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Daylight Savings Time

Does anyone else dislike Daylight Savings Time as much as I do? My favorite thing of living in Arizona was no DST!

I’m the least linear time living person I know, but for some reason that shift into Daylight Savings Time throws me each year. I do a countdown for several weeks each Fall until we go back to Standard Time. When that happens, I feel a huge sense of relief, like some Big Lie has finally righted itself.

On the one hand, this cracks me up, because I’m not very tethered to linear time. Between precognitive dreams, past life readings, astrology (cyclical) and timeline jumps, I don’t know why I care about DST at all! I suspect my Virgo Rising feels like everyone around me is participating in a collective lie, and that bothers me. I want everything harmonized, ordered and true–even if that order has a boho casual feel to it.

Anyway, just sharing here, because I’m curious if this affects anyone else, too. If so, what do you like or dislike about Daylight Savings Time? How does it affect you?

Dream Wisdom

For all the dreams I share on this blog, I have many thousands more. Sometimes these dreams come with elaborate plots and details. Other times, someone gives me a message, or I awake with a phrase or sentence in my head. This morning I was riding the exercise bike — where I often get waking downloads — and it occurred to me to share a few of the dream quotes. In no particular order:

“In perfect love and perfect trust, perfect timing is a must.”

“Delay leads to delight.”

“Wherever you are is where you live. Right here, now, you’re living, so this is where you live even if you’re only visiting.”

While biking, I started listening to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. I read this book in college and also watched the Bill Moyers interview series with Joseph Campbell, based on this book. I saw that series in the first few months after my 1998 traumatic brain injury, and it helped me view my entire recovery through the lens of hero’s journey and shamanic initiation. Now I have the book on Audible, and I love how much the narration makes the stories and dreams come alive.

Back in April 2019, I had an elaborate and life changing dream. At the end of the dream I met Joseph Campbell in the Meijer Sculpture Gardens. He gave me very personal advice, but he also said one other thing, which I could not for the life of me recall. It seemed important. This morning while biking, I heard Joseph Campbell (as the Audible reader) say:

“Birth is the only cure for death.”

I almost fell off the bike when I realized this is what he told me in that pivotal April 2019 dream. As the collective faces so much change and ongoing pressure to change, these dream memos seem helpful to share. Perhaps they’ll speak to you, as well.

Contrast, Paradox and Non-Linear Time

After a week of temperatures in the 50’s-70’s, on Saturday, it started snowing. Yesterday, we awoke to a winter wonderland that melted again by late afternoon. For a few hours, though, my garden showcased winter, spring, and summer all at once:


Those pots of summer lilies and ranunculus spent all Saturday and Saturday night in our garage because of the forecast snow, but I love seeing them juxtaposed with winter snow and spring hyacinths (near the bench).

This photo captures so much of what I see happening right now, as we live amidst contrast, paradox and non-linear time. That can feel stressful and confusing, but it offers so many options to thrive. Just because it hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean it cannot happen now. So many people I know — myself included — are spontaneously recalling and healing deep past life memories. So many others find life opening doors, even if just a tiny crack. Beware the tendency to dismiss things that you haven’t seen before. Beware the tendency to live from an all or nothing, black or white, rigid space. Tiny steps add up, and sometimes the smallest choice triggers a quantum leap. All time is now, and that brings so much beauty and possibility.

Yesterday, while working on my latest portal painting, I opened the sliding glass door to let in some fresh air. Rapidly melting snow created a babbling brook symphony, as cardinals and robins sang along. I often paint to music, but David taking a nap restricted me blasting Chopin on the stereo. Instead, Nature transported me while the portal birthed itself. Restrictions create opportunities, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Beauty enfolds us and pours forth from us. We are beauty. We real-ize this fact when we step out of expectations into the realm of paradox. We live in a both/and Universe.

Jon Rappoport ~ The Church of Programmed Perception

The Church of Programmed Perception

By Jon Rappoport
July 3, 2014

“Consider something you take for granted, something everyone takes for granted. Now back up from it, back up far enough and you begin to realize it’s arbitrary—it doesn’t have to be that way. It could be another way, or it could vanish and not exist at all.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The logic of space and time is the system/arrangement in which we find ourselves; the way we perceive reality.

Objects are next to each other, behind each other, in front of each other. And wherever they are, they are in space.

This space. Earth. Sky. Stars. We are here, and this is the deal, the contract, the set up.

A building 50 feet away from us looks bigger than it does when it’s a mile away.

Space endures. It doesn’t suddenly fold up. It doesn’t fall apart. There may be wormholes and black holes, but generally there are no visible exits from space. The fabric doesn’t tear and rip in the wind. This space doesn’t suddenly find itself superseded and replaced by another space. We don’t walk out of space.

