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Summer Solstice, Astrology and Earth Changes

Happy Summer Solstice to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! (And Happy Winter Solstice to my readers in the Southern Hemisphere!) May the light of clarity continue to dawn and shine, both inside and outside ourselves. I’ve noticed clarity as a major theme in recent sessions, so I thought I’d make a special post about some upcoming space alignments, along with an update on Uranus in Taurus.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, the following video shares physical Earth effects of a very rare planetary alignment we’ll experience from July 19th-early September. The lead-up has begun, with all the gas giants already on one side of the Sun. As the creator of this video documents, “June 20, 2018: Over the past 125 years the earth has only been in this cosmic planetary position 6 times, during each of those six times some historic events occurred on the planet with regard to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

I include the video not to generate fear but as background to the individual and collective astrological effects/observations I note below the video. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. Everything connects. Whether or not we recognize those connections, they still affect us:

On May 9, 2018, I posted “Uranus in Taurus: What I’m Noticing So Far,” because sessions indicated people already feeling the effects of Uranus shifting from Aries to Taurus on May 15th. Things continue to heat up on the collective level and especially for anyone whose natal chart receives exact aspects with Uranus in early Taurus. You are much more than your Sun sign, so even non-Taureans can experience huge lightning (aka “lightening”) strikes from the rebel liberator, cosmic weirdo Uranus. Continue reading

The Search for Sustainability Summit

For those people who recognize that humanity and each of us as individuals need to change our ways and soon, this new “Search for Sustainability Summit” offers personal steps, tools, and techniques for shifting away from planetary crisis and towards harmony and increased self-reliance.

Unlike top-down “solutions” forced on us via carbon taxes, SMART regulated everything, and nonstop surveillance, this series of talks from November 1-12 shares how true sustainability comes through tuning into and working with Nature, not allowing ourselves to become further isolated from our land, food, air, and water by cramming us into mega-cities and adding even more computerized algorithms to our already AI dominated lives. Things like permaculture, green-living and self-reliance help us to get back in touch with cultures that recognized their own part in the cycles of life and that looked towards the future by nourishing the present and honoring the past.

Rather than completing the communist and fascist top-down tyranny creeping into our lives in the name of “sustainability” initiatives funded by Monsanto and Big Banks, the ideas, information and inspiration in this summit encourage individuals to remember and develop their own skills and capacities to change in positive, productive ways. If you’ve felt discouraged by my various posts on the BS of Pope Francis’ encyclical, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and the co-optation of the word “sustainable,” you’ve got 12 days of encouragement and education to remedy that disappointment.

I’m not involved in this summit, nor an affiliate — just spreading the word, because there are some fabulous speakers, movers and shakers participating. If you live on and love our planet, or if you want to blast beyond the current insanity that passes “for the common good,” into territory that instead makes corporate and governmental tyranny irrelevant, then do check out The Search for Sustainability Summit. (Trailer and free registration available at that link.)

Sarah Anne Lawless ~ The Song of the Land: Bioregional Animism

I just landed upon another deep and inspiring post by Sarah Anne Lawless called “The Song of the Land: Bioregional Animism.” This post comes from February 2014, back when she still lived in the Pacific Northwest, but the article includes food for thought wherever you live. In fact, that’s the whole point! To find ways to immerse ourselves into whatever bioregion in which we find ourselves — to root deeply, and to live in sync with the natural cycles, flora, fauna and beings who share that spot with us. Sarah’s material is copyrighted, so I’ll just provide a short teaser and a link to the full article:

“The goal of bioregionalism is self-sufficiency and sustainability within a bioregion – of both people and nature. Bioregionalism differs from environmentalism in that it seeks to have humans and nature living together in harmony, with humans as active stewards of nature, rather than seeing humans as harmful and needing to be removed from the equation.

“Within bioregionalism is the belief that the most important thing to learn when you move to a new bioregion, or are born into one, is to learn everything you can about it. …

“Such knowledge used to be intrinsic to basic human survival, but today you will seldom find a person in a city or town who can even list the names of five native trees. How can we be self-sufficient without knowledge of the resources around us and how to use them? How can we be good stewards of the land we live upon if we know nothing about it? How can we fix what we humans broke without first knowing what the local ecosystem looked like when healthy? Through awareness, through knowledge, through hard work, and through truly caring about the land under our feet and all who live upon, under, and above it.”

I always appreciate posts that encourage people to connect or reconnect with the land outside their door and under their feet. All land is sacred. When we remember this fact, when we know it in our bones, we treat our planet like the sacred being She is — and through that loving care and honor, we help Her heal as She heals us. Here’s the link to Sarah’s full article, “The Song of the Land: Bioregional Animism.” Anyone who likes Avatar or permaculture will especially enjoy this piece. You don’t need to live in a resort area or on a ley line to connect with your bioregion. As Sarah says, “…the line between the sacred and the mundane is invisible. Bioregional animism is not a spiritual path, it is not a denomination or a tradition, it is the way you choose to live your life every day and the conscious choice to interact ethically with nature.”

