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Book Review: “Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?” by Monica Sjöö

I’ve wanted to review this book for awhile, but reading it kept triggering me to pick up other reference books, so that this one book turned into reading about seven books! I finally finished it today. Monica Sjöö’s “Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?” is called “New Age and Armageddon: The Goddess or the Gurus” in its UK edition. Both versions carry the subtitle, “Towards a Feminist Vision of the Future.” With those titles, one might conclude that Sjöö enters the book with a full-on agenda; however, the book itself raises more questions than it answers. At relatively equal parts memoir, grief work (processing the deaths of her two sons), feminist polemic, Goddess celebration, Earth manifesto, sacred site pilgrimage, and apocalyptic warning, Return of the Dark/Light Mother is actually very difficult to pin down.

Sjöö presents a well-researched, sometimes shocking look at the cultural appropriation, racism, patriarchal and imperialistic attitude and actions of many New Age messages and gurus. I found her analyses articulated the discomfort and occasional outrage I’ve felt when reading channeled material or hearing New Age platitudes, as well as through observing in private sessions with clients just how much damage New Age thought has caused some lovely, sincere and good-hearted people. I have never felt comfortable with the “instant shaman just add water” nature of so many New Age books and trainings, and I, too, have noticed how much of the channeled material supports passivity and denial in the face of a looming military industrial complex and international globalist New World Order.

I often wonder if we would be at our current level of police state in the US if so many New Agers hadn’t believed all the luv-n-lite messages claiming Obama was a “higher dimensional ET” here to “save the world,” or if so many Americans could turn a blind eye to the devastation we wreak in the Middle East, Africa and Central America if certain interpretations of the Law of Attraction didn’t convince otherwise compassionate (and maybe otherwise active?) people that the victims of US bombings and invasions had “attracted” such things by “negative thought forms.” Sjöö provides much documentation to support these and other critiques.

Return of the Dark/Light Mother was first published in 1991 and then updated in 1999. Even so, reading it in 2015 reveals it as a highly (and scarily) prophetic book. Sjöö raises alarms about GMOs, transhumanism, the encroaching police state, CIA infiltration of the New Age movement, and — a major focus of her book — New Agers’ continued (sometimes subtle, often overt) patriarchal war on women and matter, including a disregard for our home planet as damaged, 3D or low vibration, or otherwise lesser than the “Sons of Light,” atomic bombs (yes, this was a shocking and well documented New Age guru celebration throughout the book), some kind of ET/Sun/Light Savior(s), and/or a group of “Masters” controlling Earth and humanity from behind the scenes, off world or inside the Earth. Indeed, a major reason I looked for a book like Return of the Dark/Light Mother stemmed from my own alarm at the disregard for our planet in favor of “Ascension,” as though none of the poisoning or attacks on our planet matter, because we’ll all be whisked away … in 2000, in 2001, in 2012, in March 2013, in …. um, hey, what if that doesn’t happen? Shouldn’t we be cleaning up the poisons? Shouldn’t we be doing whatever we can wherever we are to stop GMO’s? Shouldn’t we be resisting free trade Trojan Horses like TPP and TTIP?  Shouldn’t we say no (loudly and with force) to more nuclear plants, patented body parts, and forced vaccinations?

I do hope that many people will take the time and considerable effort to read “Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?” It is the only book I know of and thus, the best book I can recommend, which addresses to this degree the insidious, controlling, dangerous, racist and highly patriarchal oppression masquerading as “Love,” “Light” and “Earth healing.” I especially resonated with Sjöö’s various discussions of ley lines and how the New Age fad of “healing” them or of “bringing the Light into sacred sites” needs further behind the scenes exploration to see whom or what is really instructing people to do such things. Exactly who is funding these New Age organizations, and how might their stated agenda really look if enacted? Sjöö asks many questions, many of which she admits to not knowing the answer. Taken as a group, though, along with the extensive quotes from early New Age leaders through the 1990’s, these questions, quotes and results do showcase some rather alarming trends — especially from the further vantage point of 2015.

Although I wish that anyone and everyone who even flirts with New Age ideas, channeling, natural healing and spiritual travel would read and study this book, I also need to admit that the book meanders. A lot. Monica’s personal journey of grieving and processing the deaths of her sons runs throughout the book, in nearly every chapter. On the one hand, this showcases the emotions and living into the grit and the darkness of life, not just putting a smile on things and spiritually bypassing our humanity. On the other hand, a lot of readers may not have the patience to wade through yet another version of her “process.” Unfortunately, or fortunately (it just is, like Life), this process informs some of the most astute and incisive points of the text. To skim through paragraphs in which she mentions “my son,” would mean missing enormous layers of value and insight. In many ways, Return of the Dark/Light Mother exemplifies the return of Monica Sjöö’s sons’ Dark/Light Mother, as she grieves, processes and nourishes herself back to life, often through mystical experiences at sacred sites.

A prolific visionary artist, Sjöö scatters black and white images of her artwork throughout the book, along with lengthy annotations describing the paintings, locations, experiences at the locations, public reactions to the paintings, and anything that inspired the images. Her work is phenomenal! It combines dolmens and sacred mounds with goddesses from diverse traditions as far apart as Africa, Ireland, and South America. The paintings offer visceral glimpses into the mystical realms and experiences that Sjöö can only approximate with words.

