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Goodbye 2011!

I posted this last year, either on Facebook or my blog (or both), but I’ve had Lee Harris on the brain all morning. I finally looked up this video again and found it so interesting as a retrospective. I know 2011 has been a rough year for many people. I’m more in the group Lee mentions who have spent the last 4-5 years (or more!) clearing whatever no longer works, relocating multiple times, and radically opening up awareness. For me, 2011 has been all about grounding. It’s the first calendar year since 2000 that I have not moved my home. It’s the first year since childhood that I’ve ever had a garden, and it has been all about rebuilding my physical structure — from teeth to finances to business guidelines to spine.

From the outside looking in, my year probably looked challenging and change-filled, but compared to the past decade, my 2011 felt like a cakewalk! A celebration. A coming together of many long intended and awaited things. Some of these things are still manifesting but they feel ever closer and more tangible. Life is good and getting better!

If you are among the many for whom 2011 marked the beginning of your (sometimes rude) awakening, I hope Lee Harris’ message gives you encouragement that “all is well” and happening in Divine Order and Timing. I wish everyone continued growth, joy and freedom in the coming year and beyond. Much love!

Raw Food Holiday Fun

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday time as much as I did. Yes, I know it’s not over yet! We’ve all still got a New Year to ring in, and in January I have one grandmother turning 100 and the other celebrating 90 years around the Sun. My holiday season began on Thanksgiving and continues through the third week of January. So many people ask me what I eat during the holidays that I thought I’d post another round of raw vegan holiday photos. Here’s what I had on Thanksgiving, and below you’ll find two feasts’ worth of food: one from a Christmas Eve dinner with local raw food friends and the second with my boyfriend’s non-raw, non-vegan family when we could be together two days after Christmas.

As I mentioned in my Raw Vegan Thanksgiving Post, I am no longer 100% raw or 100% vegan. I did spend about 8 1/2 years as a strict vegan, and I still find the bulk of my diet consists of raw vegan foods like green smoothies, salads, seed pâté’s, blended soups and occasional raw desserts. Given the cold winters of Madison, Wisconsin (as opposed to my warmer sojourns in Sonoma County and Sedona), I sometimes add lightly steamed veggies, kombu soaked beans, and grains like brown rice. In February 2011, I also added some organic, grass-fed, free range, raw cultured dairy to keep my teeth mineralized, as they remained a major weak link, regardless of vegan supplements and any version of a totally vegan diet. I may write on my tooth protocol another time, but today’s post is meant to celebrate the vast array of raw vegan dishes that even “regular” folks enjoy. Especially on holidays, I love to feature the gorgeous, delicious and joyful bounty of Mother Earth.

I’ve got lots of photos, so I will mostly let them speak for themselves:

Raw Vegan Christmas Eve Feast

This one came from my local raw vegan Christmas Eve Feast. It features clockwise from left: zucchini pasta with marinara sauce, Eden Organic Brown Mustard (made with raw apple cider vinegar), Fennel Seed Sausage (from Raw Fusion Recipes), Buckwheat Crusted “Fried” Onion Rings, Celery Wakame Soup, Simple Caesar Salad (also from Raw Fusion) and napa cabbage leaves as a substrate for the sausage and mustard.

More Raw Vegan Feasting

At the same gathering, we also had a cashew based hummus, chopped veggies, extra garlicy marinara sauce and nori sheets for building some seriously flavorful wraps. For dessert, we had a vegan nut-nog, which I made by blending almond butter, water, lucuma powder, vanilla stevia, 1 soaked date (and soak water), 1 banana, nutmeg, and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt. My boyfriend makes his nut-nog with more dates and no lucuma, but I knew that Christmas Eve’s crowd would appreciate low glycemic. 🙂

Once that feast ended, I spent much of Christmas day prepping food for our post-Christmas road trip to Goshen, Indiana, where David’s parents live. For some reason, I have been seriously craving sourdough rye bread, and my local friend turned me onto this amazing grain-free, raw Rye Flatbread recipe from Ani’s Raw Food Essentials. (Ani Phyo, that is.) OMG! This totally hit the spot. It uses celery, caraway seeds, cacao, and ground flax to make a convincing texture and taste. When we arrived to a homemade (cooked) vegan soup, this Rye Flatbread allowed us to have soup and bread like the rest of the family. David’s mom tried the bread and couldn’t believe a) I made it, b) it had no grains, and c) how flavorful it was.

