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Free Resources for These Times

I keep hearing from a lot of very stressed out people. Totally understandable: these are intense times! How do I stay grounded, happy, and whole amidst the insanity? Chants, chants and more chants. For me, sacred chants work wonders. Your mileage may vary, but here’s a fun light and sound show based on Om and healing water sounds.

Also, March North Node Horoscopes are up on Catherine Grace O’Connell’s blog. Here’s her write-up about finding silver linings, or you can go directly to the North Node Horoscopes. Unlike generic Sun Sign blurbs, North Node advice tends to hit home. Whatever the rest of your chart indicates, your North Node represents where and how your soul wants to go this lifetime. Especially in times of crisis or rapid change, it helps to tap into your soul’s directive. If you’d like more information, you can set up a reading, but I offer these monthly North Node Horoscopes as a free service to individuals in the collective.

Zhenna ~ Tips and Techniques for Living a Magical Life

Today’s post comes from guest writer Zhenna, who at my request has compiled a list of some of her favorite techniques for shifting reality from a life of restriction to one of joy, expansion, authenticity, and abundance. I met Zhenna through a comment stream on Zen Gardner’s site and appreciated her words and energy so much that I invited her to write more here. As I’ve gotten to know her through email, I can tell she really does live what she shares in today’s post. Although some of this information might seem simple, it’s incredibly powerful. I’ve used some similar methods for decades, but I love Zhenna’s imaginative and fresh perspective! Her techniques regarding the “Alter-Altar” and “The In-Between” are particularly valuable, imho. I hope you enjoy this post — definitely one to print or bookmark as you continue your own joyful experiments. Thank you, Zhenna!

Tips and Techniques for Living a Magical Life

by Zhenna (aka “The Winged Witch”)

Journey to your essence, meeting your power, setting your mind free of control

I have taken many turns on my life’s journey, exploring many options, some of which I was conditioned to and others out of curiosity.

My most profound experience happened one day when I was washing dog bowls. I had no particular belief system and wasn’t looking for one when suddenly I felt like something had descended on me and around me. I knew everything was as it should be. Colors were more intense and they appeared to be alive. I felt a level of serenity and bliss I had never even imagined could exist. It was like I saw the world for the first time.

Over the years I lost the feeling but never forgot the day. It took many years of wrong turns and dead ends to bring me to the point I pleaded for that feeling to come back. . . and it did.. . .that fast. Who knew that all I had to do was ask. Once I at least started down a better path for me, I received what I call my life-guides. I got them one at a time over many years. The changes they made in me were nothing short of profound. As soon as I had some level of mastery of one, I received another one. I share them with you and hope they have some value for you. I have never shared them before.

The Three Truths:

(1) The power lies within, always keep it near, always be aware of it.

Of course we all know that on some level. It is maintaining the awareness that is the problem. We do not live in a world conducive to “the power lies within”. Rather we live in a world where we are conditioned to believe the power always lies without, be it religion, politics, family pressures, authority figures, the expectations of society, or cultural conditioning. Someone or something is always draining us of it. But without it, we will forever remain hostages.

For me a simple practice helped. I sit in a comfortable chair. I look down at my body and keep looking until I become really aware of myself and only myself. Often we are somewhat disconnected from our own bodies. I existed, not in a theoretical detached from my body way, but a personal loving way. Why love? Because if I don’t love myself, no one will and there will be no ability to grow. My body is OK just the way it is and deserves and appreciates my love. Then I will wait for my power to return to my body until I can actually feel/see it again within me.

I practiced this faithfully every day when I was alone. I reminded myself of it every time before I went out, until I could go out in any situation, including emergencies, and feel in control. I had conditioned myself to “the power lies within” and it was life changing.

I can say ‘no’ with ease and void of guilt. I expect to be treated with the graciousness I treat others with. If people don’t treat me that way, it is just a learning experience and I move on. I will not ever beg someone, surrender myself, or bribe someone to love me. I have found my selfness through this simple exercise. This is my life and it matters to me and it should.

(2) Live in the eternal now, this is all there is, within it is eternity and the gift of creation.

The day you walk past a beautiful crab tree in full bloom and don’t notice it because you are rushing to work or to run some errand, that is the day you know you don’t live in the ‘now’. And again, we live in a society that abhors the now. We are conditioned to always be on our way somewhere, out there, in front of us, wanting something we don’t have yet. We are always heading somewhere we are not. It is easy to be in the now on that trip to the mountains, but on a daily basis, it is not.

So here is my trick. I call it grace in the moment and the funny thing is, time will accommodate you by slowing down. I have found that I get more done in less time when I stay in grace in the moment.