Clearly, she has a complex, deep, loving, and sometimes troubled relationship with the Goddess in all her many forms, but Sjöö remains a fierce advocate for all things Goddess throughout the book. This fierceness and clear slant may alienate male as well as female readers, because she clearly wants everyone to get spiritually back in touch with Mother Earth, and she clearly has her own ideas of how we should (or should not) go about such an endeavor. I largely agree with Sjöö, but even I sometimes found myself mumbling, “OK, OK, yeah, yeah…” only to find some new nugget or aha to remind me not to give into the temptation to skim. For all its overt patriarchy bashing, Return of the Dark/Light Mother is actually a quite subtle book. I will let Monica Sjöö speak to the subtleties she tries to parse:

“I believe in the power of thought and of thought-forms. I know the importance of meditation and visualisation. I believe in the reality of communication with the spirits, of the spiritworld and of reincarnation. I have experienced many times the oracular power of wells and of the sacred places of the Goddess. I do believe that we are indivisible and holistically whole. I believe that we must open our second sight and ‘see’ again. I believe that if we work with Earth’s places of power and Her evolutionary lights, we ourselves will be deeply affected and great changes will come about. I believe in synchronicity — as above, so below — and in multiple universes.

“Superficially, one might think that I have much in common with New Age thinking. But, as I have tried to show throughout this book, there are great differences indeed between being open to psychic changes on many levels and adopting the fundamentally reactionary, anti-Earth and anti-Goddess, patriarchal religious views of so many New Agers. I do not believe that they truly love Earth, our sorrowing Mother.

“I sense that we are having a mass near-death experience at this time…  Now is the time for all visionaries — women and men — to come to the aid of our ancient Earth Mother. We must struggle to make far-reaching changes politically and economically if we are to survive, and we must indeed also mediate worldwide and dream Her alive. …”

I would remind readers that Monica Sjöö wrote and revised this book pre-9/11, pre-2003 Iraq War, pre-Afghanistan, pre-unauthorized Libya invasion, pre-Monsanto becoming a household name, pre-BP Oil “spill,” pre-Fukushima, pre-NDAA, pre-TPP, and pre-Ukraine-Russia-NATO potential for WW3. While, like Monica, I seem superficially in favor of many New Age platitudes and ideas, like her, I recognize we need to heal our planet with direct action of cleaning up nuclear waste and pollution, not just “bringing Light down to Mt. Shasta” or reasserting control over the ley lines. We need to RESPECT Earth and all of her creatures and people, not insert some new patriarchal, top down CONTROL agenda “of the Light.” Important things like gestation, sleep and dreams occur in the dark. As I’ve said before, all light, all the time is just as destructive (maybe even more so) as too much darkness. Reading how New Age leader after leader actively celebrated the atomic bomb and the idea of nuclear war as a great liberator from matter was an incredible wake-up call. I know that radiation mutates with a possibility of transmutation, but a religion/philosophy whose early founders repeatedly celebrated bombs as liberation from matter and heralded the blinding flash of an atomic explosion as the great Light should hopefully give us all pause. At least before we hit the self-destruct button.

If you read Return of the Dark/Light Mother, prepare to be challenged, intrigued and expanded. Then prepare to go back inside yourself and into Nature, to listen and observe, to hear and feel as humans once knew how to do. Remember and reconnect — not just with your mind, but with your precious body, made of Earth and Stars, influenced by the Moon, in harmony with earth, sea and sky. Thank you, Monica Sjöö for your beautiful heart and art and for your fierce devotion to our planet and the loving consciousness within Her.

Blessed Be.

Lee Harris April 2012 Energy Forecast

I just love finding Lee’s forecasts after the month has already begun. That gives me a chance to notice my own patterns and themes, as well as those of clients. As usual, Lee Harris articulates so much of what I’ve sensed in late March leading into April and then observed in sessions this month. Good news for people who feel like life just won’t let up:

“April marks the end of a cycle and the close to chapter 1 of 2012 energetically speaking.

“May will start a new cycle for us, so this month will bring an end to the death cycles that so many have been going through these past months. Fragments from the past will finally resolve, physical energy will start to lift, and the hibernation period will draw to a close for most of you.

“I do not need to repeat that these are intense times we are living in, for we are highly aware of this. But what I do need to repeat, is that the difficult symptoms of your journey will be unquestionably improved by greater focus on your physical and emotional well-being.” ~Lee Harris

I hope you enjoy the rest of his forecast.

Please note: If you feel you need extra energetic support this month, I did bring back the Ascension Coaching Packages through April 23, 2012. We’ve got a lot of energy zapping this planet from inside out and upside down. If you can align yourself with Source, you can tap into that increased energy and use it to make quantum leaps. If you find yourself out of alignment with Source, you’ll feel frazzled, erratic, in danger, fried, and/or burned out. The Ascension Coaching Packages are designed to shift you back into your own natural connection with Source. Yes, you can heal and evolve quickly enough to conduct that energy instead of getting shocked. We live in potent, electric times. I wish you all the best, always and in all ways. Namaste.

Rebounding: Why It Sometimes Works

We’ve got a rebounder in our basement, and it’s getting used. Big time. I’ve had rebounders off and on in my life, and I’ve always found them kind of a drag. I like how they move my lymph, but all those exercises kind of bored me after a (very short) while. For years, rebounding fell into that “I know it’s good for me, but gosh I hate it” category. Lately, though, I’ve started dancing on our rebounder, and not just dancing, but dancing to sacred chants and meditating on our “rebounding World.” I bounce for 25-30 minutes everyday now, having so much fun I need to stop myself after half an hour in order to get going on other tasks.

