Lightworker Choices During Earth Changes and Human Evolution

This is a Facebook comment turned blog post, in response to the idea that it will take massive pain, desperation, and uh, more pain in order to help humanity awaken. I hear this idea expounded upon a lot by other Lightworkers, followed by an assurance that “in the end everything will be wonderful.” Here’s my unedited (and rather passionate) response to that kind of thinking:

That may very well be the case; however, it’s kind of like someone coming to you with cancer. Maybe this is because I’m medical intuitive and so I’ve had this situation a lot … but Humanity and the Earth at this time are very sick. The Earth is going to shift. Absolutely, 100%. But Humanity is not a requirement for this planet to shift. If Humanity doesn’t get its act together, sure … there will be all sorts of healing but it might be in the form of everyone or most people die and then they reincarnate as something else.

Which is fine. But if someone came to me with cancer and I saw that they had emotional/spiritual/mental patterns direly affecting their physical health and that if these things didn’t change, the outcome would be massive pain and an eventual wasting away, I would strongly encourage them to take steps in a positive direction.. I would (and do) give them a variety of scenarios I see, and I realize it is entirely up to them which steps they choose to take. But I always hold a positive vision of the greatest level of healing on all levels. I always at least believe that they CAN choose an easier, graceful, blessed and joyful route.

If the Lightworkers on this planet … and those who are awake or are at least quasi-awake are unwilling even to imagine better possibilities, unwilling even to dream of potential solutions, to offer people a model of what’s possible … then the doom and gloom scenario is pretty much a guarantee. We DO create our own reality, both collectively and individually. I feel that people who are reasonably aware and who have at least some spiritual tools under their belts have a responsibility NOW, not just after everything’s gone to pot. Sure, maybe it will, and maybe that’s what it will take, but if people saw what kinds of things are in the offering–both on the positive side and the negative side … the choice wouldn’t be so difficult.

Yes, healing happens, but life is both infinitely precious and entirely expendable. The “healing” may happen because the human race completely dies off in an excruciating way, or because the ones who survive suffer incredibly much unnecessary pain. If the goal of awakening can even remotely possibly be accommplished some other way, then I for one am holding that vision and offering tools for people to use if they choose. If they choose otherwise, fine. But I’m not just accepting the “pain is the only real motivator” theory. If that’s what people choose, fine. It’s a free will planet. In the meantime, I’m holding a vision of something more, much more, and much more direct. This can be a wonderful time, and it doesn’t NEED to hurt. Really. There’s already been plenty of suffering on the planet.

Anyway, free will… Everyone, including Lightworkers gets to choose how they deal with information and events. I’m just intending a powerful and easier, flowing and graceful transition for Humanity. That’s why I showed up here this time. Will I help if everything goes way worse? Sure, but there comes a point where it’s too late. If I see things coming and can say, “Hey! dodge this dragon!” I will. Peace to everyone.

I’m still holding a vision for the highest, easiest, smoothest, least traumatic shift for everyone and everything. If Lightworkers and those reasonably awake give up on humanity’s ability to shift without massive trauma and pain, then it’s pretty much a guarantee to happen. Those people who ARE aware and who do have spiritual tools under their belts can make a giant difference NOW, pre-paving the way and showing what’s available for the shifting now. Everyone has a right to choose, but for myself, I’m going to continue holding a vision of the possibility that this species can actually opt to “get” it w/o hitting rock bottom. If the Lightworkers won’t hold that vision, then who will? ♥

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  1. Posted by Dawn on April 6, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    My feeling is that If we individually and collectively want a better world, why are we limiting ourselves and our future by setting such boundaries on ourselves by accepting this idea that it HAS TO BE a certain way. Let’s be radical, let’s be truly free and IMAGINE and DREAM the world we want. Those light infused and uplifted thoughts, feelings and images are powerful. We are powerful. It’s the belief that we are not that leads to the “we need to suffer” mentality, which in turn creates the world we are now in. Do we really want that? I for one do not. I think we deserve better and so does our world. Love to all. Dawn


  2. Posted by laurabruno on April 6, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Yay, Dawn! Yes, “you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” There are literally millions of us, if we will just dare to expand and believe in those dreams. Why the heck not?! Namaste. 🙂


  3. Starhawk came to my town to speak on Sunday and I bought her book The Fifth Sacred Thing and am reading it again, after about ten years…It’s one of the very few sci-fi/fantasy books I know (your Schizandra is another, Laura) that offers a positive alternative image of the future.

    Of course it is juxtaposed with a bleak future, same as in Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy, to create dramatic conflict…but my point is how much I appreciate being presented with a positive, sustainable vision of the future. Without such examples, how can we ever get there? If it’s all Mad Max and Armageddon, then surely we will be directed down that negative road. I want the positive road.

    So I want to recommend that book, and anything else we can read, watch or do to envision, create and participate in pointing ourselves towards the Positive Future Direction. I am enforcing a news fast on myself this week b/c staying connected to the news has been starting to get too dark and tough for me to surpass emotionally – but news like this blog post is most welcome!


  4. Posted by ginalaverde on April 6, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Oh Holly-flippin-Lu-Yuh ( halelujia 🙂 )


    We’ve simply been molded to believe that we must work hard and endure pain. I know I was. That’s why i completely see it as my responsibility to hold this vision that says otherwise. To walk the walk and talk the talk of brighter more bliss-filled days just by being you and giving love. Spreading messages like this one is what’s going to help people wake up, feel better, and have the energy to serve their purposes.

    I used to feel sorry for people who were ill, and pray they would get better. I used to donate to charities and volunteer so much time to the needy. Mostly I believed that pain is inevitable and that we help each other through times of pain. I believed that I was more blessed to have sprung back from my misfortunes. Thing is I got irritated because I never changed the situation. I never made the kind of difference I needed to/wanted to.

    I think a more radical and useful choice is to hone in our energies to use for the vibrational healing of the planet. To hold that vision. To keep spreading this message. Because those people who were hurting… they will not feel better until the power within themselves is awakened.

    Keep helping people awaken to their highest powers and their truest selves. This way we will find healing. I don’t care if I reincarnate as a turtle or a alien bug or something. I just want to know that this burning love inside of me has been used to the fullest before I go. And, while I’m here I’d like to live in a more loving place, so I give that place love.

    Goodness. you keep inspiring me… I just signed in to blog and saw your post. keep it up Laura Dreamer…..I send everybody I talk to to your blog. you are making waves that need to be made.

    Love Love Love


  5. Posted by laurabruno on April 7, 2011 at 1:16 am

    Yay! Thank you both for all you do and are! I am so pleased that more and more people are discovering they can choose Love, choose Bliss, choose Freedom … now … not just some indefinite time in the future, but right here, right now. Because our power IS now. And why not have our joy, love, bliss, freedom, excitement, exhilaration and peace now, too? Much love to both of you. xoxo


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