Three More Days

Just two quick reminders over the next few days:

1) My friend Nicole whose video I shared awhile back reminded me that the Indiegogo campaign for donating to the Urban Permaculture Household and Community Space ends on January 31, 2014. Just to put this into context, the house under construction was the location of the Full Moon “ladies’ night in” part of my “Snow Adventure and Real Life Metaphor” post.

Below is a photo from that night, although the flash image failed to capture the cozy ambiance of that evening by candlelight and wood stove. I’m there in my Celtic garb, and you can feel all the loving energy connecting between so many people, both pictured and unpictured. This is the kind of gathering Nicole envisions — albeit with actual walls and furniture. 🙂

Ladies Night

For those who missed the original post about this visionary project, here’s their short YouTube video:

They’ve received some generous private donations, in addition to the Indiegogo campaign, but Nicole tells me that some of my blog readers have been very supportive of the project. Thank you! If you feel so led, here’s the link for more info or to donate.

2) Also a quick reminder that January specials will run through January 31. The Faery Messenger Readings have been particularly fun, and the coaching special seems to have arrived at perfect timing for those who feel in need of extra support right now. Blessings to all!


Intuitive Life Coaching Mini-3-Pack

As people decide how to spend this upcoming year, it feels like time to make Intuitive Life Coaching a bit more flexible and budget friendly. This special offers a 3-pack of half-hour coaching sessions for $222. Regular coaching sessions run $175/hour, $90/half-hour, or $600/4 hours, so this represents quite a savings and a chance to dip your feet into some inspiration without needing to swim too far from shore. (Unless you want to! This package can be doubled if you prefer.)

Offer valid if purchased on or before 1/31/14. Please contact me if you’d like to sign up.

Faery Messenger Reading

In this half-hour reading, we’ll let the Fae have their say! You can expect deep wisdom and practical advice steeped in silliness (Seelie-ness) and humor. $77 if prepaid on or before 1/31/14. Please contact me if you’d like to sign up.

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