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Gary Z McGee ~ Gray Walking: The Art of Transforming Militarism into Humanism

Here’s another insightful, practical and hard-hitting piece by Gary Z McGee of Waking Times. The article’s copyrighted, so I’ll just give you a teaser excerpt. Please click through to read the excellent full article.

You’ve probably heard of light working, and the light workers who practice loving energy and cultivate sacred spaces for such energy to flourish, but you probably haven’t heard about gray walking and the gray walkers who seek to maintain the tension between opposites and work at bringing opposites back in line with one another. They are the ones successfully getting in touch with their dark sides. It keeps them whole. They are amoral agents par excellence. They realize that the secret of alchemy is found in the intimacy of opposites. They don’t deny their shadow. They don’t shun the shadow for fear of being immoral. They play with it instead. They reconcile with it. They understand that shadow work is ultimately light work. They embrace the wise words of Carl Jung, “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Gray walkers have undeceived themselves precisely because they have made the darkness conscious. They realize that their inner-darkness is where their light needs to shine brightest, because compassionate empathy with the world requires a baptizing of our inner-shadow, lest we demonize the shadows of others. Like Loius G. Herman wrote, “By accepting the inevitability of our shadow, we recognize that we are also what we are not. This humbling recognition restrains us from the madness of trying to eliminate those we hate and fear in the world. Self-mastery, maturity, and wisdom are defined by our ability to hold the tension between opposites.”

Full article here.

June 2013 Special


With all the public revelations happening right now, I’m getting a strong sense we need much more Shadow Work in our world, hence the focus on just one Special this month.

Shadow Work Tarot to Heal Karmic Ties
(can also be used by Healers, Counselors, Coaches and Lightworkers to discover how you can best help others to empower themselves through Shadow Work)

This one-hour phone or in-person reading features my interpretation of a special Tarot spread, combined with my ability to tune in to multiple past lives and the patterns they create. I’ve offered Shadow Work Tarot specials before, but this one can be a little different. It can be used on the personal level, but it can also be for healers, Lightworkers, counselors, or spiritual workers to find ways of helping others bring their Shadow into the Light. Different people have different gifts and skills, so this reading can highlight where best to focus your efforts as a healer in order to affect not only your own life but also the world via ripple effect. The cards never lie, and they help us to get in touch with Archetypes that structure our reality. Using the Major Arcana to understand our Shadow –including those lifetimes for which we may still be punishing ourselves or others — allows us to integrate that Shadow and ultimately release it into the Light.

I was told to offer this special from today, 6/10/13 through 6/30/13. You may purchase it at any time during that window, but you do not need to schedule it prior to the 30th. That said, given the energies on this planet right now, my guides suggest sooner rather than later, as the more people address their Shadow side, the more active Lightworkers we have holding a positive vibration for the coming transitions. $111 for the hour. Please contact me to sign up.

Lightworkers and Abundance

Health, wealth, love — on the personal level, for humanity, for our planet: certain themes have recurred throughout the past eleven-and-a-half years of sessions.

When we hear the term “Abundance” we often think of “money,” but the desire for Abundance really covers much more than dollars or euros. We live in such an interconnected world with so many macro- issues that we can easily become overwhelmed or discouraged, even though shifting our own internal and micro- reality offers the biggest chance of positively affecting the whole.

Whenever we allow ourselves to receive improved health, greater prosperity, and experience more love, we enact a sort of sympathetic magic. Our body, mind, spirit and soul become a mini-world, and each instance of greater Abundance enlivens the collective consciousness. We may not as individuals feel powerful enough to return our government to its core principles, change our sickcare system to one that promotes wellness, or shift our society to one that values love, integrity and cooperation; however, when we reclaim sovereignty over our bodies and our reality creation, and when we practice love, soul integration and community involvement, we become the vehicles for those energies to expand in our world.

Today I just wanted to remind everyone that by refocusing, remembering and reigniting our attention and intentions, we can truly change not just ourselves, but also our entire world. We can do so with Love, and forgiving ourselves for what we have not yet done often allows just the internal shift we need in order to get started where we are.

