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New Moon in Taurus ~ May 11, 2021

In my May 2021 Forecast, I wrote:

May 11 New Moon in Taurus at 3:00 p.m. Eastern. Even more so than usual, this New Moon offers the promise of new life. Like the dove symbolizing the end of the Great Flood, this New Moon in Taurus promises rewards for those who manage to follow and maintain their faith amidst trying circumstances. If you’ve weathered the storm, remember to watch for rainbows.

I based this interpretation on the Sabian Symbol for 21°18’ Taurus. (Always round up for Sabian Symbols.) Here’s the full description for this degree of Sun and Moon:


KEYNOTE: The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.

Here also we are confronted with a symbol of guidance, and the dove flying over troubled waters reminds one of the story of Noah and the Ark. Noah met his and mankind’s crisis courageously and in complete obedience to God’s promptings. The test completed, he received the dove’s message. It is a message from the Holy Spirit announcing a new Dispensation. This symbolic scene can be applied to personal crises resulting from emotional upheavals or from the irruption of unconscious forces and impulses into the consciousness — if the crisis has been faced in the right spirit.

This second stage symbol is in contrast to the preceding one because here it is not the product of a culture, a “book,” but instead the rhythm of cosmic, God-ordained cycles that reveals its conclusive beat through a living and concretely significant sign — a REWARD TO THE FAITHFUL.

(See more Sabian Symbols by Dane Rudhyar here.)

In other words, keep the faith — whatever that means to you. If you’ve sensed something unfolding but don’t yet see solid proof, take the necessary steps available now. Continue to operate as if.


Black Moon Lilith closely conjuncts this New Moon, only a degree away. I highlighted Black Moon Lilith at the recent Scoprio Full Moon, and this New Moon in Taurus conjunct Lilith intensifies her relevance. From the Scorpio Full Moon post:

Black Moon Lilith — also in Taurus right now — also deals with issues of sexual abuse, human trafficking, the Shadow, sovereignty of the body, and power to vs. power over. …

I think of Black Moon Lilith as a female version of Pluto and Scorpio combined with Uranus. Like Pluto, she deals with taboo, shameful, and sexual topics, but like Pluto, the rewards of Lilith bring regeneration and a renewed natural state. Like Scorpio, Lilith wants true intimacy, but when she feels attacked, she reacts with a poison sting. Like Uranus, Lilith hates feeling restricted or censored. She wants to break free at any and all costs. Come hell or high water, restrained Lilith will fight chains and burn bridges.

It is possible to embrace and harness Black Moon Lilith energy, to reclaim it as a kind of Women Who Run with the Wolves natural empowerment … or the old hag turning into the fairy godmother or beautiful maiden once treated with respect.

Respect is key to calming Lilith.

If the April 29 Full Moon triggered any autoimmune reactions, Lilith behaviors, issues, or people in your life, this New Moon offers a chance to reset and renew. Repression only makes Lilith more volatile. Practice listening to the deep, dark, mysterious, and wild feminine within and around you. Use Earthy Taurus embodiment to ground and honor that energy.


At the time of the New Moon, Mercury the Messenger remains in close contact with the transiting North Node. This meeting offers new communication and understanding about our collective destiny.

Asteroid Tantalus exactly conjuncts the North Node, though, so any revelations will probably not go far enough. At least not yet. We get the word “tantalize” from Tantalus. No matter how much some people want to shout from the rooftops, the time is not yet ripe. If you have planets at or aspecting 9-12° Gemini, this could play out in personal ways. With the transiting North Node involved, it also very much pertains to the collective.


Speaking of the collective, Neptune — the bigger picture planet of mysticism, the collective unconscious, illusion and disillusion — sextiles this New Moon from Pisces, while Pluto trines it from Capricorn. These supportive aspects offer deep and far ranging cosmic insights, but that Tantalus placement on the North Node keeps these collective insights somewhat nebulous and inarticulate.