Rye Flatbread

Truth be told, I was quite the kitchen witch, preparing foods that David and I would love, which we also thought the rest of the family might like, too. The bottom shelf of our fridge could barely hold all the travel food, including some green smoothies for breakfast:

Stocked Travel Fridge

(By the way, those Hail Merry macaroons are incredible! They do have maple syrup in them, but wow! Totally tasty.)

In the fridge you can see our smoothies; an Asian cabbage slaw made from the rest of the Christmas Eve napa cabbage; marinating Italian mushrooms that included my own homegrown basil; a lemon stevia and mustard dressing to be added to a pound of spinach with pinenuts before serving (this was a non-gycemic version of Cherie Soria‘s “Braised Spinach” from her book, The Raw Revolution Diet); sweet potato soup with shallots, pumpkin seed oil, and homegrown rosemary; and some root veggies for our (cooked) roasted root veggie dish (parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets, yellow carrots, turnips, shallots, olive oil, wheat free tamari and balsamic vinegar), which we prepared on site and shared with everyone. I made extra Fennel Seed Sausage for the Christmas Eve feast, and this became David’s and my roast beef counterpart on our plates:

Christmas Plate

As you can see, we feasted well! Clockwise from upper left: ACV-marinated cucumbers with shallots, “Braised Spinach,” Italian Marinated Mushrooms (with basil, garlic, sun dried tomato and a hint of wheat free tamari), roasted root veggies, and the Fennel Seed Sausage from Raw Fusion. Again, David’s mom gave a surprised thumbs up to the Fennel Seed Sausage. Everyone loved the mushrooms, cukes, and roasted root veggies, and the spinach got rave reviews from those who eat spinach. We had so much food that David and I saved the cabbage salad for another meal, which I enjoyed with the soup and more of that amazing bread.

The only non-universal winner was the lowly swamp water pie. LOL! David and I love Spirulina Pie with goji berries as a special Christmas festivity. After sampling twelve baked pies, my non-vegan friend Matthew voted it his all time favorite pie last holiday season. Alas, the concept of algae and green in a pie is just too much for some people. I promised to bring Violet’s Violent End next holiday season. That’s a blueberry chocolate pie from Shazzie and David Wolfe’s book, Naked Chocolate. Always a consistent winner, but it’s purple. Who wants a purple pie for Christmas when you can have a green one?! We will all have some giggles for years to come, though, so it was worth making the pie. David’s sister’s family all wanted to try it, despite warnings that it might not be to their usual liking. Seeing all those green tongues stick out in disgust actually made our first night there hilarious — and David and I got to eat everyone else’s pie. We wisely offered it the night before the feast, so as not to interfere with what we knew would be a lovely gathering. 🙂

For raw foodies or anyone who’s developed a taste for spirulina, this variation of Matt Amsden’s Spirulina Pie, is really quite a treat. I find Matt’s too sweet, so I usually skip the crust and back down the agave, but the carob, spirulina, coconut and cashews are the same. Then I top it with goji berries to up the festivity factor. Here it is in all its spiral swamp water glory:

Spirulina Pie with Goji Berries

We ate well, and all our dishes blended with the more traditional mashed potatoes, roast beef and corn. It was one of the best Christmas celebrations I remember having. Ever. Lots of fun, and no one felt out of place or went hungry. In fact, we had enough leftovers to feast at a rest stop on the way back to Madison, even after over two days of eating well.

Wishing you all good health in the New Year! If you’re looking to up your raw food goodies, I highly recommend Raw Fusion, as well as my own ebook, The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide. Both offer laid back approaches to tasty eating and high vibe foods.

Madison, Wisconsin Reiki Master Teacher Training Class

The next Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level III Master Teacher Certification Class will be taught on Saturday, January 21, 2012 from 9-5 at a private classroom in Madison, WI. If interested, please contact me (775-750-9140 cell or brunoleaf at yahoo dot com) so that we can discuss your previous training and make sure the RMT training makes sense for you at this time. Students must have at least Reiki Level 2 training in order to register for this class. Pre-registration and a deposit are required because participants will receive handouts ahead of time for review.

