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Nick Bernabe ~ Total Mainstream Media Blackout of Chicago Secret “Black Site” at Homan Square

Now we can see why there’s been so much fighting to control the internet! Between all the proposed mandatory vaccine legislation (and shenanigans) at both state and federal levels and this revelation of an NDAA torture site run by Chicago Police, I think we can safely say the would-be forever controllers are turning the screws. Big time.

Since we don’t actually know what was in the 300-page “Net Neutrality” Law, it’s too soon to tell for sure if that was something to celebrate or deeply mourn. I mean, with this “transparent” government controlling the internet, what could possibly go wrong? Google seems to be hedging its bets by becoming its own Ministry of Truth, desiring to rank searches not by links but by what they determine as “Truth.” Ahem. Because when I think of Google and their robot army and top secret offshore facilities, I immediately get the warm fuzzies and think “Paragon of Truth.” 😉

In the meantime, while we still have the internet, here’s something you probably won’t learn about any other way:

Nick Bernabe
February 28, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Chicago, IL — As the nation continues to react to the newly discovered ‘black site’ operated by Chicago Police, the mainstream media continues to bury it’s head in the sand.

National media outlets like Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are unsurprisingly refusing to touch this story, driving even further suspicion that the corporate media has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for big government and corporate America.

As we reported earlier this week, local corporate media was literally running stories about Homan Square that were direct copies from CPD’s public relations statements.

According to interviews conducted by The Atlantic, local mainstream reporters often agree with these disappear and torture tactics, so they refuse to do their jobs at uncovering what is going on there;

“I think that many crime reporters in Chicago have political views that are right in line with the police,” Tracy Siska said. “They tend to agree about the tactics needed by the police. They tend to have by one extent or the other the same racist views of the police — a lot of urban police (not all of them by any stretch, but a lot of them) embody racism.”

Meanwhile, a campaign we launched to shed light on Homan Square, #Gitmo2Chicago, trended nationwide last night on Twitter and today on Facebook — showing that the public at large is generally disgusted by these CIA-style tactics.

So while the corporate media posts 3 million stories about the color of a dress, the country is questioning the police state in a big way.

As I write this, a large protest is taking place in Chicago at Homan Square to shut it down, with more protests being planned across the country in the coming weeks.

But keep in mind, the Revolution will not be televised on Cable TV, but it will be on the internet. Watch live video from the protests here.

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History Is Being Made

In addition to being a nerdy English Major, I’ve got a real fascination with history. 😉 In college, I voluntarily took graduate level history courses, just for fun. French Revolution, the Habsburg Dynasty, the Victorian Empire, Art History courses, the history of Christianity and the rise of Vatican power … you name it, I gathered it. As interesting as historical revolutions are, though, we’re actually in one now. I like to call it a LOVEolution, but whatever you call it, something’s happening. The near complete polarization of politics, intentions and visions simply cannot hold. Something will pop, snap, integrate and/or catapult because so much energy has gathered at the same time so many sleepers have begun to awaken. I’ve never believed that 2012 would be the end of the world, but it may well be the end of the world as we know it.

I feel this is such an important interview to share: 3-28-12 David Wilcock Interview of Drake, “an Insider specifically asked by the Pentagon ‘good guys’ to come forward.” As Vietnam Vet Drake says, “Please do your own research” and practice inner discernment. No need to understand or decide upon everything at one go: sometimes listening to technical details just helps us to realize that knowledge is power. And hope.

David Wilcock and his interviewee have done a good job explaining complexities about the Declaration of Independence, a Nation State, Sovereignty, protecting the Constitution, and US military backing for real freedom, rather than gangster/bankster war agendas. It’s a good place to start, especially if you’ve felt nervous about things like NDAA, corporate personhood, and other draconian laws. Whether you have an opinion on these things or not, I encourage you to listen to this interview with curiosity, which loosens rigidity and eases freedom.

As I keep mentioning, we’ve got tremendous opportunities right now. Informing ourselves of options helps us to gain further clarity on what we’d love to see in our world. I don’t claim to know behind the scenes info myself. I just read energy, and energy continues to shift in both positive and negative directions. Instead of cancelling each other out, though, these energies seem like powerful, distinct choices, and I, for one, keep visualizing and vibing with freedom, love, joy, relief, and peace. I decided to post this information now because this military guy provides so many technical, rational, historical and legal details that he offers a nice sense of grounding for all the “pie in the sky” people intending a beautiful rebirth of Earth. We can work together. We are far more alike than different in our hopes, goals and dreams. Blessings and Love … Laura

Here’s the link again.

For those who prefer a YouTube viewing/listening experience, here’s the full three-hour interview in that format:

Playing It Safe: The Rules Have Changed

Today I feel called to point out something to the “tried and true” crowd: those people who would love to step more fully into their gifts and Lightworker abilities, but prefer to “play it safe.”