Uprooting Trees

Well, this bizarre trend of thinking of a plant or tree not being there and then said plant or tree “uprooting itself” right afterwards continues. This has now happened so many times in our yard that I’ve lost track, beginning with a (dead) rose bush I didn’t feel like digging out, only to go outside the next morning to find someone/something had uprooted it for me overnight. I’m not sure what to make of the following exchange and email snippet, but here you go … this from another discussion on exopermaculture regarding manmade climate change:


… I support people changing their relationship to Earth — just wish it didn’t need to turn into a new socialist religion. We have plenty of old Earth traditions that we could turn to without turning ourselves into corporate and media pawns. Not soooo long ago, sovereignty and the land went together, and the health of the land was considered a direct indication of the quality or depravity of its leaders. Leaders were required to sacrifice themselves to the land, not destroy the land and its people. I’d be curious to see how much this planet will heal just by removing the psychopathic, parasitic leaders who wouldn’t know a sacred tree if it uprooted itself and knocked them into a never-ending sinkhole, which … come to think of it … isn’t such a bad idea. 😉

  • bumpercrop says:

    “I support people changing their relationship to Earth — just wish it didn’t need to turn into a new socialist religion.”
    The climate change mantra does have a religious zeal about it. I just don’t trust Al Gore. It seems as if there is a fervor feel to the whole thing. Our government pushes the idea of climate change, yet seems to continue to allow the fossil fuel industry and utility companies full sway. It no longer adds up for me, something fishy going on. Are we being psychologically prepared to accept geoengineering or perhaps a new tax?

    • laurabruno says:

      Probably both, plus Agenda 21 relocations. They are priming people to beg for their own imprisonment.

      * * *

      [Sorry for the formatting. WordPress won’t let me go back to the regular margin for the rest of this post!]

      I shared that comment yesterday afternoon. This morning, I awoke to an email from a would be Reiki student from Dallas, TX telling me why she can’t make tomorrow’s class:

      Wow.  Not sure what the deal is but apparently I am not meant to come this weekend.  My flight to Grand Rapids was cancelled and they can’t get me on another flight until Saturday.
      It’s been a weird week in Dallas.  Between book banning at the local privileged school district, the first Ebola case in the US occurring in the Dallas hospital where both my kids were born and a freak storm this afternoon that uprooted huge trees and cause[d] power outages, it feels a little freaky.  Initially, I thought I got lucky because the afternoon flight to Grand Rapids was delayed, but the evening one appeared to be on time.  The sky had cleared up beautifully after the storm and it felt like a great sign.  Flight showed on time until departure time, then I had a wild goose chase across airport to several different gates until finally learning it was delayed until 11.  Later, it was cancelled all together, along with most other flights.
      There are tons of people stranded, all the hotels by the airport were sold out and people were setting up cots 
      In the terminal.  I had to leave my bag for the time being because there are thousands of bags to be sorted.
      I don’t know what to make of it, but I’m obviously getting a clear “stop”/ “no” from the universe.  I’m disappointed, but there’s literally nothing I can do!
      * * *
      [Laura again]:
      Have sacred trees already begun to uproot themselves to throw (metaphorically or otherwise) the genocidal psychopaths and their sicko plans into the pit before their carefully crafted, summoned and attempting to be released GMO “Ebola” “pandemic” depopulation agenda gets any further underway? Or is it all “just a coincidence”? I don’t believe in coincidences, especially not when they involve trees or other plants uprooting themselves in response to my recently expressed wish. Doubly especially not when earlier this year I painted a magickal portal door summoning “Sustainable Sovereignty” with “Respect, Not Control.”
      I know an otherwise very sweet and “Christian” organic farmer who told me this summer that “every day” she prays “for a horrible virus to sweep through the population and kill 90% of the people on this planet. That’s the only way to save this planet.” When I asked her if she really believes and prays for that, she said, “Yeah, I do. Every single day.” Careful what you pray for, environmentalists. There’s healing and then there’s self-inflicted genocide. Instead of applying the mental limitations of “Reason” and social engineers a la The Georgia Guidestones, why not use your God/dess given Imagination to brainstorm more positive, life-enhancing possibilities for healing Terra?
      Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I love this planet and her creatures. Humans need to change daily habits and awareness, but a relatively miniscule group has orchestrated the intentional poisoning of our land, water, food, and air. Why? Others and I have various guesses, none of them honorable or compassionate. Trees are wisdom keepers, and Nature knows who’s perpetrating (and blindly summoning) this insanity. May we each align ourselves with our true Nature, not a co-opted environmentalist agenda that welcomes, nay, demands, human imprisonment and extermination through any and all means.May we align ourselves with true, embodied soul Wisdom, not social engineered “inspiration.”
      Careful what you pray for, people. We can have Sustainability with Sovereignty and a return to honoring Earth, Sea and Sky. We can — this very moment — realign ourselves with plants, animals, the Four Elements and “The Fifth Sacred Thing” (Spirit). We don’t need a fascist takeover in order to do so. We don’t need higher carbon taxes and a global pandemic to save this planet. The people pushing that scheme aren’t interested in saving this planet for you. They’re terraforming it for themselves and their own twisted agenda. If you love life, then consider actually choosing Life. Nature knows how to make life from death, and soil from compost, but Nature can also partner with humans to create something beyond most people’s imaginations.
      Let us replant the trees our culture has blindly uprooted. Let us align with Mother Earth to help her purge herself of those who rape, pillage and steal for profit or sick pleasure. May the ignorant find wisdom and courage to change their ways. Peacefully. Thomas Jefferson famously said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Maybe so, but I challenge us to summon and cultivate other ways:
      “The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity … and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.” ~ William Blake
      May we reclaim imagination to begin and to persevere in the sacred act of Creation. And then … may we engage in sacred Action, giving our imagination tangible form in the manifest world:
      “Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven’t done a thing. You are just talking.” ~ Wangari Maathai
      Talk is cheap, but when those words begin to birth worlds, then talk, thoughts and prayers become sacred, too.
      Blessed Be.