This healthy habit began as a remedy for empathing my dad’s lymphoma symptoms but it has had so many benefits I don’t even know where to begin. For one, I love dancing, but we have hardwood floors, which get kind of, well, hard after awhile, especially with a sometimes sore sacrum. Enter the zero impact of the rebounder. My back self-adjusts as I bounce and dance, and I’ve managed to cut my chiropractic treatments in half since I started daily rebound sessions. My lymph no longer pools, and I’m not having anymore weird cross-over from my dad’s lymphatic issues. I started making homemade kefir and chaga tea to ease the immune symptoms I’d experience whenever his flared up, and so far so good there, too. All those fabulous enzymes, minerals and probiotics have taken my normally healthy body up so many notches that I’m not even in vibrational range to empath my dad’s health issues anymore. I like to think that my healthy habits somehow traverse back to him, but I have no way of knowing that for sure. I just know that rebounding, kefir and chaga tea make me feel fab.

Groovin’ to MC Yogi has given me a chance to ponder “rebounding” as a concept and how it applies to our world right now. As within, so without. Microcosm and macrocosm. I bounce around, increasing bone density, moving lymph and restructuring my spine as old structures fall away and new ones reconfigure. We’ve had at least 450 high level bank resignations since the beginning of 2012, many high level media, government and banker arrests, as well as over 200 clergy arrested for long past crimes. We’ve supposedly got insiders preparing a new financial system that benefits everyone on Earth, not just a select few. And by “everyone on Earth,” I include Earth herself in there. Permaculture and cleaning up the planet rank high on global tasks in the New Earth. Having escaped near total tyranny in a bad relationship with a psychopathic society, one could say, we are all rebounding. We’re moving to something new, even as remnants of the old continue to fall away.

On an individual level, people often turn their noses up at “rebound relationships,” as though rebounds can never quite match up to a “real” relationship after a subjectively “sufficient” amount of time has passed. True, without a dramatic inner inventory and vibrational shift, most people fail to escape the patterns that led them out of their previous relationship; however, some people do manage to rebound well. By keeping the vibe high, focusing more on qualities they do want than on the traumas they’re leaving behind, these folks manage to launch themselves into something far beyond what came before. Their rebound becomes more of a quantum leap.

As a society, we have the possibility of making a quantum leap right now. Old structures will continue to fall away, but we need not feel bereft or directionless. We can shake it off and use that motion to attract something way healthier and way more fun. We can dance. We can sing. We can rebound, dance and sing all at the same time. Try it! You’ll never dance, chant or rebound the same again, and the higher my energy gets, the more easily I can imagine a brand New Earth. It doesn’t take that much.

Our Basement Dance Floor

As you can see, our basement dance floor is no great shakes on its own. But add some MC Yogi to the mix:

… and you’ve got inspiration for your moves. As you bounce and restructure your own body, your own energy reaches out across the world. “Be the change that you wanna see … in the world, just like Ghandi.” In 2003, Sally Kempton conducted my very first magazine interview, for Yoga Journal. She profiled my brain injury recovery (under my maiden name, Derbenwick) in an article called “Bouncing Back.” When I dance on my rebounder, I sometimes think of that article and smile. How I’ve bounced! (And I’m writing that here at 777 words — “777: You are definitely on the right path in every area of your life. Stay balanced and spiritually aware so that you can continue moving forward on the illuminated path.” ~Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101)

Having rebounded from many things, many times in life, I know it’s possible to rebound well. We can and will rebuild our world. We can dance!

We Love You Iran & Israel

Thank you, Gillian!

Here we have more proof of the radical LOVEolution happening on our planet. I find this video so joyful, sincere, and inspirational that I could watch it multiple times. Please share the love, and if you feel led to donate to help them spread the message in larger media ways, you can click here. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or have your own blog, please share the love. Contrary to popular opinion, we, not our governments, have the ultimate say in how things play out on Earth. Unconditional Love removes all limitations and heals all unnatural aberrations. Love is our natural state. And our birthright. Let’s love this planet into peace, beauty, restoration and harmony. In Lak’ech Ala K’in (Mayan for “I am you, and you are me.”) We love you, Iran and Israel!

Synchronicity, Sunshine and Solar Flares

I’ve been having one of those weeks! The kind of week that folds in upon itself, layering synchronicity upon synchronicity, spinning years of research and experience into a vortex that nonetheless feels fresh and fantastic. Yep, that kind of week. For the past three days, I’ve been alternately doing sessions, prepping for an Archangel Raphael class I’m teaching on Saturday, extracting goodies from my 1995 honors thesis on AA Raphael, reading Lon Milo DuQuette’s book about the Thoth Tarot, and eating 100% raw again — all while I have the house to myself and most local friends out of town. That combo makes for a potent (living) brew!

I discovered that my college honors thesis, “Milton’s Phoenix: Raphael, Poetry and Transmutation in Paradise Lost” is far more interesting now that I’ve spent over a decade as a professional intuitive, having had my own mystical experiences and more esoteric (as opposed to intellectual) forays into alchemy and astrology. Nearly eight years as a raw foodist studying the energy of food injected new life into those thesis sections about digestion as an alchemical process. Channeling “Raph” made the sections about Milton “writing through Raphael’s voice” seem more … real? Let’s just say it’s taken the academic distance and turned it experiential.