Pick any physical activity relative to your life like washing dishes, folding clothes, dusting. It doesn’t matter although it is best if it is not a noisy activity. As you are washing the dish notice the color, feel it, enjoy it and don’t rush through the process. You know what, you bought that dish. What do you really think of it? How do you feel about it?

Chore by chore, get to know every single thing in your life again. Do you know why? Because part of our not being able to fully live in the now is due to the burdens we heap on ourselves. You are going to notice everything now, all the time. You will know what is and what is not connecting with you. What belongs in your life now and what does not. And, like magic, you are going to want to purge. You will stop buying stuff that doesn’t resonate deeply with you, but you will have more things around you that bring you joy every time you see them or use them.

This just doesn’t work for the things we have in our lives, but also our lifestyle. Once you unburden yourself physically, you will start the emotional process of setting yourself free. Just think how much time you are spending supporting what isn’t working in your life, but has become habit. If your mind is consumed with racing through life, never slowing down, and always pushing yourself, your creativity can’t flow and your soul can’t bloom.

When we come to the end of our lives, it is the now moments we will cherish. The times we were fully aware and fully alive and even time was our friend.

(3) Mind Magic is the key to creating your life. Freedom is living it.

You have found your power and you have unburdened yourself, now it is time for the fun. Look around you. Your life is exactly what you have created on some level through your thoughts and actions. Your life and surrounding are a reflection of what you thought (and thus did) yesterday.

What you are thinking right now holds the gift of creation. I am not saying that we don’t get some unpleasant, even ugly, things thrown at us because we are at best co-creators along with everything else in the universe so I don’t want to turn this into some simple minded erroneous blame statement. We have the power within ourselves, we just need to fine tune it.

This is where meditation can be helpful. It helps you control your mind.

Another trick is to spend an hour a day for a week (or more) and note what thoughts run through your head during that hour. At some point you have to come to grips with the endless repetitive noise that runs through your head along with your emotions and what triggers them. I am pretty sure there is an abundance of negative self thought in there somewhere. Keep putting that low opinion of yourself out there and you can’t help but draw that reality to you. You will be surprised by what you find out about yourself by noting everything you think and feel.

Until you have some mastery over your thoughts, you can’t effectively direct them. This is what spell crafting is. It is learning to use focus and props to assist your desires and needs. But. . . let me add that I have also found a level of emotion free of negativity but rich in intense desire, pristine and/or pleasant surroundings, an area you have conditioned to be the temple to and reflection of your essence, fantasy, and times of high energy (like electrical storms) to be extremely helpful, extremely.

This is something you will have to play with to find your own best combinations, but first you MUST gain control over your thoughts and get to know who you really are, not who you might think you are. You are going to have so much fun with this one and practice makes perfect. Never forget to push the limits because you really can’t know if there are actually any limits. Everything you have been told isn’t necessarily true.

The Wisdom:

Observation is creation. The design is wisdom.

There is a difference between being a watcher and an observer. Observation takes thought as interaction, watching can be totally passive and even mindless. This is why figuring out who you really are, is so important. Only when you know who you really are and where you really want to go, can you start down the path to get there.

You are the writer, director, and actor in your life. Here you must see yourself a bit out and above yourself (to either side) until you can watch you interacting with yourself like you would play a doll. This is what you do every day or someone else does for you every day. You are just taking conscious control of who you want to be.

Now write the script for that day. It probably won’t go exactly as written (but what script does?), but you will have a good start. Most importantly, you will play a really big part in producing your own adventure from now on.

The Alter-Altar:

Build an Altar to yourself. Worship is the act of altering your reality.

This is probably going to catch in your chest with a gasp. After all, since we were very small, we have always been conditioned to “worship” something outside ourselves, something greater than ourselves. It is sacrilegious to worship ourselves or even ridiculous to think about it. But actually it is not because “worship” can also mean, according to Webster, “extravagant respect or admiration for an object of esteem.” You, being the object of esteem here.

Your body, mind, and soul have given you a gift of experiencing life, maybe not a perfect life in a perfect body, but life. And because you are alive, you have experiences, through experiences you can choose to learn, through learning, you transcend. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The second result of your alter-altar is that you see yourself in the whole out in front of you, sitting right there on the altar. It helps to place positive images of yourself on the altar. Those that represent something you most like about yourself or a time when you were in control and feeling your best. Feel free to add any props/tools that bring you mentally back to a “I was at the top of my game” feeling.

When you are really looking at yourself (who you know and see clearly now) and you have written a really great script (sitting right up there on the altar next to you), you can visualize yourself morphing into who you always wanted to be. Pulling the best from your past and adding your desired future to your image.

