Beginner’s Guide to Pluto in Aquarius 2023

As we approach the monumental shift of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius on March 23, 2023, I edited my hour-long conversation with Timothy Glenn into a super accessible 24-minute video. You don’t need to understand astrology in order follow these parts.

This snapshot focuses on the preview period from March 23-June 11, 2023, plus themes for the longer 20-year Pluto in Aquarius transit. The video also includes general information on how to handle Pluto transits. I know not everyone has time or inclination for an hour-long video, and these parts seemed important enough to highlight for a more general audience.

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  1. Posted by seattle72 on March 18, 2023 at 3:03 pm

    Rewatched this, great stuff here, truly.

    This reminds me of a nugget of wisdom someone shared with me…Curiosity can be a bridge between Fear and Love.
    When I’m dealing with anxiety I can tend to catastrophize, but if I allow the tiny, itty bitty question “What if…?”, it’s much easier to get off that train of calamity and hop onto the train of creative possibility. What if everything turns out ok? What would that look like? What would that feel like? How can I help make an alternative outcome become reality?

    Thanks again to you both, great vibes, can’t wait for the next video!

    (Your hair seriously changes, lol, SO red in most videos, but quite dark black/brown in others. πŸ˜ƒ)

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    • LOL, I know about my hair! It’s kind of hilarious, and I have no control over what color it appears to people.

      Thanks for these additional tips. I’m sure they will be helpful to many people!

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  2. Posted by Kieron on March 18, 2023 at 5:14 pm

    Well done. Pam Gregory echoed these sentiments about the power of the grassroots in her very recent videos on this same topic. Good reinforcement to avoid the catastrophic thinking. As you have often quoted from the Hopi elders, β€œThis could be a good time.” 😎

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  3. This was getting our toes wet for discussing our individual and collective approaches to getting our toes wet for living through the worldwide shift as we become established in the Age of Aquarius. And even then, we’re still going to be getting our toes wet for thriving as co-creators of the New Earth in the decades ahead.

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  4. […] want a more bite sized version, I edited this into a 24-minute highlight video, which you can watch here. […]



  5. Love this! I’ll heed the nudge. πŸ™‚

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