Lee Harris ~ September 2021 Energy Update

This video is so spot on! I’ve been saying very similar things in sessions, and Lee articulates so well the current and emerging energies. Highly recommended to watch this throughout the month:

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  1. Posted by seattle72 on September 2, 2021 at 9:37 pm

    The other day, after being contacted by an ex I’m not terribly fond of, I had the most amazing shift in perspective. I received the gift of accepting responsibility for my choices made as an adult, shedding the blame game, and moving into forgiving *myself*.

    I’ve had similar breakthroughs with my parents, and that breakthrough is acting like that first domino to tip over, setting off a cascade of understanding and emotional healing and maturing.

    After this most recent experience with the “R” word (Responsibility), I felt my own hurt heart, my child aspect, reach out and express just how much I’ve hurt myself over the years, since I became an adult, with choices I’ve made. No one to blame. They were just being who they are, that’s their business. I sat with that part of myself and shared/felt it’s/my pain. It was really something. It’s incredibly freeing and empowering to finally accept that I’m in the driver’s seat, and have been my adult life. I can feel ties to those ex’s evaporate as we are truly no longer an energetic match.

    I also think my new healing modality may be guitar. With my brother’s help, I’ve picked out my gear and will be receiving it shortly. I know it’s hard, I know I have a lot of months/years of practice practice practice, but it’s as if I can’t not do this. So we will see. Hope my kitties are patient with me. đŸ˜º

    Love Lee Harris. I almost forgot about him, very glad for this post. Thank you!

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    • This is such a heartwarming share! Thank you, and yes, I’ve had similar experiences in recent times and know others who have, as well. Lots of healing on all levels … and from the healing comes beauty, love, and creativity.

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