As Gurumukh says, “You must start wherever you are, because if you don’t start somewhere, you’ll be nowhere.”

In an article called, “When the Fight for the Environment Feels Hopeless,” Jared Michaels reminds us: “If we engage with life knowing that we are the dynamic, ever-changing universe itself, we will find tremendous agency.”

In the Unity book, “Both Riches and Honor,” Annie Rix Militz shares this wonderful observation, which can apply to worldly riches but also to all the showers of “unfair” blessings that good, caring people often struggle to welcome into their lives:

“Worldly riches have been feared, despised, condemned, and even hated by spiritual aspirants, because of ignorance of how to be in them and yet not of them, how to possess them and not be possessed by them. Doubtless this attitude of repudiating and ignoring wealth is less deceiving than the other error; greed and the worship of money and the fear of losing riches. But the really wise avoid both attitudes through knowing worldly wealth to be but a reflection of the real, spiritual riches that must be sought first, last and always. Having found the riches of heaven, you cannot escape the riches of earth unless you purposely repudiate them.”

Having found the riches of heaven, you cannot escape the riches of earth unless you purposely repudiate them. For some reason that line just jumped off the page at me. We live in a world in which so many Lightworkers, healers, and generally kind and loving folks are so concerned about becoming possessed by our positive manifestations that we reject them before they arrive. Each of us does this to varying degrees in different areas of life, depending on our own individual programming, issues, experiences or past life bleed-through. If we can each — today — budge our needle of acceptance just a little to the right, the outpouring of Grace on our planet would be incredible! And after today comes another today, and another after that.

“Little by little, one travels far.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” ~Tolkien

Yes on 37 says Rappoport is “disrupting the healing”

Below you will find an excellent illustration of the difference between a Lightworker and a Lightwarrior. We need both. I am grateful for people strong enough to call a spade a spade, a fraud a fraud, a GMO a freak. Californians, I still encourage you to demand your votes be counted. Correctly. The rest of world awaits your influence. Just pull this one small card … and the whole house comes a’tumblin’ down. This is not a time for kumbaya. It’s a time for truth, because the truth will set you free.

(LOL, in looking up the spelling of kumbaya, I accidentally typed in “kumyaya.” It’s not a kumyaya moment either. Let’s shred this veil and get on with the REAL healing: the one where genetically modified DNA begins to repair itself and we can all return to our natural health and radiance.)


by Jon Rappoport

November 13, 2012

An email sent to one person from a significant member of the YES ON 37 campaign thinks I’m getting in the way.

“I find John’s [sic] article to be disrupting to the healing that has to take place.” That’s the quote.

Healing? You’re kidding, right?

Whose healing? The staff of the YES ON 37 campaign? The people of California, who won’t be able to tell whether the food they’re eating is genetically modified?

Does this healing involve whiskey, ice cream, yoga, campfires, moonshine, grief counselors, walks on the beach?

Much more importantly, this YES ON 37 leader writes:

“The reports of voter fraud are, to date, urban/internet legends created by folks who don’t understand the system.”

Really? What is the system?

To enlighten us, the author of this email offers a link to the California Secretary of State’s website, where we learn that vote counts always continue long after election night.

Well, of course they do. I never disputed that. However, the Secretary of State’s general statement refers to “hundreds of thousands of votes” that, typically, have to be counted after election Tuesday.

The actual figure, for Prop 37, as of 11/13/2012 5:00 p.m. PT, is 2.3 million uncounted votes.

That’s quite different.

Click to access unprocessed-ballots-report.pdf

As of 11/13/2012 5:00 p.m. PT, the unprocessed vote count stands at 2,304,250:

Prop 37 has not yet been defeated.

So excuse me if I’m interrupting the healing, but the fight isn’t over yet.

Furthermore, anyone who cares to investigate “the system” can see that the opportunities for vote-fraud are everywhere. It’s not an urban legend. For starters, go to blackboxvoting and read everything you can find.

