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Sometimes I just have to smile with an inner wink! When we moved to Goshen last year, I felt an enormous pull to get back to the Earth, nurturing the soil and healing this land on all levels. Due to the number of trees that had been cleared away during the gut rehab of our rented home, when we first relocated, this land felt traumatized. It had been the neighborhood eyesore, completely overgrown and left to Nature’s whims, but, of course, that’s how Nature Spirits like things. Even though many of the trees had been diseased and sprung up so close together as to prevent thriving, this property still had a third to a half acre of woods in one of the more industrial parts of town. Without the trees, the newly renovated house looked spiffy, but the land felt stripped and deeply sad, like it had lost its way.

I’ve chronicled my efforts to transform this neglected plot into something beautiful, productive and functional — along with little faery spats I’ve encountered along the way. Oh, how they hate that weed whacker! And yet, they learned to recognize that if I didn’t maintain the weeds within proper height, someone else would mow them to a quarter inch. Best to work with me, as I am willing to work with them. As the yard has transformed with raised beds, perennial herbs, edible ornamentals, a winter cold frame, trellises, and loads and loads of wood mulch, I’ve felt the Nature Spirits relax and begin to enjoy the space again.

We have a very faery home and yard. Even people who don’t believe in faeries notice the energy when they approach our yard and step inside our house. It’s quite palpable, and I keep meeting people around Goshen who, apparently, know me (even though I don’t know them) because they purposely drive by our yard all the time to see what kooky, “cool” new project I’ve embarked upon. “Wait until next year!” I tell them, “The edible ornamentals and landscaping have only just begun. Next year is medicinal herb year, as well as the edible front yard.” 😉

Anyway, I work in concert with Nature Spirits, as I’ve shared many times before regarding effective protection from storms and answered requests for rain. What I haven’t shared is what I’ve come to recognize as the “Faery Referral Network,” which just cracks me up! In case it’s not obvious, I spend a lot of time gardening and cooking up Earth-friendly projects in larger Goshen. My current volunteer work is off the hook and actually more intense than my work life, which, by contrast feels quite easy. No back-breaking labor, no exposure to fluorescent lights, no need to transport myself somewhere for a meeting. Sure, I travel multi-dimensionally in my mind to read energy and share intuitive and healing insights, but in terms of physical effort, it’s far less taxing.

Nonetheless, my agreement with the Faery Realm when all of this started was that if I gave this much attention to the Earth, then they needed to manage any advertising or promotion efforts for my business. Though very specialized in skill, my paid work is what permits me the flexibility to offer all this gardening and community service where I live. I really hate marketing. It’s just not something I enjoy at all, so I turned it over to the faeries in exchange for devoted 3D side Earth healing and Faery Realm Awareness information on my blog.

Can I just say that they continually come through? I have many clients with whom I have worked off and on during my 12 years as a Medical Intuitive and Intuitive Reader and 7 years as a Life Coach. They generate referrals, too, but ever since I made this deal with the Faery Realm, I’ve been receiving a different sort of referral. People contact me for all manner of readings not because they’ve heard about Medical Intuitive Sessions or because they know someone who had a session with me. Not because they’ve read a Lyme Disease or Past Life article. Nope! I know it’s a Faery Referral Network when someone contacts me out of the blue and says they don’t even know what kind of session they want to have with me, but they love my “garden adventures” and “stories about the Nature Spirits.” At first, it kind of caught me off guard, but now it happens so regularly that it just feels natural. And so it is … because life does work that way. When we devote ourselves to a greater cause, life supports us.

I have also come to recognize that the Faery Rule, “A person’s word is bond,” really does hold true. I feel deeply connected with my friends from other realms, and time and time again, an over the top synchronicity occurs right after I’ve requested help in making a connection or finding the right supplies or support for our yard. Doors keep opening in amazing ways, even more so than my already magickal life before we moved to Goshen.

And so, I’d just like to express my gratitude to the entire Faery Realm, the Nature Spirits, Elementals, Devas, and the Tree People. I thank you with actions and offerings beyond my words. May we all continue to work together to heal this precious planet and to help those who have forgotten their connection to Mother Earth reclaim their inheritance. May we all be free under Natural Law.

Blessed Be and Blessings Share …

Faery stones

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  1. Lovely! 🙂


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  3. Posted by Kimber on November 25, 2013 at 10:27 pm



  4. Who needs Craigslist when we have the Faery Referral Network! Loved this!


  5. Posted by Cheryl on November 26, 2013 at 3:44 am



  6. we love us some faeries ❤ ❤


  7. Faery Referral Network, lol, its great. I do the same kind of thing on this property I’ve tried to claim for us naturals, and I blog about a fraction of these adventures :D. Faeries Re-Unite! I have a Fairy Cafe and Gardens blog 😀


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  9. They have been soooo busy lately! I can’t believe all the projects dovetailing in synchronous ways. Even those who don’t think that way are using words like synchronicity and magic. 😉


  10. Posted by Tracy on November 27, 2013 at 1:27 am

    I Do believe in faeries, I DO believe in the Faery Referral Network! Oddly enough, after speaking with you, I decided to leave my marketing to them too….only to have already sold more in two weeks than in the last 6 months of my jewelry..and an offer to sell my faery houses from someone who called me Before I even got the first one made! Now, if those darlings would just let me sleep instead of waking me at 3:33 with new house plan designs and special requests! What’s more, is my friend, an art glass artist has gotten enthused and is sculpting me blown glass windows and tiny glass walkway stones and is out finding me pine cones and bits of bark. I’ve barely had time to keep up with the winter garden, it is growing so fast….total mania, lots of dashing shadows and mysteriously missing shiny beads from the studio. Life has become the ultimate adventure! 🙂


  11. Wonderful and no surprising news at all! Thanks for sharing. I told you they loved you. 😉 Hey, the faeries in Goshen want some hand blown windows, too! Let me know when those houses are done. Weeeee, thanks for all you’re doing!


  12. By the way Laura Bruno, I was referred to you by Lance White who knows I live similarly in what I’m doing on this property growing as much organic foods as I can and living in pure white serenity with the Elemental Kingdom. 🙂 It is nice to hear of Kindred Spirits!


  13. @ Lady: Lovely! Yes, there are increasing numbers of Kindred Spirits finding each other. 🙂


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  15. […] the Faery Referral Network (explained in a couple of Laura’s posts, one of which you can find here.), which I did, not knowing exactly how that would work, but remaining open to the wonder of it all. […]

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