9 Keys to April 2023 (Video)

For those who prefer storytelling and visual guides, here’s my latest video, 9 Keys to April 2023. This turned out fun and informative, but what a comedy of errors recording it!

Thank you to everyone who’s encouraged my new YouTube adventures. Your enthusiasm kept me going even when the going got ridiculous. If you like this video, please share it, as that tells YouTube to do the same. (If you’re reading this by email, you’ll need to click through to my blog or to YouTube to watch the video.) You can find an extended video description below.

Don’t be fooled by April 2023 astrology. On the surface the transits seem less significant than March, but there’s a LOT going on this month. We’re talking transits, pitfalls and opportunities. In a month of healing and higher vibration portals, this video offers 9 keys to unlock the best of April 2023 energies.

Tarot cards shown in this video:

Fool card from the DruidCraft Tarot
Three of Wands card from the Robin Wood deck

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More information on the portal paintings shown in this video:

Sun portal

King of Cups/Chiron portal

Star Gate portal

Hyperlinks to all painted portals

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  1. […] is such a multi-dimensional Full Moon! I spoke about it in context of the whole month in my 9 Keys to April 2023 video, and I will be adding another video that focuses only on this Libra Full Moon and relationships. […]



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