Then there’s the whole “Ascension through the Celestial Hierarchy” theme: much more interesting through the eyes of a 2012 Lightworker than a 1994-95 English Major. Imagine my amused and then increasingly “wow-ed” feelings as I noticed that my thesis paralleled so many Qabalistic concepts from DuQuette’s easy explanations about the mystical importance of one’s Holy Guardian Angel and how that relates to the Tarot. I’ve also been looking around the house at the nine portal doors in my possession, painted/channeled in 2010, and going “Holy, moly! So that’s what those details meant!” I find it interesting that just as my back has improved enough to think about painting another set, the woman hosting post-March Raph events in Madison just happened to mention she’d love me to paint three small doors she’s acquired — and the designs immediately began to make themselves known.

Yesterday morning, I awoke staring at the Hebrew “Elohim” on The Lovers Door. I fixated on it as I moved from sleep to wakefulness. I spent yesterday doing readings, reading DuQuette’s Thoth Tarot book, dancing on our rebounder to this Dolores Cannon video about the Earth splitting into two different dimensions, and getting a massage. Towards the end of the evening, I reached a chapter on the Sun card, and I felt a keen longing “to see the Thoth Tarot Sun card in full color.” (I don’t have that deck.)

I fell asleep, then awoke fitfully at 4:24 a.m. Unable to fall back asleep, I checked out, where I discovered this lovely post from Spacemuffin! She now has her own blog and gave me permission to republish this report. Note the full color Sun card from the Thoth Tarot. As you read through the report, you may notice why I say my week keeps folding in on itself — from Elohim, to the Sun, to Solar Flares, Earth splitting in two … all the way to major celebrations and “we did it” feelings! Happy Solar Flares and Happy Full Moon. … Wish well: those energies are empowering everything right now if we focus on what we most desire.

As I finished that last sentence, this draft says it saved at 5:33:33 p.m. GMT. Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers for 533: “Your prayers for guidance on how to change your life have been heard and answered by many ascended masters who love and protect you.” (From Angel Numbers 101, by Doreen Virtue.) I love it!!

And now, here’s The Muffin:

“Let the Sunshine In”

The Sun

Darling Starseeds and Lightworkers. None other compares with you. Through it all, we have made our way, back to the light. Through the darkness we have sojourned, to this place where we stand. And on the threshold we see, the new light shining upon us. We are the gatekeepers, the ones who have ushered in the Age of Aquarius. We have suffered the lonely road, and in the end, we triumph. No longer will we walk alone. No longer will our knowledge be locked away inside. Now we are free, no longer the outcasts of the world. No longer will we be be mis-understood, and mocked by others. Now we are the way-showers and must continue to lead our beloved brothers and sisters who cry for our help, out of the confusion.

What a day this is, what a light it is that shines on us and mother earth. How triumphant we are, now and in the days to come. Our purpose has been fulfilled. We have not walked circles around our mission, but have walked headlong into the darkness without help, it seems. How difficult it was for us, but now we know who we are! Now our lonileness is over! Now we know the angels have never left us, and our star has never misled us. What kind of hearts are these, that we carry so deep inside? And from so far away, the spirit guides. What warrior hearts are these, who have bravely continued, through suffering and tears? We have made it now, and the lonely road is a thing of the past.

The confusion of who we are, is like a veil slowly lifting, and we look around to see we are the ones who must help our brothers and sisters back to the light. Although the path is now unshadowed, the task is not yet finished. In the Light of the Eternity of the End, we shine as the stars in the night sky. Now we know who we are and everything is different! All the lifelong isolation is but a dream of the past, a sorrow so easily forgotten, as we were but asleep, and now we are awake. Our awakening was never guaranteed. Our awareness was never a foregone conclusion. We so easily could have failed, but we did not. We are the trailblazers, and even though it cost us everything, we woke up from the dream and as the stars, we were steadfast. The Elohim come now and they say to us:

Humanity has reached a cross roads now and they must choose their path. The earth is separating and splitting in two and the time will come when a direct separation will take place. We are the Elohim and we come to guide you at this time. Our love for all of you is great and we urge you forward in your mission towards ascension. No longer can false ways serve you on this course.

The journey is wrought with responsibility and choices. Staying in one place is no longer an option and the stagnation of the past is no longer that which can sustain you. Feel us with you, we come closer. Now the veils are permitting direct contact and soon you will see us.

We come to the new earth you create in your dreams and we support this new reality. Come visit with us there. We are welcoming you home. No longer shall you suffer. No longer shall you want. No longer shall you walk the lonely path of life. This is your calling. But there are choices to make and each and every one of you knows which road to take.

Do not dally, for time is speeding up and it will dissolve in the near future.
Some will be left on the old earth, but even then they will still have a choice to move forward, but it will be more difficult for them as this separation of worlds is becoming more pronounced. We love you so much, dear ones. Come back home to us.

We leave you with these words of love and say to you that all is well and proceeding to plan and we are with you and walk with you and guide you back to the light. Until the next time that we meet. We are One.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles

The Muffin

Lee Harris March 2012 Energy Forecast

Thanks to Tania Marie for letting me know this was out! As usual, I find Lee Harris expresses just those things I’ve been noticing for myself as well as repeatedly with clients. He focuses on self-nurturing, especially with regard to taking care of the body and establishing appropriate boundaries with others. “Can you trust that what is right for you is also absolutely perfect for those around you?” Sometimes saying no takes all the courage and tough love we can muster, and yet it remains the balanced response. Lee addresses people who feel others’ needs tugging on their heartstrings but who themselves need to honor what keeps them in a harmonious vibration. Whether you work in the healing field or simply care about those around you, March brings with it an intense need for centering.