Some Good News

After nearly six months of trying, I finally met with our Assistant City Planner to discuss why people were voicing concerns about Agenda 21. I had offered to give some insights from my time in California and other contacts I have around the world — not approaching this from a right wing, “we should be able to trash the environment if we want to because that’s our right” perspective, but from the perspective of someone who values true sustainability and real transparency in local planning.

I agreed not to share details of the meeting until they release the plan for public comment; however, I will just say that it was a very good discussion. Goshen appears to be going about their Comprehensive Plan quite differently than most towns that have become Agenda 21 Beta Testing grounds, truly taking public comment to heart. If the planners wanted something but the public didn’t express support or interest in it, then that item did not make it into the plan. Integrity! What a novel concept in politics these days. She gave me specific examples that did not make it into the plan.

She also explained her relationship to the APA and general attitude towards local sovereignty, although we did not use that specific term. I left the meeting feeling highly encouraged that to the best of her ability, the City of Goshen will have a plan specifically tailored to its needs and desires, rather than some of the Stepford Wives scenarios I shared with her from my time in California. Unlike many areas that have made things like rainwater collection and swales illegal, she assured me that Goshen will continue to encourage such things. Unlike other towns that are increasingly making front yard gardening illegal, this plan will offer specific encouragement for “edible landscaping” and community gardens in public parks.

Apologizing for the non-lunch-worthy conversation topic, I even broached the idea of having the city engineer develop a potential plan for humanure and waste collection that could reduce disease vectors after a tornado/earthquake/extended power outage, as well as save hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water otherwise flushed down toilets. We discussed that safe methods exist for turning human waste into soil nourishment and that perhaps it would be wise to begin at least researching those ways for mass scale conservation and disaster preparedness. Far from being grossed out, she encouraged me to add the idea once they release the plan for public comment.

All in all, I feel very encouraged by the meeting. It goes to show that prayer and portal doors work, and it also speaks well of our town’s do-it-yourself attitude that really explores questions like “Do we need someone else to tell us how to do this?” and “Is this really something we want?” When Goshen became an APA pilot city, I had hoped that we could use this experience to influence how things are done — or at the very least maintain integrity in our own location. So far, so good. I am grateful!

Excellent Example of How Agenda 21 is Not Really About Sustainability

In this video, you’ll see off grid Los Angeles County residents in California being driven off their isolated land where they’ve lived in peace for decades because of sudden, persistent (anonymous and secret) “neighbor complaints about ugly structures and zoning violations.” Many of these people live with solar panels, rain water collection and aren’t even hooked up to the grid at all. Instead of being rewarded for their sustainability, city, county and regional plans want their land for undisclosed reasons.

THIS is the sort of thing I saw happening and heard about happening when I lived in California. It is also happening in Florida, where a woman who lived completely off grid was told her home was unsanitary (without any investigation) and told she was breaking international codes. In case you’re not savvy about Agenda 21, it’s an international code. It exists. If you think the land they’re kicking these people off is worthless or that it will remain protected, I challenge you to investigate what happens to it in 3-5 years from when they get rid of these residents. Some corporation or “redeveloper” or perhaps China will show up, and there won’t be anyone left to protest.

