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Sacred Decorating

Today’s post comes as a follow-up to a post from two years ago: How to Thrive in a Less than Ideal Location. I write now from a place of gratitude, post-relocation and feeling ideally placed, but I thought I’d share additional insights from the new location. So often I hear from clients that they feel misplaced, lonely, sick or stuck, with no sacred space to call their own. If that describes you, then do check out the previous link, too. If, instead, you feel largely well placed but you want to upgrade your surroundings, then today’s post offers suggestions for adding even more sacred experience into your everyday home, office, or little corner.

Why Bother?

“I have more important things to worry about than decorating.”

“It’s too overwhelming. If I start, I’ll never finish.”

“My space looks good enough, but I don’t feel inspired or energized. Why can’t I get things to flow in other areas?”

Decorating might seem superficial, but it’s one of the fastest ways to shift energy in other areas of life. Whether you study feng shui, or just pay attention to colors and shapes that delight your senses, your everyday environment seeps into your subconscious. As your subconscious works nonstop to filter and create your outer experience, changing your external environment alters your internal feelings and perspective. These, in turn, alter how you experience your external reality.

It’s like breathing: in, out, in, out. You live and breathe and move in your everyday experiences. Like polluted air, a space that irritates, annoys or crushes your soul does more damage than it would first appear. On the flip side, a space that calms, uplifts and expands your soul acts like increased oxygen in the body. Most parasites and other nasties can’t stand a well oxygenated environment. As you clean and uplift the areas in which you spend your time, you welcome fresh inspiration, healing and opportunities in life.


Toadstool fountain, ferns and orgone pyramid by the meditation chair in my office.

Little Things Count — A Lot

In sessions, I always ask people to pay attention to the little things. What small, symbolic step could you take today, which would move you towards your larger goal? Little things add up. They also take less time, energy, focus and determination. In many instances, little things feel like throw-away’s: five minutes to take out the trash, ten minutes to file the pile. A little thing could include changing your screensaver to something that makes you smile. Maybe you move your desk or bed so that a pleasant view greets you instead of one that sinks your spirit. Continue reading

How to Thrive in a Less Than Ideal Location

Today’s topic arises so many times in coaching sessions that I thought I’d address it here, since it seems more common than not for people to feel misplaced, isolated or otherwise “stuck” in a location other than their heart’s desire. Having lived in 43 homes throughout my life — including many of the most beautiful, stunning spots in the US — and currently living well in a way less than ideal area, I can share both personal and professional tips for creating your best life wherever you are. This is not a “settle for less” post, but rather a list of ways to ensure you receive the most benefit, growth and satisfaction from any given location until you either realize you do love where you live, or you manage to leverage yourself into something much more compatible and preferred.

Create a Sacred Space

The first, easiest and most important step you need to do is to reclaim your environment by creating a sacred space. Sacred means “made or declared holy” and includes the idea of “set apart.” Even if you live in a hovel with Messy McMess, find a corner, mantle, bathroom, nightstand, chair, closet, or room that you can clean, clear, decorate and dedicate to you. Size doesn’t matter. Even a corner of a bookshelf, consciously cleaned and intentionally claimed begins the sympathetic magic process of exerting more of your own energy over an incompatible location.

Once you choose a spot, you’ll attract opportunities to charm and enhance other areas. Instead of feeling oppressed by your environment, your field of influence grows and transmutes your surroundings. “As Within, So Without” very often begins with one tiny external shift.


Above, you can see an Element Altar, hidden in plain view, right in the center of our home. This little spot has featured different objects over the years, but I created it from Day One in order to honor the Elements — Earth, Air, Fire, and Water — in our home, celebrating and respecting Nature front and center in a region of the country that defiantly does not.

I’m an artist, so I know the power of color and symbols to shape space (and reality). Continue reading

Garden Portals: From Imagination to Art to Full Bloom

Our downstairs bathroom is a magical place inside a magical place. When we first decided to move into this little cottage, I had some major decorating concerns. I loved having a downstairs bathroom, but the thought of someone leaving the bathroom door open and even (gasp!) the toilet lid up with a view from our kitchen table literally kept me up at night. I’m a bit of a feng shui freak because I am so sensitive to energies that I really need a beautiful, well designed and ordered space in order to function. I gave so much attention to the poor toilet that the poor thing actually clogged up during our second phase of move-in. It turned out not to be just the toilet itself but the entire line to the street, which hadn’t been flushed in who knows how long, since this renovated property was formerly the neighborhood blight.