You just made a plan you can proceed with in the physical. Your Alter-Altar should always remain a central part your home and life. Enjoy it.

The Throne:

I am sovereign in my own kingdom. Live like it. Behave like it. Know it.

If you have worked all the exercises proficiently up until now, you have realize who you really are, you know you have power, you know you have worth, and you know you have magic. Congratulations, you have just escorted yourself to your own throne. Sovereign in your own kingdom. No one will ever take it away from you again.

That throne is the throne of your true essence which you finally realize was your birthright all along. Of course this is not the silly, arrogant, egotistical, snobbish, fools ‘throne’ of the royalty of the mundane elites. No, this one is elegant, serene, powerful, gracious, and wise.

A great line from an old song, Sunshine Superman by Donovan “you can just sit there while thinking on your velvet throne about all the rainbows you can have for your own.”. . . and that is how you make magic from a place of authority.

The In-Between:

Released from the past. Not entangled by the future. The pure point where anything is possible.

As shocking as the Alter-Altar was to our conditioning, this matches it in difficulty to maintain. The best way I can explain it is to imagine you left a life behind fraught with stressful and difficult conditions and relationships. You finally broke free of the chains and you have no way to communicate with anything in your past. Relief. You are on your way to start a new life but haven’t arrived there yet so you have no real idea what the future might hold.

That in-between time is the most free you will ever feel and probably be remembered as the time you most want to live again. Nothing from your past is pulling at you and nothing from your future has entangled you. Just pure possibility. Just you on your terms.

If you have ever experienced it, you know it is as close as you can come to freedom and bliss. If you haven’t, it might be hard to realize how glorious it can be. The trick is to stay there as often as you can and there is no easy way to do that.

Virtually everything in our modern world from cell phones, to mortgages/loans, to careers, to relationships, to religion is designed to entangle us. You almost can’t function in modern society without stepping in a trap.

Here are a few hints for some escape time. Do you really need to be connected all the time to the outside world? Make your residence including your yard a holy temple and sanctuary. Get out of debt and stay out of debt. Live below your means. Make savings a priority. Become self-sufficient. Spend some alone time in nature as often as possible, make time. Keep the demands in relationships reasonable for you. Have a cottage industry so if you lose your source of income, it will not destroy you mentally or financially. All this will give you various levels of freedom from entanglement. You can walk away much easier if you need to and that is a great feeling.

When you feel yourself getting entangled again just visualize yourself flying above the earth and notice all the pointless frantic racing around humans do. It is almost comical.

You have to free yourself to find the In-Between.


Captivity reversed to never happened. Innocence restored. Magic released.

I believe much of our need to “control” situations or people comes from our desire to be free ourselves. The more we have lost control in our lives, the more we want to control the world. I can’t give you a trick here, but you are far from needing one now anyway. Only your essence or subconscious can guide you on this one. Once you have found yourself and your power, most likely you will still need to take a trip back in time to release some bondage that only your subconscious is aware of.

For no particular reason, you will mentally be taken back in your life to relive an experience. It is probably a mundane moment which may not seem terribly memorable or important, but it is. It is where you made one of the wrong turns into captivity by relinquishing your power.

The surprising thing is how the smallest most insignificant mundane incident can have the most colossal negative effect on your life and cause the strongest entrapment. You may have forgotten the moment or experience or if you remember it all, it seemed average. That is why the hook was set to deeply within you. You never even noticed it happening and never realized what was happening.

You will relive the experience mentally and consciously, only this time you see yourself in the scene, in control of the situation and what happens is on your terms. There won’t be anything forced or emotional about this. It will be a detached experience. More like watching a movie.

Something strange happens here, the wrong turn has been righted in your subconscious, the chains broken, and its power over you neutralized. I have wondered if in some mystical way that past no longer exists, at least not as you lived it. You are that free of it.

You can’t get to the In-Between until you can surrender your attachment to your past and you can’t surrender your attachment to your past until you find those wrong turns and write a new script more to your advantage. Your subconscious and essence will help.

This has been my journey so far. I am sure there is more to come. Every time I think it can’t get any better, it does. Blessed Be to all of you on your journey to find your essence, power, magic, and freedom.

Zhenna, The Winged Witch

Bio: “I have had many adventures in my life and lived many of my dreams. Right now I am involved in creating a sanctuary for mystical people and animals in a green oriented community. Over the years I have watched ridiculous rules imposed on people as cities have become more and more overcrowded. Rules made by government that make no sense and are restrictive and soul crushing. So here in my remote corner of the U.S., animals and people are welcome to come for a vacation or to live full time and enjoy clean air, open spaces, world class birding, astronomy, trail riding, hiking, parties, lectures, events, and we can even help you arrange world eco tours. The vision is a new concept for what a community should be that inspires people and lives in harmony with nature.”

