A blog post by Pamela Hipp describing her breakthrough after a medical intuitive session: click here to read it.

“Laura, words cannot describe how thankful I am for your readings and insight today. I believe today has become one of the most special days of my life. I truly believe everything you said to me because it made so much sense without you knowing very much about me. You are truly an inspiration! (And I don’t just throw this kind of admiration around!!!!)” ~Zanny Anderson

“Thank you so much for helping me along this very interesting stage of my journey. You have felt like such an important catalyst and anchor, if it’s possible to be both of those things at the same time, almost like showing me the path, encouraging me to walk it and providing the reassurance to know that it’s time, it’s ok and I just need to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.” ~Sue from Scotland

“Hi Laura… after your Reiki treatment, we immediately sold 2 of the 3 garages at our condo for full asking price! As of today, another couple who really wanted 2 garages (now we only have one to sell w/condo), agreed to our counter-offer and we expect to be signing off tomorrow. Great work! Thank you for helping to clear things… we never purchased more new “lighting” but I imagined sending more light to the situation after we spoke… After all these years on the market (like 5!), it is a miracle that your treatment gave it the added clearing needed. I trust the flow and the process… Thank you!”  ~Kesha

“I thank you for your vision and what you brought to me… You’re about the only person I’ve ever talked to who makes some sense out of this life and it means the world to me !!! It really helps to make meaning out of so many otherwise meaningless , crazy things like this nutsy illness and all the reactions to it….. and I have not been able to really understand in the flat-land world … this is a different kind of relationship and it does not involve my being less, but rather MORE…. etc… you have given me hope. Thx so much” ~Amy

“Hi, Laura,
Thank you so much for the wonderful class yesterday! Jason and I had a magnificent time, in addition to the wonder that is the level 1 attunement.

“I am wondering if it is fairly common to notice a lot of small changes…things like being repulsed by foods you used to love, having more energy, and noticing (and appreciating!) things about your body more often. I am experiencing all these things. I have felt fantastic all day! I think I have accomplished more today, since 8:30 this morning, than I have in any single day in the past 5 years.  I still feel motivated to do more, but my body is protesting and sending me off to bed shortly.  🙂  I slept better last night, too, and woke up refreshed, which is so unusual for me as to be almost unheard of. Whether it is the attunement or something else, I hope this feeling lasts!

“Thank you again for making my and Jason’s first experience with Reiki an amazing one!” ~Linette

Just hung up the phone with you…. it feels like all the energy has changed around me. I cannot thank you for all your support, insight, beauty, warmth-
your love is healing. I wrap you in the warmest blanket of love…. in that chilly winter weather. Until the next time- with a much lighter heart and soul.
– Clare”

“The air felt so sweet after speaking with you yesterday!!! Until then, I haven’t realized how much anxiety I was holding in my body. I no longer feel blindfolded. It is amazing what 30 minutes of Laura Bruno intuitive guidance can do 😀

Deep love and gratitude
Sonya T”

“Thank you for the amazing session today, so appreciative of your great skill, unlike most other intuitives I have worked with, I feel so comfortable with you as an equal, no ‘guru’ or authority vibe, I feel my voice is honored, I love how you expand the micro into the macro. much love and light, M”

“Yesterday, I drove to meet Laura in Goshen with a dear friend of mine. We spent 2 fabulous hours chatting with Laura, an amazing spiritual soul, a heart-centered, warm woman whom I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to meet in person! She was SO intuitive, reassuring and spot-on with her analysis of my life path. Laura also did a tarot card reading for me that was so specific and so accurate it feels almost as if she had somehow walked in my shoes for the last 3 months and revealed all. The drive was amazing, the town of Goshen was an incredibly peaceful and nurturing place and I honestly didn’t want to leave. God bless you, Laura, keep up the good lightwork! You are the answer to alot of prayers. You can bet I will visit with you again soon. ~ Lin S., Whiting, IN”

“Whoohoo! Monday night I noticed the obstruction on the right side was gone. In fact, I could shift my jaw forward and back as well as rotate it. Then I realized I had been chewing on that side throughout the day without discomfort. It feels so free! I am grateful to you, Raph, and the healing team for reminding me who I am and what I am capable of in connection with the Unseen.
Big, huge hugs!