This sort of thing is happening all over the US, but especially out West and in Florida. Agenda 21 is an international plan, though, so keep your city officials on task and demand transparency. As you’ll see in the video, they’re not required to provide that transparency, but if they won’t, then consider this a heads up to push the issues while you still can. I’m doing my best to educate our planner about exactly why people keep calling about Agenda 21. People are taught this is wacky conspiracy theory, but if you’ve known farmers or off gridders out West, or even in Michigan for that matter, you start to realize it’s a conspiracy fact. Educate yourselves so that you can educate others. There is true sustainability, and then there is “sustainable development” that often means sweetheart deals made outside the confines of legally elected government representatives and laws that protect the citizens.

The Beehive Design Collective Came to Elkhart County

This past Saturday, the Beehive Design Collective honored the People’s History of Elkhart with a two-hour presentation of Mesoamerica Resiste, which I posted about last year. Their wildly (overwhelmingly) successful kickstarter campaign explains the premise of this artist-activist group, so I’ll repost the video here:

I shared the kickstarter video with our Transition Goshen guys, and one of them was so excited about the storytelling potential that he contacted them to come here. Goshen College had hosted them before, but intuitively, I felt the People’s History of Elkhart would be the better match this time. Even though I knew nothing about the People’s History of Elkhart, it turned out to be a great match, because of the wide diversity of people the group attracts. Not only did they host the Beehive Collective, but they also provided homemade food and local musicians at the Historic Roosevelt Center — an old school that locals had fought to keep standing.

The People’s History of Elkhart won that battle, and now the old Roosevelt School houses both apartments above and an active community center below. I spoke with several of the people involved in the battle to save the historic school, and they were so proud of this community center and how it enhances all their lives. The spirit of these locals having stood up for their own tradition in their own community mirrored so well the stories we heard of the resistance to the plan for corporate dominance in Mesoamerica.

Beehive After Event

Above, you can see the huge banners of the completed 9 year political art project. They also used a projector screen to highlight closeups while sharing the stories. They designed Mesoamerica Resiste as a triptych, which means that the artwork opens up like double doors to reveal what’s inside. The banner on the right shows the front “doors” as “Plan Mesoamerica” while the twice as large banner on the left shows the inner resistance to that corporate plan. I loved that the resistance is twice as large as the plan!

That said, it was a sobering presentation. The plan — run by globalist corporations — aims for nothing less than total control of the region between North and South America. As one of the three “Bees” mentioned, “This area has always been ‘in the way.’ Columbus wanted to get to India, and this region also poses major challenges for globalist corporations who want easy transportation between North and South America.”

Under the guise of “free trade” and sometimes even under the guise of “greenwashing,” these ruthless corporations have staged military coups in sovereign nations, robbed land and water from indigenous people, and have built 8-lane highways and bridges in areas where few to none of the locals drive. They’ve erected police state surveillance to monitor “free trade zones,” which sound positive on paper but really mean that no local laws apply there. No workers’ rights, no environmental protections outside of what the corporations dictate, no local say in construction, and no protection for local economies and culture. Hydro-electric dams and railroads disrupt entire ecosystems and countries, and Western media gets pumped through airwaves to further undermine local traditions and identity.

NAFTA and its next generation CAFTA have largely accomplished in Latin America what the TPP and TTIP hope to accomplish in North America, Asia and Europe: complete corporate control over all aspects of life. Listeners learned — perhaps for the first time — about the IMF (International Monetary Fund), World Bank, WTO (World Trade Organization), just how bogus the War on Drugs really is, along with the devastating effects of GMO monoculture farming on the local farmers. Very little of the information was new to me, but I appreciated the elaborate illustrations through fable characters representing major players.

I did have one major light bulb moment at the beginning when a representative from the People’s History of Elkhart shared his own family’s story of being corn farmers in Mexico who had lost their land due to the US GMO-corn dominance policies of NAFTA. He described how the consistent price manipulation of the US GMO crops undercut Mexican corn farmers and eventually made it impossible to compete. Mexico used to outlaw GMO corn, but once “free trade” occurred, this young man’s family needed to leave their generations’ old farm and move to America in search of other work. I had not made the connection between our immigration issues and corporate agricultural dominance in the Americas. I knew about the military coups, but I had not extended that awareness to include the stranglehold of corporations like Monsanto and Chiquita. Watching this presentation really brought home the importance of local food — everywhere. The US fetishes for bananas and coffee carry with them tremendous karmic consequences. David tells me similar political outrage happened in the once sovereign kingdom of Hawaii over Dole pineapples.

The first part of the presentation revealed such grim, depressing information that the Beehive Collective refused to take an intermission, lest people “leave before the good news.” Indeed, many in the audience seemed overwhelmed, and more than a few “listeners” opted to talk throughout the entire presentation! This beyond rude action makes sense when realizing that on some level, people just did not want to have their world view altered. They did not want to take on the responsibility for how their purchases and unconscious lifestyle and habits might directly cause destruction of others’ lives. Ignorance = ignore-ance, and imho, we engage in that behavior at our own peril.