Here’s a clue. The “experts” who are advising YES ON 37 make their living by accepting all vote-counts as real and honest and correct.

Otherwise, they couldn’t make wise predictions. They couldn’t make a living. These “experts” have to believe in the system and support it. When it comes to multiple avenues of fraud, they’re lost. They’re in the dark. So they have to pooh-pooh the possibility of fraud. Get it?

I’d really like to meet the experts who are advising YES ON 37. I really would. Here’s a thought. I’ll bring my vote-fraud researchers to the party, and we can have a debate. I know a great radio show that has about 700,000 listeners. We can lay it all out. Fraud vs. no-fraud. Let’s get it on the table. Feel free to accept my invitation.

This email correspondence from a YES ON 37 leader goes on: “I think it’s time for us to acknowledge that we did not get the votes we hoped to due to a lack of funding and ability to get the word out. We need to accept it, move through all the stages if [of] grief and then turn that anger into more action. We are regrouping and not stopping.”

Stages of grief? Was I just rocketed into an Elisabeth Kubler-Ross seminar?

How about the stages of challenging the forces of evil?

This is not over. The absurdly early call against Prop 37 on election night was a fraud. At the time it was made, there were perhaps six million votes uncounted. Maybe more.

And given who is behind NO ON 37—corporations who want to own the food supply of the planet—why should we assume the past, present, and future votes in this campaign are true and honestly recorded?

Disruptive is exactly what we need to be.

And when the count is finished, in several weeks, a recount must be done. To guarantee we’ll get an honest number? No. To provide a chance (maybe) to spot a piece of fraud that could lead to another piece of fraud. And to cause a good piece of trouble. To stir the pot. To see what rises to the surface.

Here is another quote from the YES ON 37 email: “…do you really think that if we thought fraud was going on, we would not investigate it?”

YES ON 37 obviously does not think there is vote fraud here, but they should.

Many, many elections are called early by the television networks. YES ON 37 isn’t the only one. But that doesn’t mean those calls are honest. That doesn’t mean we should lie down and take it.

On election night, shortly after the polls closed in the state of Washington, the networks started making early calls on various winners. But in that state, no one goes to the polls and votes in-person anymore. All votes are sent in by mail. To qualify, they must be postmarked no later than election day. So how the hell did a network make an early projection about anything?

There is rampant fraud in America’s election system. Prop 37 is an example. A week ago, media outlets sent 37 crashing down to defeat with their projections. Yet, days later, there are still 3.3 million votes uncounted. Does that make sense? Does that lead us to feel warm and comfortable about the votes that have already been counted?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but on election night, after the polls closed in California, the networks began to report very big leads for NO ON 37. Boom, right out of the gate. Where did those votes come from? We need to know. Were they absentee ballots? If so, had they been sent in from overseas? Were they, yes, ghost votes that just jumped up on machines out of nowhere?

Because as the night continued, YES ON 37 started catching up. Bit by bit, that big lead eroded. And then, when YES ON 37 was at 47%, bang, it was over. The networks called the race against Prop 37.

YES ON 37 is obviously relying on someone to give them expert advice on the vote-count, and whoever that is, he/she has told them they’re toast.

In a previous article, I reported on another email sent out by a YES ON 37 worker. It stated that the fight was over because, get this, the votes that were still uncounted were “early votes” that most probably had been cast when the NO ON 37 forces were swinging into gear with their negative ads. Therefore, those early as-yet uncounted votes had probably succumbed to the NO ON 37 propaganda.

Man, if that is expert advice, an ant is piloting a rocket ship to Mars.

The Organic Consumer’s Association has just released a statement that they are monitoring the vote-count and may choose to challenge it when it’s done.

I urge them to not to accept the numbers we’ve been given so far. Don’t simply take what the state of California feeds us as the current count or the final count.

I’ve said this time after time, but some people just don’t get it. I guess they haven’t gone through the stages of understanding, which are: wake up; wake up; wake up; wake up.

