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Goodbye Sonoma County Redux: Synchronous Owls, NaNoWriMo, and Safe Passage

My February 2010 entry, “Goodbye Sonoma County, Goodbye California,” has haunted me for nearly eight years. David and I decided to get married in December 2016 in preparation for purchasing a house in Michigan and relocating from Goshen, Indiana. Ever since then, memories of my sudden departure from California have tumbled across consciousness at least several times per week. From needing to retrieve Sonoma County divorce records — to a two-week stint on Instagram that felt like an assault of photos from places I worked so hard to leave — to discerning and executing our own exit plan from Goshen, the late 2009-early 2010 time period in Sonoma County kept bursting through.

Although David and I met as friends in Chicago, unbeknownst to me at the time, our story actually began in Sonoma County and Napa. Synchronicities Continue reading

Portals, Numbers and Falling Doors

I’m not entirely sure what to make of today’s post, but third time’s the charm, so I decided to share some of the strange goings on with portals, energies and falling doors at Faery Hof. The synchronicities have been over the top, as have the recent collective energies, which we are all processing in our own ways. I know David and I are in a period of major shift as we wind up our time in Goshen, and I know these painted portal doors are powerful. They always work, often very fast, and are coded for specific results as well as the highest good of all involved, not just human-centric.

Each door contains a personal prayer, as well as a collective offering. I’ve had some of them for nearly seven years, but I painted most in 2010, during my nine months in my ninth floor tower apartment two blocks from Lake Michigan in Hyde Park, Chicago after my divorce and subsequent return to the Midwest following a nine year stint moving around the most beautiful locations of the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, and Northern and Central California. Yes, lots of nines! Landing in that apartment was its own layered and seemingly destined event. If interested, you can read about my Chicago Moving Story and the Mother Lode of Doors here, but it’s enough to know about the nines and that the apartment I was directly led to by dreams, intuitive instructions and synchronicity just happened to be right under an attic full of doors that had been waiting there for five years per the new building owners’ instructions that their purpose would someday reveal itself.

I recently mentioned how I’m in a nine year on multiple levels of my astrological chart, nine being the number of the Hermit. Nine also features prominently in our address, but I won’t post those details here. In addition to the Hermit, nine is associated with Odin’s nine nights on the tree, as described in Odin’s Rune Song, which details how he hung on “the windswept tree” for “nine full nights,” sacrificing himself to himself until he noticed the Runes scattered below him. From his fasting, solitude and upside down perspective, he suddenly made sense of the Runes, spontaneously understanding them and claiming their wisdom and powerful energy as his own.

Anyway, there’s some background on the doors. They’re powerful, intriguing to visitors and blog readers, and they’ve done their job, usually with powerful synchronicities and changes. Until recently, though, they’ve existed in the background. They haven’t moved of their own accord, and I always considered them symbolic doors, painted spells, and/or energy portals to preferred realities. I don’t know if it’s the potent energies of 2016, the increased energies emanating from my garden, or an amplification of major inner transformation literally moving solid reality, but recently, these doors have begun to move.

On April 19, 2016, in a post called “Sync Winks and Faery Portals,” I shared a bizarre (even for me) experience with Door Number 17 ~ Elen of the Ways. The post itself contains an intertwined series of synchronicities and a strange “fall” down our steps in the wee hours of the morning. It’s long and involved, but to summarize briefly, instead of falling straight down the steps, I somehow pivoted in midair and literally flew into the door to left below:

Faery Door 444.jpg

The door you see to the right is the one in front of our steps. In order to “fly” into the white door — designed as a portal into Faerie, as well as a prayer for “sustainable sovereignty” in our world –I was somehow carried and turned so that I landed by body slamming the door almost as though walking through the doorway, but it was solid. Miraculously, I received no injuries.

I had just been wondering, “Where will we move when we’re finally done our time in Goshen?” I know I’ve got a contract with this land, and David and I had earlier been discussing how I might as well just continue to dive into the gardens here until I’ve completed the transformation. I had forgotten a message from 2014 that I am opening a faery portal here with all the land healing, flowers, trees and sacred work I do on these two yards. Around the same time, I received a vision of David and me as very, very old people, sitting happily by a fire in what feels like Ireland but might be the actual faery realm. This has remained a steady vision of mine for years now, popping up when least expected, but I wasn’t thinking about it at all [that night].

