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Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius 2012 –Electra Jung

Today we have a guest blog post from my friend, the lovely Electra Jung.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius 2012
November 6, 2012 Election Day

Gypsies Tramps and Thieves

Preach a little gospel
Sell a couple bottles of doctor good

Have you been talking, buying, and selling a bill of goods? Re-member your words this retrograde in “talking too much” Sagittarius, for they are destined to come back and haunt you. In fact it may already be too late as there has been a lot of talk and too little action of late… actually no action. The meaning lies within the “no-action” as the atmosphere of emotion becomes dark and brooding when Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio on the 15th turning direct at 18 Scorpio on the 25th. Resentments are lurking in the shadows and this is the time to clear the air…the Spiritual Air.

Using frankincense, myrrh, rosemary and sage…keep your mental and emotional environment free from your own up and down thinking. Clear the air with forgiveness and practical action. This also means keep a low profile and keep your expenses down in order to find some equilibrium during these retrograde days!

Promises, games and repeat situations can wear you down, so slow down. These are very busy days filled with endless tasks which need prioritizing. How easy it is to get taken advantage of. You know the story: so make a conscious decision not “to play” anymore… Back down, re-evaluate your way of responding, and choose your words carefully this retrograde. Now is the time to review your choices and choose the decisions you make.

“I was part of that strange race of people aptly described as spending their lives doing things they detest to make money they don’t want to buy things they don’t need to impress people they dislike.” — Emile Henry Gauvreau

Time to keep your eyes open and keep your wits about you…this is no time for letting your guard down. You may feel that your authority is being challenged or that you want to challenge the authority of someone else simply because things are not going your way… in the usual way that is because these are unusual times.

Although planets are weakened when in apparent retrograde motion and the mental, communication planets Mercury and Jupiter are both retrograde. This transit is further complicated by the exchange of signs or mutual reception between these two… when two planets are in each other’s signs of rulership. Jupiter rules this retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius and travels through Gemini, the sign ruled by Mercury. Both Jupiter and Mercury are weakened by this placement and support a more scattered, mis-informed and mis-understanding of thoughts, ideas and agreements. Caution is needed when entering contracts, take the time for thorough research.

This retrograde Fire energy is rising now with nowhere to go except backwards. As the Inner Journey tells us:

If you are not learning and moving forward, you are unconsciously entrenching older patterns more deeply. You are actually going backwards. So take a few minutes each week to reflect on what matters most in your life.

A positive financial and debt re-view and resolution time, indeed! Take action carefully; re-consider your options…in fact, opt out if you don’t want to find yourself on the defensive. The continuing areas of un-resolved financial issues, shared resources in utility bills, appliance repairs, vehicle insurance, property taxes, appliance breakdowns and where did that number go?

Everything seems to happen all at once and even your friends are difficult to rely upon… so rely on yourself and get done what you can. When a planet goes retrograde it retraces its steps and provides the opportunity to reconsider your options and get things right the best you can. There is no real point in resurrecting the past when we have retrograde Mercury providing the best replay of past drama… as mentioned earlier, the past comes back to haunt you.

Take a deep breath when no one answers the phone, comes up with their share of the bill or you get short-changed by those who feel “entitled”…short changed is better than getting the shaft! Go ahead with plans to re-assess your property, re-finance your house and re-apply for that loan, that credit or that job.

Leave your ego aside as it usually gets in the way and definitely will get in the way over the next 3 weeks. Remember the Art of the Deal or the Lost Art of the Hook? The basic meaning of a retrograde Mercury in its lowest expression is the thief… and more specifically “the pickpocket”

“Pickpocketing is a subtle theft,” says Jay Albenese, a criminologist at Virginia Commonwealth University. “It requires a certain amount of skill, finesse, cleverness, and planning… and the patience to do all that isn’t there” among American young people. This is “a reflection of what’s going on in the wider culture.”

Even the most loyal of citizens realize today that our greatest play on words comes from the political promises and campaign stories of a better, healthier economy …Being outwitted by a pickpocket in a crowded subway car is one thing; being relieved of your savings by an anonymous hacker/banker is quite another.