“I know it’s only been like a half-hour since I got off the phone with you but just wanted to write and say THANKS! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted even though I didn’t particularly feel like there was a weight on me before (aside from wondering what I mas “missing” I suppose). I know relief is huge per Abraham Hicks and I am definitely feeling it right now. I can’t thank you enough. You have quite a gift, I hope in time I can learn to develop and trust my abilities as you have so clearly done with yours. Enjoy the rest of your day!” ~M, from Los Angele

“I love the way our session went back in November. I recommend you to friends and family in need often! It is so useful to have assistance in really fine-tuning your approach and current situation. We are all blessed for your Lightwork!” ~P., from New York

“I love (x100!) the idea of working with energy. I’m very excited about the idea of making people happy and improving their lives because more happy people we have more peaceful the world will become. … This is so much fun! It’s like decoding secret codes. Thank you for directing me in a right direction. I’m very excited about my discovery today. … Thank you for reading!” ~Yuka

“Hi Laura and Raph! Just a quick note to say how grateful I am to have been in your presence on Sunday at Viola’s home. It was exactly what I needed!” ~A. from Waskesha, WI

“As one door closes, an even brighter one opens. Talking to you is truly talking to an angel. … 🙂 I feel “different” already in a different way before I talked to you. My body listened closely too because nothing hurt at all. … This is the first time in my life that I actually feel like I found what I have been seeking all along. Shrinks, therapists, all the same, nothing will change unless I change it myself. But now I truly feel it in my heart that with your support and guidance and knowledge, I will be able to move forward with a positive attitude and overcome the hurdles that have held me back. Thank you dearly for all that you are and all that you do for people. I look forward to the next session and will continue on until I reach my highest potential.

David A.”

“It’s like a magic every time I have a session with you things change positively. I think your words really speak to me, and I feel I can really get out of darkness this time. Thank you!” ~YH

“I love how the connection with you is empowering my own journey. I love how by trusting in your guidance, I have found a renewed power in my own guidance. I love as I journey through this incredible life of magic and sacred awe, I know I have friends to turn to for wise and incredible advice! Shanti, Shanti, Shanti! Naja

“Hi Laura

“A quick note to say thank you for your help over the last few months. I feel I have been making a powerful transition over this time, into a reality where I live my own life to my own design. This is something that I have been working towards for the best part of 20 years, so I feel a quiet excitement that I am now ready to move forward.

“I find your ability to sense karmic relationships and past lives, so effortlessly, most wondrous (and helpful!). It is amazing how a change of perspective brought in from the ‘bigger picture’ creates in me such levels of understanding. It’s akin to finding the big ‘R’ in responsibility – once you find it, then it is hard to imagine not having known about it all along. (I imagine that you must feel a great sense of personal value to be able to help your clients in the ways that you do.)

“So, a new journey begins for me (Isn’t this just the thing about endings? ;-)) and I hope that one day we can compare notes on the journey (maybe a cup of coffee, somewhere beautiful, on a bright spring day? ;-))

Much love to you,

Lynden Alexander” (London, England)

“Dear Laura, thanks a lot for answering. It’s unbelievable you can see all that from an email message, it’s awesome, you are really gifted and I’m glad I found you. All that you said about my past I had been told before, but I did not take it as important, but now that you are telling it I’m corroborating the information from a reading based on Edgar Cayce’s reading on people of the same birth time as mine. I already read your recommendation on the satyam meditation, and I’m planning as you suggest to make a recording and start practicing that set of breathing/visualization/sound. Well, if a doctor is someone who helps with illnesses, you are for me a doctor who helps with soul illnesses, because really that’s what you are, a soul doctor.” (Giovani—El Salvador)

“Life gets more strange and beautiful by the day. It’s now over a month since Admmm got his wings, and I’ve managed to not cry for one day. I haven’t been trying to not cry, but that’s how it is. I’ve had a beautiful soul reading from Laura Bruno who explained so much and it helped me process all the 3D questions I had about the whole situation Admmm and I were in. Gosh, when you live for thousands of years attracting the same person, a few years of one lifetime seems like nothing. So, though I still really really miss Admmm, I’ve got no questions, no what ifs, no anger anymore.  All I feel, even when I’m missing him, is a deep gratitude and eternal love for him.  It feels like a good place to be, and it feels much nicer than where I was even a week ago.” 

Shazzie, author, entrepreneur, mom to Evie and UK raw foods expert.