Lee’s suggested Affirmation for March: “I will love and nurture myself, body and soul. I will honor and enjoy myself, body and soul. I will love and remember those around me, for we are all brothers and sisters. I will love and nurture my original mother, the Earth, just as she nurtures my life.”

Your Right to Preferences

This theme keeps coming up in coaching and intuitive sessions, so I thought I’d mention it here. If I hear it so often in private sessions, then lots of others are likely experiencing it, too!

In a nutshell, you don’t need to feel guilty for having preferences. We live in a vibrational and co-creative Universe, which continues to birth and rebirth itself according to desires. Yes, desires, preferences, hopes, dreams … without them, the Universe would stagnate. Preferences are not only a Divine Right, but also kind of a Source Mandate. Source, God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, expands in response to your desires. Each time you hone a desire or discover a new preference, you tweak the manifestation instructions you present to All That Is.

Sure, people, governments, religious authorities, and schools sometimes tell you your preferences are bad, evil, unwarranted, or crazy, but that doesn’t change the fact you have them. I don’t mean to give license to harm other people — oftentimes the repressive preference squashers are the ones secretly harming others! Those who manipulate via guilt, shame, ridicule and diminishing do not have your best interest at heart, so why allow them to make decisions for you? Why allow them to create your life instead of you?

If someone laughs at your preferences or tells you that you’re wrong or selfish for having them, take a moment to explore why that person even cares. What investment does that person have in whether or not something brings you joy, frustration, or sorrow? Does that person really know you better than you know yourself? And if so, why would you allow that to continue happening?! You’re a fabulous, intriguing, amazing, deep, diverse, and interesting person; I guarantee it. If you don’t see that, then it might be time for some proactive cord cutting, followed by a quiet, healing meditation and/or journaling. Get to know yourself! Get to know what makes you tick. In order to Follow Your Bliss, it helps to make note of what feels like Bliss to you.

As we shift from 3D to whatever and wherever we’re shifting, vibration becomes even more important. If you allow yourself to whither in someone else’s limitations, then you rob not only yourself, but the collective reality as well. Why not co-create something you truly love? Why not expand yourself in joy and jubilation? Your growth grows the Universe. Your ability to maintain a positive, exciting and Spirit filled life frees others to do so, too.

Preferences can range anywhere from types of food you like, to qualities of relationship, degree of sexual compatibility, financial ease, the kinds of clients you wish to attract, boundaries in business, weather … no limitations here! You can’t talk yourself out of preferences. Repressed preferences will rear their heads at the most inopportune times, so you might as well acknowledge and honor them upfront. Knowing what you want will also help you avoid the following common and unfortunate relationship dynamic:

Someone really, really wants something from you. In this example, let’s say they want you. They want you to commit to them, and in exchange they offer you something that’s important to them but not necessarily important to you. From their perspective, they’re giving you the world, and you darned well better appreciate it. You, on the other hand, just don’t really feel that attracted to them, or, for whatever reason, you just don’t feel the same way about the proposed exchange. Because they have given you their “stuff” and lord that fact over you, you begin to feel like you should feel different about them than you do. You might try to convince yourself that your preferences are superficial, stupid, or unenlightened. You might try to convince yourself that attraction and compatibility don’t really matter as much as unconditional love.

Just to clarify: you can unconditionally love someone and not desire to marry them. You can unconditionally love someone and choose not to spend much time with them. You can unconditionally love someone, wish them well, and yet still honor yourself by listening to your own sense of what feels balanced. Just because someone gives you something they value, doesn’t require you to place the same value upon that something. You have a right to your own, unique preferences, and if a relationship fails to match up, you can choose to walk away, or redefine the nature of that relationship. If the other person starts calling you names, guilt tripping you, or otherwise stomping on your sincere efforts to attract win win situations for all involved, then you’ve just received a clear indication that you are not receiving unconditional love, no matter if you’re giving that or not. Guilt works as a primary manipulative tool.

This dynamic can occur in romantic relationships, business trades, expectations between clients/customers and providers, higher education, and any other encounters you have with someone who may not share all your preferences. Clear communication helps, but in fairness, that needs to go both ways. If someone expresses what they want, and you know that you are either unwilling or unable to meet those preferences, then sharing that information allows you to maintain integrity in the relationship with the other person and within yourself. As we shift further away from duality, split intentions will become increasingly difficult to bear. Recognizing early signs of incompatibility and taking proactive steps to redefine relationships or to extricate yourself from imbalanced situations will speed your ability to shift into a newer, cleaner, easier reality. The more people who take responsibility for the world they wish to co-create, the freer world we’ll find.

If you choose to Follow Your Bliss, then Bliss will choose to follow you. From that higher vibration, you will create and attract an extraordinarily inspiring life. You will become the change you wish to see in the world. And I promise you, you will find kindred spirits who celebrate with you and for you. Lonely is feeling obligated to love someone or serve someone in ways your heart and Spirit won’t allow. Nothing feels lonelier than telling your authentic Self to settle now and wait for next lifetime. You’re not here to reiterate the status quo. In case you haven’t noticed, default reality on Earth hasn’t been a resounding success. That’s why all the structures and illusions have begun to fall away. The New Earth won’t build itself without your input. You vote with your vibration, and the higher your vibe, the better your world. Want freedom? Free yourself, and watch what happens.

I love you.

FAQ: Cord Cutting and Energy Fields

I did two group channeling events yesterday and attended a drumming circle and Lightworker discussion group the night before. Variations of the following questions have repeated themselves several times. The idea of “cord cutting” or “need for protection” seems to trigger many Lightworkers as being “fear based” or “uncompassionate.” “Don’t these people need me?” “Who am I to say no to someone in need?” “Aren’t we all One, and if so, why would we need to protect ourselves from anyone or anything?”