The higher expression of retrograde Mercury is the Magician… being and able to find Peace and Magic in the midst of change and crises. Knowledge and experience will see you through. Trust yourself as you learn to live in harmony

“Peace comes not from the absence of conflict, but from the ability to cope with it.”– Unknown Source

Always Loving Life,


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How to Utilize the October 2012 Full Moon, Hurricane Sandy and Mercury Retrograde

Just a heads up and reminder: energy is energy, and you can influence its direction. If you have any situations or relationships that have long outworn their usefulness, you can do yourself and the East Coast a favor by siphoning off some of Hurricane Sandy’s energy and using it to clear out what no longer serves in your own life.

The massive influx of energies on the East Coast right now could use a little buffering. I’ve posted before that attempting to tone down something expansive presents a much larger challenge than focusing on what you do want. Spending too much focus on Sandy will only increase her force. If you do want a clearing, then you can work with the power of this storm to wash away whatever stands in your way.

Tonight we’ve got what some people have called the “most powerful Full Moon of 2012.” Although Full Moon’s traditionally support increase, this particular Full Moon shares a Taurus/Scorpio connection that emphasizes clearing away what you no longer want or need. Pluto, god of the underworld, rules Scorpio. Anything dark, deep and ugly comes up for reevaluation. Can you say, “Shadow Work”? Venus rules Taurus, and this Full Moon in Taurus offers a chance to ground, earth and tangibly replace the old with the preferred new.

Feng shui, the method of redecorating to increase beneficial Chi (life force energy) in one’s home, literally means, “Wind and Water.” Sounds like a hurricane to me! What’s the first step of feng shui? Decluttering. Use all that wind and water to declutter your life on whatever levels need a good scrub. You’ll appreciate all the fresh, new, positive energy when it has somewhere to move into your life.

Following the Full Moon, we have Mercury Retrograde, beginning on November 6. Although many people dread Mercury Rx, these times offer potent opportunities for resolving old things. If you want to make the most of this next week, then I suggest you set your intentions now for removal and resolution. Then invite some of that excess Hurricane Sandy energy to wash away the junk. File any required paperwork and have any needed conversations finished as far before November 6 as possible. Trust that the Universe will support your desire to Let. It. Go. Gale force winds: take it away!

Mercury Retrograde, X-Class Flare, and Aura, Oh, My!

Thanks to Gillian for posting this James Tyberonn account of Mercury Retrograde coupled with an X-Class Solar Flare. Heads up! This energy can fry you and your electronics, or you can harness it for huge amplifying of intentions and manifestation. Use this energy wisely!

Earth Keeper Newsletter — July 13, 2012
Magnetic Effect of Solar Flares – Coronal Mass Ejections

The solar gas from CME’s has its own magnetic field, and as it streams past our planet, it stirs up massive turbulence in Earth’s magnetic field. If this field points in the opposite direction as Earth’s, the two can link up, or reconnect-releasing magnetic energy that accelerates particles and thereby creates bright auroras and powerful electric currents. It also can be problematic to electronics, air flights, satellites. and the Human Aura. The CME’s are mega-energy amplifiers, and also can be used wisely for benevolent purpose.

X-Class Solar Flare Today!

Hitting Earth on Saturday July 14 In the Energy of the Mercury Retro

Fasten Your Seat Belt & Use this Energy Wisely! CME activity is expected to continue increase and peak in early 2013. More are coming! This energy feels like a full moon X100, and can create anxiety, untoward emotional spikes, mood swings & depression if it is not managed. It can be optimally managed….and in fact is an incredibly potent & charged energy for manifestation if used wisely, and the Auric Field is kept intact.

The CME is expected to reach Earth tomorrow, July 14th, the early hours past midnight. Get Ready !!! Coronal Mass Ejections, solar flares/solar winds are a major part of the upshift of energies and as such an integral part of the Planetary Ascension. As we have previously shared, CME’s can & do disrupt the Human Auric Field. Emotions can be mal-effected if imbalance occurs. But preventive maintenance is possible. As we are currently entering into Mercury Retrograde those energies can be further amplified. It ius quite interesting that this X-Class is hitting as we enter the Merc-Retro. The energis will be fantastic…but a double edged sword, meaning it can be well utilized, or if ignored, a pressured time of emotional swings.

