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New Moon in Aries ~ April 1, 2022

My April 2022 Forecast shared:

April 1 New Moon in Aries, 2:24 a.m. Eastern US time. This New Moon heightens questions of Cosmic Order and Divine Will vs. social order and human will. Natural healing recognizes that some things supersede the ego. As Carl Jung reminds us, “Free will is doing gladly and freely that which one must do.” This New Moon activates a conjunction among the Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Aries. See more details on the 2nd when the conjunction goes even more exact.

April 2 Sun conjunct Mercury and Chiron in Aries. A powerful day to shine light on old wounds and understand them in a new way. Mercury rules communication, but also how we organize and process information. What story do you continue to tell about yourself and your history? How might you re-frame this story into one that shifts you beyond the Wound to become a Wounded Healer?

This is the first New Moon of a new astrological year, and it bodes well for spiritual healing and enhanced understanding about our place in the Universe. According to Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon degree is:


KEYNOTE: An idealistic reliance upon a mental image of universal order.       

The wild goose is the mystical bird, hamsa, of Hindu tradition.The Hindu hamsa was the symbol of man’s transcendent soul. What previous interpretations of this Sabian symbol have failed to grasp is that the flight of geese presents not only a remarkably geometrical V-shape moving through the sky, but also that this flight is seasonal and therefore attuned to planetary rhythms. Thus, it symbolizes cosmic order, in contrast with the social-political order within a nation which is represented by its ruler. It is order made visual on the background of the clear sky. It is a “celestial” type of order, even though it is earth-born birds which reveal it by their ability to keep their flight structured. The symbol therefore refers to the Soul-consciousness as visualized by the heaven-oriented mind. Yet this soul-consciousness can be called transcendent because it has not yet become “incarnated.”

… A basic dualism of consciousness is thus suggested. We see arising a potential conflict between cosmic and social principles of order. The principle of COSMIC ORDER polarizes the all-too-human reliance on the social concept of law and order.

(You can read the extended description here.)

This New Moon-Chiron-Mercury conjunction also conjuncts a little known astrological body called Leleākūhonua. Phoibe notes: “Leleākūhonua shall be a name from Hawaiian mythology. One source says that the name compares the orbit to the flight of migratory birds and evokes a yearning to be near Earth. Another source says that Leleākūhonua means where the sky touches the ground.” In other words, we get a double whammy of migratory birds and Cosmic Order — in the Sabian Symbol itself, plus an astrological body whose name refers to migratory birds and the sky touching the ground, at that exact same Sabian Symbol degree.

Again, this feels auspicious. This New Moon offers healing that aligns precisely with the energy of migratory birds. How do they know where to go? We can theorize, but we don’t really know. They just know what they know and get where they need to go. Instinct kicks in. Everything falls into perfect place, even if our narrow perspective limits our ability to perceive the pattern. Heaven influences Earth. In a similar way, many painful events of our lives lead to our deepest healing and expanded life path. “Accidents” lead to our soul’s “purpose.” As Pink Floyd sings, “Everything under the Sun is in tune, but the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon.”

We’re not in Eclipse Season yet, but this first New Moon of the new astrological year reminds us that the Great Mystery directs the birds of the air and the innermost parts of our being. Society may seem like it’s falling apart, but a greater order exists beyond superimposed man-made laws. Nature orients us where we need to go.

On April Fool’s Day, we’re reminded that some things supersede the rational human mind. It might feel like we’re walking over a cliff into the abyss, but we have protection.

Rider Waite Smith deck: The Fool

A new adventure begins!

April 2022 Forecast and Second Quarter North Node Horoscopes


The signature transit for all of April 2022 is the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which goes exact on April 12. Although Jupiter and Neptune conjunct every 13 years or so, they last conjuncted in Pisces on St. Patrick’s Day 1856. With both planets co-ruling Pisces, this expansive, buoyant, and dreamy meeting is as big and nebulous as Pisces gets. It helps to keep in mind both positive and negative potentials of any transit.

Depending on our level of spiritual awareness — and where this transit hits our own natal chart — we might experience immense hope, returning faith and a huge sense of the bigger picture. On the other hand, the pull to check out will also peak. Jupiter expands whatever he touches, so this Piscean party with Neptune brings potential for big addictions, especially to alcohol and opiates. Not that you ever want to drive drunk, but this month would be a really bad time to get behind the wheel. Increased fentanyl overdoses would not surprise me either, especially when people don’t even realize they’re taking it. Optimistic Jupiter can lead to overconfidence in all areas.

On a more positive note, this whole month brings extra powerful insights from dreams and meditation. Given the thin veil between different levels of reality, synchronicities and manifestation will flow faster than usual. As a new world reveals itself, that which no longer serves begins to fade away. “Surrender and release” will serve you well. Trust in the beauty and rightness of a larger unfolding story. When in doubt, aim for compassion, good will, and spiritual inspiration. Pray for discernment. Why settle for drippy platitudes of luv-n-lite when you can immerse yourself in the highest expression of Divine Love and Light?