With the TPP and TTIP posed for fast track approval, many “comfortable” “first world” nations may well find themselves the next Mesoamerica. Will we show the strength, creativity and spirit of Mesoamerica Resiste? I don’t know. I hope so, but I’ve found most people prefer ignorance to positive action. Even when I mentioned to several attendees, “THIS is why I have concerns about Agenda 21 being co-opted by corporations like Monsanto. THIS is why I send you links about the TPP and TTIP,” many people just stared at me in awkward silence.

The second part of the presentation shared stories of farmers, teachers and students joining together in organized, yet fluid movements to undermine the colonizer’s agenda. They proclaimed the slogan, “Un No, Muchos Sis,” “one no, many yes’s.” The Beehive Collective spent years interviewing individuals and groups working on the front lines of the resistance. Together, they came up with symbols to represent each group, and Mesoamerica Resiste depicts the tremendous diversity of this region. Dozens of species of ants, trees, bees, birds and other animals use their own characteristics to undermine the globalist machine.

I enjoyed hearing the creative methods of inconvenience, including one group piling up garbage from a corporation in order to block the roads for that corporation to pass through. I also loved how these groups work to unite young and old, preserving the old ways through teaching the local and tribal heritage that corporations attempt to destroy. The three sisters (squash, beans and corn) represent the three main forces fighting together. In the same way that this traditional planting honors the unique qualities of each plant and finds ways to become stronger together, these teachers, students and farmers use their own gifts towards common goals.

The story of the ants blew me away: “A giant swarm of ants comes down the trunk of the Ceiba tree. The ants, like so many other little critters, play an essential role in the ecosystem. Scurrying beneath the dirt, they aerate the soil, making it possible for plants to grow, essentially laying the foundations for life on earth. While these ants seem small compared to the entire forest, they outweigh all other animals and plants combined. The ants remind us that great changes are in the hands of the small and many. Working tirelessly, these miniscule creatures embody the phrase, la revolucion es el trabajo de las homingas (the revolution is ant’s work). Little by little, their collective work has the strength to achieve great transformations, which reminds us that together, we can create tremendous changes in the world around us.

“Some of the ants proudly carry messages from Indigenous communities in southern Mexico who have been slowly and steadily building autonomy for several decades. These sayings are Zapatista principles and also come from their experience of building ‘good government’ councils, which encourage frequent rotation of leadership: ‘lead by obeying’ the people in your community, they advise; ‘work from below, without seeking to rise to power,’ ‘walk by asking questions’ … Each ant is a different species, reminding us that the beauty of the world lies in its diversity of cultures, of languages, of ways of being: ‘we are the same because we are different;’ ‘a world where many worlds fit.’ In the face of so many threats to the diversity of life on this planet, the ants converge at the base of the Ceiba to declare, ‘Ya basta! Enough!'”

Another shocking thing I learned involved bees. We hear about the decline of the honey bee, but few know that honey bees come from Europe and mimic the colonizing of Central America. “As European colonists invaded Central America, they brought with them the invasive European honey bee, which aggressively began to push the native Mesoamerican Stingless bees out of their ecological niche. Today, deforestation, pollution, and industrial farming are destroying habitat and causing the collapse of pollinator species all over Central America. Bees are an indicator species, and the drastic decline of their populations may forecast a larger ecosystem collapse. Restoring native bee populations is vitally important to the health of ecosystems and agriculture globally, and is directly linked to the survival of Indigenous peoples and beekeeping knowledge. Traditional beekeeping is an intimate relationship between bees, people, culture and the land.

Vanilla and stingless bees: Pollinators and the plants they pollinate need each other. Native Melipona bees and the vanilla plant share one of these specific symbiotic relationships. Melipona bees are the only natural pollinators of the delicate vanilla orchid. Without this specialized interaction, vanilla orchids would only survive by hand pollination, making vanilla one of the most labor intensive crops in the world.”

The presentation went on to depict and describe ancestors and spiritual support from unseen forces. Because I already knew the most shocking information described, I found the entire presentation profoundly encouraging. I love that this group of artists dedicated themselves to telling stories that would otherwise remain unspoken in the “comfortable” US. I also love (and practice) the idea of empowered political action through art and story.

If you’ve tried with little success to awaken your local community to both the threats and the potential of our times, you might want to host the Beehive Collective in your city or school. Having hippie-dressed, tattooed, young artists describe the ravages of free trade and greenwashing cuts through the stereotype of “paranoid, right-wing radicals” warning about things like Agenda 21, globalism, water wars, corporate fascism, and the importance of maintaining national, state and local sovereignty. I don’t know that the audience fully grasped the excellent discussion of “fascism in the US government,” but I hope the presentation at least began to scatter seeds.