Miscommunications, travel issues can result. It is prudent to be aware of the astronomical waves, their dual attributes and especially to take immediate and ongoing measures to prevent or minimize fissure-cracking of the Auric Field. Wear stabilizing gems and noble metals. Meditate and take salt mineral baths and saunas.

Now, there is indeed a means to use this energy in a beneficial manner. Although this wave is tremendously powerful, there are other astrological influences that will allow for it to be utilized for positive effect. This particular Mercury Retro carries with it a unique field for higher dimensional access…if one can maintain stability. It is a superb energy for breaking through dimensional veils. It can be said that the ‘veil is very thin’ in this time frame. We also explain that the massive ionic influx can be used to harmonize with ‘theta wave’ thought and more rapidly transform thought to reality. This is indeed a double edge sword…good or not so good – depending entirely on what thoughts you focus on in very unique this intensity. Indeed the wise use can be very serendipitous.

This time period can go either way…depending on ones awareness & emotional stability. The CME amplification within retro-Mercury can also absolutely be optimally utilized for manifestation of higher vibrational goals as well as for achievement of extremely lucid visioning.

As we enter this period of Solar Maximum in 2012 and increasing in 2013 , it is important to maintain stability and understand that the resonant energy around us will increase week by week. It will not become less intense, rather we will become more able to manage it. We become stronger. We become the creators and use the increased access to higher dimension to manifest reality. It is why we are here. Manage the Aura, keep it intact. And manage the emotional field. Auric Maintenance is the corner stone.

X-class solar flare erupts from giant sunspot

Fox News July 12, 2012: An X-1.4 class flare erupted from the center of the sun, peaking at 12:52 PM EDT. It erupted from Active Region 1520 which rotated into view on July 6.(NASA/SDO/AIA)

Fox News : The sun unleashed a huge flare yesterday, (July 12), the second major solar storm to erupt from the sun in less than a week.

The solar flare peaked at 12:52 p.m. EDT (1652 GMT) as an X-class sun storm, the most powerful type of flare the sun can have.

According to NASA and the Space Weather Prediction Center (SPWC), which is operated by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, today’s sun storm registered as an X1.4-class solar flare. It is more powerful than the X1.1 flare that erupted on July 6, making this latest tempest the strongest solar storm of the summer so far.

Because the solar flare erupted toward Earth, it is expected to send an enormous wave of charged particles toward the earth that could supercharge northern lights displays, and may cxreate radio blackouts.

X-class solar flares are the strongest type of storms that occur on the sun. When aimed at Earth, the most powerful X-class flares can endanger satellites, airplane communication, astronauts in space, interfere with navigation and communications signals, and damage power system infrastructure on our planet.

Yesterdays solar flare marks the sixth X-class solar flare of 2012. While it is the strongest yet of the summer season, which began in late June, it is not the most powerful solar flare (CME) of 2012. That title is currently held by the March 2012 event that unleashed an intense X5.4-class solar flare.

The sun is currently in the midst of an active phase of its 11-year solar weather cycle. The current cycle is called Solar Cycle 24 and is expected to peak in 2013.

Revised Impact Earth Forecast: The CME launched toward Earth by yesterday’s X-flare is moving faster than originally thought. Analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab have revised their forecast accordingly, advancing the cloud’s expected arrival time to 09:17 UT (5:17 am EDT) on Saturday, July 14th.

X-FLARE! Big sunspot AR1520 unleashed an X1.4-class solar flare on July 12th. Because the sunspot is directly facing Earth, everything about the blast was geoeffective. For one thing, it hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) directly toward our planet. According to a forecast trackprepared by analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the CME will hit Earth on July 14th around 09:17 UT (+/- 7 hours) and could spark strong geomagnetic storms. The explosion also strobed Earth with a pulse of extreme UV radiation, shown here in a movie recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

The ongoing UV pulse has partially ionized Earth’s upper atmosphere, disturbing the normal propagation of radio signals around the planet. Monitoring stations in Norway, Ireland and Italy recorded the sudden immense ionospheric disturbance.