Of course, most people would say, “How could things be otherwise?”

Actually, this question speaks to the rigidity of the perceptual arrangement. It’s a much denser version of “how could my opinion be other than true?”

And time is just as bad. Events must proceed is sequence. There are “before” and “after.”

We might notice there are days during which time crawls along and other days during which it speeds by, but confidence remains that a working clock is the final judge and makes no such subjective distinctions.

However, the passage through space and time appears to contain exceptions or anomalies. For example, if we accept the notion of quantum entanglement, two particles, quite far apart, both register an impact visited on one particle at virtually the same moment.

But not to worry. We don’t see that happening with the naked eye. As far as we’re concerned, space-time is “uniform” in all respects.

Then there is the issue of the composition of matter. A vase on a table is made out of tiny, tiny particles in motion separated by enormous amounts of space. We don’t see it that way.

The spectrum of human perception is limited, and we are catching only the “gross aspect” of What Is.

All matter is un-solid energy moving in space, but we’re only given a perceptual system that allows us to deal with solid objects.

And this deal is so embracing, we can strike the vase with a hammer and break it into smaller solids.

In terms of ordinary experience, all bases are covered.

Operating systems, programmed perception, endure across the range of all possible conditions.

And now comes the wild card.


A painter invents something on a piece of canvas. A writer writes a novel. A composer writes a symphony, which is not a language in any terms with which we are familiar, and yet we sit in a hall and listen to it, and afterwards, we talk about the effects it had on us.

We say art is weaker than every-day space-time reality, but is that true?

Or are we just sticking to the contract we signed, the deal?

The modern surveillance state is only one way in which people are urged to “remain normal.” The whole apparatus of perception is a programmed norm.

Imagination ignores the apparatus. All it does is invent realities.

The human race acts as if it’s constrained from believing in imagination.

But what if that constraint were broken?

What would happen then?

One reality, indivisible, with injustice for all, would fall by the wayside.

The stranglehold would be destroyed.

Most realities are created by imagination.

Actually, if you understand that the program of human perception was also created by imagination, you can simply say:

Imagination creates reality.

Consider a museum. You have the building and the hundreds of paintings hanging on the walls. Then you have the realities in those paintings which the artists imagined. We say the reality of the building is stronger and more uniform than what the artists imagined.


“It just is. And also, the building and the pieces of canvas can be measured, but what the artists imagined is open to interpretation.”

Consider a measurable symphony hall vs. the music the audience hears in it. Aren’t there moments when the symphony—however many ways it is being “interpreted” by the audience—is so strong it virtually blots out the perception of the hall?

What’s the substance of this contract into which we’ve entered?

“Okay, here’s the deal. The physical world is certainly there, but we’re going to program you so you only see it as we want you to see it. And you’ll also believe imagination is a ‘secondary tool’, a weak sister. For example, the content of a painting will never assume the importance of a wall or a car or a cloud—unless you move outside your program. To keep that from happening, we’ll have gangs of experts who label you as sick and insane. Have a nice day.”

When people say, “Imagination? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t have any imagination,” they’re saying, “I’m loyal to the program.”

Groups applying peer pressure, experts, governments—they all define spaces over which they assert ownership, and they claim you’re in their spaces and therefore you must perceive the consensus they establish.

This con extends all the way up to the logic of space and time: you have to see the way you’re programmed to, and you have to ignore anomalies—especially the grand anomaly called imagination.

And eventually we get to this: the life you have was given to you; the he, she, it, or they who presented you with that gift of life have the right to tell you what you can see and what you can’t see. You have no life of your own.

Therefore, at the highest possible level, you’re in debt, you’re a debt slave.

And right next door to debt is guilt. Amorphous guilt.

And then you have organized religion.

Perhaps you’ve noticed these religions invent and promote their own cosmologies, their own pictures of the universe, the cosmos.

This is what they want you to see. This is part of their programmed-perception operation.

“Hi, I’m from the Church of Programmed Perception. I’m here to give you your booster shot. You’ll see more clearly, and you’ll bury that annoying and distracting thing called imagination ever deeper. Roll up your sleeve. This’ll only take a second.”

Jab. Inject.

That second then becomes forever.

Jon Rappoport
The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

The Illusion of Time with Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

Thanks, G!

This video below is so “timely” for what I’ve been discussing with people since last night. At the Farmers Market today, my 82-year friend’s daughter joined us, and we started sharing about Dreamtime and working things out there instead of in waking life because you get faster results that way.