For those concerned with more local issues such as the impending water wars and land grabs (of which you can find an excellent discussion in the videos below), you can rest assured that the Beehive Collective “gets” it. They displayed other artwork regarding the corporate takeover of water in Maine:

Nestle Maine Water

… with another image acknowledging the World Bank’s quote: “The next world war will be about water.” Unfortunately, that image photographed upside down and will not turn right-side up. I would love to consider that a sign that through conscious local actions, the war agenda will not succeed as planned. 🙂

Walk for Water

Those of you still on the fence about all this “paranoia about globalization” might want to watch the following videos, which describe ways that “green” initiatives and global treaties facilitate illegal land grabs and undermine national, state, and local sovereignty. Awareness does matter. As the Beehive Collective shared, for every one successful pushback of a hydro-electric dam, railroad or highway, perhaps 100 other resistance movements fail, but nonetheless, the resistance has had an effect. As with the delayed TPP agreement, globalization has fallen behind its intended schedule. More time passing allows more people to wake up, and as people wake up, we have the chance to reclaim our power and sovereignty before corporate fascism and globalization homogenize and destroy the beautiful diversity and balance of our planet.

Blessed Be(e)

Note that the BLM euthanized half the remaining “endangered” tortoises they’re claiming to protect. This is not about tortoises, and Cliven Bundy shared some stories about the apparently symbiotic relationship between the tortoise and formerly grazing sheep and cattle. Tortoise population declined sharply when the other ranchers lost their land.

The larger issue concerns an ongoing attack on organic farmers, ranchers and off-grid people living off the land — all in the name of “sustainability,” while undermining actual sustainability. When the BLM or other federal agency claims land and refuses anyone the right to access that land, we lose more and more of our ability to feed ourselves outside of BigAg government control. In California, “easements” and regulations have made it difficult to impossible for some organic farmers to maintain their land. The recent Farm Bill absurdly prohibits organic farmers from using manure or compost to enhance fertility of their land, while giving a free pass to CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations) that poison our land and water while fostering horrific animal cruelty. Once the land grab occurs, any hope of oversight disappears, which opens the way for corporations to come in and frack, mine or monocrop without protesters.

These land grabs often occur over bogus environmental concerns that touch the hearts of well meaning people. End results, however, steal vast tracks of land where only authorized offices can tread. With Citizens United and the recent Supreme Court decision to protect/endorse big money in politics, we can well imagine what happens once the land gets into corporate hands. I’m all for real environmental protection, as in, get the corporations out of our water supplies! Get GMO’s out of our food chain with their genetic drift and horrendous pesticides and herbicides. Protect, rather than euthanize, endangered species, and keep them situated in the complex biodiversity in which they used to thrive. These land and water grabs are a bunch of BS, and if Americans and other “first world” nations don’t want to become the next Beehive Collective triptych, we would all be wise to take responsibility for ourselves and resist in whatever creative and empowered ways we can.

Door Number 17 ~ Elen of the Ways

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, there have been times in my life when I’ve faced problems so tricky, so “impossible” that the only way out was in. Deeeeeep inside, through the inner rabbit hole, through the spiral and out the newly created portal. In those days, I’d paint a door, and you know what? It worked.

For the past three “doors,” I’ve taken to canvases that portray some sort of doorway or entry point — still portals, but not painted on actual doors. I usually select a local or personal issue as the initial point of need or emotional spark, but then I create the portals as offerings for how such issues play out across the world. “As Within, So Without,” and “As Above, So Below.” I’ve painted portals for healing Lyme Disease, for welcoming a return of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, along with commissioned doors to support inner transformation and healing.

This latest door springs from a delicate local situation trying to balance encroaching Agenda 21 plans for our town with the real world need for sustainability and community — not the co-opted Agenda 21 definitions that strip human rights, but actual Earth healing and human cooperation. I knew I could foment reactions from local Tea Party folks that could stop this Comprehensive Plan in its tracks, but I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Agenda 21, though completely co-opted to destroy liberty, nonetheless gets people talking about very real problems in need of creative solutions. I could not figure out a kind, gentle, yet strong enough way to protect our rights, honor the planet, and continue to foster community rather than dividing it. Since Agenda 21 poses a global threat amidst innumerable other worldwide challenges, I know I’m not the only one considering these dilemmas. I created this portal as an offering based on Rumi’s poem:

There Is a Way

The intellect says: “The six directions are limits: there is no way out.”
Love says: “There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.”
The intellect saw a market and started to haggle;
Love saw thousands of markets beyond that market.

The project began with a blank door, acquired from our former landlord in Madison:

Door 17 Before, standing next to Door Number 4

Door 17 Before, standing next to Door Number 4

Given the theme of protecting both Nature and human rights, I felt called to old goddess traditions that connect the ideas of “Sovereignty” and “the Land.” In Celtic, Norse, Native American and other traditions, the health of the land reflects our inner state or the state of a community’s leader. The awful condition of our world reflects the psychopathic leaders and corporations we have allowed to usurp the natural goodness of the human race. We have, collectively, lost our way.