Vast fields of solar protons accelerated by the blast are currently swarming around Earth. The radiation storm, in progress, ranks “S1″ on NOAA space weather scales.

James Tyberonn ~ Coronal Mass Ejections (The Impact of Solar Magnetic Winds)

Dr. Greg Braden was the first to speak of this activity in relation to planetary frequency increase.

Archangel Metatron has spoken on this topic. CME are one of the mechanisms of the energy increase into Crystalline Dimensions.

Although CME’s, Solar Flares and Winds create havoc with electronics & communication instrumentation….they are not ‘all-bad’. Quite the contrary, if the wise & prudent metaphysician keeps the auric field intact, this incredible energy can be used in myriad beneficial ways.

Yes – the Human Auric Field can absolutely be mal-effected by the incredible energies of CME’s. The magnetics & radiation can create fissure cracking , imbalance and ruptures in the Auric sheathe. But this can be avoided or minimized.

The magnetic waves, if disregarded, can create, ‘Auric Fissuring that imbalance can lead to extreme emotional swings, anger bursts and a heightened sense of anxiety. Many of you may be sensing this now.

CME energy is relatively short term, and by optimally managing the Auric Field ruptures from CME’s, the Aura can be quickly restored. Understanding the mechanics and utilizing preventive maintenance is required. Auric maintenance is essential from 2012 forward, because these energies are increasing.

The CME result is somewhat like a full moon X 10. However the X-Class is more like X-100 ! Take time to meditate, exercise, and guard against anxiety and untoward mood amplification. Take mineral baths and saunas ! Bath in the ocean or a moving stream or cenote.

CME’s are not bad events, they are in fact quite necessary for the up-shift….thye are transforming the Earth as well as our DNA, RNA and Mer-Ka-Na system. The carry the catalytic tools of the cystalline shift !

…But X-Class CME’s are an immense, if not overwheming energy …they cannot be ignored. The aura must be specifically guarded during these enormous energy influxes, because they create an energetic imbalance, an energetic differentiation between the auric resonance and the exterior earth resonance. By taking precautions to keep the aura and emotional body intact, they can be powerful tools for benevolent use.

This one in particular can be used powerfully for manifestation in particular because of the current astrology and Mercury retrograde, they are excellent for deep mediation and creation of intent, because of the amplification of life-force energy they bring. Indeed the incredible ‘life-force’ in these extreme waves can be utilized for ‘thought-creation’.

**Ref: Metatronic Keys
(Connect with James Tyberonn here. Read more about grounding and dealing with Solar Flares here and here.)

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period

Today’s post comes in response to a reader question about Mercury Retrograde.

“Hi, thanks for your blog. Please explain how the shadow time differs and affects us vs the actual dates. Do we have to follow the ‘don’t sign, don’t do anything new’ rules during shadow too? Thanks so much”

As I’ve explained before, I’m not an expert astrologer, but I do recognize astrological influence. That’s why I have so many astrology experts as guest bloggers. In a 2011 post about the Shadow of March/April 2011’s Mercury Retrograde, Master Astrologer Electra Jung explains: “During the Shadow phase of Mercury we are catching up with all the weak links in our plans, our lives.” The Shadow of Mercury Retrograde fosters continued inner evaluation, review and healing.

Please note that if you read Electra’s article on my site, her description of that Shadow period is period-specific, in the sense of other planetary influences for that time. The following general guidelines for Shadow periods of Mercury Retrograde come from this in-depth article by Jim Shawvan of Right Place Consulting:

“In my experience, if one has made a sound decision before Mercury Retrograde, there does not seem to be any problem following through with it during the retrograde period. Catching up, filing, and escrows work fine during this time. More — I have seen buyers of real estate make clear decisions in advance about what kind of property they were looking for, and then pick the specific property while Mercury was retrograde. In these cases, the purchases were successful, and the new owners remain happy with their new homes several years later.

“When students of astrology first hear of the effects of Mercury Retrograde, they often jump to the conclusion that everything will be hunky-dory right up to the moment that Mercury starts its apparent backward motion, then everything will be totally dysfunctional for about three weeks, and then as soon as Mercury resumes its normal direct motion everything will again be just peachy. Unfortunately, reality is not that simple.”