Taking this class also entitles participants to audit (free of charge) all additional Reiki Certification Classes taught by Laura Bruno, space permitting. Many students value this chance to observe earlier levels from a Master’s perspective. Class size is limited, so please contact me soon if you have interest and wish to reserve your spot.

This workshop is for those who would like to deepen their healing gifts and/or who feel a calling to teach. The instruction includes:

• How to give attunements for every level.
• Master symbols and attunement.
• Anthakarana, Tibetan, and Usui Master symbols.
• Violet Breath.
• Complete Healing Attunement instructions and practice.
• Hui Yin exercise.
• Handouts for Reiki Master/Reiki Master Teacher.
• How to teach all levels.
• Discussing the 21 day cleansing.
• Reverence for life.
• Giving self attunements.
• Beginning a Reiki teaching practice.
• Attracting students that resonate with you.
• Teaching in different settings.
• Special positions for specific imbalances.
• Reiki and Manifestation
• Special uses and applications for Healing Attunements.

Please contact me at 775-750-9140 (cell/text) or brunoleaf at yahoo dot com (email) to set up a time to talk about the class. You might also find this article helpful in determining if you feel ready to take this next step and if you resonate with me as a teacher. I am a Medical Intuitive, Life Coach, author, artist, and Soul Reader. I became a Reiki Master Teacher in March 2002 and have taught Reiki Certification Classes around the United States for nearly a decade.

Capricorn New Moon December 24, 2011

Thank you to Kelley Rosano for sending out and sharing this powerful Christmas Eve message. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this report will have you cheering about something. Here goes:

The New Moon in Capricorn on December 24th is an opportunity to awaken to the new future we are creating. Powerful Pluto is conjunct the New Moon encouraging us to let go of the “status quo” and reinvent our holiday rituals for celebration. Uranus, the awakener and liberator, says it is time for radical change. Radical means: “return to our roots.” We are to move away from our addiction to materialism and move into Love.

Holidays will be different this year and in the years ahead. Uranus, the change agent, and Pluto, the transformer, are active at Christmas and New Years. In fact, “weird” may be in vogue this holiday season. Let your spirit soar to new approaches, rituals and directions, and celebrate your own uniqueness. The New Moon in Capricorn is encouraging us to examine our traditions and fundamental way of life.

Capricorn is the natural ruler of the Tenth House. The amplifier of what a person attains, or does not attain—prestige, honor and success— before the public. Capricorn is a ‘testing’ sign and the Tenth House is of deep significance to the soul on its journey to the highlands of spirit. Capricorn’s key phase is “I use.” Capricorn’s key word is “attainment”. Capricorn is symbolic of the mountain goat— solidarity, s/he who climbs alone to new heights with patience and persistence. Capricorn faces calculated risks in that climb, but nothing is going to stop him before he attains his objectives. Is it any wonder that Capricorn rules big business? Capricorn requires that we make a commitment, concentrate and be disciplined in our approach. Capricorn represents “active practicality.”

Capricorns are capable of great strength and have a strong sense of purpose. Where Leo rules by the divine right of kings, Capricorn rules by delegated authority. The Capricorn strength lies in leadership and humility. Money is important to the Capricorns, but not for the money itself, it’s the power money provides them in outer circumstances. Respect and reward have to be earned in Capricorn. Great wealth and great power includes great responsibilities. The evolved Capricorn has leadership, patience, perseverance and humility. They are ambitious and willing to work hard to achieve their goals. The less evolved Capricorns can be cold, stubborn, suspicious and retaliatory.

Wherever Capricorn is found in our natal chart is where we have to make “restitution.” There is a need to improve or renovate our ideas about the house affairs. In previous lifetimes, we have sought personal recognition through the affairs of the house. Now, this house is one of frustration, until we no longer seek to obtain any recognition from the house affairs. Capricorn certainly does not deny personal recognition, but only when the correct attitude is “restored”.