April begins with a New Moon in Aries and ends with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Beltane Eve. Below you’ll find more details about this surreal and magical month, as well as new Second Quarter North Node Horoscopes.

April 1 New Moon in Aries, 2:24 a.m. Eastern US time. This New Moon heightens questions of Cosmic Order and Divine Will vs. social order and human will. Natural healing recognizes that some things supersede the ego. As Carl Jung reminds us, “Free will is doing gladly and freely that which one must do.” This New Moon activates a conjunction among the Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Aries. See more details on the 2nd when the conjunction goes even more exact.

April 2 Sun conjunct Mercury and Chiron in Aries. A powerful day to shine light on old wounds and understand them in a new way. Mercury rules communication, but also how we organize and process information. What story do you continue to tell about yourself and your history? How might you re-frame this story into one that shifts you beyond the Wound to become a Wounded Healer?

April 3-5 Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. A good time to realize how “delay leads to delight.” Limitations encourage innovative solutions. Instead of complaining, turn the situation upside down and inside out. You can git ‘er done — just not the old fashioned way. As Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

April 5 Venus enters Pisces. The Love Goddess joins Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, bringing extra beauty and riches, whether spiritual, earthly or both. Grace, harmony and artistry arise with little effort. A great time to write poetry, paint, and get a makeover. The next four weeks increase romance and soften hearts.

April 10 Mercury enters Taurus. Communication slows down. We need time to process information we’ve already acquired. Mind and body work together, so pay attention to physical cues. Adjust your self talk to be more supportive of your self-esteem. The next 19 days offer support to shift your inner dialogue around food. No pressure: you’ll get more practice in late May through mid-June when Mercury retrogrades through Taurus. Spoken intentions go further when you incorporate your body.

April 12 Jupiter exactly conjunct Neptune in Pisces. As mentioned above, the energies of this transit permeate the entire month, but today the conjunction goes exact. A boundless day of extra thin veils, dream logic and synchronicity.

April 14 Mars enters Pisces. The Fiery Warrior feels adrift in Watery Pisces. The next forty days nudge us to go with the flow. The easiest way through aligns our will with a Higher Power. We’ll progress, but we can expect synchronous and oddly perfect detours. What first appears as a “random delay” will reveal itself as necessary in the bigger picture. When in doubt, ask for dream guidance: “What do I need to know or do? Give me something helpful, obvious and true.”

April 16 Full Moon in Libra, 2:54 p.m. Eastern US time. Also known as the Wind Moon, this Full Moon could portend “a change in the wind.” Pluto in Capricorn squares the Sun and Moon, adding depth and a shadow element to the axis of cooperation and partnership (Libra) vs. self-interest and leadership (Aries). How do power struggles, subconscious patterns and corruption disrupt peace and personal sovereignty? How might art, song and/or poetry help to transcend such friction and move into a more beautiful co-creation?

April 17 Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus. The Messenger and the Rebel meet with a supportive sextile from Venus in Pisces. Breakthroughs in communication encourage us to look at a bigger picture. This new understanding offers liberation from prior limitations related to self-esteem, finances, and creativity.

April 19 Sun enters Taurus. The next month brings extra focus on Earth, finances, and our physicality. With the transiting North Node and Uranus in this sign, light shines on collective destiny and human evolution. “Little by little, one travels far.”

April 27 Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Unconditional and ideal love permeate this transit. A good time to practice forgiveness and random acts of kindness. Romance and creative inspiration run high. Ask your dreams for insights about relationships, money and self-esteem. Allow yourself to dazzle.

April 29 Mercury enters Gemini, and Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn until October 8, 2022. As Mercury enters one of his home signs, we can expect communication and negotiations to speed up, but Pluto says, “Not so fast. Let’s get to the bottom of things.” The next five months urge us to dig even deeper than we already have. Find the gems inside that hidden Shadow Realm. In mythology, Mercury/Hermes is the only god who can enter and exit the Underworld at will. All others need Pluto/Hades’ permission and an escort. Gemini amplifies Mercury’s shapeshifting and realm crossing abilities. Whenever you feel stuck, open your mind to other possibilities. Think both/and.

April 30 New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse 4:28 p.m. Eastern US time. This is a North Node eclipse, sextile Mars in Pisces and loosely conjunct revolutionary Uranus in Taurus. It’s also the traditional celebration of Beltane Eve. Venus (the Love Goddess and ruler of Taurus) also conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces, expanding the earthy, sensual connection of Beltane. Known as a Black Moon, the second New Moon in a month brings extra potent, magical energy. In the sign of the North Node on a day of very thin veils, this powerful Solar Eclipse points to our highest collective destiny and reminds us of the almost unbelievable — yet real and grounded — transforming Power of Love.