In the past, testing the waters made a certain degree of sense. Why jump into a pool of sharks when you could spend years surveying the scene, and take the time to build a bridge instead? Why take a flying leap of faith when job security could lull you into remaining on that comfy 737? Sure, you never quite landed where you wanted to, but you also never crashed and burned. Why take a risk when it felt so easy to play it safe? For many decades, this has been a quintessential Lightworker dilemma. Follow your bliss, your true sense of joy and purpose? Or slog away in a less fulfilling life that continues to intend those carrots arrive sometime in the future?

Here’s the deal, though. Sometime in early 2011, the rules changed. All the safety and security of the Old World began its inevitable decline. Union rights, jobs, Social Security, pensions, savings, government, religion: they’ve all taken massive hits in the past year. Then there’s the ongoing nuclear disaster of Fukushima. (Remember that one? Yep, still spewing.) Waiting to find your “true North”? Um, the North Pole has shifted so much that it’s now in Siberia! We’ve got Solar Storms with CME’s strong enough to zap all our electronics and power grids. We’ve got some freakshow zombie flu the CDC would love to introduce. We’ve got overt Satanic rituals pushed on millions of viewers during the Superbowl Halftime Show and the Grammy’s. We’ve got rogue banks with no real incentives to change. A mosquito would have hurt more than the wrist slap they received.

Then we’ve got laws like NDAA, which allows indefinite detention of American citizens without trial. We’ve got the EEA, which would allow stripping Americans of their citizenship allowing for full implementation of NDAA, including off shore torture. We’ve got 30,000 Spy Drones authorized by Congress to begin enforcing an even more obvious police state. We’ve got SOPA, PIPA threats and Codex Alimentarius. We’ve got Citizens United, which gives corporations the same rights as “people.” I’m not sure how NDAA applies to them. 😉 Can a corporation be indefinitely detained without trial? Will Texas start executing corporations for capital crimes? Hmmmmm….but I digress.

I’m not trying to bring anybody down or peddle fear here. I’m just pointing out that now would be an excellent time to reevaluate what “playing it safe” means. Where is your true security? How can you ensure you attract those experiences you actually desire to attract, rather than the bizarre apocalyptic “facts” that seem to be crashing through all the old, reliable structures? Because, you see, you do have influence over how your life plays out. Despite all the surrounding chaos, you can fix your sights on whatever you most desire, and you can slice right through the crashing waves. You can part your own Red Sea.

But here’s the catch: parting your own Red Sea requires a consistently higher vibration than whatever’s chasing you. Take your pick on that one. If you have more than 7 days worth of food in your home, then by the US government’s definition you’re a terrorist. If you’re growing peppermint in the EU, you’re technically breaking the law. Who cares who’s chasing you, though?! In 3D-ality, oppositions rule. Black fights white. Might fights right. The rules haven’t really changed; it’s just becoming increasingly obvious that the old game is fixed.

Good news for Lightworkers and anyone else awakening to hidden potential: if you don’t like the rules, you can stop playing the game. Upgrade. Keep your vibe high by embracing those dreams you’ve always held at bay. Practice random acts of kindness. Smile at your neighbors. Hug the trees. Focus on whatever life you’d most love to live and know that you’ve already set the wheels in motion.

Time continues to speed up. I read recently that our 24 hour day encompasses more like 13 hours of old time. We’re rockin’ and rollin’ through this year. Think of how you felt last August. Doesn’t it feel like decades ago? The sudden and overwhelming transparency of government and corporate corruption means that people are waking up. When people who’ve slept most of their lives start stirring into awareness, they will need good leaders. They will want to learn fast. They can learn from people who’ve dedicated their private lives to spiritual pursuits. 2012 is the year of the hidden Lightworker letting his or her “light so shine” in the world. “Hide it under a bushel, no! I’m gonna let it shine.” Lightworkers will be welcomed by masses you never thought would have any interest in multi-dimensions, Reiki, ET’s, angels and alternative medicine.

Yes, the old structures are falling as fast as a controlled 9/11 demolition. But the rebuilding can happen equally fast! Reality is splitting. One side grows denser by the second. The other grows more fluid and easily influenced by the moment. Focus on something small and watch how fast it or some related synchronicity manifests. Look at how many withered dreams have seemed to gather force lately. What took decades to accomplish before can now happen in days or weeks. If you follow your bliss, you will find yourself living a more magical life than you ever thought possible on this planet. Bliss can be your new reality. You’ve got all the support of Source and all the love and blessings of those of us who’ve been dreaming of this time for lifetimes.

In my humble opinion, bliss sure beats the heck out of 3D-ality. But what do I know? 😉 Actually, bliss doesn’t beat anything. Bliss just is. And that’s quite enough, I’d say. In an insane world, your sanest option looks risky. You know you can opt out of the TSA radiation machines, but please realize you can also opt out of everything TSA and all the alphabet agencies represent. You can upgrade your world, and the more of us who continue to upgrade, the better system we get. The more beautiful planet we explore and tend. The greater prosperity we all experience. In a maze of chaos, find and grab that cord to Source. You will find your way.