Best and Worst Water Filters: Independent Laboratory Testing

People often ask me about water filtration. Over the decades, I’ve had everything from a Brita, to a Pur, to an electronic distiller, to my favorite, the Travel Berkey. Mike Adams of Natural News has finally finished his laboratory testing of filtration of heavy metals and radioactive isotopes — with some possibly surprising results for some people. The Big Berkey (just a larger size of the Travel Berkey) came out tops. No surprise there. Several others, however, actually increased aluminum content sometimes by a lot. The Brita is one of those filters that upped the aluminum, and I wasn’t surprised, since I used to get a metallic taste whenever using mine. That’s one reason I switched to other methods.

On a side note, since this study does not include distillers, my personal experience with distilled water is that it has its place for cleansing, but it contributed to my own demineralization. I have known others for whom this eventually happened, as well, despite some people swearing by distilled water. I think it depends what else is happening in your body. It’s extreme and not natural, and with extremes come widely varied results. The main reason I bought a Berkey is because I wanted something that didn’t require 6 hours of electricity to clean one gallon of water, and because my body kept rejecting the distilled water. I couldn’t even get myself to swallow it some days. Water from the Berkey, by contrast, always tastes delicious and hydrating to me. Nice to know my body knows what’s good for it! (Note: I do have the optional arsenic and fluoride add-on filter for the Berkey.)

Anyway, here are the offical results:

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  1. Fun to see the results. I purchased a Berkey about a year ago. I love it. I finally was able to pull it out when I moved to Arizona where I am not sharing in a household….I love mine and it’s so easy to deal with. I purchased mine when you did you review initially of yours Laura. The water tastes great and feels great. When I have guests over and give them water, they say….wow that water tastes so good. Yes it does! Many thanks again for bringing to my attention. I will continue to use it and enjoy.


  2. You’re welcome, Dawn. I just love ours, and guests say the same thing, “Wow, this water tastes so good.”


  3. Posted by Sky on October 24, 2014 at 1:24 am

    Thank you so much for this review! I am going to put a Berkey on my wish list!

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  4. You’re welcome. I hope you get it. 🙂


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    This is by far the most comprehensive, in-depth, thorough water filter evaluation study I’ve ever seen ! I did my own research several years ago for a filtration pitcher or dispenser that I can use at my massage studio or at home, and ended up choosing Zerowater. I didn’t want the hassle or expense of installing a larger filtration system. I’m glad to see it was by far the best for it’s category. (Thanks for sharing, Laura, and thanks to Mike Adams for his dedication to our health and well-being.)


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  7. Posted by Ann on October 31, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Thank you Laura for mentioning that the Berkey water is hydrating for you! I rarely feel hydrated and I drink filtered water all day; I will definitely try the Berkey. This question of whether water is hydrating is really interesting to me. I always feel like whatever water I drink is not absorbed into my cells but flows through me like water off a duck’s back. That’s obviously not true, but it does feel that way sometimes.


  8. Ann, I have observed that with medical intuitive clients. The body does not like unstructured water. That’s one advantage of the Berkey — the water remains structured due to the minerals. Sole made from Himalayan sea salt is another way people structure their water. There are specific recipes and protocols available online. I still prefer the Berkey, though!


  9. Posted by Ann on October 31, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    Good to know about the sole! I ordered my Berkey this morning, woop! Thanks Laura.


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