Druid Tree Workings: Communicating and Connecting with Trees on the Inner Planes

Another excellent article sharing guidance for connecting with trees. Specific to trees, this information can also apply to connections throughout Nature, along with the very helpful “outer plan checks for inner work.” Great piece!

The Druid's Garden

Fairy Knoll in the forest Fairy Knoll in the forest

This post is third of a series of posts on Druid Tree Workings–ways of connecting, communicating, and working with trees. In my first post on the series, I described finding the face of the tree. In the second post, I explained some “outer” techniques to working with the trees through using your five senses. In this third post, I’ll describe some “inner planes” techniques–that is, using intuition, knowing, meditation, and senses beyond our physical ones to communicate. These are the techniques of the spirit and the soul, the deep inner knowing, and allow us to go deeper into the Mysteries.

On Inner “Listening”

One of my blog readers  asked me in the comments of my first post on the face of the tree about how you know that the tree is speaking or trying to send a message on the inner planes. I’m going…

View original post 1,919 more words

Michele Geyer ~ Definitions


Michele Geyer, May 20th, 2013

Feel your feet on the ground, in the sand or the soil.

Lay your hands on your belly and breathe.

Who are you?

Expanding and contracting with your breath, your body moves to subtle, inner rhythms.

Become the air that fuels your internal fire.

Meet yourself there, without words.

Who are you?

Flames lick the bottom of the cauldron, bubbling the sea inside.

Effervescent, the aqua blues surface; thoughts cascade and fall over the rocky terrain of your mind,

Effortlessly surrendering to your origins.

Who are you?

Look within to find yourself,

Feel within to be yourself,

See yourself in relation to no thing.

Who are you?

Don’t answer; keep breathing.

Who are you?

Sacred Body Practice of the Week

Exploring the Mystical Conversation Between Body & Spirit

Lynn A. Robinson: “Divine Intuition”

The following exercise comes from Lynn A. Robinson’s lovely book, “Divine Intuition,” which I often recommend to clients and friends who would like to become more in touch with their own intuition. A wonderful “coffee table book” due to its amazing collection of quotes, “Divine Intuition” also includes practical steps to awakening your own awareness of Divine nudges and harmonizing those insights with prior religious training or expectations. Lynn’s inspiring stories from her own life and experience as an intuitive and counselor provide glimmers of confidence and encouragement. Highly, highly recommended!

… And thanks to David, who telepathically picked up on the fact that I awoke this morning wondering where the heck this book was after our move! I went to the office only to find that he had left it sitting right next to my desk. 🙂

Sixty Seconds to Peace, by Lynn A. Robinson, “Divine Intuition,” p. 19

“Here’s a very simple exercise to get you started. I call this my ‘One-Minute God exercise.’ So many of us claim to not have the time it takes to sit down to pray or meditate. With this exercise you don’t really have an excuse! You’ll find it quite effective.

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and say the word ‘relax’ as you slowly let your breath out. Do this several times until you feel yourself becoming calm and centered. Now, simply call on the presence of God. There is no ‘right way’ to do this. However you experience it is fine. Quiet your thoughts, let go of any anxious feelings, draw to yourself a sense of calm and peace. Take in this stillness with your in-breath. Let go of any concerns with your out-breath.

“Say to yourself, ‘I am filled and surrounded by the presence and spirit of God. I am at peace.’ Visualize the love and light of God enfolding you. Imagine that you are simply sitting in this energy and resting.

“This simple exercise done even a few times a day produces amazing recuperative results. It helps you change your perspective, clear away stress, and gain more energy. I’ve found that when I calm myself in this way intuitive insights will often pop into my mind. I seem to keep them away when I’m feeling stressed and driven.”

Link to the book.

Occupy Yourself

I posted this on Facebook a few days ago, but I think it’s a great reminder and very much in line with thoughts I’ve shared in earlier blog posts. Here’s Paige Bartholomew talking about the inner awakening that expands outwards to create a new reality. “As above, so below. As within, so without.” Enjoy!

Opening and Balancing the Heart Chakra

As the energy on and around this planet continues to ramp up, it becomes increasingly important to find and maintain balance within our sensitive heart center. Given all the radiation continuing to spew from Fukushima (Shima is the goddess of Love), we would all do well to expand our hearts with extreme amounts of Universal Love. As always, the key to the solution is held within the problem itself. Consider the pronunciation of Fukushima (expletive Shima=F.U. Love). Solution=we LOVE Love. We love the feminine explosion of love radiating around the world.