How April’s sky weather affects you will vary, depending on your entire natal chart, but your North Node Horoscope transcends monthly sky events. That’s because your North Node reveals what your soul came here to do. By midlife, the soul starts longing and pressing us to live our true purpose. At first, it whispers through intuition. Then it knocks a little louder through “coincidences” and external events. When not heard and honored, the soul’s longing can show up as health crises, marriage or work issues, or wondering “is this all there is?” If you feel a need to reinvent yourself, following North Node guidance helps you do that authentically — for you.

Unlike generic Sun Sign horoscopes, which ignore so many other aspects, following North Node guidance will always lead you in the right direction. Doors open, healing happens, relationships improve, and life gets more magical. This quarterly column will help you tap into your personal North Node Mojo. When you start living your North Node purpose, we all win, because you not only begin to light up your own life. You light up the world.     

You can find your North Node sign here which is often different than your Sun sign. If you’re right on the cusp, consider both possibilities or book a reading for more clarity.


ARIES NORTH NODE: April 2022 emphasizes healing for Aries North Node natives. Things you’ve wondered about for a long time could finally make sense and allow you to start moving beyond old patterns. May highlights relationships. As always, you’ll need to balance your own needs while resisting the urge for co-dependence. Your faith and confidence expand as Jupiter enters Aries on May 10. He’ll remain in Aries over five months, until October 28th, when he returns to Pisces until the end of the year. Pay attention to lucky breaks, financial windfalls, and opportunities to do something BIG. Your sign’s ruler, Mars, enters Aries on May 24. From late May-July 5, you get extra energy and drive. A good time to take action on anything that ignites your passion.

TAURUS NORTH NODE: The Sun shines on Taurus North Node natives from April 19-May 20. You’ll be extra impacted by the powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30. With the North Node in your sign, you can expect deep insights and inner and outer course corrections. Pay attention to coincidences that seem like signs. They are! May brings opportunities for breakthroughs, but Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus from May 22-June 3. If things feel like “Hurry up and wait,” just go with it. You don’t need to push. Trust that everything will come together at the perfect time and pace. If your past issues flare around the May 16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, don’t overreact to that either. You got this. Use June to recharge your batteries.

GEMINI NORTH NODE: Second Quarter 2022 asks you to do old things in new ways. Your perspective flip flops, and that is A-OK. You can “master” hard energies by opening yourself to paradox. Instead of chaining yourself to prior expectations, embrace the freedom to go with an ever evolving flow. Mercury, your sign’s ruler, enters Gemini on April 29 and goes retrograde in Gemini from May 10-22, when he re-enters Taurus for awhile. Mercury returns to Gemini with more information and better deals on June 13, followed by Love Goddess Venus on June 22. You’ll get the most from this quarter by following where synchronicity and curiosity lead. You’re awakening to new levels of communication, including from animals, crystals, and telepathic downloads. Don’t work too hard, Gemini. Distractions and play time are good for you.

CANCER NORTH NODE: You need downtime: puttering around the house, taking baths, and nurturing yourself with TLC. It’s OK to narrow your inner circle and focus on what matters most to you and your closest loved ones. You’ll find safe passage in this crazy world by tending to your own vibration and learning to accept help from unexpected quarters. You’re so good at running the show, but sometimes you just need to curl up in your jammies and binge watch Rom Com’s with a bowl of popcorn. Allow the watery energies of April to wash over you, and then take May to process the cleanse. By Solstice on June 21, you’ll be re-balanced and ready to face the world again. Commit to a more sustainable flow of giving and receiving. Your next cycle begins with the June 28 New Moon in Cancer.

LEO NORTH NODE: A surprisingly intense quarter, considering nothing’s in your North Node sign. Intense can be good, provided you lean into it. Eclipse Season squares the Leo-Aquarius nodal axis: a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30, followed by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16. Squares generate friction, which leads to pearls under the right circumstances. With the collective nodal axis in Taurus-Scorpio, these events initiate even greater shifts. If it feels time to release something old, just do it. Letting it go on your own terms feels better than life ripping it away from you. These cosmic course corrections open pathways for new, more aligned connections and activities. If you embrace the Second Quarter pressure to change, you’ll position yourself well for Third Quarter breakthroughs.

VIRGO NORTH NODE: Wow, have you got a chance to realign and reset! Love energies abound, with supportive, destiny level energy from the collective nodal axis. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, focus on small details and daily rituals. April will feel surreal, but resistance is futile. If you open yourself to the cleansing energies, you can wash away lifetimes of old crud. Virgo loves cleanliness and order. Once the waters recede, you can reground yourself in a new physical and emotional landscape. Things are not as they’ve appeared. Take time to observe your new surroundings. This quarter’s Mercury Retrograde from May 10-June 3 will redo your worldview. The first part presents challenges to your communication and understanding, but the later part supports reintegration of old and new information. A breakthrough quarter!