More on this topic from Jim Shawvan:

“To reiterate, Mercury enters the “Shadow” of the following retrograde at 23 Pisces 50 on February 26/27, 2012, and then continues moving direct (forward) as far as 6 Aries 47, at which point it makes its retrograde station on March 12. Mercury then appears to go backwards for about three weeks, and makes its direct station at 23 Pisces 50 on April 4. Then its direct (forward) motion takes it past 6 Aries 47 again on April 23, at which time the Shadow Period is over.

“We can think of the entire cycle as: Front-end Shadow, Retrograde, Back-end Shadow. From experience, it is clear that Mercury-ruled matters start to get weird sometime during the Front-end Shadow, and continue to act weird until sometime during the Back-end Shadow.”

I don’t know Jim, but I found his article one of the more in-depth explanations of the Shadow period. In that article, he also includes additional resources for people looking to delve even deeper into astrological phenomena.

Again, I will reiterate that astrology influences but does not necessarily determine outcomes! Learning to recognize the energies and surf supportive ones for various tasks allows you to flow with the rest of the galaxy rather than in opposition to it; however, your own intentions, focus and vibration ultimately carry tremendous influence, too. As Joni Mitchell says, “We are stardust, we are golden, We are billion year old carbon, And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.” When we realize how vast and interconnected we truly are, then instant manifestation and beautiful creation happen naturally. Harmony is your nature. Focus on “harmony,” and you will feel inner nudges to align with the stars and planets, whether or not you consciously know how to read them.

Mercury Retrograde 2012 — Tips to Make the Most of It

I’ve written on Mercury Retrograde before, but given the intensity of this week’s alignments and residual effects from last week’s solar flares, it feels like a good time for some empowering reminders. Please remember, Astrology indicates influence, not destiny! If you convince yourself that all of your electronics will go haywire and prepare yourself for fights galore and travel mishaps, you can certainly bring such things into your reality. This is not that kind of article. 😉

It’s actually a re-post of some earlier articles explaining the Mercury Retrograde phenomenon and how you can work with that energy instead of fighting it or wondering what the heck just happened “to” you. Information allows us to respond and embrace instead of reacting. You don’t need to chase symptoms or play whack-a-mole with unwelcome “gifts” from the Universe. I’ve got Mercury, Virgo and Gemini (both ruled by Mercury) all over my natal chart, and I’ve reached the point where Merc Ret periods have become some of my most productive, restorative and jubilant times. That recognition came after a steep learning curve, which I hope this article eases for you. If you’ve been following my blog for a few years, you’ve seen this post before. People continue to thank me for the reminders, so here goes:

It’s that TIME again! Mercury retrograde begins in Aries and runs from March 12 thru April 4, 2012, with a “Shadow Period” on either side (February 27-April 16). If your electronics, communication and travel plans go a little wonky, here’s what may be influencing things. Mercury Retrograde is an astrological term describing something that occurs three or four times per year (four in 2009 and 2010). For approximately three weeks at a time, the planet Mercury appears to move backwards relative to Earth. Mercury Retrograde is perhaps the best known astrological phenomenon –even by people who don’t normally “follow” astrology.

Why? Because Mercury rules communication, and when communication moves backwards all sorts of things become chaotic. I didn’t really believe in this phenomenon until I started coaching people. I noticed that during certain three week periods, all or most of my clients experienced major misunderstandings with spouses, friends, family and/or co-workers, and that emails had a tendency to bounce back for no known reason. Checks would get lost in the mail, and oftentimes intensities would arise that no one truly cared about, but somehow everyone felt s/he needed to do battle over them anyway. In my own life, I found that PayPal transfers often went haywire, and my (now ex-) husband’s computer would crash like clockwork three times per year.

I finally started paying attention to Mercury Retrograde and found that I could prepare myself and my clients for these time periods. We do create our own realities, but the more in tune we are, oftentimes the more we feel the effects of various planets. Astrologers suggest some general guidelines:

1) If at all possible avoid signing contracts or negotiating details during a Mercury Retrograde.