Do NOT assume the Prop 37 vote-count so far is true. The problem is more than the uncounted votes. It’s all the votes. It’s the votes that have already been reported, the votes that are being counted now, and the votes that will be counted.

People have been told that “election observers from both sides” guarantee the vote-count is honest. That’s nonsense. When fraud is done electronically, observers see nothing. There is nothing to see.

People have also been told that, with the current difference between the YES votes on 37 and the NO votes, YES can’t possibly win. Counting the rest of the votes won’t swing the election over to YES. But you see, that assumes the current difference is true and factual. It assumes that YES ON 37 is currently trailing by about 600,000 votes. Don’t accept that. Don’t assume that’s true.

I can’t believe the naivete of some people. They’re stepping into a lion’s den where the lions are corporations like Monsanto, who would do anything to win an election, and yet these fantasists assume “the system is working.”

“Oh, yes, the vote-count is honest. Of course it’s honest. We fought the good fight and we lost. We have to grieve and move on and regroup and mount another campaign. We lost the vote. Just look at the reported numbers. There’s no way we can win. We played fair, everybody played fair, and we went down to defeat.”

Do you think this is a picnic and a game of softball in the park? Do you think everybody is nice and nicer and nicest and plays by the rules?

“Yes, we entered the system to do battle against the most evil force on the planet. In this sacred system, we played fair. And so did they. You see, they are evil every day in every way, but when they get into an election, they are magically transformed. It’s wonderful. They are suddenly honorable. And they won, fair and square. We lost. It was a beautiful thing. The system worked. This is America. It may have its flaws, but it’s the best system ever devised in the history of the world. I learned that in fifth grade. Bush didn’t cheat when he ran against Gore. Bush didn’t cheat when he ran against Kerry. That was just a fairy tale. And Chicago? No one has ever cheated in a Chicago election. And the television networks, who make early projections of winners before you can even blink? They would never cheat or lie. Of course not. The media lie every day when they report the news. But on election night a little fairy descends on them and they become righteous and good. We know we’re trailing by 600,000 votes because that’s what we were told, and we always believe what we’re told. We’ve done the math, based on what we’ve been told, and so we know we’ve lost. Our experts have assured us we have no chance of winning now, in this fair and honest system.”

Over the years, I’ve met some of these experts.

“Look, see what the figures are here? You’re behind by half a million votes. Now, if you calculate the percentages on the votes still to be counted and divide by six and multiply by eight, you get half the age of my mother. Then add six and it all comes clear. Your chance of winning is less than two percent.”

To which I say: “Why should I assume I’m really behind by half a million votes? Why should I assume the count was honest.”

And he says, “Because my job and my paycheck depend on everybody believing the vote-count is real and not fake.”

Figuring out the details of a particular fraud needs pros. Real ones. Not fake ones.

YES ON 37 has apparently finished with its work on 37. The baton is passing.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

Pentacles, Prosperity and Elementals

Today I felt called to share a few things I’ve been rolling around in my mind and heart for months. Sometime last year, I felt drawn to purchase a Faery Wicca Tarot deck, which I use more often for my own divination than in readings for clients. This deck requires so much familiarity with Faery tradition and lore that I find the Robin Wood deck much more universal and efficient. The Robin Wood images speak for themselves, creating rich tapestries of symbols and stories.

That said, I absolutely love the Faery Wicca Tarot for myself! Having studied Runes, Celtic, Druid and Faery history, I very much enjoy the coded whisperings and mystical bent. Where the Robin Wood deck brings spiritual insight into ordinary life, I feel like the Faery Wicca Tarot just blasts through any illusions of the mundane world. Everything reveals a touch of the sacred, and the multi-layered connections among cards, history and legends wrap themselves around any situation like the mists of Avalon.