The goddess who presented herself for gentle, yet powerful and wise assistance was Elen of the Ways. Elen is associated with:

The Land
Ancient ley lines
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Elen’s connection with birch trees appealed to me, because this old, white door with all its cracks and chipped paint reminded me of a birch tree. David agreed that I should leave the door as natural as possible in order to invoke the traditional newness, fertility and rebirth associations with birch trees and the Berkano Rune. I also liked that the Berkano Rune looks like a pointy capital B, appropriate for creating a Plan B to the predetermined Plan A(genda 21).

Door Number 17 (After), next to Door Number 4, by Laura Bruno

Door Number 17 (After), next to Door Number 4, by Laura Bruno

I painted this entire door during the first Mercury Retrograde period of 2014, because Mercury Retrograde supports revision, reworking, and wriggling out of former contracts. Merc Rx introduces a certain degree of chaos, which can thwart new initiatives, but offers great energy for tweaking old ones. Since Agenda 21 came about in 1992 and our town had already been selected as a pilot city for an APA implementation of A21, creating a Plan B through alternate ways, seemed highly suited for a Merc Rx project. I live in a world of synchronicity, but even I was floored when I found myself painting the portal address of 444 at exactly 4:44 East Coast US time on February 6, 2014 — the exact moment when this Mercury Retrograde period began! 444 reminds us of the angels’ love and support, and I’ve certainly felt them during this process.

Door Number 17 ~ Elen of the Ways, by Laura Bruno

Door Number 17 ~ Elen of the Ways, by Laura Bruno

I decided not to depict Elen of the Ways in a direct form, but instead chose to include symbols and images closely related to Elen and the Faery Realm. As Reindeer Goddess or “The Horned Goddess,” Elen has strong ties to Ice Age (and even contemporary) wanderers who followed the reindeer, caribou or (later) the red deer in order to find food, shelter and the ability to live through harsh conditions in the Boreal Forest. I included this image from a cave painting in Lascaux, representing an Ancient Irish Giant Elk:

Reference to Lascaux cave painting

Reference to Lascaux cave painting

Many archeologists believe that the cave paintings reflect shamanic visions and encounters, and some scholars believe the flying reindeer of the Santa myth come from shamans soaring through the stars to track the animals below. The poisonous fly agaric mushrooms so often associated with gnomes and faeries become a safe hallucinogen when passed through the reindeer and drunk via reindeer urine, so this portal door’s depictions of both the Lascaux elk and the fly agaric mushrooms offer a double nod to shamanic visions and inspired ways:

Fly agaric Rumi

Fly agaric Rumi

In addition to the inscribed intention, “Love said, ‘There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times,” I also wrote in silver runes down the left side: “SUSTAINABLE SOVEREIGNTY,” a concept that honors and connects both human rights and a healing of Nature.

I had some interesting conversations with various members of the Faery Realm while creating this portal. Agenda 21 aims to remove humans from most of the land and huddle them into megacities with a Wetlands Project that keeps vast stretches of Nature off limits to all but a self-proclaimed elite. Part of me wondered if the faeries might prefer such an arrangement, given how irresponsibly humanity has treated the planet. It turns out that, although some of the Faery Realm does despise humanity, significant portions recognize a joint destiny between the realms. The Faery Rule, “Respect, Not Control,” urges humans to respect Nature but does not support the sort of top-down police state regulations of advanced Agenda 21.

The Faery Realm representatives I’ve long worked with prefer voluntary communion with humans and the natural world — a cooperative honoring and regeneration of the land as sacred. The most ancient concept of regenerating the land remains totally entwined with the idea of sovereignty. The Fae also indicated that vibration from such intense misery of human enslavement, along with the electromagnetic monitoring of all off-limits areas, would make our planet even more intolerable for such sensitive beings than it already is. By contrast, voluntary communion with the land and between the realms offers a truly healing and celebratory opening into a preferred reality with much more cooperation and exchange among the realms.

Based on these discussions and support from my continued and proven loyal friends from the Faery Realm, I added the mythical “silver branch” — an apple branch in full bloom, fruit and leaf all at the same time. This silver branch offers safe passage into and out of the Faery Realm, also called Avalon (“The Isle of Apples”). The golden apple is toxic if eaten by one of an impure heart, but its poison becomes regenerative with love and alchemical transmutation. Cut in half, the apple reveals five seeds symbolizing the original (non-co-opted) meaning of the pentagram: excellence, truth and purity:

The silver branch, by Laura Bruno

The silver branch, by Laura Bruno

You can see that I’ve used Runa Faery coding — one of three different systems of Runes used on this portal — to express compassionate intentions and requests for the Highest Good of All, not just human centric, yet also not excluding humanity from that mix.