2) Back up your computer before Mercury goes Retrograde, and avoid downloading new software until Mercury goes Direct.

3) Allow extra time for financial transactions as they may get delayed. The check that always arrives “just in time,” might arrive late during a Mercury Retrograde. Have a Plan B or C, just in case.

4) Try to avoid discussions about heated issues, unless you don’t mind risking a full-on fight. Mercury rules communication, and oftentimes Mercury Retrograde results in people hearing false accusations even though none were intended.

5) Have patience with your electronics. They’re trying their best. If your phones, computer, email, cell phone or internet act up, take a deep breath and ask yourself if you really need to push things right now. Pushing usually makes things worse, especially during a Mercury Retrograde. Having a sense of humor about how much we’ve come to rely on our communication tools can help shift your energy from total frustration bordering on insanity to an appreciation of the natural ebb and flow of life.

6) Don’t get upset if someone doesn’t respond to your emails or phone calls during this time. It may not be personal at all. Cyberspace has a way of gobbling up undelivered messages during Mercury Retrograde. See if you can wait until it goes Direct.

7) Try to avoid travel or anything related to travel during these times. Flights have a tendency to get delayed, reservations lost, and baggage misplaced. If you must fly, pack an extra set of clothes in your carryon and make sure you have what you’d need if you spent more time in the airport than initially planned. If you must drive somewhere, bring a good book on tape in case you spend extra hours in traffic. Preparation does not mean you will cause yourself delays; it just means you’ll enjoy your time should an unavoidable delay occur.

Ways to thrive in Mercury Retrograde. The last list focused on survival, but Mercury Retrograde does support some special actions:

1) Finish up any old, lingering projects. You might not want to submit, release, or publish them during this time, but old projects can benefit from a fresh look. Mercury also helps with creativity, making Mercury Retrograde an ideal time to edit or revise.

2) Clean out your closet, file drawer or office. Again, that Retrograde energy amplifies your ability to process through old things.

3) Evaluate how well you’ve achieved your goals and what things you’d still love to bring into your life. Mercury is also the messenger to the gods, similar to an angel. Mercury Retrograde marks a period of Mercury “slowing down,” which means our requests and longings can find more potent expression into the universe. This is a terrific time to ponder intentions.

4) Enjoy some solitude or time away. Read a book, take a walk in nature, or practice mindfulness with a sense of humor.

5) I’ll say it again: have a sense of humor. Mercury, or quicksilver, in alchemy is also known as a trickster god. Mercury changes forms fast and especially influences those born under the sign of Gemini. In fact, people with lots of Mercury in their astrological charts tend to feel Mercury Retrograde more strongly than others. If you can get in touch with that laughing trickster side, you’ll find that Mercury Retrograde stirs the pot in mischievous yet potentially healing ways. A little giggle goes a long way.

6) If you’d like to try something but want to make sure you have some kind of loophole, Mercury Retrograde offers the perfect chance for that. Things almost always go awry with commitments made during this time, so if you feel commitment-shy, you can ensure yourself some wiggle-room during these times. It doesn’t mean a contract or agreement will end; it just means things may happen that would render it null and void if one or both parties decided they wanted out.

7) Realize that you do have influence. You are not a slave to astrology, and you can maximize any events that come your way. Attitude makes a huge difference. If you can practice acceptance with curiosity, you will find Mercury Retrogrades can offer potent transformations in your life. As a Gemini who feels these shifts both in my own life and in the lives of those I coach, I have come to love Mercury Retrogrades! They feel like cosmically sanctioned vacations and I take them as such. I ease up on communication and turn inside, enjoying the still point within swirling chaos. It provides excellent practice for the rest of life, too, because life has a funny way of surprising us sometimes. With Mercury Retrograde as training ground, we can learn to meet anything and everything with Grace.

[LOL! I’ve got to chuckle here, as this was such a perfect example of Mercury’s fun. I decided to replace my old website address with my blog link at the bottom of this article, even though my website redirects automatically to the blog. I did it at the last moment, and the post went out to my email subscribers with wordpress misspelled! Nothing serious, but quite a penultimate wink.]