Preparing for Positive Timelines

Due to some recent questions via private email, I felt led to clarify a few points in today’s blog post. Most of the people I encounter are, in fact, experiencing evidence of positive trajectories in their lives. Clients, friends, family members … so many of them have recently broken through previous barriers or show signs of imminent release from old bonds and limitations. I see this, feel this and celebrate the shifts. Yet I also realize when talking to friends who have “regular jobs” in “the real world,” that the slice of humanity I encounter on a daily basis represents a relatively small, unusually conscious, highly creative, and determined segment of this world. I have great hope for humanity in that I see and hear — daily — evidence of people stepping into their power, growing their own organic foods, creating spaces for others to shine their creativity, finding alternatives to the usual suspects pulling puppet strings, and generally being the change they wish to see in the world.

Despite this optimism of an ultimately positive shift, I also notice through friends who work with the general public (as well as my own intuition) that most people are struggling right now. A lot. Most of the people that my “regular jobs” friends encounter have no clue about the importance of avoiding GMO foods or vaccines. They have chronic illnesses or broken psyches they can’t afford to treat. They don’t have time to consider off-world intervention or cosmic resets. They’re just trying to put food on the table and don’t care if it’s Frankenfood or the real deal. David works at a credit union and sees a particularly heartbreaking segment of society on government benefits days, with people smothered in cigarette smoke withdrawing every last cent of their disability checks. Other friends of mine work in the school system and share crushing details of the lives of a majority of kids, despite the creativity and compassion of their teachers.

We’ve got all sorts of great programs happening in Goshen with various youth organizations stepping up to help turn around childhood hunger and shifting the focus of foods from processed or fast foods back to whole, fresh foods. I know some incredibly good hearted people in Goshen and other areas, but in terms of awakening, most still tend to subscribe to the fake two-party system in which voting one party is good and the other party is responsible for all the bad things in the world. While some voice the concept that “all candidates are corrupt,” when election time rolls around, they go right back to “their” party’s talking points, without recognizing Shadow Government or other psyops secretly influencing and managing their “choices.”

I mention this not as a crack on the people I know, but just as an acknowledgement that any full scale shift into truly positive, beneficial for most people, systemic change will continue to require a great deal of patience, nurturing baby steps, gradual revelations, and compassionate Shadow Work. And that’s just for politics! If we add in ET Disclosure and its implications for religion, worldview, empowerment, betrayal, forgiveness, responsibility and discernment, we’re talking some mind-exploding paradigm shifts. I often ponder what people in this largely Mennonite and Amish area would do if someone showed actual proof of a radically different history, and I’ve come to realize that most people would simply reject the information. I suspect the same for larger swaths of world population.

Given the intertwined status of all these factors, though, enjoying a positive “collective” experience requires at least a significant portion of the public to register and acknowledge an expanded worldview. Inelia Benz referred to Earth’s preference for a gentle three generation shift, and I can totally see how that could provide the gentlest way. In trying to conquer the US, the old Soviet spies had also determined that a soft revolution takes three generations to shift the worldview to such an extent that even if presented with truth, those hearing truth will reject it as false. (Note, this has already happened in the US.) But what works for negative shifts can also work for positive ones. Tools depend on the skills and intentions of the person(s) wielding them.

The problem I see with the three generation shift is that at the current rate of habitat destruction, humanity may not have three generations left on this planet. Between GMO’s, toxic pesticides, birth defect and cancer inducing herbicides, leaking nuclear reactors, the imminent prospects of WW3, systematic poisoning and privatization of most water sources, potentially engineered pandemics and deadly vaccines, chemtrails to poison air, water and soil, not to mention all the EMF radiation … the puppeteers have got us coming and going. From a mundane perspective, time is not on humanity’s side right now.

From a spiritual/long range perspective, it may be. I do a fair amount of fertility work with people trying to conceive, and I know many of the souls wanting to come in now have changed. They require specific genetics and peaceful, high vibe lives. The fact that they’re so picky, powerful and determined … and continue to incarnate here leads me to believe that at least some segment of humanity will enjoy a lovely, positive, even magical trajectory. That split between the hell on Earth reality and the one I see unfolding seems to widen each day, except if I explore the possibility of an integrated timeline, in which everyone, not just the small segment already moving in that direction, participates.

