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How to Thrive in a Less Than Ideal Location

Today’s topic arises so many times in coaching sessions that I thought I’d address it here, since it seems more common than not for people to feel misplaced, isolated or otherwise “stuck” in a location other than their heart’s desire. Having lived in 43 homes throughout my life — including many of the most beautiful, stunning spots in the US — and currently living well in a way less than ideal area, I can share both personal and professional tips for creating your best life wherever you are. This is not a “settle for less” post, but rather a list of ways to ensure you receive the most benefit, growth and satisfaction from any given location until you either realize you do love where you live, or you manage to leverage yourself into something much more compatible and preferred.

Create a Sacred Space

The first, easiest and most important step you need to do is to reclaim your environment by creating a sacred space. Sacred means “made or declared holy” and includes the idea of “set apart.” Even if you live in a hovel with Messy McMess, find a corner, mantle, bathroom, nightstand, chair, closet, or room that you can clean, clear, decorate and dedicate to you. Size doesn’t matter. Even a corner of a bookshelf, consciously cleaned and intentionally claimed begins the sympathetic magic process of exerting more of your own energy over an incompatible location.

Once you choose a spot, you’ll attract opportunities to charm and enhance other areas. Instead of feeling oppressed by your environment, your field of influence grows and transmutes your surroundings. “As Within, So Without” very often begins with one tiny external shift.


Above, you can see an Element Altar, hidden in plain view, right in the center of our home. This little spot has featured different objects over the years, but I created it from Day One in order to honor the Elements — Earth, Air, Fire, and Water — in our home, celebrating and respecting Nature front and center in a region of the country that defiantly does not.

I’m an artist, so I know the power of color and symbols to shape space (and reality). Continue reading

Penney Peirce ~ Frequency: The Power Of Personal Vibration

My friend Gillian of Shift Frequency just published this book review. I’ve not read the book myself, but I’ve never heard Gillian gush this much about a book before. She loved it, and she’s one smart, compassionate, and spiritually aware cookie, so I’m making a rare exception to endorse a book I have not read. Yet. 😉

(Please note, Gillian includes endnotes, which are linked but not hyperlinked at the bottom of the book review. Sorry, I don’t even know if WordPress will let me hyperlink endnotes! You’ll have to scroll instead of click, but they are there.)

Penney Peirce ~ Frequency: The Power Of Personal Vibration
Shift Frequency March 17 2013

I agree with John L. Petersen. Penney Peirce’s Frequency is “an unprecedented gift to the person who is ready to evolve.”

Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce

Peirce says she wrote Frequency “to help you melt through the last barriers to awakening fully, and actually feeling the experience of your expanded self that will be your normal state in the Intuition Age.” [i] Frequency is about the one authentic resonant field within each, the One that exists in the heart. She presents this One through layered, structured prose.

Peirce writes that many “ . . . are close to understanding that we’ve never left home – the ‘heaven’ experience.” Rather “we’ve been having the most amazing captivating dream, called ‘life on earth.’”[ii]

The Evolutionary Process is Real

The book’s framework is evolutionary. It describes the process whereby life propels itself toward ever fuller Self expression. Peirce writes “You are being affected by an evolutionary process that moves through specific stages which is causing the energetic frequency of your body, emotions, and mind to accelerate.” In fact, “the rising frequency of your energy parallels your level of awareness.” You are “gradually becoming more aware, sensitive, visionary, empathic, and loving.”[iii]

The intuitive faculty must be engaged. “Intuition is direct, unbiased perception that comes from unifying the fragmented parts of your awareness – body, emotions, mind, and spirit – and it arises when you’re focused in the present moment, alert but not tense . . . feeling simple and open.”[iv]

Emotion ignites resonant frequency. “You can know many things by ‘feeling into’ life. This is a simple process of relaxing “into a soft, less defined personal identity” and expanding to include “more space and time” while “raising the frequency of . . . body, emotions, and mind to a higher level.”[v]

It’s A Toolkit Within A Book

This isn’t “just” a book. It’s a creation tool, one that works best if you allow yourself to truly hear, feel, image(in) the perceptual codes revealed throughout.