I will share some answers to those questions below, but I do want to underscore that the post about Protecting Your Energy Field is specifically about energetic vampirism. This phenomenon extends beyond simple, balanced, loving energy exchange. Rather than emotional cords, you could think of these as feeding tubes that attach to you at emotional weak spots with the sole purpose of draining your energy so that the person doesn’t need to bother connecting with Source on his or her own.

This is codependency in the extreme, in that the process ultimately discourages people from finding their own inner Light, Divinity and wholeness. By continuing to deny situations of energy drain, Lightworkers miss an opportunity to shine brighter, to grow stronger and to bring their message and gifts to more people who are ready to take responsibility for themselves and the world we’re all co-creating. By ignoring the fact that some people really do project all their inner aspects, including both Shadow and Light, onto others, Lightworkers actually validate dysfunctional, “dark” behavior. Tough Love is still Love. In fact, speaking the Truth is Love is one of the highest expressions of Love, because it requires a release of any attachment to how others receive your words. People say “actions speak louder than words,” and you could consider protecting your energy field as a very loud speaking of Tough Love words — action on the inner plane, which radically ripples out and echoes into the collective world.

2012 offers chances for a complete, global system upgrade. Instead of troubleshooting all the broken, dysfunctional systems, humanity can co-create an entirely new grid — with new rules and new, healthier, holistic ways of being. An alcoholic cannot fully recover from alcohol abuse without addressing the gaping holes in the psyche, emotions, auric field, etc., which result in the dependency; the codependent spouse who constantly picks up the alcoholic’s mess makes life just functional enough to discourage any real, core change. Similarly, our world will not shift on a grand scale if Lightworkers continue to support behaviors, attitudes and perspectives that limit and weaken ourselves and others.

2012 encourages us all to empower ourselves with “power to, not power over.” No more manipulation through conditional Love! No more turning a blind eye to patterns that systematically harm, weaken, shame or destroy others’ connection to Source. 2012 is a time of quantum leaps, and quantum leaping takes energy. Most of the masses on this planet remain drugged and hypnotized, so those people who have awakened enough to connect with Source, to experiment with Law of Attraction, and to imagine the possibilities of a world far beyond that which we have known before … those people have a job to do! That job is simply to help raise the vibrational level of this planet, and you can do that much easier when your own energy remains intact enough to amplify instead of flatline.

We’re talking about a complex and important topic — a topic that highlights much of this year’s potential for radical change. I provided some additional discussion in the comments section of the original post, and these two comments seemed helpful to bump up to main post status here:

Hi Laura,
Found this very interesting. I have dealt with these same things for the past few months and I found the best way was to work on my own shadow areas and see myself in other people. Although I agree with the cutting cords, I ask for them all to be cut accept ones that maybe attached to my heart. The idea of this comes from we are all one and this is where my compassion and understanding of these people (we) come from. My vibration stays higher when I think this way. I see people as wounded souls sometimes, ones that need that bit more help and although its hard, its not as hard as the guilt I feel if I cut them off. It doesn’t feel right. Any words of advice on this is greatly appreciated. Please tell me if you agree with the heart cords. Many thanks for all your words of guidance and wisdom. :0) Much love

I agree in the sense that if you feel guilty for cutting the heart cords then that will have the opposite of the desired effect. Guilt encourages major energy drain! The Shadow Work is definitely important, and I’ve written on that many times before.

Ultimately, yes, we are all one, but while we are in physical form and dealing with people who aim to control rather than respect, we can still be drained. As a species we are moving into a higher vibration where this behavior simply won’t be able to continue. Shifting things on our inner level — those things we do or do not consider acceptable –will help the entire planetary shift. If you have not read David Wilcock’s work about Financial Tyranny, please do so. It’s long and intense, but it demonstrates better than most things how these inner patterns of victimhood and letting ourselves be sucked dry by parasites are actually creating a reality of exploitation, war, slavery, etc. As within, so without. Here’s the link to that book-length series of posts.

Also, consider that viewing others as somehow in need of your energy, as in they can’t shine their own light, actually limits them. Feeling Unconditional Love for oneself and others does not mean becoming food for an energy vampire. Unconditional Love honors people where they are but also recognizes that it’s OK to set your own healthy boundaries. If a child repeatedly hit another child would you just send love to both children and not intervene in any way? Or would you set firm rules about what could or could not occur on your watch? “An ye harm none, do what thou wilt” is a pagan proverb, similar to St. Augustine of Hippo’s: “Love, and do what thou wilt.” Love is hugely important, but true love does not seek to control others against their will. Cutting inappropriate cords allows people to love more freely, completely and unconditionally because it frees us from manipulations via conditional love. … imho, anyway …

If you’ve not listened to this Michael Tsarion interview yet, I also recommend it.

LOL, lots of homework! You can also just do whatever keeps your vibration high, since this is really only talking about inappropriate, dysfunctional cords, not all love relationships. 🙂

Please go at your own pace, and realize you can ask for help, both on and off world. We’re all growing, expanding, and dealing with previously unimaginable options and possibilities. Life in the fast lane can feel fun and invigorating! When it doesn’t, I suggest you slow down. Pull over at a rest stop. Take a deep breath, walk around a bit, hug a tree, eliminate some waste, and then get back on the road. You’ll enjoy the journey much more if you can laugh while remembering that this thing called Life is quite a trip! Yes, indeed, what a long, strange trip it’s been, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Playing It Safe: The Rules Have Changed

Today I feel called to point out something to the “tried and true” crowd: those people who would love to step more fully into their gifts and Lightworker abilities, but prefer to “play it safe.”

