Working with the Elementals

People call our house “The Faery Cottage,” and it’s true, I always have quite a community of faeries around me wherever I go. I’ve worked with them for years in my personal life, painting doors with faery symbols, studying Runes, trees and Ogham, painting their symbols and generally trying to transform the rough or ugly into something more beautiful. That’s what I do. In 2010, I had a magical experience around my birthday. Tania Marie gifted me a faery portal door that instructed me, “Place these doors against a wall or skirting board and let the fairies into your home.” I did so, and the very next day, a blue faery arrived in the mail! I’ve kept them together ever since:

Faery Portal and Faery

In 2011, my work with the faeries increased in two ways: 1) I started asking the Elementals to help buffer some of the negative Earth changes plotted and planned by the psychopaths running HAARP, Monsanto, Agenda 21 and other nasties; and 2) I started gardening. I can’t know exactly how much to attribute to them, but last year, nothing happened with the New Madrid Fault or the Hoover Dam, despite numerous veiled threats and a few troubling nightmares. I know the Elementals did something, because they are even more sensitive than we are to perversions of Nature and the natural order. At some point, those concerns simply left my field.

The gardening process arose from similar intuitive concerns when Earth was on a pretty negative trajectory in early 2011. I love gardening now, but truth be told, I began it due to paranoia about access to fresh, organic foods, should the SHTF. What sprang from fear quickly turned into love, though. I turned into a gardening nerd, reading 30+ books in Winter and Spring 2011. Even with all that reading and being now in my second year of gardening, I found that certain common garden problems plagued me. Bunnies kept eating my choice greens; aphids sucked the chlorophyll out of some plants, and some plants just confused me on whether they needed more or much less water. I asked the faeries for help with these issues because I wanted to harmonize with Nature, not dominate it. This post describes them requesting “bling” in exchange for their assistance. David happened to read that post while traveling and surprised me (and our gnome and faery helpers) with some gifts on his return:

Begonia Tea Party

Miniature Adirondack chairs, table, mini tea set? Check. I situated these by an ailing begonia, which had gotten scorched outside in the same spot it had thrived last year. The sun is more intense this year! Despite my best efforts, this formerly gorgeous plant was down to minimal leaves and barely hanging onto its life. Definitely a job for the faeries! I figured if I enticed them to spend time with the plant, they’d start healing it. So far, so good.

For the downstairs, we now have spiral chairs, a table and other tea accessories. It’s been so hot outside, I offered the faeries a cool place to sit, next to the always on display “The Secret Garden” book. I thought they’d enjoy the feeling of outdoors while inside without any obligations whatsoever:

Secret Garden “Patio” Tea Party

I felt an uptick in faery energy after these additions. For the outside, David also procured us some faery and gnome statues to encourage additional garden visitors:

The Dandelion and Tat Soi Faery

A Moon and Star Faery has joined our Gnome (hiding under the tomatillo “bush”)

A Gnome and Faery welcome animals to the water we leave out for them.

All these photos look wet, because it rained for the first time in what feels like forever! That in itself is quite a magical little story of working with the Elementals. One disadvantage of being an empath is that I feel … pretty much everything. Acutely. Although our yard has held up remarkably well in the exceptionally dry weather, even my efforts at moisture assistance had begun to wither. The garden looks great, but my back and neck just got tired of hauling gray water to the back yard and front perennials. I did what I could, focused on Leguu/LAF, the Rune of flow; however, by yesterday morning, my nerves had begun to feel like roots with no water in reach. My nerves felt raw, parched and brittle. I know the astrological line up and solar flares influenced that, too, but I really think it was the plants.

I didn’t sleep well several nights in a row, just feeling neurologically thirsty and like something needed to shift very, very soon. One night, when I did fall asleep, every so often (and it felt very often!), something would fall, make a loud noise, or otherwise interrupt my much needed rest. It was weird, and not just in my head. We have a huge painting by Tania Marie in our bedroom, and it literally crashed to floor two nights ago, waking me out of my just achieved REM state.

Anyway, by yesterday afternoon, I was struggling. I ground myself a lot. I practice positive visualizations, sacred chants, get regular chiropractic, nourish my adrenals, imagine the world I wish to live in … but none of this tuned out the dryness of the non-garden plants. While I attempted unsuccessfully to nap, I finally cried out to the Elementals for help. I asked them for a protective bubble like the elves and faeries have at Skellig Michael in Ireland. I reminded them that as difficult as it sometimes feels, I stay in this world to help shift things in a more positive direction. Whereas the Elementals can hide when the energy gets tough, I’m still here: “Throw me a filter, please! I’m willing to act as your liason, but I need some help once in awhile, too. I feel things as acutely as you do, but I don’t run. I’m still here, working with the humans.”

I felt huge compassion after my telepathic outburst, and the Elementals gathered together to ask me what I most needed. “Rain,” I said. “Please, would you bring us some rain?” They assured me they would do everything in their power to bring some rain, and I felt a noticeable shift. Last evening, our next door neighbor and I stood outside, chatting over the fence. “It smells like rain, doesn’t it?” she asked. “Sure does,” I said, “30-40% chance over the next three days.” We joked about adding up the two 40%’s with the one 30% for over a 100%, crossed our fingers and reminded the Sky that it “could do it.” I went to bed feeling more relaxed than I have all week.

I slept next to a carnelian wand (crystals are part of the Elemental kingdom, too, along with gnomes, elves, faeires, leprechauns, animals and others). Early this morning, I heard singing. Not human singing, I decided … these sounds felt like windchimes just beyond ordinary human capacity to hear. In my drowsy early morning state, I tuned into where the sounds seemed to be coming from. They were in our backyard. Suddenly, in my mind’s eye and in my body, I saw, felt and heard hundreds of faeries dancing in a circle, while gnomes formed an outer circle and dragonflies fluttered around the group. They were singing and laughing and dancing up a storm. Literally! Thunder began to rumble, and pretty soon the raindrops began to fall. It poured and poured, and I felt my brittle nerves begin to rehydrate and join the party. Mr. Gnome tells us we got nearly 3/4″ of rain this morning:

Mr. Gnome keeps track of rainfall.

Our rain barrel is full, our ground wet, and my cup runneth over in gratitude. As my friend, Shelley, posted yesterday on her blog, “If we believe in the elemental kingdoms, the elementals become stronger, more real. If they are more real, they can sustain a vibration in our 3D world that will heal the destruction of our natural world. This in itself can be one of the launching pads to that ascension we drool and dream about.” I couldn’t have said it or experienced it better myself. Much love!

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  2. he he!!! LOVE!!! and you too! xoox



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  4. Posted by Leah on July 19, 2012 at 3:42 am

    Maybe that explains why I saw about 25 dragonflies fluttering excitedly overhead last night as I was sitting on the beach by the lake. It was magical. Thanks for reminding us of the magic in this world



    • Posted by laurabruno on July 19, 2012 at 4:51 am

      You’re welcome. In more magical news, we have had two more major rainstorms today. Rain probability is still only 50%, but it has been pouring for hours now. Hopefully this morning 3/4″ softened the ground to receive the deeper rain.



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