One Week Left for October Specials

One more week for intuitive support + a Reiki Healing Attunement. The Intuitive Life Coaching Session + Attunement has been particularly popular and potent so far this month. In order to receive the special(s), purchase must occur by October 31st; however, sessions can be booked at a future date.



Whew! With all the intense energies floating around this month, I’m feeling called to mix things up a bit. This month’s specials offer extra healing support for people on the verge of making major changes. “On the verge” might mean, “already in process, but not quite manifested yet” … or it might mean, “just one affirmation away from your personal tipping point.” In either case, October’s Specials are designed to amplify your efforts and positive flow.

Intuitive Life Coaching Session + Reiki Healing Attunement

This Life Coaching Session draws upon all of my intuitive awareness — Medical Intuitive, Soul Readings, Intuitive Life Path Assessment, potential Past Life Factors, Archetypes — to help you gain clarity and confidence regarding the decision(s) at hand. Once we’ve discussed any potential roadblocks or timing issues, I will help you to craft your wish list and move into receiving mode. The Intuitive Life Coaching Session will last 1 hour. We will then set a time for you to relax on your own and receive your Reiki Healing Attunement** designed to empower your goals and maximum healing.

$188 (Save $42) Life Coaching Sessions are normally $175/hour, and a Healing Attunement is usually $55. This special package allows you to gain clarity and then add Universal Life Force Energy and Divinely directed healing energy to empower your hopes and dreams.

Offer valid if paid on or before Halloween 2012, although sessions may be scheduled after that time.

Wildwood Tarot Reading + Reiki Healing Attunement

The Wildwood Tarot combines traditional tarot cards with ancient wisdom of the deep forest. This half hour reading will provide a snapshot of the energies currently most influential in your aura (and life). With the Wildwood Tarot, these energies often bubble beneath the surface, urging us to return to our more natural, freer state as sovereign caretakers of Mother Earth. On this tarot journey, you might encounter the Green Man, the Blasted Oak, or whispers from Avalon, animals guides and trees.

The Wildwood Tarot reading will last for half an hour, and we will then arrange a time for you to receive a Reiki Healing Attunement** intended to help you integrate the energies most beneficial to you reclaiming the wild, free, natural Being you truly are.

$88 (Save $22.55) Offer valid if paid on or before October 31, 2012. Sessions may be scheduled later. These also make a nice gift for friends and family looking for support in their own transitions.

** Healing Attunements
The Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) Healing Attunement is a precise technology that opens the body’s energy channels (meridians and chakras), helping them to embrace the natural process of growth and healing. In addition to acute illness or injury, Reiki Healing Attunements are often used to empower goals or to help a person move beyond limiting patterns and resistance. In Reiki, the recipient always determines how much Reiki they receive and accept. A Healing Attunement allows the recipient’s Higher Self to take a more active role in recovery and goal achievement. Many people experience dramatic shifts following this type of attunement.

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