“2 mild head injuries/concussions in the space of 6 months – first one I felt fine after, second I felt completely dazed and disorientated. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me and everyone else didn’t know either. All I knew was that I wasn’t feeling at all right! After 4 months of misdiagnoses and no help from the doctors I contacted the author Laura Bruno personally. As a fully recovered TBI patient she recognised my symptoms instantly and gave me excellent advice. (After consulting a neuroopthamologist it turns out I had visual problems which are very common with concussions – I could see ok, but slight damage to my visual cortex meant I was taking much more mental effort to be able to see, explaining my fatigue and lack of attention when previously I was very successful.).

Laura’s book is a MUST HAVE if you have the determination to recover from the effects of a head injury, she gives lots of useful tips to help you. It also keeps you going if you are feeling a bit low at the slow recovery. Inspirational book Laura!”  Antruella, UK (originally posted on Amazon UK) 

Your coaching rang strong and true in my head while navigating challenging circumstances. I am certain that the most loving outcome occurred largely due to the work we do together. (quotable)”  — Deborah Justice, artist, Virginia

“Thank you very much for this important ‘puzzle-piece.’ I got some of this information basically too this night! … But the most important information came up from you right now. I am so grateful about that. Now the fog is going and clarity comes up. … You did a great job, I am very thankful about this session. … I send you the light and the love and a big hug for you!” — Tom (Germany)

I attended your Conscious Eating class last Sat. in Reno and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it-the time flew. … Thank you again for all the information last Sat. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”  Sue Newnham


“Working with Laura as my coach has been life altering. Her gentle yet powerful words have allowed me to see things in myself that I might not have ever seen without her guidance and support. And, if I did get “there”, it would have taken a LOT longer! The way that I describe Laura is that she is a life coach for my soul. The pace at which transformation has occurred in my inner world, and that flowing over into the physical realm, has been light speed. 

Working with Laura has helped me to get to a deeper level in myself, to connect with Spirit in a much greater way and to allow my soul to be free. It is truly challenging to put into words the changes that have happened on an inner-personal level since beginning the life coaching, but I can tell you that I wake up every day now giving thanks for my life and for allowing myself to be of service to the world. This makes my soul smile.” 

Karen ( Glenview , IL)   www.karenraden.com.

“Thank you for the information.  I have time tomorrow to go check it out.  And thank you again for such an amazing Intuitive Reading.  It was and will be quite helpful in my journey to come.
Take care and have a safe move to beautiful Sedona, AZ!–Ang”


“It was wonderful to experience your energy and presence. Our session was deeply healing for me. I had my eyes closed the whole time which really enhanced the experience. I can feel all of the non-verbal communications through the exchange and they continue to integrate and unfold into my body. I’ll share more about my experience as it creates itself.”  Mykal Aubry 

“Hi Laura just wanted to thank you for being you. I hope to walk as softly,gently and graciously as you do through life. Your kindness and support are very much appreciated, needed and welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed Reiki Master training and look forward to continued practice and learning in this wonderful art. … Look forward to seeing you on your next trip to Reno–a very happy and peaceful Helen” 

“Dearest Laura,

Thank you from the bottom of my soul for a wonderful healing and incredible class.  Everyone that was there resonated so well with each other and you brought us all together.  You are a connector.  I really loved the Reiki Class and the way that you taught it.  The information was clear precise and in depth yet easy to understand.  I feel renewed and filled with possibility. … I have been so excited to start a practice and begin this work.  Thank you for your incredible feedback.  I am so glad that we met.  You are a wonderful teacher.” Misha LeVee Hernandez, Reiki Master Teacher, massage therapist, and facilitator for the Reno Reiki Circle 

“Laura Bruno is the real deal: as a medical intuitive, she sees through our conscious delusions and denial, so don’t bother trying to fool her.  She addresses the unconscious patterning that creates our external conditions.  Instead of pecking at our symptoms, she encourages us to reach inside and root out the cause.  I don’t hesitate to refer friends and clients to Laura.” Timothy Glenn, Spiritual Reader, Astrologer and Metaphysical Teacher

“Hi Laura, FYI, I just got in to see Dr. Meier, and he was great. YOU were right about the eye tracking problem. Also I had a focus and another wee problem. … He said 30% of the population has these kinds of problems and they don’t know it. Amazing. Thank you so much for finding this for me. I would have had no clue.

