Sync Winks and Faery Portals

I’ve been having one of those days already, and it’s just 7:22 a.m.! Due to a combination of yesterday’s late afternoon chocolate, a hot upstairs, new fan and the sudden absence of our heavy comforter, I had trouble falling asleep last night. My intuition was screaming at me to use that excuse to read the Kindle version of Sharon Blackie’s “If Women Rose Rooted,” since I had downloaded it in Pennsylvania but not had a chance yet to begin reading it. My Kindle sat on the floor next to the bed taunting me all night, but for some reason, I refused to give up on sleep and read.

At one point, after about my fifth bathroom break, fan fiddle, and prowl around the upstairs, I decided to go downstairs, still sans Kindle, and turn the full house fan on with just a few minutes of AC. We have super steep steps here — Dutch steps, as David and his dad call them. They have new hardwood directly over the original steps of this gut rehab, because to change the steps at all would have meant needing to bring them up to code, much less steep and a complete change to the house’s original layout.This stairwell has long given me visions of radical falls, and so I always hold the railing on the way down.

When Tania Marie visited last year, she tumbled down the last third of the steps while I was outside in the garden, but thanks to some kind of faery intervention, Reiki and both topical and oral arnica, my sweet friend who has a history of foot fractures didn’t even bruise. I experienced a similar situation last night on my way downstairs. Despite holding onto the railing and being catlike in my abilities to move through the dark, somehow, last night, I misjudged where the floor should be, skipping the final two steps.

I had just been wondering, “Where will we move when we’re finally done our time in Goshen?” I know I’ve got a contract with this land, and David and I had earlier been discussing how I might as well just continue to dive into the gardens here until I’ve completed the transformation. I had forgotten a message from 2014 that I am opening a faery portal here with all the land healing, flowers, trees and sacred work I do on these two yards. Around the same time, I received a vision of David and me as very, very old people, sitting happily by a fire in what feels like Ireland but might be the actual faery realm. This has remained a steady vision of mine for years now, popping up when least expected, but I wasn’t thinking about it at all last night.

Here’s where things get really strange:

There I was, hot, insomniac, listening to trains from across town blow their horns far away even though ours were silent … feeling far too vata with all that wind blowing from an air purifier and our new fan, wondering wherever will we move when I’m finally finished here. Before bed, I had just ordered a small frog birdbath/fountain and David Phlox, along with other white flowers for a watery moon garden in the Haus Am See’s backyard. Frustrated with my inability to sleep but for some reason not reading “If Women Rose Rooted,” I made my way downstairs, miscalculated the bottom and literally flew into Door Number 17 — “Elen of the Ways,” which is itself a faery portal, complete with faery star on top.

A few odd things about my launch: that’s not the door directly in front of the stairwell! I not only missed the bottom two steps and flew through the air unharmed, but I somehow pivoted midair in order to body slam the faery portal I had painted for Goshen’s “sustainable sovereignty” and in honor of Elen of the Ways, who finds the right paths. The door I ran into was the white one with the faery star, fly agaric mushrooms, and a faery passage “silver branch,” an apple in simultaneous leaf, blossom and fruit:

Faery Portal

The maroon door directly in front of the steps is Door Number 4 –“Four of Wands/Karuna.”

Anyway, I eventually went back to bed, tossing and turning for awhile and then finally sleeping just long enough to awaken at 4:44 a.m., about 21 minutes before David’s alarm was due to go off. (Note the address on Door Number 17: 444. You can read the synchronous story of that door’s creation by clicking here, but I didn’t notice the 444 sync wink until several more synchronicities prompted me to take a photo of it to share in today’s post.)

David got up, and I decided to try to go back to sleep, but that “If Women Rose Rooted” book kept calling to me, so I finally picked up my Kindle and began reading all about Boudica and strong women of the Celtic Tradition — about the power of the land and the importance of women reconnecting with the land. It’s a delightful, enchanting book so far, but reading about Boudica reminded me of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Ravens of Avalon,” which tells the story of Boudica, when then reminded me of “Priestess of Avalon,” which draws upon legends of Elen of the Ways.

Too many syncs before breakfast! This woman was rising rooted and reading her Celtic Devotional for the day. What did I find? A passage about soul kinship, which had me again pondering our next location and David and me talking about Irish people in both South Bend and Pennsylvania. I decided to pull a Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle Card, and pulled “Secret Doorway,” which pictures a half-woman, half-fae being approaching … a faery portal!

Wild Wisdom Secret Doorway

Stunned, I ran to Door Number 17, marveling at my unharmed crash into that faery portal last night. When David’s alarm went off this morning, I said, “Well, I’m still here. I fell down the steps and crashed into the faery portal, but I guess it wasn’t time yet.” As I looked at the door, I noticed the 444 and remembered my waking moment this morning.

I showed David the Secret Doorway card, and he said, “Hey, that looks just like the photo I took of you in Pennsylvania.”

Faery Door at Monocacy Park

Of all the things I wanted to do in Penn’s Woods on our visit there, taking David to my old haunts in Monocacy Park was on top of my list. We finally got a few hours to ourselves the afternoon before my father passed away. As we wandered by Monocacy Creek, I felt the presence of the Fae, so imagine our delight to find this faery door just off the path! David snapped a photo as I approached the door, and yes, it does remind me of the Secret Doorway card.