Anyway, after asking that question, I floated/body slammed into a faery door with the address at the top of 444.

I eventually went back to bed, tossing and turning for awhile and then finally sleeping just long enough to awaken at 4:44 a.m., about 21 minutes before David’s alarm was due to go off. Note the address on Door Number 17: 444. You can read the synchronous story of that door’s creation by clicking here, but I didn’t notice the 444 sync wink until several more synchronicities prompted me to take a photo of it to share in [the April 19th post]. If I explain all the synchronicities, including a photo of me from March 2016 and a Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle card, today’s post will never get to the most recent events, so for now, please just note my strange intersection with a 444 door and then happening to look at the clock at 4:44 a.m. as the next clock time I saw:

According to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 book, “444 means that the angels are with you. It’s a comforting reminder from heaven, reassuring you that your prayers have been heard and answered, and that you are being helped, watched over, and protected by God’s angels.” The bottom quote of this 444 door offers Rumi’s quote: “Love says, ‘There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.'”

Fast Forward to Summer Solstice 2016, when another door dramatically reaffirmed its presence by toppling over right after I opened our curtains. Note that I did not actually touch the door when I opened the curtains, and I have done that same act without incident for over two years since we first hung those curtains. Door Number 6 ~ Freya and Frigga,Door Number 6 ~ Freya and Frigga, a door featuring goddesses involved with reweaving destiny … a door that originally hijacked my creative process and inserted itself ahead of Door Number 7 ~ The Lovers …this 1111 portal door on which I had been painting the golden sun drop tears when an intuitive voice told me to go join Facebook right then and there, an action that directly led to my meeting and eventually getting together with David after a fractal of absurd and mind boggling synchronicities … this door …

Frigga and Freya

…crashed down of its own accord on Summer Solstice 2016:

Summer Solstice door

Again, no damage to me or the door, but it certainly caught my attention! Tania and I had been texting about intensities happening with her beloved and magical rabbit companion, who was very ill, and we sensed very close to transitioning. The falling portal door seemed like the end of an era, but also the opening on a new one. Joy passed the next day.

In addition to the Full Moon on Solstice and the potency surrounding Joy’s shift, which revealed enormous growth and peace for Tania, I found it interesting that this door crashed down/”broke on through to the OtherSide” right after I had been doing some massive work around a pivotal event in my childhood. Synchronously, my mom’s house –the house where this still not fully understood cosmic, future setting event happened –also sold right at Solstice. The quote on the front of the door reads, “There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” ~ Graham Green.

The back of the door, revealed by the fall, features … Odin’s Rune Song! (Yes, all those nines are still at it … and the 1111 door fell at 8:11 or 9:11. I honestly cannot remember which at this time. Either way, we have an 1111 door falling at the 11th minute and if 9:11, then we have another 11 when we add the digits.) The back of the door also has some Hebrew on it, which I don’t recall painting, but which an Orthodox Jewish friend of mine traced to a VERY obscure announcement of liberation. The bottom panel has a chant to the Goddess in her many forms.

Anyway, that was Summer Solstice 2016. I did not feel led to post about that falling door until two nights ago, Door Number 7 ~ The Lovers moved almost of its own accord. I say “almost,” because I did somehow manage to catch a blanket on the door and, tugging it, apparently pulled the door down on top of me while in bed. I have never caught a blanket or pillow before, and I really don’t know how that happened this time, but somehow it did. This is the heaviest of all the doors, so I positioned it so that if it ever did fall, it would not hit my head. I don’t need anymore head injuries! We usually stack extra throw pillows and blankets on the stool next to the door, which you can see below:

Lovers door

Note the 222 address, as well as the fact that this door got a January 2015 update of the red panel that now reads “Gaia” and includes the Celtic symbols “Wheel of Being” and “Destiny Knot” that represent harmony and a reweaving of destiny. The bottom quote reads: “Between God and the soul, there is no between.” ~ Julian of Norwich.