Over a decade ago, I received a vision that a nuclear explosion would trigger human evolution. It appears to be happening right now. When we refuse to make necessary and desired shifts on our own, physical reality (body, finances) has a curious way of nudging us forward:

Cancer is a heart chakra issue; so is Lyme Disease and anything affecting the immune system. In a world of protests, anger, institutionalized fear and toxic chemicals, our best hope of survival actually leads to a more miraculous and joyful life than most people have dared to imagine. The stakes are high right now, but so are the rewards! In fact, the potential rewards have never been higher. I hope you enjoy the hypnotic sounds of the Tibetan bowl and Solfreggio frequencies for healing. Please consider any time you invest in such meditations as necessary fuel for your soul and a gift to humanity and the Earth. Namaste!

40 Days Focusing on the New 5D Earth

Today features another guest blog post, this time from a Facebook friend of mine named Bill Ballard. I friended him last year because he had a Tree of Life behind him in his profile picture, and because I liked his balance between sharing dire information yet keeping a high love vibe. He lives near the BP Oil Spill and was one of the first “personal” contacts I had with someone who had actually experienced the soapy rain/oil on his windshield and felt the burning rain on his skin. Over the past year, I’ve admired the way Bill has managed to stay positive but also very real and supportive of people who may only just now be peeking behind the curtain.

The event he announces below calls for a collective envisioning of 40 Days Focusing on the New 5D Earth. The post is long, but worth a read. Bill offers specific suggestions for collective manifestation, as well as ideas for how to make this New Earth as beautiful and wonder-full as possible. If you’d like to join the event, click here to sign up for the FB community. The Ocean’s 11:11 June 15 Eclipse event happens to fall right in the middle of this longer conscious uplifting of the Earth and humanity.

From Bill Ballard:

A Calling for All Lightworkers & those persons on the Ascension Path,

It is time to manifest the collective vision of “Our New 5D Earth!” This can and will only be achieved by each of us Focusing collectively on our intent. To make our New Earth manifest, we must truly know the ONENESS we share even as individuals, as well as of the Great Spiritual Beings that we truly are. This focus of our collective vision must be integrated …into the planetary grid for our New 5D Earth to manifest. This is like a chicken forming inside an egg. This collective vision for manifesting the New Earth IS the Calling for the 3rd Planetary 40 Days Event, and that for 2011. The Dates of focus for this 40 day event shall be June 21, 2011 through August 1, 2011. There are 3 powerful eclipses in the month of June this year.

Of course, each of us can and should work on focusing our vision and intent now! Manifestation of the New Earth can only be done collectively. As with shifting humanities consciousness, this manifestation requires a minimum number of cooperating individual souls, highly vibrating & joining in cooperation. We will be focusing on that we intend on creating, a beautiful and pristine New Earth! This New Earth is one that we create together, we envision and send our energy to, just as we created our world, and our lives in the 3D realms! We must focus our intent on creating the New Earth, add our Light, or the raw energy we are collecting or channeling in our field as we go through this ascension process. We then add a dash of Magic of your special dreams you wish to see manifest! Make it be So!

This IS how our New Earth shall manifest and take physical shape! Many of us now remember that WE agreed to jointly manifest the 3D and participate in that reality. We remember we are not victims, but rather the creators of our lives and existence in order to experience. We master the realm of creation we brought forth and agreed to live in. When that realm is mastered, we ascend to the next higher level of vibration. Now is that time. So we shall do this again now to manifest the 5D Earth. As with anything else in our lives, creation lies in our own imagination. We send it out from our hearts into the universe where the energy is attracted and formed together manifesting into our reality! You know how this works! This is a calling for all the Earth volunteers, and teachers, as well as anyone choosing to ascend, to now step to the next level of creation. Yes, we still will continue to spread the word of what is going on, continuing the awakening of humanity, and at the same time we collectively focus on creating the New Earth.

Another event is being organized by Liv Jonsson, leading into this 40 Days of New Earth Manifestation. Liv is asking that the month of June to be a month of No Negativity from Wednesday 6/1/2011 to 6/30/2011. This is similar to events held in previous years. This time can be seen as a preparation for this 40 Day focus on New Earth Manifestation. Liv’s event can be viewed on Facebook here. This scheduling of the No Negativity event this year will occur in a month with 3 eclipses and a Summer Solstice… How much more powerful could that be?