LIBRA NORTH NODE: Second Quarter 2022 is a time of gathering energy and messages for later in the year. Libra North Node natives get activated by the energies, but in subtle, rather than obvious ways. Be mindful of burnout. You don’t need to run the fastest race in order to succeed. You’ll move further by mixing activity with rest and camaraderie. Share your victories with others of like mind, but don’t broadcast every move. Keep intentions close to your vest, because things are percolating. You don’t know where or how they will wind up — and that’s a good thing! This is not a time to charge ahead. It’s a time to gather energy and wait for the right timing and energetic support. Pay attention to little signs and synchronicities, especially ones that involve other people. Patience is a virtue worth your time and energy.

SCORPIO NORTH NODE: Quantum leaps are possible for those willing to align with Destiny. With the South Node transiting through your North Node sign, you’re 180 from most of the world, but hey, the world’s insane right now. Up is down, inside’s out. Face the darkness: it will bring you Light. The powerful eclipses on April 30 and May 16 activate Scorpio North Node natives in extra potent ways. Issues of intimacy, security and regeneration arise. Seize this chance to drop the victim role. You are so much more than the stories you keep telling. Reclaim your power, so your body, mind and spirit can be reborn. April allows you to wash away anything that no longer serves. You’ll find it easier to release those things you’ve held onto out of fear or habit. Enter the Void. It’s so much fuller than you think!

SAGITTARIUS NORTH NODE: Second Quarter 2022 feels magical for Sagittarius North Node natives. The inner work you’ve done for the past two years continues to bear fruit. Your only direct activation occurs on the June 14 Full Moon in Sagittarius, but this whole quarter brings opportunities your way. Pay attention to the things you love, but also to opposition. Contrast helps you gain more clarity about that which you do want. You’ll find your True North by following where passion leads. Consider taking — or teaching — a class this quarter. You have lots of tools, but you benefit from higher learning. Dabbling is soooo South Node Gemini! You’ll enjoy honing your expertise. If you haven’t traveled anywhere this year, remedy that ASAP. If can’t physically go somewhere, you can get lost in an epic film, novel or documentary.

CAPRICORN NORTH NODE: With all the supportive energy coming from Pisces and Taurus, Second Quarter 2022 feels magical for Capricorn North Node natives. Finances and relationships flow, and it feels easier to bring spiritual visions into tangible reality. On June 21, the Sun moves into your South Node sign, Cancer. Pay attention to sudden insights about old contacts, patterns and ways of being. If these arise, it doesn’t mean you backslid; rather, it’s an opportunity to lay (fully) to rest that which no longer serves. Your hard work over the past few years neutralizes nostalgia for “the way things were.” You realize you can appreciate the old without hiding behind it. A new world awaits, and Cappy’s lead the way by actively imagining and anchoring the New Earth frequencies.

AQUARIUS NORTH NODE: Eclipse Season squares the Aquarius-Leo nodal axis, and Saturn continues his 2.5 year stint in Aquarius — even longer if you count his initial foray there from March 21-July 1, 2020. The transiting nodal axis also continues to square the Aquarius-Leo nodal axis, and this friction urges a need for destiny level change. You’re being asked to move from the personal ego (Leo South Node) to group consciousness. Whenever you get hung up on individual relationships and goals, you benefit from stepping back. How do sticky karmic ties inhibit you from expressing your zaniest, least conventional, most innovative and authentic self? How can you practice healthy non-attachment? This isn’t the same as rejection, but it allows you to complete your mission in a much greater process of Human Evolution.

PISCES NORTH NODE: One of the biggest transits of the year occurs throughout April in your North Node sign. Your sign rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, conjunct in Pisces for the first time in 166 years. Venus also spends much of the month in Pisces. These transits continue the sweeping (yet nebulous) destiny level shifts you’ve undergone since Neptune first entered Pisces in April 2011. Emotions range from huge satisfaction to world weariness to poignant nostalgia to safe passage directed by forces beyond your comprehension. As surreal as April feels, May might feel a bit edgy with squares from Gemini and Sagittarius. At the same time, you’ll continue to receive supportive energies from Taurus and Capricorn. Use this quarter to release rigidity and imagine a beautiful new life materializing from beyond.

Shambhala Warrior Prophecy

I’ve been posting and reposting Joanna Macy’s version of this story for nearly a decade. It feels especially relevant right now:

Happy Spring Garden Update

Happy Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere! Today actually feels like Spring, and I took the opportunity to clear away old growth and plant some cold weather crops. I keep dreaming of young plants just poking through the soil, and indeed, I see bits of green from hyacinths, daffodils, peonies, garlic, chives, and even a tulip.