When David mentioned to me that my thoughts had manifested a pretty severe plumbing problem, I realized I needed to make peace with the downstairs bathroom. I apologized to the toilet. I put kyanite in the bathroom to help bridge above and below and to help “the little bathroom that could” live up to the rest of the house’s potential for delight. The plumbing still didn’t work, so I upped the ante. I agreed to make this downstairs bathroom the most magical, childlike place in the entire house — quite a tall order, because we live in a faery cottage, complete with faery doors, lots of plants, crystals and painted portals. But I do live by the Faery Rule, “A person’s word is bond,” so I set about creating this space.

I hung a beige curtain outside the bathroom door so that at no time could I ever see the toilet from the kitchen. I hand wrote and framed a sign to please close the lid before flushing. I put ivy in there because I heard that ivy purifies bathroom germs in a matter of minutes. I had already leaned Door Number 9 in the corner, but I set about hanging whimsical paintings by myself, my friend Tania Marie, my nephew, and a sun wearing sunglasses, painted by a young boy (now teenager) whom David had taken under his wing in Madison. People giggle when they go in that room, because the curtain makes things dramatic, and then they’re met with walls full of embroidered or painted childlike delights.

This was all by design, but today, even I gasped as I suddenly noticed the everyday view from the “pot.”

First, a picture of the full portal door, a picture which I managed to take by sitting in the sink.

First, a picture of the full portal door, a picture which I managed to take by sitting in the sink.

The message on the bottom reads: "Remember, my friend, you must go down the road to know, it is as above as so below." This is a variation of the typical phrasing of as above, so below, which works on subtle, Runic levels -- kind of a magickal pun.

The message on the bottom reads: “Remember, my friend, you must go down the road to know, it is as above as so below.” This is a variation of the typical phrasing of as above, so below, which works on subtle, Runic levels — kind of a magickal pun.

Here's the part that made me gasp. I painted this door in 2010, way before I ever had my own garden or ever thought of growing sunflowers. I have no idea what those fuzzy white, purple and bluish flowery things are underneath the sunflowers.

Here’s the part that made me gasp. I painted this door in 2010, way before I ever had my own garden or ever thought of growing sunflowers. I have no idea what those fuzzy white, purple and bluish flowery things are underneath the sunflowers.

Whatever those flowers happen to be, though, they were part of a bee-friendly yet unknown mix of wildflowers I planted with my sunflowers. I literally have this part of Door Number 9 growing outside our house!

Whatever those flowers happen to be, though, they were part of a bee-friendly yet unknown mix of wildflowers I planted with my sunflowers. I literally have this part of Door Number 9 growing outside our house!

I took this all as a lovely affirmation that my Winter garden plans will come to fruition, too. As usual, I’m currently reading 9+ books. Here are some of them, along with an heirloom collection of Fall/Winter seeds I bought in Madison, and a bag of wildflower seeds my friend Suzanna recently gifted me:

The Frugal Gardener, Lasagna Gardening, Four Season Harvest, The One-Straw Revolution

The Frugal Gardener, Lasagna Gardening, Four Season Harvest, The One-Straw Revolution

I had read an excerpt of The One-Straw Revolution, a part that talks about planting desired crops just ahead of the weeds sprouting. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessing over when and where to plant those wildflowers. Can I really have a less dandelion-filled yard next Spring if I prepare a bed for them this Fall? And when, oh when is the perfect time to plant those seeds?? I’ve also been gobbling up Four Season Harvest, even to the extent of purchasing a new raised bed just for planting Fall/Winter crops. You see, our Summer garden is simply too lush to offer any room for seeds that need planting now:

Where Does the Thyme Go

If you look carefully, you can see a pot of thyme that I pulled from this overcrowded bed only to wander around the yard unable to find another suitable place for it. David was cutting gopher wire to go under the new raised bed and asked what I was doing. When I explained my dilemma to him — in all seriousness, mind you! — he completely cracked me up by saying, “Where does the thyme go?” Right now it goes in a pot, awaiting transplant to the new bed. 🙂