Like most tarot readers, I own several decks –even a Jane Austen Tarot Deck that substitutes Quills for Swords, Candlesticks for Wands, Teacups for Cups, and Coins for Pentacles. I enjoy the variety, and that nerdy English Major in me especially enjoys close-reading the accompanying texts. I find that the chosen order of the suits tells quite a lot about the deck’s designer: hints about world view, priorities, ideas about evolution, and a hierarchy of focus. For example, in the Robin Wood deck, we begin with Pentacles and end with Cups. We experience an evolution from the material world (Pentacles), through the mental realm (Swords), into the spiritual realm (Wands) and finally move into the heart (Cups).

By contrast, the Faery Wicca Tarot suits begin with Aer (Swords/Thoughts/Air), then move through Tine (Wands/Spirit/Fire), Uisce (Cups/Emotions/Water), and finish at Domhain (Pentacles/Physical/Earth). Rather than considering physicality as a base state, the Faery Wicca tradition (based upon Celtic and Druidic wisdom), recognizes physical manifestation as the culmination of inner transformation and growth. Faeries are masters at manifestation, and this tradition holds the physical realm as direct evidence of progress (or lack thereof) in the other realms. Abraham-Hicks would likely agree: “I’m a vibrational being in a vibrational universe.”

I see tremendous value in all the tarot traditions, but today I’d like to explore the idea of physical reality as something to celebrate rather than denigrate. Many people consider the Faery Realm as part of the 5th dimension, less dense, but still with physical attributes. The Elementals, those creatures like gnomes, faeries, elves, leprechauns, brownies, and even crystals, tend the Earth. They are extremely connected to the Earth Element, and thus related to the suit of Pentacles. Money also holds its place in Pentacles — one reason some decks refer to Pentacles as Coins. Indeed, this suit covers the entire physical realm, including anything needed for survival.

As Earth shifts from dense 3D reality into higher dimensions, it occurs to me that we might learn something from the Faery Realm. Some of us already see how thoughts become things. If you find this a new concept, please familiarize yourself with the work of Abraham-Hicks, Dr. Joseph Murphy, TUT, and “The Secret.” You’ll learn to how your point of attention (Swords), combined with Source (Wands), runs through your “Emotional Guidance System” (Cups) and then finally manifests into physical form (Pentacles). Exactly the Faery Wicca Tarot order!

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I do have a particular affection for the Faery Realm and Faery Rules. “No Rudeness.” “A Person’s Word is Bond.” “Respect, not Control.” I also love manifesting (especially instant manifestation), magic, Nature, Earth and all her creatures. Observing the remnants of the 3D world so many people call “reality,” I’d have to say we could learn a few things from the Elementals.

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon this free MP3 from Inelia Benz, who runs Given my prior pondering about tarot suit order, her discussion of “Money as an Elemental” really resonates! She encourages Lightworkers to make peace with Money, an Elemental who has been terribly abused by those who’ve sought to monopolize and control her. Inelia helps Lightworkers to get in touch with their own judgments surrounding Money, with the intention of releasing that negativity. Any judgment, resistance, fear, or outright disgust has the effect of lowering our vibration. We live in a time of financial upheaval and uncertainty, but we can make peace with Money the Elemental. As Lightworkers we can help energy — all energy — to flow freely and with Love. I highly recommend this exercise. You can read it or listen to Inelia’s recording.

Whatever happens with the markets, the dollar, gold, silver, or your retirement account, making peace with Money will help you on your journey. Whatever we resist persists, right? If you desperately wish to see an end to all the financial abuse, then loving the abused Elemental in the middle of this storm can only help us all to move beyond the old paradigm. I’m talking about Unconditional Love, by the way. Not Love based on, “Hey, Money, I will love you if you get me out of debt, help me win the lottery, give me a million dollars.” I’m talking about living from a place of Love. Being Love. Even with regard to Money.