Apparently, between Lovers Door and body, there is also no between, and I’ve got the bruise to prove it:

bruise from the lovers door

As gruesome as that looks, I feel no pain in my arm unless someone really pushes the bruise. Despite my yank of the mysteriously caught blanket, the door seemed to fall in slow motion. I definitely felt it land, as the bruise reveals; however, like other experiences of my life that could have (by all rational accounts should have) resulted in very serious injury, this falling door did not crash anywhere near as hard as it could have. After waking David to help me lift it off me (it did not even make a noise as it “crashed”), I went downstairs to get some homeopathic arnica to take internally along with the external gel I had already applied. The clock downstairs read 2:22. So, here we have a third odd experience with a door, followed by seeing the door’s address echoed in the next glance at a clock.

According to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101, angel message of 222 means “Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved. Let go and have faith.” Um, okay, then! All those things I’ve set in motion and sensed moving behind the scenes — are apparently moving.

Also interesting is that as soon as the door fell and while I waited for David to wake up, I began hearing the mantra painted on the back of the door ~ a mantra invoking “the divine manifestations of the sacred union of masculine and feminine properties.”David and I have been experiencing positive recalibrations of many things in recent months, including a deeper balance and strengthening of the masculine and feminine qualities in ourselves and with each other. I know others — including my faery twin soul sister Tania and her Dave — who have felt the same uptick in mutual creation, focus, support, shared experiences, partnership and manifestation.

As with the story of my first “fall” into the 444 door, followed by seeing 4:44 on the clock and then having over the top synchronicities directly involving and mentioning portal doors, yesterday, David and I just happened to watch “The Adjustment Bureau,” a movie that just happens to feature main character named “David,” major synchronicities, deepening love, and … portal doors!

All I can say is that the doors have my attention. I will continue to take seriously the “Gatekeeper” and “Invitation to Faery” cards I keep pulling from Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle, both about portals, and I will continue to listen to the Four of Swords card (need for meditation/retreat) and the Moon (intuition, “stay on your path for safety”) cards I frequently pull from the Tarot. “The Adjustment Bureau” offers a great deal of insight into the concepts of Destiny, path, free will, portals and the ability of Love to alter reality. Plenty to continue pondering in my nine year at Faery Hof, Haus Am See and the gardens.

Happy Full Moon, Blessed Be … and be the blessing!








Sync Winks and Faery Portals

I’ve been having one of those days already, and it’s just 7:22 a.m.! Due to a combination of yesterday’s late afternoon chocolate, a hot upstairs, new fan and the sudden absence of our heavy comforter, I had trouble falling asleep last night. My intuition was screaming at me to use that excuse to read the Kindle version of Sharon Blackie’s “If Women Rose Rooted,” since I had downloaded it in Pennsylvania but not had a chance yet to begin reading it. My Kindle sat on the floor next to the bed taunting me all night, but for some reason, I refused to give up on sleep and read.

At one point, after about my fifth bathroom break, fan fiddle, and prowl around the upstairs, I decided to go downstairs, still sans Kindle, and turn the full house fan on with just a few minutes of AC. We have super steep steps here — Dutch steps, as David and his dad call them. They have new hardwood directly over the original steps of this gut rehab, because to change the steps at all would have meant needing to bring them up to code, much less steep and a complete change to the house’s original layout.This stairwell has long given me visions of radical falls, and so I always hold the railing on the way down.

When Tania Marie visited last year, she tumbled down the last third of the steps while I was outside in the garden, but thanks to some kind of faery intervention, Reiki and both topical and oral arnica, my sweet friend who has a history of foot fractures didn’t even bruise. I experienced a similar situation last night on my way downstairs. Despite holding onto the railing and being catlike in my abilities to move through the dark, somehow, last night, I misjudged where the floor should be, skipping the final two steps.

I had just been wondering, “Where will we move when we’re finally done our time in Goshen?” I know I’ve got a contract with this land, and David and I had earlier been discussing how I might as well just continue to dive into the gardens here until I’ve completed the transformation. I had forgotten a message from 2014 that I am opening a faery portal here with all the land healing, flowers, trees and sacred work I do on these two yards. Around the same time, I received a vision of David and me as very, very old people, sitting happily by a fire in what feels like Ireland but might be the actual faery realm. This has remained a steady vision of mine for years now, popping up when least expected, but I wasn’t thinking about it at all last night.