The Guarden

The Guarden

This new 4′ x 8′ bed is called “The Guarden,” and it comes with a detachable cold frame. It is extremely easy to assemble, although I still managed to mess it up. 😉 Thank goodness David’s more mechanically inclined and, um, direction reading than I am! He managed to salvage my goof. As you can see above, I’ve only filled it about 1/3 with a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite and various mixes of compost. We still have bags of compost cluttering our driveway:

Let me just say, that Chickity Doo Doo is really fun to say but much less fun to smell! LOL, it really *is* chicken shit. :)

Let me just say, that Chickity Doo Doo is really fun to say but much less fun to smell! LOL, it really *is* chicken shit. 🙂

It will probably take more than these to fill the new bed, but I’ve located someone to deliver organic compost to me for my lasagna gardening projects this Fall. If need be, I’ll either get that delivery early or convince someone to take me to buy another car load of compost bags. Our homemade compost isn’t finished yet, but I can dump even partially finished compost in a lasagna garden, then cover it with more straw, leaves and yes (!) another free load of wood mulch.

As I’ve pondered the possibilities for our yard, I’m also excited to plant things our neighbor children will love. Our next door neighbors love our cherry tomatoes, and they are always asking permission to run around our yard looking for butterflies. I’d love to take cuttings of some people’s butterfly bushes and surprise them with an entire butterfly garden next summer. Of course, I don’t wish to be a watering and weeding slave to these new beds, so I’m using my research and planning ways to increase soil fertility and moisture retention, both ecological and “lazy” on the back end, although they do require some extra smarts and labor on the front end.

Recognizing the sunflower/bluish feathery flowers/Door Number 9 connection urged me to look around at other garden and decorative manifestations. In addition to the potential view of the toilet, our kitchen table offered a pretty ugly view out the window on the other side. I immediately began to strategize ways to distract the eye from ugliness with more vibrant, attention grabbing loveliness instead. We placed David’s hand wrapped crystal frames in the window, and I manifested a bunch of free plants from various friends, old and new. This Spring we found and bought decorative trellises that will offer pretty views even without the morning glories on them during the Summer and Fall. I like the sparkles on the butterfly and flower trellises, but right now they are covered in morning glories!

Room with a View

This photo doesn’t really do it justice, because of the outside brightness, but we couldn’t ask for a prettier view! Between indoor plants, outdoor morning glories, David’s crystals, my nephew’s handpainted hummingbird window hanging, a faery chandelier, and a bird hanging from Grandma Van, we’ve got feasts for the eyes whichever way we turn at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I do love how imagination sparks the art, which leads to planting, sprouting, growth and bloom — sometimes quite literally.


Door Number 15: The World Tree and the Norns

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy New Moon in Aquarius! In honor of the end of the old and birth of the new, I just finished my fifteenth painted portal “door” — my first since November 2010. After a long hiatus of partially completing other doors, then injuring my back so that door painting became very cumbersome and uncomfortable, then moving and running out of room for doors, I finally began and finished a new portal project, which can rightly take its place as Door Number 15.

The World Tree and the Norns by Laura Bruno

The World Tree and the Norns by Laura Bruno

Those readers unfamiliar with my portal painting projects can find links to the fourteen previous doors by clicking here. This canvas painting features the World Tree from Norse mythology, along with a faery portal door on the tree, the Rune Realm and a triple Moon sequence symbolizing the Norns, or the sister goddess weavers of Fate. Yggdrasill, the world tree, is a giant ash supporting the Nine Worlds. For this project, I focused mostly on the Norns and then embedded Runes in texture and along the bottom as a gesture towards the unseen worlds.

Triple goddesses in the Norse tradition, the Norns loosely correspond to the Greek “Fates.” The concept is a bit more sophisticated than simple Fate (Past, Present and Future), though. The Rune Primer gives some additional insights into the Norns, which I will share here:

“If we look at the etymology of the names of the three Norns (Urd, Skuld, and Verdandi), we can go a long way toward grasping the concepts they embody.