Warm Regards,

Judy” (intuitive client)

 “I have been in counseling and coaching for eleven years and also have done a lot of personal and spiritual growth work.  Still there were some persistent issues that I could not get around, until I started with Laura about four weeks ago.  We have talked five times.  The first few times I was wary because what she was saying seemed too simple and easy, but since then I have made dramatic progress.  My issue included depression, difficulty earning money, difficulty feeling deserving of prosperity and love.  An amazing thing I learned from Laura’s intuition, is that I was once terribly hurt by a woman and I had buried my anger so deeply that I could not access it.  With careful timing she gives me enough information that I can process for a week.  I am not rolling in money or love yet, but for the first time in my life I have faith that prosperity and love will always be close.  I am feeling more relaxed and content with life than ever before.   

 … As of this week, I am actually feeling grateful to the one who hurt me, because it has helped me dissolve certain games I have always played.   I have had a constant pain in my neck for four months and now i know why.  I have had a lifetime of self-loathing and money trouble, and now i know why.  I am glad for all the long-standing suffering because it whittled away at those parts of me that needed to go anyway.  I am actually feeling a deep love for the one who hurt me, and if I had the power to reverse what happened, I would not reverse it. 


Laura helped me see something about my daughter …  I did not share this information with my daughter but when I relate to her I have far more insight. … Our daughter/father relationship has deepened dramatically in these four weeks.  My ex-mother-in-law just told me two days ago that she has recently noticed a dramatic change in my daughter–more affectionate, caring, attentive to others, considerate.   


My life is so much simpler now, I have far fewer worries.  I was able to relax about so many things that just are not important any more, as I focus on just a few key things that are utmost.  I don’t have to try to “be good” any more, I am good enough!  I just have to relax and be natural now.”

Patrick in Arizona.

“i just had to write you again today. this morning i woke up feeling really worn out, i went ahead and did my 30 minutes on the stationary bike, because of lot of times if i exercise i feel a lot better, but i barely made the 30 minutes. i meditated for about 20 minutes before leaving for work, but still all day i was dragging. During my morning break i went out to my car and did a quickie reiki which helped a little, but by the time i got home, i was feeling really lousy, muscles aching and just could barely put one foot in front of the other. i was lucky, because no one was home, so i put on my spa music, and did a full reiki treatment (knowing i was not going to be interrupted) and when i was done, it was amazing. i felt like myself again!! … i feel so blessed to have been given such a gift…thank you for helping to spread the wonderful gift of reiki to the world. namaste.”
–shannon (Reiki student)


For a Medical Intuitive Session, please email Laura at brunoleaf @ yahoo dot com.

“I did the meditation you suggested the next day af ter I read your email.  It was very powerful.  The first  impression of what I received was that ‘I already have the abundance of God’s love and blessings.  So I don’t have to wait for money, gifts, etc.  I already have access to it.’  Then with the outgoing flow of energy I think I was releasing old fears and some anger(?) or resentment.  That kind of surprised me.  Then a couple days later I had to call my local car insurance co. with some question of what was still owed on 2 of my kids car policies; the lady informed me that I owe nothing more and the co. is sending me two refund checks which just happen to equal the exact amount I can spend on a coaching session with you.  I was just tickled pink!” 

Lisa– Intuitive client, Nevada

 “I just wanted to tell you that our talk was so helpful. I can’t even tell you what a difference I feel today. I’ve been working on grant stuff with a lot more focus and I feel generally more awake and aware. -Kara, counselor

“Thanks again for the session! … You are a great person and really made me feel welcome and comfortable. … Life has been crazy but it has finally slowed down. I recently got engaged, got a new dog, and a great new job. After your session life just kind of fell into place. Thank you again.”  Mollie from Reno, NV 

“I love the energy.  It gets better each day.  I have done a full treatment on one of my friends and am setting up times to work on several others.  I asked them if I could practice on them.  They were pretty cute.  Couldn’t wait.   My two dogs are so wound up since I came home after level II.  Jumping in the air, running in circles and more energy then I have seen in them for quite awhile.  I love it.   I am looking forward to the Master/Teacher class in April.” Geneen–Reiki student, Reno

“After years of suffering with debilitating menstrual cramps, I began to dread my moon cycle every month. Herbs and supplements provided minimal relief, as did the heating pad and handfuls of ibuprofin. Laura easily delved to the root of the situation, which I’ll summarize as “emotional baggage”. Once the source of my pain was revealed, I was able to effectively work on improving the condition. Amazingly she discovered this in about 10 minutes, while I had been trying for so long! After a few sessions with Laura, the cramps were virtually non-existent. Occasionally they resurface, but now I am equipped with the tools I need to rebalance myself and return to a comfortable equilibrium.