Here’s where things get really strange:

There I was, hot, insomniac, listening to trains from across town blow their horns far away even though ours were silent … feeling far too vata with all that wind blowing from an air purifier and our new fan, wondering wherever will we move when I’m finally finished here. Before bed, I had just ordered a small frog birdbath/fountain and David Phlox, along with other white flowers for a watery moon garden in the Haus Am See’s backyard. Frustrated with my inability to sleep but for some reason not reading “If Women Rose Rooted,” I made my way downstairs, miscalculated the bottom and literally flew into Door Number 17 — “Elen of the Ways,” which is itself a faery portal, complete with faery star on top.

A few odd things about my launch: that’s not the door directly in front of the stairwell! I not only missed the bottom two steps and flew through the air unharmed, but I somehow pivoted midair in order to body slam the faery portal I had painted for Goshen’s “sustainable sovereignty” and in honor of Elen of the Ways, who finds the right paths. The door I ran into was the white one with the faery star, fly agaric mushrooms, and a faery passage “silver branch,” an apple in simultaneous leaf, blossom and fruit:

Faery Portal

The maroon door directly in front of the steps is Door Number 4 –“Four of Wands/Karuna.”

Anyway, I eventually went back to bed, tossing and turning for awhile and then finally sleeping just long enough to awaken at 4:44 a.m., about 21 minutes before David’s alarm was due to go off. (Note the address on Door Number 17: 444. You can read the synchronous story of that door’s creation by clicking here, but I didn’t notice the 444 sync wink until several more synchronicities prompted me to take a photo of it to share in today’s post.)

David got up, and I decided to try to go back to sleep, but that “If Women Rose Rooted” book kept calling to me, so I finally picked up my Kindle and began reading all about Boudica and strong women of the Celtic Tradition — about the power of the land and the importance of women reconnecting with the land. It’s a delightful, enchanting book so far, but reading about Boudica reminded me of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Ravens of Avalon,” which tells the story of Boudica, when then reminded me of “Priestess of Avalon,” which draws upon legends of Elen of the Ways.

Too many syncs before breakfast! This woman was rising rooted and reading her Celtic Devotional for the day. What did I find? A passage about soul kinship, which had me again pondering our next location and David and me talking about Irish people in both South Bend and Pennsylvania. I decided to pull a Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle Card, and pulled “Secret Doorway,” which pictures a half-woman, half-fae being approaching … a faery portal!

Wild Wisdom Secret Doorway

Stunned, I ran to Door Number 17, marveling at my unharmed crash into that faery portal last night. When David’s alarm went off this morning, I said, “Well, I’m still here. I fell down the steps and crashed into the faery portal, but I guess it wasn’t time yet.” As I looked at the door, I noticed the 444 and remembered my waking moment this morning.

I showed David the Secret Doorway card, and he said, “Hey, that looks just like the photo I took of you in Pennsylvania.”

Faery Door at Monocacy Park

Of all the things I wanted to do in Penn’s Woods on our visit there, taking David to my old haunts in Monocacy Park was on top of my list. We finally got a few hours to ourselves the afternoon before my father passed away. As we wandered by Monocacy Creek, I felt the presence of the Fae, so imagine our delight to find this faery door just off the path! David snapped a photo as I approached the door, and yes, it does remind me of the Secret Doorway card.

I had mostly finished this blog post before an early session with someone who had just returned from Ireland, and the sync winks continued in our discussion. Some key divinatory meanings of the Secret Doorway include: “Being able to see change ahead, but not knowing how to deal with it. Understanding that in order to learn something new, one must forget what one thinks one knows. Getting ‘down’ to the level of others who you do not know. Receiving messages from nature. Understanding that wonderment is the natural process of change.”

Indeed, I wonder as I wander … and, as Tolkien and Door Number 16 state, “Not all who wander are lost.”

Blessed Be

… and be the blessing!