In the past, testing the waters made a certain degree of sense. Why jump into a pool of sharks when you could spend years surveying the scene, and take the time to build a bridge instead? Why take a flying leap of faith when job security could lull you into remaining on that comfy 737? Sure, you never quite landed where you wanted to, but you also never crashed and burned. Why take a risk when it felt so easy to play it safe? For many decades, this has been a quintessential Lightworker dilemma. Follow your bliss, your true sense of joy and purpose? Or slog away in a less fulfilling life that continues to intend those carrots arrive sometime in the future?

Here’s the deal, though. Sometime in early 2011, the rules changed. All the safety and security of the Old World began its inevitable decline. Union rights, jobs, Social Security, pensions, savings, government, religion: they’ve all taken massive hits in the past year. Then there’s the ongoing nuclear disaster of Fukushima. (Remember that one? Yep, still spewing.) Waiting to find your “true North”? Um, the North Pole has shifted so much that it’s now in Siberia! We’ve got Solar Storms with CME’s strong enough to zap all our electronics and power grids. We’ve got some freakshow zombie flu the CDC would love to introduce. We’ve got overt Satanic rituals pushed on millions of viewers during the Superbowl Halftime Show and the Grammy’s. We’ve got rogue banks with no real incentives to change. A mosquito would have hurt more than the wrist slap they received.

Then we’ve got laws like NDAA, which allows indefinite detention of American citizens without trial. We’ve got the EEA, which would allow stripping Americans of their citizenship allowing for full implementation of NDAA, including off shore torture. We’ve got 30,000 Spy Drones authorized by Congress to begin enforcing an even more obvious police state. We’ve got SOPA, PIPA threats and Codex Alimentarius. We’ve got Citizens United, which gives corporations the same rights as “people.” I’m not sure how NDAA applies to them. 😉 Can a corporation be indefinitely detained without trial? Will Texas start executing corporations for capital crimes? Hmmmmm….but I digress.

I’m not trying to bring anybody down or peddle fear here. I’m just pointing out that now would be an excellent time to reevaluate what “playing it safe” means. Where is your true security? How can you ensure you attract those experiences you actually desire to attract, rather than the bizarre apocalyptic “facts” that seem to be crashing through all the old, reliable structures? Because, you see, you do have influence over how your life plays out. Despite all the surrounding chaos, you can fix your sights on whatever you most desire, and you can slice right through the crashing waves. You can part your own Red Sea.

But here’s the catch: parting your own Red Sea requires a consistently higher vibration than whatever’s chasing you. Take your pick on that one. If you have more than 7 days worth of food in your home, then by the US government’s definition you’re a terrorist. If you’re growing peppermint in the EU, you’re technically breaking the law. Who cares who’s chasing you, though?! In 3D-ality, oppositions rule. Black fights white. Might fights right. The rules haven’t really changed; it’s just becoming increasingly obvious that the old game is fixed.

Good news for Lightworkers and anyone else awakening to hidden potential: if you don’t like the rules, you can stop playing the game. Upgrade. Keep your vibe high by embracing those dreams you’ve always held at bay. Practice random acts of kindness. Smile at your neighbors. Hug the trees. Focus on whatever life you’d most love to live and know that you’ve already set the wheels in motion.

Time continues to speed up. I read recently that our 24 hour day encompasses more like 13 hours of old time. We’re rockin’ and rollin’ through this year. Think of how you felt last August. Doesn’t it feel like decades ago? The sudden and overwhelming transparency of government and corporate corruption means that people are waking up. When people who’ve slept most of their lives start stirring into awareness, they will need good leaders. They will want to learn fast. They can learn from people who’ve dedicated their private lives to spiritual pursuits. 2012 is the year of the hidden Lightworker letting his or her “light so shine” in the world. “Hide it under a bushel, no! I’m gonna let it shine.” Lightworkers will be welcomed by masses you never thought would have any interest in multi-dimensions, Reiki, ET’s, angels and alternative medicine.

Yes, the old structures are falling as fast as a controlled 9/11 demolition. But the rebuilding can happen equally fast! Reality is splitting. One side grows denser by the second. The other grows more fluid and easily influenced by the moment. Focus on something small and watch how fast it or some related synchronicity manifests. Look at how many withered dreams have seemed to gather force lately. What took decades to accomplish before can now happen in days or weeks. If you follow your bliss, you will find yourself living a more magical life than you ever thought possible on this planet. Bliss can be your new reality. You’ve got all the support of Source and all the love and blessings of those of us who’ve been dreaming of this time for lifetimes.

In my humble opinion, bliss sure beats the heck out of 3D-ality. But what do I know? 😉 Actually, bliss doesn’t beat anything. Bliss just is. And that’s quite enough, I’d say. In an insane world, your sanest option looks risky. You know you can opt out of the TSA radiation machines, but please realize you can also opt out of everything TSA and all the alphabet agencies represent. You can upgrade your world, and the more of us who continue to upgrade, the better system we get. The more beautiful planet we explore and tend. The greater prosperity we all experience. In a maze of chaos, find and grab that cord to Source. You will find your way.