There are many of us now who have accepted our rolls as leaders in this time of ascension. We are who have been the changers of the planet, raising the vibrations, awakening humanity, and who watch the world as observers during this time of the shift and ascension. We are already living in a 5th dimensional state of conscious living, while walking in a 3rd dimensional world. We already see what ALL is going on, We see behind the veil, and do so without fear or negativity, as everything on 3D Earth unravels and goes into chaos. WE KNOW everything is in a state of Divine Perfection. On the other hand, there are many other persons they have a need to completely turn away from watching as these events unfold. They may see the 3D world in a complete state of destruction, which it must before a new world can be created. Others of us can watch as observers and handle it without being effected emotionally or energetically. This is a choice each of us must make for ourselves in participating during this 40 Days event, in order to bring the best we can offer to our part of the vision. Participate in this event in as pure of a state of consciousness as you can muster. Liv’s No Negativity for the month of June, helps to prepare those who cannot yet detach from their emotions and connection to the 3D world.

We all know what is going on with the Apocalypse or “Unveiling” of all these events happening globally in the 3D world as it collapses. We see and can identify the various “Wizards” behind the curtain of Oz. We clearly see who is pulling the cords and creating the theatrics of the world we have been living in. Many of the newly awakened persons don’t yet realize that WE ARE LIVING IN THE APOCALYPSE RIGHT NOW… Those newly awakened persons think Apocalypse is the “destruction” of the Earth, but that is so only in one sense of a meaning. The definition of Apocalypse IS “the unveiling”! Many of us have been unveiling what is behind the scenes for some time now.

Origin: 1125–75; Middle English < Late Latin apocalypsis < Greek apokálypsis revelation, equivalent to apokalýp ( tein ) to uncover, reveal ( apo- apo- + kalýptein to cover, conceal) + -sis -sis

There are so very many of us telling the story of the Apocalypse for the world to see what is REALLY happening. We have been Unveiling of the truth of the government, the secret government behind it, the global Rothchild banking system, the British Monarchy, the various aspects of HAARP, the tectonic warfare and earthquakes, electronic warfare, weather warfare, cyber warfare, the true story of the radiation from Fukushima, the poisoning of our seas and of our food supplies, 9/11 & the fake war on terrorism, the war on drugs and that both took away the rights and liberty of the population, the Court rulings on all those issues, the enslavement of the people through taxation by the IRS, which is funding the Rothchilds and Queen of England who own half the planet, and who fund both sides of all wars, the FDA drugs and vaccines, and GMO foods that keep the population of the planet mentally and spiritually dulled down and sickened, the manipulation of all the worlds religions by the Vatican and British Monarchy, Monsanto and its GMO patents and their connection to the Rothchild empire, The Illuminati, Chemtrails, the Police State recently manifesting around the globe, and the killing of untold millions by these same rulers of the world, Rothchilds, Queen of England, NATO United Nations…. and much much more…. The Unveiling of All this for humanity to see IS the Apocalypse!

This apocalypse has been necessary for all persons to see what actually is going on behind the scenes of the 3D world so many think of as their reality. That world of their reality is collapsing as the spiritual awakening grows. As the light increases on Earth, because of the polarity of a 3D world of Earth School now finishing up, the dark makes an equal balance to the light on the planet. Every action in this plane of existence of polarity, has an equal and opposite reaction, at least until we collectively agree on a New 5D or higher Paradigm. That IS what 40 Days focus on a New Earth Manifestation will be about.

2011 is the final chapter in Awakening of Humanity on the old 3D Earth. As 2011 will complete the 25 year process of the Awakening of Humanity and of planetary frequency increases that began with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and then raising the planetary frequencies with the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway in 1992. The process of the ascension began with those persons joining together for unified focused thought, which created the ascension in the first place. That does not mean that these frequency increase ends there at the end of 2011, but rather the old 3D Earth will have been completed. What is happening on Earth currently may not pretty from one standpoint, but has always been in a state of Divine Perfection from another perspective. It is time we really begin to shift our focus from the Apocalyptic nature and waking the remaining persons and begin focusing on the New 5D and higher Earth. As we do this many changes will automatically occur.

Another part of this Apocalypse, and what is being unveiled now, is knowing about WHO YOU TRULY ARE! I don't mean the little ego self you have been these years since you were born, and being that who your momma named you. We are all truly Great Spirits of Light, even far greater in our true size, than this our Mother Earth. You MUST remember! Each of us have only a small fragment of who we truly are, sparking the life within your physical being, or your body. Embodying as much of that great spirit of light that we truly are, and into this small physical being IS what we are to do as these End Times complete. It is time to wake up to the complete picture of why we are here.

As we awaken and raise our physical frequencies, We create and activate a light body over the our physical 3D body. We begin activating the torrid of our heart chakra, which is also known as our Merkaba. We learn the technique of filling our light body and Merkaba up with as much light as we can hold. This becomes our energy field we have to work with, to manifest with or to heal, and will indeed manifest our New Earth with. It is time for all of humanity to awaken and remember these truths of who we truly are.