The Capricorn New Moon is aspected by Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto emphasizing our readiness for taking a giant step forward on our path. Uranus–Freedom– reminds us that it comes with a price. We must speak truth to power. We must stand with the 99% and demand our government, banking, healthcare, education, and so on, serve our people and not just for the few who can purchase power. Uranus represents liberty and individuality—the ability to avoid being deceived or detoured by what other people think. Uranus wants us to question, experiment and know that each one of us has unique contributions to make.

“Uranus in Aries doubles the cosmic message to wake up and live the truth in our heart and soul.” –Stephanie Austin

Pluto is conjunct the Capricorn New Moon. He will bring things up to the surface from the bottom of our belly. What no longer serves us we must release. Pluto in Capricorn teaches us that we create with every thought, word and deed–that our life reflects our choices. Whatever is falling away from us now is to make room for something new. The Sun will approach its yearly conjunction with Pluto on December 28th. Whatever must change will become crystal-clear. We are in the cycle of Capricorn–a cardinal, action-oriented energy. The cosmic message here is: do not make fast decisions now, even if we feel compelled. It is much wiser if we approach our issues in a strategic manner. We want to take our time. Moving too quickly can create mistakes that we must correct. Patience and perseverance pays in dividends in the sign of the mountain goat.

Mercury, the God of Communication, will be out of his shadow period on New Year’s Eve. This means he has retraced his steps back to his original retrograde position 18* Sagittarius. Our lives can be very different by 2012. What has changed for you?

Generous Jupiter is in harmonious aspect to the Capricorn New Moon encouraging generosity, hope and optimism. Jupiter moves direct on Christmas day giving us the green light to go ahead on our plans and projects. It is show time! All the planets are direct until January 23, 2012. This window is a fortuitous time to launch our new ideas, partnerships and ventures. This is our cosmic green light!

“If you knew everything was really all right, and that it always has a happy ending, then you would not feel trepidacious about your future. Everything is really so very all right! If you could believe and trust that, then, immediately everything would automatically and instantly become all right.” —Abraham

May you become a shining Star…

Blessings and Abundance,

Kelley Rosano

Jupiter Direct December 25, 2011

Cancer Full Moon January 9, 2012

Mars retrograde January 23, — April 13, 2012

Share the Good Vibrations! Pass this message on! Thank You! You Are Awesome!

© Kelley Rosano All rights reserved. (More about Kelley here.)

Occupy the Global Financial System: The New is Now

As above, so below. It’s happening, folks! I know that Madison tends to be ahead of the curve on alternative, co-operative and off-grid things, but according to this report, the New Financial Systems are already beginning at hyper-local levels. This represents a new paradigm of global change through local means. Think globally, act locally. 🙂 Thanks to Kauilapele for this exciting news from Ben Fulford:


The first historic trades within the new financial system have taken place!

The many global, independent trading networks all over the planet are rapidly connecting with each other, forming an infinitely expanding web of local and international commerce, exchange and trade.

People have woken up to the fact: for most of what we spend WE DO NOT NEED GOVERNMENT ISSUED MONEY. In fact, so many different groups have been abusing the money system, it can no longer fulfil its original purposes, which were:

a) as a medium of exchange

b) as a unit of account, and

c) as a store of value

It is the last of these that has led to systemic abuse and criminality, along with usury – the charging of interest. Money stopped merely facilitating things (a job it can do supremely well) and started to be seen as value in itself – which is one reason why so much is out of circulation! The ‘value’ is being hoarded, availability manipulated, markets distorted. No wonder the older religions all forbade usury – for they knew that the usurer and his schemes means that he always ends up owning everything, and tends to manipulate ruthlessly to that end.