My experience with lower back pain is very similar. For most of my life, I’d experienced sensation ranging from a dull ache to acute pain at the base of my spine. Yoga and exercise helped but were temporary “fixes” just like chiropractic adjustments and bodywork. Again, after Laura exposed the cause I was able to release the pain (both emotional and physical) and return to a state of wellbeing. I’m beyond grateful for the improvements in my health, which translate directly into a better quality of life. Imagine a process of aging where things continuously progress toward total comfort and health! I’m convinced that with Laura’s intuitive health this is entirely possible.”

Pamela (Monterey, CA)

This that you expressed, I have been feeling the truth of for years. Everything we discover, is something we already know. It’s more about remembering and awakening, rather than learning. I guess in large part that’s why I’ve done most healing work on my own. Yet I hit a point I wasn’t able to access yet, without a lot more time and development on my part, so hence sought out the necessary help. Plus the fact that my movement wasn’t going at the rate I needed anymore, I was ready to embrace much more, more rapidly.  … There are many energy shifts going on and I’m starting to realize more of the progress I have actually made, thanks to your help. … I have made major changes and shifts in my life that truly are amazing. I just needed a bit of help from someone like you to help open more up for me and allow me to truly fall into place in the peaceful way you facilitate.”  

–Tania Marie, artist, Incline Village, Nevada


“My life is full of blessings, and you are one of the brightest!” Denise Sheehan, Reno


For years, I have struggled with a bizarre set of symptoms, which no doctors could explain and which left me with extreme fatigue and pain. I saw or consulted with three neurologists, two infectious disease specialists, a rheumatologist, general practitioners in several states, three ER doctors, and a dermatologist. I’ve had more blood tests than I can count, and nothing looked abnormal. None of these doctors could tell me what was causing any of my problems, and without confirmatory tests, they would not prescribe anything to help me. During this time, Laura insisted that she “knew” I had Lyme disease and until the doctors would confirm this, she offered me some natural remedies. Although skeptical, I noticed immediate improvement when I followed her advice.

 “Laura also suggested an extremely advanced blood test that she said would confirm the presence of Lyme bacteria in my blood. I finally convinced my doctor to let me take the test, and it came back unequivocally positive. Laura was right all along! My symptoms have improved dramatically by following Laura’s suggestions. This is really amazing considering I have received no other ongoing care from physicians. If you know anything about Lyme disease, it is very difficult to treat. My doctor tells me I am extremely lucky to have known someone who could support me until science “proved” what Laura already knew. He believes Laura’s care may have saved my life last year when I had meningitis symptoms. With the test results, he can now prescribe antibiotics to assist me in fighting this infection.

If you have any medical related issues, and are looking for a medical intuitive perspective, and/or coaching, I would heartily recommend Laura Bruno.”

–Stephen from Reno, Nevada

“Thanks for the Reiki session last Saturday. I’ve felt just wonderful all week. Even my ankle, which had been a little tight lately, has really loosened up. Hope you have a great week!”  Elaine from Reno, NV 

“Laura has been extraordinarily helpful in supporting the spiritual and heart work surrounding my roles as a husband, father, friend, sculptor, and designer.  She is an astute listener and has provided guidance and wisdom with integrity, clarity, presence, enthusiasm, and compassion.  Her own life experiences have given her a deep awareness of physical, emotional, and intellectual processing.  She is curious, expressive, intuitive, and creative in the ways she offers her services.  Laura is a highly talented writer and artist.  I feel grateful to have her in my life as a friend and advisor;  I always feel more empowered after a session with her.”  –Bill –artist and engineer, Afton, Virginia   


“I want to thank you so much for the medical intuitive/Reiki Combined Healing session. I thought it was wonderful and can hardly wait until I can come over for another session. … I felt that not only did I get healing from some emotional things for me from the session but the healing enveloped my dearest one also. Amazing and I am so very grateful to God for meeting you and I am excited because I think you will be a special person in our lives in the future. May God continue to bless your work. Sincerely, Julia” ( Placerville , CA)

“Just wanted to thank you for helping me with Reiki during my recent stay in Reno. The Reiki helped a lot. I could feel you working on me even after our phone conversation. I told my aunt that you must be working on me as I felt less pain. She was amazed that you could do that without being there. 