It is time also to comprehend that we as a collective create the reality we choose to live in. That was what we did in 3D Earth which is now passing away, in the way we have known it to be. The old 3D Earth is now poisoned, irradiated, fracted, warred upon and killed by what was termed as progress and civilization, and the modern unspiritual and material 3D life. WE became as separate from God as a spirit can be. That was what we were to experience. But that old 3D Earth is dying now, especially after Fukushima which continues to emit the radiation of millions of nuclear bombs, and with no end in site, poisoning the world we knew. For that reason more than any other, we cannot continue living 3D.

We are now put into a position and forced, or have forced our collective selves make a choice to ascend or die. Remember on a higher level, we chose this experience. Everyone on Earth now has a choice to ascend to a higher level of 5th dimensional consciousness or to physically die, and find someplace else to incarnate in order to continue experiencing the lessons and lower density of 3D. That will have to be in a different universe, literally. In reality, our whole universe is ascending at this time… Signs are everywhere to see for anyone who looks. For those who have chosen ascension, and who are consciously raising our vibrations into the higher 5th dimensional realms of Christ Consciousness, we are collectively creating our new reality of how to live in Love and peace. Now it is time that WE MUST CREATE 5D Earth!

The month of June 2011, it is being called for us to begin the shift from our focus on Apocalypse and of the negative actions of the Dark Factions of Earth. As we waken others, this process of unveiling indeed exposes them, but also gives them power, as that is where our focus is. Yes, there are many persons still not yet awake. Yes, this process must continue. For those persons who have been awake for a long period of time, and who have raised their personal frequencies into the higher realms, from June 1 to August 1, PASS THE TORCH TO OTHERS! It is time for them to step up. It is time for us to Take a Step UP! Yes, things will continue happening, and many of us can actually work in both worlds, multi~dimensionally. We have already become multi~dimensional beings.

The Dark Side on Earth in reality is Our Brothers Who have Anchored The Opposite Polarity for the now collapsing 3D Experience. We could not have had the 3D Experience without someone anchoring the two opposite polarities. That is the truth of the story of Lucifer vs Archangel Michael. What our brothers on the Dark Side have been doing feeds some deep fears in those persons who are newly awakening to the apocalypse and what all is actually going on behind the curtains. They did not realize the intent by the dark brothers has been to depopulate Mother Earth… that could be scary… If you think about it, that is quite fitting for the end of the story… Die or Ascend! ha ha. To ascend, we need to collectively focus on 5D Earth manifestation.

As we focus on our New 5D Earth Manifestation, be unlimited! This New Earth DOES NOT have to be limited to a 5th dimensional perspective either! Do NOT limit yourself with what you have known and have experienced as your past 3D Reality. WE have already been there and done that one! Focus on the deep dreams you have in your heart, that which you would think of presently as unreal! BE UNLIMITED in your vision! Make this New Earth vision as beautiful, as pristine, and Divinely Inspired! See it as Mountains, and Oceans, as exotic and dreamlike, and as full of life and all kinds of plants and creatures. Make it as beautiful as you possibly can imagine in your higher visions. Allow for higher life forms to be able to visit this New Earth. See this new earth as the Heaven you have always envisioned in the highest possible way. Think of this like designing your new home and decorating it… but on a planetary scale.

Then, think of it as it has already happened. Many of us felt the shift, or rather the separation of the old 3D and energies of the New 5D Earth on January 11, 2011. So many of us consciously felt that and openly discussed it. So then, we can speak of the New Earth to others as it has already happened! Know in your heart, you have already manifested it as that has occurred. Now, we are just adding details. See this New Earth as YOUR HEAVEN to be lived in and enjoyed with all that you love. The more you spend time focusing on this, the more you will be adding your vibrations to manifesting that form into existence… The more we collectively focus on this, the faster it manifests. This is just like anything else we learned about manifesting on the 3D and now 4D worlds of polarity, except it will manifest far easier and quicker in these new higher vibrations. It all depends on how many persons participate, as the greater the number, the more energy is put into the manifestation process. Remember, 5th Dimensional Earth is one of the Heart and of ONENESS, and will not have the polarity experienced in the lower dimensions.

Envisioning this manifestation and sending it to the universe from your heart, IS indeed praying. Spending 40 Days doing this, is spending 40 Days in prayer! You ARE creating from your vision into form. Send your personal visions out from the love and the power of ONENESS in your heart. During the coming dimensional shift, this New Earth WILL manifest as our New Collective Reality, or rather we will shift to that world we collectively created!