“‘Urd’ is cognate with ‘Wyrd’, the Anglo-Saxon word for the unseen influences behind events. It also suggests the primal or ancient. ‘Wyrd’ has come down to us as ‘weird’ with only a small part of its original meaning. Urd is depicted as being the guardian of a bottomless well. Urd’s well is the primal source and Urd represents the unmanifest potential, everything arises from the unmanifest, and returns to it. All possibilities exist therein.

“‘Skuld’ translates directly as ‘should’. This is because Skuld represents that which can be inferred. Given the present indications we can predict what should happen, but we can take steps to avert the outcome. If there is free will, no system of prediction can be foolproof. Hence we have ‘Should’ and not ‘Shall’.

“‘Verdandi’ denotes that which is becoming or manifesting, the present moment. Verdandi represents the dynamic process of “coming into being” which we perceive as the manifest world.

“In our system Skuld can also include ‘that which should have been’, so that the manifest decays back through Skuld to return to the unmanifest. We can see that rather than simply having a representation of linear time, we have a concept of all things being in a state of change.

“To our perception, there are three realms of Wyrd: That which we cannot perceive, Urd. That which we perceive directly, Verdandi. And that which we can infer by logic or by divination, Skuld. All things exist within the Wyrd and are interconnected by it, hence the symbolism of a web or woven strands. Everything has its effect on everything else. Our Wyrd is a web of interconnections within a larger web. Working our True Will requires the ability to move with freedom within the constraints of our Wyrd, bearing in mind that our every action changes our Wyrd. By understanding the Norns, we can come to understand our Wyrd.

“This concept is a vital part of our system, and it comes into play in all of our work from Rune Magick to martial training. In our system, we relate Urd to meditation. In meditation we look deep into the well of the unmanifest within, when thought stops we can perceive our connection with the Wyrd, this is the source of our True Will, our individuality and real power.” (More information here.)

I paint portals to effect and direct desired change, both in myself and in the conditions of our world. I had heard that “you can’t petition the Norns,” but I figured a painting honoring the process of manifestation couldn’t hurt! I create all my portals, whether actual doors or canvases containing thresholds, as multi-layered, living prayers. The World Tree traditionally contains nine realms of being, with the Norns at the roots, near the Well of Mimir. I decided to use the triple goddess symbol of multiple Moon phases, because I liked how the Full Moon could double as a well.

The Norns portion of The World Tree by Laura Bruno

The Norns portion of The World Tree by Laura Bruno

The tree itself morphed out of the Wildwood Tarot’s World Tree card, but quickly developed its own power and energy. I added Faery Runes to the doorway to spell out “Payuurt-Eel,” i.e. “portal,” along with a heart.

Mini Payuurt-Eel (Faery Portal)

Mini Payuurt-Eel (Faery Portal)

The word Payuurteel ties Door Number 15 back to Door Number 1, the painting that began the portal door series, and the heart amplifies the mysteries of Love associated with the Payuurt Rune, more commonly known as “Perth.” Shaped like a dice cup, this Rune adds an element of chance and Divine revelation. It evokes the energy of secrets coming to light, or something hidden revealing itself. The Eel Rune is known in other traditions as “Man” or “Algiz.” The meaning varies with each tradition, but all of the Runic traditions I know emphasize a sense of Divine inspiration and protection with this Rune. In the Runes of Elfland, this Rune represents the sword that holds peace so long as it’s never used. The door on the World Tree holds all of these energies and more as a prayer for peace, love and transmutation of our world. It also ties into Door Number 3, “The Tree of Life, aka the Daphne Door.”

I included the four seasons on the single tree, along with the three phases of the moon as overt reminders that “this, too, shall pass.” The solid strength of the World Tree shows signs of moment by moment change, just as Time passes and yet the Universe and we with it exist in the ever-present-Now, eternity. The Runes across the bottom represent a sacred system of Runes known as the FUTHORK, not to be confused with the more common “FUTHARK” Runes. Most commonly known for divination, certain systems of Runes serve as the building blocks of creation. Like quantum energy packets from the All That Is, their energies can mold and shape Reality in major ways. I included this particular system of Runes as a way of evoking “the infinite” in a finite painting.