I also want to thank you for treating my aunt. She felt very comfortable with what you did for her. She is going to continue to see you as her income will allow. She is a very nice person who takes on the worlds of others, as you have already picked up on. God brings people together for a purpose, and I know that our meeting was a destiny full filled. It was the stepping stone to healing for my aunt. She is blessed to have found you. Namaste, Linda” from Spokane, Washington

Laura’s medical intuitive sessions are certainly supported by education, personal healing experience and clear sight.  More important is the vibration she holds…the level of conscious and energy she “is”….which adds the crucial dimension of an incredible healing. It’s not just an informational reading. She transmits that beingness, her knowing of each person’s ability to heal, which make her sessions extra potent. Being with Laura is like looking into the mirror of possibility.” Shelley, NM

” Laura Bruno did what half a dozen doctors did not: She cured me of an infection that had persisted for two months, through harsh medication after harsh medication. With no advance warning of what my call would be about, Laura was able to pinpoint the problem on the spot and suggest effective treatments. Instead of looking at a chart and sending me to the drugstore for the chemicals that ‘work for everyone else,’ Laura looked at the source of the problem, and her solutions took into account my whole body, including my diet – something the Western doctors never stopped to consider but that turned out to be a major cause. Thanks to Laura, I’m cured!”
Amy B.– Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I recently had the opportunity to get a medical intuitive reading from Laura. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was hopeful she could help me get to the bottom of a few of my health issues. Her spiritual wisdom allowed her to sense the underlying cause of my chronic conditions, and then she offered both spiritual and physical suggestions to help relieve my issues. I came away from the reading feeling as if I had a much better understanding of how the mind and body are connected, and I had hope that these conditions will improve as I work on the underlying causes she helped me discover. I consider her insights a valuable part of my healing program.” Erin Pavlina

“Laura is a gifted and talented woman who has helped provide insight for me many times over a span of many years.  She provides compassionate clarity while telling the truth in a non-alarming way.  Her ability to find the right words and her mastery at combining compassion with truth telling in a gentle way is one of her many gifts to share. Laura is able to use her own life’s journey to model the importance of living with one’s own intuition as their guide.

She has such a wonderful combination of talents using her medical intuition, Reiki and her strong faith and belief in the importance of following one’s innate and natural path.  I have been so grateful for her guidance and presence in my life as both a friend and teacher.  She has not only helped me on my journey but I have also sought her expertise for other loved ones with great success!”  www.Vigdorhess.com

“When I consulted Laura a couple of years ago about some female problems and health issues I was having, she made some dietary and supplement suggestions.  After following her advice for a week or two, I saw great improvement in my symptoms.  I would consult Laura again for any future health or medical advice I may need.”

Deb — Massage Therapist, Indiana

“During the past year, Laura Bruno has been helping me with my health and nutritional challenges.  The results have been amazing and very encouraging.  The help and guidance she has provided me with have also influenced the rest of my family in ways that will last a lifetime. 

During the time that I have been working with Laura she has been an incredible source of support, encouragement, knowledge and information.  She is committed to being there with such unconditional compassion.  I have never felt judged in any way as I revealed things about myself and family that were very sensitive areas. 

As Laura worked with me and my children her deep care and reverence for life helped me unfold and realize things that were buried very deeply.  There were some areas that caused great distress in my life, but with her gentle ways she always helped me to feel OK with whatever I was going through. 

As a result of her profound care, knowledge and intuitive expertise I have changed many unhealthy patterns which were making me and my family unhealthy.  This lack of health penetrated in many areas of our lives, but mostly in the areas of communication and relationship.   

As I began changing and implementing Laura’s suggestions, my family began changing as well.  My children and I began to share more honestly and sincerely with each other.  Doors that had been bolted shut for a very long time began to open.  The fear of not being able to handle and deal with the difficult and challenging issues began to take a back seat to the importance of true care, love and healing.

Laura has also provided me and my family with distance healing attunments.  I have experienced and witnessed the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts due to her very profound and committed healing work. 

Laura never ceases to amaze me in her gentle, compassionate, consistent and ever present spirit.  I highly recommend Laura Bruno for anyone who has an interest in pursuing what she so generously offers to all of us – an opportunity for good health and healing.”

Giacinta, licensed massage therapist–Shoreline, WA 


“I’ve been acquainted with Laura and Stephen Bruno for 4 years as Reiki teachers, coaches and friends. More than anything academic or even philosophical, they are a brilliant model that embodies what they teach and present. They have guided me, mostly without words, toward and into places I’ve never visited inside myself. They’ve assisted me by creating a safe and sound space for this discovery. They have patiently waited for me to make the choice to walk through that gateway and have supported me at every turn, even when I wasn’t looking or asking.