There have been some interesting clues as to how this controlling and enslaving global finance system might be broken up. In the 1980’s, in Canada, a man called Michael Linton named the first Local Exchange Trading systems (LETS), from which a number were established. They then spread around the planet, but were largely ignored by anyone even remotely mainstream. The system, in brief, means that you have a local, non-interest bearing currency, and members of the system trade together for all sorts of goods and services: up to 70% of everything you need can be acquired this way in a properly run system with enough members. See definition at:

Then there were time banks, e-currencies…and many other innovations. Over thirty years the expertise has spread to everywhere. For Time Bank description, see:

One of the most sophisticated, just coming into full operation, is Liverpool, England-based TGL: see:

The first big clue to how these generic system types might be deployed was when Argentina got into trouble with the banksters, and threw out the IMF. The nation was in deep financial crisis – but very quickly, LETS systems sprang up, so that the people that participated were not disadvantaged. The same has happened recently in Greece. One Greek man, interviewed for a You Tube piece, said of the emergence of LETS – “I am amazed: I can afford things I could never have bought before”.

In other words, this generic type of system leads to increased abundance – not what you might expect in the midst of what the media tends to paint as ‘siege economies’. Meaning that people are real and can get on with it – while many aspects of government today are a variety of fictions, and fall apart under stresses that are also substantially of fictional making.

The upshot? SYSTEMS LIKE LETS, AND MANY INNOVATIVE VARIANTS, ARE IN PROCESS TO TAKE OVER. Just as things like computers have moved from huge, centralised systems to distributed PC’s on everyone’s desktop, the financial system is becoming distributed down to the level of community. Indeed, these systems ARE the community level of the NEW GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM. The new System is literally everywhere already, spreading a like new knowledge to the 100 monkeys!

There is a lot of software for these systems, much of it available for free. For a good list of examples, see:

The new system’ developers know that people are ‘the gold’ that backs and assures this system’s success

As the groups link with each other the Products, services and reach of this network grows daily.

Many of the groups and systems are not listed here yet, for obvious reasons, however they soon will be. In the meantime, we suggest you look at the links above, then do a computer search for local exchange networks in your area and get involved.

In the (probably) trying times ahead, joining a LETS-type system IS ONE OF THE MOST POSITIVE FINANCIAL SURVIVAL STEPS YOU CAN TAKE

Software, electronic payment, credit, debit facilities and new currencies are all part of the range of technologies already operational in these new systems. All this and more is available for new groups to implement in all regions, countries, communities!

Details re access to all info will be made available in the next weeks.

Some of the exciting applications of the new financial systems include self funding of various communities and other initiatives, starting small and growing to include the, food, health, water treatment, education, new green power and other technologies, all waiting in readiness, for this ability to fund them, to arrive!

As stated, all are welcome, including those of the old regime, subject only to the simple credo of Inclusion, and operating for The Greatest Good of All.

Those of the old regime are invited to make contact, if they sincerely wish to cooperate. Their resources, systems and networks will still be of value if they are contributed in alignment with the above philosophy. Alternatively, they may want to research the truth of what is reported here, ie, that this process of the establishment of and implementation of the new, ‘people’s financial system, IS happening, IS expanding, rapidly, and IS beyond anyone’s control, due to the fact that it is backed by some 200 million enlightened people!

If you have read and resonated with this article, please forward it to your personal contact list, post it on web sites you have access to, use it as a basis for publication, print it up and hand it out – or anything else you can do to spread the word. You will be helping humanity move forward!

Contacts :

PS Already we have had an expression of interest from the old system!

Laughter: A Contagious Way to Raise the Collective Vibration

In the spirit of raising the vibration from all sorts of angles, I just had to post the below video today. I dare you to watch it and not start giggling!

Laughter is the best medicine on both personal and collective levels! “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.” ~Jean Houston. It’s also one of the fastest vibe shifters around. “Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.” ~Kurt Vonnegut.

I prefer laughter, too, but in case you’re wanting or needing some extra inspiration and support for the holidays, then yes, the Holiday Centerpiece Special continues through December 31. (Some people asked for clarification since the Gift Certificate offers ended yesterday, but this one runs all month long.)

The Holiday Centerpiece

This $111 one hour reading is specially tailored to help you find and maintain your center throughout this darkest time of year, which happens to coincide with family and societal obligations that can pull you off balance. When we can’t follow our usual routines, changes in diet, meditation, exercise and location can sometimes grow into bigger snowballs than we see outside. This reading will help you unwrap your own special coping mechanisms to keep you in good cheer even without a lot of time, sunshine, or support. Over the years, I’ve helped many people strategize for family gatherings, holiday work events or hosting parties. It’s amazing what the right mantra, vision, story, past life perspective, or symbol can do to calm your nerves and lift your spirits. I use my intuition to help you find those little, unobtrusive things you can do to create the peace, joy and ease you’d like to experience.