Many cosmic winks from the Universe occurred as I made this portal, but they all held a similar theme of creating something beautiful from what appears to be a “mistake.” For the first time ever, I “forgot” to prime the canvas. I realized it when I began painting the tree and noticed how the canvas just “sucked up all my paint.” I used lots and lots of acrylic paint on this canvas, but in person it almost looks like water color. After the first application, I opted to go with the flow because I liked the shape of the tree. As I painted more, I noticed that the tree began to glow due to the white of the canvas showing through the strokes. “OK,” I thought, “the tree knows better than I did in planning it: the World Tree glows with life.”

Then, I was painting the red/orange leaves and a splash of red dripped on the trunk. If I had gone with thicker coats of paint, I could easily have camouflaged the drip, but doing so in this case would have required me darkening the entire tree. Instead, I painted a little cardinal, which smiles from the branch with a Rune as his wing.

Cardinal on the World Tree

Cardinal on the World Tree

According to,

Cardinal/Redbird’s Wisdom Includes:



Understanding the power of the wind

Finding your soul song

I especially love how “Courtship” and “Finding your soul song” tie into the Payuurt Rune, and this “accidental bird” ties Door Number 15 into Door Number 4, “The Four of Wands/Karuna,” which just happens to be about marriage and “the end of suffering.” Because these doors connect with energies beyond, the ways they play with each others’ energies amplify their effects, not unlike how Tarot cards shift meaning depending on the other cards in a spread. In this case, the dove at the top of the Four of Wands panel resulted from a “total mistake.” I dropped some black paint on the yellow background of that door, and for the life of me, I couldn’t match the yellows again! The area turned out so much lighter and so noticeable that I could think of no other option than to “put a bird on it.” I ended up liking the way that dove amplifies the peace and harmony of the traditional Four of Wands reading.

Other “mistakes” on Door Number 15 included some of the gloppier regions of background color, again due to “forgetting” to prime the canvas. I initially felt frustrated that some parts of the canvas seemed to eat color. Once I finished each area, though, I noticed that the alternating dense and light patches of color contributed to the overall glow effect, as well as adding extra dimensionality to the painting as a whole.

The photo doesn’t really capture the shimmer of metallic paint on the door and moon, but in person, this large piece dances in the light. I painted it to go above the toilet in our upstairs bathroom, which sits against the wall behind my desk. I have my desk feng-shui’d, but I wanted a more powerful, positive energy on the other side of that wall. I wanted to feel and experience some portal power instead of facing a Chi trap. When David heard where this portal would go, he laughed and said, “Oh, good! Now we’ll have a Portal Potty.” 😉 Humor aside, I designed this portal as a physical symbol of the idea that we can, with intention, shift challenges into emblems of beauty and power. In permaculture, people would say, “The problem is the solution,” recognizing how any challenge that arises usually winds up solving a bunch of other issues, or at the very least making the entire system more efficient and elegant. By creating a portal to balance the chi going down various bathroom drains, I wound up strengthening my desk, business and energy in the office on the other side.

Given that I had begun painting this portal as a plea to the Norns, the Universe, the World Tree, and the All That Is to shift some of the intenser aspects of life on this planet right now — in addition to the toilet/desk issue — the continual shifting of mistakes into light and depth seemed like an answer repeated until I got the message:

“Your requests for peace, a return to Natural Law and the bringing of hidden secrets into Light have been heard and duly noted … But, Laura, look with new eyes. Reconsider those parts of the unfolding that you find wrong, draining or haphazard. When creating from the infinite well of inspiration, remember that beauty, light and Nature can and will surprise you. Just because your process takes a different path than you planned or expected doesn’t mean you won’t receive the essence of your request. In fact, the essence of your request may outshine the intended details of what you thought you wanted. We hear you, and we honor the deepest longings of creation. Relax and enjoy!” I hope you, do, too. 🙂

The World Tree and the Norns by Laura Bruno

The World Tree and the Norns by Laura Bruno

How to Utilize the October 2012 Full Moon, Hurricane Sandy and Mercury Retrograde

Just a heads up and reminder: energy is energy, and you can influence its direction. If you have any situations or relationships that have long outworn their usefulness, you can do yourself and the East Coast a favor by siphoning off some of Hurricane Sandy’s energy and using it to clear out what no longer serves in your own life.