Last night, I tried to explain to David a sort of backwards method I’ve been using to prepare my “future Self” to be able to send healing energy and unconditional love back to my “present Self.” We discussed how this seems like a roundabout way — why not just heal and have unconditional love for my present Self right “now”? Of course, that’s a valid question, but the healing work feels very deep. It involves learning, imbibing and embodying very ancient wisdom now, so that by the time I’m in, say my 60’s or 80’s, I will have the skills I need to be able to go back in time to change the current trajectory of our planet. (** Just to clarify, I am fully aware that I’m not “the One” who will change things all by myself, but since my best range of influence is over myself, that’s what I’m focusing on for this particular process. The ripple is in effect!)

Looking at the oppression, surveillance and control mechanisms in the pipeline, it occurred to me that one day all the wisdom currently available in books or online could be banned. Sound crazy? It’s really not. I learned yesterday that giving Tarot readings or “fortune telling” was illegal in the US until 1984 — a victory that came only after a nine year court battle and literal witch trial of Z Budapest. Earlier this year, I got the sense that one of my favorite Rune websites might disappear overnight. I didn’t know which one, but fortunately, I had printed out the material I wanted from my favorite sites, because just the other day, I found that one website no longer exists. Thousands of pages of knowledge, history and self-empowerment: gone! Like it never existed.

People assume that the CISPA, PIPA and SOPA internet bills address online pirating or political censorship; however, history shows that in many newly Communist countries, for example, the spiritual and religious people and books get persecuted, censored and eventually destroyed. Anything or anyone supporting the soul, the spirit and the human element gets eliminated in a totalitarian regime, because tyranny cannot tolerate sparks of the Divine in humans. So long as those sparks remain, certain key elements cannot be controlled.

People who assume that the NSA spying is just to silence political critics or to predict behavior have not studied history or the transhuman (artificial intelligence-machine-human hybrid) agenda. I, for one, believe the soul, the spirit and humanity are worth preserving, but I’ve also begun to realize why ancient cultures memorized and embodied mythology and rituals. What happens if the internet goes down (whether via an internet kill switch or due to a grid-destroying solar flare)? What happens if certain books filled with useful esoteric knowledge or liberating ideals get burned?

History books already reflect the victors’ propaganda, and I am personally appalled at the watered down curricula of public schools and colleges. It would be embarrassing if it weren’t so obviously part of a larger agenda to dumb down the populace and short circuit critical thinking and dissent. (If you don’t believe me, please watch “Who Controls the Children –Schools Deliberately Dumb Down Children,” a videotaped meeting from 1992.)

Last night I received a strong message of not being adequately prepared right now for the challenges humanity and our entire planet face. The surveillance state has become too pervasive; the artificial intelligence too smart; and the perversion of Nature via GMO’s, fracking, mining, pollution, “spills,” “accidents” and weather modification too far gone — right now. I sensed that for all my esoteric knowledge and intuitive awareness, I do not currently possess all the skills I need in order to buttress this planet at this moment into a successful timeline and dimensional shift. However, I also sensed that if I devote myself right now even more deeply to learning, acquiring and integrating such skills, then there will come a time when I do know exactly what to do. Part of that wisdom will include knowing precisely how to return to this moment in “time” in order to trigger all the changes necessary for the desired planetary outcome.

Joanna Macy talks about a variation of this process in her book, “Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy.” She invites groups to address seemingly impossible problems in today’s world by imagining themselves as people in the “future” sharing how they had overcome this challenge at an earlier point in history. They congratulate themselves for their courage in creating the Great Turning, and they explain to each other all the intricacies of strategy as memories rather than as a brainstorming session for something yet to happen. Leaving the perceptions of linear reality seems to shake loose the creative process, easing burnout and discouragement. I’m not sure I’m even explaining it well enough here, but perhaps Dr. Bruce Lipton’s video below will elaborate or contextualize these thoughts.

Strange Effects of “Time”

On Tuesday, my friend Sherri came over to give me a massage and happened to glance at her watch: “12:12!” On Wednesday, I was walking down the street to pick up some paperwork and happened to glance at my iPhone: “12:12.” The realization that exactly and only 24 hours had passed since Sherri looked at her watch literally stopped me in my tracks. The time lapse between Tuesday at 12:12 and Wednesday at 12:12 seemed like at least five months of living. I know that “all time is now,” and I experience this impression whenever I do past life readings or help clients create positive “future” holograms. But holy, freakin’ wow, I still cannot believe Tuesday happened this week. It seems like ages ago!

I felt that same bizarre passage of time after my cousin, Erin, passed. Checking my blog post, her passing occurred right around October 1, slightly over two weeks ago. Really?? I cried on the first day but remember the very next day feeling like Erin had already left at least several weeks prior. When I mentioned her passing to a friend the following week, I felt surprised at my friend’s shock and immediate hugging of me, as though it had “just happened, rather than six or seven months ago.” At that point, a week of linear time had passed, but I only realized the actual time scape while examining her “strangely poignant” reaction. After all, that happened months ago, right? It’s very sweet of her to be so kind, but after so much time passing, it just feels like life as usual. When David and I got into his car, it took us awhile to calculate that Erin had only passed eight days prior. The amount of life lived in that eight days seemed so far separated from Erin’s departure as to have almost occurred in a different lifetime.

