstream media continues to bury it’s head in the sand.

National media outlets like Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are unsurprisingly refusing to touch this story, driving even further suspicion that the corporate media has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for big government and corporate America.

As we reported earlier this week, local corporate media was literally running stories about Homan Square that were direct copies from CPD’s public relations statements.

According to interviews conducted by The Atlantic, local mainstream reporters often agree with these disappear and torture tactics, so they refuse to do their jobs at uncovering what is going on there;

“I think that many crime reporters in Chicago have political views that are right in line with the police,” Tracy Siska said. “They tend to agree about the tactics needed by the police. They tend to have by one extent or the other the same racist views of the police — a lot of urban police (not all of them by any stretch, but a lot of them) embody racism.”

Meanwhile, a campaign we launched to shed light on Homan Square, #Gitmo2Chicago, trended nationwide last night on Twitter and today on Facebook — showing that the public at large is generally disgusted by these CIA-style tactics.

So while the corporate media posts 3 million stories about the color of a dress, the country is questioning the police state in a big way.

As I write this, a large protest is taking place in Chicago at Homan Square to shut it down, with more protests being planned across the country in the coming weeks.

But keep in mind, the Revolution will not be televised on Cable TV, but it will be on the internet. Watch live video from the protests here.

This article is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and TheAntiMedia.org. Tune-in to The Anti-Media radio show Monday-Friday @ 11pm EST, 8pm PST.

New McDonald

As Whitney Houston said, “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” In addition to these children’s adorable performance, I very much enjoyed watching the adults in the audience. Methinks some dinner table discussion may have changed after watching this rendition of the classic children’s song. Well done! (Thanks, Sophia!)

What Would the Green Man Do?


Green Man

I wonder!

Paul Stamets patents “universal biopesticide” that Big Ag calls “the most disruptive technology that we have ever witnessed.”


Another inspiring post from Ann today. I love Paul Stamets’ vision. The mycellium create the REAL Matrix … the natural Matrix related to Mother Earth and a culture that knows how to grow life from death and decomposition. My prayer for 2015 is that people in positions of influence start taking Paul Stamets’ ideas to heart and action. From cleaning up Fukushima to removing the need for pesticides to alternative consciousness to overall plant and human health, he’s just full of ideas!

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When my boys were young, I once asked each of them what would they ask for if they could have anything in the world. Sean, eight years old, a very pragmatic soul with five planets in Taurus, responded, “a million dollars.” Aquarian Colin, on the other hand, age six, and now inventor of the Garden Tower Project, piped up, “A magic wand!”

Has Stamets patented the magic wand?

US Patents Signal End of Pesticides and GMO

February 27, 2015

by Jefferey Jaxen – Feb 27, 2015



Humanity is facing a problem. Our immediate environment is riddled with pesticides. They are making us unhealthy faster than we can study the effects. In addition, these pesticides play large roles in the massive bee deaths and decline of soil health. The companies that profit from making these pesticides have made it clear they won’t stop. Our petitions to the EPA and FDA are…

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