Door Number 18: Peace of the Blue Irises

My latest portal door is a commissioned piece, which I almost turned down due to all the other projects on docket for completion this winter. But dreams, visions and a Wisdom of Avalon Oracle card indicated in no uncertain terms that this 8 x 10″ small, yet mighty portal did intend to come through in the not-too-distant future. As much as my rational mind said, “Laura, you’ve already got an overfull plate. The last thing you need is another project this winter,” a greater sense of gentle timing and rightness whispered, “Yes, do this, and do it well.” The portal commissioner and I made arrangements back in December 2015; however, I let her know I’d need to wait until at least mid-January to begin painting, since we had so many holiday travels and guests, and I wanted to finish my Permaculture Design Course first.

We agreed that the “door” would determine its own timing, and I continued to plug and plug away at my 72-hour certification course, plus an unusually high volume of phone sessions. Typical me, I had somehow convinced myself that I could finish a 72-hour course in 12 hours, and so I found the lessons and homework taking much, much longer than anticipated. Fancy that! I’ve learned so much and really intended to finish the final project before beginning this portal, but about 1/3 of the way through my final project, after numerous delays, I suddenly felt the time had come to paint this portal.

In retrospect, everything occurred in perfect timing, as several major astrological events and the cross quarter day of Imbolc played key roles in discerning the overall design.In fact, not one, but two distinct portals came through so strongly that I needed to check with my client to see which one felt like her portal. I know from past experience that sometimes a future door hijacks the one I’m working on, as happened when Door Number 6: Freya and Frigga inserted itself ahead of The Lovers door I thought I was about to paint. It turned out that the first idea I received really was the right portal for her, and the second idea will grace the 2/3 door sitting in our garage since last April.

That fact came as a relief, because Door Number 19 seems like a much more complicated endeavor than Door Number 18! I wondered how I would fit that entire download onto an 8 x 10″ canvas. Somewhere in that flurry of downloads I realized that this “door” better suited a wooden panel than a canvas. It just seemed more solid, and I like the ability to knock on a magical door. Lo, and behold, when I took out my paints, I discovered an old 8 x 10″ wooden panel  I bought in 2014. Perfect! I felt the grain of the wood wanted to inform the shape of the portal and noticed how it suggested a tree with a stream below its roots:

wood panel

Each Divine Doorway I paint features some kind of writing (usually a quote) related to a door, journey, altered state, or magical sequence that anchors the overall theme/intention of the portal. Also, each portal works on multiple levels — the original seed intent, plus a larger opportunity for collective shift. I never know how the “door” will open until I know the proper phrase. In this case, I sent over a number of quotes for the intender’s consideration, yet somehow knowing she’d choose the first:

“Sometimes you don’t know when you’re taking the first step through a door, until you’re already inside.” ~ Ann Voskamp

Once I had the quote, I figured this portal would practically paint itself, and I so looked forward to completing it during the week of Imbolc. The subtle shift of mid-winter as it tips towards spring, the inspiration of Brigid, and the long-awaited completion of my creative space next door all seemed to align into their own opening to the next phase. As happened before, though, various other alignments presented themselves for deeper discernment and even more perfect timing. An unexpected guest we could not easily refuse decided to assert use of the blue house (my newly finished and long anticipated creative space), and her presence and the non-communication of when I would or would not have the house to myself encouraged me to put off the painting for one more week.

When painting portals, you want to feel in the right mind and heart set, lest you accidentally open the door to energies or outcomes other than the sacred intention. I felt rather frustrated at yet another delay, but the timing of that Imbolc week — which stretched from our Imbolc Wheel of the Year gathering on Saturday, January 30th all the way through the (quite late) actual cross quarter day of February 4th — turned out to offer exceptionally magical openings, blessings and shifts. I added a Reiki Healing Attunement to the portal door process and awaited the following week.