Pentacles, Prosperity and Elementals

Today I felt called to share a few things I’ve been rolling around in my mind and heart for months. Sometime last year, I felt drawn to purchase a Faery Wicca Tarot deck, which I use more often for my own divination than in readings for clients. This deck requires so much familiarity with Faery tradition and lore that I find the Robin Wood deck much more universal and efficient. The Robin Wood images speak for themselves, creating rich tapestries of symbols and stories.

That said, I absolutely love the Faery Wicca Tarot for myself! Having studied Runes, Celtic, Druid and Faery history, I very much enjoy the coded whisperings and mystical bent. Where the Robin Wood deck brings spiritual insight into ordinary life, I feel like the Faery Wicca Tarot just blasts through any illusions of the mundane world. Everything reveals a touch of the sacred, and the multi-layered connections among cards, history and legends wrap themselves around any situation like the mists of Avalon.

Like most tarot readers, I own several decks –even a Jane Austen Tarot Deck that substitutes Quills for Swords, Candlesticks for Wands, Teacups for Cups, and Coins for Pentacles. I enjoy the variety, and that nerdy English Major in me especially enjoys close-reading the accompanying texts. I find that the chosen order of the suits tells quite a lot about the deck’s designer: hints about world view, priorities, ideas about evolution, and a hierarchy of focus. For example, in the Robin Wood deck, we begin with Pentacles and end with Cups. We experience an evolution from the material world (Pentacles), through the mental realm (Swords), into the spiritual realm (Wands) and finally move into the heart (Cups).

By contrast, the Faery Wicca Tarot suits begin with Aer (Swords/Thoughts/Air), then move through Tine (Wands/Spirit/Fire), Uisce (Cups/Emotions/Water), and finish at Domhain (Pentacles/Physical/Earth). Rather than considering physicality as a base state, the Faery Wicca tradition (based upon Celtic and Druidic wisdom), recognizes physical manifestation as the culmination of inner transformation and growth. Faeries are masters at manifestation, and this tradition holds the physical realm as direct evidence of progress (or lack thereof) in the other realms. Abraham-Hicks would likely agree: “I’m a vibrational being in a vibrational universe.”

I see tremendous value in all the tarot traditions, but today I’d like to explore the idea of physical reality as something to celebrate rather than denigrate. Many people consider the Faery Realm as part of the 5th dimension, less dense, but still with physical attributes. The Elementals, those creatures like gnomes, faeries, elves, leprechauns, brownies, and even crystals, tend the Earth. They are extremely connected to the Earth Element, and thus related to the suit of Pentacles. Money also holds its place in Pentacles — one reason some decks refer to Pentacles as Coins. Indeed, this suit covers the entire physical realm, including anything needed for survival.

As Earth shifts from dense 3D reality into higher dimensions, it occurs to me that we might learn something from the Faery Realm. Some of us already see how thoughts become things. If you find this a new concept, please familiarize yourself with the work of Abraham-Hicks, Dr. Joseph Murphy, TUT, and “The Secret.” You’ll learn to how your point of attention (Swords), combined with Source (Wands), runs through your “Emotional Guidance System” (Cups) and then finally manifests into physical form (Pentacles). Exactly the Faery Wicca Tarot order!

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I do have a particular affection for the Faery Realm and Faery Rules. “No Rudeness.” “A Person’s Word is Bond.” “Respect, not Control.” I also love manifesting (especially instant manifestation), magic, Nature, Earth and all her creatures. Observing the remnants of the 3D world so many people call “reality,” I’d have to say we could learn a few things from the Elementals.

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon this free MP3 from Inelia Benz, who runs Given my prior pondering about tarot suit order, her discussion of “Money as an Elemental” really resonates! She encourages Lightworkers to make peace with Money, an Elemental who has been terribly abused by those who’ve sought to monopolize and control her. Inelia helps Lightworkers to get in touch with their own judgments surrounding Money, with the intention of releasing that negativity. Any judgment, resistance, fear, or outright disgust has the effect of lowering our vibration. We live in a time of financial upheaval and uncertainty, but we can make peace with Money the Elemental. As Lightworkers we can help energy — all energy — to flow freely and with Love. I highly recommend this exercise. You can read it or listen to Inelia’s recording.

Whatever happens with the markets, the dollar, gold, silver, or your retirement account, making peace with Money will help you on your journey. Whatever we resist persists, right? If you desperately wish to see an end to all the financial abuse, then loving the abused Elemental in the middle of this storm can only help us all to move beyond the old paradigm. I’m talking about Unconditional Love, by the way. Not Love based on, “Hey, Money, I will love you if you get me out of debt, help me win the lottery, give me a million dollars.” I’m talking about living from a place of Love. Being Love. Even with regard to Money.

There’s a difference between greed (control, hoarding, lack consciousness) and Love. Perhaps the Bible says it best: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

For some reason, I keep thinking of the Spirit Ariel in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” Ariel is bound to serve Prospero because Prospero rescued him from imprisonment in a tree. Ariel creates the Tempest, not because he wants to, but because Prospero controls him. Perhaps Money, too, would love its freedom from those who control rather than respect. Elementals honor “Power to, not Power Over.” I ask you each to consider — for the love of each other, this planet, and all the realms affected by our choices — if you can open your hearts a little bit to the vastly abused Elemental of Money. Let’s surround her with thoughts of Love, Freedom, Liberation and Joy. Let’s imagine Money flowing freely and in alignment with Pure Source Energy. Let’s bring in the entire suit of Pentacles and imagine all aspects of our physical world transforming before our very eyes. Can you feel it? Do you see it?

Bring it.