    Stephen and Laura have true compassion and consciousness.  They “are it.”


Shelley — New Mexico


Below are Animal Communication Testimonials back from when I was still doing those types of sessions:


Our Story begins with a mom, a very special boy and a house full of very special animals!   Cole is a 9 year old boy and has a strong desire to communicate with the animals in our home.  As Luck would have it, our journey brought us to Laura.  Laura conducted an animal communications workshop specifically geared for my child and his friend.   

I was amazed at how well the two boys were able to complete the exercises and maintain the level of meditation required.  The next day brought a special bond with my boy and his dog.  In the workshop, my son chose to communicate with Chewy (our Toy Fox Terrier).  He was instructed to communicate some kind message that Chewy would do to indicate to Cole that he wanted to have some communication time.  Cole identified that he wanted Chewy to sit down and place his paw on his leg.  For our little Toy Fox Terrier to sit long enough to put his paw anywhere deliberately was next to an impossible task!  The next morning came; Cole did his normal routine of watching cartoons.  Chewy came up to him… sat down, stared at Cole and studied him very intently.  The next thing we knew the paw was on Cole’s leg!    Both of us looked at each other with astonishment! 

It’s been interesting to witness the changes taking place with our animals since the workshop.  Prior to the workshop Chewy had always preferred to sleep with me and be my “buddy”!  It is now VERY clear that Chewy is Cole’s dog and is now ALWAYS at Cole’s side! 

Lucky (our Shih Tzu), was the animal I chose to focus on.  He had been our recent little “rescue” dog and had experienced trauma prior to living with us.  Needless to say, he was not trusting and very “gun” shy.  He was not comfortable with anyone picking him up or getting near his face.   I had decided that my cue for Lucky to demonstrate when he wanted to communicate with me indicated the following:  he would want to be held, wrap his paws around my neck and look me square in the eyes.  (I was shooting for the stars, what I can say; I was the skeptical one and I wanted an ABSOLUTE sign!)  Like Chewy, Lucky responded to me the morning after the workshop!  He came to me and stood on his hind legs holding his paws up as a child does when wanting to be held.  When I picked him up, he wrapped his paws around my neck as a child does when holding on to their parent; he buried his head under my neck.  After about 15 to 20 seconds he pushed back, looked me in the eyes and then rested his forehead on my chin and continued cuddling for approximately ½ minute.   To date, Lucky is much more trusting of us.  He does “reach” to me when he feels insecure and on a daily basis will use this same technique for some “together” time! 

The techniques learned by both my son and I , have helped us to maintain  a level of communication with our “family” that goes beyond that of an owner and their “pets”.  Much thanks and appreciation goes to Laura for taking the time and energy to work with us.   Our family is much more “blessed” because of our experience with Laura’s workshop.

Greta and Cole 

“Without your help I really don’t know what I would have done but I’m sure my experience and Poser’s experience would have been significantly different and decreased.  My thoughts this morning were in line with going deeper into an animals being so that when they “get sick” they’re not “put to sleep” as quickly as they are.  I understand that it’s different for different animals and people – but I think animals have so much more to offer at the stage of their lives when they might otherwise possibly get “put down”. 

I think that if their human friends were able to communicate with them better they would be able to see the abundance of depth, gifts and blessings their animals have to share and actually want to share.  This can lead to such greater fulfillment – both for the animals and the humans.  On one hand it seems that people do wait to have their animal friends euthanized.  But,  I think that through what you have been able to share with both me and Poser through animal communication months have been added to her life.  This time has enabled the quality of her life to exceed what it normally would be at this point.  There’s so much depth that I see her share with so many on a daily basis.  She is always learning new things and ways of being that tremendously support her spiritual awakening and growth.  Being a witness to this process and a participant has been such an honor and a gift and an incredible blessing. 

I don’t know how much longer Poser will be with us, on this plane, but you and Poser have helped me so much to understand the essence of what this process is all about.   And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.  It has changed my life and has supported true, deep and pure mindfulness – I could not have learned this from anyone else!