As if on cue, the day before I finished the portal painting that presented itself as a fairy door, an actual fairy door arrived in the mail from my friend, Ella! I promptly brought it over to my writing office where it seemed to bring in all sorts of faeries to bless the final touches of portal painting:

faery door

Once begun, the portal opened over the course of three days’ painting sessions, all to Mike Rowland’s lovely CD, “The Fairy Ring,” a favorite of mine for creative writing and for this particular portal. This YouTube video does not do justice to the magical CD, but it gives you a taste of Door Number 18’s soundtrack:

My client gave me very few guidelines for this portal. She briefly shared what kind of space she hoped the door would help her to enter and requested only one must-include detail: blue irises. She wanted to hang the portal in her office, so any Runic coding I did (and I did a lot of coding!) needed to look subtle enough for the general public. For confidentiality, I can’t say her particular goals; however, this door holds a collective intention of moving so easily and perfectly into the new that one day you wake up realizing you’re already there — just like the quote, spoken through a babbling brook: “Sometimes you don’t know when you’re taking the first step through a door, until you’re already inside.” ~ Ann Voskamp

I described the 8 x 10″ piece to her as “inconspicuously powerful,” and so it is:


The portal really plays with light. Depending on the background and/or the lighting, different parts appear to glow, at times the door, and at other times, the irises:

portal 2

I added ivy to the tree to symbolize intertwined friendships, sychronicities and spirals throughout life, and how, even as things change, a part of them remains eternal. May the “Peace of the Blue Irises” gently usher in those soul longings for greater harmony and connection. May the babbling brook and stone path lead to your own magical doorway, and may this door open to quiet worlds of wonder.

Door Number 17 ~ Elen of the Ways

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, there have been times in my life when I’ve faced problems so tricky, so “impossible” that the only way out was in. Deeeeeep inside, through the inner rabbit hole, through the spiral and out the newly created portal. In those days, I’d paint a door, and you know what? It worked.

For the past three “doors,” I’ve taken to canvases that portray some sort of doorway or entry point — still portals, but not painted on actual doors. I usually select a local or personal issue as the initial point of need or emotional spark, but then I create the portals as offerings for how such issues play out across the world. “As Within, So Without,” and “As Above, So Below.” I’ve painted portals for healing Lyme Disease, for welcoming a return of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, along with commissioned doors to support inner transformation and healing.

This latest door springs from a delicate local situation trying to balance encroaching Agenda 21 plans for our town with the real world need for sustainability and community — not the co-opted Agenda 21 definitions that strip human rights, but actual Earth healing and human cooperation. I knew I could foment reactions from local Tea Party folks that could stop this Comprehensive Plan in its tracks, but I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Agenda 21, though completely co-opted to destroy liberty, nonetheless gets people talking about very real problems in need of creative solutions. I could not figure out a kind, gentle, yet strong enough way to protect our rights, honor the planet, and continue to foster community rather than dividing it. Since Agenda 21 poses a global threat amidst innumerable other worldwide challenges, I know I’m not the only one considering these dilemmas. I created this portal as an offering based on Rumi’s poem:

There Is a Way

The intellect says: “The six directions are limits: there is no way out.”
Love says: “There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.”
The intellect saw a market and started to haggle;
Love saw thousands of markets beyond that market.

The project began with a blank door, acquired from our former landlord in Madison:

Door 17 Before, standing next to Door Number 4

Door 17 Before, standing next to Door Number 4

Given the theme of protecting both Nature and human rights, I felt called to old goddess traditions that connect the ideas of “Sovereignty” and “the Land.” In Celtic, Norse, Native American and other traditions, the health of the land reflects our inner state or the state of a community’s leader. The awful condition of our world reflects the psychopathic leaders and corporations we have allowed to usurp the natural goodness of the human race. We have, collectively, lost our way.

The goddess who presented herself for gentle, yet powerful and wise assistance was Elen of the Ways. Elen is associated with:

The Land
Ancient ley lines
Star ways
Shamanic travel
Fly agaric mushrooms
The Green Lady
The Horned Goddess
The Reindeer Totem
Birch trees
Loving care of humans
Finding sustainable tracks
The Faery Realm

Elen’s connection with birch trees appealed to me, because this old, white door with all its cracks and chipped paint reminded me of a birch tree. David agreed that I should leave the door as natural as possible in order to invoke the traditional newness, fertility and rebirth associations with birch trees and the Berkano Rune. I also liked that the Berkano Rune looks like a pointy capital B, appropriate for creating a Plan B to the predetermined Plan A(genda 21).