Integration lifetimes and integration timelines hold great potential for exponentially positive, out of the mundane world, “new paradigm” shifts. Once people cross the hump, life become increasingly synchronous and delightful. The trouble arises en route to that shift, though, and we’ve got a world in which people have traveled radically different distances on or perhaps not even yet on the path. I never claim to know the one, definitive way “collective” reality will go, because I don’t believe there is a single, set in stone way. That’s one of the shifts, we’re making on this planet.

The reason I suggest that people prepare themselves even if — perhaps especially if — they intend to experience a positive timeline is because we can’t control the exact way that positive timeline plays out. It might mean positive just for the individuals capable of embracing it, or maybe it will gradually unfold over multiple generations. In either case, even positive shifts require substantial changes. They can also involve explosions of worldviews, self-conceptions and daily modes of operation. Even if completely positive shifts, such changes demand discipline, courage and determination in order to implement.

As of October 2014, I have provided professional Medical Intuitive readings for 13 years. I know from my own as well as clients’ experiences that healing can happen in an instant. It really can be that simple. But people often make it a lot more complicated and convoluted — especially when those around them don’t show interest in making similar shifts. The desire for companionship on the journey feels very strong. Most people complain of feeling isolated and lonely as they begin to drop old expectations and limitations. Even the ones who recognize growth and incoming freedom often struggle watching those around them wallow in old, self sabotaging ways. They also feel hurt and shaken when loved ones poke and prod at their new, empowering ways of life. Until fully embodied and in-habit-ed, these new ways flicker in and out, with full benefits not yet fully grasped. This intermediate time period, although on a positive, chosen timeline of great shift, nonetheless feels like the biggest challenge these heroes have ever experienced.

Healing as an individual takes great courage and fortitude. Healing as a society requires the same, as well as the ability to establish clear, strong boundaries of what we will or will not allow into our own experience, despite a majority of people around us actively summoning intense, accelerated lessons. For this reason, I continue to remind people to prepare themselves, not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually, for coming times — even on a positive timeline. I think all the supposedly “definite” info that we are 100% on a positive timeline does a disservice to many people in that not everyone is at the same point, at the same level of awareness or anywhere near prepared.

To use a personal example, my brain injury was a positive timeline that radically transformed, shaped, enlivened and improved my life. But it was no cakewalk, even though I was prepared for it by dreams and intuition. Had it just hit me out of the blue, like so many others’ injuries or illnesses, it would have devastated me. If I had not pre-glimpsed the positive outcome, I would have opted not to continue. I see this with clients in health and other issues/life events. I’ve lost count of all the people who’ve told me after the fact that my vision of their positive options was the only thing that kept them from killing themselves or passively accepting death during their healing journey. “Positive” is a relative term and the experience of it depends on perspective, of which hindsight often plays a major part. Going through the journey often feels blinding, scary and pointless, despite occasional glimmers of meaning and hope.

I still suspect that some cosmic wild card will be needed if people want a faster group transition. If they want the three generations method, that may or may not work, but if society wants rapid shift, then best to prepare for the Tower Card of the Tarot or some other significant game changer. I’ve mentioned before that W.B. Yeats considered the Tower Card his very favorite of the deck due to its extreme potential for change. Nothing quite like throwing out all the old paradigms before welcoming the new!

We just happen to live in a highly managed world in which puppeteers will happily provide a false “new” in order to relieve people of experiencing the uncomfortable and uncertain period between paradigms. I call it the Void, and I know from my own experience, as well as from working with thousands of individuals on healing journeys, that the Void feels scary, nauseating and like something you’d prefer to shake off ASAP. Preparing ourselves for the Void allows us to settle in and ride the waves for as long as it takes to integrate our preferred destination and ways of being.

This article is a very long way of saying that just because I think fluffery does people a disservice does not mean I disagree with assertions that Earth has since December 21, 2012 (or 2011, depending on your source) shifted to a positive timeline. We can find all sorts of proofs of that shift if we look for them — both in things initiated and in failed attempts at destruction. I just hear from people day in and day out that New Age platitudes and logic have both failed to provide their promised results. What happens then? Usually a period of the Void, followed by a Dark Night of the Soul. In positive terms, that Dark Night at least reminds people that they have a Soul and encourages them to reconnect with it. Sometimes the reconnection process stings, sears and stabs, though. Sometimes it breaks our heart before expanding those fragments into a radiant burst of joy that surpasses everything we ever thought we knew.