The massive influx of energies on the East Coast right now could use a little buffering. I’ve posted before that attempting to tone down something expansive presents a much larger challenge than focusing on what you do want. Spending too much focus on Sandy will only increase her force. If you do want a clearing, then you can work with the power of this storm to wash away whatever stands in your way.

Tonight we’ve got what some people have called the “most powerful Full Moon of 2012.” Although Full Moon’s traditionally support increase, this particular Full Moon shares a Taurus/Scorpio connection that emphasizes clearing away what you no longer want or need. Pluto, god of the underworld, rules Scorpio. Anything dark, deep and ugly comes up for reevaluation. Can you say, “Shadow Work”? Venus rules Taurus, and this Full Moon in Taurus offers a chance to ground, earth and tangibly replace the old with the preferred new.

Feng shui, the method of redecorating to increase beneficial Chi (life force energy) in one’s home, literally means, “Wind and Water.” Sounds like a hurricane to me! What’s the first step of feng shui? Decluttering. Use all that wind and water to declutter your life on whatever levels need a good scrub. You’ll appreciate all the fresh, new, positive energy when it has somewhere to move into your life.

Following the Full Moon, we have Mercury Retrograde, beginning on November 6. Although many people dread Mercury Rx, these times offer potent opportunities for resolving old things. If you want to make the most of this next week, then I suggest you set your intentions now for removal and resolution. Then invite some of that excess Hurricane Sandy energy to wash away the junk. File any required paperwork and have any needed conversations finished as far before November 6 as possible. Trust that the Universe will support your desire to Let. It. Go. Gale force winds: take it away!

What Goes on the Truck?

As David and I prepare for our “right sizing” and relocation from Madison, Wisconsin to eco-friendly, artsy Goshen, Indiana to support David’s aging parents, we’ve begun to ask ourselves in earnest, “What goes on the truck?” Instead of moving in one huge haul, Life has urged us to make three smaller runs to Goshen, which means two of our three upstairs bedrooms already look packed and staged for the first truck run. Sorting and determining what we box up and move forms a significant part of our days right now.

But the question, “What goes on the truck?” also holds symbolic meaning for us, as we recognize this move offers a major reset for both of us. In addition to some bulkier, older pieces of furniture, significant heavier and outdated thoughts, emotions and patterns won’t make the cut. Just as our new home offers a similar amount of living space but in a highly different, more efficient footprint, we’ve begun to view ourselves as streamlining and upgrading. What stories and experiences do we leave behind? Having served their purpose, these no longer useful modes and filters get donated to the Universe for release and transmutation.

One of the biggest principles of feng shui suggests that we declutter so Chi can move freely and bring health, positive energy and abundance to our home. If you touch something and feel a wave of negativity or your breath tightens, toss it out. One person’s junk may become another’s treasure, so consider offering things to others or, in the case of lackluster energy, to the Universe for recycling. If something’s truly broken, throw it out. Holding onto broken things — whether physical or metaphysical — limits the new, fresh, healing energy that would otherwise pervade a home. That home might be your house or apartment, or it might mean your body, mind and spirit.

I know many people are moving, changing jobs or shifting relationships as we navigate the intensifying energy of our times. Even if life looks fairly “normal,” consider asking yourself “What goes on the truck?” 2012 offers a potent opportunity to remake ourselves, our society, our governments, and in fact, our entire perception of reality. We’re headed to the Galactic Center — on the move into parts unknown. Even if day-to-day circumstances remain relatively stable, the external structures of so many veils and control systems have begun to crumble. Humanity itself is moving, by necessity, to a new “home.” In creating heaven on Earth, what attitudes, beliefs, memories and expectations qualify for placement on the cosmic truck?

What goes on the truck will look different for each of us. Because of all my frequent moving over the years, I’ve already culled most physical belongings. Whereas David sorts through paperwork, decorations and extra items, my main dumping includes makeshift thought structures I acquired as temporary stop gap measures to deal with my 1998 brain injury. While these patterns gave me some stability after a neurological earthquake destroyed my rational side, they’re really not my own beliefs or preferred filters. They served their purpose, but my healthy brain hasn’t actually needed them in a long, long time. I’ve spent many recent hours jettisoning unused packets of others’ energies and issues. They simply have no place in the new life David and I have carefully and consciously manifested step-by-step.