Door Number 17 (After), next to Door Number 4, by Laura Bruno

Door Number 17 (After), next to Door Number 4, by Laura Bruno

I painted this entire door during the first Mercury Retrograde period of 2014, because Mercury Retrograde supports revision, reworking, and wriggling out of former contracts. Merc Rx introduces a certain degree of chaos, which can thwart new initiatives, but offers great energy for tweaking old ones. Since Agenda 21 came about in 1992 and our town had already been selected as a pilot city for an APA implementation of A21, creating a Plan B through alternate ways, seemed highly suited for a Merc Rx project. I live in a world of synchronicity, but even I was floored when I found myself painting the portal address of 444 at exactly 4:44 East Coast US time on February 6, 2014 — the exact moment when this Mercury Retrograde period began! 444 reminds us of the angels’ love and support, and I’ve certainly felt them during this process.

Door Number 17 ~ Elen of the Ways, by Laura Bruno

Door Number 17 ~ Elen of the Ways, by Laura Bruno

I decided not to depict Elen of the Ways in a direct form, but instead chose to include symbols and images closely related to Elen and the Faery Realm. As Reindeer Goddess or “The Horned Goddess,” Elen has strong ties to Ice Age (and even contemporary) wanderers who followed the reindeer, caribou or (later) the red deer in order to find food, shelter and the ability to live through harsh conditions in the Boreal Forest. I included this image from a cave painting in Lascaux, representing an Ancient Irish Giant Elk:

Reference to Lascaux cave painting

Reference to Lascaux cave painting

Many archeologists believe that the cave paintings reflect shamanic visions and encounters, and some scholars believe the flying reindeer of the Santa myth come from shamans soaring through the stars to track the animals below. The poisonous fly agaric mushrooms so often associated with gnomes and faeries become a safe hallucinogen when passed through the reindeer and drunk via reindeer urine, so this portal door’s depictions of both the Lascaux elk and the fly agaric mushrooms offer a double nod to shamanic visions and inspired ways:

Fly agaric Rumi

Fly agaric Rumi

In addition to the inscribed intention, “Love said, ‘There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times,” I also wrote in silver runes down the left side: “SUSTAINABLE SOVEREIGNTY,” a concept that honors and connects both human rights and a healing of Nature.

I had some interesting conversations with various members of the Faery Realm while creating this portal. Agenda 21 aims to remove humans from most of the land and huddle them into megacities with a Wetlands Project that keeps vast stretches of Nature off limits to all but a self-proclaimed elite. Part of me wondered if the faeries might prefer such an arrangement, given how irresponsibly humanity has treated the planet. It turns out that, although some of the Faery Realm does despise humanity, significant portions recognize a joint destiny between the realms. The Faery Rule, “Respect, Not Control,” urges humans to respect Nature but does not support the sort of top-down police state regulations of advanced Agenda 21.

The Faery Realm representatives I’ve long worked with prefer voluntary communion with humans and the natural world — a cooperative honoring and regeneration of the land as sacred. The most ancient concept of regenerating the land remains totally entwined with the idea of sovereignty. The Fae also indicated that vibration from such intense misery of human enslavement, along with the electromagnetic monitoring of all off-limits areas, would make our planet even more intolerable for such sensitive beings than it already is. By contrast, voluntary communion with the land and between the realms offers a truly healing and celebratory opening into a preferred reality with much more cooperation and exchange among the realms.

Based on these discussions and support from my continued and proven loyal friends from the Faery Realm, I added the mythical “silver branch” — an apple branch in full bloom, fruit and leaf all at the same time. This silver branch offers safe passage into and out of the Faery Realm, also called Avalon (“The Isle of Apples”). The golden apple is toxic if eaten by one of an impure heart, but its poison becomes regenerative with love and alchemical transmutation. Cut in half, the apple reveals five seeds symbolizing the original (non-co-opted) meaning of the pentagram: excellence, truth and purity:

The silver branch, by Laura Bruno

The silver branch, by Laura Bruno

You can see that I’ve used Runa Faery coding — one of three different systems of Runes used on this portal — to express compassionate intentions and requests for the Highest Good of All, not just human centric, yet also not excluding humanity from that mix.