As you envision, allow your unlimited vision to also include all the magic you can even believe is possible. Telepathy, levitation, de-material and materialization, teleportation, instantaneous creation, and all those avatar powers you dream of should be included. Everything you would think could be done in Heaven, include it all! Feel and see yourself as you can already experience this. Feel the LOVE, the PEACE, the Fulfillment and Joy. See everyone and everything having complete abundance, health, prosperity, and wants for nothing. See yourself as living in a youthful you being ageless and timeless, creating your physical being anyway you so desire. Paint or draw the New Earth as you envision it, if this helps you. Know the higher truth as you do this, which IS that you in fact already live forever! Realize your spirit has always been here and will always be here, until we are all called back to the Creator. That trumpet call has now been sounded! Remember and Know who you truly ARE…

If you so desire, se yourself as a Galactic Traveller with a Home Base on New Earth. Be an explorer of other worlds and the universe. You may see yourself as one who is in service to others. In reality of the higher truths, that service to others is our true path, when we finally wake up and leave this lower world of ego and separation. Create this vision with the highest of vibration you can spiritually focus upon it. NO LIMITATIONS! ALL those who step into this new reality should have no needs. Everyone should have all needs fulfilled, leaving them time to love, to experience in whatever way they so choose.

Until ET Disclosure happens, and those of the Light in high places of Government can make their moves, there is little we individually can do to change the current 3D Earth situation. An intense Focusing on manifesting the New 5D Earth IS one of the most powerful things we can do now. Yes, there will be many events occur this summer, as this 40 Day event unfolds… Yes, we must still walk with our feet on both 3D and 5D Earth. That is par for the course, as we transmute negativity of Mother Earth and prepare her for the Ascension, or the New 5D Earth she is too become. Our collective vision of New Earth is a powerful way to focus our intent during this time of waiting. Many persons are beginning to call for this focus on the vision of 5D Earth.

A few others speak about fixing the Old 3D Earth. With Fukushima and all the radiation that is contaminating the globe, as well as all the destruction that has and is being done to Earth as civilization progressed, humanity would have a difficult time on Earth remaining in this current dimension. Many persons choosing not to awaken and who remain 3D will soon be sickened from the radiations that are perpetually emitting from Fukushima and collecting in humanities foods. This radiation coming from Fukushima is accumulative in foods and persons bodies. Much of this radiation will remain for BILLIONS of years, as it was MOX Fuel with plutonium. 3D Earth is now poisoned pretty good.

Actually, remaining on 3D Earth has never has been what we are to do, although we got used to it. We were always supposed to learn our Earth School lessons and then ascend. We were not supposed to remain in the dense vibrations and separation from God and our true selves as we experience 3D Earth. That time was always supposed to be limited, and we volunteered for our soul growth, as well as to Feed The Mind Of God via our experiences there. Many persons don't yet comprehend that. It can be difficult to imagine a New Earth for many. That is why those of us who can, must accept this challenge for the collective! We ALL came from the higher dimensions. Originally we came from Source, from the highest of all dimensions. We dropped and lowered ourselves to experience the lowest of the low. That is what has been known as "The Fall" We volunteered and chose to be separated from Source and who we really are for that experience. Now it is time to remember and to return. As we remember and release the old, it is time to envision and manifest our new collective reality. It is time to ascend and begin our journey back to source!

I challenge each one of you to spend the 40 Days between June 21, 2011 and August 1, 2011 to completely detach from as much of the 3D events currently going on as you can, and use that time to focus on manifesting the New Earth.

For those who want to participate, but have not "activated their heart chakras" Please spend the Month of June focusing your consciousness centering it into your heart. This can be done by intent, and can only be done by LOVE, the highest of all vibrations. Your heart chakra when activated truly activates all your other spiritual powers and begins returning you to that which you truly are, and from where you originally came. Chakra activation begins the process of Ascension for all humans.

I also ask that each of you share this 40 Day 5D New Earth Manifestation Event with as many persons as possible. The more persons joining in, the quicker the manifestation occurs. You may copy this writing, or rewrite your own. You may add to this, or take away whatever you desire. That does NOT matter to me. What matters is that we come together collectively to get the job done. Remember too, that the more persons who join together to focus their intent on this particular New Earth Manifestation, the more readily it manifests… The square root of 1% of the current population of Earth is what is needed to make this shift… Roughly 8000 persons joining in can do this. If we have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions, the more readily this manifestation will occur.

With Unconditional Love For ALL THAT IS

Bill Ballard
"Manna Ra"

[From Laura again: To join in this event officially, click here. As with Ocean’s 11:11, if you’re not on Facebook, or you’re not a “group” person, no matter. You can still participate on your own. We change the world one inside and one thought at a time. As within, so without; as above, so below. Much love to all of you! ]

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