As you sort your own vibration and reality, choose wisely what goes on your truck. We live in a vibrational and co-creative Universe. You can have it all, but maybe you’d rather include only parts of it. Don’t forget to open space for the wonderful new!

Ocean’s 11:11 Update: Next Event is June 15

Hi everyone, this is just a short update with more to follow soon. I trust your June has begun dynamically with the June 1 Solar Eclipse and a nice astrological line-up of Jupiter in Taurus. Think “expansion and getting in touch with the Earth!” A great time to garden, enjoy nature and begin shaping those thoughts into reality. June offers three eclipses (two solar and one lunar), with the next one happening on June 15, the next Ocean’s 11:11 “gathering.”

I will post some additional suggestions closer to that time, but as preparation leading up to the next Ocean’s 11:11 Event on June 15, please focus on bringing light into and around you. Light, love, and especially laughter are fabulous ways to transmute darker, denser energies into the blissful existence we crave and deserve. I’ve been reading a Druid Magick book, and the authors talk about the power of the spoken word, particularly in the form of poetry. They also talk about how Celtic wars could be won with the sword or with the word, in particular, satire. I’m not suggesting anything mean-spirited here, but if things in the world are troubling you right now, please consider turning them into a humorous verse or ironic limerick. The process of focusing your creative attention on word, phrase and metaphor building in a funny way will carry over into your external reality as well. The pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword. And the spoken word’s more powerful than either. 😉

I’ve also been noticing some trends in my own Tarot cards. I have a Faery Wicca Tarot deck that includes traditional and “faery” readings. When I ponder the state of our planet right now, I keep pulling the “Poetical Justice” card, which features a dark-haired, young, pregnant woman running towards the light. So many people stand behind her, oblivious to events, but she knows to run. The card emphasizes that we must each choose our own path, regardless of what the herd believes. We are pregnant with possibility. Let’s run with it! I also love its reference to Poetic Justice: “The rewarding of virtue and the punishment of vice, often in an especially appropriate or ironic manner.” Again, I’m not wishing anything ill here, and I’m really not interested in punishment. I am, however, getting my funny bone regularly tickled by news in which diabolical plans come to funny or ironic fruition, or in which the plotters are almost immediately caught red-handed. So many of these events keep happening that I feel constantly on the edge of giggles!

I’ve expanded my own creativity to imagine things like chemtrails “accidentally” spraying something like DMT (or the spirit molecule) all over humanity and unintentionally waking everyone up even faster. I have a whole series of alternate scenarios running around my head! This began when I started asking for “a new Scriptwriter for this reality.” Someone on Facebook reminded me that I am the Scriptwriter for my own reality, even what I experience as collective reality. We all are. And so, instead of complaining or lamenting the lamestream media or depressingly real conspiracy facts, I just started rewriting them into fairy tales, comedies and spoofs. The more I “rewrote,” the more quickly things shifted in the external reality. I haven’t tried my hand at memorized poetic exploits yet, but I might try to brew something up for June 15.

Oh, and I have finally begun Door Number 15, with a “we are stardust, we are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden” theme–Garden as in Garden of Eden. It features the Tree of Life as a labyrinth and the words, “The way in is the way out.”

I also encourage everyone from Ocean’s 11:11 to join the 40 Days Focusing on Manifesting the New 5D Earth Event, which now has over 3,000 people actively agreeing to imagine themselves living in the new, beautiful, radiant Earth. This event begins June 21, on Summer Solstice, and you can join the Facebook group here.

In addition to all this positive thought, please consider those things in your life that no longer serve you. Are you ready to leave them behind, along with radiation poisoning, GM foods, BigOil, BigPharma, EColi outbreaks, and shadow governments? I sure am! To celebrate these shifts, I spent this past week re-feng-shui-ing my home. In feng shui, you can move 40 ounces with intention and have the result of moving giant mountains in “reality.” It doesn’t need to cost much, and some feng shui “cures” take only seconds or minutes to complete. You might want to look up “feng shui for” and whatever area of your life feels out of flow right now. Why not ride the wave of all this fabulous June transformation energy?

Namaste and Many Blessings!