In times like these, we need to search for signs of life. They are all around, despite evidence of things now dead. The garden’s such a beautiful metaphor for life. At first, we can only imagine the harvest:

It takes faith to believe such things can arise from scenes like this:

I added mushroom compost and then direct seeded the front and top of the Garden Tower. I don’t feel like managing and turning it, but SOME things will grow.

The back bed got cleared away …

… and I found one Fall planted spinach sprout that waited until Spring to show itself to the world.

Such things bode well in the Garden of my Mind:

Meanwhile, we wait. Mother Nature unfolds in her own way and her own timing. Patient or anxious, we can show up and play our part — plant seeds, make room for new growth, tend the perennials — but ultimately, we don’t control the show. On the first day of Spring, we trust in the birth and harvest of things not yet seen.

Big Days Ahead

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Just a quick heads up that we’ve entered a three-day period of especially potent energy. St. Patrick’s Day today, then a powerful Full Moon tonight, followed by Equinox on the 20th — Vernal in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumnal in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you’ve not read my Full Moon in Virgo post, you can do so here.

Equinox always offers a chance for reset: equal light and equal dark. The Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and a new cycle begins. Activate your passion, courage, creativity and leadership abilities. If not you, who? If not now, when? You don’t need to make all your changes at once, but take a moment on Equinox to check in with yourself. What belongs to the old cycle? What feels raring to go? Hit the reset button, find your new balance, and allow fresh energies to supercharge your coming year.

Visibility, Invisibility and Protection

Today’s post mostly comes from a dream download and my journal of realizations I had while typing up the dream download. I share this because I was “told” to share it, so here goes:

3:00 a.m.

Awoke realizing it’s not just my blog, it’s me. I am not of this world. My blog and home are like Avalon. Not everyone can see or find them, even if they’ve been there before.

I never put it together that it was not just the search engine with my blog — I (and others) can look up “Laura Bruno blog” and it won’t come up. Neither will “Laura Bruno WordPress.” I’m hearing this more and more from clients that they can’t find my blog. And yet, if someone really needs to find me, I come up as the #1 search engine ranking for whatever they need. Like “medical intuitive.” I am NOT the #1 search engine ranking for that, but I have heard from more than one new client that this is how they found me.

In Goshen, people used to drive right past our house and yard. I thought this was impossible because the yard was certainly VERY different from its surroundings. Factory and train track across the street, but our yard bloomed from March through November. I thought it was impossible to miss, but friends — people who had been there before — often drove past multiple times before I would walk into the street and flag them down.

Passersby would either marvel at all the flowers or not see them at all. Our friend Tim had free passage, and when he came to get our vacation mail, he felt a force field stop him. He realized what it was and said, aloud, “Laura Bruno asked me to keep an eye on the place and to get their mail.” The force field allowed him in.

Yesterday, here, our modem and router reset to factory standards. The former network name, “Dra’Faven” also disappeared. When I awoke, I realized this, too, is like Avalon. “Dra’Faven,” aka Dragon Faery Haven, is no longer visible to the outside world. I am in it but not of it. Less and less each day.

Remind readers to bookmark my blog and save my email and blog address because they may not be able to find me again if they lose touch. Not exaggerating.

END of that dream.

[I went back to sleep and had another dream, the details of which I’ll spare you. 🙂 In the morning, I handwrote the second dream into a dream journal and then typed both into my laptop. The following thoughts poured out of me as I continued typing.]

Last night we watched two episodes of Dickinson. We needed to redo the connection because of the earlier wifi situation. Only then did it occur to me that our network name used to be Dra-Faven, not the factory default router name. The guy on the phone helped me change my password to our other password, but I totally forgot our network was named. David, of course, remembered this, and I went upstairs to find the default name, which has the effect of anonymizing our network.

Both episodes — and really most of the second season — deal with the issue of Fame vs. Invisibility. Every episode leads David to comment, “This is SO Laura Bruno. These are the exact issues you’ve grappled with for your entire life.”

The second episode we watched last night features Emily getting her first poem published as E. Dickinson. At the moment she has finally dealt with her fears of other people reading her work, she becomes invisible. No one can see her at all, and she spends the whole episode wandering around listening to what people really think of her work. She also discovers all sorts of secrets, and this, too, feels like me with my intuitive “gifts” where I know things that I have no normal way of knowing.

After I typed in the first dream download, I realized, “Duh! I have had real experiences of invisibility, too. Not just a fictional idea of it. In Goshen, not only could people not see our house and yard, but they couldn’t see ME until I started eating cooked food.”

That’s literally why I started eating so much more cooked food. On a raw food vibration, not enough people in Goshen could see me. It became difficult to do day to day tasks like purchasing things at a store, because no one would acknowledge me at the register. At first I thought people were incredibly rude. I was like, “Wow, they take this Menno game (genealogy) way too far. Now they won’t even wait on me?!” I would sometimes leave stores in a bit of a huff, like “Fine! I guess they don’t want my business.”