Frequency describes a layered process that facilitates and accelerates awareness of the authentic “Self.” You discover how to calibrate and adjust to soul frequency. Calibration results in perceptual movement to a level of heightened awareness of soul presence. It’s finding who you really, truly are. Getting you there is the central focus of this work.

Create New Reality Through Expanded Dimensional Awareness

“You might think of the fourth dimension as the realm of the soul, of spirit – an experience rather than a place, in which everything exists simultaneously in a unified field of energy and awareness, where everything contains everything else, all is known, and ‘love’ is the primary substance out of which everything is made.”[vi]

“In the new reality soul will be the supreme force, consciousness of the interpenetration of the visible and invisible realms will be the most valuable thing, and anything will be possible.” [4-5] This is because we start to see life as “energy and awareness.”

Peirce states you “are evolving through nine phases of growth that are designed to effectively raise your vibration.” The entire process is considerably eased if you “work consciously with honing your sensitivity and choosing your soul’s vibration.” If you do that you’ll seem to “float through the transformation process like a leaf carried downstream by a river that knows where it’s going.”

The 9 Stages In The Transformation Process

Spirit merges with body, emotions, and mind
The frequency of life increases in every way, everywhere
The personal-collective subconscious mind empties
You retrench, refortify, resist, and re-suppress (until)
Old structures break down and dissolve
You stop, let go, and relax into your truest self
You re-emerge into the world like the phoenix
Relationship, family and group experience are revolutionized
Enlightenment is grounded in every bit of matter

Chapters include “Try This!” segments that describe explorations in frequency embodiment. For example, you’re invited to “Try this! Flow compassion and love through yourself.”

In this instance you perceive yourself as a “ giver and receiver of love” in various circumstances over a few days. Peirce suggests you “look around and be a neutral witness to the basic love energy that shapes you and the world around you. See and feel it everywhere. Be accepting, forgiving and unconditional in your loving kindness for a few minutes. Breathe love in through all your cells and let it pass through you, touching every part and lighting you up, then send the love on its way, giving it generously to others. In difficult circumstances ask “where is the love right now?””[vii]

It’s All Choice (Driven By Willpower)

“Willpower is not about resisting, forcing, or controlling – it’s about choosing. And there are just two basic choices: to feel expansive, loving, and connected to the high vibrations of your soul – to literally be your soul – or to feel contracted, afraid, and immersed in the low vibrations of suffering – to not be your soul.”[viii]

Fortunately, you can choose home frequency and have the will power to stay there once you find it. “When and how to drop into your home frequency. . . . It’s one of the best kept secrets in life that when you think you’re falling into the void, you’re really returning to yourself – that what you think is going to be empty is actually full.”[ix]

This book is a keeper. I recommend you check it out on Penney’s site. She lists multiple sites at which it’s available. Also read some truly spirit-inspired excerpts which are posted there.

Gillian C Grannum, Ph.D.

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Finding Peace with What Appears to Be

Thanks, Lucas!

So many people keep asking me how to stay positive without going into denial. I could write or talk on that topic for days, but this video offers some excellent suggestions, focusing on peace. If we’re at peace with the illusion, then we can receive and reclaim our creative power. I have another post percolating in the background, but it’s not quite brewed yet. Plus, I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, so I will leave you with these little reminders:

Finding Ways to Feel Good

A little Abraham-Hicks to ease you into the week: “I’m gonna do something about what I CAN do something about right now.” Enjoy!

“Life is good and it’s gonna get better. We know. We’ve seen it. Watch for it!” A-H

Occupy Yourself

I posted this on Facebook a few days ago, but I think it’s a great reminder and very much in line with thoughts I’ve shared in earlier blog posts. Here’s Paige Bartholomew talking about the inner awakening that expands outwards to create a new reality. “As above, so below. As within, so without.” Enjoy!