There’s a difference between greed (control, hoarding, lack consciousness) and Love. Perhaps the Bible says it best: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

For some reason, I keep thinking of the Spirit Ariel in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” Ariel is bound to serve Prospero because Prospero rescued him from imprisonment in a tree. Ariel creates the Tempest, not because he wants to, but because Prospero controls him. Perhaps Money, too, would love its freedom from those who control rather than respect. Elementals honor “Power to, not Power Over.” I ask you each to consider — for the love of each other, this planet, and all the realms affected by our choices — if you can open your hearts a little bit to the vastly abused Elemental of Money. Let’s surround her with thoughts of Love, Freedom, Liberation and Joy. Let’s imagine Money flowing freely and in alignment with Pure Source Energy. Let’s bring in the entire suit of Pentacles and imagine all aspects of our physical world transforming before our very eyes. Can you feel it? Do you see it?

Bring it.

Goodbye 2011!

I posted this last year, either on Facebook or my blog (or both), but I’ve had Lee Harris on the brain all morning. I finally looked up this video again and found it so interesting as a retrospective. I know 2011 has been a rough year for many people. I’m more in the group Lee mentions who have spent the last 4-5 years (or more!) clearing whatever no longer works, relocating multiple times, and radically opening up awareness. For me, 2011 has been all about grounding. It’s the first calendar year since 2000 that I have not moved my home. It’s the first year since childhood that I’ve ever had a garden, and it has been all about rebuilding my physical structure — from teeth to finances to business guidelines to spine.

From the outside looking in, my year probably looked challenging and change-filled, but compared to the past decade, my 2011 felt like a cakewalk! A celebration. A coming together of many long intended and awaited things. Some of these things are still manifesting but they feel ever closer and more tangible. Life is good and getting better!

If you are among the many for whom 2011 marked the beginning of your (sometimes rude) awakening, I hope Lee Harris’ message gives you encouragement that “all is well” and happening in Divine Order and Timing. I wish everyone continued growth, joy and freedom in the coming year and beyond. Much love!

Fears and Gifts

“Ultimately, all thoughts are sponsored by love or fear. This is the great polarity. This is the primal duality. Everything, ultimately, breaks down to one of these. All thoughts, ideas, concepts, understandings, decisions, choices, and actions are based in one of these… And, in the end, there is really only one. Love. In truth, love is all there is. Even fear is an outgrowth of love….”
–Neale Donald Walsch “Conversations with God III”

On this potent date of 9/11 (911=”Completion” according to Doreen Virtue), instead of rehashing old lies, old fears and old tragedies, I thought I’d share this morning’s “meditation roulette” from Story Waters’ book, “The Messiah Seed”:

I choose to create space and time in which to experience the gifts of my life.

“Messiah Seed 20
Know Your Fears

“Messiah, know that fears are cages that you have used to limit your Self. As you face each of your fears, so you will go through a continued process of freeing your Self from cages; cages that you previously could not name, but have always felt. Fears are cages within cages, mazes, and must be faced to experience your Godhood in ever expanding ways.

“As you come out of one cage, you will most likely find your Self within another. Realize this to be the encoded baggage of many lifetimes. Know that for each fear that you face and overcome you will reap rewards. With each bond released you will become more and more fulfilled; more and more the God that you are. Celebrate each victory of your spirit. Allow your Self to enjoy the rewards, rather than ploughing into the next challenge before you have had time to rest or to experience the joy of the victory. The rewards of life are not forced upon you. You must pause and focus on them to experience them. To do this is to love your Self. Enjoy the challenges you so love, but also allow space to enjoy the rewards.

“Do not become discouraged by the amount of cages you must free your Self from. To do so is to focus on the destination and to not enjoy the journey. Learning to embrace the journey is essential for joy. The more you love your life, the faster its magic will unfold. As you learn to move with the changes that the resolution of fear brings, so you will lower your resistance to the journey; the resistance that causes you pain. You are here to enjoy this journey and not to suffer through it. The only proof of this is in the living of it.

“The letting go of continuity may feel like you are entering chaos. At such times, center your Self and become the calm eye of the hurricane, knowing that you will not suffer unless you allow your Self to fall into fear. Know that you are the master of your fear and, for this reason you will not fall into fear. You do not have to suffer, no matter what is happening around you. Your fears are illusions and you will come to see through them. Know your fears and they will not be fears, at their root is usually resistance to change. Fear is no more and no less than the unknown.