One day, I was at the co-op with David. I finished shopping first and got in line to pay. The clerk just stood there. I said, “I’ll pay now,” but she did not acknowledge me at all. I waved, plunked my stuff on the little scroll thing, tried to flag down another employee. Nothing. David came up to me, and she immediately acknowledged him. Then David turned and said something to me, and the clerk about jumped out of her skin.

She said, “Oh, my goodness! You scared me. I didn’t see you come up just now.”

I said, “I’ve been standing here for five minutes.”

She said, “Ha ha.”

“No, really. I’ve been standing here trying to get your attention for the past five minutes.”

She had no idea what to do with that information, and David gave me a look like, “Pipe down.” When we got to the car, I said, “She really didn’t see me, did she?”

“I’d say no.”

“So maybe people aren’t being rude to me. Maybe they really can’t see me. Like physically cannot see me.”

From a practical standpoint, I realized I needed to lower my frequency in order to operate in Goshen. I needed to eat a lot of cooked food, drink loads of raw dairy, and weigh eight to ten more pounds than I do now. Even then not everyone could see me, but most of the time I could run errands without issue.

The house and yard were another story. I would not have believed people couldn’t find the property, but people kept telling me and even demonstrating this was the case.

Emily Dickinson published only one known poem in her lifetime, although she wrote many hundreds and became well lauded and famous after her death. Will I, too, become only posthumously famous? That would be SUCH a relief, if so.

I suspect my dreams and experiences with invisibility are meant to tell me that it doesn’t matter. Even if I DO become a household name for my writing, art, or anything else, I’ll keep my cloak. The wrong people won’t be able to find me even if they try. I haven’t figured out who or what is causing this with my blog, but more and more clients tell me that they can’t find my blog. They used to be able to find me at least by people linking to my blog, but lately even that method doesn’t work.

Is this protective? It seems so. Business is good. Maybe the cloaking keeps the wrong people from devouring me. I do feel like I live in a different dimension than most people. Experiences like the fictional episode show up in my actual life — and have for years.

Even back in Madison, David hosted a raw food potluck. We often did this at other locations, but sometimes at our house. There was one particular man who I did not feel comfortable having in our home, but we couldn’t just exclude him from the meetup. At the time, he had done nothing wrong. I just had a weird feeling about him. (He later got thrown in jail for aggravated assault, so my concerns were valid.)

Anyway, he was part of the raw food potluck, and I didn’t want him at our home. On two occasions, he TRIED to get there. He had the directions, the address, etc., and he spent hours driving and then walking up and down our block, unable to find the house. He accused David of giving him the wrong address, but we double checked, and it was the correct address. I told David to tell him, “Maybe you just weren’t meant to attend this meetup,” but I knew I had blocked him from finding our place.

Also, our “helpful” neighbor who would bring in our trash and recycling and run over my garden plants with the bins: I asked him not to do that. “Please, just leave the bins on the driveway, I’ll get them.” No matter how many times I asked him not to run over my garden plants, he always did, then expected to be thanked and thought we were cheap for not tipping him.

I asked for help from beyond, and wasps moved into the garden. I could work fine with them buzzing all around me, but if he set foot in my garden, they stung him. He continued to persist until they started swarming him at the base of the driveway. He turned tail and later apologized that the wasps were too intense for him. He just couldn’t bring the bins in anymore. Mission accomplished.

He wondered how I could garden with all those wasps.

I said, “They never sting ME. You know why? Because it’s MY garden. They know that. They only sting people who shouldn’t be there.”

I never had a problem with him again.

END of journal entry.

I don’t know why I’m supposed to share all of this, but perhaps it will strike a chord with others who have a stellium of 10th house (career, public life, fame) planets in their natal chart, or a Leo or 5th house North Node. Maybe it demonstrates or confirms that we can, and do, have spiritual protection when we need it.

A few weeks ago, David and I tried to watch something on Amazon Prime. Our connection “malfunctioned” and literally forced us to start watching the show “Dickinson” on Apple TV. We tried and tried to watch anything else, and this was the only show that would start. Once it started, we couldn’t get it to turn off, so we kept watching the pilot.

I often have uncanny synchronicities with shows or movies that echo dreams I’ve had the morning of or night before, but Dickinson takes the cake! Every episode turns into a confirmation and/or download. Each show explores a poem and presents a possible motivating life event. It’s spoofy, goofy and really well done. I’ve always related so strongly to Emily Dickinson, especially her love of privacy and her fascination and comfort with Death. You don’t have an exact Grand Trine of Sun-Moon-Pluto without turning quite Plutonian yourself. 😉 Plus, the nerdy English Major in me loves all the literary references.

Last night’s show (and much of Season 2) focuses on this poem:

I’m Nobody! Who are you? (260)

Emily Dickinson – 1830-1886

I’m Nobody! Who are you?
Are you – Nobody – too?
Then there’s a pair of us!
Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know!

