“If There’s No Door, Then I’ll Make One!”

Hiromu Arakawa: “If there’s no door, then I’ll make one!” I hear ya, sister and creator of Fullmetal Alchemist.

There have been times in my life when I’ve faced problems so tricky, so “impossible” that the only way out was in. Deeeeeep inside, through the inner rabbit hole, through the spiral and out the newly created portal. In those days, I’d paint a door, and you know what? It worked.

In ways known mostly to me, every single door that lines the walls and corners of our home, created the life I live and love. Carefully coded with Runes, mythology and symbols, these painted portals summoned unlikely realities into being when logic, prayer, and all my best Houdini efforts failed to free me from the chains of limitation.

Well, another door has presented itself for painting, along with another “impossible” situation that needs a way in and out the other side. This one’s more community based than personal, although it affects me as a member of this community. I can see that ordinary means will not resolve this dilemma, which would require undoing generations of programming and replacing those with feelings of overwhelming betrayal and a sense of sadness that people could knowingly try to do such things to one another. I see it; I wish to shift the path so that it leads to freedom instead of the intended trap, but I do not wish to inflict unnecessary pain.

Divine Doorway Number 17 will honor Elen of the Ways ~ the Reindeer Goddess who reactivates the ley lines and reminds us of the Ancient tracks. May painting this portal reveal the Middle Way:

Door 17

There Is a Way

The intellect says: “The six directions are limits: there is no way out.”
Love says: “There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.”
The intellect saw a market and started to haggle;
Love saw thousands of markets beyond that market.


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  1. yay portals!! have fun painting. weeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  2. 😉 planning now, but painting’s coming soon. <3<3<3


  3. How exciting, an empty canvas awaiting transformation! Looking forward to seeing the new portal reveal itself and unfold…


  4. Posted by Kieron on January 26, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Ah yes! Elen of the Ways. My friend and artist Ellen told me of Her. Ellen writes beautifully of indigenous-Northern European ways, in particular the Sami people, on her blog. She’s been much too busy painting to update it lately, but there are probably many things of interest to you there, Laura. Happy reading!



  5. Posted by Lorraine on January 26, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    If there’s no door, go out the window! LOL


  6. The door is talking, but it’s indecisive on the general layout. 😉

    Kieron, thanks so much for the link to your friend’s site! Gorgeous artwork, and I will enjoy reading her information. Before looking, I thought you’d send me to a different Ellen’s site, who also writes on Elen of the Ways. She appears to be making quite the comeback into our awareness. High time, indeed!


  7. You are such an inspiration! I’m feeling creativity bubbling up just from reading your words. I can’t wait to see your new portal & the resulting solution. xx


  8. Thanks, Pamela! … Still planning away, but the external situation has begun to take on a more hopeful look as I continue to tap into Elen and her Ways. 🙂


  9. […] I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, there have been times in my life when I’ve faced problems so tricky, so “impossible” that […]


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