…And now, some chuckles, giggles, guffaws, snickers, teehee’s, snorts, chortles and laughs for you!

Happy Solstice!

On this darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve been having quite the Light and sunlight synchronicities. Our little healing room light keeps turning on all by itself, even in the middle of the longest night of the year! It’s like a visual message saying, “No matter how dark it gets, you just can’t keep out the light.” I love it!

Additionally, I keep hearing and seeing references to sunshine, “Sol,” and the Sowilo Rune, also known as Sig, Sowelo, or — in the Runa Faery language –Seal. However you say it or draw it, the energy of this Rune represents the Sun. It literally means “Sol” and is strongly associated with lightning and great revelations. (Other meanings as described by Ragnar Storyteller include: Rune of Victory, Rune of Success, Good Luck, Inspiration, Increases Power of the Spirit, Psychic Powers.)

As usual for me, the synchronicities pile up in multi-layers and multi-dimensions. Last night, while listening to some similar music, I remembered the gorgeous video I’m sharing below. When we investigated if it was, in fact, the same song, we discovered that the music in the video below is from the soundtrack of “Sunshine,” a movie about restarting the Sun.

Happy Solstice! Happy Eve of increasing Light! I hope you enjoy this day on our beautiful Earth:

Reminder: Holiday Gift Certificate Specials Expire December 21st

Hi folks, just a friendly reminder that tomorrow (December 21st) is the last day to purchase these holiday specials:

Gift Certificates

Each year, clients ask me how they might gift their friends and family members some time with me. I’ve found that my clients are intuitive enough to know if someone is ready for and will find these services of value, so I’ve provided two options, which you can mix and match for as many recipients as you’d like. (The only criterion is that you cannot purchase a gift certificate for yourself –but you can certainly request one!)

Laura Bruno 101

One hour of phone, Yahoo Instant Messenger or in-person time with me for any of my intuitive services — Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Life Path Assessments, Soul Readings, Tarot, or any combination thereof. $101 (a savings of $10-74 from my usual rates). Offer valid through December 21. Gift certificates valid through 2012. If you’d like to purchase this for someone, please contact me by email and let me know the name of the person. Once purchased, a PDF gift certificate will be provided to you via email. You can print it out to include in a card, or send it via email to your lucky loved one.

$44 Tarot Reading

Half hour phone or in-person tarot reading with me. Sorry, no substitutions, and only one $44 Tarot Reading per recipient. You can, however, add the $44 Tarot reading to the Laura Bruno 101 Special for a “deluxe gift set.” Offer valid through December 21. Gift certificates valid through 2012. If you’d like to purchase this for someone, please contact me by email and let me know the name of the person. Once purchased, a PDF gift certificate will be provided to you via email. You can print it out to include in a card, or send it via email to your lucky loved one.

Happy Holidays, Many Blessings and Happy Solstice to you!

Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods — Book Review

Book Review for Raw Fusion by LindaJoy Rose, PhD

In Raw Fusion — a companion duo of high raw food lifestyle tips and recipes — Dr. LindaJoy Rose offers strategies and recipes for increasing raw and living foods in the entire household while maintaining peace and what I call the “yumminess factor.” LindaJoy expands upon some of the integrative and non-judging ideas of my own ebook, The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide, but instead of a few chapters on these important topics, LindaJoy offers two books’ worth of living foods support, differing lifestyle coexistence, and a “fusion” of deliciously prepared raw foods and healthier mainstream meals. Indeed, Raw Fusion is one of the most family-friendly and practical tools I’ve ever encountered for high raw food living.