How dreary – to be – Somebody!
How public – like a Frog –
To tell one’s name – the livelong June –
To an admiring Bog!

In any case, I’ve followed through on the instruction to post these thoughts and to remind people to bookmark my blog and write down the url in case you step away for awhile and cannot find the blog again. I keep hearing about this from people who had sessions with me years ago and recently tried to find me to book an appointment. I give them huge points for their successful effort, but wow: I’m pretty invisible these days. I have zero social media, and I don’t advertise.

You can find my blog two ways:

You can use the Contact page form ( ) or email me at .

I wish everyone a magical day … and hope you find your own perfect calibration on the visible/invisible spectrum.

Full Moon in Virgo ~ March 18, 2022

Last month’s Full Moon write-up posted itself nine days early. So many people thanked me for the longer than usual heads up that I feel led to post this one extra early, too.

My March 2022 Forecast shared:

March 18 Full Moon in Virgo, 3:18 a.m. Eastern. This intense Full Moon urges us to choose — and choose well. Wishy-washy won’t do. Beware of accepting whatever comes your way. Pay attention! Humanity’s at an important juncture. This is not a time for laziness, addictions or zoning out. You have a real chance to level up. Practice discipline and discernment, so that you can tell the difference between true guidance and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We always round up for Sabian Symbols, and according to Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is:


KEYNOTE: The sheer power of personality in times that call for decision.

Whether at the religious or at the socio-political and cultural level there comes a time when obsolescent patterns of order and cultural refinement have to be radically and relentlessly challenged. Catabolic personages emerge to seize power and dictate decisions that alter the structures of society; or within an individual life, an intense urge for cathartic changes mobilizes the will, and traumatic decisions are made. At such times, the issue has to be met and, ruthless as the power may appear, it must be accepted.

At this third stage of the thirty-sixth sequence we face the un-postponable necessity for decision and transformation. Existence is motion. No static formation, however beautiful and inspiring, can remain long unchallenged. Everything bows to THE POWER OF THE WILL — divine, executively human, or Satanic.

An intense Full Moon during increasingly intense times! This one closely trines Pluto in Capricorn, forcing Shadow themes and power struggles to the surface. With the North Node trining from Taurus, a feeling of larger patterns and sweeping collective destiny anchors a Grand Trine in Earth.

The Plutonian energy gets amplified by a tight conjunction between Pluto and the centaur Amycus. “Astrologically Amycus is a heavy weight, well capable of expressing the more brutal qualities of the mythological version. …[T]his Centaur may stimulate an insatiable urge for power, a tendency to manipulate, and is verbally a fighter to the extreme.” (You can read more from VAMzzz here.)

With these background energies, our challenge during this Full Moon remains one of discernment followed by focused attention. Although the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces doesn’t go exact until April 12, it’s already in orb of influence. On the negative side, this accounts for the unusually massive propaganda, distortion, lies, CGI, and deception, as well as a surreal sense of the old world dissolving into disillusion. On the positive side, these energies encourage us to dream big and align our own will with a Higher Will in order to continue ushering in a New Earth. If faith the size of a grain of mustard seed can move mountains, imagine what faith the size of two gas giants can do!

The presence of so much confusion and fog of war allows anyone with a clear focus to work the energies in a more preferred and mystical direction. Nietzsche reminds us: “One must still have chaos within oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” We live in potent, magical times. The BALDHEADED MAN WHO HAS SEIZED POWER could also represent tapping into our inner Tibetan monk — to bring enough calm, disciplined focus to transform physical reality by harnessing and redirecting the chaos within ourselves.

We have tremendous healing potential at this time. Quantum leaps are not only possible, but favored.

I’ll leave you with Pam Gregory’s recent video that echoes so much of what I keep sensing and hearing reflected by clients, friends and family.

When in doubt, choose Love. As the Hopi Prophecies say, “This could be a good time.” “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Intuition Chronicles: It’s Not Always About Me!

Such a great post by my friend Pamela! This actually sounds like my life, including the Cosmic Costume Designer. Oftentimes, I discover “why” in an avalanche of synchronicities, but sometimes the costume speaks for itself on some level — as Pamela says — “above my pay grade.” Other times, a clothing item I see in a dream shows up months to years later as a kind of “timeline marker.” When I look back at the dream, it shares relevant information for *right now.*

In any case, Pamela’s examples cover MANY scenarios of intuitive nudges. Sometimes these nudges literally save your life. Other times, they sprinkle delight and magic along your (and other people’s) path. I appreciate them either way!

Luminous Heart Reiki & Massage

Lots of times I don’t know the reason for the internal nudges I get. Sometimes it becomes clear days, or even weeks, later. That’s why I keep track of intuitive messages and my response (or lack thereof) to them. But sometimes even a direct instruction doesn’t yield any tangible results.