Pay attention to intuition, dreams, deep feelings, and synchronicities. Always pay attention to these, but especially so around this New Moon. The information you surmise might not take tangible form or seem relevant just yet, but some of it will prove valuable by the June 24 Full Moon. Taurus energy takes awhile to unfold. When it finally does come into being, you can count on it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all mothers a beautiful and heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day! Many blessings to you and yours…

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch …

Happy 5/5/5! It’s 2:22 as I begin typing this. From my post Repeat Numbers, Signs and Manifestations:

Repeating 5’s indicate big changes on the way. Even good changes can feel stressful, so prepare yourself for shifts. When you see 555’s, get focused on what you do want instead of repeating all the things you don’t want. If you feel frustrated at the slowness of changes, know that they are coming. If you’ve wanted out of something, put whatever things in place you’ll need for when that something falls away. Affirmation: (The Serenity Prayer) “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Repeating 2’s represent seeds, partnerships and encouragement to keep the faith, keep proceeding. Don’t dig up the planted seed while it’s sprouting underground. Don’t pop your souffle by opening the oven door too soon. If you need to distract yourself with a different project or some relaxation, go right ahead. Things are working behind the scenes. Resist the urge to rip away the veil too soon. Affirmation: “I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things.”

Just a quick update from Dra’Faven. Have you noticed increased timeline splitting and blurring? A new, beautiful reality keeps revealing itself, even amidst changes and endings.

On the day of Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus, I suddenly felt led to upgrade indoor plants. Not all of them … just some specific old ones that for whatever reason, weren’t thriving. I kept them alive, but they seemed like the old waning instead of the new arising. It’s unlike me to discard plants; however, it seemed a positive way to engage potentially disruptive energy. Welcome new plants into the house, while liberating the dying ones back to the earth.

I hadn’t intended to get so many flowers and trees, but that’s what happened. I forget what this plant is called, but it replaced the same type of plant, which had become pot bound and no longer flowering.

A money tree called my name for our main bathroom:

I got some other more common plants, and while looking at them, the bonsai’s caught my eye. I already have a little bonsai on my desk:

But I couldn’t stop thinking about the others. They lured me back on Sunday, and this one came home with me:

You can see it in front of Laura Daligan’s Freya with two lynxes, which I wrote about here, in a post called “More Office Activations.”

I love how the bonsai plays with the tree in the Daphne, aka Tree of Life Portal. These aren’t the only trees in my office. I started this jade in Goshen from a single leaf:

We’ve got another one in the main living room, along with this mini house tree, which is, I think, some kind of palm:

Bringing nature — especially trees — inside makes me sooooo happy! Outside, our yard continues to attract mallards. Somehow we’re not only a frequent night spot for a male and female couple, but the other morning brought a male mallard right to the sliding glass door. He peeked in at me at a key moment of typing something in for a property reading. Later that morning, I saw not one, but two male mallards snuggling together in the backyard.

I didn’t want to disturb them by opening the door or window, so this photo’s enlarged. They had moved a bit apart by then, but still sat together in the rain:

I saw Mrs. Mallard fly off our birch tree the other evening when I went out to do some front yard work. I’ve never seen a duck in a tree before, but this one’s a magical tree, so who knows!? In any case, these little moments of magic sneak into my day, both outside and inside.

When you sense big changes on the horizon, remember to cultivate moments that make your heart sing:

Happy 5/5/5 and big blessings to you and yours!

May 2021 Specials

Happy Beltane! On this sacred day and season to the faeries, they jumped in for one of the May Specials. The other comes by special request.


The Faeries’ Dream

The Fae seem to go through phases of having strong messages and support for humanity, and I (and others) sense a recent increase in activity. This 30-minute reading can focus on Faery advice, requests, and/or messages for you, and/or instructions on how you can connect more easily and effectively with this Realm.

The Faery Realm holds the original imprint of our completely pure, loving and healed planet, so working with the Fae always puts us in close proximity of that possibility as material fact — what has always remained and thus already is pure, healed and beautiful. This reading springs from such knowing and offers a chance to learn what your faerie companions would most love for you to focus upon instead of all those things that crop up as worries or concerns. Invoking delight brings us that much closer to experiencing it. $111 if prepaid on or by May 31, 2021. Please contact me to sign up.

One-Hour Astrology Special

This special comes via client request. It can cover anything from a natal chart reading, to life path, planetary impact on health conditions and relationships, putting past or present challenges in context, and planning for the future. One hour for $177 instead of the usual $222. Offer valid if prepaid on or by May 31, 2021. Please contact me to sign up.