Bottom of Door Number 17, including the Plan "B" Berkano Rune

Bottom of Door Number 17, including the Plan “B” Berkano Rune

I continued this faery theme in the top panel by painting a seven-pointed Faery Star, associated with healing, the magick of Avalon, and the Faery Realm, which is lit by inner and outer starlight rather than sun or moon. I embedded additional Runes and healing symbols as the smaller “stars.” This also coincides nicely with Elen’s association with finding the star ways and tracking Gaia’s ley lines by flying through the stars:

Door Number 17, by Laura Bruno

Door Number 17, by Laura Bruno

I usually paint the backs of my portal doors, but I received a strong sense to leave this one open to the Unknown Way. I’ve embedded the door with powerful positive intentions and requests for healing, regeneration, sovereignty, peace, compassion, love and return of faery magick and wonder into everyday human awareness and existence. I don’t need to know exactly how that looks, especially since “it” will look different for each person who desires to participate in this type of world. According to Rumi, “The intellect says: ‘The six directions are limits: there is no way out.’
Love says: ‘There is a way. I have traveled it thousands of times.’” In honor of creating something entirely new and joyful from the discarded scraps of what seems ugly and restrictive, I painted a single Rune on the door handle. Called “HAGAL,” this snowflake or star shaped Rune invokes our inherent ability to “Create a New Universe”:

Create a New Universe

Create a New Universe

May it be so.

Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule

Thanks, Zen!

“This is powerful and very heartening. Pass this on to those seeking to network with local communities and all concerned, a terrific two-part interview with very important information on how to exercise our authority. – Zen”

“Community Rights educator Paul Cienfuegos explains how “We The People” are exercising the authority to govern ourselves and dismantle corporate rule. When small farmers in rural Pennsylvania wanted to say “no” to a corporate factory farm coming into their community, they learned they couldn’t, because it would violate the corporation’s “rights” and state pre-emption laws. So they did something technically illegal – their town passed an innovative ordinance banning corporate factory farming. It worked! The corporation left town. Pittsburgh upshifted the approach: Rather than define what we don’t want, define what we DO want. Their “Right to Water” stopped natural gas fracking in the city. Ordinances like this have been passed in over 150 communities in 9 states. Tune in to learn how this works. Episode 258. [,, YouTube channel “Community Rights TV” and]

[Hat tip: Renee – tx!]”

Laura again: I found these videos just at the perfect time after trying to convince some local people to do this very thing — explicitly protecting our rights to organic farming and seeds, to save and grow heirloom/heritage seeds on both private property and in community gardens, our rights to collect water from our roofs, and food sovereignty for our community so that “responsible regionalism” cannot force us to comply with backdoor ways of outlawing heritage seeds like the EU has managed to do. We’ve got “sustainable development” barreling down our communities and being steered in the shadows by some very unsustainable and unethical corporations with tentacles in government and NGO’s. I would love the poetic justice of these Agenda 21 spin-off plans actually implementing protections for truly sustainable sovereignty. May it be so!

DON CROFT: How to Build A Chembuster to Disperse Chemtrails and Improve the Weather

In case anyone wonders, California’s drought is not natural, and California provides a massive amount of food to the US and the world. Unless it rains soon, many farmers will lose their land in one of the sickest land grabs in history. Here’s where West Coast residents come into play: YOU, yes, you CAN make a difference. I’ve linked here to a post with instructions on how to build a chembuster to disperse the chemtrails and geo-engineering so that Nature can replenish herself with natural, much needed rain. Clients, blog readers and I have also had excellent results performing rain dances and working directly with the Elementals in order to override droughts. Research online about these chembusters, and you can find photo evidence and testimonials that they work. Wilhelm Reich created this technology in order to prevent unnatural droughts. He was persecuted and his work seized; however, some people have managed to continue and even improve upon his work. If you live anywhere on the West Coast, but especially in California, please consider making some of these chembusters. You do not want to know what my intuition sees for the US and the world if we don’t reclaim the skies from the psychopaths manipulating them. It’s past time for debate … if we don’t take immediate actions, the dystopia described in The Fifth Sacred Thing will become all too real. It’s already happening. Reclaim your natural, human connection to Earth, Sea and Sky … to Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Please DO WHAT YOU CAN … and recognize that you can do far more than you think you can.

Indian in the machine's Sylphs and UFO Cloudships

How to Build A Chembuster to Disperse Chemtrails 

and Improve the Weather 

Written by Don Croft <>
Edited, assembled, and originally posted by Stephanie Relfe at http//

Definition of a contrail:  A contrail occurs when a plane travels at a high altitude (about 30,000 ft. or more) and compresses the air into a water vapor or ice crystals through jet engines or the wing tips pushing through the air. This trail disappears after anywhere from a few seconds to 15 minutes, as the water vapor evaporates.

Definition of a chemtrail: The term “chemtrail” is a relatively new word, which appeared in the last few years along with the appearance of chemtrails. A chemtrail is very different from a contrail. At first a chemtrail might look a bit like a contrail. However, instead of disappearing like a contrail does, a chemtrail just keeps spreading out and forming a hazy…

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