This leads me to the conclusion that it’s not all about me. Shocking, right?!

Several weeks ago, as I was layering up to head out into the winterscape of Philly in February, I was instructed, “Green.” That’s it. Just one word. Given that I was standing in front of my selection of scarves at that very moment wondering which one to wear, it seemed a no-brainer. I wrapped my green scarf around my neck and ventured out, eager to learn why.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No clue why I was meant to do that. No Prince Charming swept me off my…

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It’s Not Too Soon to Plan Your Garden …

Just a little garden inspiration for people who’ve never gardened before or have only a small space to grow vegetables. Whether a potted tomato on your patio, or a mini herb garden, even the tiniest amount of homegrown food fills you with flavor and a sense of real accomplishment. Getting your hands in the dirt is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your mood and raise your vibration.

It always helps to brainstorm a garden before planting it. You’ll save money, time, and have much more success with at least a little planning. Yes, there’s room for spontaneous additions, but spend some preemptive time observing your intended site(s) and gathering seeds and other supplies.

BBC Gardener of the Decade Katherine Crouch packs so many tips into this one video. I’ve intensively gardened for over a decade, and I learned a bunch in 20 minutes:

I’ve used Big Bag Beds and Smart Pots for at least five years. I like these for perennials, as well as annuals. You do need to water more frequently than an in ground garden, but the aerated roots produce healthy, robust plants. You can also work around existing landscaping and/or poor soil, just plunking a raised bed on a reasonably level surface with good light.

existing garden plus newly added Big Bag Beds and Smart Pots

This next video covers five different crops you can grow in under a month:

I’ve blogged for many years about the Garden Tower Project and Garden Tower 2.

I can’t believe how much produce I’ve harvested from the GT2 the last couple years. I especially love growing carrots and lettuce on the top — no bunnies munching up there! I’ve also grown several basil’s next to a dwarf tomato plant a couple years. Another year, I grew bush beans and kale up top.

If you live somewhere with garden munchers, a mesh cage and low metal fencing keeps out the larger critters AND the cabbage moths. You just need to be careful you don’t accidentally leave a moth in there if it sneaks in while you’re harvesting. In that case, you’ll need to diligently pick off those black eggs on any kale or collard plants, so you don’t get an enclosed infestation. Once you clear out the eggs, you’ll have a moth free garden again. The mesh is large enough for bumblebees to climb through, but it keeps out many aerial pests.

Garden Tower 2

Over the years, I’ve adapted how I use the Tower. I use plant nannies and scatter several Pellegrino bottles (filled with regular water, not the fizzy stuff!) throughout the pockets. This eases some of the watering frequency during long, hot or windy days. It also allows me to go on a short vacation without worrying that my plants will die. The GT2 is an amazing way to grow a lot of plants in about a 4’x4′ (or less) space, but so many plants in so little soil do require more water than a traditional raised bed would. Extra rich compost also aids moisture retention.

If I grow taller plants on the top, I use the compost tube and worm setup. When I grew lettuce up top last year, I decided not to use the compost tube so as not to contaminate my lettuce by pouring rotting food scraps and eggshells right over it. Had I thought of this issue ahead of time, I would have only planted the lettuce on the outer edge. If you don’t do use the compost tube and worms as originally designed, then you’ll need to add compost and/or organic fertilizer a few times throughout the season. The worms work well, but with all the groundhogs and bunnies, I LOVED having a large tray of lettuce and carrots out of their reach. I have other compost bins, so it made sense to prioritize the lettuce.

For those people who want to garden because they’re concerned about our crazy external world, here are the 15 fastest growing survival veggies to grow in a crisis. He offers great information, but also has such lovely energy and a positive attitude:

For seeds, I like Baker Creek Seeds, which offers a wide variety of heirloom and organic seeds. A lot of farmers markets and local co-ops also offer plant starts, which can help you fast track your garden. I use a mixture of direct seeding, starting seeds indoors, as well as purchasing plant starts from farmers or stores. There’s no shame in letting more experienced gardeners begin the process for you, especially if that makes the difference between gardening or not gardening!

Looking Back to Look Ahead

On this auspicious day, Mars and Venus cross from Capricorn into Aquarius, conjuncting at the same degree as the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on Winter Solstice 2020. I know many people feel uncertain about the road ahead. Given cyclical time, sometimes a peek at the past allows a glimpse of the future.

No matter where you are or where you’ve been, you can choose where to focus your energy. I’m always struck by how different people’s experiences are even when these individuals share a location, certain natal aspects, or life experiences. We are much more than what happens to us. We also happen to the life around us.

Can you find the beauty in stark scenery?

Can you embody hints of Spring before Winter melts away?

Can you look with curiosity at the road ahead?

Thanks to David for yesterday’s photos. Wishing everyone the gift of presence as we move through multiple realities and chaotic nodes.