Laura Bruno at Monday Night Live!

On Monday, March 9, 2009 I spoke to a packed house at the new Cafe Gratitude in Healdsburg, CA for their Monday Night Live Event, facilitated by Shea Lynn Baird. Her partner, Stephen, MC’d this past Monday and we’ve got a 10-minute YouTube clip (below), or you can view the full hour-long presentation here. If a woman’s making the introduction, it’s not my video. Click on the images/names to the right.

“The Strangest and Most Common Things Seen by a Medical Intuitive” covered B-12 symptoms not widely known; insights into the mind-body-spirit-soul connection; information on autism; the importance of finding your life path; ways of relieving anger; how I embraced raw food, Reiki and Medical Intuitive work; and some observations on miscarriages and fertility. We had a great, well-informed audience at Cafe G! Many Thanks to Shea and Stephen, Cafe Gratitude and all who attended. Again, you can view the full presentation here or watch a YouTube clip below.

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  1. really interesting stuff!



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