“Positive timeline” does not always mean “easy.” Recognizing and honoring the grittier parts of the journey affords the courage, wisdom and strength to keep going anyway. Despite all our best intentions, life may turn out differently than we hope, but we can choose, moment by moment to embrace The Great Mystery. We can partner with that Uncertainty to create new worlds beyond our original imaginings and intentions.

For some of us, that creative process is reason enough for living. Reason enough for joy, love and celebration. Carpe Diem, “seize the day.” But also know that whether good, bad, ugly, or the most beautiful thing you’ve ever experienced, “This, too, shall pass.” As Joni Mitchell says, “We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden.” True words — in, between and among all their multi-layered meanings.

Blessed Be.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤



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    Sharing. Laura has put into a very thoughtful post things that I ha e been contemplating and seeing as well. There are a tremendous amount of people I come in contact with daily that are in pain and their lives are falling apart. The landscape is changing drastically for them and the rest of us. I have experienced a number of dark night of the soul transformations. As painful and frightening as they can be I wouldn’t change a thing about how my life has expanded each day. It’s a creative choice that changes consciously moment by moment. It is LIFE. I embrace it all. The good, bad and ugly. Whatever comes, I hope to enjoy and make it better each day. Great post Laura. Thank you

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  3. Posted by Maggie on October 24, 2014 at 11:47 pm

    I’m always moved by your blogs Laura and thank you heaps! They get me seeing in new vistas and checking in on where I’m at.

    While I totally see the meaning and implication of your views here, I am also wondering if there is just one piece missing – I have to admit that I don’t have a handle on it for sure! The wakefulness which “is” happening all over the world moves more power / chi than we now realise. For example, the work that one person has done in shifting their own consciousness impacts greatly on collective consciousness. So in a way there could be a hundredth monkey effect ahead of us – who knows?

    A while ago I heard Timothy Glenn in an interview who drew the analogy that (paraphrasing here) its as though we’re on a roller coaster and it takes so long to get to the top, and we’ve become habituated in thinking that once the rollercoaster gets to the top, it’s going to be just as long and arduous coming down the other side – so we know it doesn’t work that way, and we fly down. I think his channellings indicate this rapid shift could take place in a few years. I hope I haven’t misinterpreted here. And yes, there’s much mayhem and suffering still at play which is really difficult to live with.

    This is an important discussion. I do feel that many new age groups have become quasi religious and adopt similar “christian” guilt ridden vibrations which do not allow for the whole spectrum of living with our shadows in ways that allow us to shine the light on the programmes that have maintained enslavement through patriarchy. At times they hijack the discriminative faculties as much as mass media does.

    As you say, the problem for us is knowing all this yet still witnessing and experiencing the storms that being asleep creates. Personally it can be devastating. Yet I feel that quantum rapid shift is a real possibility. Who knows. I just take great comfort in the presence of yourself and many others who ARE awake.

    Thank you for staying true 🙂

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    • Thank YOU, Maggie! Yes, the 100th monkey effect is certainly in the realm of possibilities. That one especially, though, we do not control. Also, in order for that to happen, I think it will require people being able to stay true to the new even if things get rocky for awhile. If they don’t, great, but they likely will continue for at least awhile on the current rocky trajectory, at least for the masses. Thanks for bringing up that message, though. It very well may happen that way. 🙂



    • Maggie, oddly enough, the very next comment that came through after yours — on a different post — was from someone from 🙂

      Gotta love the synch wink!



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    Thank you Laura!  I’ve been pondering exactly this lately and as usual your explanation brings much clarity to my muddy mental waters. 
    As much as I would like to believe in the golden age served whole and free of work on our part by “financial insiders”, aliens, or other mysterious wonderful beings, I have always smelled trickery in such claims no matter how sincere and good the individuals promoting them may be. 
    My own intuition has always shown me this transition as a long process of change fully dependent on human integrity and determination to drive it forward-despite the support and assistance of fey, angels,  elementals and other unseen forces. 
    I almost lost hope a few years ago when the apparent deep conflict between the time left to utter destruction and the time needed for change became impossible to ignore.  But then I discovered that so many more people were awakening and actively involved in creating positive change on all levels and in every country. 
    I believe we have to be prepared for the long haul while remaining open to unexpected miracles. Magic is afoot as the old saying goes; -) 

    One thing I noticed growing up that might be useful to share is that Ndns are the funniest people on Earth.  Most of them I’ve known have been dirt poor and often living through various types of hell.  But nearly all had an internal integrity and faith that changed the most dire situation into something more. Most were consistently supportive and caring rather than selfish or self absorbed. And most significantly, laughter, joking and play were rarely off the table. 