You are a spark of the Divine! There is no reason to hide your flame. This world needs your Light now more than ever. “The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.” (John 1:5) Teachers, Lightworkers, lovers, healers, those who speak the Truth in Love: thank you. May you expand and shine until every dark corner reveals its inherent peace, security and blessings. Namaste.

Lightworker Choices During Earth Changes and Human Evolution

This is a Facebook comment turned blog post, in response to the idea that it will take massive pain, desperation, and uh, more pain in order to help humanity awaken. I hear this idea expounded upon a lot by other Lightworkers, followed by an assurance that “in the end everything will be wonderful.” Here’s my unedited (and rather passionate) response to that kind of thinking:

That may very well be the case; however, it’s kind of like someone coming to you with cancer. Maybe this is because I’m medical intuitive and so I’ve had this situation a lot … but Humanity and the Earth at this time are very sick. The Earth is going to shift. Absolutely, 100%. But Humanity is not a requirement for this planet to shift. If Humanity doesn’t get its act together, sure … there will be all sorts of healing but it might be in the form of everyone or most people die and then they reincarnate as something else.

Which is fine. But if someone came to me with cancer and I saw that they had emotional/spiritual/mental patterns direly affecting their physical health and that if these things didn’t change, the outcome would be massive pain and an eventual wasting away, I would strongly encourage them to take steps in a positive direction.. I would (and do) give them a variety of scenarios I see, and I realize it is entirely up to them which steps they choose to take. But I always hold a positive vision of the greatest level of healing on all levels. I always at least believe that they CAN choose an easier, graceful, blessed and joyful route.

If the Lightworkers on this planet … and those who are awake or are at least quasi-awake are unwilling even to imagine better possibilities, unwilling even to dream of potential solutions, to offer people a model of what’s possible … then the doom and gloom scenario is pretty much a guarantee. We DO create our own reality, both collectively and individually. I feel that people who are reasonably aware and who have at least some spiritual tools under their belts have a responsibility NOW, not just after everything’s gone to pot. Sure, maybe it will, and maybe that’s what it will take, but if people saw what kinds of things are in the offering–both on the positive side and the negative side … the choice wouldn’t be so difficult.

Yes, healing happens, but life is both infinitely precious and entirely expendable. The “healing” may happen because the human race completely dies off in an excruciating way, or because the ones who survive suffer incredibly much unnecessary pain. If the goal of awakening can even remotely possibly be accommplished some other way, then I for one am holding that vision and offering tools for people to use if they choose. If they choose otherwise, fine. But I’m not just accepting the “pain is the only real motivator” theory. If that’s what people choose, fine. It’s a free will planet. In the meantime, I’m holding a vision of something more, much more, and much more direct. This can be a wonderful time, and it doesn’t NEED to hurt. Really. There’s already been plenty of suffering on the planet.

Anyway, free will… Everyone, including Lightworkers gets to choose how they deal with information and events. I’m just intending a powerful and easier, flowing and graceful transition for Humanity. That’s why I showed up here this time. Will I help if everything goes way worse? Sure, but there comes a point where it’s too late. If I see things coming and can say, “Hey! dodge this dragon!” I will. Peace to everyone.

I’m still holding a vision for the highest, easiest, smoothest, least traumatic shift for everyone and everything. If Lightworkers and those reasonably awake give up on humanity’s ability to shift without massive trauma and pain, then it’s pretty much a guarantee to happen. Those people who ARE aware and who do have spiritual tools under their belts can make a giant difference NOW, pre-paving the way and showing what’s available for the shifting now. Everyone has a right to choose, but for myself, I’m going to continue holding a vision of the possibility that this species can actually opt to “get” it w/o hitting rock bottom. If the Lightworkers won’t hold that vision, then who will? ♥