Much love, many blessings and XOXOX


“OH! I’ve forgotten to tell you that that E3 stuff you told me about to tell my brother and parents to get for Chuck has helped him to regrow his tail back completely. Haven’t heard anything recently, but they told me this a while back and forgot. He had lost his tail, on top of everything and it wasn’t growing, but now he has his tail back. Cool.”  (Chuck is an English parakeet from Sherman Oaks, California) 

Wow….this is awesome!    Don’t quite understand the quote Franny referred to and am hoping some of that doesn’t mean she’s going to  leave soon, but, wow, what a powerful kitty.   I’ve always known she was teaching me a lot …

Also after I Reikied Franny, I shared with her … that my intention was about my heart flying with freedom, and  I asked if this might relate somehow to the teachings she would like to share.   Then she stretched, and her front paw brushed over my heart.   That cannot be a coincidence.

ps….just did the same with Zoe.   When I started (your) reading, she was lying in the window seat in my studio.   As I began to read she came to the edge of the seat right next to me and hung her head over the edge looking at me and listening…..really sweet. 

We had window cleaners this morning, and Franny hid under a bench behind some cushions.  She was still there after they left, so I sat near her and read her the reading that you sent. About the time I got to the Chapter from the Book of the Egyptian Dead, she came out and sat near me for a minute, then went and sat regally on our sofa as I continued to read.   When I was done and shared my gratitude and openness to her, she readily received Reiki from me.   A very blessed experience!

I am interested in taking a class with you at some time in the future as I feel very comfortable with your energy and so appreciate your background and experience.

–B. Holder, Incline Village, NV.   

When the opportunity arose to have Laura supportively work with Nestor, I jumped at it. Laura’s work with me has been so amazing that I could only imagine what was possible with Nestor, but the outcome far surpassed my anticipation. Nestie and I share a deep soul connection, but with the help of Laura, our bond has increased tenfold. Laura has helped me come to understand, respect, honor, and love Nestie even more and that love grows every day as I learn, through Laura’s help, how to utilize different techniques to bring me into Nestie’s world. This has helped open the communication lines to ever greater depths.  

Laura has unraveled the emotional mystery behind Nestor’s behaviors and knowing the core of her issues has revealed a wealth of knowledge that has not only helped me to help her, but has brought ever more clarity to the parallel paths Nestie and I are on. Now, together, we are able to work in partnership and having the information come forth has helped me to understand my own life through Nestie and provides deeper motivation for me to continue my growth, as I know that my choices help to inspire her to do the same, and vice versa. Learning more about Nestie’s dedication to service has allowed me to understand more deeply the beauty of this little being who blesses my life with her presence. I couldn’t be more grateful to share my life’s journey with Nestie and to have Laura be a part of that is a true blessing to both of us.

And the day Nestie had her first session with Laura she came over to me at one point wanting me to cuddle and support her. I later asked Laura about the time she started with her, having made note that Nestie came over to me at 10:36 am, which of course I found out was the exact time Laura had begun the session with her. Amazing. 

I am so grateful to Laura for all that she does and am so excited and happy that Nestie has helped her to embrace her powerful gift of communication with animals, as such a gift is definitely of service to share. Thank you, Laura, for helping my best friend and I to love and learn.

Nestie has responded to her work with Laura amazingly. She has become ever more loving and responsive and in having Laura to confide in and express herself to, she doesn’t demonstrate annoyances like she used to, especially when we leave her to travel. Having that outlet has really helped her to be more at peace and keep both she and I on even levels along our path. I am dedicated to my work with Nestie and through Laura’s help, I am learning how to access my own telepathic gifts so I can feel, understand, and one day hear her more clearly. I am always amazed at the information Laura uncovers through her work with Nestie, which has led to ever increasing spiritual experiences between her and I, including a telepathic dream that revealed how our communication has deepened through this work.

Tania Marie, Lake Tahoe

I’ve created a space to honor these amazing animals.  Click here to visit this special page. </spa

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  1. I attended one of Laura’s Animal Communications classes earlier this year, in fact the mother and son in the first testamonial above were in the same class.
    Last week I was giving a massage to an artist. He told me his dog was dying and they were going to have it put to sleep any day now. He was also midway through a painting of the dog. I suggested to him that maybe the dog is trying to tell him something, or give him something with regard to his art, and to pay attention to whatever it is. During the massage I silently asked my dog Shadow, my cat Janice, and Nestor, the rabbit mentioned above, to assist this fellow’s dog if it wanted to stay around to complete something.

    Yesterday I gave him another massage and when I asked him how his dog was, he said the dog made an amazing turnaround, a new lease on life. I asked him how the painting is coming along and he smiled, it is not finished yet, he said.



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