    If we live constantly impatient for perfect, comfortable circumstances to arrive-we aren’t really living. 

    But if we can learn to laugh, to spend the hours waiting for family members in life or death surgery telling jokes in the waiting room,  to spend the years of tumultuous change dancing through the wreckage planting seeds and wishing on shooting stars-then I think we will emerge from that river the Hopi Elders were talking about joyfully ready to make the new world as much fun as the journey to get there.

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  5. Posted by Jean on October 26, 2014 at 4:24 pm

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    Laura’s information is extremely important for us all! Thank you, Laura!


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  6. Relax take it easy…The matrix is falling apart…but humanity is only 21 days into its evolution although it should have been 2 million days into a golden age… False flags are still working (ISIS head choppers united from Rita Katz worked perfectly for the Big uns in charge.



  7. Absolutely amazing Laura, seems “the Stir” as I like to call it is spreading very quickly as the people being at least touched by someone awake is hitting the exponential point!

    One thing I can tell folks is that some people I thought would never see the light are now fully awake and transformed. Others I that were with me in the beginning of this last and ” Great Awakening ” that occurred towards the end of December 2012 have chosen to go back to being brainwashed and secured rather than go against the masses no matter what.

    People as a rule tend to go with the winner or more suitable in this case the powerfully dominant. And when people feel comfortable with plenty to eat, nice automobile, nice comfortable home with 2 extra rooms and a garage they don’t care about anyone else and they resist any sort of change. You have to of at least experienced working in the mud before you truly respect a good mud fight!

    This is a time of equalization around the world where those who have lived with little under harsh law ( Russia ) get to see a time of great leadership and freedom! And unfortunately those who have lived the spoiled life in a bubble ( USA ) only watching the killing and lack of freedom from afar get a rude awakening as it creeps into their neighborhoods and comes knocking on their door! It goes sort of like this “Oh don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone” ! Thanks to Joni Mitchell for Big Yellow Taxi and since I have given away my age thanks to Grace Slick, Joan Baez, Carole King and Mamma Case as well!

    You know Laura I had written a post about the bright orbs of different colors that have been hovering around my home/business for 2 years and everything was fine until I mentioned that some were bad and worked with our government! Several others and myself have noticed these guys turn off their bright light and drone go in and out of the black void left behind. Awakened folks were great with all last year when it was all about divine light and the fact when I opened my heart and projected pure love they would come in very close. Once I had it written up last month and included the bad orbs that we spotted this fall awakened folks started questioning me and no one would post it. Sleeping or awakened it seems to me that people simply only want to see those things that make them comfortable and not afraid!

    This is what I hear whenever I am surrounded by the very colorful orbs I fondly call the ” Disco Orbs ” keep in mind this is directly felt within my soul as telekinesis ” We Love you but are afraid for you because you are afraid deep down ” ! I tell them I am merely apprehensive because I have waited all my life to meet other beings outside Mother Earth. Of course they are right however as I know from that day on my life and those around me will be forever changed by me having that experience! So I am just as guilty as everyone else….really sucks! What I also have been given is the knowledge that if enough of Humans ask them to come and help that they will indeed come to us to support one people….all of mankind as one.

    Everyone who has taken the time to sit with me through the evening long into the morning has experienced the same communication. Last month 3 of us watched the evening sky fill with thousands of lavender orbs while at the exact same time northern California was having thousands of little earthquakes! I truly believe this was a show of their sincerity of fulfilling their promise once the Human numbers asking for help reached their minimum standard.

    Sorry this got long and drawn out but since I was unable to post all this properly I felt, after reading your wonderful post, the necessity in at least trying to get this out for folks! I live in Oregon and have many perfect strangers come up from California now asking for my help with things like high frequency playing in their heads or a sense of something lacking in their lives. How they find me seems to be a mystery to them and me.

