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Lynn A. Robinson: “Divine Intuition”

The following exercise comes from Lynn A. Robinson’s lovely book, “Divine Intuition,” which I often recommend to clients and friends who would like to become more in touch with their own intuition. A wonderful “coffee table book” due to its amazing collection of quotes, “Divine Intuition” also includes practical steps to awakening your own awareness of Divine nudges and harmonizing those insights with prior religious training or expectations. Lynn’s inspiring stories from her own life and experience as an intuitive and counselor provide glimmers of confidence and encouragement. Highly, highly recommended!

… And thanks to David, who telepathically picked up on the fact that I awoke this morning wondering where the heck this book was after our move! I went to the office only to find that he had left it sitting right next to my desk. 🙂

Sixty Seconds to Peace, by Lynn A. Robinson, “Divine Intuition,” p. 19

“Here’s a very simple exercise to get you started. I call this my ‘One-Minute God exercise.’ So many of us claim to not have the time it takes to sit down to pray or meditate. With this exercise you don’t really have an excuse! You’ll find it quite effective.

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and say the word ‘relax’ as you slowly let your breath out. Do this several times until you feel yourself becoming calm and centered. Now, simply call on the presence of God. There is no ‘right way’ to do this. However you experience it is fine. Quiet your thoughts, let go of any anxious feelings, draw to yourself a sense of calm and peace. Take in this stillness with your in-breath. Let go of any concerns with your out-breath.

“Say to yourself, ‘I am filled and surrounded by the presence and spirit of God. I am at peace.’ Visualize the love and light of God enfolding you. Imagine that you are simply sitting in this energy and resting.

“This simple exercise done even a few times a day produces amazing recuperative results. It helps you change your perspective, clear away stress, and gain more energy. I’ve found that when I calm myself in this way intuitive insights will often pop into my mind. I seem to keep them away when I’m feeling stressed and driven.”

Link to the book.