Bottom of Door Number 17, including the Plan "B" Berkano Rune

Bottom of Door Number 17, including the Plan “B” Berkano Rune

I continued this faery theme in the top panel by painting a seven-pointed Faery Star, associated with healing, the magick of Avalon, and the Faery Realm, which is lit by inner and outer starlight rather than sun or moon. I embedded additional Runes and healing symbols as the smaller “stars.” This also coincides nicely with Elen’s association with finding the star ways and tracking Gaia’s ley lines by flying through the stars:

Door Number 17, by Laura Bruno

Door Number 17, by Laura Bruno

I usually paint the backs of my portal doors, but I received a strong sense to leave this one open to the Unknown Way. I’ve embedded the door with powerful positive intentions and requests for healing, regeneration, sovereignty, peace, compassion, love and return of faery magick and wonder into everyday human awareness and existence. I don’t need to know exactly how that looks, especially since “it” will look different for each person who desires to participate in this type of world. According to Rumi, “The intellect says: ‘The six directions are limits: there is no way out.’
Love says: ‘There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.’” In honor of creating something entirely new and joyful from the discarded scraps of what seems ugly and restrictive, I painted a single Rune on the door handle. Called “HAGAL,” this snowflake or star shaped Rune invokes our inherent ability to “Create a New Universe”:

Create a New Universe

Create a New Universe

May it be so.

Jon Rappoport ~ Old Life, New Life: Entrances and Exits

Beautiful post from Jon! I am loving 2014’s more positive and empowering articles. 🙂

Old Life, New Life: Entrances and Exits
By Jon Rappoport

Dreams come and go. Some are forgotten, others remain. The practical side says, “You must do this, you must do that,” but the dreams that hold on say something else:

You can leave an old life and begin a new one.

This is more than hope. It’s a kind of vision composed of past moments in which the cup of joy filled to the brim.

Nothing in this universe can wipe out those memories forever.

They come back.

And when they do, they bring energy, belief, and confidence.

A person can refuse to see the suggestions and the implications, he can pretend he’s merely floating in a brief reverie, and he can then trample on through the garden and continue his way to a bleak outpost. But still he doesn’t entirely forget.

Because he doesn’t want to.

The memories are distillations of the best of the past, and they point to a new future.

The shape of that future may be vague, but the emotions and sensations are vivid.

These feelings can rise again, if one can discover what actions will recover them. Actions, which taken together, create the substance of the years ahead.

For a baby learning what this world is, there is no tangible past. His entire thrust is discovering delight. Which reminds us that the psyche, the spirit, wants joy, naturally—and if unimpeded, will find it. Hour by hour, day by day.

Only much later, when the baby has “grown up,” does he realize he has left something behind.

Then, unfortunately, he comes to believe he can’t go back. He comes to believe that some rigid set of principles should be his North Star: through this compass setting, the best of what is possible will be his, given that limits are more important than possibilities.

But every human knows, in a part of himself that is often shielded from sight, that possibilities ring more true than limits.

When a small child paints a picture, no matter what it looks like, he can tell you a story about it. And he invests this story with a vision that is more powerful, in some mysterious way, than all of society.

Centuries from now, when historians look back on this time, no matter what they find, they will still need this lesson. They will need to know that in the soul of every person, there are colors of visions which, when acted upon, make new lives, new delight, joy, ecstasy. And the alternative is always less.

The simple compounding of these lessers, without the need for mathematical sophistication, explains the root cause of the decline of civilizations.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at /

TODAY, February 6, 2014: Mercury turns to go RX within one degree of Neptune at 3° Pisces

Great information about this Mercury Retrograde (click here), which “happened” just a few minutes ago. I will end up referencing this post whenever I finish the portal door I purposely began today. Oddly enough, I had been “told” to address it as 444, and just minutes I before addressed it, I “randomly” saw Ann’s post here noting the 4:44 timing of Merc Rx. I rushed downstairs and penned the 444 on the door at exactly 4:44. Potent intentions. This door is meant to undo and revise an already set agenda, so I view this as powerful support from the Universe. 444 also indicates that the angels love you very much and are cheering you on with their support. Wow. Still kind of reeling a little at the synchronicity of all of this — big even for synchronous me. 😉