    I simply don’t see how the USA and a good chunk of Gaia as we know her can survive 3 more years of dark self made Luciferian government running things. Something has to break and create at least enough change as to stop the destruction of most of American people and those in other countries thereby stopping the “Empire” at least temporarily for this to happen. I had three visions in March and 2 have went off as I was shown. The third vision evolving marshal law after the US is attacked within our borders is nearly upon us and will be devastating. All I know is these visions came to me from Jesus, Gaia and a comical being from the terrestrials called Kryon. The one thing that was understood by all is that any and all of the visions could be altered if the desire from enough folks was there. WE HAVE THE POWER IN EACH OF US TO MAKE EVENTS HAPPEN OR NOT HAPPEN IF WE JOIN WITH ENOUGH FOLKS AND STAND! It just takes unconditional forgiveness which will bring unconditional love and that will be the key to unlock our powers.

    The time has come to start knowing we are right and doing everything we can to stand together as one Great Awakened Group! Everyone has to feel this and project it no matter what the costs. Thanks so very much Laura for letting me get this off my chest as I am being drawn away to spend most my time helping in the political mess as much as I can.

    Love and great hope from my bright light to all of the other truly wonderful awakened folks bright lights………together we can wipe out every last speck of darkness on our beloved Mother Earth!


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    • Thank you, as always, Mike for sharing your love and additional insights. Speaking of disco orbs, I should post a picture from Saturday. The orbs had an earthly explanation, but they were still delightful. My sister had given me a sequined candle holder, which I have on a dresser in our bedroom. I happened to be up there at just the right moment and heard (with my inner ear) faeries laughing and dancing. I looked into the bedroom from the hallway, and the candle holder was sparkling rainbows all over the walls and ceiling. The wind outside changed how the light hit inside, so the lights were moving and “dancing.” It was riotous good faery fun. 🙂



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    Calls for some reflection…



  9. Now that is the right kind of surprise guest to find in your home!! I love fairies and my favorite are the leprechauns as I have a vee bit of the ol irish in me bones !

    Interesting about hearing voices as I do here faint almost children voices now and then in my 1894 business/home. When I first opened my business nearly 13 years ago people were telling me that this building and an old abandoned church across the street ( also built in 1894 ) had been nicked named ” The Vortex “! My building had been used as a state mental services office and the church a mental institute way back when. There was an underground tunnel connecting the 2 but it was filed in when my landlord bought this place and filed in the basement for unknown reasons.

    I have experienced the supernatural all my life seeing many UFO’s, spirits and the lower dimensional shadow people but this place really confirmed and continues to support the afterlife here on Gaia! You know Laura I truly believed in Santa Clause, Unicorns and Leprechauns until returning home after 2 weeks in hospital having multiple surgeries to find my ex leaving with an old family friend and throwing out our 32 year marriage! My kids always hated it when I told my grandchildren Leprechauns lived in the woods of my 30 year property investment long gone now along with just about everything else I once owned. With the Lord as my witness Laura there were trees 8 feet around at the base there and the strangest plants that would vibrate when moonlight hit them! Many times we would catch a glimpse of someone/thing moving through the trees at speeds a cougar couldn’t manage. About 3 feet tall with a sort of top hat on I will leave the rest to your imagination!

    After 5 long and lonely years I can’t find Santa any longer and not enough imagination was left to believe in unicorns or Puff the Magic Dragon any longer. I recently started dating and rock climbing again but for 5 years I married my Computer engineering business and learned more in that time than in the previous 20 years! Since the awakening brought me out of my sleep to the point I was when I saw the events of 9/11 as they were ( with the Bush administration and Israel working together to kill Americans ) in truth I have been enjoying life again with just myself as I seldom see one of my girls family and never see the second anymore! I enjoy the fact I can race cars, take risks cliff climbing and meet new people some of which actually don’t lie as my ex was a perpetual liar…..yikes! He he he ” the change the change will do me good” gotta love that good ol ” Rock N Roll ”

    Have a supernatural week filled with adventure and new horizons…..mike———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

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    This October 2014 post wants to go up again. It’s particularly relevant given the swirling chaos and opportunities for those committed to thriving no matter what.



  11. Here is what I tossed into the matrix recently.

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