I had mostly finished this blog post before an early session with someone who had just returned from Ireland, and the sync winks continued in our discussion. Some key divinatory meanings of the Secret Doorway include: “Being able to see change ahead, but not knowing how to deal with it. Understanding that in order to learn something new, one must forget what one thinks one knows. Getting ‘down’ to the level of others who you do not know. Receiving messages from nature. Understanding that wonderment is the natural process of change.”

Indeed, I wonder as I wander … and, as Tolkien and Door Number 16 state, “Not all who wander are lost.”

Blessed Be

… and be the blessing!

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  1. Magic!! Thanks for posting this today…I needed a remember about the real world beyond this apparent one… Love xo

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  2. Sure enjoyed this share Laura. All sorts of synchronicities and nods! Glad you arê fine after that flight thru the aire. Much love.

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  3. xoxo and ❤


  4. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    I so enjoy Laura’s post on synchronicities and so much mre❤️

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  5. Thank you, Dawn! Yes, not a bruise from that journey and full-on body slam. I would almost think it was a dream, except the fan was on and the AC had cooled the house to 70 degrees, so I for sure did go downstairs last night and do my thing. The syncs have been nonstop today, still continuing. 🙂

    Much love and thx for the reblog!

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  6. Bye that pic that David took of you and your card you picked are so cool. Mirror images

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  7. I know, it’s wild!

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  8. Posted by chancewriter on April 19, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    So glad you are unharmed! I have been feeling antsy to move, too… I need mountains in my life….but I keep getting the “whoa, hold on just a minute” from the Big U, so we are staying put for now. So grateful you are here, too. You are working some powerful magic here!

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  9. thought i’d repost my comment to yours on mine here, to add to the syncs….

    and even more!!! i just had seen your fun and magickal post this morning, as i was writing mine, which is about portals and the park we went to yesterday – my fav – very other world, fae, and beyond. stay tuned. but yes i thought the same on the moonflower when reading your post, laughed when i started reading about the stairs, knowing what was coming and laughing at my own fall, and i have been reading one of my 4 lynn andrews books i told you about a while back (finally) – nearly done with first one, but this one is medicine woman and last night she had gone through an initiation in her wolf medicine with a powerful ceremony past midnight in the wee hours and became the wolf. made me think of your timing at night lurking in the dark. lol! i’m so happy we are working both ends of the portals!! xoox!!

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  10. I’m so glad you’re in Goshen for now, too! Yes, let’s have tea and flowers in the faery garden soon and all will be right with the world…. or at least our version of it! 🙂

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  11. oh and i LOVE the photo of you and the card reflections…perfect!! and not sure if you’d seen, but a few days back i’d posted a faery door in a tree i found at the orchard in capitol reef. lol! love the fun we keep weaving.

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  12. Super sync winx! There was a major solar flare on Sunday, and it’s supposed to hit the Earth today, so maybe we’re feeling some of that impact with all this influx of wow-ness and lightness of being. xoxo

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  13. No, I hadn’t seen that! Which post is it in? I must have missed it. ❤

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  14. ohhhh! maybe!! and so funny you said “lightness of being”!! lol!! as at one of the portals yesterday i saw and felt tall light beings!! LOL! xoox

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  15. 😉 😉

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  16. it was in this post: scroll down to photo…doesn’t have a knob like yours, but faery door!

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  17. there’s been so much i’ve wanted to share while you’ve been away, but knew even if you didn’t see you were experiencing it nonetheless. like fairyland, crimson dragon and earth womb sound channelings…so much you’re a part of and have supported ❤

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  18. Oh, yes! As always. We are always interwoven even when we don’t realize it. ❤

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  19. …do I have to even say anything?


  20. LOL, Ella! Of course, you are always intertwined with anything Fae, too. ❤️


  21. Laura, lovely read, c’mon over to Ireland then already! It’s magickal indeed!


  22. […] And as I felt to pull a card from my Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle deck, you won’t believe that it was the very same one that Laura posted about in her blog this morning, so similar to mine today titled Sync Winks and Faery Portals. […]


  23. Posted by Mitch on April 19, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Ellen of the Ways, I remember when you were creating it, her magick is calling!!! How synched are the secret doorway photos, wow, magick is a foot, hehe.


  24. Yes, indeed, the Goddess is alive. Magick is afoot!


  25. Oh, thanks for the invite! I do intend to, just not quite yet. I’ve got a lot of Irish in me, and my bones are longing for that land again!


  26. Posted by James G on April 21, 2016 at 8:26 am

    The Faery are always right. Sometimes we need a little push or a trip to listen to them. 😉Great article.

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  27. Thanks, James! ❤


  28. […] April 19, 2016, in a post called “Sync Winks and Faery Portals,” I shared a bizarre (even for me) experience with Door Number 17 ~ Elen of the Ways. The post itself […]


  29. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:

    I happened upon this post again last night, and I had to giggle. The faery portal door I fell into in our Goshen house, the one that reminded me of sitting by the fire with David as we grow old, now happens to stand right next to our fireplace. This post was from April 2016, before we had any idea where we’d move or when. I’m reposting it today as things continue to unfold here in beautiful, synchronous ways.

    So often, we don’t know the exact way or precisely how, but dreams, “accidents,” synchronicities and visions wink, wink, nudge, nudge us in the right direction. Keep the faith! There IS a beautifully intricate plan somewhere, somehow, even if you can’t see it for yourself in each and every moment.

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