I’ve experienced time slippage for over a decade — deja vu, stretching and compressing of linear time when I needed more time to get ready or felt impatient about something — but September and October 2012 seem even stranger than usual. So many things I’ve sensed to the point of knowing for years, sometimes decades, without any external validation have now begun to reveal their truth in the 3D world. Perhaps all that linear time of recognizing truths beyond the veil has imprinted the current short passage of time with an indelible sense of length.

I almost never feel surprised about anything. Ever. Especially now. I don’t know whether we’ve all been on a time loop ala “Groundhog Day” until we get it right, or if even the consciousness of illusory linear time will no longer sustain itself. In any case, I know I’m not the only one feeling strange pulls of time. I hear from clients and friends that life either feels “very, very fast,” “surreal,” or “in slow motion.” Some people don’t understand how they accomplish so much in one day; others experience entire weeks where they wonder how that much linear time passed without anything at all to show for it.

I know many of us are putting massive amounts of energy into the new — creating a new, healed, beautiful, lovely Earth on a brilliantly free and joyful timeline. That manifestation has not fully revealed itself in this dimension and this density, but the more “time” we spend imagineering that reality the more quickly and certainly it shall assume a tangible form. I share these thoughts only to let others know that time, indeed, has been behaving like warm, salt water taffy.

In an unrelated email yesterday, my friend, Gillian shared: “Today is the first day of the Terence McKenna timewave HUGE peak and drop ( – October 17 – 25. The last time it was almost this precipitous (the drop, that is) was 911. Soooo, anything goes.”

Yep. Feeling it! Whenever I’ve experienced the weirdest disconnects in linear time, I’ve learned it’s either a Mayan Calendar “day out of time” or a Terrence McKenna timewave aberration. To quote Steve Winwood: “You just roll with it, baby. Come on and just roll with it, baby. … You can do it, roll with it baby.”

On a happy note, all this time quaking and shaking has resulted in one surprise! Back in July, David took me to a bike shop some family friends of his own in Goshen, Indiana. I sat on a three-wheeler and imagined what it might feel like to propel my physical self faster than my pedestrian ways have taken me around since my 1998 brain injury left me unable to drive safely. Except for a few months of driving and involuntarily closing my eyes whenever I got visually overwhelmed (often), and one turn through a private animal preserve in 2005, I have not driven any vehicle since 1999. I no longer even have a drivers license.

Even though I have fully recovered from my brain injury, I just don’t think like a driver. Matter remains, in my mind, highly flexible and transmutable. I actually believe and experience on a fairly regular basis, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” But driving feels irresponsible of me: I can’t count on my knowing how to translate such perception as it affects 2000+ pound vehicles and physical bodies intersecting in time and space. The expansiveness and flexibility of my time-space and space-time awareness allow me to offer layered past life readings, complete with patterns, reactions and a list of future options. Shifting out of that awareness and into the 3D car-driving awareness feels like too big a chasm for me to jump. It’s a completely different reality matrix!

But back to the surprise …

Apparently, since late July, David and his parents have secretly plotted to surprise me with a three wheeler so that I can safely and quickly glide around Goshen with a big basket for co-op purchases or a yoga mat. While I wondered aloud if I should buy this trike in December or wait until the Spring, I kept sensing David and his sister quietly giggling at me. I just chalked it up to my impaired sarcasm detector and figured I was missing some kind of ironic joke. Again. LOL, I really am quite sarcastically challenged, especially when people “joke” about things that could “never” happen. My mind doesn’t get the “never” part, as I see so many possibilities spread across the field of options. Anyway, I thought the suppressed giggles came from an “Aw, she’s so cute, she just doesn’t get it” place. Turns out they did mean that, but it was because the whole clan knew they had already purchased the trike and a super duper helmet for me, just awaiting my arrival in Goshen. 🙂

Fun times, indeed! After 14.5 years of dimension and timeline hopping, I will finally be able to transport my physical body faster than the speed of walk. I haven’t felt this excited about transit since I contemplated driving a Jetson-mobile! I think I like the surprise part best. For all my intuition, I didn’t see this one coming, and what a treat to feel so loved amidst mischievous winks and hugs. We live in a world of all possibilities. Sometimes what lies just around the corner exceeds our wildest, dreamiest, positive imagining, and sometimes, life just wants to give us a little unexpected treat.

Remember this as you twist and turn around the rest of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!