I’ll let LindaJoy explain her powerful premise:

“I have maintained a high raw diet (70-80% daily, sometimes 50% when I travel) for over three years now. During the first year … I didn’t know many people who were raw and had to figure a lot of things out on my own. I would have loved to interview other raw foodists about what they ate; I was particularly curious about what they were eating that was not raw. When I decided to write my own book on raw foods, [my friend] Jeff encouraged me to create a book directed to mainstream types like himself, who are open to making positive changes in their diets, but might find the concept of high or full raw intimidating and too far on the fringe. …My goal in this book is to help inform you about this exceptional lifestyle. I want to streamline and share all of the information that I gathered from my
research, both practical and educational … .”

This mainstream approach to a fringe lifestyle bridges gaps that can cause resistance, arguments, and division among otherwise loving and supportive family members and friends.

Victoria Boutenko, inspiring, author, speaker and one of the original mama bears of the growing raw food movement, provides the Foreward to Raw Fusion. Victoria describes her international travels and notes commonalities in eating styles of countries with very low obesity rates. In her Foreward, Victoria heralds a homemade, high raw and lightly steamed diet as the most obvious connection among places like Japan, France and Austria — places with far superior weight management compared to the U.S. This is exactly the kind of eating presented in Raw Fusion!

Although Victoria spent much of her early career advocating for a 100% raw food diet, her book Green for Life was the one that got green smoothies to go mainstream(ish!). Prior to Green for Life, I was the only person I knew who blended kale, raspberries and water together and called it a meal. Six years later, most raw foodies drink some kind of green smoothie every single day. LindaJoy includes a variety of unusual smoothies in Raw Fusion, and shares just how popular and revolutionary green smoothies have been for her loved ones. She even includes a “Formula for the Perfect Green Smoothie” and entire section devoted to “Getting More Greens.” In many ways, Raw Fusion enables ordinary people to “go green” with minimal fuss or weirdness.

Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods offers an extensive and informative pantry chapter, to help you prepare your shopping list. The companion book provides replacement recipes for SAD condiments like sour cream, mustard, mayo, and salsa. High on my list is the Kale Chips Series, including a nut-free version for people who prefer something lighter than the usual cashew sauce. Salty and sweet cravings will find relief in their own crave-buster sections: fast and easy antidotes to munchies and emotional eating.

Like The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide, Raw Fusion pools resources, featuring raw food chefs and educators like Angela Elliott, Tera Warner and many others, who provide question and answer style wisdom and recipes. Yours truly contributed an article on “Macrobiotics and the Raw Food Diet,” as well as my recipes for “Multi-tasking Crackers,” which use ground flax seeds and leftover veggie or nut pulp to make tasty snacks. My “Anything Goes Butternut Soup Base” and tips for tastily combining raw cacao and greens also make an appearance.

Dr. LindaJoy Rose (affectionately known to fans as “LJ”) holds advanced degrees in the fields of psychology, hypnotherapy, and the mysteries of the subconscious mind. In a world that contains so much negative programming around food, body image and health, I love LindaJoy's ability to offer not only tasty, nourishing food options, but also helpful self-programming tools for success in the raw food lifestyle. Clients and regular readers of my blog know that I’m a huge fan of symbols, Runes, mythology, past lives, decoding the body’s “language,” and Archetypes — all of which function as keys to understanding and thereby reclaiming our subconscious minds. In Raw Fusion, LJ offers decades of experience as a hypnotherapist, sharing tricks of the trade with readers to help them manage weight and increase vibrancy. For people looking to take the next step in weight loss, she’s also got an entire hypnotherapy program. (Click here for more details on Hypnovation for Health.)

You can also find LJ’s blog, sample recipes, videos and event information here.

With the approaching holidays and New Year’s Resolutions, or anytime you want to upgrade health and harmony, I highly recommend the Raw Fusion duo. These beautiful books will round out any raw, vegan, or healthy living collection, as they help you find more energy, greater health and higher awareness.

Solfeggio Harmonics: 528 Hz for Miracles

All week long I’ve been “hearing” Solfeggio frequencies. I finally looked some up on youtube, and this one seems to be the closest to what’s playing around me, just out of normal hearing, yet still audible on the clairaudient level.

I’m dedicating this post to David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford. Please hold them in prayer, Reiki, love, light and protection right now. They have been doing some heavy duty throwing of mountains into the sea, and need some extra energy and protection right now from the Powers that Were.

Love, miracles and blessings to you, too … Enjoy!